Women's Ordination: History, Issues & Implications

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Program Code Duration Description Participants
WOHII000000A Video Transcript 0:58:30 Introduction Part 1 Stephen Bohr
WOHII000001A Video Transcript 0:58:30 Introduction Part 2 Stephen Bohr
WOHII000002A Video Transcript 0:58:10 The Impact of Spiritualism on Feminism and Gender Issues Today Laurel Damsteegt
WOHII000003A Video Transcript 0:58:20 How We Got Here Mario Veloso
WOHII000004A Video Transcript 0:58:25 Male Headship in the Old Testament John Peters
WOHII000005A Video Transcript 0:58:35 Male Headship in the New Testament - Headship or Headache? Ingo Sorke
WOHII000009A Video Transcript 0:58:35 The Third Option - A Way Forward or a Step Backward? Pr. Jim Howard
WOHII000010A Video Transcript 0:58:35 Are Liturgical and Organizational Matters Important? Daniel Mesa
WOHII000013A Video Transcript 0:58:35 Women's Ordination and the Jerusalem Council Phil Mills
WOHII000015A Video Transcript 0:58:15 Ellen White's View of Women in Ministry Pr. Isaac Olatunji
WOHII000016A Video Transcript 0:58:05 Male and Female Created He Them Julie Mesa, RN
WOHII000017A Video Transcript 0:58:05 My Story and the Hermeneutical Question C. Raymond Holmes


Updated 2019-09-17