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Program Code Duration Description Participants
UBR000001 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Dare To Dream Preview Yvonne Lewis (Host), Danny Shelton
UBR000002 Video Transcript 0:31:59 The New Journey - Personal Testimony Yvonne Lewis (Host), Aaron Chancy
UBR000003 Video Transcript 0:32:00 Taste Of Paradise Yvonne Lewis (Host), Brenda Kemp, Evita Tezeno, Nyse Collins
UBR000004 Video Transcript 0:31:59 Magnify Him - Take It To The Bank Yvonne Lewis (Host), Cordell Thomas, Duawne Starling
UBR000005 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Buyer Beware Yvonne Lewis (Host), Cordell Thomas, Danny Shelton
UBR000006 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Forerunner Chronicles Yvonne Lewis (Host), Christopher Hudson
UBR000007 Video Transcript 0:28:29 For Guys Only Yvonne Lewis (Host), William Lee
UBR000008 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Adventist Muslim Relations Yvonne Lewis (Host), Dr. Keith Burton
UBR000009 Video Transcript 0:28:29 The Danger Of Down Low Yvonne Lewis (Host), Raymond King
UBR000010 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Health Secrets Yvonne Lewis (Host), Nyse Collins
UBR000011 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Urban Christian Entertainment & Take It To The Bank Yvonne Lewis (Host), Andre Blake, Cordell Thomas, David Massey
UBR000012 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Power Couple Yvonne Lewis (Host), Subusiso Victor Mosondo, Gail Mosando
UBR000013 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Pastor With A Past Yvonne Lewis (Host), Marquis Johns
UBR000014 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Lemuel's Journey Yvonne Lewis (Host), Lemuel Vega
UBR000015 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Bellum Arts And Entertainment Yvonne Lewis (Host), Ryan Johnson
UBR000017 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Author, Radio Host, Marriage Counselor Yvonne Lewis (Host), Dr. Willard Harley
UBR000018 Video Transcript 0:28:29 What The Drug Companies Won't Tell You Yvonne Lewis (Host), Dr. Michael Murray
UBR000019 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Health Seminars Inc. Yvonne Lewis (Host), Curtis & Paula Eakins
UBR000020 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Power In The Workplace Yvonne Lewis (Host), Eric Kelly
UBR000021 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Urban Report Dr. Casalnine Henry
UBR000022 Video Transcript 0:27:29 Delivered From Pornography Yvonne Lewis (Host), Pr. Bernie Anderson
UBR000024 Video Transcript 0:28:29 The Healing Journey Yvonne Lewis (Host), William & Pansy Evans
UBR000025 Video Transcript 0:28:29 From Homeless To Homeward Bound Yvonne Lewis (Host), Ruben Carr
UBR000026 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Pauletta Washington Yvonne Lewis (Host), Pauletta Washington
UBR000027 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Global Vessels Inc. Yvonne Lewis (Host), Frazier & Virginia Mathis
UBR000028 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Making It Work Yvonne Lewis (Host), Arthur Nowlin, Dr. Kim Logan-Nowlin
UBR000029 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Father Knows Best Yvonne Lewis (Host), Kenneth Braswell
UBR000030 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Shelter From The Storm Ministry Yvonne Lewis (Host), Jeffrey Cobb
UBR000031 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Beating The Odds Yvonne Lewis (Host), Rebekah Willis
UBR000033 Video Transcript 0:28:29 A.S.I. Rolls #1 - Harbor Of Hope & Oakwood University Yvonne Lewis (Host), Keith Hackle, Tim Allson
UBR000035 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Harbor Of Hope Yvonne Lewis (Host), Keith Hackle
UBR000036 Video Transcript 0:28:28 Personal Testimony Yvonne Lewis (Host), Babbie Mason
UBR000037 Video Transcript 0:28:27 Testimony / Certain Sound Media Yvonne Lewis (Host), Nwamiko Madden
UBR000038 Video Transcript 0:28:29 The Ultimate Prescription Yvonne Lewis (Host), Dr. James Marcum
