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On The Outside Looking In

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00:01 Music...
00:07 More music...
00:11 Seagulls flying...
00:17 John walking...
00:23 Scenes from history...
00:30 Scenes from history,
00:37 Some more scenes from history...
00:40 Some modern scenes...
00:48 Turning the pages of the book of Revelation.
00:56 Greetings to the Ambassador Family
01:00 and greetings to our viewing audience.
01:03 We want to welcome you
01:04 to the Ambassador Seventh-day Adventist church.
01:07 We are a growing and friendly church
01:10 that is located in Lauderdale Lakes.
01:13 If you're not familiar with Florida in the United States,
01:16 we are not far from Fort Lauderdale.
01:19 So we invite anyone who is watching
01:21 who is in the Fort Lauderdale area... or who is visiting,
01:25 to come by and see us one Sabbath.
01:29 Now, I am with... today... one of my ministerial leaders
01:33 Elder George Charles
01:34 and maybe you can introduce yourself, Elder Charles.
01:36 Thank you Pastor Paulicin,
01:37 good morning everyone and happy Sabbath to you all.
01:40 Audience: "Good morning... Happy Sabbath. "
01:41 God has been good.
01:43 Audience: "Amen. "
01:44 Over the last two weeks we have seen
01:46 God's mercy and grace extended to us.
01:48 His Word has been opened to us
01:51 and by His grace, souls have been converted to Him
01:54 and so we give God all the glory
01:56 and we give Him all the praise for His goodness towards us.
02:00 Audience: "Amen. "
02:01 I was looking again at a text in Mark chapter 11
02:06 and where Jesus answered saying to them,
02:09 "Have faith in God.
02:10 Truly I say to you whoever says to this mountain,
02:14 be thou removed, and cast into the sea;
02:17 and does not doubt in His heart,
02:19 but believes that what he is going to say
02:22 is going to happen; it will be granted to him. "
02:25 I believe that if any church understands the power of faith,
02:29 it's the Ambassador Church, what do you say?
02:31 Amen, you know the Ambassador experience
02:33 is a faith experience.
02:36 For over 17 years,
02:39 we have been serving God in this community...
02:43 the Lauderdale Lakes Community,
02:45 but about 5 years ago,
02:47 God miraculously opened a way for us,
02:49 when there was no way
02:50 and God provided us with this beautiful edifice
02:53 and we say, "Amen" to that.
02:55 Audience: "Amen. "
02:57 Little did we know then what God has in store for us
03:00 and over the last two weeks, God has used this Facility
03:03 as a means of spreading the gospel throughout the world
03:07 and for that we say, "To God be the glory. "
03:08 We encourage you to continue to listen...
03:11 continue to be blessed...
03:13 and continue to experience God's grace...
03:16 God's power... and God's ability to save us
03:19 as we trust in Him.
03:21 Audience: "Amen. "
03:22 For those who are watching for the first time,
03:25 you are in the midst of a Series "Through the eyes of John"
03:28 and the man of God who's been chosen for this by God
03:32 is Pastor Lawrence Steven Dorsey Sr.
03:35 He is the Pastor of the Berean Seventh-day Adventist Church
03:38 in Los Angeles, California
03:40 and as the Lord has blessed,
03:41 I believe, He has another word from His manservant
03:45 and so let us begin with a word of prayer,
03:47 Elder Charles, would you pray for us?
03:49 Let us pray, "Loving Father,
03:50 for this beautiful Sabbath day, we say, 'thank you'
03:55 for the assurance we have of your presence with us,
04:00 we say, 'thank you'
04:02 for your Word that has gone out over the past two weeks
04:07 throughout the world, we say, 'thank you'
04:09 and we come again today saying 'thank you for what you will do'
04:14 for as we listen to your Word today,
04:18 talk to our hearts, talk to our minds,
04:22 and all those who listen, dear Lord,
04:25 may conviction come to us and may we like the jailor say,
04:31 'what must we do to be saved?'
04:33 and may the answer come back forcefully to us...
04:37 'turn to Jesus... turn to Jesus for He alone can give salvation'
04:43 be with Pastor Dorsey, touch his lips once more
04:47 and may he speak your Word with power and conviction
04:52 and may souls come to know you...
