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The Greatest Day Of All Time

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00:01 Music...
00:57 Good Evening Ambassador Family.
00:58 Good Evening.
01:00 And Good Evening to our Viewing Audience
01:01 I'm Henoc Paulicin,
01:03 Pastor of the Ambassador Seventh-day Adventist Church
01:06 in Lauderdale Lakes Florida.
01:07 You're here to watch an unfolding of a Series
01:11 "Through the Eyes of John"
01:13 which the Lord has allowed a partnership of 3ABN,
01:18 Living Word Ministries
01:19 and Ambassador Seventh-day Adventist Church
01:22 to... this is why this has been made possible.
01:26 For those who are in our Viewing Audience,
01:28 if you ever come to the Fort Lauderdale area,
01:30 please do look us up and come and worship.
01:33 This evening, we are with one of my Ministerial Leaders
01:38 and I'd like for him to introduce himself.
01:40 Good Evening, I am Elder Mark Almy
01:43 and I'd like to welcome each and every one here tonight
01:46 and those around the world.
01:47 I appreciate the opportunity to welcome every one of you.
01:51 Amen.
01:53 Every night, we just look at a passage,
01:55 generally, it's a passage that came up during my devotion
01:59 and this morning, I was looking at the text
02:02 found in 1st Corinthians chapter 1 verse 18
02:05 which says, "For the message of the cross
02:08 is foolishness to those who are perishing,
02:11 but to us who are being saved,
02:13 it is the power of God.
02:15 Amen... amen...
02:17 The reality is...
02:18 it is amazing how God has allowed us
02:21 to have the technology to preach this message
02:25 to all the world.
02:26 Pastor, as we look at this verse,
02:30 there are some very powerful aspects to it...
02:32 but there's a very sad aspect as well.
02:34 For the preaching of the cross
02:36 is to them that perish... foolishness
02:39 and I pray that for the many numbers of nights
02:43 that we've been listening to Elder Dorsey preach,
02:46 that no longer would it be foolishness to you
02:49 that this is now... this gospel that you can hear...
02:52 that you heard for so many nights...
02:54 it is power... for your life and you can be transformed
02:58 and we thank God that we've had this opportunity.
03:00 Yes, I appreciate that... I believe that God has used us
03:04 at this time for this purpose
03:07 and only when we get to heaven will we know the impact
03:11 of what has been going on.
03:12 Amen.
03:14 Now this Series is being preached by
03:15 Pastor Lawrence S. Dorsey, Sr.
03:18 he's the Speaker and Director for the Living Word Ministries
03:21 and again... the theme that we're working with is:
03:25 Through the Eyes of John: Unfolding the Book of Revelation
03:28 but before we begin,
03:30 we'd like to invite the presence of the Lord
03:32 and so, Elder Almy, if you'd pray for us.
03:34 Let us pray together.
03:36 Pause...
03:37 "Our Father, in heaven... as you've promised
03:39 that right near the end of time,
03:42 this three angels' message would go out
03:43 and it's going out with great power just now.
03:45 It's going out around the world,
03:48 via Satellite... radio wave...
03:51 internet... and we're grateful
03:53 to have been a part of it
03:55 and as we round the corner to finish this crusade,
03:58 we pray that you'll continue to bear with us
04:00 to move us from strength to strength.
04:02 Be with us as the Holy Spirit we pray will be breathed upon us
04:06 that we might indeed have that power
04:09 for our own lives
04:11 that it would no longer be foolishness to us,
04:13 that this gospel would be strength.
04:16 We pray heavenly Father that you would earnestly bless
04:19 Pastor Dorsey... the man of God...
04:21 be with Him...
04:22 make him excited about the Word as he always has been,
04:25 but give him a fresh anointing tonight,
04:27 keep him in your care, keep him from all harm
04:30 and keep him from sin, we pray in Jesus' name, amen. "
04:33 Walking off stage...
04:41 Piano playing...
04:49 more piano...
04:57 Down the Vía Dolorosa
05:03 in Jerusalem that day...
05:09 The soldiers tried to clear the narrow street
05:17 But the crowd pressed in to see
05:20 The Man condemned to die on Calvary...
05:29 He was bleeding from a beating
05:34 there were stripes upon His back,
05:39 And He wore a crown of thorns
05:44 upon His head...
05:48 And He bore with every step
05:52 The scorn of those who cried out for His death.
05:59 Down the Vía Dolorosa
06:03 called the way of suffering
06:07 Like a lamb came the Messiah,
06:11 Christ our King,
06:15 But He chose to walk that road
06:19 out of His love
06:23 for you and me.
06:27 Down the Vía Dolorosa,
06:34 all the way to Calvary.
06:40 piano...
06:43 Por la Vía Dolorosa,
06:47 triste día en Jerusalén
06:51 Los soldados le abrían paso a Jesús
06:59 Más la gente se acercaba,
07:02 Para ver al que llevaba aquella cruz.
07:10 Por la Vía Dolorosa,
07:13 que es la via del dolor
07:17 Como oveja vino Cristo,
07:21 Rey y Señor,
07:24 Y fue El quien quiso ir
07:29 por su amor por ti y por mí.
07:37 Por la Vía Dolorosa
07:43 al Calvario y a morir.
07:48 Piano...
07:50 The blood that would cleanse
07:54 the souls of all men
07:57 Made its way through the heart
08:01 of Jerusalem.
08:08 Down the Vía Dolorosa
08:12 called the way of suffering
08:16 Like a lamb came the Messiah,
08:20 Christ our King
08:24 But He chose to walk that road
08:29 out of His love
08:32 for you and me
08:36 Down the Vía Dolorosa
08:41 all the way
08:46 to Calvary.
08:51 Oooh... oooh... oooh...
08:56 oooh... oooh... oooh... oooh...
09:02 oooh... oooh... oooh...
09:07 oooh... oooh... ooooh...
09:12 Amen.