UBR000039 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Coming Out Yvonne Lewis (Host), Lisa Santos, Michael Carducci, Ron Woolsey, Virna Santos, Wayne Blakely
UBR000040 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Take It To The Bank Yvonne Lewis (Host), Cordell Thomas
UBR000041 Video Transcript 0:28:29 T.K.S: True Knowledge Of Self Yvonne Lewis (Host), Dwayne Lemon, Lance Wilbur
UBR000042 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Pure Choices Yvonne Lewis (Host), Joshua Nelson
UBR000043 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Atonte's Testimony Yvonne Lewis (Host), Atonte Myers
UBR000044 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Battles Of Faith / Bible A.R.M.E. Camp Yvonne Lewis (Host), Ivor Myers
UBR000045 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Testimony Yvonne Lewis (Host), John Casillas
UBR000046 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Veterans Advocacy Yvonne Lewis (Host), Esq., Anna Towns
UBR000047 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Drug Alternative Program Yvonne Lewis (Host), Cliff & Freddie Harris
UBR000048 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Restoration Yvonne Lewis (Host), Jeremy Anderson
UBR000050 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Personal Testimony Yvonne Lewis (Host), David Butler
UBR000051 Video Transcript 0:28:29 The Uneducated Educated Yvonne Lewis (Host), Mabel Griar M.Ed
UBR000052 Video Transcript 0:28:29 National Urban League Yvonne Lewis (Host), Cy Richardson
UBR000053 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Economics Yvonne Lewis (Host), Ryan Mark
UBR000055 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Radically Changed Yvonne Lewis (Host), Jaime Espinal
UBR000056 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Message Magazine Yvonne Lewis (Host), Carmela Monk Crawford
UBR000058 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Time for the Loud Cry Ministry Yvonne Lewis (Host), Ruben Carr
UBR000059 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Feed Our Children Yvonne Lewis (Host), Pr. Moses Brown
UBR000060 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Depression Yvonne Lewis (Host), Terrie Williams
UBR000061 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Test Our Kids Yvonne Lewis (Host), Dr. Angelo Reynold
UBR000062 Video Transcript 0:28:29 The XY Theory Yvonne Lewis (Host), Dr. John K. Jacob
UBR000063 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Tree of Life Ministries Yvonne Lewis (Host), Narlon & Samantha Edwards
UBR000064 Video Transcript 0:28:29 True Step Ministries Yvonne Lewis (Host), Cheri Peters
UBR000065 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Daniel and Revelation Series Yvonne Lewis (Host), Ryan Johnson
UBR000066 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Author Yvonne Lewis (Host), Patti Conwell
UBR000067 Video Transcript 0:28:29 America's Most Trusted Educator Yvonne Lewis (Host), Steve Perry
UBR000068 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Food for Life Yvonne Lewis (Host), Pr. G. W. Chew
UBR000069 Video Transcript 0:28:30 United Prison Ministries Yvonne Lewis (Host), Richard Bland
UBR000070 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Behind A Taste of Paradise Yvonne Lewis (Host), Evita Tezeno, Nyse Collins
UBR000071 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Christmas Behind Bars Yvonne Lewis (Host), Lemuel Vega
UBR000072 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Sickness to Health Yvonne Lewis (Host), Rico Hill
UBR000073 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Inner City Education Yvonne Lewis (Host), Dr. Marco Clark
UBR000074 Video Transcript 0:28:29 D.R.E.A.M. Yvonne Lewis (Host), Jimmy Mcmikle
UBR000075 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Deliverance Yvonne Lewis (Host), Yolanda Palmer
UBR000076 Video Transcript 0:28:28 Adventist-Muslim Relations Yvonne Lewis (Host), Joan Brown-Lewellyn
UBR000077 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Money Yvonne Lewis (Host), Cordell Thomas & Family
