Living to Be Well

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Program Code Duration Description Participants
LTBW000001A Video Transcript NA Live to Be Fit (Do Not Use On Sabbath) NA
LTBW000002A Video Transcript NA Misconception of Sports and Academics NA
LTBW000003A Video Transcript NA Starting Over NA
LTBW000004A Video Transcript NA Unconditional Commitment NA
LTBW000005A Video Transcript NA A New Vision NA
LTBW000006A Video Transcript NA The Unexpected Turn NA
LTBW000007A Video Transcript NA Medicine for the Mind NA
LTBW000008A Video NA Made Up Mind NA
LTBW000009A Video NA Attitude of Gratitude NA
LTBW000010A Video NA Not Looking Back Pt 1 NA
LTBW000011A Video NA Not Looking Back Pt 2 NA
LTBW000012A Video NA Refusing to Compromise NA
LTBW000013A Video NA Not Living with Excuses NA
LTBW000014A Video NA No More Fear NA
LTBW000015A Video NA Positive Reflection NA
LTBW000016A Video NA Genuine Friendship NA
LTBW000017A Video NA Total Sacrifice Music Therapy NA
LTBW000018A Video NA Inner City Finances NA
LTBW000019A Video NA Patience to Endure NA
LTBW000020A Video NA Learning to Forgive NA
LTBW000021A Video NA Straight Ahead NA
LTBW000022A Video NA Look at God NA
LTBW000023A Video NA God's Undying Love NA
LTBW000024A Video Transcript NA I'm Changing NA
LTBW000025A Video Transcript NA No Regrets NA
LTBW000026A Video Transcript NA Not Letting Go! NA


Updated 2018-03-01