04:55 come to know... is life eternal...
04:57 and on that day dear Lord,
04:59 when the saints go marching in,
05:01 may we all be in that number when the saints go marching in,
05:06 this is our prayer, in Jesus' name, amen. "
05:09 Audience: "Amen. "
05:12 Walking off the stage.
05:14 Music...
05:22 More music...
05:31 When I come into His presence
05:36 I humble myself...
05:40 I lift up both my hands...
05:48 and I begin to worship Him,
05:55 I worship Him...
06:04 When I come into His presence
06:11 I humble myself,
06:15 I lift up both my hands,
06:19 and I begin
06:25 to worship Him,
06:32 I worship Him.
06:39 For all
06:43 He's done for me,
06:50 redeemed and set me free,
06:58 and because,
07:02 just because
07:08 He's God.
07:15 When I come into His presence
07:20 I humble myself,
07:25 I lift up both my hands...
07:29 and I begin
07:34 to worship Him.
07:38 Oh yes, I do...
07:41 I begin to worship Him.
07:48 When I come into His presence
07:55 I humble myself,
08:00 remembering what He's done,
08:02 remembering all He's done...
08:05 the victories He's won,
08:08 every victory that He has won...
08:10 so I'll praise Him,
08:12 I'll glorify you...
08:14 Lord, I praise your name...
08:18 I'll praise Him.
08:21 I'll praise Him...
08:24 for all
08:28 He's done for me,
08:32 everything He's done for me...
08:36 redeemed...
08:37 redeemed,
08:38 and just set me free...
08:41 set me free...
08:44 and because...
08:47 just because...
08:51 He's God...
08:55 God...
08:58 of my life...
09:04 I praise Him...
09:11 every knee shall bow
09:15 and every tongue shall say
09:19 He's God...
09:23 You are God...
09:27 For what He's done for me...
09:34 Everything that You've done for me
09:37 redeemed and set me free..
09:42 set me free...
09:45 and because...
09:48 just because...
09:52 and because,
09:56 just because
10:01 and because,
10:05 just because...
10:10 He's mine...
10:14 mine...
10:22 Audience: "Amen. " Clapping...
10:25 Music...
10:30 More music...
10:36 Audience: "Amen, hallelujah. "
10:40 "Amen. "
10:42 Just because He's God...
10:44 Somebody knows Him this morning...
10:47 just because He is God...
10:50 and what He's done for us...
10:53 somebody said, "He didn't have to do it, but He did it"
10:57 and He did it quite well, amen.
10:59 Audience: "Amen. "
11:01 I was listening to that song and I said,
11:03 "If there was a testimony I could tell,
11:04 I'll sing it like that. "
11:06 Audience: "Amen. "
11:07 Because truly that is a testimony
11:09 of the goodness of God,
11:11 we are where we are and who we are because of Him.
11:15 Audience: "Amen. "
11:16 I sat back and listened to those words and listened to them
11:19 and how it said that we are humbled when we understand
11:23 how good God has been to us.
11:25 Folks, I want you to know here today
11:28 I don't think I'm anything... and I know I'm nothing...
11:30 but I can tell you about somebody who is something
11:33 and that's Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.
11:36 I didn't even have an inkling into how to serve Him
11:41 until I met my wife and she taught me...
11:45 opening up the Scriptures to me...
11:48 you see... the way to a man's heart is not always with food.
11:52 Audience: Laughing.
11:54 She showed me how to live eternally.
11:55 Audience: "Amen. "
11:57 And she tells me... she says,
11:58 "Now, listen, I don't care how far you go...
12:00 how many people you preach to,
12:02 how many people you have baptized,
12:03 when we get together in heaven,
12:05 I'm going to have one more star than you
12:07 because I brought you into the church... "
12:10 and I said, "Praise God, that's okay... "
12:12 and I thank God for her and for her prayers.
12:16 This morning, we'd like to examine the subject
12:20 entitled... "On the outside... looking in. "
12:24 On the outside... looking in
12:27 and I pray that none of us... none of us...
12:31 will experience that.
12:32 Shall we pray?
12:34 "Loving Father, again we are thankful
12:36 for your love towards us,
12:38 we know that you are a mighty fine God
12:41 a good God... a merciful God...
