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00:46 Turning the pages of Revelation...
00:51 Turning the pages of Revelation.
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02:02 of "Unfolding the Revelation through the Eyes of John. "
02:05 I pray that as we come to the end of the Series,
02:09 that our hearts will be closely drawn
02:11 to our Savior and King
02:13 and we will be richly blessed
02:15 and make our best to make it to the Kingdom.
02:18 Audience: "Amen. "
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03:10 Now, for those who have not been watching,
03:14 we have been going through a Series,
03:16 "Through the Eyes of John:
03:18 Unfolding the Book of Revelation. "
03:20 The Speaker has been none other than
03:22 Pastor Lawrence S. Dorsey Sr.
03:25 who is the Pastor of the Berean Seventh-day Adventist Church
03:28 in Los Angeles, California,
03:30 The Lord has tremendously blessed us,
03:33 what do you say, Church?
03:34 Audience: "Amen. "
03:36 And I believe that tonight will be no disappointment
03:38 but before we begin,
03:40 we'd like to invite the presence of the Lord
03:42 in this place, so would you please bow your heads as we pray
03:45 "Our Heavenly Father, we thank you
03:49 for having been with us,
03:50 we thank you that your Spirit has poured out
03:53 upon your manservant
03:55 night after night,
03:56 and once again, we await the message that you have for us.
04:01 Put him on fire as never before
04:05 and when all is said and done, may Jesus be seen...
04:09 Jesus be heard and Jesus be felt.
04:12 This we ask in Jesus' name, amen. "
04:15 Walking off the stage.
04:24 Piano playing...
04:30 Piano playing more...
04:33 I will lift up mine eyes to the hills
04:38 from whence cometh my help,
04:43 My help cometh from the Lord,
04:48 The Lord which made Heaven and Earth,
04:53 He said He will not suffer thy foot,
04:58 Thy foot to be moved,
05:02 The Lord that keepeth thee,
05:08 Shall neither slumber nor sleep.
05:12 Oh the Lord is thy keeper,
05:17 The Lord is thy shade
05:22 Upon thy right hand,
05:27 Upon thy right hand...
05:32 No, the sun shall not smite thee by day,
05:38 Nor the moon by night,
05:43 He shall preserve thy soul
05:47 Even forever more.
05:55 My help...
05:59 my help,
06:05 my help
06:08 All of my help
06:12 cometh from the...
06:16 from the Lord.
06:21 I will lift up mine eyes to the hills
06:27 From whence cometh my help,
06:32 My help cometh from the Lord,
06:36 The Lord which made Heaven and Earth...
06:41 He said He would not suffer thy foot,
06:46 Thy foot to be moved,
06:50 The Lord that keepeth thee,
06:55 He shall neither slumber nor sleep.
07:01 Oh the Lord is thy keeper,
07:05 The Lord is thy shade
07:10 Upon they right hand,
07:15 Upon thy right hand.
07:19 No, the sun shall not smite thee by day,
07:25 Nor the moon by night,
07:30 He shall preserve thy soul
07:34 Even forever more.
07:42 My help...
07:46 my help,
07:50 Oh my help,
07:53 All of my help
07:57 cometh from the Lord.
08:02 My help,
08:05 my help,
08:09 my help
08:12 All of my help
08:15 cometh from...
08:20 the Lord.
08:25 Audience: "Amen. "
08:29 Praise God to know that our help comes from the Lord.
08:33 Audience: "Amen. "
08:35 The Lord God who is mighty,
08:37 the Lord God who is majestic
08:38 the Lord God who never sleeps nor slumbers.
08:42 The Lord God who loves us so much that He died for us
08:45 and then He didn't stay dead, somebody say, "Amen... "
08:48 Audience: "Amen. "
08:49 He came forth from the grave conquering death
08:51 and conquering the devil
08:53 and conquering our fears
08:55 all of the things that He needed to do,
08:57 He did for us on Calvary
08:58 and friends, one day He is coming soon
09:01 and very soon.
09:03 I'm so happy to again be here tonight
09:05 to be able to open the Word of God
09:07 and especially to enjoy this Series,
09:11 "Through the Eyes of John... "
09:13 to get a new look at the book of Revelation.
09:15 Haven't we discovered that
09:17 as something that we can understand?
09:19 Something that's very practical?
09:21 Something that's a very part of the very Bible
09:25 that we love and cherish,
09:27 it's something that we should not be afraid of
09:29 but something that we should dig into
09:32 and study and know for as the Bible says
09:35 and as Revelation says,
09:36 the things that we have been reading about
09:39 are the things that even are at hand today.
09:42 Now, I just want to do this in our timeframe
09:45 where we look at those individuals
09:47 and just acknowledge some of them
09:48 who have written in to us and have called...
09:51 we got a call from a Liz Smith from Huntsville, Alabama
09:56 and she is watching
09:57 and she is asking for us to continue to pray for her,
09:59 and to continue these messages coming forward,
10:02 we got a call from a Kim Pilgrim
10:06 all the way in Trinidad, West Indies,
10:09 at one time it seemed like all the calls
10:11 were coming from Jamaica, amen,
10:12 but that's great to have someone calling from the Trinidad Island
10:17 and then also, from the Cayman Islands,
10:19 we have a call... or an e-mail...
10:23 that came all the way from Tasmania, Australia,
10:27 from a Mo Cargen, Mo, I hope you're watching
10:31 and I found out from some individuals in New Zealand,
10:35 a threesome... Henny, Suzanna and Joseph
10:39 they are watching in New Zealand at their lunch time
10:43 so we hope that you enjoy having lunch with us over here
10:47 and Eastern Standard Time
10:49 and that the Lord is even indeed blessing you.
10:53 God is spreading His message all over the world
10:56 and I am so thankful that the Ambassador Church
11:00 and 3ABN have allowed this budding ministry...
