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A Thousand Years Of Peace

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00:01 Music...
00:55 Good Evening Ambassador,
00:59 I'm Pastor Henoc Paulicin,
01:02 I'm the Pastor of the Ambassador Seventh-day Adventist Church.
01:05 The Ambassador Church is located
01:08 in the lovely city of Lauderdale Lakes, Florida,
01:11 very close to Fort Lauderdale Airport
01:14 and about 20 to 30 minutes away from Miami, Florida,
01:18 we are a friendly and growing church
01:20 and if you're in the area,
01:22 we'd love to invite you to come and worship with us.
01:25 I have with me today, one of the members of my Ministerial Staff
01:30 and let me let him introduce himself.
01:32 Good night, I am Elder Dwayne Spence,
01:34 one of the younger elders in the church
01:37 and we are having a fabulous time here
01:40 as Pastor Dorsey unfolds the Revelation
01:43 through the eyes of John.
01:45 If you are in the South Florida area,
01:47 we encourage you to come out and fellowship here
01:50 at our ten-acre campus.
01:51 The Ambassador Seventh-day Adventist Church has
01:53 some of the most friendly people and...
01:55 and to get the full experience that these meetings are giving
02:00 to the individuals that are here in the audience
02:02 and those at home... you need to be here to experience it.
02:05 It's truly a blessing.
02:07 The pastor has been expounding
02:09 or letting the Word of God expound upon current events
02:12 and we see as we watch the news...
02:15 it seems as if the very things that we are learning
02:18 night after night... are unfolding right before our eyes.
02:21 I just wanted to point out something that
02:25 is very important in the Book of Revelation
02:27 chapter 1 verse 3, where the Bible says,
02:30 "Blessed is he who reads
02:31 and those who hear the words of the prophecy,
02:35 and heed the things which are written,
02:38 for the time is near. "
02:40 Elder: "Amen. "
02:41 I think that Pastor Dorsey has chosen a great time
02:45 to expound on this Series, "Through the Eyes of John. "
02:49 Elder: Absolutely, it's a time...
02:51 not to be frightened by the things we see.
02:54 It's a time to know that God has given us an outline,
02:57 a guidebook to understand what's happening around us
03:01 and so no Christian should be afraid
03:03 and Pastor Dorsey... through the messages night to night
03:06 is reassuring us as the Word has said...
03:09 reassuring us that God is still in control
03:13 and has a destiny for each and every one of us.
03:16 Pastor: And for those who may be watching for the first time,
03:19 Pastor Lawrence Stephen Dorsey is a Speaker... Director
03:22 of Living Word Ministries
03:24 but before we begin, let us invite the presence of the Lord
03:28 and I'll ask Elder Spence to pray for us.
03:30 Elder: Shall we pray?
03:32 "Our kind and compassionate Father,
03:34 we come before your presence tonight
03:37 again with our Bibles in hands to open your words
03:41 and to see what the future holds
03:43 for each and every one of us.
03:44 Lord, the world is filled with doubt and fear...
03:48 there are people that are suffering
03:50 and don't know what's the source of the suffering,
03:53 there are people that are in despair...
03:55 despondency...
03:56 there are people that are suffering through depression
03:59 and Lord, as the Pastor opens the Word tonight,
04:02 we ask that your words would breathe peace into their lives,
04:06 that they will understand that you are still in control
04:09 and commanding their lives,
04:11 let those that are seated at their homes
04:14 get their Bibles in hand and open it up
04:17 and let you speak to their hearts, dear Father,
04:21 in Jesus' name we pray, amen. "
04:23 Walking off stage...
04:28 Piano playing...
04:33 O what a wonderful, wonderful day
04:38 Day I will never forget
04:42 After I wandered in darkness away
04:47 Jesus the Savior I met
04:52 O, what a tender compassionate Friend
04:57 He met the needs of my heart
05:01 Shadows dispelling with joy I am telling
05:06 He made all my darkness depart.
05:10 Heaven came down and glory filled my soul
05:19 When at the cross the Savior made me whole
05:27 My sins were washed away
05:32 And my night was turned to day
05:37 Heaven came down and glory filled my soul.
05:45 My sins were washed away
05:49 and my night was turned to day
05:54 Heaven came down
05:57 and glory filled my
06:01 soul...
06:06 Audience: "Amen... amen... "
06:08 Heaven came down and glory filled our souls
06:11 and Friends... glory is "translated peace"
06:15 when Jesus comes into your life.
06:17 Good Evening everyone
06:18 and I'm so glad to be here once again
06:21 to expound on the Word of God and to just share the fellowship
06:25 I know that the day that Jesus came into my life...
06:30 when I knew it was really Him... that it was real...
06:34 that it was not something someone told me about
06:37 but I had the opportunity to say like David,
06:41 "I tasted and I saw that God is good. "
06:44 It was a day that really, really changed my life
06:49 and I hope that you get to experience that
06:52 even as a result of these meetings
06:54 that the revival that you feel will be something
06:56 that will build your relationship
06:58 and make it stronger in our Lord Jesus Christ.
07:02 Now tonight we have a few individuals
07:04 who have again called in and we can't give all of them,
07:07 so we just take a few of the highlights
07:09 that come in every single evening.
07:12 We had a Marion Chee from Louisiana
07:14 and she said that she hadn't heard from anyone from Louisiana
07:19 and she just wanted us to know
07:20 that Louisiana was watching and listening.
07:24 Audience: "Amen. "
07:25 And I have a close piece of my heart in Louisiana,
07:28 I pastored for one year in the Monroe Tallulah District
07:32 in Louisiana and it was a wonderful time
07:36 with the saints down there.