09:17 Could we say, "Amen. "
09:20 "Amen... "
09:22 I think Michelle was trying to give you a little hint
09:24 on the sermon tonight.
09:26 The sermon is entitled: "The Greatest Day of All Times"
09:29 and that truly was a great day, wasn't it?
09:32 "Amen. "
09:33 The greatest day... well...
09:35 we will see as we continue our in message this evening.
09:39 I hope that you have rested well
09:42 and as you've come out tonight
09:44 that you're ready to dig deep into your Bible
09:47 and that we might experience the treasures
09:50 that the Lord has for us here.
09:52 We just want to say, "hello" to the some of the people
09:54 who have sent e-mails and have called
09:56 one... we have a Carmela from Vermont
09:58 and Carmela, we hope that you're pretty warm up there
10:01 with all of that snow,
10:02 it's nice and sunny here in California...
10:06 but we're getting a little cold...
10:08 Oh, what did I say? Audience: Florida...
10:09 oh, that was a slip Folks, that was a slip...
10:12 that's home... that's home... but God is good to us.
10:14 Prudence and her mom in Toronto...
10:18 they said they've been listening and watching every evening
10:21 and we know that...
10:23 they have to stay warm up there, by God's grace,
10:26 then Richard from the Philippines,
10:28 he is saying... he's having a wonderful time
10:30 with these messages and he is taping them
10:33 and he is sharing them with his friends
10:36 and then we have a different place
10:38 that we're close with tonight
10:39 where we haven't had anything before
10:42 but we're so happy that it's not just one person,
10:44 it's Daniel and Anna
10:46 and the group from the Seventh-day Adventist Church
10:48 in Flanders, Belgium.
10:50 "Amen. "
10:51 So we say "welcome" to you and pray that God is blessing you
10:55 as we have been blessed here in Florida.
11:00 Shall we pray...
11:02 "Loving God, we thank thee
11:03 for your mercy and kindness towards us
11:05 and we ask tonight, once again that you will instill upon us
11:10 the blessings of your Holy Spirit.
11:12 We ask dear Lord that you would remove anything
11:15 that is not like thee from this place
11:17 and fill us Lord with the power of the Holy Spirit.
11:20 Let your words enlighten us... empower us
11:24 and most of all encourage us to be faithful unto the end
11:28 hide me behind the cross of Calvary
11:30 and speak through this human tongue,
11:33 we ask in Jesus' name, amen and amen. "
11:36 "Amen. "
11:38 The greatest day of all times.
11:40 You know, I did something different with this sermon
11:44 and I've preached it before
11:46 but I've done something different with this sermon
11:49 that I have never done before.
11:52 My whole researched introduction
11:55 in comparing days that are supposedly great in history
12:00 I threw it all aside,
12:02 and I went over to the computer... to the internet...
12:07 and I just typed in,
12:09 "What are the greatest days in earth's history?"
12:12 and I said, "We're going to take this approach tonight
12:16 and see what it comes up with. "
12:18 Well, one of the top things that came up
12:22 was the day of the invention of the wheel,
12:26 now we don't have a date on it
12:28 but the invention of the wheel...
12:30 they say that day has to be one of the greatest days
12:34 in earth's history... because it has given us the opportunity
12:38 not only for mobility and transportation
12:42 but the invention of the wheel... it has progressed...
12:45 it has evolved to the point where it came from little carts,
12:49 one wheel... wheelbarrows if you please...
12:52 how many ever pushed a wheelbarrow?
12:53 That's a challenge... if you don't get it right,
12:56 have mercy, it's going to spill over
12:58 and now we have trucks
13:00 that have wheels that are ten feet high,
13:03 that can take all kinds of freight in
13:06 et cetera, et cetera, et cetera
13:08 and it has really made life... life easy.
13:12 Now, that's a good day and I accepted that from the Web
13:16 but, you know, when you look at that word "great"
13:18 great means it's the biggest, it's the largest, it's the best.
13:22 So, I continued to just scroll down and see what day
13:27 that the Web would tell me is the greatest day of all time
13:31 and it came up with the day
13:35 that we discovered Nuclear Fusion...
13:38 "The Manhattan Project" when man... in his intelligence
13:42 learned how to split the atom.
13:44 And that is an impressive feat Ladies and Gentlemen,
13:48 look how long it took for us to do it
13:51 and with this splitting of the atom,
13:54 we have two camps now saying that...
13:56 some people say it's a good thing
13:58 and some people say it's a bad thing.
14:00 The good thing is... you can use nuclear power
14:03 and you can light up cities, you can light up coastlines,
14:07 you can light up so much with the power of nuclear energy
14:12 that would take hundreds and hundreds of barrels of oil to do
14:16 but then on the sad side of nuclear fusion
14:22 and nuclear energy,
14:23 is the fact that it can be used for weapons of mass destruction.
14:27 and if they are placed in the wrong hands by individuals
14:32 who have an agenda that is different from maybe a country
14:36 you know where we are in this world in which we live
14:39 it can be a disastrous thing.
14:42 So when you look at something that is the best
14:44 and it's the biggest... and it's this preeminence,
14:46 we wouldn't want to put something there
14:49 that has a tainted side...
14:52 so I continued to scroll down on the internet
14:55 and I'm looking to see which day is the best day
14:58 and I found one with a date.
15:00 Oh, I know somebody knows what this is,
15:03 the date... I'll give you a hint July 16, 1969
15:08 July 16, 1969 when the Apollo Crew
15:13 on their mission to the moon, Armstrong, Aldrin, Collins
15:17 landed on that little sphere
15:21 270,000 miles away and said those words,
15:27 "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind"
15:32 and Friends, I remember that, I was a young man
15:34 and I was 19 years old and I looked at that and I said,
15:37 "Wow! that's something... on the moon,
15:39 what are we going to do when we get to the moon?"
15:41 But we just went to the moon.
15:42 Pause...
15:44 And it was a fantastic feat of Science...