11:03 "The Living Word Ministry" to be able to go on the air,
11:07 to be able to take this message to so many people,
11:10 now, I have to say this, we have received individuals
11:13 who have given us different donations and things like that
11:16 and that's just been wonderful
11:18 but today, we got our first online...
11:21 online contribution from a...
11:25 I'll just give the e-mail address
11:26 and I just want to let her know that she was the first one
11:29 to send a loving, supporting contribution
11:32 a CDWeb7... that's all I'm going to say,
11:35 I'm not going to say the rest of it
11:37 but we want to thank you CDWeb7...
11:39 for our very first online contribution,
11:43 God has been so good to us.
11:45 Tonight, we will look at the subject entitled,
11:49 "Heaven's seal of approval"
11:51 Heaven's seal of approval... do you want it?
11:54 Well, let's see how we can receive it.
11:57 Let us pray, "Father in heaven,
11:58 again, we're so thankful that you love us with a love
12:01 that would not let us go, we are thankful Lord,
12:04 that you are our help...
12:05 a very present help in time of trouble,
12:08 which allows us to have time of peace,
12:11 and even now, tonight, as we open thy Word,
12:14 we ask that your sweet angels will be here with us
12:16 to protect us from dangers seen and the unseen,
12:19 we pray that your Holy Spirit will be poured out upon us
12:22 that might enlighten us and empower us
12:24 and encourage us in righteousness,
12:26 and Lord, we ask that you would just draw us to yourself,
12:30 and that as we study these things,
12:32 we will not wait to some time in the future
12:34 to make a decision for you,
12:36 but we will decide to serve you even from this day on,
12:40 be with those who are watching online,
12:42 those who are watching in their homes
12:43 and even those who are watching at their lunch hours,
12:46 let your Spirit reign across this world
12:49 and let this message be a message of hope
12:52 in Jesus' name, amen and amen. "
12:55 I'd like for you to turn quickly with me
12:57 to the book of Revelation
12:59 chapter 7... Revelation 7
13:01 beginning with verses 1 through 3
13:04 tonight we will see the Bible as its own expositor,
13:09 tonight we will see how examples in the past
13:13 give us the faith and the steadfastness that we need
13:18 to face the very future... a future that is even now.
13:23 Tonight we will see the Bible stacking up against the Bible
13:28 letting us know that the theme of the Bible is Jesus
13:32 and that He is... very soon to come.
13:34 Revelation chapter 7 beginning with verse 1.
13:38 "And after these things I saw four angels
13:42 standing on the four corners of the earth,
13:45 holding the four winds of the earth,
13:48 that the wind should not blow on the earth,
13:51 nor on the sea, nor on any tree.
13:55 And I saw another angel ascending from the east,
13:58 having the seal of the living God:
14:01 and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels,
14:05 to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea,
14:10 Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea,
14:13 nor the trees, till we have sealed
14:16 the servants of our God in their foreheads. "
14:20 Ladies and Gentlemen,
14:22 we looked at the very first night...
14:23 the definition of a servant of God from the Bible perspective.
14:27 If you would turn with me to your Bibles
14:29 to Romans chapter 6 verse 16,
14:32 it lets you know what a servant of God is.
14:35 Romans 6 verse 16,
14:37 "Know ye not,
14:39 that to whom you yield yourselves servants to obey,
14:43 his servants ye are to whom you obey;
14:46 whether of sin unto death,
14:49 or of obedience unto righteousness?"
14:51 In other words,
14:53 if we would truly be the servants of God,
14:56 we must be obedient to His Word.
14:58 I go back to this text, Revelation chapter 7
15:03 and I'm seeing the book of Revelation
15:06 showing itself with things that are literal
15:09 and things that are symbolic
15:10 and we said that about the book of Revelation,
15:12 there are some things that are literal,
15:14 there are some things that are symbolic,
15:17 there are some things that the Lord has given to us
15:19 for encouragement,
15:20 the book of Revelation has it all.
15:23 All the books in the Bible end and meet there.
15:26 505 direct or indirect quotations
15:30 from other books of the bible
15:31 of the 39 of the other 65 books all end here
15:36 and as you have seen night after night, Ladies and Gentlemen,
15:38 we go back to different portions of Scripture
15:41 and we see the same principle and the same doctrine
15:44 supported in Revelation
15:46 supported in the other parts of the Book
15:48 so when we come to this scene,
15:51 we see four angels standing on the four corners of the earth
15:55 we understand that the earth is not square
15:58 and it doesn't have four corners
16:01 but we understand that this is being symbolic
16:04 of the entire earth...
16:06 the north the south, the east and west.
16:08 In other words, it is said in symbolic language
16:12 that these four angels are covering the entire earth
16:18 all the points of the compass,
16:19 the north, the south, the east and west.
16:22 It says they are holding the four winds of the earth,
16:26 Ladies and Gentlemen
16:27 and when we let the Bible be its own expositor,
16:30 when we use Scripture to define Scripture,
16:34 we know that Jeremiah 25 verse 32 tells us
16:38 that winds denote stress and trouble
16:43 and Folks, everywhere we look, there is trouble,
16:45 everywhere we look there is strife,
16:48 everywhere we look we see the world is in convulsions
16:52 and we know that the king in glory is going to come
16:56 and so we find ourselves reading these verses in chapter 7
17:00 of the book of Revelation
17:02 and what they are describing
17:03 is the time in which we live right now.
17:07 I thank God that He has told us in chapter 17
17:13 verse 17 of the book of John
17:15 that we shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free.
17:19 The truth is... the Word of God is the truth,
17:24 so when I look at this scene here
17:27 and I begin to compare Scripture with Scripture
17:31 and I see the winds being let loose...
17:33 the winds of trouble and strife on the earth,
17:37 it takes me back to what Jesus was saying
17:40 in Matthew chapter 24.
