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The Seven Last Plagues

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00:22 Scenes from history...
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00:42 Modern scenes...
00:46 Turning the pages of Revelation.
00:56 Good Evening to the Ambassador Church Family
00:59 and Good Evening to the Viewing Audience
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01:03 I'm Henoc Paulicin,
01:05 the Pastor of the Ambassador Seventh-day Adventist Church
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01:35 Now, I've heard from so many friends from around the world
01:40 who have been watching and if you're watching...
01:43 I bring greetings to you from Kenya
01:46 and from Brazil and from Honduras
01:49 and all of the friends from Cayman Islands
01:51 that have contacted me.
01:53 But this evening I was looking at a text
01:56 in 2nd Peter chapter 1 verse 19 which says that
02:01 "So we have the prophetic word made more sure
02:04 to which you do well to pay attention. "
02:08 We have been looking at the word of prophecy
02:12 as viewed through the eyes of John
02:14 and the Lord has sent us a dynamic speaker,
02:18 Pastor Lawrence Steven Dorsey who is the Speaker... Director
02:22 of Living Word Ministries
02:23 and so, as we've been blessed,
02:26 we know that the Lord will continue to bless us
02:29 as the Spirit falls upon His manservant
02:31 and as he preaches the Word of God.
02:33 But before we begin,
02:36 let us bow our heads and offer a word of prayer.
02:39 Pause...
02:40 Most gracious and heavenly Father,
02:43 we thank you for the man of God
02:45 that you have sent with the Word of God.
02:47 We thank you that night after night
02:50 we have seen that the Word of Prophecy
02:53 is something that we can count on
02:55 and Lord we look forward
02:57 to what you have to say to us this evening
03:00 speak to us... melt our hearts...
03:03 and may souls not only be blessed
03:05 but may souls be saved
03:08 because of what is being done here tonight,
03:09 hear us as we pray... this we ask in Jesus' name, amen. "
03:14 Walking off stage...
03:24 Piano playing...
03:31 Why should I feel
03:38 discouraged,
03:44 Why do the shadows come,
03:53 Why does my heart
03:59 feel lonely,
04:04 And long for heaven and home.
04:14 When Jesus is
04:19 my portion,
04:24 A constant friend
04:29 is He...
04:35 His eye is on
04:40 the sparrow,
04:45 And I know
04:50 He watches me.
04:55 His eye is on
05:01 the sparrow,
05:06 And I know
05:12 He watches me.
05:18 Whenever I am tempted,
05:27 And whenever clouds arise,
05:36 When hope gives way to sighing,
05:46 And doubt within me rise...
05:55 I draw closer
06:01 to Him,
06:05 With His care He sets me free,
06:15 His eye is on
06:21 the sparrow,
06:26 and I know he watches
06:31 me...
06:36 His eye is on
06:42 the sparrow,
06:46 and I know
06:50 He watches me.
06:58 I sing
07:01 because I'm happy,
07:09 I sing
07:11 because I'm free,
07:19 Oh...
07:21 His eye is on
07:26 the sparrow,
07:31 and I know He watches...
07:38 I know He watches...
07:45 I know
07:50 He watches
07:54 me...
08:02 Audience: "Amen... amen... "
08:04 Praise God... with all the thousands of species of birds
08:08 God's not too busy bird-watching to see all of us,
08:12 somebody ought to say, "amen. "
08:14 Audience: "Amen. "
08:15 His eye is on the sparrow
08:16 but we can count on Him watching over us
08:20 and friends I know that we go through our busy days
08:24 and all the things that we work on
08:26 and where we go... traveling...
08:28 by car, by bus, by plane, by boat,
08:31 whatever we do...
08:32 and it's good to know God sees us
08:35 and God protects us
08:37 and not only is He watching us, He sends angels to protect us
08:42 to make sure the enemy... the evil one and his host
08:47 cannot hurt us nor harm us
08:49 and I'm just thankful for that tonight
08:53 to know that God's care is always there.
08:56 Audience: "Amen. "
08:57 David says He never sleeps or slumbers...
09:00 He won't fall asleep on the job...
09:03 He always... always...
09:06 has us as the apple of His eye.
09:09 Tonight we have a few individuals who have called in
09:13 and I'm just so glad to
09:15 receive these different things every night...
09:17 I got an e-mail from someone in Los Angeles
09:21 that said that their husband was in Belize
09:24 a Ben Baptist... and as he was turning the channels,
09:29 he saw the services going on
09:32 and he stopped and he listened to them
09:34 and he said, "Wait a minute,
09:35 that's my pastor from Los Angeles who is in Belize"
09:39 and that was just a blessing to hear,
09:40 we got a call from... an e-mail from a Wade Curly
09:46 from Texas and he said the Lord is blessing us even in Texas
09:50 and we're just so happy to get these calls
09:54 from so many different places,
09:55 we have a Michael Baseley from Jamaica
09:58 who said he was watching every night
10:00 and he was enjoying it
10:01 and then we got a call from a gentleman in Wyoming
10:04 and he was telling me he was having a good time
10:07 but he forgot to leave his name so to the gentleman in Wyoming,
10:10 we want to say, "Hi" unto you also,
10:13 and then an Anna and Junice Hicks
10:16 are asking for special prayer
10:18 from the whole world audience...
10:21 something that's been on their hearts
10:22 and they said, "much prayer... much power"
10:24 and they can't get much more power in prayer
10:26 than asking all of us who are prayer warriors
10:29 to just pray for their needs.
10:31 Now one thing... or one concern that I'm finding
10:36 from a lot of people in the e-mails...
