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Any questions about this resource or problems with its use may be directed by email to PBR@3abn.org or the 3ABN Call Center at 618-627-4651.

It is no longer necessary to wait until a 3ABN program is rebroadcast. If you hear about an interesting program or miss part of a program, you can see it now. This website allows you to look up and request 3ABN programs for download and viewing with your computer. Almost all currently broadcasting programs and many older programs are available on this website.

Some live programs are only broadcast once and are not placed on file. These may be available when they are rebroadcast some time later. The 2012 ASI live broadcasts fell into this category. Live programs in particular may get to PBR slowly and sometimes special programs never get there when they will not be rebroadcast

Some ministries forbid us to provide the low quality video downloads online for free. QuestLine Productions, "Thunder in the Holy Land" is such a series.

You may also obtain CC-type transcripts for many programs. You may also see Closed Caption for programs with CC-type transcripts.

You can look up programs by Program Schedule. You can also look up Available Program Series and episodes. You can also look up a program by Custom Google Search.

These web pages help you to find and download programs in a video file from "www.3abn.com" to your computer. We do not support attempting to view the video immediately. This is not recommended because this is not a streaming service and there may be limitations of the service to be able to provide the download speed sufficient to maintain the stream.

It is recommended to download and save the video file to your computer before viewing it. This avoids problems with limited and variable download speed and allows you to view the video as many times as you wish without using your internet connection. Download files can also be played faster and slower depending on your media player and you can jump back and forth with greater ease than streaming. You may also share your copy of the video from your computer with others such as on a USB drive. Your downloaded copy can be viewed even when there is no Internet connection.

The program is downloaded in a WMV type video file. An hour long program is about 180 Mbytes. This file is viewed most easily with Windows Media Player. Most other players can also play this type of file. Other formats may be made available in the future.

You can also view CC-type transcripts of many programs. These are not typical transcripts but a listing of the closed caption data for the program. The primary limitation of CC-type transcripts is that words printed on the screen do not appear in the transcript file. CC-type transcripts also do not provide written indication of a change of speaker that is indicated by visual cues.

You can view the Closed Caption of many programs. This has only been tested and may only work with Windows Media Player.

Windows Media Player options need to be set to display these new captions. The procedure to set these options is different for the various versions and modes of operation of WMP. In general, type the ALT key or right-click on the video and the menu options to enable this feature are: "Play", "Lyrics, Captions, and Subtitles", "On if Available". This change needs to be made only once and becomes the default option.

Example of a program which contains a CC-type transcript and Closed Caption:


Closed Caption and CC-type transcripts are not available for all programs.

These program sources are low quality video to be able to download faster. Those who desire higher video quality or alternate access will need to purchase the DVD, if it is available. You may order DVD's from 3ABN or the appropriate ministry. You may contact mailroom@3abn.org by email or phone the Call Center at 618-627-4651 to obtain information about program availability on DVD.

Some programs are recorded with breaks and take more than one file.

This website was designed and tested with the Internet Explorer browser. You may observe unexpected results with other Internet browsers.

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