UBR000078 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Finding and Keeping a Mate Yvonne Lewis (Host), Dr. Ty-Ron & Bobbie Douglas
UBR000079 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Breaking Down the Gospel Yvonne Lewis (Host), Chaplain Joe Mitchell
UBR000080 Video Transcript 0:28:29 From Sickness to Health Yvonne Lewis (Host), Jared Thurman, Rico Hill
UBR000081 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Cookin' Up Good Health Recipe Collection Yvonne Lewis (Host), Donna Green-Goodman
UBR000083 Video Transcript 0:28:27 How Children Succeed Yvonne Lewis (Host), Paul Tough
UBR000085 Video Transcript 0:28:29 God & Relationships Yvonne Lewis (Host), Cheryl Roach Thorpe
UBR000086 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Fathers in Education Yvonne Lewis (Host), Robert Johnson
UBR000087 Video Transcript 0:28:29 God's Call Yvonne Lewis (Host), David and Marian Lewis
UBR000088 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Personal Testimony Yvonne Lewis (Host), John and Angela Lomacang
UBR000089 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Testimony of Restoration Yvonne Lewis (Host), Michael Harris
UBR000090 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Testimony of Restoration Yvonne Lewis (Host), Michael Charles
UBR000091 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Foundation of Our Faith Yvonne Lewis (Host), Ezra Bates, Timothy Nixon
UBR000092 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Ultimate Encounter Yvonne Lewis (Host), Pr. Lionel Martell
UBR000093 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Personal Testimony Yvonne Lewis (Host), Dwayne Caines, Wayne Caines
UBR000094 Video Transcript 0:28:29 25 and Counting Yvonne Lewis (Host), Jason Bulgin
UBR000095 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Seek and Save Ministries Yvonne Lewis (Host), Lance Brown
UBR000096 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Literacy for Kids Yvonne Lewis (Host), Roy Dockery
UBR000097 Video Transcript 0:28:29 Seek and Save Ministries -part 2 Yvonne Lewis (Host), Lance Brown
UBR000098A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Road 2 Romance Yvonne Lewis (Host), Dr. John Jacob
UBR000099 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Personal Testimony Yvonne Lewis (Host), Aaron Chancy
UBR000101 Video Transcript 0:28:30 All That Glitters Yvonne Lewis (Host), Ron Porterfield
UBR000102 Video Transcript 0:28:30 From Tragedy to Triumph Yvonne Lewis (Host), Dr. Magna Parks
UBR000103 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Strength in Our Redeemer Yvonne Lewis (Host), Denise Sanderson
UBR000104 Video Transcript 0:28:30 From Prison to Prison Ministry Yvonne Lewis (Host), David Sanderson
UBR000105 Video Transcript 0:28:30 1 Heart Art Yvonne Lewis (Host), Lydia Muwanga, Peter Kibanyi
UBR000106 Video Transcript 0:28:30 ASI Roll / Message Magazine Yvonne Lewis (Host), Carmela Monk Crawford
UBR000107 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Legal Eagle Yvonne Lewis (Host), Cynthia Tolbert
UBR000108 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Wildwood College & Health Evangelism Yvonne Lewis (Host), Jesse Zwicker, Shawn Craig
UBR000109 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Prison Ministries Yvonne Lewis (Host), Brian Heath
UBR000110 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Forerunner Chronicles Yvonne Lewis (Host), Christopher Hudson
UBR000111 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Raised 19th Century in the 20th Century Yvonne Lewis (Host), Rachel Williams-Smith
UBR000112 Video Transcript 0:28:30 Weight Solutions Yvonne Lewis (Host), Christine Salter
UBR000115 Video Transcript 0:28:30 From Sickness to Health Yvonne Lewis (Host), Rico Hill, Jared Thurmon
UBR000116A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Saving Marriage Yvonne Lewis (Host), Dr. Trevor and Edith Fraser
UBR000117A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Chew's Challenge Yvonne Lewis (Host), G.W. Chew, Timothy Lawson
UBR000118A Video Transcript 0:28:30 SDA to Drug Dealer to Serving God Yvonne Lewis (Host), Greg Emelander