15:48 the Encyclopedias say, "it's man's greatest feat of Science"
15:53 but then after that,
15:55 we have all kinds of conspiracy theories, some folks say,
15:57 "They didn't really do it, it was done in Hollywood. "
16:00 You've heard people say that
16:02 then others said, "We could have used that money for education,
16:05 we could have used that money for inner cities,
16:07 we could have used that money for so many other things
16:10 and then we see that that great day...
16:13 that day in history that I remember...
16:16 I remember we were watching it
16:17 that great day has a shaded side also,
16:22 so I'm looking at this thing and I'm saying,
16:25 "Hmmm... these individuals they came up with some good days
16:29 but is there anything more?"
16:31 Then there was a big... a religious controversy,
16:36 oh you're going to like this one,
16:38 there were some that said that the greatest day of all time
16:41 was the day when Jesus was born
16:43 and Ladies and Gentlemen, that was a marvelous day
16:45 and that was something that had been predicted
16:48 hundreds of years before it happened
16:50 and if you would just turn with me in your Bibles
16:52 to the book of Isaiah, we see it there
16:54 and it is something that we are thrilled to know that happened.
16:59 Isaiah chapter 7 verse 14, it says...
17:13 And Ladies and Gentlemen, that is a wonderful day,
17:16 it's a day that we have looked forward to as a human race
17:20 and a day that was fulfilled
17:22 when we turn to the book of Matthew,
17:24 Matthew chapter 1 beginning with verse 18...
18:23 What a marvelous day that was Ladies and Gentlemen,
18:27 what a day it was
18:29 when God became a baby in the womb of a human being
18:37 and stayed there for 9 months and went through the cycle
18:42 and then was born here as a Savior... as predicted.
18:48 Now, Folks, that goes past going to the moon,
18:51 that goes past nuclear fusion, that goes past even the wheel,
18:58 but there's still controversy is that the greatest day?
19:04 Now someone might say, Listen, that day was so great
19:07 that they had a heavenly selection of music by angels
19:12 to say that this day has to be the best day.
19:14 "Amen. "
19:16 Turn with me to the book of Luke,
19:17 turn to Luke chapter 2 beginning with verse...
19:23 verses... and where we are... 12... well, let's go over to 11,
19:29 Luke 2 verse 11, "For unto you is born this day
19:35 in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.
19:38 And this shall be a sign unto you;
19:40 You shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes,
19:43 lying in a manger.
19:44 And suddenly there was with the angel
19:48 a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying,
19:52 "Glory to God in the highest,
19:54 and on earth peace, good will towards men. "
19:59 So Folks, when I look at that, I say,
20:01 "Wait a minute, wait a minute, that one has to be up there,
20:06 it has to be in the top 2 or 3 of the greatest days of all time
20:11 because heaven joined in...
20:14 in song... in praise... at the birth of Christ.
20:18 "Amen. "
20:20 But then, when I start thinking about it as a preacher
20:22 and I start thinking about it as a Christian
20:24 and as I'd start thinking about it
20:26 as someone who is lost without Jesus,
20:29 just because Jesus was born and came to earth,
20:33 that was not enough to save us
20:35 because if He would have just quit,
20:38 if He would have left,
20:40 and He could have done it,
20:42 He could have said, "I don't want to deal with this,
20:44 I don't want to go through with the Plan of Salvation... "
20:46 just because He was born here, that would not have saved us.
20:52 Pause...
20:53 Just because He went through His ministry
20:57 of healing the sick and raising the dead
21:01 and casting out demons, giving sight to the blind
21:04 and letting the cripple walk and all of those things...
21:06 that He did it... and feeding the five thousand
21:09 and feeding the 8,000
21:10 and letting us know He's in-charge of nature,
21:13 you know, when I read my Bible,
21:15 I don't know how people can say
21:16 they can't understand the Bible and it's boring,
21:18 I don't understand it,
21:19 there's more action in the Bible
21:22 than all of Home Box Showtime and everything else...
21:26 when I see my Jesus sleeping... sleeping in the bottom of a boat
21:32 and a storm comes up
21:34 and you know that old devil was in the storm,
21:36 pause...
21:37 and all of a sudden... out of nowhere,
21:39 this storm comes up on the lake and the lightning is flashing
21:43 and the wind is blowing and the waves are billowing...
21:47 billowing and the boat is going upside down
21:50 just about... just about to turn over
21:52 and these fishermen are there
21:53 and it's better than the perfect storm...
21:56 these fishermen are there and they're holding on
21:58 and trying to keep the boat afloat,
22:01 and then when the lightening cracks...
22:02 somebody looks there and they see Jesus
22:04 and they all scream out,
22:05 "Carest thou not that we perish, carest thou not that we die?"
22:10 Pause...
22:12 And then you get a close-up on Jesus,
22:14 He's waking up...
22:15 "O ye of little faith...
22:18 you're worried about a storm?
22:22 Fellows, you're worried about a storm?"
22:27 He stops, He stands up,
22:31 everybody else is rocking and moving,
22:33 He stands up and if you get a subtitle in Spanish,
22:37 He looks up and He says, "Cállate...
22:40 shut up...
22:42 be quiet...
22:44 storm stop... "
22:46 the wind stops blowing, stars come out,
22:52 clouds roll away,
22:54 moon is shining,
22:57 the sea that was rocking and waving
22:59 now becomes smooth as velvet and they're at port,
23:05 He's in control of nature.
23:07 "Amen... amen... "
23:09 Oh yes, that's my Lord, that's my God,
23:10 He gives us all of these things
23:12 to know that He can take care of us
23:14 and that there's no problem that is too big for Him to handle,
23:18 Ladies and Gentlemen, but if I look at all of that,
23:21 all that He did before His death...
23:24 it wouldn't have saved us.
23:28 So now, I have a dilemma,
23:31 my dilemma comes with...
23:34 even though the angels sang on that day,
23:36 when Christ was born...