10:37 they're asking for directions
10:40 and instructions on how to receive the DVD's.
10:43 We're working on the DVDs of this Series
10:46 and when they're completed,
10:48 we'll be able to have them available to you.
10:51 You can find out when they will be ready if you go
10:55 to the Living Word Ministries website
10:57 that's: livingwordministries. tv
11:00 and the Executive Secretary of Living Word Ministries
11:05 Allison Dorsey Rosario...
11:07 she said you can even go on Facebook
11:10 now, I'm an old guy, I'm not that good on Facebook
11:12 but those of you who know how to do that,
11:15 just look up: living word ministry TV I guess
11:17 that's the same thing on that,
11:19 if not, I guess, she'll be giving me a call later.
11:22 At this time, we'll go into our message
11:26 entitled: The Seven Last Plagues.
11:30 The Seven Last Plagues...
11:32 "Loving Father, again, we come to you
11:34 as the author and finisher of our faith
11:37 we thank you for what you have done for us
11:40 and with us through these nights that we have come together
11:43 opening thy Word,
11:44 we thank you for the people who have expressed a desire
11:49 to know more about You through Your Word
11:52 and those who feel a void
11:54 that has been missing in their Bible Studies
11:57 that has been filled
11:58 as a result of these nights of working together...
12:01 opening thy Word...
12:02 Father, I know it's not me... it is you...
12:05 so please continue to hide me behind the cross of Calvary,
12:09 let your sweet Spirit speak to our hearts,
12:12 let angels be beside the hearts and minds of people
12:16 that as they study... they will have clarity and understanding
12:19 and you will shield them from the delusion
12:23 that the enemy would try to bring... or the deception
12:26 or even the distraction to take away from them hearing thy Word,
12:30 tonight, Lord, with this message,
12:33 please make it clear to individuals
12:36 who will not be fearful
12:37 of what's about to come upon the earth
12:39 is our prayer in Jesus' name, let the people say, 'amen. '"
12:45 The Seven Last Plagues, the Seven Last Plagues...
12:49 Ladies and Gentlemen, every time something happens
12:53 on the news that is mysterious or unexplained,
12:57 individuals think that it must be the beginning
13:02 of the seven last plagues.
13:03 I remember when the AIDS epidemic hit Planet Earth,
13:08 there were people saying
13:09 that AIDS was part of the seven last plagues.
13:13 When Bird Flu came... and then Swine Flu...
13:17 "it has to be the seven last plagues. "
13:21 When 5,000 red-winged blackbirds fell from the sky
13:27 in Arkansas,
13:29 and then a 1,000 turtle doves fell out of the sky in England,
13:35 when 40,000 crabs washed up on the beaches of Briton
13:40 over 100,000 fish in the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland
13:45 just floated up... dead...
13:48 when we're seeing all of these things,
13:50 people get nervous and they start saying,
13:52 "It must be the beginning of the seven last plagues...
13:55 it must be the beginning of the seven last plagues...
13:57 God is dealing with us. "
14:00 Pause...
14:01 Ladies and Gentlemen, I want you to know
14:03 that these things are disasters and they are plagues of sorts
14:07 but they are not the seven last plagues of Revelation
14:10 for when they are poured out, Ladies and Gentlemen,
14:13 we will know unmistakenly that they are coming from God.
14:20 If you would turn with me to the book of Revelation chapter 15
14:23 and we will begin with verse 1
14:25 and we've seen this text in different contexts...
14:29 in different contexts... night after night...
14:31 it says...
14:45 Now Folks, what makes these seven last plagues
14:48 different from anything that we have ever seen
14:51 on Planet Earth before
14:52 is the fact that the Bible tells us...
14:55 and the Bible is the Word of God...
14:57 the Bible tells us...
14:59 that these plagues are filled up... the wrath of God.
15:04 The word "wrath" Ladies and Gentlemen
15:07 means: anger... violet rage...
15:12 furor...
15:13 in other words, when the seven last plagues are poured out,
15:17 it tells us that God is filled up
15:23 or should I say, we, as a Planet... Planet Earth
15:27 have filled the cup of our iniquity
15:31 and sinners' prayers will be answered
15:35 for they have said to God, "Leave me alone...
15:39 I want no part of you, I want to do my own thing... "
15:43 and God will grant them their request of the prayer
15:47 that may not have come from their lips
15:49 but has come by their actions.
15:51 I look at this and I have to stop for a moment
15:56 and understand that it has to happen
15:59 but with it all... God is still a merciful God.
16:03 It's a merciful God... He's a merciful God...
16:07 he tells us the in the book of Lamentations
16:11 chapter 3 verse 22,
16:13 "It is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed. "
16:17 Pause...
16:19 If the devil had his way, Ladies and Gentlemen,
16:21 he would take us out immediately
16:24 before we had an understanding of Spiritual things...
16:27 before we could give our hearts to Christ...
16:29 before we could be hid behind the cross of Jesus Christ
16:33 he would have taken our lives from us.
16:36 He delights in war, he delights in destruction,
16:40 he delights in earthquakes, he delights in the things
16:43 where men, women, boys and girls...
16:44 are swept away in death before they have an opportunity
16:49 to take a stand for Jesus Christ.
16:51 That is why it is so important for us
16:55 when we have an opportunity to make a commitment to Christ
17:00 to not put it off but to make that commitment
17:04 even though there are things going on in your life
17:07 that you know that are not right
17:09 but your heart's desire is to serve the Lord
17:11 and you don't know how to do what is right
17:14 but you just have to make that first step
17:17 and give yourself to Jesus and He will take you by the hand
17:21 and lead you all the way to Him.