UBR000119A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Fathering Yvonne Lewis (Host), John Turnipseed
UBR000120A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Christ Frontline Yvonne Lewis (Host), Tim Lawson
UBR000121A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Biblical Counseling Yvonne Lewis (Host), Nicole Parker
UBR000122A Video Transcript 0:28:30 From Darkness to Light Yvonne Lewis (Host), Danielle Harrison
UBR000123A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Good is Not Enough Yvonne Lewis (Host), Keith Wyche
UBR000124A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Genesis of Purity Yvonne Lewis (Host), Jacques Laguerre
UBR000125A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Domestic Violence Yvonne Lewis (Host), Alma G. Davis
UBR000126A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Education Begins in the Home Yvonne Lewis (Host), Dr. James Comer
UBR000127A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Prison Ministries Yvonne Lewis (Host), Richard Bland
UBR000128A Video Transcript 0:28:30 With Christ There Is a New You Yvonne Lewis (Host), William Gailliard
UBR000129A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Unknowingly Mixed Up with New Age Medicine Yvonne Lewis (Host), Wendy Gareau
UBR000130A Video Transcript 0:28:30 True Health TV Yvonne Lewis (Host), Dr. Debbie Wallace
UBR000131A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Plane Crash Survivor Jason Bradley (Host), Don & Barbara Hales
UBR000132A Video Transcript 0:28:30 News No Mother Wants to Hear Jason Bradley (Host), SaMonna Watts
UBR000133A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Yvonne's Testimony Yvonne Lewis
UBR000134A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Jason's Testimony Yvonne Lewis (Host), Jason Bradley
UBR000135A Video Transcript 0:27:30 Boundaries Yvonne Lewis (Host), Brittany Hill-Morales, Xavier Morales
UBR000136A Video Transcript 0:27:30 Love and Acceptance Yvonne Lewis (Host), Tim & Maiesha Lawson
UBR000137A Video Transcript 0:28:30 A Light in Government Yvonne Lewis (Host), Honorable Ben Micah
UBR000138A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Fresh Living Yvonne Lewis (Host), Evita Tezeno
UBR000139A Video Transcript 0:28:45 Women Working with Women Yvonne Lewis (Host), Belinda Smith, Purette Mills, Maxine Bethea
UBR000140A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Lifestreams Media Yvonne Lewis (Host), Chris Lang
UBR000141A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Foundation of Our Faith Yvonne Lewis (Host), Louis Cleare, Pr. Cory Jackson
UBR000142A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Health Evangelism Yvonne Lewis (Host), Ezra St. Juste, Monet St. Juste
UBR000143A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Health Evangelism for Kids Yvonne Lewis (Host), Charmaine Vierra
UBR000144A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Ministry Through Art Jason Bradley (Host), Raymond Wade
UBR000146A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Leprosy Ministry Jason Bradley (Host), Grace Lee, Joy Cho
UBR000147A Video Transcript 0:28:30 NAPS Ministry Jason Bradley (Host), Mia Pile, Darnell Gordon
UBR000148A Video Transcript 0:28:30 What's Cookin'? Yvonne Lewis (Host), Curtis & Paula Eakins
UBR000149A Video Transcript 0:28:30 3ABN Donation dept. Yvonne Lewis (Host), Bruce & Tammy Chance
UBR000150A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Blessing on the Go! Lewis (Host), Yvonne, Danny Shelton, Shelley Quinn
UBR000151A Video Transcript 0:28:30 The Character of God Yvonne Lewis (Host), Wintley Phipps
UBR000152A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Long Journey to Freedom Yvonne Lewis (Host), Camille McKenzie
UBR000153A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Sponsor a Child Yvonne Lewis (Host), Shalini David
UBR000155A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Planned Parenthood Yvonne Lewis (Host), Raymond King
UBR000156A Video Transcript 0:28:30 From Klan to God's Plan Yvonne Lewis (Host), Rick Blythe
UBR000157A Video Transcript 0:28:25 Inside Out Transformation Yvonne Lewis (Host), Michelle Mendoza