12:42 a compassionate God ,
12:44 and a God who is wooing us to yourself
12:47 even now, this morning, Lord, I pray
12:50 that you would take this servant
12:52 and use me to woo your people unto yourself.
12:58 Set someone free today, Lord Jesus
13:02 with thy Word...
13:05 that they will be able to experience the perfect peace
13:10 that comes from you.
13:11 We ask that those individuals who are in their homes,
13:15 those who are watching on the internet,
13:16 that they too will receive the solid blessing
13:20 that only can come from your Spirit there in our hearts
13:25 so even now, hide me behind the cross of Calvary
13:28 and let your will be done in Jesus' name, amen and amen. "
13:33 Audience: "Amen. "
13:34 I'd like for you to turn with me this morning
13:36 to the book of Revelation... Revelation chapter 21.
13:39 Clearing throat...
13:41 For in Chapter 21 of the book of Revelation...
13:44 we have a glorious description of heaven
13:49 and we've looked at that night after night here
13:52 but I want us to just reacquaint ourselves
13:55 with what we will see when we get on the other side.
13:59 It says in chapter 21 verse 10 of the book of Revelation,
14:05 "And he carried me away in the spirit
14:08 to a great and high mountain, and shewed me that great city,
14:13 the new... holy Jerusalem,
14:15 descending out of heaven from God,
14:18 Having the glory of God:
14:22 and her light was like unto a stone most precious,
14:26 even like a jasper stone, clear as crystal;
14:32 And it had a wall great and high,
14:36 and it had twelve gates, and at the gates twelve angels,
14:40 and names written thereon,
14:41 which are the names of the twelve tribes
14:44 of the children of Israel:
14:45 And on the east three gates and on the north three gates
14:49 and on the south three gates;
14:51 and on the west three gates.
14:52 And the wall of the city had twelve foundations,
14:57 and in them were the names
14:59 of the twelve apostles of the Lamb. "
15:03 We move down to verse 18 and it says,
15:06 "And the building of the wall of it was of pure jasper:
15:10 and the city was pure gold, like unto clear glass.
15:14 And the foundations of the wall of the city were garnished
15:18 with all manner of precious stones. "
15:21 And Ladies and Gentlemen,
15:24 when we look at those precious stones
15:25 that are listed there
15:27 and you would compare them to a color chart,
15:30 you would see that the twelve foundations that are there
15:35 are covered with precious stones
15:37 that will make up the colors of the rainbow
15:40 so in other words
15:43 this beautiful city that John has seen...
15:46 this beautiful city that will be our home
15:48 in the city... in the New Jerusalem...
15:50 because we saw in the Bible
15:52 that not only will we have a home in the city...
15:55 but the Scriptures showed us in Isaiah 65
15:58 that we will also have a home in the country.
16:02 Audience: "Amen. "
16:03 We're going to be... Ladies and Gentlemen...
16:05 "land owners" if you please...
16:07 because my Bible tells us
16:09 that we will be able to build and inhabit,
16:12 we will be able to plant and eat the fruit thereof
16:14 it will be ours...
16:16 and I know somewhere in the Bible
16:18 it says that there'll be no marriage in heaven...
16:22 pause...
16:24 but I know one thing...
16:26 my mansion is going to be next door to Sister Dorsey's house...
16:30 so I can see what's happening over on the other side...
16:34 but anyway... I just want you to know
16:36 that we have a home in the city...
16:38 and we have a home in the country...
16:40 the Bible says that...
16:41 and it says that this city is sitting on a foundation
16:47 that will have twelve manner of precious stones
16:51 that will give the appearance, Ladies and Gentlemen,
16:54 of a "floating on a shimmering rainbow... "
16:57 Folks, the rainbow is the symbol of mercy.
17:00 Audience: "Amen. "
17:02 I look in my Bible and I see in Revelation 4 verse 3
17:05 that when John was able to see into heaven
17:08 in verse 1 of chapter 4, he says,
17:10 the door was opened into heaven
17:12 and when he gets down to verse 3,
17:14 it tells us that he saw a rainbow round about the throne,
17:19 Folks, that tells me,
17:20 that around the throne of God is the Mercy Seat.