17:42 You see, the Bible is connected,
17:45 they are not just separate books that are there
17:48 to read and study in its own vacuum, no,
17:51 they are there as a complete book for us
17:54 it says, "All Scripture... "
17:56 2nd Timothy 3 verse 16,
17:58 "All Scripture comes from inspiration of God...
18:02 and it is profitable to us for doctrine"
18:05 so when you look at the doctrines of last-day events
18:09 it's not just one book... it's not just two books...
18:14 but it's the entire Bible as a massive love letter from Christ
18:18 that has been given to us to help us be prepared
18:21 for the things that we will see in the last days.
18:25 I go back now in my Bible to the book of Matthew...
18:28 Matthew 24... I begin to read these things,
18:31 and we've heard them before and we've read them
18:33 but we're going to see them in a different light tonight,
18:36 we begin with verse 5 and it says,
18:39 "And many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ;
18:42 and shall deceive many.
18:43 And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars:
18:46 see that you be not troubled:
18:48 for all these things must come to pass,
18:51 but the end is not yet.
18:52 For nation shall rise against nation,
18:55 and kingdom against kingdom:
18:57 and there shall be famines, and pestilences,
18:59 and earthquakes, in different places... "
19:02 and then verse 8 says,
19:04 "these are the beginning of sorrows. "
19:07 In other words, Ladies and Gentlemen,
19:11 these signs that we see in our time
19:16 are the early "time of trouble" signs
19:20 that will intensify...
19:22 for verse 8 says here clearly and plainly,
19:25 that these are the beginning of sorrows...
19:28 in other words, it's not going to get better
19:30 it's going to get worse.
19:32 Pause...
19:33 I turn in my Bible to the book of Luke.
19:36 Luke chapter 21 and we see what he has to say
19:40 on this subject, Luke chapter 21...
19:42 we look at this and see verse 25
19:45 this is very encouraging, Ladies and Gentlemen,
19:48 because we're going to see a link
19:50 not only with Jesus saying, what He's says here
19:52 and what He has said in Matthew but will show us
19:55 what John saw in the book of Revelation.
19:58 It says in verse 25 of Luke 21,
20:01 "And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon,
20:04 and in the stars;
20:06 and upon the earth distress of nations,
20:08 with perplexity;
20:10 the sea and the waves roaring;
20:13 Men's hearts failing them for fear,
20:17 and looking after those things
20:18 which are coming on the earth:
20:20 for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.
20:23 And then shall they see the Son of man coming
20:26 in a cloud with power and great glory.
20:29 And when these things begin to come to pass,
20:32 then look up, and lift up your heads;
20:36 for your redemption draweth nigh. "
20:39 What does that say?
20:41 That's saying that when you see these signs happening...
20:44 wars and rumors of wars... famines and pestilence...
20:47 when you see all of this unrest...
20:50 when you see the signs happening in the heavens,
20:52 Ladies and Gentlemen,
20:54 it tells us to look up because our redemption...
20:57 our salvation... our deliverance... is coming...
21:00 Audience: "Amen. "
21:01 Now Folks, the book of Revelation
21:04 lets us know how far we are down the line
21:07 and how close we are to that timeframe.
21:12 In chapter 7, we see the sealing begin
21:15 but when we turn to chapter 8
21:18 and just go back one chapter,
21:20 I mean, chapter 6...
21:22 we got back to chapter 6,
21:23 and we begin with verse 12,
21:24 we see some of the signs that Jesus talked about
21:28 being mentioned in Revelation
21:31 to let us know that we are in the time of the end...
21:34 to let us know that we are in the time
21:37 of the beginning of sorrows...
21:38 to let us know that we are in the time
21:41 of the early time of trouble...
21:43 that will intensify until we hit that timeframe
21:47 which will be the time of trouble
21:49 like there never was... that is talked about
21:52 in Daniel chapter 12 verse 1
21:55 and when that timeframe comes in
21:57 it will be when probation's time is over
22:01 when everyone has decided who we will serve.
22:05 We come back now to Revelation 6 verse 12 and we read,
22:11 "And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal,
22:14 and, lo, there was a great earthquake;
22:16 and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair,
22:19 and the moon became as blood;
22:20 And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth,
22:24 even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs,
22:26 when she is shaken of a mighty wind.
22:29 And the heaven departed as a scroll
22:30 when it is rolled together;
22:32 and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.
22:34 And the kings of the earth, and the great men,
22:37 and the rich men, and the chief captains,
22:38 and the mighty men, and every bondman,
22:40 and every free man, hid themselves in the dens
22:43 and in the rocks of the mountains;
22:44 And said to the mountains and rocks,
22:46 Fall on us, and hide us from the face of Him
22:49 that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:
22:52 For the great day of His wrath is come;
22:56 and who shall be able to stand?"
22:58 Now Folks, before I answer that question with the Bible,
23:02 I wanted us to just back up a little bit...
23:05 these signs that Jesus gave us in Matthew 24, in Mark 13,
23:12 in Luke 21... they are letting us know
23:15 that Jesus is coming soon.
23:16 There are signs that we read and see happening
23:20 or have already happen to unmistakenly know
23:24 that we are in the very last days.
23:26 The last things that Jesus gave us in His signs of the times
23:30 were the signs in nature.
23:33 In Revelation chapter 6 we read,
23:36 "And when he had opened the sixth seal,
23:38 there was a great earthquake;
23:40 and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair,
23:43 and the moon became as blood... "
23:45 Ladies and Gentlemen,
23:46 theologians and historians have said to us
23:49 that this has already happened.
23:52 It's not something we're looking forward to,
23:56 it's already happened.
23:58 The great Lisbon earthquake of November 1st, 1755,
24:02 Ladies and Gentlemen,
24:04 the greatest earthquake that has been seen and recorded
24:06 coming in three parts...
24:08 one part came at 9:40 a. m.