UBR000158A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Sanctuary Kit for Kids Jason Bradley (Host), Kimberly Crider
UBR000159A Video Transcript 0:58:30 God's Army Jason Bradley (Host), Yvonne Lewis (Host), Chris Da'Costa
UBR000160A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Brianna's Wings of Passion Foundation Yvonne Lewis (Host), Rod and Mary Cassidy
UBR000161A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Ministering to Atheists Yvonne Lewis (Host), Subodh Pandit
UBR000162A Video Transcript 0:28:30 From Hopeless to Hopeful Yvonne Lewis (Host), Pr. Taj Pacleb
UBR000163A Video Transcript 0:58:30 From the Streets to the Pulpit Jason Bradley (Host), Yvonne Lewis (Host), Pr. Edward & Xinia Bryan
UBR000164A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Foundation of Our Faith Jason Bradley (Host), Celestine Barry, Chris Hudson
UBR000165A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Over-comers Jason Bradley (Host), Dr. Donell Josiah
UBR000166A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Real World Applications Yvonne Lewis (Host), Lincoln Steed
UBR000167A Video Transcript 0:28:15 Avoid Car Repair Rip-offs Yvonne Lewis (Host), Anthony Elder
UBR000168A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Messed Up and Don't Know It Yvonne Lewis (Host), Dr. Ira Lake
UBR000169A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Making Healthy Children Yvonne Lewis (Host), Dr. Nekeshia Hammond
UBR000170A Video Transcript 0:28:30 The Professional Lover Yvonne Lewis (Host), Claude & Jocelyn Thomas
UBR000171A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Blackademically Speaking Yvonne Lewis (Host), Dr. Chandra Gill
UBR000172A Video Transcript 0:58:30 The Secret Sin in the Church Jason Bradley (Host), Yvonne Lewis (Host), Dr. John Jacob, Lance Brown
UBR000173A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Personal Testimony Yvonne Lewis (Host), Pr. Wyatt Allen
UBR000174A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Dr. Dedrick Blue Yvonne Lewis (Host)
UBR000175A Video Transcript 0:28:30 TrueStep Ministry Yvonne Lewis (Host), Jason Bradley (Host), Cheri Peters
UBR000176A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Salvation in Symbols & Signs Jason Bradley (Host), Yvonne Lewis (Host), Ivor Meyers, James Rafferty
UBR000177A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Button to Christ Yvonne Lewis (Host), Patrick Baker, Jay Beckles, Andrew Wilson, Claudette Mitchell, Shanice Whitely, Melanie Mullings, Shea Manhertz
UBR000178A Video Transcript 0:57:15 Coming Out Ministries Yvonne Lewis (Host), Walt Heyer, Michael Carducci
UBR000179A Video Transcript 0:58:30 Coming Out Ministries Spotlight Yvonne Lewis (Host), Jason Bradley (Host), Ron Woolsey, Wayne Blakely, Michael Carducci, Danielle Harrison
UBR000180A Video Transcript 0:27:30 James Van Etten Testimony Yvonne Lewis (Host), James Van Etten
UBR000181A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Operation HOPE Yvonne Lewis (Host), Ryan Mack
UBR000182A Video Transcript 0:28:30 The Church: Hospital or Army? Jason Bradley (Host), Pr. Byron Hill Sr.
UBR000183A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Motivation! Yvonne Lewis (Host), Keith L. Brown
UBR000184A Video Transcript 0:58:30 A Father's Heart Yvonne Lewis (Host), Jason Bradley (Host), Denry White, Gordon Fraser, Xavier Morales
UBR000185A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Urban Report Yvonne Lewis (Host), Doris Gothard
UBR000186A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Urban Report Yvonne Lewis (Host), Dr. Eddie Glaude
UBR000187A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Christmas Behind Bars Update Yvonne Lewis (Host), Lemuel Vega
UBR000188A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Laymen for a Finished Work Jason Bradley (Host), Sandy Smith
UBR000189A Video Transcript 0:58:00 Testimony Yvonne Lewis (Host), Jason Bradley (Host), Dr. DeWitt Stanton Williams
UBR000190A Video Transcript 0:58:00 Coming Out Ministries Yvonne Lewis (Host), Jason Bradley (Host), Ron and Claudia Woolsey