07:37 Then we had a Jeff Miller from Indiana,
07:40 he wrote and said he has enjoyed the meetings
07:43 and he is experiencing a revival within his own heart
07:49 and he said that he's been watching
07:50 every single one of them and God has been blessing him.
07:53 Then we heard from Australia,
07:56 Townsville, Queensland...
08:00 a Bob and Elaine
08:01 and they too are watching these meetings
08:04 and they are receiving a blessing from them.
08:06 Now, I got a little bad news from the Cayman Islands,
08:10 I saw that the transmitter was down...
08:13 the 3ABN transmitter was down
08:15 and that's what they were telling me
08:16 but I did receive a special greeting
08:21 from a Anna Kay...
08:23 Anna Kay from the Caymans, and we got that yesterday...
08:25 most of the mail that we get comes from either our e-mail
08:29 or it comes by call
08:31 but this is one where she took the time to write us
08:34 and we received it at our Post Office Box
08:36 and we want you to know,
08:38 Anna Kay, we received your very special blessing.
08:40 Folks, I am looking forward to the day
08:43 when we will be able to meet one another,
08:46 as we prepare to meet our Lord and Savior
08:49 and we go up in the clouds to meet Him in the air
08:52 and we will have all of eternity
08:54 to have an opportunity to greet one another
08:58 as we greet Jesus, our Lord and Savior.
09:00 Are you looking forward to that day?
09:02 Audience: "Amen. "
09:04 Well, tonight is a message
09:05 that will give us encouragement for that
09:07 for tonight the message is: 1,000 years of Peace.
09:11 One Thousand Years of Peace.
09:13 How many could use that?
09:15 if you could use that at home even raise your hand as we pray.
09:19 "Loving Father, we are thankful that you have promised us
09:22 a thousand years of peace plus eternity.
09:26 So even now, tonight Lord,
09:29 we ask that you will fill our hearts with your Spirit,
09:31 let angels be with us to keep the evil one away
09:35 and from any distractions...
09:37 from taking our minds from this blessed truth tonight
09:40 and let your Word even live... is our prayer
09:44 in Jesus' name. Amen. "
09:46 A thousand years of peace...
09:50 turn with me in your Bibles to the book of Revelation
09:55 chapter 20
09:57 and we will see in this chapter
10:01 a guaranteed 1,000 years of peace
10:05 that will be given to those
10:07 who have been redeemed from the earth.
10:09 Now Folks, just stop and think about it,
10:14 1,000 years free from pain, free from hurt,
10:18 free from disappointment, free from disillusionment,
10:24 free from doubt,
10:26 free from temptation,
10:28 free from sickness, free from death,
10:31 free from sin,
10:33 free from that devil
10:35 who has been harassing us night after night,
10:37 are you all awake in here tonight?
10:39 Audience: "Yes we are. "
10:40 Free from all of those things...
10:44 my heart longs for the day
10:48 and Folks, even when we have good days
10:50 those things turn out to be bitter sweet.
10:52 They're short-lived.
10:54 When we had those good times,
10:56 there's always something that comes up somewhere
11:00 that casts shadows on our peace and our happiness
11:04 but we have to look past the clouds of this life
11:07 and look with faith to the sunshine that will come
11:11 from a relationship with Jesus
11:13 that will last throughout eternity.
11:15 Audience: "Amen. "
11:17 Now, in our Bible, Ladies and Gentlemen,
11:19 we have to be careful that we understand what it says
11:23 because there are individuals who believe
11:25 that this thousand years of peace
11:27 or... this doctrine is called: The millennium
11:30 now that word "millennium" is not written in the Bible
11:33 but it means a thousand years
11:34 that this millennium is something
11:38 that will not take place before Jesus comes
11:41 because we have a lot of people that believe
11:45 that the world will be converted
11:47 and waiting for Christ when He comes
11:49 and they will have 1,000 years of peace... to get it right.
11:53 Now Folks, if that were true,
11:55 then all the signs of the times
11:58 that we have been reading about night after night...
12:00 there is something wrong with those signs
12:03 because those signs that are given to us by Jesus Himself
12:06 Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21...
12:11 the signs from the Old Testament prophets...
12:13 the signs that we have seen in the book of Revelation...
12:17 they all tell us that the world will be in a horrible state
12:21 before the second coming of Christ.
12:24 When we look at 1st Thessalonians...
12:28 1st Thessalonians 5... chapter 5 verse 3
12:31 it tells us, "when they say peace and safety,
12:36 then sudden destruction shall come upon them. "
12:39 It is nothing more than a trick from the devil
12:43 to cause us to sit back and say,
12:45 "Everything is going to be okay...
12:48 that we have plenty of time... "
12:50 and Folks, I'm here to let us know tonight,
12:52 we don't have plenty of time...
12:55 we have time to get right with God
12:57 and get right with God now.
12:59 Pause...
13:01 I look at Isaiah 24... Isaiah 24...
13:06 and these Scriptures...
13:08 we looked at this the other night...
13:10 they stand out in my mind...
13:12 Isaiah 24 verse 1,
13:15 it says...
13:46 and that's... interest.
14:17 This is the condition of the world before the Lord comes
14:23 so when we look at this 1,000 years of peace,
14:27 we have to know that it has to be a specific timeframe
14:33 for us to know when we start counting
14:36 and again, the book of Revelation...
14:39 that book that is a revelation and an unveiling for us
14:43 shows this to us plainly and simply
14:45 and when we look at it tonight, Ladies and Gentlemen,
14:47 you'll see how all the other pieces of the Bible fit together
14:52 to make this one full doctrine
14:55 and this is what I've enjoyed
14:56 night after night... sharing with you.