23:38 and even though it was predicted hundreds of years ago,
23:41 my Bible tells me that Jesus was the Lamb
23:43 slain from the foundation of the world
23:46 and when I look at Him in the revelation
23:48 that we have looked at night after night,
23:50 He is called the Lamb 28 times,
23:53 29 times in the whole New Testament
23:56 but 28 times in the book of Revelation,
23:58 and in each time He's called the Lamb,
24:01 it has to do with our salvation,
24:03 we overcame the devil by the blood of the Lamb.
24:07 The Lamb that was slain from the foundation of the world,
24:10 in other words,
24:11 because of that commitment that He had with His Father
24:14 and His love for us,
24:16 "For God so loved that world,
24:17 that He gave His only begotten Son,
24:18 that whosoever believeth in Him,
24:20 should not perish, but have everlasting life. "
24:22 For God was in Christ
24:24 reconciling the world unto Himself,
24:26 the word... the word "reconcile" means
24:29 "restoring things like they were"
24:31 "Amen... amen... "
24:33 you see, when we get restored,
24:36 the Lord's not going to look at us funny,
24:38 you know, that's the way we do people, don't we?
24:41 somebody lied to you,
24:44 the next time they said something to you,
24:46 you're looking at them kind of funny...
24:49 somebody steals something from you,
24:51 when you see them coming over,
24:54 even though it's a family member you're locking up your stuff,
24:56 you said you forgot them
24:58 huh, you forgave them,
25:00 you know, we don't look at people the same way.
25:04 somebody breaks your heart even though you still love them,
25:07 you have a coldness there and you put something between them
25:10 but the relationship that Jesus will have for us,
25:12 Ladies and Gentlemen,
25:13 will be as though we never sinned,
25:16 we will not walk around heaven
25:18 as strangers that don't belong there,
25:21 we will have the full freedom to walk about the streets of gold
25:25 because He will give us a new name, hello,
25:28 He'll give us a new body
25:30 and we would have developed a new character,
25:33 that has been manifested in this process called "Life"
25:37 by the transforming and the renewing of our minds
25:40 by the power of the Holy Ghost.
25:42 "Amen. "
25:44 But we couldn't have gotten that unless it was that Friday
25:51 hmmm... Good Friday...
25:54 when Jesus died on the hill of Golgotha
25:59 on Calvary's cross for you and for me.
26:04 "Amen. "
26:05 So I look at this and I say,
26:07 even though the birth of Jesus was a great day,
26:10 a fabulous day... a magnificent day...
26:13 angels sang but still... still...
26:16 it can't top the day Jesus died for me.
26:19 "Amen. "
26:20 Can't top that...
26:21 pause...
26:23 but if I just stopped there that the day Jesus died for me,
26:29 and He went into the tomb... I have a little problem...
26:35 pause...
26:37 if Jesus stayed in the tomb and never came out...
26:43 that means something went wrong.
26:46 Pause...
26:48 I turn in my Bible to the book of John,
26:52 what book did I say?
26:54 The book of John,
26:55 I find myself speeding through the pages
26:58 to chapter 20,
27:00 I come to chapter 20,
27:05 I see in verse 1 it says,
27:10 "The first day of the week cometh Mary Magdalene early,
27:12 when it was yet dark, unto the sepulchre,
27:14 and seeth the stone taken away from the sepulchre.
27:17 Then she runneth, and come to Simon Peter,
27:20 and to the other disciple, whom Jesus loved... "
27:22 and we all know that's John...
27:23 "and said unto them,
27:25 They have taken away the LORD out of the sepulchre,
27:27 and we know not where they have laid him.
27:30 And Peter therefore went forth, and that other disciple,
27:33 and they came to the sepulchre.
27:34 And so they both ran together:
27:36 and the other disciple did outrun Peter,
27:38 and came first to the sepulchre.
27:40 And he stooping down, and looking in,
27:42 saw the linen clothes lying; yet went he not in.
27:47 Then comes Simon Peter following him,
27:50 and went into the sepulchre, and seeth the linen clothes lie,
27:54 And the napkin, that was about his head,
27:57 not lying with the linen clothes,
27:59 but wrapped together in a place by itself.
28:01 Then went in also the other disciple,
28:05 which came first to the sepulchre,
28:08 and he saw, and believed.
28:10 For as yet they knew not the scripture,
28:13 that he must rise again from the dead. "
28:16 Now Mary... she stayed there,
28:21 it says in verse 10,
28:22 the disciples went away to their own houses
28:25 but Mary... she stood there...
28:26 You know, I think about Mary
28:28 and Mary is so much like us Folks...
28:33 if you're honest with yourself.
28:35 You see, Mary had a double life...
28:37 pause...
28:40 Mary... was the sister of Martha...
28:44 and the sister of Lazarus...
28:48 and she was known in one town as a good girl
28:52 but in the other town... she had some history...
28:56 pause...
28:58 the Bible tells us,
29:00 that she is the one that Jesus had to cast seven devils out of,
29:04 pause...
29:05 she's the one that came to Simon's house
29:07 and when everyone else was having this big feast...
29:10 and when she came in... the party got quiet.
29:12 pause...
29:13 have you ever had that experience,
29:15 Ladies and Gentlemen
29:16 when everybody knows your business...
29:18 never mind their business but they know your business
29:21 and you're the target?
29:22 And when she walked in there, things got quiet
29:25 and they started looking
29:27 and they wanted to know what she was doing there,
29:29 even Simon himself was saying, "Why is she here?"
29:31 Simon got to the point when he looked at Jesus
29:34 when Jesus was sitting there and Mary approached Him
29:37 and began to wash His feet with her tears
29:40 and to anoint Him with oil from an alabaster box
29:44 and dry it with her hair,
29:46 Simon was looking at Jesus and he said to himself
29:49 as if he didn't know... he was in the presence of omnipotence
29:52 and he said, "This man can't be Messiah
29:55 because He doesn't know what kind of girl is touching Him. "
29:58 Pause...