17:26 We have this mentality that we say,
17:28 "I'm going to fix myself up
17:31 and then I'm going to come to Christ"
17:33 and then I'm going to go to church
17:36 and then I'm going to get baptized
17:38 and then I'm going to get my life in order. "
17:40 But Folks, you can't do that without Christ.
17:43 It's the Spirit of God in you that leads us to Him...
17:48 that's calling us to Him...
17:49 we can't do anything to clean ourselves up... ourselves,
17:55 it's impossible.
17:56 Audience: "Amen. "
17:57 We need something from outside to come inside...
18:01 to clean up inside... so it will show on the outside.
18:05 Audience: "Amen. "
18:06 You can't clean yourself up with a bucket of dirty water.
18:10 Audience: Agreeing.
18:11 Now don't get mad that I said, "a bucket of dirty water"
18:15 because when you look at the Bible,
18:17 the Bible says, Ladies and Gentlemen,
18:19 that all of our righteousness, not even our sin...
18:23 all of our righteousness is like filthy rags.
18:27 Audience: "Amen. "
18:28 And I'm not going to go into the "filthy rags,"
18:29 you people heard that enough
18:31 so you know what I'm talking about
18:32 all of our righteousness is like filthy rags.
18:35 So what is our filthiness like?
18:37 We can't fix ourselves up and come to Christ.
18:40 We have to come to Christ and then He will fix us up.
18:44 Audience: "Amen. "
18:45 When your car is broken, you take it to the dealership
18:49 if you have the money
18:51 or... you take it to the shop to get it fixed.
18:56 Audience: "Amen. "
18:57 You don't fix it and then take it to the shop!
19:00 Audience: Agreeing.
19:01 So when it comes to us spiritually,
19:03 when we have to understand our needs... and Folks,
19:06 we have things that the Lord is trying to help us with...
19:09 some of us have some habits that...
19:10 we're in the church and we still have those habits,
19:13 people don't know about it but they're still there,
19:15 Folks, give it to Jesus.
19:17 Some of us are still drinking,
19:19 some of us are still smoking,
19:22 some of us are still watching things we shouldn't watch,
19:26 some of us are still in relationships
19:27 we need to get out of
19:28 and Folks, today, if you hear His voice,
19:31 say, "Lord Jesus, come into my life and help me...
19:34 I don't like doing these things
19:35 but I'm addicted to these things"
19:37 and Folks, that's what sin is.
19:38 Sin is addictive.
19:40 We don't do things we like, we do things we don't like,
19:45 we might cry about them later...
19:46 I used to have a friend who used to drink
19:51 and he would say... he was never going to drink
19:54 and he would say that when he was good and drunk.
19:56 Audience: Laughing.
19:58 And when he was crying while he was good and drunk
20:01 he would say... he was never going to drink again
20:04 and that would last him till the next day.
20:07 Audience: Laughing.
20:08 Until he met Jesus and he told Jesus,
20:14 "Jesus, you have to come in and take away my desire to drink
20:19 and don't let me be falsely telling myself
20:24 that I can do it by myself
20:27 because we can't Ladies and Gentlemen,
20:29 we can't do it by ourselves we need His divine help
20:32 but Folks, when we come down to this last thing...
20:35 we're talking about... these seven last plagues,
20:38 there comes a time when the Lord says, "Enough"
20:41 there comes a time when the Lord says,
20:45 "Okay, everyone has had enough opportunity...
20:48 enough time... during this thing called "life"
20:52 during our probation to make a choice for eternity
20:56 and Folks, that's the scary part
20:58 because if we are living in the last days
21:00 and the Lord is coming very soon,
21:02 then the time of our probation is getting shorter and shorter
21:06 and watch this... probation can end for us
21:10 while we are still alive.
21:12 Audience: "Amen. "
21:14 If you don't believe that, look at Judas...
21:18 his probation ended when he left the Upper Room
21:22 and went to betray Jesus, the Bible says...
21:25 "and when he went out it was night... "
21:28 it was night for his soul.
21:29 Probation ended for King Saul
21:33 when he was disobedient to the point
21:37 where he even allowed his... his... his... his relationship
21:41 with the prophet Samuel
21:43 and ripped the prophet's mantle
21:45 and his disobedience was there and it was open
21:50 and where this man who spoke and prophesied with the prophets
21:54 went to a place where he talked with a witch doctor
21:59 or an Opioid man... wherever you are...
22:03 you know what I'm talking about,
22:04 huh... he went there
22:07 to get information from someone who the Bible says... is dead.
22:15 Pause...
22:17 His probation was over and Folks,
22:20 when Jesus leaves us...
22:21 there's no length of how much evil we can do.
22:25 Audience: Agreeing.
22:27 So when we look at this thing here
22:28 and we see in Revelation 15, Revelation 15... verse 1,
22:32 it tells us that a time will come
22:35 where God's wrath... His anger, His violent rage... His fury
22:39 will be poured out on Planet Earth.
22:41 And Folks, you know when you read the book of Psalms...
22:44 Psalms... no, no, no, let's go to Proverbs chapter 1
22:49 it tells us in verse 24... Proverbs 1 verse 24...
22:54 it tells us... when this time comes...
22:58 Proverbs 1 verse 24 he says...
23:55 In other words... Folks,
23:57 whatever we sow, that's what we're going to reap.
23:59 Audience: "Amen. "
24:01 You and I don't know when God is going to say to us
24:04 individually... that's enough...
24:06 pause...