24:10 the next one at 10:00 a. m.
24:12 and then at 12 noon... the shock came through
24:17 and shook the earth for six minutes.
24:20 This earthquake was four times the size of Europe,
24:24 30,000 people died in the first six minutes,
24:28 fires burned for six days,
24:31 islands were swept away by the Tsunamis
24:33 that were generated from the earthquake
24:35 and we find all of this not in the Bible that documented...
24:39 the Bible speaks of it
24:41 but when you look at the Encyclopedia Britannica
24:44 volume 7 page 848, it talks about it.
24:48 The first time... 1755...
24:53 it goes on to say,
24:55 "and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair
24:57 and the moon became as blood"
24:59 and Ladies and Gentlemen, when we look through history
25:01 we see the unexplainable event
25:03 when May 19, 1780...
25:06 it just became dark in the middle of the day.
25:10 For almost the whole day with the supernatural darkness
25:14 that men, women, boys and girls across this country
25:18 could not move... could not do anything...
25:21 they felt this oppressive darkness
25:24 just like Egypt felt for three days.
25:27 They said you couldn't read a newspaper
25:30 in front of your face with the light of a candle.
25:33 Pause...
25:34 It was as though God fixed the clock
25:37 when He let the sun stay up for 12 hours...
25:39 when He shut the sun down 12 hours...
25:41 because He's able... because He's God...
25:44 and then that night a supernatural darkness
25:47 the moon now sinks in the sky like an avenging red eye
25:53 looking at the inhabitants of Planet Earth.
25:57 Verse 13... "And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth,
26:01 like a fig tree casteth her untimely figs,
26:04 when she is shaken of a mighty wind. "
26:06 And that too happened, November 13, 1833...
26:09 Ladies and Gentlemen,
26:11 and look at these dates: 1755... 1780... 1833...
26:16 all of these... just before
26:20 the longest Bible time prophecy was about to end
26:25 to let us know that we're in the last days
26:27 which ended in 1844.
26:30 Pause...
26:32 Longest time prophecy in the Bible...
26:34 ending in 1844...
26:37 letting us know... we're in the last days
26:40 and these physical signs in nature and in the heavens
26:44 are there to let us know that there might be wars
26:48 and rumors of wars all through earth
26:50 there may have been upheavals...
26:51 there may have been famines and pestilence
26:54 and all of these different things
26:55 but what comes after this, the Bible is telling us
26:58 and history is showing us
27:00 it is letting us know that we are really in the end of time.
27:04 Audience: "Amen. "
27:05 It's to open our eyes...
27:08 Ladies and Gentlemen, the next thing John sees
27:11 after all of that...
27:13 the next thing John sees is "the heavens depart as a scroll
27:17 when it is rolled together;
27:18 and every mountain and island are moved out of their places,
27:20 and the kings of the earth, and the great men,
27:22 and the rich men, and the chief captains,
27:24 and the mighty men, and every bondman,
27:25 and every free man, hid themselves in the dens
27:27 and in the rocks of the mountains;
27:29 and in the rocks of the mountains...
27:30 And they said, 'Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him
27:34 that sits on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:
27:38 For the great day of his wrath is come... '"
27:40 and the question is asked, "who shall be able to stand?"
27:43 Then John sees in chapter 7
27:46 with all of this turmoil happening on Planet Earth,
27:49 he sees who's going to stand...
27:51 those who have heaven's seal of approval.
27:56 Audience: "Amen. "
27:58 You see, the book of Revelation is not for us to be afraid of...
28:01 it's for us to study and cherish
28:03 for when we see all of these things happening on Planet Earth
28:06 it tells us, "Don't worry children of God...
28:10 I will take care of you,
28:12 I won't come before you have the time to get ready,
28:15 I am giving you my Spirit, I am drawing you in love
28:19 and I will send my angels
28:21 to seal you with the seal of the living God
28:24 that you might be able to stand... "
28:27 someone ought to say, "Thank you Jesus. "
28:29 The Seal of the Living God...
28:33 to show a distinction of those who belong to Him
28:39 and those who do not belong to Him...
28:40 to show those who come with the avenging power of God
28:45 to pour out His wrath as we read later on this Series
28:50 in Revelation chapter 16...
28:51 the Seal of the Living God will protect us...
28:55 Ladies and Gentlemen...
28:56 from the seven last plagues that will be poured out
28:58 by seven angels from seven vials...
29:00 Pause...
29:02 My Bible tells me
29:04 that these angels were about to give up their work...
29:08 but then another angel came from the east,
29:11 and he told them, "Don't stop... don't stop...
29:13 continue until the servants of our God
29:17 are sealed in their forehead. "
29:19 Pause...
29:22 My Lord always makes a difference
29:25 between His people and those who are not His people
29:28 but there's something that we have to understand,
29:32 He gives us the choice to line up on His side
29:37 pause...
29:39 or go on the other side...
29:41 Pause...
29:42 Again I say this text over and over...
29:44 Romans 15 verse 4,
29:46 "For whatsoever things were written aforetime
29:49 were written for our learning,
29:50 that we though patience and comfort of the scriptures
29:52 might have hope... "
29:54 My mind goes back to the children of Israel,
29:56 when they are about to be delivered from the country
29:59 and the kingdom of Egypt,
30:01 and all of the other plagues that came out...
30:04 they just watched what God would do...
30:07 but when it came down to plague number 10,
30:09 when He said that He was going to take
30:11 the firstborn of the Egyptians,
30:14 He told the children of Israel to take that lamb...
30:19 the sacrificial lamb that represented Him because you see,
30:22 from the beginning we've been saved by the blood.
30:24 Somebody ought to say, "Amen. " Audience: "Amen. "
30:26 From the beginning we have been saved by the blood
30:28 and He said to take the blood of that lamb
30:31 and we want you to put it on your doorpost...
30:34 on the top of your doorpost...