30:00 A famous Bible commentator, Ellen G. White says
30:03 in the book, "The Desire of Ages"
30:05 Simon could say that about her to a point
30:07 because he was the one that turned her out
30:10 and made her that kind of girl.
30:11 Pause...
30:12 It's so funny how when other people are doing things
30:16 that we have done,
30:18 we can condemn them and be so hard on them
30:21 and we have done the same thing,
30:23 that's why Ladies and Gentlemen
30:24 if there's one thing we must learn,
30:26 we must learn to forgive.
30:29 "Amen... amen... amen... "
30:31 Jesus gave them the lesson,
30:33 He said, "Simon, which one loves me more,
30:36 the one that forgives a little or the one that forgives much?"
30:40 Pause...
30:41 And Simon said,
30:43 "Of course, Lord, who forgives much. "
30:46 And He said, "From the time she came in here"
30:49 pause...
30:50 "she's been wiping my feet with her tears,
30:53 drying them with her hair, pouring out all that she has
30:58 she had a love for me because I forgave her much
31:04 and what did you do Simon?
31:05 You just wanted me here so you could say to the Folks,
31:08 'I'm that close with Jesus, He came to my house to eat. '"
31:11 Hmmm...
31:13 And Simon understood the rebuke and it transformed his heart.
31:17 So here we have this Mary... here... this Mary...
31:21 who has now gained this respectability
31:24 because the people have understood
31:27 that she has had a true conversion experience
31:30 with Christ... but now, Christ is gone.
31:33 Pause...
31:35 The disciple whom Jesus loved went back... Peter went back...
31:38 these individuals who said
31:39 they were going stick through to the end,
31:41 they didn't know where His body was,
31:42 they didn't know what to do,
31:44 they just went back and locked themselves up in the Upper Room.
31:47 Pause...
31:48 But that Mary...
31:50 that Mary...
31:52 boy! love will make you stand by a situation...
31:56 that love that Mary had for Jesus
31:58 had her just there... crying...
32:01 crying... she couldn't face life without Christ.
32:04 "Amen. "
32:05 And Ladies and Gentlemen,
32:07 we need to get to that point in our lives
32:10 where we can't face life without Christ,
32:12 we don't care what the people say or what they think
32:15 or how they look or how they ignore,
32:17 and how they don't speak
32:19 and how they won't invite you over,
32:21 you have to have a relationship
32:23 to know that you are special to Jesus.
32:25 "Amen. "
32:27 And she was there
32:28 crying... crying for Him,
32:31 wondering where He was
32:33 and when He came to her and began to speak to her,
32:35 she thought it was the gardener,
32:36 here this little frail lady is saying,
32:38 "Listen, if you have moved Him, just tell me where He is,
32:41 I'll carry Him away, I'll take care of the body. "
32:45 And then He said, "Mary, Mary. "
32:50 Oh, I can't wait to hear Him to call my name.
32:53 "Amen. "
32:55 I can't wait to hear Him call my name,
32:57 I can imagine the thrill went from the tip of her toes
33:00 up to the top of her head and she understood who He was,
33:04 it was Him, He had been resurrected
33:07 because He's the resurrection and the life
33:08 and she was about to hug and He said,
33:10 "Mary, touch me not.
33:12 you can't touch me, Honey, you can't touch me right now,
33:15 I have not yet ascended to my Father and your Father
33:19 but I'm going to give you a commission to preach the Word. "
33:23 "Amen. "
33:25 "Tell my disciples that I have risen...
33:27 that I'm no longer in the grave"
33:29 and Ladies and Gentlemen,
33:30 when we get so prejudiced among ourselves
33:32 and we say, "Women can't preach... "
33:34 the first sermon of the resurrection
33:36 was preached by a lady...
33:39 for God... for God is not a respecter of persons,
33:45 He's looking for true and contrite hearts
33:49 that have been broken on the foot of the cross
33:52 and have accepted the Holy Spirit
33:54 to come into their lives and transform them and keep them
33:58 empower them and enlighten them.
34:01 Oh my friends, the angels... the angels rejoice
34:07 when the King of Glory came back to heaven on that day.
34:12 So now, if I were a man that
34:15 is still betting or not betting or whatever...
34:18 I could say now, "Wait a minute...
34:21 this has to be the greatest day of all time... "
34:25 I mean, it tops the crucifixion,
34:29 it tops the birth of Christ,
34:32 only because, Jesus is doing more,
34:35 He's died for our sins, it's been accepted
34:38 and He has taken back His life and He's going back to glory
34:42 and He is interceding for us.
34:44 "Amen. "
34:46 And if we could end the sermon right now... the clock ran out,
34:49 we could say that this was a good day
34:51 but Folks, I want you to know... I want you to know
34:53 that is not the greatest day of all time,
34:57 pause...
34:59 the greatest day of all time will not have an anti-climax.
35:07 Pause...
35:09 you see, even though Jesus died,
35:12 even though Jesus was resurrected,
35:15 even though Jesus instructed Mary...
35:18 then instructed the disciples
35:20 and He stayed with them for 40 days,
35:22 and then when He left
35:23 and He told them in Acts chapter 1,
35:25 "I'm going to give you power to go into all the world
35:28 and tell the good news about me,
35:30 the church had some hard times since 2000 years ago,
35:34 pause...
35:36 and we have some hard times ahead of us
35:40 but Ladies and Gentlemen,
35:43 even though we have hard times ahead of us
35:46 and we are living in the early time of trouble, we know that...
35:50 Jesus said the things that we are seeing now,
35:52 Matthew 24 verse 8, "these are just the beginning of sorrows. "
35:56 It's going to get worse,
35:57 the early time of trouble has in that same timeframe
36:01 running side by side with it, the Loud Cry...
36:04 the Loud Cry is going out unto all the world,
36:07 Ladies and Gentlemen, that's why there's satellite system,
36:10 that's why we're having services like this
36:12 where people are hearing the loud cry...