24:08 and Folks... when you think about it,
24:10 God is just and He's merciful, and he said that
24:12 and the Scriptures tell that and when we look at our lives
24:15 and we see how many chances we've had over and over again
24:17 and how many times we have broken the covenant with Christ
24:20 and we said... we wouldn't do that again
24:22 oh no, we'll never do it again
24:24 and we just go back out and do it again
24:26 to the point where sometimes our sinfulness
24:29 becomes an open rebellion and we do it and we say,
24:32 "I just did it. "
24:34 Pause...
24:36 The world... probation is going to end
24:40 just like for individuals... just like for cities...
24:43 how do you know... cities?
24:45 Well, Sodom and Gomorrah... their probation ended.
24:48 It's real...
24:50 I don't care what these people are saying out there
24:52 that some things aren't sin
24:54 and they're voting that it's not sin
24:56 because everybody's doing it
24:57 and they're making it a part of Society
24:59 and they want it to be accepted as a part of lifestyle,
25:02 Folks, we are not governed by the standard of this world,
25:05 we are held accountable of the Standard of God,
25:09 it is up to us to believe that and live by that
25:12 because He has the last say.
25:14 Audience: "Amen. "
25:16 The reason why the wrath of God
25:20 will be like something that has never been experienced before...
25:23 it will be because when it is poured out
25:27 the mercy of God will no longer be extended
25:32 to mankind as a whole...
25:34 for the saints of God... we will be protected
25:37 but for those who choose Satan as their lord and their leader
25:41 they will receive their just reward.
25:44 When you look at Daniel chapter 12...
25:47 please... Daniel 12 verse 1,
25:49 it says, "At that time shall Michael stand up,
25:54 the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people:
25:59 and there shall be a time of trouble,
26:02 such as never was since there was a nation
26:05 even to that same time... "
26:07 Ladies and Gentlemen,
26:09 this timeframe here that is spoken of in the book of Daniel
26:14 is the sign for us to understand that when probation ends
26:19 and the seven last plagues begin to be poured out,
26:23 is when Jesus stands up says the words
26:27 of Revelation 22 verse 11,
26:29 "He that is unjust, let him be unjust still:
26:34 he which is filthy, let him be filthy still:
26:39 he that is righteous, let him be righteous still:
26:44 and he that is holy, let him be holy still. "
26:48 In other words, when that proclamation goes out
26:51 from Jesus' lips...
26:52 when He stands up and He says that
26:55 in the most Holy Place in glory,
26:57 everybody's destiny will be fixed.
27:00 Pause...
27:02 If you're straight with God,
27:04 you're going to be straight till the end,
27:05 somebody ought to say, "Amen. "
27:06 Audience: "Amen. "
27:08 But when playing with God and you're out there on your own
27:10 that's the way you're going to be...
27:11 filthy... filthy... unjust... unjust...
27:13 righteous... righteous... Holy... Holy...
27:16 so if we don't know when it's coming...
27:19 there's nobody counting down the clock...
27:21 Ladies and Gentlemen,
27:22 if we don't know when it's coming,
27:24 it would behoove us to be ready... all the time.
27:28 Audience: "Amen. "
27:29 It would behoove us to be ready at night,
27:31 in the morning... at mid-day... and afternoon...
27:36 wherever we are... whatever we do...
27:38 we would be living to be ready.
27:41 Audience: "Amen. "
27:42 It could happen any time.
27:45 Pause...
27:46 I come back now to the book of Revelation
27:49 chapter 15 and we're going to move on now...
27:51 in chapter 15, the question is asked
27:54 as individuals are beholding this sight...
27:58 they are looking at the wrath of God
28:01 about to be poured out by these angels
28:03 and John gets a split screen and he sees a sea of glass
28:08 mingled with fire...
28:10 "and them that had gotten the victory over the beast,
28:12 and his image, and his mark, and over the number of his name,
28:14 stand on the sea of glass... " in other words...
28:15 as God is about to pour out His anger...
28:18 the scene switches for John to see
28:21 those individuals who are going to be victorious.
28:24 Folks, by faith you have to see yourself there,
28:28 by faith you have to see yourself there...
28:31 you and I must understand that we are living in the last days
28:36 and some of us... maybe all of us...
28:39 I don't know... many of us
28:41 will be able to go through this time of trouble
28:44 that's happening and will happen on Planet Earth,
28:47 right now, we're in the early time of trouble
28:50 but when probation ends it will be the time of trouble
28:53 and some of us are going to go through it
28:57 so we have to start preparing ourselves.
29:01 Folks, the devil's biggest trick that he is working on
29:04 with those individuals who have a knowledge of God,
29:08 is to tell them, "You don't have to get ready now,
29:11 you have plenty of time. "
29:13 And Folks, if you know me... if you were like me...
29:17 when I put something off... off... off... off...
29:21 pause...
29:23 if I get it completed,
29:24 it's not completed the way I wanted it done.
29:27 Come on now...
29:28 how many of you have procrastinated?
29:31 Pause...
29:32 Come on now, tell the truth...
29:34 come on, they're looking at all over the world, watching you
29:37 many of us are procrastinators.
29:39 We were planning to do something
29:41 we can do it tomorrow... tomorrow... tomorrow, tomorrow,
29:43 tomorrow... tomorrow,
29:44 well Folks, what if tomorrow doesn't come?
29:47 Audience: Agreeing.
29:48 When it comes to our salvation,
29:50 we have to get right with God today.
29:53 We have to say, "Lord, deal with this thing today.