17:24 Audience: "Amen. "
17:25 That means that that Mercy Seat Ladies and Gentlemen
17:28 is a place where He receives our prayers.
17:31 The Mercy Seat is where He does not condemn us
17:35 when we have sinned...
17:36 but He gives us one more chance.
17:38 You see, the God we serve is not only merciful
17:41 and compassionate... He is longsuffering.
17:44 You know and I know...
17:45 we don't deserve what He does for us
17:48 but it's not about what we deserve,
17:50 He gives us grace... and grace is giving something to somebody
17:55 that they don't deserve just because you're gracious.
17:58 Somebody ought to say, "Amen" about my Lord Jesus
18:01 just because He's gracious.
18:04 Audience: "Amen. "
18:06 It says that the walls of the city are Jasper...
18:08 216 feet high...
18:13 we will be able to stand on those pure glass...
18:18 golden streets and golden buildings
18:23 which are reflecting the very image of God
18:27 and the glory of God.
18:28 That's why when John says in Revelation chapter 15
18:31 verse 2 that he saw the saints standing on the sea of glass,
18:35 it looked like it was on fire, it's because of the glory of God
18:38 reflecting off of all of that
18:41 beautiful glorious gold and jasper
18:45 and precious stone...
18:46 can you imagine how it's going to look in glory?
18:49 No wonder the Bible says...
18:51 it outshines the glory of the sun
18:53 and there's no need of the moon there
18:56 in the very presence of God.
19:00 Audience: "Amen. "
19:01 Glorious... he shows John... this angel...
19:06 this beautiful city that is set up there
19:09 and it tells us, Ladies and Gentlemen,
19:12 as we continue to move out in verse 21
19:15 and it said the twelve gates are twelve pearls...
19:18 "every several gate was of one pearl:
19:21 and the street of the city was pure gold,
19:24 as it were transparent glass. "
19:27 Pause...
19:30 Folks, sometimes down here,
19:33 we fight over gold and silver and precious things.
19:38 We tell people, "Don't tell me what I can wear
19:42 and what I can't wear, it's my gold, it's my jewelry,
19:44 I am going to wear it, I have the money to afford it,
19:47 you're just mad because you don't have it... "
19:49 it's not about that...
19:50 when I look at eternal things,
19:54 it gives me a whole new perspective
19:58 on what's going on down here and up there.
20:01 Audience: "Amen. "
20:02 You see, what we think is precious down here
20:05 is not necessarily precious up there
20:07 in the sense that we look at it.
20:09 You see, we kill and steal and rob...
20:14 and when I say, "We" I'm not talking about me...
20:16 I'm talking about humanity...
20:18 Audience: Laughter...
20:20 Over gold and treasures and the things down here.
20:23 People will snatch your, your... a chain off your neck
20:28 and they'll cut off your finger... for a ring
20:30 and they'll break into your house for gold and silver
20:33 but Folks... in heaven...
20:35 it's nothing more than building material.
20:38 Audience: Agreeing. "Come on now... "
20:41 I mean... all the buildings...
20:44 I don't see anyone wearing any asphalt...
20:46 Audience: Laughter. Clapping...
20:47 Not wearing the concrete blocks...
20:49 don't let that keep you out of heaven, Church.
20:53 Audience: Laughter.
20:55 Pause...
20:56 You want to look good... asphalt here... asphalt here...
21:01 asphalt here, asphalt here, asphalt on the belly button,
21:06 asphalt everywhere...
21:08 Laughter...
21:10 think of eternal things Ladies and Gentlemen,
21:13 we will walk on streets of gold...
21:16 that's what the Bible says,
21:19 let's get back to basics and do what we need to do,
21:23 we don't need to be defiant with anybody but the devil.
21:27 Be defiant in him and say, "I will not compromise...
21:31 I will not do what everyone else does...
21:33 I will not do it because I can do it,
21:35 I do what I want to do because I do what is right. "
21:39 Audience: "Amen. "
21:40 It goes on to say, "And I saw no temple therein:
21:45 for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the temple of it. "
21:48 And then He begins to say something in verse 25 of 21...