30:35 and put it on the sides of the doorposts
30:37 and those who are on the inside would be protected
30:40 and Ladies and Gentlemen, when I read the Word of God
30:43 and I see what God can do...
30:45 those individuals who were there...
30:46 the faithful Israelites that were inside their homes
30:51 with the blood posted on their doors,
30:53 they were protected
30:54 but God is so compassionate and so merciful
30:57 that those Egyptians who had seen enough...
30:59 you see, God let them see how mighty He was
31:02 with all of those plagues that He used against Egypt,
31:05 He did not let them die if they had faith to believe
31:09 that God is able and that God cares...
31:11 and that God is merciful and the record tells me
31:14 that those Egyptians that came into the homes of those Jews,
31:19 even though they were firstborn...
31:22 but they had the faith, Ladies and Gentlemen,
31:24 to believe that God is kind and God is merciful
31:27 and God is compassionate and God would save them,
31:30 they were sealed with Heaven's seal of approval
31:33 for just being on the inside.
31:35 Audience: "Amen...
31:36 Amen... "
31:38 We look throughout the Bible
31:42 and we see another example which is very interesting
31:45 because this one is more
31:48 like what we are experiencing in our time.
31:51 Turn with me to the book of Ezekiel...
31:55 the book of Ezekiel... Ezekiel chapter 9
31:58 we see the scenario played out with ancient Israel.
32:03 Ezekiel chapter 9 beginning with verse 4,
32:08 "And the LORD said unto him,
32:12 Go through the midst of the city,
32:15 through the midst of Jerusalem,
32:18 and set a mark upon the foreheads of the men that sigh
32:26 and that cry for all the abominations
32:29 that be done in the midst thereof. "
32:31 In other words,
32:33 those individuals who are looking at the things
32:36 that are happening in my city,
32:38 with my people with this nation
32:40 and my heart is broken because
32:43 they have wandered so far away from God
32:45 and they have protested against the evil
32:48 and Ladies and Gentlemen, you know what I know
32:50 that those individuals that protested against the evil
32:53 when the Government and those individuals
32:55 who are not serving the Lord...
32:57 they would take the lives of those prophets,
33:00 they put them in jail, they destroyed their homes
33:04 they destroyed their families
33:06 and they continue to worship other gods...
33:08 after the God of Israel...
33:10 the living God... had done so much for them
33:13 and it said God had enough
33:18 and He's going to have enough with this world,
33:20 Ladies and Gentlemen, when people ignore Him,
33:23 when people make fun of Him, when people disrupt His children
33:27 when individuals are filled with the spirit of Satan,
33:30 He's going to have enough of this world,
33:32 He longs to take us home,
33:34 and it tells us here, Ladies and Gentlemen,
33:38 that these individuals who have a longing...
33:42 and a desire for things that to be right with God
33:45 and not only for God but for His people,
33:47 He says that He is going to save an angel in the midst of them
33:52 and set a mark on their foreheads
33:55 that those individuals who sigh and cry
33:58 for the abominations of Israel,
33:59 will be sealed with heaven's seal of approval
34:03 and it says in verse 5,
34:05 "And to the others he said in my hearing,
34:07 Go ye after him through the city, and smite:
34:12 let not your eye spare, neither have pity:
34:16 Slay utterly old and young,
34:19 both maids, and little children, and women:
34:21 but come not near any man upon whom is the mark... "
34:26 and then He says something here, we need to understand...
34:29 and it says, "and begin at my sanctuary.
34:33 Then they began at the ancient men
34:36 which were before the house. "
34:39 In other words, as I've said to you before
34:42 1st Peter 4 verse 17 that the judgment of God...
34:45 that's going on now, Ladies and Gentlemen,
34:48 the judgment of God begins with God's people.
34:51 Pause...
34:53 When I was a kid, we lived on a nice little block
34:58 and we used to play baseball in the street
35:01 and my mother would tell me to stay out of the street
35:06 and I would say, "Okay"
35:08 but when she would go on to the store and do what she'd do...
35:13 I'd tell the guys,
35:15 "Well, you know the drill... I'll play first base... "
35:16 because my gate was near first base
35:18 and I was able to stay on the first base
35:22 in case Mom turned the corner,
35:24 or in case Pop came down the street,
35:27 I could just be you know, like... coming through the gate.
35:29 Oh, we were something else as kids, weren't we?
35:32 But sometimes the game would get intense
35:35 and you know how this person is going to hit
35:37 when the ball is coming to him
35:39 and you couldn't just stay close to the bag at first base,
35:41 you had to move over and be in the street
35:44 so you can field properly...
35:45 and that takes away your "watching the horizon"
35:50 for unsuspecting parents
35:52 and on different occasions, Ladies and Gentlemen,
35:57 different occasions...
35:59 Ma would turn the corner and I wouldn't even see her
36:02 until she's right up on me.
36:05 Audience: Laughter...
36:06 And she would say...
36:08 just say my name, "Lawrence... "
36:10 you know it's not like today, kids today...
36:12 kids today... bless you,
36:15 if we did the things you did,
36:18 you would have a different preacher standing here.
36:20 Audience: Laugher.
36:22 And she would just say, "Lawrence, inside... "
36:23 and I knew I was going to have it...
36:25 I said, "Mom, but everybody is out there...
36:29 the whole block...
36:30 everybody is doing it... "
36:32 and you know what she would say to me?
36:34 "All of those children don't belong to everybody
36:38 you belong to me,
36:42 if a car comes down the street and it's brakes fail
36:46 or something else happens and you get hit,
36:48 you're my son...