29:56 I don't need to get it fixed when I graduate... "
29:58 I heard one lady say to me one time,
30:00 "Well Pastor, I really don't want the Lord to come
30:02 because I want to get married first. "
30:03 Audience: Laughing...
30:05 I said, "Honey, you don't know what you're asking for,
30:07 you might think marriage is heaven
30:08 but some marriages are that other word. "
30:10 Audience: Laughter...
30:13 Get right with God now...
30:16 today...
30:18 so when we come to chapter 16 which shows us first hand
30:22 what these plagues are like,
30:24 I don't want you to be frightful of these things
30:26 because somebody's going to be saved...
30:28 someone's going to be protected,
30:30 someone's going to be covered by the blood of the Lamb,
30:33 we see that in chapter 15 when we look at the rest of that
30:37 but when we see these plagues poured out,
30:39 there are plagues that we will know unmistakenly
30:43 that they are not natural phenomena...
30:46 Verse 1 chapter 16...
30:59 Now one Bible writer said that the seven last plagues
31:02 are not universal.
31:04 In other words, they are not going to happen
31:07 every place at the same time
31:08 because if they did... Ladies and Gentlemen,
31:11 the earth would not be able to survive it
31:14 so it's going to take place
31:15 in different places around the world
31:17 but it will be of such magnitude
31:19 that all the world will be affected by it.
31:22 Now we see that even today
31:24 with some of the things that we're dealing with
31:25 in this time of mercy.
31:27 That last earthquake that took place in Haiti,
31:30 it's said that it caused the earth to wobble on its axis.
31:34 The one we had where the great tsunami came
31:38 on Christmas... I think that was 2004... was it?
31:43 I'm not sure what year
31:44 but it's said that earthquake also shook the earth on its axis
31:50 pause...
31:51 Folks, we're living in perilous times.
31:54 Pause...
31:55 But when these things start falling,
31:57 there will be no natural explanation for them,
32:02 we will know it is the power of God and it says...
32:18 Oh, Ladies and Gentlemen, in other words,
32:20 that first plague that is poured out,
32:22 it will be poured out on those individuals
32:24 who stood up and resisted the seal of the living God
32:29 and accepted the Mark of the Beast.
32:32 Now the last two nights, we looked at that subject
32:34 and we saw that the Seal of God
32:36 was found in the heart of the commandments of God.
32:38 Exodus 20 verses 8 through 11...
32:41 in that commandment... the fourth commandment...
32:43 the only one that starts out with the word, "Remember... "
32:47 and it's a long commandment
32:48 but if you can just remember the first word
32:50 and the last word, you're pretty good...
32:51 it says, "Remember it. "
32:53 Pause...
32:54 That commandment has His name, His title, His territory...
32:58 His name is: the Lord God...
33:00 His title: He's Creator...
33:01 His territory:
33:03 "is the heaven and earth and sea and the fountains of waters"
33:05 that commandment... the fourth commandment...
33:08 placed in the ten commandments, Exodus 20:3 through 17,
33:12 identities whose law that is
33:15 and when we see that fourth commandment,
33:18 once again highlighted...
33:20 we understand that this is a commandment that lets us know
33:24 that we are serving the God who gave us our planet
33:30 and it is a memorial of his work and our relationship with Him.
33:35 As it says in Ezekiel 20 verses 12 and verse 20,
33:39 it shows that He is our God
33:42 and He says that we are His people.
33:45 We see that it was something given to us
33:48 not as Jews as it were... but it was given to us
33:52 in a sinless world... Exodus...
33:54 I'm sorry... Genesis 2 verses 1 through 3
33:57 when Adam and Eve were in the garden with Jesus Himself,
34:00 before sin entered the world
34:02 and when we get to the earth made new...
34:05 Isaiah has told us, that gospel prophet...
34:07 in Isaiah 66 verse 23,
34:10 He says that from one new moon to another...
34:13 which means once a month...
34:15 and from each Sabbath to another...
34:18 that means... every week...
34:19 all flesh shall come together and worship God
34:22 and when we look at Revelation 21 and 22...
34:25 and we see that the throne of God
34:28 and the throne of Jesus
34:29 will be placed in the middle of the new Jerusalem,
34:32 the heavenly city...
34:33 and that will be the center of Planet Earth
34:36 third planet from the sun...
34:38 fifth largest in the Solar System...
34:40 this place will become paradise when it's made new in Christ.
34:45 Audience: "Amen. "
34:46 So we see that that is something that He has given to us
34:49 but then when we saw the Mark of the Beast
34:52 and we saw the beast power
34:53 and we understand that it's talking about the Papal Power,
34:57 we're talking about the Papacy,
34:58 we're talking about a power that ruled the world
35:02 and during its rule, 70 million Christians
35:06 were slain by Pagan Rome
35:08 and 70 million Christians were slain by Papal Rome
35:12 and we saw that that entity... that System of false worship...
35:16 we're not talking about people but we're talking about a System
35:20 that was set up in opposition to God
35:23 had the nerve to not only alter the commandments of God
35:28 but when you look at the Douay Bible
35:30 and you see the Ten Commandments
35:32 as in the Catechism of the Catholic Church,
35:35 you will see that the second commandment...
35:38 the second commandment that forbids idol worship
35:41 is taken out and one of the other commandments...
35:44 it's split up...
35:45 pause...
35:47 you can't change what God has written with His own finger
35:52 for Exodus 31 verse 18 tells us that the commandments of God
35:57 were written by Jesus Himself
36:00 and when you look at those commandments
36:02 in the Catechism,
36:03 when it comes down to the commandment which is not fourth
36:06 in that Catechism but it's number three...