21:52 Revelation 21... He says, "And the gates of the city
21:56 shall not be shut at all by day:
21:59 for there shall be no night there. "
22:02 In other words,
22:03 we don't have to worry about anything getting in
22:05 that doesn't need to be there
22:06 but before we get to that point Ladies and Gentlemen,
22:09 the Bible says in verse 26, "And they shall bring the glory
22:15 and honour of the nations into it.
22:18 And there shall in no wise enter in...
22:21 anything that defileth,
22:24 neither whatsoever worketh abomination, or makes a lie:
22:29 but they which are written in the Lamb's book of life. "
22:34 Again, I say, "on the inside or on the outside looking in"
22:39 nothing... no one will get into the very kingdom of God
22:45 in those pearly gates unless your name is written
22:50 in the Lamb's Book of Life.
22:52 Unless you have surrendered your life... your heart...
22:57 your all... not 90 percent but 100 percent to Him,
23:02 that is the only way,
23:03 you're going to be on the inside looking out...
23:07 instead of on the outside looking in.
23:10 If you would turn with me to 1st Corinthians...
23:14 and sometimes we have to shock ourselves...
23:17 we have to shock ourselves...
23:20 1st Corinthians chapter 6...
23:23 says some things we don't like to admit
23:25 but it's the truth anyhow...
23:28 just like wearing asphalt...
23:30 it says in 1st Corinthians chapter 6 verse 9,
23:36 listen to this... it says,
23:38 "Know ye not that the unrighteous
23:40 shall not inherit the kingdom of God?"
23:42 The unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God.
23:45 "Be not deceived... " in other words...
23:49 don't lie to yourself...
23:51 "be not deceived: neither fornicators,
23:55 nor idolaters, not adulterers, nor effeminate,
23:58 nor abusers of themselves with mankind,
24:01 Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards,
24:04 nor revilers, nor extortioners,
24:06 shall inherit the kingdom of God. "
24:08 I know, people get quiet, real quiet there...
24:12 because somewhere folks, we fell in that category
24:18 or one of those categories
24:20 or a category that is a subheading of those categories.
24:24 You weren't always perfect and you're still not perfect.
24:28 I remember one time I was preaching a meeting
24:30 and I said, "We have all sinned
24:32 and have come short of the glory of God...
24:34 we're all sinners... "
24:35 and there was a little lady waiting for me
24:37 at the end of the service... when I came out
24:38 and she said, "I am not a sinner"
24:40 Audience: Laughter.
24:43 "I've been in the church... "
24:45 and she went on to tell me how many decades
24:47 since she had been in the church
24:49 and I let her go on and say what she had to say,
24:52 and then I said,
24:54 "But Dear, you were born in sin and shapen in iniquity...
24:56 that's what the Scripture says,
25:00 and if you are not a sinner,
25:03 then Jesus didn't have to die for you. "
25:07 And she looked at me, she said I was right
25:11 and she rolled her eyes and she walked away.
25:15 Audience: Laughter.
25:17 Praying for you Sis... praying for you.
25:19 The record says it plainly here folks,
25:21 anyway... everybody talking about heaven is not good.
25:26 Just because you can tell people about heaven,
25:30 just because you can give a Bible Study,
25:32 just because you have a knowledge of God,
25:34 just because you know the basic truth of the Bible,
25:37 even if you have gone to the next level
25:40 and you understand all the prophecies of the Bible,
25:43 Jesus says, "Even if you have gone to the point
25:45 where you cast out devils in His name... "
25:48 pause...
25:50 if He doesn't know you...
25:52 because you have given yourself to Him...
25:55 to be changed... to be translated...
25:58 to be renewed... if He doesn't know you,
26:00 you're still going to be on the outside looking in
26:03 instead of on the inside... looking out.
26:05 Audience: "Amen. "
26:07 It says here plain and simple Ladies and Gentlemen,
26:10 and it gives this list... and folks...
26:11 in this day and time... then we have to watch this...
26:14 in these days and times we have to be careful
26:18 about sexual impurity.
26:20 I know we don't talk about this,
26:23 oh there are children... put your hands on their ears...
26:25 the children know more than you think.
26:27 Audience: Agreeing. "That's right. "
26:29 We are living in a sinful world, Ladies and Gentlemen,
26:36 it is paralleling the evil that existed in Noah's time
26:43 when man's thoughts were continually evil.