14:58 Revelation chapter 20 beginning with verse 1...
15:20 now we can just stop here for a moment
15:22 and know that if the devil is chained up... locked up...
15:26 locked down... for a 1,000 years...
15:29 that's a lot of peace... somebody ought to say, "Amen. "
15:31 Audience: "Amen. "
15:32 If he is locked up, bound up, chained up,
15:37 we would have peace,
15:39 he couldn't annoy us, he couldn't tempt us,
15:42 he couldn't make us sick,
15:43 he couldn't try to do things that hurt us
15:46 and cause us to lose our friends and our families,
15:49 he wouldn't be able to have his pestilence and his famines
15:52 and all of these things that he has done to Planet Earth,
15:54 he would not be able to harass us
15:56 and harass the angels of God that are protecting us,
15:59 he would not have people lying and killing and murdering
16:02 and all of those things that he suggests that people do,
16:05 Ladies and Gentlemen,
16:06 there would be peace with the devil locked up.
16:09 Audience: "Amen. "
16:10 Pastor: "Amen. " Audience: "Amen. "
16:13 My Bible says that that day is coming.
16:16 It continues to read...
16:18 "And this angel cast him into the bottomless pit...
16:21 and shut him up and set a seal upon him...
16:25 that he should deceive the nations no more,
16:28 till the thousand years be fulfilled...
16:37 now we know the book of Revelation
16:41 is a book that is both literal and symbolic.
16:44 Pause...
16:46 I wish we could lock the devil up with chains in iron and steel
16:52 it would be nice if we could put him in that old prison, Alcatraz
16:58 way out in the water... in the bay... by himself
17:03 but Ladies and Gentlemen, he is a supernatural being
17:08 and we cannot do that.
17:10 When we look at this, we have to understand
17:14 that the Bible is its own expositor
17:16 and even though the devil has been on our case
17:19 and we know he is a busy little bee...
17:22 "B" for bad... come on now...
17:26 wake up Church...
17:27 even though he has been busy all of these years,
17:32 a day will come, Ladies and Gentlemen...
17:35 a day will come when he will be arrested by circumstances
17:42 and he will not be allowed to tempt and destroy
17:46 and cause havoc and chaos on our lives anymore.
17:51 He will be... as it were... arrested on the bottomless pit
17:57 which will be Planet Earth
18:00 after the second coming of Jesus Christ.
18:02 Audience: "Amen. "
18:04 You see, when we look at the starting point
18:06 of the 1,000 years of peace of the millennium
18:10 it will take place when Jesus Himself comes.
18:13 What we read in verses one through three
18:17 about an angel coming down and chaining him up
18:19 with this great chain in his hand and laid hold of him,
18:22 he will be chained by circumstances
18:26 and the Bible will explain it to us now.
18:29 Turn with me to 1st Thessalonians...
18:31 1st Thessalonians chapter 4,
18:33 1st Thessalonians chapter 4 beginning with verse 16.
18:38 Pause...
19:05 Ladies and Gentlemen, on the day that Jesus comes
19:10 and friends, that is a day we have been waiting for,
19:14 that saints of God who are sleeping in the graves
19:17 will come forth at the call of the Master
19:20 like we read... it says...
19:22 "The Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a shout...
19:25 and with the voice of the archangel
19:27 and the trump of God
19:28 and the dead in Christ shall rise first. "
19:32 That tells us... it reinforces the fact
19:35 that the dead in Christ are not in heaven...
19:38 pause...
19:39 they are sleeping...
19:41 they are waiting...
19:43 they are waiting the call of the life-giver.
19:48 if when we die... we went straight to heaven,
19:51 there would be no need for Jesus to come back for the dead
19:55 He would just have to come back for the living.
19:58 Audience: Agreeing.
19:59 And if we knew
20:01 that the dead were already in heaven when they die
20:04 and all the trouble we go through down here...
20:07 it would be advantageous to us to say,
20:11 "Well, let's take a trip to heaven... "
20:14 by some mass suicide or Kool-Aid...
20:17 like somebody else says and has... or have done
20:21 because they were misguided,
20:23 we wouldn't be worried about sleeping,
20:25 we'd say, "Well look, I'm tired of here...
20:27 no mortgage and all of these things,
20:28 I don't have to deal with that...
20:30 well, I'm just going to go to heaven... "
20:31 Pause...
20:32 but my Bible tells me, Ladies and Gentlemen,
20:36 that the dead know not anything,
20:38 and we're looking at Ecclesiastes 9 verse 5
20:41 and it says that our love and our hate
20:43 and our envy, and all of those things...
20:45 they are put aside...
20:46 we have nothing to do with anything under the sun
20:48 when we're dead... we are sleeping...
20:50 that's what Jesus said.
20:52 Pause...
20:53 So we see that on that day
20:56 when the king of kings and Lord of Lord comes
20:58 with all of His majesty... with all of his power...
21:01 He is coming to awaken the sleeping dead
21:06 and to bring those who are alive and remain
21:11 to be caught up in the clouds with Him also
21:15 with those who he has brought up out of sleep.
21:19 I look at 1st Corinthians chapter 15
21:23 and again Folks,
21:24 I give you these texts over and over again
21:26 that it will become a part of you...
21:28 faith cometh by hearing and hearing... the Word of God,
21:31 and as we get in these last days, Ladies and Gentlemen,
21:34 you must have a faith in the Word of God
21:37 that will supersede what you may see with your eyes,
21:42 pause...