36:09 all it says... "Remember to keep holy the Sabbath Day. "
36:12 Folks, if it said it just like that,
36:15 then it doesn't tell you what day...
36:18 and it doesn't tell you why.
36:20 It just says, "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. "
36:24 Jesus, not only tells us what day...
36:28 but He tells us why...
36:30 because in it, He made heaven and earth and sea
36:32 and fountains of water.
36:34 And we said, this whole thing...
36:36 when we look at the Bible, this whole controversy
36:39 that is going on between Satan and Christ...
36:41 it's all about worship.
36:44 Worship that belongs to God...
36:47 Satan tries to hijack and bring it to himself
36:51 and when we looked at Revelation...
36:53 I want you to look at this, Revelation chapter 13,
36:55 looking at verse 2,
36:57 we see why the devil is doing what he does...
37:01 Revelation chapter 13, verse 2, it says,
37:04 "And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard,
37:07 and his feet as... the feet of a bear...
37:10 and his mouth as the mouth of a lion:
37:12 and the dragon gave him his power,
37:15 and his seat, and his great authority.
37:18 And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death;
37:20 and his deadly wound was was healed:
37:22 and all the world wondered after the beast. "
37:24 And verse 4... "And they worshipped the dragon
37:27 which gave power unto the beast"
37:29 you see, Satan is so deluded... he is so deluded
37:32 that he thinks... if we don't worship God
37:35 but we worship him in any of his form,
37:39 it goes to him.
37:40 Pause...
37:42 He is not going to make it to heaven
37:45 and he doesn't want us to go to heaven.
37:47 My Bible tells us that if we're guilty of one commandment,
37:50 we're guilty of all, Ladies and Gentlemen.
37:52 And I thank God there's grace
37:54 because we a have all broken all.
37:56 We've done it...
37:58 and sometimes some people say,
38:00 "Well, I never committed adultery. "
38:02 Yeah, but you have thought of it in your heart and in your mind.
38:04 Folks, that's why you have to be careful
38:06 of what you're watching on TV... hmmm...
38:09 it's in your heart and your mind...
38:11 I mean, I'm not going to go to hell for TV...
38:14 pause...
38:16 and now, listen to me...
38:17 I'm not saying, "throw out your TV"
38:19 but I'm just saying...
38:20 we have to be careful what we watch.
38:21 We have to be careful what we listen to...
38:25 pause...
38:28 music...
38:30 the music we listen to...
38:32 puts us in different frames of mind...
38:34 I remember before I knew the Lord,
38:37 and if I was getting ready to go out to a party,
38:39 I'd put on music to put me in "party mood. "
38:41 Am I telling the truth?
38:43 and when you're feeling down,
38:45 you put on music to even take you even downer...
38:47 that's why do they call it "the mood?"
38:48 Audience: Laugher...
38:50 huh... but when you need to be uplifted
38:52 you're singing those gospel songs
38:54 and you read those hymns and they bring it up
38:57 and they can uplift you.
38:58 Audience: "Amen. "
39:00 Music really moves us and Folks, who is in charge of music?
39:05 The enemy was in charge of music
39:07 so you have to know that
39:10 all music is not safe.
39:12 It might sound good... it might deal with it...
39:15 there is some music that just has you jumping
39:17 before you even know you're jumping
39:19 and guess what? Music doesn't leave you.
39:22 I mean, I can be walking in the store
39:25 shopping with my wife
39:28 and I get to push the cart sometimes
39:30 and I'm going through and a song will come on
39:33 and before I even hear the words of the song,
39:37 the words are right there...
39:38 like somebody just typed them up on my head
39:41 and guess what? Those words will come out
39:43 and the music and the beat without missing it...
39:47 pause...
39:49 because they're in us...
39:50 oh we should have the Holy Ghost in us like that, amen...
39:53 then we could bring it up like that
39:55 and we have to ask God to do it.
39:56 So, Folks, when we come back to this...
39:58 and I want you to see this,
39:59 I don't want you to be afraid of the seven last plagues,
40:03 I want you to be aware and it says,
40:04 "These individuals that stand up and resist the power of God... "
40:07 and Folks, you remember, the Bible told us
40:10 that those who receive the Mark of the Beast,
40:12 will receive it even in their forehead
40:14 which means they believed it
40:15 or in their hand, which means, they will do and comply
40:20 and worship the beast for the benefits of it
40:23 and they will be the first ones to receive that first plague.
40:27 "The second angel poured out his vial... " the record says,
40:31 "upon the sea... "
40:38 We're talking about the waterways of the world...
40:40 they will be corrupted by the stench of blood of a dead man.
40:46 Pause...
40:48 Folks, that's going to interfere with shipping...
40:51 pause...
40:52 that's going to interfere with our ecosystem.
40:55 Folks, if just the sea warming up is causing havoc,
41:01 what's going to happen when it turns to blood?
41:04 Pause...
41:06 The record goes on to say...
41:12 In other words, now, he's not talking about salt water
41:15 that covers two-thirds of the earth
41:17 but he's talking about the fresh water
41:18 and Folks, when you look at Planet Earth,
41:20 97 percent of the water on the earth is salt water,
41:22 3 percent of it is fresh water
41:24 with our lakes and our rivers
41:26 and Folks, out of that three percent,
41:28 two percent of that is frozen in the North and South Poles.
41:32 Pause...
41:34 The one percent that is left is the water we drink.
41:37 Pause...
41:39 And the Bible says, it will be turned to blood.
41:44 Now Folks, that sounds gross...
41:47 it sounds gross...
41:50 pause...