UBR000191A Video Transcript 0:58:30 RD2 Romance Spotlight Jason Bradley (Host), Yvonne Lewis (Host), Bianca Acosta, Dr.John Jacob, Jeremiah Dieujuste, Miles Rashad, Sean Brereton, Vania Dieujuste
UBR000192A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Pastor McRoy Testimony Jason Bradley (Host), Pastor Carl McRoy
UBR000193A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Dr. H. Jean Wright Testimony Yvonne Lewis (Host), Dr. H. Jean Wright
UBR000194A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Life Sketch Yvonne Lewis (Host), Dr. E. E. Rogers
UBR000195A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Car Care Defender Yvonne Lewis (Host), Anthony Elder
UBR000196A Video Transcript 0:58:30 Isaiah Ministries, Founder Yvonne Lewis (Host), Jason Bradley (Host), Eric Wilson
UBR000197A Video Transcript 0:58:30 Dr Thomas Jackson, Testimony of Healing Yvonne Lewis (Host), Jason Bradley (Host), Dr. Thomas, Dr. Laverne Jackson
UBR000198A Video Transcript 0:28:30 The Abundant Life in Jesus Yvonne Lewis (Host), Pr. David Guerrero
UBR000199A Video Transcript 0:58:30 Lifestreams Media Yvonne Lewis (Host), Chris Lang
UBR000200A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Urban Report Diamond Garcia
UBR000201A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Master Herbalist Yvonne Lewis (Host), Lee Wellard
UBR000202A Video Transcript 0:28:30 The Shepherd’s Call Yvonne Lewis (Host), Christian Berdahl
UBR000203A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Cook 30 interview Yvonne Lewis (Host), Jeremy Dixon
UBR000204A Video Transcript 0:28:30 A. S. I. 2016 Yvonne Lewis (Host), Terry Moreland, Willie Thomas, Richard Bland,
UBR000205A Video Transcript 0:28:30 A. S. I. 2016 Jason Bradley (Host), Renoir St Juste, Kalina St Juste, Jim Rennie, Helen Eager
UBR000206A Video Transcript 0:58:30 Christ in the Koran Yvonne Lewis (Host), Jason Hovey, Stephen Dickie
UBR000207A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Counselor Yvonne Lewis (Host), Laketia and Lee Carrell
UBR000208A Video Transcript 0:28:30 How to pray NA
UBR000209A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Personal Testimony Jason Bradley (Host), Esther Smith
UBR000210A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Urban Report Lori Gray, Vendetta Dennis
UBR000211A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Glow Ministries Tracts Jason Bradley (Host), David Pano, Pr. Joe Reeves
UBR000212A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Christian Entrepreneur Vuong Doan
UBR000213A Video Transcript 0:58:30 Witnessing to Other Denominations Philip Ammons
UBR000214A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Arthur Andrews Testimony Arthur L. Andrews
UBR000215A Video Transcript 00:58:30 Arthur Nowlin Tribute Yvonne Lewis (Host), Dr. Kim Logan Nowlin
UBR000216A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Working the Dream Story Yvonne Lewis (Host), Eric Kelly
UBR000217A Video Transcript 0:58:30 Pine Forge Academy Yvonne Lewis (Host), Nicole Hughes
UBR000218A Video Transcript 0:28:30 SALT Jason Bradley (Host), Eric Camarillo, Lo-Ammi Richardson
UBR000219A Video Transcript 0:58:30 Personal Testimony Yvonne Lewis (Host), Jason Bradley (Host), Brian Thomas, Sophy Thomas
UBR000220A Video Transcript 0:28:30 The Gospel Challenge Yvonne Lewis (Host), Lola Moore
UBR000221A Video Transcript 0:58:30 Coming Out Ministries Jason Bradley (Host), Yvonne Lewis (Host), Danielle Harrison, Michael Carducci, Ron Woolsey, Wayne Blakely
UBR000222A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Urban Report Ron Dozier
UBR000223A Video Transcript 0:58:30 Dad’s Got Dementia..Life After Diagnosis Yvonne Lewis (Host), Lecia Marr-Bromley, Shelley Chatmon Hall
UBR000224A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Interview with Ryan Mack Jason Bradley (Host), Yvonne Lewis, Ryan Mack
UBR000225A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Creative Cooking Yvonne Lewis (Host), The Holmes Sisters
UBR000226A Video Transcript 0:29:30 Urban Report Yvonne Lewis (Host), Dorothy Knight Marsh
UBR000227A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Rios Family Interview Yvonne Lewis (Host), Jason Bradley (Host), Pablo Rios, Didi Gonzales, Iziar Ríos, Kenia Rios