36:14 the good news of Jesus Christ, "Fear God and give glory to Him
36:19 for the hour of His judgment is come
36:20 and worship Him who made heaven and earth... the sea
36:23 and fountains of waters" and it warns them about Babylon,
36:26 it's fallen... it's fallen...
36:27 it warns them of the Mark of the Beast
36:30 and that we might... we should not receive it...
36:33 it tells us all of these things with this loud cry,
36:36 as the Loud Cry goes forth, Ladies and Gentlemen,
36:40 the Reform Movement is taking place among God's people.
36:43 We who are living in the time of the seventh church, Laodicea,
36:47 this lukewarm church... and Laodicea is not a bad word,
36:50 Laodicea means the time of the judgment...
36:52 on the last evening, we looked at it and we saw
36:55 that the judgment is going on now
36:57 according to 1st Peter 4 verse 17
36:59 "judgment must begin with the house of God"
37:02 and it's dealing with us and we understand it
37:04 and we're getting ourselves ready
37:06 because we realize that
37:07 once our name goes into the Lamb's Book of Life,
37:09 it does not stay there unless it matches up
37:13 with all of the other things in the other books...
37:15 and we have the covering of the blood.
37:17 "Amen. "
37:18 Oh the timeframe that we're living in now,
37:21 it's not only the time of the loud cry
37:23 it's not only the time of the early time of trouble
37:26 but it's the time of the Seal of God.
37:28 The Seal of God, Revelation chapter 7 verses 1 through 3,
37:32 where God's people are being sealed by heavenly angels
37:35 not with some tattoo on our heads, Ladies and Gentlemen,
37:38 but by our minds...
37:40 we are sealed with our belief by the Holy Spirit
37:44 in God's Commandments especially the 4th commandment
37:47 that has His name... His title and His territory...
37:51 Exodus 20:8 through 11, it shows us that this Sabbath
37:55 that God gave to us in world without sin...
37:59 I'm talking about Genesis 2 verses 1 through 3
38:03 where mankind... Adam and Eve... met with the Creator
38:06 met with the angels and we see that in Isaiah 66
38:10 verse 23... that when the earth is made new
38:13 it tells us that from one month...
38:15 that's one new moon to another
38:17 and from each Sabbath, all flesh shall come together
38:20 and worship God in a sinless society.
38:24 So the sealing is going on now Ladies and Gentlemen,
38:27 we have an opportunity
38:29 to be sealed unto the day of redemption.
38:31 Ephesians 4 verse 30 tells us plainly and clearly
38:34 it says, "Grieve not the Holy Spirit...
38:37 whereby we are sealed unto the Day of Redemption"
38:41 in other words, "Don't resist the power of the Holy Spirit
38:45 to allow Him to come in and transform your life
38:48 and change your life and bring you to the point
38:52 where you will say... as so many have said in times past
38:55 that I will live by the Bible and the Bible alone.
38:58 that's the timeframe we're going in...
39:00 this is the timeframe we're living in,
39:03 we're living in a time, Ladies and Gentlemen,
39:05 when the Holy Spirit is going to be poured out...
39:08 the Latter Rain...
39:09 in other words... what we have is not enough
39:12 the former rain is good and it has brought us to where we are
39:16 but we need the latter rain,
39:18 we need the latter rain so we can live in a timeframe
39:21 where there is no intercessor in heaven
39:24 for when probation closes, Ladies and Gentlemen
39:28 and it moves from the early time of trouble
39:31 to the time of trouble.
39:32 When Jesus stands up and says the words that are recorded
39:36 in Revelation chapter 22 verse 11,
39:40 "He that is unjust, let him be unjust still:
39:42 and he that is filthy, let him be filthy still:
39:45 he that is holy, let him be holy still.
39:47 He that is righteous, let him be righteous still. "
39:50 When Daniel saw it in Daniel 12 verse 1,
39:52 he saw Michael stand up and he says
39:55 that there will be a time of trouble like there never was
39:58 why? because when Jesus does that, Ladies and Gentlemen,
40:00 the seven last plagues of Revelation 16
40:03 will be poured out on Planet Earth,
40:06 but we would have been sealed by the latter rain
40:09 that will give us the power to go through that time of trouble
40:12 like the earth has never seen,
40:14 it will also give us the power to go forward with a loud cry
40:19 that we will not be afraid... we will not be fearful
40:23 we will not hush our tongues or be intimidated
40:29 because we know that God is coming and God is with us
40:33 and we will go forth with the power that the early church had
40:37 but my Bible tells me and the Spirit of Prophecy tells me...
40:41 it will have more power than it began.
40:42 "Amen. "
40:44 And if those few men could turn the world upside down,
40:46 can you imagine what a world church can do
40:49 that is on fire for Jesus Christ.
40:51 "Amen... amen... "
40:53 and we will see the enemies of God come together
40:58 as it has said in the Bible but Ladies and Gentlemen,
41:02 because of that Loud Cry... because of that Holy Spirit...
41:05 because of Revelation 18 1 through 5,
41:08 we will have a supernatural power...
41:10 a supernatural light
41:12 that will shine to the very dark regions of the earth
41:15 and everyone will have an opportunity to choose Jesus
41:19 and choose life.
41:21 "Amen. "
41:22 It's all building up to something...
41:24 it's building up to the greatest day of all time...
41:29 you see, unmistakenly,
41:32 and I must give credit to the Web...
41:35 there are many, many people that put their two cents in...
41:43 and said, "The greatest day of all time
41:48 will be the day that Jesus returns for His children. "
41:51 "Amen. "
41:52 The day when the King of Kings and Lord of Lords
41:55 will come in glory to redeem His saints from the earth.
41:59 "Amen. "
42:01 Oh, Ladies and Gentlemen, when I think about that day,
42:03 my heart begins to beat faster,
42:05 my mind begins to imagine that sighting
42:09 when I will see the King of Glory coming.
42:12 My Bible tells me in 1st Thessalonians chapter 4
42:17 verse 16...