41:52 it sounds frightening,
41:53 and I don't know about you
41:55 but when there's no water in the house,
41:57 that's when I'm thirsty.
41:58 Audience: Laughing.
41:59 How many of you know what I'm talking about...
42:01 at home... you know, when there's water in the house,
42:03 you don't want to drink it, you make yourself drink it
42:06 and Folks, you should drink water before you go to sleep,
42:08 I read somewhere that if you drink a bottle of water
42:10 before you go to sleep
42:12 it cuts your risk of heart attack by 50 percent.
42:16 That's what I heard, I don't know how true it is,
42:18 you could write in and tell me about that, Doctors,
42:20 but that's what they say, I drink it, just in case...
42:23 I'd rather be right... hello, I want to wake up...
42:25 Audience: Laughing... "Amen... "
42:28 But when you don't have water, that's when you want it.
42:32 The song says,
42:33 "You never miss your water till your well runs dry"
42:35 isn't that right?
42:36 Okay, so when you look at that, Ladies and Gentlemen
42:39 and you see it all turning blood
42:42 and, and, and... you see the thirst that it's going produce
42:45 on Planet Earth,
42:47 you have to remember as a child of God,
42:50 and the Bible again... Romans 15 verse 4...
42:52 "whatsoever things happened aforetime
42:53 were written for our learning, that we through patience
42:55 and comfort of the scriptures might have hope. "
42:57 When I go back to my Bible, and I read it in Exodus 7
43:00 and I read verses 19 through 25,
43:03 I see that this happened before...
43:05 that the Lord turned the water to blood
43:07 but the children of Israel had water
43:10 and the Egyptians had blood.
43:12 Audience: "Amen. "
43:13 Isaiah 33 verse 16 tells us... our bread and our water is sure.
43:21 In other words, don't worry about these material things,
43:23 God cares and will take care of us.
43:27 Audience: "Amen. "
43:28 The Record says, "And I heard the angels of the waters say,
43:30 Thou art righteous, O Lord, which art, and wast,
43:32 and shall be, because thou hast judged thus.
43:34 For they have shed the blood of saints and prophets,
43:36 and thou hast given them blood to drink;
43:39 for they are worthy.
43:40 And I heard another out of the altar say,
43:43 Even so, Lord God Almighty,
43:45 true and righteous are thy judgments.
43:47 And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun...
44:02 They couldn't... it was too late for them...
44:04 the Holy Spirit had left them...
44:06 Planet Earth is going to be a mess, Ladies and Gentlemen,
44:10 you think it's bad... no wonder Jesus said,
44:12 that these are just the beginning of sorrows,
44:14 it's going to get worse...
44:15 men with the pestilence upon them...
44:19 the waters, ocean and fresh... turning to blood
44:23 and now the sun burning mankind, and Folks,
44:27 we know that we have to be careful with the sun now
44:29 because of the Ozone Layer
44:30 with what we have done with pollution
44:32 has caused the rays to come through
44:34 and causing all types of cancers
44:36 but this will be more magnified
44:39 because they have called upon the sun god
44:41 and they have worshipped him
44:44 and they will receive their just reward.
44:55 All of a sudden now, there's no more sun... no more heat,
44:58 it's turned to this blackness
44:59 where they cannot see and, Ladies and Gentlemen...
45:02 the cold that comes with it... and men... it said...
45:04 "they blasphemed the God of heaven...
45:17 Now here's where some people really get mixed up...
45:19 it says...
45:28 Folks, all that it's talking about
45:29 the mouth of the dragon...
45:31 that's the devil and spiritualism...
45:33 the Mark of the Beast... that's Catholicism and the Papacy
45:36 we're not talking about people, we're talking about the System
45:40 and it says, "Out of the mouth of the False Prophet... "
45:42 it's talking about Apostate Protestantism
45:45 that first pulled out from Rome but then allowed the errors
45:50 to stay within her even in the light of the truth.
45:53 Pause...
45:55 And it says...
46:05 Ladies and Gentlemen, this three-fold union of evil
46:08 will come forward to attack the children of God...
46:12 to destroy them... to take their lives...
46:14 to fulfill what is written in Revelation 13 verse 15.
46:20 Turn with me, Revelation 13 verse 15...
46:23 "And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast,
46:27 that the image of the beast should both speak,
46:30 and cause as many as would not worship the beast
46:33 that they should be killed.
46:35 And he causeth all, both small and great,
46:39 rich and poor, free and bond,
46:40 to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
46:43 And that no man might buy or sell
46:45 save he that has the mark, or the name of the beast,
46:50 or the number of his name. "
46:51 So we see these three forces will come together
46:55 to come up against the children of God.
46:58 It will be a universal... or a worldwide movement
47:02 to eradicate the saints of God from off the Planet Earth.
47:05 In other words,
47:07 they want to destroy us, they're going to say,
47:09 "We're the ones that have caused these problems"
47:11 because we would not receive the Mark of the Beast
47:13 but we have the Seal of the Living God
47:15 and it will be as though all of Society
47:17 is against the children of God and this scene... John saw...
47:21 and I can imagine his eyes were growing wide and he was
47:24 feeling a little nervous and his heart was beating faster
47:27 and then Jesus throws in this commercial
47:29 and that's what I love about my Jesus,
47:31 when we get stressed... a little nervous...
47:33 He always brings us the Word,
47:35 then, if you look at verse 15, it's like a commercial...
47:37 it said, "Behold, I come as a thief. "
47:39 Pause...
47:41 they're all lined up around us,
47:42 "Behold I come as a thief, blessed is he that watcheth,
47:45 and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked,
47:48 and they see his shame. "
47:50 In other words, just hold on...