21:44 because in the last days, there will be signs and wonders
21:48 spiritual wickedness in high places,
21:50 deceptions that will come to you
21:53 to take you away from your faith and to steal your crown
21:56 but you have to be able to stand on the Word of God
22:00 and the Word of God alone
22:02 and believe not what you see with your eyes
22:06 but what you know in your heart
22:08 that is based on this book.
22:09 Audience: "Amen. "
22:11 1st Corinthians chapter 15 verse 51...
23:21 So again, it tells us... the dead in Christ shall rise first.
23:25 We which are alive and remain will be changed
23:30 in the twinkling of an eye...
23:31 in other words, before you can blink you are changed.
23:34 Before you can think about it, it has happened
23:37 and it has to be that way, Ladies and Gentlemen,
23:41 it has to be that way for if we were not changed
23:44 in an instant... in the twinkling of an eye...
23:48 we would be destroyed by the very brightness of His coming.
23:53 Audience...
23:55 you see the wicked...
23:56 when He is coming in the clouds of glory...
23:58 when they see Him, they will melt where they are...
24:02 pause...
24:03 they will be destroyed by the brightness of His coming...
24:07 they cannot look at the King,
24:09 pause...
24:10 my Bible tells me in Revelation chapter 1 verse 7
24:14 that when He comes... behold He cometh with clouds
24:17 and every eye shall see Him
24:19 and they also which pierced Him,
24:22 there will be a special resurrection
24:25 for those individuals who crucified Jesus...
24:28 who spat on His face,
24:29 who lacerated His back with a cat of nail tails...
24:32 who lied on Him on those Councils...
24:35 who stood up and proclaimed themselves holy
24:37 when they were unholy and unjust
24:39 and those individuals who partook of that Kangaroo Court,
24:42 they will be able to come up and see Him coming live
24:46 in majesty and glory.
24:48 Audience: "Amen. "
24:50 And then they die again... have mercy...
24:52 I look at this and I'm beginning to see a picture here...
24:58 the dead in Christ are coming up from the grave...
25:01 and they're caught up in the clouds to meet the Lord.
25:04 The saints of God are translated in an instant... in a moment...
25:09 Planet Earth has been decimated by the very presence of Christ.
25:14 We saw it in Revelation chapter 6
25:17 beginning with verse 15,
25:19 "And the kings of the earth,
25:21 and the great men and the rich men,
25:23 and the chief captains, and the mighty men,
25:24 and every bondman, and every free man,
25:26 hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;
25:28 And said to the mountains and rocks,
25:30 Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him
25:32 that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:
25:37 For the great day of his wrath is come;
25:39 and who shall be able to stand?
25:41 In other words, Planet Earth will be destroyed
25:45 at the presence and power of the majesty of Christ.
25:49 The mountain chains will bow down...
25:51 islands will flee away...
25:55 I turn to 2nd Peter chapter 3, 2nd Peter chapter 3 verse 10,
26:01 it says, "for the day of the Lord will come
26:04 as a thief in the night. "
26:06 Now let me just stop here for a moment,
26:07 this does not mean Jesus is coming in secret.
26:12 We've already seen Him coming with a loud voice,
26:17 pause...
26:18 with the trump of God...
26:20 and the commotion of seeing all of the dead from all time...
26:26 the righteous dead coming up from the grave
26:29 that is going to be a spectacular scene.
26:32 Audience: "Amen. "
26:34 Can you imagine what it would look like
26:36 when you pass all of these cemeteries
26:38 and you're passing all of these planes
26:41 and you see people coming up out of the ocean,
26:43 you see them coming up out of the grave,
26:45 how can that be a secret?
26:47 pause...
26:49 how could it be a secret when the sky...
26:52 the eastern horizon... will be filled with His majesty?
26:56 Pause...
26:57 Angels to the left and angels to the right...
26:59 and the King of Kings and Lord of Lords...
27:02 sitting in the middle...
27:03 no longer wearing a crown of thorns
27:06 but wearing His seven-fold crown as King of Kings
27:09 and Lord of Lords, how can that be secret?
27:13 Audience: "Amen. "
27:14 They will see Him. Audience: "Amen. "
27:16 Those who were slain or died 2,000 years ago,
27:20 awakened by the power of the life-giver
27:23 to see the one whom they had despised and ignored
27:27 and who had caused people to choose Barabbas
27:30 instead of choosing Jesus... which is choosing life...
27:33 pause...
27:35 when it says He's coming like a thief in the night,
27:39 that means, "unexpectedly"
27:42 you don't know when the thief is coming...
27:43 pause...
27:45 but you need to be prepared for Him.
27:48 It says here,
27:50 "but the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night
27:53 in which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise. "
27:56 Now the heavens passing away with a great noise...
27:59 how's that going to be "secret?"
28:01 Pause...
28:02 It continues to say,
28:05 "and the elements shall melt with fervent heat... "
28:09 noise... heat... not just regular heat...
28:17 fervent heat... in other words,
28:18 it's going to be mighty hot in the town that day.
28:20 Pause...
28:23 dead folks coming up... brand new...
28:26 I tell you, the news from the righteous being translated...
28:29 that's going to be enough noise because I don't know about you,
28:32 when I get those new hands and those new feet
28:34 and those new lungs and those new ears and those new eyes,
28:37 I'm going to be shouting with joy.
28:39 Audience: "Amen. "
28:40 I'm going to say,
28:42 "Lo, this is my God and I have waited for Him... "
28:44 Audience: "Amen. "
28:45 It's been my heart's desire, I'm so glad He's there...