42:30 Ladies and Gentlemen, that's enough right there
42:32 to take the case.
42:33 "Amen. "
42:35 To see Jesus... the Lord Himself...
42:38 "Amen. "
42:39 No longer is He walking around with an old purple robe,
42:42 no longer is He wearing a crown of thorns upon His head,
42:46 no longer is He wearing a pair of worn-down sandals,
42:50 He is in His splendor, He is in His majesty,
42:54 He is in His royal robes of righteousness,
42:58 Ladies and Gentlemen,
43:00 He has upon His head... that royal diadem...
43:03 that crown... seven in one...
43:05 pure gold and all types of garnished jewels in it
43:10 and He's coming back for us.
43:13 "Amen... amen... "
43:15 Those people that say, "He's coming in secret... "
43:18 they don't know what they're taking away from people.
43:21 Audience agreeing.
43:22 It's taking away the joy of it all.
43:24 It can't be in secret for Revelation 1 verse 7 says,
43:28 "Behold He cometh in clouds and every eye shall see Him. "
43:32 well Folks, if everybody knows it... it's not a secret.
43:36 "Amen. "
43:37 "And they also which pierced Him... "
43:39 in other words, some folks are going to get
43:41 that special resurrection for what they have done,
43:43 they have doubted Him, they spit on Him,
43:45 they lacerated His back with the cat of nine tails
43:48 and then they nailed Him to the cross,
43:51 they put a cloth over His head
43:53 and they hit Him with reeds,
43:54 and they said, "Prophecy who did it... "
43:56 they will know, Ladies and Gentlemen,
43:59 who they abused on that day
44:01 when they see Him in the eastern sky.
44:04 "Amen... amen... "
44:06 Oh the majesty of Him...
44:09 Angels to the left and angels to the right...
44:13 Friends, every single angel that's in heaven is coming
44:17 when Jesus comes...
44:20 it will not be a little quartet singing...
44:22 it will be the whole choir and they will sing a song
44:27 that will cause the earth to tremble
44:30 as they blow the trumpet
44:31 and they give the praise to the King.
44:34 "Amen. "
44:35 And if that's not enough celebration,
44:37 Ladies and Gentlemen, we're going to celebrate down here,
44:40 we're going to celebrate...
44:41 if you die, you're going to be celebrating,
44:43 if you're alive, you're going to celebrate it,
44:45 if you've been in jail for the gospel's sake,
44:47 you're going to be celebrating,
44:48 if you've been in the wilderness...
44:50 hiding in the rocks and the mountains,
44:52 that's okay, just hold on a little longer,
44:54 the King of Kings is coming.
44:56 When you see the earth rock and reel
44:59 and you see those graves open up,
45:01 and the saints from all time... can you imagine...
45:03 from all time...
45:04 you're talking about Adam and Eve coming up,
45:06 you're talking about Abraham and Sarah coming up,
45:08 you're talking about the saints... David... and Jonathan
45:12 and all the saints coming up,
45:13 all over the earth at the same time.
45:16 "Amen. "
45:18 Pause...
45:20 Babies placed in the arms of Christian parents
45:23 who went to the fire, who went to the lion's den,
45:27 who had their heads cut off,
45:29 who had their children butchered in front of them
45:32 but the angels of God had placed a mark on those graves
45:36 and those spots where those bones are
45:39 and when the voice of the majesty of God,
45:41 the Life-giver... the Resurrection and the Life,
45:43 calls them together,
45:45 they are no longer abused... they are no longer tortured...
45:48 they're no longer torn apart by animals,
45:50 they are brand new in Christ, Ladies and Gentlemen,
45:53 and they will be placed in the arm of husband and wife
45:57 and mother and father and families together
46:00 and then we shall suspend the laws of gravity
46:03 and be caught up to meet the Lord in the air.
46:06 "Amen... amen... "
46:08 That's what the book says, that's what's going to happen,
46:11 that has to be the greatest day of all time.
46:13 "Amen. "
46:14 Ladies and Gentlemen, it has to be the greatest day of all time
46:16 when you're standing there... now watch this...
46:18 all of this is coming together, as we're standing there
46:21 and the hailstorms are coming down
46:23 66 pounds on the wicked...
46:25 releasing the saints of God... that's the 7th plague...
46:28 it's being poured out and it's coming down
46:30 and like Daniel has... as David has said in Psalm 91,
46:38 "a thousand shall fall on thy right... "
46:40 huh... "and ten thousand at thy right hand...
46:43 but it shall not come near you,
46:45 you're standing there watching it,
46:47 seeing it happen and then before you know it,
46:50 Ladies and Gentlemen,
46:51 you'll look up and you'll see right into His beautiful eyes
46:54 and all of a sudden,
46:56 you're whole body is going to transform...
46:58 it's going to change...
46:59 it's going to regenerate... it's going to be resurrected...
47:02 it will be brand new in Christ.
47:06 "Amen... amen... "
47:08 Brand new in the twinkling of an eye...
47:10 as my Bible said
47:11 and here's the part I've been waiting for, Folks,
47:13 not only looking in His eyes and His eyes catching mine,
47:16 and Folks, I know one thing...
47:18 even though that's going to be a whole mass of humanity,
47:21 all of the redeemed saved
47:22 and Jesus is going to look at us
47:24 but you'd better believe that when we look into His eyes,
47:28 we will feel that personal connection
47:30 that Jesus will have for us,
47:32 we will see the love...
47:34 we will see the adoring spirit that He has doted on us,
47:38 we will know that we've been forgiven,
47:40 we will know that we'll be with Him forever...
47:43 it will be personal,
47:44 I don't know if I'm going to shout, flip, jump or whatever
47:47 but I know one thing, Ladies and Gentlemen,
47:50 I know one thing that when I'm looking at Him,
47:52 all of a sudden, I will feel myself going up into the air,
47:57 I will feel the earth being down low...
47:59 and I'll be up with my Jesus, I'll pass the sun...
48:02 the moon... the stars... the planet...