36:51 you belong to me... "
36:53 Ladies and Gentlemen, we belong to God
36:55 and in the judgment, in its three phases
36:57 and we're going to look at it one night,
37:00 the first people that He is concerned with,
37:03 with those who say, "We belong to Him... "
37:06 Audience: "Amen. "
37:08 That's why our names are written in the Lamb's book of life
37:10 but it doesn't take your name being written
37:13 in the Lamb's book of life to stay there,
37:15 it's what's written in the other books and how we live
37:18 and how we act and how we live and move
37:20 how we keep our names in that Lamb's book of life
37:25 and we see here... the precedent has been set forth
37:28 where not only... do we put a mark on it ourselves
37:32 by making a conscious decision
37:34 to be obedient and intentional to God,
37:36 it tells us that we will have an angel of the living God
37:41 give us what we need
37:43 to place upon us heaven's seal of approval
37:46 because some of us would not truly be honest,
37:49 because everybody says,
37:52 "Oh yeah, we're all going, give us the seal"
37:53 but it tells us in Revelation chapter 7
37:57 that we said, that the angel of God
38:00 will seal the servants of God in their foreheads.
38:03 Now, what does that mean?
38:04 Are we going to receive a tattoo?
38:06 Pause...
38:08 Hollywood has given us so many fanciful ways
38:10 of how the seal and the Mark of the Beast
38:12 and all those things are going to go,
38:14 has us so mixed up,
38:16 when bar codes first came out on food,
38:19 people were yelling, "That's the Mark of the Beast. "
38:21 Audience: Smiling.
38:23 People have chips for their dogs and cats...
38:25 the ASPCA... "Oh, they're going to give us that,
38:27 that's the Mark of the Beast. "
38:28 Audience: Laughter.
38:30 Ladies and Gentlemen, it says here
38:32 that the children of God will receive the Seal of God
38:36 in their foreheads.
38:37 Ladies and Gentlemen, it is saying to us
38:39 this is the Bible speaking
38:41 that it means that the seal of God
38:44 will be sealed in our foreheads
38:46 which is literally meaning... in our minds.
38:49 Audience: "Amen. " Nodding in agreement.
38:52 Our minds are made up.
38:53 When we look at the whole armor of God
38:57 there's one thing that we must all have
39:00 and that's in Ephesians 6, one thing we must all have
39:02 we must have on the helmet of salvation.
39:05 You have to be able to know
39:08 no matter what the devil does to you
39:09 and he might hit you in your head, come on now...
39:12 you have that helmet of salvation
39:14 to know... that no matter what you're going through...
39:16 good times and bad times...
39:18 no matter what you're going through,
39:19 that you are still a child of God...
39:22 you have to know that even though
39:23 things are happening to you...
39:25 bad things do happen to good people,
39:28 don't get despondent,
39:29 don't get discouraged, don't give up,
39:31 God has seen in you... something
39:35 that allowed Him to let this temptation and trial come to you
39:39 that if you just hold on and be victorious,
39:42 it will work out as a blessing for you.
39:44 Audience: "Amen. "
39:46 When things go bad in your life, don't give up
39:49 don't give out... remember Job...
39:52 Audience: "Amen. "
39:53 In one day he lost everything including his children.
39:57 He lost his riches, he was spiritually...
40:00 no not spiritually...
40:02 he was financially bankrupt,
40:05 read about it,
40:07 it says, all of his oxen
40:11 and his land...
40:12 those things were destroyed by fire,
40:14 all of those things... and I understood it now,
40:16 the reason why the devil burnt those things out
40:18 is because those are the objects that Job used
40:21 in his worship with God.
40:22 He was trying to even break that relationship.
40:25 Job had such a relationship with God
40:26 that in the morning when he got up
40:28 he didn't just pray for himself,
40:30 he prayed for all of his children
40:32 and can you imagine doing all of those things
40:35 and then all of this happens to him,
40:37 some of us would have given up but Job said,
40:40 "God gives... God taketh away...
40:42 blessed be the name of the Lord. "
40:44 And then when the next wave of things came back to him
40:46 and the devil touched him from his head to his toe,
40:49 my Bible tells me that Job was faithful
40:53 and when his wife said, "Curse God and die... "
40:58 he said, "though He slay me, though He slay me,
41:01 yet would I trust Him, I know my God is able,
41:04 I know He has the power to bring me back,
41:07 I don't know why He's doing this
41:09 and I don't know what people are saying
41:11 and they can say what they wanted
41:13 and I do wish that I wasn't born when I go through all of this
41:17 but I know one thing I can't do, I can't give up on my God
41:21 because I know He's just and He's kind
41:23 and He's merciful and He's compassionate,
41:25 though He slay me, yet will I trust Him
41:28 for I know that one day, I will stand on this earth
41:31 and with my own eyes, I will see Him
41:33 and with my own tongue, I will praise Him
41:35 and give glory to my God. "
41:38 Audience: "Amen. "
41:40 He had on the helmet of salvation
41:41 nice and slow... come on now...
41:43 his mind was made up
41:45 now when we look through the Bible...
41:47 the Bible as our own expositor.
41:49 It tells us what the Seal of God is.
41:54 Turn in your Bibles to Isaiah, what book did I say?
41:58 Isaiah chapter 8 and we see here again
42:02 the principles of Scripture, here a little, there a little...
42:05 line upon line and precept upon precept,
42:08 we see the things here in our Bible
42:11 to give us what we need to make it in these last days
42:15 it says in verse 16 of chapter 8 of Isaiah,
42:18 "Bind up the testimony,
42:21 seal the law among my disciples. "
42:26 Seal the law among my disciples,
42:31 my Bible tells me in Ephesians 4 verse 30,
42:35 "Grieve not the Holy Spirit...
42:38 whereby we are sealed unto the day of... " what?
42:42 "Sealed unto the day of redemption. "
42:45 The Holy Spirit will do the sealing for us,
42:51 my Bible says, "Bind up the testimony,
42:55 seal the law among my disciples... "
42:59 In other words, the principles of God's law,
43:01 we must seal them up in our heart
43:05 and allow them to be the very principles that guide us.