28:48 I'm going to do a little dance.
28:49 And then we're going to take off in the air.
28:53 Pause...
28:55 That can't be done in secret, Ladies and Gentlemen.
28:58 I continue to read this and I get excited
29:01 of what's going to happen and it says,
29:04 "And the elements shall melt with fervent heat,
29:07 and the earth also and the works that are therein
29:09 shall be burned up. "
29:11 In other words there will be fires going everywhere
29:13 "Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved,
29:16 what manner of persons ought you to be
29:19 in all conversation and godliness,
29:21 Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God,
29:26 wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved,
29:29 and the elements shall melt with fervent heat?"
29:34 So Planet Earth will be destroyed.
29:37 It will be shaken down to its very foundation,
29:41 the saints of God, Ladies and Gentlemen,
29:44 we will be translated... we will be resurrected...
29:50 we will be uplifted in that cloud with the Messiah...
29:55 with Deliverer... with the Savior...
30:00 with the Son of God.
30:02 Audience: "Amen. "
30:04 And so shall we ever be with the Lord.
30:07 Audience: "Praise the Lord. "
30:09 That's what we're waiting for.
30:10 Now, when we look at that and we understand that,
30:14 Ladies and Gentlemen, it lets us know
30:17 how Satan is going to be arrested...
30:20 he is arrested by circumstances...
30:23 because there is no one there to tempt and harass.
30:27 Audience: "Amen. "
30:28 He has no allegiance except his own fallen angels
30:32 and they will be confined to Planet Earth
30:35 to stay there and await their punishment.
30:39 Pause...
30:40 Now Folks, you need to understand something...
30:44 we need to be busy with what we're supposed to do
30:47 because the devil is busy with what he has to do.
30:50 Pause...
30:52 you look in your Bibles and turn to Revelation chapter 12,
30:55 Revelation chapter 12 and read the words of verse 12,
30:59 it says...
31:18 Friends, we looked at that word "wrath" yesterday...
31:22 that means rage... that means unrestrained violence
31:26 that means harm... that means fury...
31:29 pause...
31:31 the devil knows he has a short time...
31:33 we think we have all the time in the world,
31:37 we think the church can't go on without us,
31:40 we think that we're so good
31:43 that Jesus would really be in trouble
31:46 if we're not there in heaven.
31:48 Pause...
31:49 We think too much of ourselves, Ladies and Gentlemen,
31:53 heaven would go along without us,
31:56 but because His love for us is so great...
32:00 because His love for us goes so deep,
32:04 because His love for us was really shown,
32:08 by dying on the cross of Calvary,
32:10 He says that we are His and He will not let us go.
32:14 Audience: "Amen. "
32:16 We have to understand that this dragon...
32:20 this devil... this Satan...
32:21 he knows he has a short time left
32:24 and he is doing all that he can do,
32:26 Ladies and Gentlemen, to get us inside of His grasp,
32:30 to get us inside of his trap, to get us inside of his world,
32:35 my Bible tells us to be sober and vigilant
32:38 because our adversary... that's our enemy...
32:41 the devil... is as a roaring lion
32:45 seeking whom he can devour.
32:47 He's not playing with us.
32:49 Pause...
32:51 If he could take our lives
32:52 before we get a commitment with Jesus Christ,
32:54 he would be quite happy.
32:56 Pause...
32:57 If he could let you come into the church
32:59 and have you half in and half out... by your mindset...
33:02 see, he doesn't care when you read your Bible,
33:05 he doesn't care when you come to church,
33:07 he doesn't care if you pray...
33:09 it has not soaked in
33:11 and you have not allowed the Holy Spirit
33:13 to have complete control,
33:14 he'll let the Lord come into your heart and your life
33:17 and he will try to plant his own seeds there
33:21 that if you have two percent of him... he has you.
33:25 Audience: "That's true. "
33:27 There's a little book that's given away...
33:29 it's called: Steps to Christ
33:31 and it says, "One sin persistently cherished
33:35 will nullify all the power of the gospel. "
33:39 We have to give everything to Jesus...
33:42 all to Jesus I surrender all to Him I truly give...
33:47 you have to give Him everything.
33:49 Audience: "Amen. "
33:50 He says, "If you love me,
33:52 you have to give me all your heart and all your soul
33:54 and all your mind... "
33:55 He wants it all so He can protect us
33:57 because, Ladies and Gentlemen,
33:59 if we allow sin to have reign in our body,
34:02 no matter how small it is, if we continue to hold on to it,
34:05 it will nullify all the power of the gospel
34:08 and if you don't believe that, just look at Satan...
34:12 on how covetousness and envy ended up in jealousy
34:15 and hatred and murder...
34:17 Audience: Agreeing.
34:19 Those things begin to grow and expound inside of you
34:25 and that's why you have to come to Jesus... not just once
34:28 but you have to come to Jesus every day.
34:30 Audience: Agreeing.
34:32 And that's why you have to pray all through the day.
34:34 My Bible says to pray without ceasing...
34:37 it doesn't mean you have to walk around with King James English
34:41 all your day... but you have to have
34:44 the very atmosphere of heaven around you.
34:47 In other words, you are living in the sphere of heaven...
34:52 you understand that heaven sees you and heaven cares about you
34:55 and heaven is there to help you
34:57 you must go through your day
34:59 as if you are in the very presence of God,
35:01 because we are...
35:03 Audience: "Amen... amen... "
35:04 pause...
35:06 not because we're afraid but because we need help.
35:10 Pause...
35:11 When we think we can do it ourselves,
35:14 Ladies and Gentlemen, that's when we have the problem.