48:05 I'm going up in that cloud with my Jesus...
48:08 all the way back to glory, seven days in there
48:12 so everybody can keep at least one Sabbath.
48:15 "Amen... amen... amen... "
48:18 And we will go through the gates of the city
48:22 but before we go through the gates...
48:24 before we go through the gates...
48:27 hmmm... hmmm... hmmm...
48:30 before we go through the gates... now...
48:32 this is just my imagination now,
48:36 but the only one left is the Father
48:40 and I bet that when we come to the city...
48:43 after we have gone on through Orion...
48:47 we've had this pre-party... pre-celebration... in the clouds
48:53 with people getting reacquainted with one another,
48:57 with family... with friends... you think GC was fun,
49:00 oh boy, this is going to be something!
49:04 All the saints of all time with Jesus...
49:08 the angels just singing and happy,
49:11 Satan can't tempt us no more,
49:15 death can't stalk us
49:17 sickness can't have us
49:20 no more worry... no more disillusion...
49:23 no more disappointment, it's all joy...
49:26 "Amen. "
49:27 And then, we see it in the distance...
49:29 the heavenly city...
49:32 sitting on a foundation of 12 precious stones
49:37 that have the appearance of the color of the rainbow
49:40 shimmering in all of it's glory
49:43 all of its brightness... all of its light...
49:46 jasper walls... 216 feet high...
49:51 clear as crystal...
49:53 and you're looking through the jasper walls of the city,
49:58 and you see golden streets and golden mansions
50:02 if that's not enough you see the reflection
50:07 of the river of life going through the midst of the city
50:11 and you see the throne of God and the throne of Jesus,
50:15 and behind that, Ladies and Gentlemen,
50:17 we see the majestic Tree of Life.
50:20 "Amen. "
50:21 No need for the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil,
50:24 we've learned that lesson well, somebody ought to say, "Amen. "
50:27 "Amen. "
50:28 And I know that when we get close to the city,
50:33 I know the sweet fragrance from that Tree of Life
50:36 with all manner of fruit, 12 manner of fruit...
50:40 Ladies and Gentlemen,
50:41 I know that's going to smell good, I mean,
50:43 have you ever walked through the Produce part of the store
50:45 and they have fresh mangoes in there...
50:47 Audience agreeing...
50:50 But from the Tree of Life... with our new nostrils...
50:55 come on now... our new nostrils...
50:58 we will get a little sniff.
51:00 But that's not the cherry on top of the cake,
51:05 Ladies and Gentlemen, the cherry on top of the cake
51:08 is he Father, friends, and you know what?
51:10 This is just me as a preacher, you see,
51:12 when I read the story in Luke 15
51:15 about the prodigal son
51:16 and the prodigal's father was...
51:19 was just waiting for him every single day... waiting for him,
51:22 looking here... every night... every morning...
51:23 looking for his son, looking for his son...
51:25 looking for his son... didn't see him...
51:27 looking for his son... he couldn't go after him,
51:29 the only thing he could do was pray
51:31 and send His Holy Spirit... God's Holy Spirit after him
51:34 but that day... when he looked out...
51:39 and he saw his son afar off...
51:42 he lost all of his so-called dignity...
51:45 they say, the rich men in those days...
51:48 the custom was... they didn't run...
51:50 but he took off after his son
51:54 and his son was coming back saying, in his mind...
51:57 "Well... if I just get back... I'll work as a servant...
52:00 I'll work as a servant... that's okay...
52:02 just as long as I'm in it, I'll get my three square...
52:04 my servants' quarters was better than the pig sty. "
52:07 "Amen. "
52:08 But the father runs to him and he takes off his robe
52:14 and he clothes him.
52:16 Friends, God is going to clothe us with a body like His body,
52:21 He's done that...
52:23 And when He sees us coming...
52:26 when He sees us coming...
52:30 I can see the Father coming to the gate
52:32 and I can see the gates of one pearl open up
52:36 and I can hear the Father singing this song,
52:39 "Welcome home children... "
52:41 "Amen... amen... "
52:43 "Welcome home children...
52:45 welcome home children,
52:47 the battle's over, the fight is over...
52:50 my Son has bought the rest of his brothers and sisters home
52:55 and this will be your splendor...
52:58 this will be your majesty...
53:00 this will be everything,
53:02 you'll be with me forever."
53:05 "Amen. "
53:06 Oh my friends, one day...
53:10 we're going to see Him face to face...
53:15 that will be the greatest day of our lives.
53:21 "Amen... amen... "
53:23 Piano...
53:25 Face to face shall I
53:30 behold Him,
53:35 Face to face
53:39 to see and know,
53:45 Face to face
53:50 with my redeemer,
53:54 Jesus Christ
54:00 who loved me so.
54:06 Face to face
54:11 shall I behold Him,
54:17 Far beyond
54:21 the starry sky,
54:27 Face to face
54:32 in all His glory,
54:38 I shall see Him
54:43 by and by!
54:50 Face to face!
54:54 O blissful moment!
54:59 Face to face
55:05 to see and know,
55:10 Face to face
55:14 with my Redeemer,
55:18 Jesus Christ
55:23 who loved me so.
55:28 O face to face
55:33 shall I behold Him,
55:39 Far beyond
55:43 the starry sky,
55:48 Face to face
55:54 in all His glory,
56:00 I shall see Him
56:06 by and by!
56:13 "Amen... amen... "
56:14 My friends, I want to leave this text with you,
56:18 Isaiah 25 verse 9,
56:23 it says, "And it shall be said in that day,
56:26 Lo, this is our God;
56:28 we have waited for Him, and He will save us:
56:31 this is the LORD; we have waited for Him,
56:35 we will be glad and rejoice in His salvation. "
56:38 His salvation is there for you,
56:42 all you have to do is just reach out
56:44 and say, "Lord, Jesus save me"
56:48 salvation will begin in your life...
56:53 trust in God...
56:54 keep looking up... and be faithful.


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