43:10 I look at Psalm 19... Psalm 19 verse 7
43:13 and I read these words, Psalm 19 verse 7,
43:16 it says, "The law of the LORD is perfect, converting the soul:
43:21 the testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple.
43:25 The statutes of the LORD are right, rejoicing the heart:
43:30 the commandment of the LORD is pure,
43:32 enlightening the eyes.
43:33 The fear of the LORD is clean, enduring for ever:
43:37 the judgments of the LORD are true and righteous altogether.
43:42 More to be desired are they than gold,
43:45 yea, than much fine gold:
43:47 sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb. "
43:50 And here's what I like, verse 11,
43:52 we're going to see how this connects with Revelation
43:55 it says, Moreover by them is thy servant warned:
43:59 and in keeping of them there is great reward. "
44:03 Turn to Revelation 22, looking at verse 14
44:07 and we see this sweet, sweet text,
44:10 "Blessed are they
44:14 that do His commandments,
44:17 that they may have a right
44:20 to the tree of life,
44:22 and enter in through the gates of the city. "
44:24 Audience: "Amen. "
44:25 Pastor: "Amen. " Audience: "Amen. "
44:27 It's telling us to bind up the testimony
44:30 and seal the Law among His disciples.
44:34 The Law of God is perfect, it's there for us...
44:39 transforming... changing and converting our soul
44:45 the very principles of it.
44:47 When we look in the book of Ecclesiastes,
44:49 Ladies and Gentlemen,
44:50 the book of Ecclesiastes, looking at chapter 12,
44:53 looking at verses 13 and 14, it says this,
44:57 verse 13, "Let us hear the conclusion of whole matter... "
45:01 in other words, the bottom line is this,
45:04 "Fear God... " not being fearful of Him
45:08 but giving respect and honor,
45:09 "Fear God and keep His commandments,
45:12 for this is the whole duty of man,
45:15 for God shall bring every work into the judgment...
45:18 with every secret thing,
45:19 whether it be good or whether it be evil. "
45:22 Ladies and Gentlemen, we know that the Law of God
45:25 is the standard of the judgment
45:27 and it also defines what sin is
45:29 for 1st John verse 3 verse 4 tells us
45:32 that sin is the transgression of God's law
45:34 and the penalty for sin, Romans 6 verse 23,
45:37 it says, "The wages of sin is death... "
45:39 so when we look at this, Ladies and Gentlemen,
45:42 when we look at the commandments of God,
45:43 and we saw last night that the commandments of God
45:46 Exodus 31 verse 8, Ladies and Gentlemen,
45:48 18... Exodus 31 verse 18...
45:51 that the Commandments of God were written by Jesus Himself
45:55 with His own finger
45:56 the only portion of the Bible that is written by God Himself.
46:00 2nd Peter 1:19 through 21 it tells us
46:04 that men were moved by inspiration of God
46:08 and we looked at the text already
46:09 in 2nd Timothy 3 verse 16 that all Scripture is given by God
46:13 and when we look at Exodus 31 verse 18,
46:16 the Commandments were written by Jesus Himself.
46:19 Pause.
46:21 So, we look at the Commandments of God and see
46:23 what of these commandments...
46:25 which one of them has the Seal of God?
46:27 You see, a seal must have three things to make if official,
46:31 It must have the name, the title and the territory
46:34 of the person who is issuing this edict,
46:37 I look at chapter 20 of the book of Exodus,
46:41 I begin to see verse 3 which is the first commandment
46:47 that goes through verse 17,
46:49 it tells us in verse 3... the first commandment,
46:52 "Thou shalt have no other gods before me. "
46:54 It doesn't even tell us whose god name is...
46:56 second commandment tells us,
46:58 "Thou shalt not make any graven image,
46:59 or any likeness of any thing is in heaven, in earth, the sea
47:01 of water... " boom, keep continuing...
47:03 doesn't tell us who God is, it tells us what He wants,
47:06 Commandment number 3, verse 7 tells us,
47:10 "Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain;
47:12 for the LORD will not hold him guiltless
47:13 that taketh his name in vain. "
47:15 Again, it doesn't tell you who it is,
47:16 it doesn't tell you His title,
47:18 it doesn't tell you His territory,
47:19 you skip the fourth commandment
47:21 and you move over to the rest of the commandments
47:23 and we see... it says,
47:24 "Thou shalt honor thy father and thy mother
47:26 that your days may be long upon the land.
47:28 Thou shalt not kill.
47:29 Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not steal.
47:31 Thou shalt not bear false witness.
47:32 Thou shalt not covet. "
47:34 When you come to the fourth commandment,
47:36 Ladies and Gentlemen, we see in that Sabbath commandment
47:39 and we looked at it last night as God...
47:40 God's forgotten revelation
47:43 that the world needs to know about now,
47:46 we see in verse 11 it tells us plainly...
47:49 verse 8 through 11, it tells us,
47:53 "Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy... "
47:55 out of all the commandments,
47:57 that is the only one that tells us to remember...
47:58 I mean, we're to remember them all,
48:00 but this one has a special emphasis on it...
48:03 it says, "Six days shalt thou labor and do all thy work
48:06 but the seventh day is the Sabbath of the LORD thy God... "
48:08 okay, we see something identifying here...
48:10 this Sabbath commandment... this seventh day...
48:14 is related to the Lord God who has... what?
48:17 verse 11 says, "who made the heaven and earth,
48:21 the sea, and fountains of water"
48:23 so the Lord God is His name.
48:25 His title is "Creator"
48:29 everything that was made and is made was made by God.
48:34 "In the beginning... " it tells us in John 1:1
48:37 "was the word and the word was God
48:39 and the word was with God. "
48:40 In Colossians 3 verses 16 and 17 it tells us,
48:44 everything that was made invisible...
48:46 and visible things were made by the same God.