35:16 My Bible says, "Take heed lest you fall... "
35:21 and when we understand
35:23 that we need the help of Jesus Christ in our lives...
35:27 then we put ourselves in a position
35:29 where he can help us and influence us
35:31 and we can be victorious.
35:33 It tells us in Revelation chapter 12 verse 11,
35:36 it says, "And they overcame him
35:39 by the blood of the Lamb
35:41 and by the word of their testimony;
35:43 and they loved not their lives unto the death. "
35:46 In other words, it's because of the blood of Jesus Christ...
35:48 it's nothing you can do to save yourself.
35:51 Pause...
35:52 Now Folks, I know we have a problem with this sometimes
35:57 because some of us think we're so good...
35:58 but all of our righteousness is like filthy rags.
36:03 some of us modify our behavior...
36:06 we change our diet... those things we ought to do...
36:09 all that we know to do good to give us an edge, we should do
36:14 but don't count it as righteousness.
36:16 Audience: "Amen. "
36:17 Pause...
36:19 Jesus is Lord... and we are saved by His grace
36:27 extended to us everyday... it's new every morning...
36:32 and Folks, you have to keep praying all through the day.
36:37 Audience: "Amen. "
36:39 Pause...
36:40 He says we are saved by the blood of the Lamb,
36:43 we're saved by the word of their testimony,
36:45 "and they love not their lives unto the death. "
36:47 In other words,
36:49 we don't do what we want to do... the natural man...
36:51 we do what God expects us to do by faith.
36:55 Pause...
36:57 There are some days...
36:58 there are some days
36:59 when you will not feel like doing the right thing...
37:02 there are some days like that.
37:04 There are some days... me... as a preacher...
37:07 I don't feel like doing what I need to do.
37:10 But Folks, guess what? I want to be saved
37:13 and I want God's smile upon me
37:17 and I can't let things that bother me in this life...
37:20 I have to understand that in this life, Jesus says,
37:23 in the world... you're going to have tribulation
37:26 in the world,
37:27 things are not going to always go the way you want.
37:29 In the world, folks are going to get on your very last nerve
37:32 and they will step on it with spiked shoes...
37:35 pause...
37:36 but you cannot retaliate.
37:38 In the world you will have tribulation,
37:42 Ladies and Gentlemen,
37:43 in the world you're going to have disappointments,
37:45 in the world, you're going to be disillusioned,
37:48 in the world, you're going to have betrayal...
37:50 in the world, you're going to have heartbreak...
37:52 in the world, you're going to have sickness
37:54 and in the world, you're going to lose loved ones,
37:56 in the world, you're going to go through a lot
37:59 where you think that God is not there
38:01 but the darker it is, Ladies and Gentlemen,
38:04 you have to know that Jesus is closest to you.
38:07 Audience: "Amen. "
38:08 By faith you have to look at it, by faith you have to see it,
38:12 by faith you see yourself
38:14 living in the very atmosphere of heaven
38:17 and you bring this text to mind
38:19 to give you courage and strength
38:21 and it gives you the power to go on
38:24 you know that all things work together for good
38:27 for those who love the Lord
38:29 who are called according to His purpose...
38:32 in other words, no matter how bad it is,
38:34 don't give up... your blessing is just on the edge.
38:38 Audience: "Amen. "
38:39 Pause...
38:41 My Bible tells me that the devil... he's busy,
38:44 and he hates us and he knows he has a short time
38:48 but we have to know that we have a short time
38:51 and we must fortify ourselves with His Word.
38:54 Pause...
38:55 I come back to this 1,000 years of peace
38:59 and I see now... the dead in Christ had gone up,
39:02 those individuals who have been alive or translated...
39:08 and they've gone up.
39:10 The earth is decimated at the second coming of Christ.
39:14 My Bible tells us that there are two resurrections.
39:19 It continues in... let's go to Daniel... first
39:23 Daniel chapter 12... Daniel chapter 12 and you know,
39:26 I love the Bible because it all says the same thing
39:30 and Folks, when you let the Bible be its own expositor,
39:33 it lets us know that it is a smooth transition
39:36 and you can count on it and Daniel chapter 12...
39:40 Daniel 12 verse 1... it says,
39:42 "And at that time shall Michael stand up,
39:44 the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people
39:47 and there shall be a time of trouble,
39:49 such as never was since there was a nation
39:51 even to that same time:
39:52 and at that time thy people shall be delivered,
39:55 every one that shall be found written in the book. "
39:57 And Folks, that's not the Yellow Pages,
39:59 that's the Lamb's book of life.
40:00 And then it says...
40:16 In other words, two separate resurrections.
40:20 When I turn to the book of John, what book did I say?
40:23 John chapter 5, Jesus makes it so clear
40:27 so we would understand it... beginning with verse 25.
41:18 So when we look at this
41:20 and we come back now to Revelation chapter 20,
41:23 Revelation chapter 20... let's continue to see what happens
41:27 after the devil is arrested.
41:29 What we will be doing in heaven for those 1,000 years...
41:32 it said in verse 4...
41:57 So you want to know the agenda
42:00 for the first 1,000 years in heaven?
42:04 It's right here... look at Revelation...
42:08 it's not a sealed book...
42:09 it's there for you and me to know
42:12 what we're going to see and what we're going to do.
42:14 Audience: "Amen. "
42:15 If you notice, the controversy is not over yet.
42:19 Pause...
42:20 Jesus comes which starts the millennium...
42:23 it starts the clock...
42:24 the dead in Christ rise up from the grave,
42:28 the saints of God who are living
42:31 are translating in the twinkling of an eye.