UBR000228A Video Transcript 0:58:30 Testimony & Daniel & Revelation Docudrama Project Jason Bradley (Host), Yvonne Lewis (Host), Ryan Johnson
UBR000229A Video Transcript 0:58:30 Personal Testimony Yvonne Lewis (Host), Tim Allston
UBR000230A Video Transcript 0:58:30 Crying at the Gates Part 1 Yvonne Lewis (Host), Alex Niculaescu, Levi Longoria
UBR000231A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Crying at the Gates Part 2 Yvonne Lewis (Host), Alex Niculaescu, Levi Longoria
UBR000232A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Personal Testimony Yvonne Lewis (Host), Jesse Boyce, Asieren Boyce
UBR000233A Video Transcript 0:58:30 Silence No More Yvonne Lewis (Host), Stephanie Griffin
UBR000234A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Ministry Update Yvonne Lewis (Host), Dr. Kim Nowlin, Erin Nowlin
UBR000235A Video Transcript 0:28:30 ASI 2017 Jason Bradley (Host), Yvonne Lewis (Host), Al Trace, GW Chew, Lawrence Rykard Jr., Monet St.Juste, Tara Peterson
UBR000236A Video Transcript 0:58:30 Personal Testimony Yvonne Lewis (Host), Dr. Hollis McEachrane
UBR000237A Video Transcript 0:28:30 The Hidden Agenda Part 1 Jason Bradley (Host), Raymond King
UBR000238A Video Transcript 0:28:30 The African Connection Host: Yvonne Lewis (Host), Dr. Joel Freeman
UBR000239A Video Transcript 0:28:30 The Hidden Agenda Part 2 Host: Yvonne Lewis (Host), Jason Bradley, Guest: Raymond King
UBR000240A Video Transcript 0:58:30 The Redeemed Assassin Jason Bradley (Host), Yvonne Lewis (Host), Lotolua Ilaoa
UBR000241A Video Transcript 0:28:30 Live to Be Well Yvonne Lewis (Host), Erin Nowlin, Kim Nowlin MD
UBR000242A Video Transcript 0:28:30 United Prison Ministries Jason Bradley (Host), Richard Bland
UBR000243A Video Transcript 00:28:30 Looking Down The Barrel Guest:Jyremy Reid, Host: Jason Bradley
UBR000244A Video Transcript NA Personal Testimony NA
UBR000245A Video Transcript NA Spiritual Vigilantes NA
UBR000246A Video Transcript NA Personal Testimony NA
UBR000247A Video Transcript NA R.O.C.K. Founder NA
UBR000248A Video Transcript NA Women Working with Women NA
UBR000249A Video Transcript NA The Professional Lover NA
UBR000250A Video Transcript NA Personal Testimony NA
UBR000251A Video Transcript NA Personal Testimony NA
UBR000252A Video Transcript NA Called to the Mission Field NA
UBR000253A Video Transcript NA Evangelism Christ’S Way NA
UBR000254A Video Transcript NA Living with Purpose NA
UBR000255A Video Transcript NA Personal Testimony NA
UBR000256A Video Transcript NA Domestic Violence NA
UBR000257A Video Transcript NA Music & Missions NA
UBR000258A Video Transcript NA A Health Life NA
UBR000259A Video Transcript NA The Impact of Stem NA
UBR000260A Video Transcript NA Rescued from the Tornado NA
UBR000261A Video Transcript NA Answering The Call NA
UBR000262A Video Transcript NA God's Perfect Timing NA
UBR000263A Video Transcript NA Asi 2018 NA
UBR000264A Video Transcript NA Health Evangelism - One Bite at a Time NA
UBR000265A Video Transcript NA A Real Man's Struggle NA
UBR000266A Video Transcript NA Walking with Purpose NA
UBR000267A Video Transcript NA Modern Day Miracles NA
UBR000268A Video Transcript NA Hidden In Plain Sight Part 1 NA
UBR000269A Video Transcript NA Hidden In Plain Sight Part 2 NA
UBR000270A Video Transcript NA God's Faithfulness NA
UBR000271A Video Transcript NA Divine Intervention NA
UBR000272A Video NA "Victory In Jesus" NA
UBR000273A Video Transcript NA Dare to Dream Dream Team NA
UBR000274A Video Transcript NA Operation Reachback NA
UBR000275A Video Transcript NA Asi and Personal Testimony NA
UBR000276A Video Transcript NA Church Growth NA
UBR000277A Video Transcript NA Cyber Evangelism NA
UBR190001A Video Transcript NA Perspectives on the Black Panther Deception NA
UBR190002A Video Transcript NA Two Callings, One Purpose NA
UBR190003A Video Transcript NA Personal Testimony NA
UBR190004A Video Transcript NA Personal Testimony NA
UBR190005A Video Transcript NA Daniel 2 Comes to Life NA


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