48:49 We see in chapter 2 of the book of Genesis
48:52 verses 1 through 3
48:54 that in the very first week before sin
48:56 was even instituted into our lifestyle... into our world...
49:00 we see that man came together and worshipped God
49:04 on His blessed Sabbath.
49:07 It's not a Jewish Sabbath,
49:09 it was a Sabbath given to mankind
49:12 as a memorial.
49:13 Ladies and Gentlemen,
49:15 we are living in the last days where the cry has gone forth
49:19 and we looked at it last night also in Revelation chapter 14
49:23 beginning with verse 6 and 7
49:25 and it tells us to fear God and give glory to Him,
49:27 for the hour of His judgment is come,
49:29 and worship Him
49:31 who made heaven, and earth, the sea, and fountains of waters
49:33 it's a call for reform for the people of God
49:37 to give God His honor now.
49:40 Audience: "Amen. "
49:42 So when we take it upon ourselves
49:44 to keep the commandments of God
49:47 all of them... including the fourth commandment
49:51 that has in it the memorial of creation
49:56 that has His name, His title and His territory,
50:00 it gives us a totally different perspective
50:04 in our relationship with Him
50:06 because we are now saying
50:08 we worship God not because of what people say
50:11 but what the Bible says that God desires from us
50:15 and Jesus says in verse 14:15
50:17 "If you love me, keep my commandments. "
50:22 Not one... not two... not three... not four...
50:24 but all of them...
50:26 and when we do that, Ladies and Gentlemen,
50:30 in these last days, when we say it...
50:32 this conflict with the enemy, this conflict with Satan...
50:35 that it's all about worship...
50:37 it's all about worship, we saw it in Matthew 4...
50:43 Matthew chapter 4...
50:45 looking at verse 8 when Satan came to Jesus
50:49 and he told him,
50:50 "I will give you all the kingdoms of this world,
50:52 if you would bow down and worship me... "
50:55 and Jesus said to him, "Get behind me Satan,
50:58 the Bible says... the Word says
51:00 that you should worship no one but God
51:03 and that's the first commandment. "
51:05 Pause...
51:08 No other person should we worship but God
51:10 and when we look at that fourth commandment
51:14 it not only is His Seal of approval
51:16 that has His name, title and territory
51:19 but it also lets us know as human beings
51:22 who we are worshipping and whose commandments these are
51:27 for if you take the fourth commandment
51:29 out of those ten commandments that were written
51:32 with God's own finger,
51:34 you don't know who God is.
51:36 There's no identifying mark...
51:38 but when you place it in the heart of it
51:41 Ladies and Gentlemen, when you see that commandment there,
51:44 it lets us know that God the Creator said,
51:46 "You should have no other gods before Him. "
51:48 It lets you know, Commandment number 2...
51:50 that you are not to make any graven image
51:52 before the God of heaven the Creator.
51:54 It says, "Thou shalt not take
51:56 the name of the Lord thy God in vain... "
51:57 He's not talking about some other god,
51:59 He's talking about the living God
52:01 who put our tongues in our mouths.
52:03 Audience: "Amen. "
52:04 I look at that and I say,
52:06 "In this day and age, this is a test of royalty. "
52:11 Pause.
52:13 In Matthew chapter 15 verse 9
52:18 these words are recorded by Jesus...
52:23 He says, "In vain they do worship me,
52:27 teaching for doctrines the commandments of man. "
52:33 Friends, tonight, we're not talking about man's commandments
52:39 we're talking about the commandments of the living God
52:43 and I don't know about you but I want to serve my Lord,
52:47 my God, my Savior, my friend, by keeping His commandments
52:52 as He has asked me to.
52:55 In my heart, I will say, like Joshua said,
53:01 "As for me and my house, I will follow the Lord.
53:07 I have decided to follow Jesus. "
53:11 Piano playing...
53:14 I'd rather have Jesus
53:21 than silver or gold;
53:31 I'd rather be His
53:34 than have riches untold;
53:41 I'd rather have Jesus
53:47 than houses or lands,
53:53 I'd rather be led
53:59 by His nail-pierced hand.
54:06 Than to be the queen
54:12 of a vast domain
54:19 Or be held in sin's
54:25 dreadful sway;
54:31 Piano...
54:34 I'd rather have Jesus
54:40 than anything
54:45 This world
54:53 affords today.
55:00 My friends, Jesus knows our hearts
55:05 and I know for some of you
55:07 you might have been hearing this message
55:09 for the very first time
55:10 but let me say this to you... Jesus knows you...
55:14 and he knows that you have served Him with a full heart
55:19 to the best of your ability
55:20 and He says unto us... in the time of our ignorance
55:24 when we didn't know, God winked at it,
55:27 you see, that is where grace is applied again
55:32 and when we serve Him with all of our hearts,
55:36 with all of our minds, to the best of our ability,
55:40 it is accredited to us as righteousness
55:44 because we were doing what we knew and thought to do
55:49 that was right and pleasing in His sight
55:51 but Ladies and Gentlemen, we're living in these last days,
55:55 in these last times, where the cry is going forth...
55:59 this loud cry...
56:01 this third angel's message
56:03 to let men, women, boys and girls know,
56:07 that the commandments of God are still in effect,
56:10 to let them know that the cross is still there
56:13 and to let them know that Jesus' second coming
56:15 is nearer than when we first believed
56:18 but we have to be ready
56:20 and we have to bring our lives in order with the will of Jesus
56:26 for this is our test in these last days.
56:30 Won't you allow Jesus to come into your heart
56:35 to bring you His truth, to study even more,
56:39 that you and your families will be able to stand up and say,
56:44 "This is our God, we have waited for Him
56:47 and He will save us"
56:49 as we point to Him in the sky
56:51 and we will know that we have been faithful
56:54 because the God that we serve has been faithful.
56:57 God bless you.


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