42:34 The earth is shaken down to its very core.
42:37 Satan is bound by circumstances, there's nobody there to tempt...
42:44 no one to harass, no one to seduce into sin,
42:48 he is there for 1,000 years to sit around
42:51 and think about what he has to think about...
42:54 his destruction...
42:57 When I was a kid,
42:59 my dad and my mom... when they chastised us,
43:06 they did it with love.
43:10 My dad was one...
43:13 and I know he's watching so I'm being very careful,
43:16 Dad was one that... he would talk to us...
43:21 he'd say, "You know, you shouldn't do that... "
43:24 and we'd go on and sometimes in talking
43:27 we'd be able to get out of it and you know... we'd reason...
43:29 but my mom... she was instant judgment sometimes
43:33 she'd just... you know... Moms... they don't play...
43:36 that was Mom's word, "I don't play... "
43:39 but when there were some things we did
43:42 that my mother was like...
43:44 she was too through... too done...
43:45 she wouldn't even bother us,
43:48 she would have that private conversation with my dad
43:50 and they would have that conversation
43:53 and then he would give me the look and he'd say,
43:55 "Well, you just go upstairs and you just wait. "
43:57 Pause...
43:58 Now Folks, I would rather the instant judgment...
44:02 than when I had to sit up there and wait.
44:07 I'd sit up there in my room... me and my brother,
44:11 knowing we did it wrong, we did something,
44:12 we know we deserve it
44:14 and we'd sit in there... we'd sit... and oh
44:15 we wish it was a time... "time out"
44:17 like you kids got today...
44:18 you didn't get that...
44:20 and we'd sit in there
44:22 and every time you would hear them move downstairs,
44:25 every time you hear the steps creak,
44:29 every time your heart... it's just going...
44:31 it's going... it's going... it's gone...
44:35 Folks, can you imagine... can you imagine...
44:38 we can imagine...
44:40 the devil knows God is real...
44:43 he's seen His majesty for how many years...
44:47 we don't even understand... or how long
44:50 that that controversy in heaven before it became open warfare
44:54 that it talks about in Revelation 12:7 and 8,
44:56 before it got to that...
44:58 we don't know how many eons passed...
45:00 pause...
45:02 we don't know... he knows the power of God,
45:06 he knows he has fought against Him,
45:08 he knows he was instrumental
45:11 in having His Son nailed to the cross,
45:14 pause...
45:15 he's been busy with his plots and his plans all this time
45:20 but now, he is asked to just sit no he's not asked...
45:24 he's told to just sit and wait till a 1,000 years...
45:27 he knows what's going to happen.
45:29 Audience: "Amen. "
45:30 He has said he would be like the most High God
45:36 and that he would sit on the throne of the congregation
45:38 and that everyone would look up to him
45:40 and Ladies and Gentlemen,
45:41 the Lord has given him... watch this...
45:43 the Lord has given him 1,000 years
45:46 to do what he did in six days... somebody ought to say, "Amen. "
45:49 Audience: "Amen. "
45:50 In six days the Lord made the whole world brand new
45:53 out of the abyss, He made it to what it is
45:55 and the devil will have a 1,000 years
45:57 to see if he can make one flower but he can't.
46:00 Audience: "Amen. "
46:01 He can make artificial turf
46:03 but he can't make one blade of grass
46:08 because he is not a Creator.
46:11 Ladies and Gentlemen,
46:13 the record says that we will judge the wicked...
46:17 you see, the judgment for the righteous is going on now
46:19 and we're going to deal with that tomorrow evening,
46:22 1st Peter 4 verse 17 says,
46:24 "The judgment must begin at the house of God... "
46:26 and that's why the saints are the saints...
46:28 and the saints are resurrected and the saints are translated
46:31 but the wicked will be dealt with
46:33 and we will see, Ladies and Gentlemen,
46:35 and when I say, "we" I'm talking about the faithful,
46:37 we will see why they are lost.
46:40 Pause...
46:41 Look at it...
46:43 "And I saw the thrones, and they that sat upon them,
46:44 and judgment was given unto them:
46:46 and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded
46:48 for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God,
46:50 and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image,
46:53 nor received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands;
46:55 and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years.
47:14 And when the thousand years... verse 7... were expired...
47:17 Satan shall be loosened out of his prison... " why?
47:20 Because the Lord will wake up the wicked.
47:23 Audience: Agreeing.
47:25 The wicked are not going to come up from their graves
47:27 like we came up... brand new and perfect...
47:29 they're going to come up the same way they went down
47:33 with the ravages of sin and disease and sickness,
47:37 they're going to come up with minds that are demented...
47:40 they're not brand new like our minds will be brand new
47:43 to understand the mysteries of eternity
47:46 and to be able to behold the glory of God
47:48 it says that they shall come up and it says...
47:55 God and Magog... and Ladies and Gentlemen,
47:56 and that just symbolic of all the Systems of evil...
47:59 "to gather them together to battle:
48:01 the number of whom is as the sand of the sea... "
48:04 And Ladies and Gentlemen, Satan will get all of the wicked
48:07 who have joined him in this rebellion
48:11 and they will form this one massive army...
48:14 that same army, Ladies and Gentlemen,
48:17 continuing that battle of Armageddon
48:20 that stopped last night what we saw in Revelation 16
48:24 when the hailstones came down from heaven
48:27 and destroyed them
48:29 before the second coming of Christ
48:32 and they will come together in this massive army
48:36 and my Bible tells me that the new Jerusalem...
48:40 the city of God... it will come down...
48:42 it says in verse 8...