47:53 Audience: "Amen... amen. "
48:37 Friends, when you do the mathematics,
48:39 that hail stone... each one... a weight of a talent,
48:43 it's approximately 66 pounds.
48:46 Pause...
48:48 Ice falling from heaven... 66 pounds...
48:51 causing destruction...
48:54 causing wrath...
48:56 causing the wrath of God to be poured out on mankind
49:00 but guess what?
49:02 My Bible tells me, He knows how to keep us...
49:05 turn to Psalm 91... look at this thing...
49:08 the Bible is its own expositor...
49:10 and each part of it tells us about different parts of it
49:12 and they are all interwoven, watch this...
49:14 you may not have ever seen this before,
49:16 but this will let you know
49:18 that God will keep us through the plagues
49:20 it says in verse 1,
49:22 "He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High
49:24 shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
49:27 I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress:
49:31 my God; in whom I will trust.
49:33 Surely he will deliver thee from the snare of the fowler,
49:37 and from the noisome pestilence. "
49:40 Sounds like the first plague...
49:42 "He shall cover thee with his feathers,
49:45 and under his wings shalt thou trust:
49:48 his truth shall be thy shield and buckler. "
49:51 Because we've kept the truth in our hearts,
49:54 we won't receive the plagues.
49:55 Audience: "Amen. "
49:57 He says, "Thou shalt not be afraid of the terror by night"
50:00 that's the darkness...
50:01 "nor for the arrow that flieth by day... "
50:04 that's them lining up against us...
50:06 "nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness;
50:09 nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday. "
50:13 That sounds like the fourth plague...
50:15 when the sun is burning folks up,
50:16 verse 7... "A thousand shall fall at thy side,
50:20 and ten thousand at thy right hand;
50:23 but it shall not come nigh thee. "
50:25 When they are coming after us and those hailstones come,
50:29 we will see them being destroyed...
50:31 but He will keep His people...
50:33 because God is God alone...
50:35 Audience loudly: "Amen... amen... amen... "
50:37 "Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold
50:39 and see the reward of the wicked. "
50:41 In other words, we'll be like we're watching a movie...
50:43 something's just going on all around us... and He says,
50:46 "Because thou has made the LORD, which is my refuge,
50:48 even the most High, thy habitation;
50:51 There shall no evil... " verse 10...
51:01 Audience: "Amen, amen, amen. "
51:03 Don't you worry about those plagues,
51:06 just make sure you're right with God.
51:09 Audience: "Amen. "
51:10 And He'll keep you... because that's the kind of God He is.
51:14 Piano playing...
51:19 I trust in God
51:23 wherever I may be...
51:28 Upon the land...
51:34 or on the rolling sea,
51:41 For come what may,
51:47 from day to day...
51:52 my heavenly Father
51:59 watches over me...
52:08 I trust in God
52:12 I know He cares for me
52:17 on mountain bleak
52:23 or on the rolling sea
52:29 Though billows roll
52:35 He keeps my soul...
52:40 my Heavenly Father
52:45 watches over
52:50 me...
52:54 The valley may be dark,
53:00 the shadows deep
53:05 but oh my Shepherd
53:10 guards His lonely sheep
53:17 and through the gloom
53:23 He leads me home
53:29 my Heavenly Father watches over
53:38 me...
53:42 I trust in God
53:47 I know He cares for me
53:53 on mountain bleak
53:57 or on the rolling sea...
54:04 though billows roll
54:10 He keeps my soul...
54:16 my heavenly Father
54:21 watches over
54:26 me...
54:29 Audience: "Amen. "
54:34 Friends, our Heavenly Father... He watches over us.
54:38 The eyes of the Lord are in every place
54:41 beholding the evil and the good
54:44 Proverbs 15 verse 3,
54:46 but folks, He's not watching over us to destroy us,
54:51 He's watching over us to save us.
54:54 Audience: "Amen. "
54:56 And tonight in light of this message,
54:58 I want you to make a commitment to the King
55:02 first of all, I want us to admit
55:06 that we need His watch care,
55:08 do you need His watch care?
55:10 just raise your hand... we need Him...
55:11 and then secondly...
55:15 I want us to ask Him, say,
55:18 "Lord, keep us because we cannot keep ourselves
55:22 in this great controversy called life... "
55:25 if that's your desire just raise your hand...
55:27 you can't keep yourself... and you want Him there...
55:29 and now I want to be a little more specific...
55:33 pause...
55:34 I want us to ask the Lord,
55:37 if we are going to live through these seven last plagues...
55:42 pause...
55:43 that we would be more aware of our surroundings
55:46 and where we are in our spiritual things...
55:48 and we need His help to keep us
55:52 during these hours of probation
55:55 if that's your desire... just stand to your feet...
55:58 even at home...
55:59 say, "Lord, I need you to help me
56:02 through these hours of probation
56:05 that I might be ready... "
56:07 now some of you who are at home,
56:10 you've been hearing these things for the very first time,
56:14 and you want to know more about the truth of the Living God,
56:18 Folks, if you have internet, you can just go on:
56:21 www. sda. org
56:24 and you can navigate through that
56:27 and find a Seventh-day Adventist Church
56:30 around you... wherever you are...
56:33 whatever country...
56:34 because God has blessed us for that.
56:37 Tonight, we stand to our feet
56:41 because we want Jesus to have control of our lives,
56:43 let us live up to the light that we have
56:50 that He can bless us
56:53 with the blessings He has for us...
56:56 that is our prayer. Good night.


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