48:44 "And they went up on the breadth of the earth,
48:47 and compassed the camp of the saints about,
48:49 and the beloved city: and fire came down from God
48:53 out of heaven, and devoured them. "
48:55 In other words,
48:57 as the Lord brings the Holy City down with us in it...
49:00 praise God... we are inside the City...
49:04 golden streets and golden mansions...
49:08 looking through those jasper walls
49:12 remember the messages, Folks,
49:13 all of these things are connected.
49:16 We're on the inside... looking out...
49:19 and they're on the outside... looking in...
49:23 and as the Holy City comes down,
49:26 they are looking with wonder and amazement
49:28 at the glory and grandeur of the redeemed,
49:31 seeing those individuals whom they really killed,
49:33 seeing those individuals they had persecuted,
49:35 seeing those individuals whom they had slain in this world...
49:38 Ladies and Gentlemen,
49:39 I'm talking about the wicked of all time
49:42 and the righteous of all time looking eyeball to eyeball.
49:47 Pause...
49:49 The saints are inside the city
49:52 they're looking at the scene
49:55 wicked... the number... as the sands of the sea...
50:01 surrounding the very city of God
50:05 angels are no longer...
50:06 these wicked angels are no longer invisible,
50:10 they are plain so everyone can see...
50:12 Satan is at the helm of them and they're saying,
50:15 "Take the city... take the city"
50:17 pause...
50:19 the shimmering gates of the city are closed,
50:22 the saints of God are watching...
50:25 and then, Ladies and Gentlemen, Jesus Christ Himself...
50:30 appears in the sky above...
50:32 Ladies and Gentlemen, above the blessed city of God.
50:35 The wicked... when they look at Him...
50:39 Ladies and Gentlemen, it tells me in the book:
50:41 "The Great Controversy" and in "Early Writings"
50:43 it says that when they look at Jesus,
50:45 they get a full remembrance of every sin they ever committed.
50:50 They look at Him in wonder and awe...
50:54 and they know they have made the wrong choice
50:57 but it's too late... too late... too late for salvation...
51:00 they made up their minds a 1,000 years too late...
51:04 pause...
51:06 Satan gives a cry,
51:09 he says, "Attack the city... "
51:13 and nobody moves...
51:16 nobody moves, Ladies and Gentlemen,
51:19 because they understand that it is hopeless
51:22 and he himself realizes that this is the end of the road
51:25 and my Bible tells me... "he too will bend the knee
51:29 and his tongue shall confess that God is love. "
51:32 But again, it's too late, too late,
51:36 too late for salvation...
51:37 and then his envy and his jealousy and his hatred of God,
51:42 it will come up once again...
51:46 and he will stand up in defiance
51:49 and my Bible tells me, you read it, you've seen it,
51:53 it says it right there...
51:54 "and fire shall reign down from heaven...
51:58 and devour him... and his host...
52:02 and every man, woman, boy and girl
52:05 that made the devil their choice. "
52:09 Oh my friends, we will behold that scene
52:12 and it will be also where we will be grateful
52:17 that we surrendered all to Jesus Christ
52:20 and when that fire purifies the earth,
52:24 God will make it brand new again
52:27 and my friends, when He makes it brand new again,
52:31 that will be glory for me.
52:35 Audience: "Amen. "
52:38 Piano playing...
52:40 Marvelous message we bring,
52:48 Glorious heralds we sing,
52:56 Wonderful words of the King,
53:03 Jesus is coming again!
53:11 Coming again,
53:18 Coming again...
53:23 May be morning,
53:27 may be noon,
53:31 May be evening,
53:35 and may be soon!
53:40 Coming again,
53:45 Coming again...
53:51 O what a wonderful day it will be...
53:59 Jesus is coming again.
54:05 The King is coming,
54:11 This King is coming!
54:17 I just heard the trumpet sounding,
54:22 And now His face I see,
54:28 The King is coming,
54:34 O the King... He is coming,
54:40 Praise God,
54:43 He is coming for me!
54:52 Praise God,
54:54 He is coming for me!
55:00 Audience: "Amen. "
55:05 My friends, I want to be ready for that day.
55:07 Audience: "Amen. "
55:08 And Folks, you can't get ready the day of our flight...
55:12 we have to put in reservations...
55:15 and the reservations... you don't need a credit card
55:19 because Jesus paid it all.
55:21 The reservation is a willing heart... a willing spirit,
55:25 a mind that says,
55:27 "I need you Jesus to let your mind be in me
55:31 that I might be able to do all things,
55:35 I need your will,
55:36 I need your Spirit
55:38 I need you to keep me moment by moment
55:41 because without you I can't make it
55:44 and when we have that type of spirit,
55:47 Ladies and Gentlemen, our reservation is made...
55:49 our names are written in the Lamb's Book of Life
55:52 and He will guide us and protect us and keep us
55:55 that we would never fail.
55:57 Friends, today if you're at home
56:01 and your heart has been touched by this message
56:03 and you want to be ready
56:05 I want you to just ask the Lord right now
56:09 in the quietness of your home, in the quietness of your mind,
56:12 and those of you who are here live,
56:14 say, "Lord Jesus, please let me be ready,
56:21 help me to be ready,
56:25 make sure that I'm ready
56:28 and as we contemplate
56:31 on our readiness
56:32 and do the things that we need to do,
56:34 Jesus... in His love for us...
56:38 will fulfill the desires of our heart
56:41 and we will be ready.
56:45 Tonight, keep looking up...
56:48 the King is coming...
56:50 and He's coming soon.
56:52 God bless you.
56:54 Audience: "Amen. "


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