26:47 The things that are going on today, Ladies and Gentlemen,
26:52 are of such... if they were spoken out loud,
26:56 it would make us blush
26:57 and then some of us wouldn't even blush
26:59 because it's so common.
27:00 Pause...
27:03 It gets to the point where even church folk...
27:06 individuals who say they love the Lord,
27:09 do everything... and do everything the world does
27:14 in their relationship because everybody is doing it.
27:18 I heard Jesus say in Matthew chapter 24... look at it please,
27:24 Matthew chapter 24, let's go down to this verse,
27:28 I want to read it verbatim... Matthew 24...
27:31 looking at verse 12... I believe...
27:34 but I want to be exactly sure on it,
27:36 Matthew 24...
27:38 searching for the verse...
27:42 here we go...
27:48 verse 12... I was correct...
27:52 "And because iniquity shall abound,
27:56 the love of many shall wax cold. "
27:59 In other words, because secret sin
28:03 will be practiced all over,
28:06 individuals will go cold in their relationship with Christ
28:11 and begin to fall away
28:13 and do everything that everybody else is doing.
28:16 Folks, we have a responsibility
28:19 not to do what everyone else is doing
28:22 but to do what God expects us to do as His children.
28:27 Ladies and Gentlemen,
28:28 you need to know and we have to understand
28:30 by studying the Word of God,
28:32 that the devil uses some things so successfully
28:36 over and over and over again
28:38 and when you go back and study the Scriptures,
28:41 and it tells us in Romans 15 verse 4,
28:44 "Whatsoever things were written aforetime
28:45 were written for our learning,
28:46 that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures
28:49 might have hope. "
28:50 It tells us, before the children of Israel
28:53 got over into the Promise Land,
28:55 after they had been going back and forth
28:58 in the wilderness for 40 years
29:00 when they couldn't be cursed, Ladies and Gentlemen
29:05 because God protected them
29:07 but when they gave into sensuality...
29:11 to sexual perversion...
29:14 when they gave in to what everyone else was doing
29:17 and they allowed themselves to be caught up
29:21 in the things of the world,
29:23 it tells us in 1st Corinthians chapter 10,
29:26 it says in verse 6,
29:27 "Now these things were our examples,
29:29 to the intent that we should not lust after evil things,
29:33 as they also lusted.
29:35 Neither be idolaters, as some of them were;
29:37 as it is written,
29:39 The people sat down to eat and drink,
29:41 and rose up to play.
29:42 Neither let us commit fornication,
29:44 as some of them committed,
29:46 and fell in one day three and twenty thousand. "
29:49 On the edge of the kingdom, verse 9,
29:54 "Neither let us tempt Christ, as some of them also tempted,
29:58 and were destroyed of serpents.
30:00 Neither murmur ye, as some of them also murmured
30:04 and were destroyed of the destroyer. "
30:06 It says in verse 11,
30:07 "Now all these things happened unto them for ensamples:
30:11 and they are written for our admonition,
30:13 upon the ends of the world that are to come. "
30:16 In other words, they are given to us to be warnings!
30:20 Audience: "Amen. "
30:21 Pause...
30:24 It says in verse 12,
30:25 "Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth
30:28 take heed lest he or she falls. "
30:32 So when I come back now to 1st Corinthians chapter 6
30:37 1st Corinthians chapter 6 verse 9,
30:38 and I see these list of things
30:40 that any of us could have done and are still doing,
30:43 look at verse 10, now this one really gets me
30:45 and I know someone's going to get mad
30:46 but that's all right... you got all day to get glad,
30:48 it says in verse 10, "no peace... "
30:50 and folks, can you imagine... just hear me out...
30:55 can you imagine, you're coming to church,
30:57 you're doing all of these things...
30:59 and you're not being faithful in your tithe,
31:02 you're not being faithful in your tithe,
31:05 you're just going through the motions
31:08 because, you see, when it talks about your money,
31:10 when it's about your money,
31:12 that's putting your money where your mouth is,
31:14 I remember when I was dating my wife
31:17 and she was going through different Bible Studies with me
31:21 and preparing me for baptism, I remember sitting in church
31:25 and when the offering plate came down,
31:27 I took out a 20 dollar bill and bam... threw it in...
31:29 I thought I did something...
31:30 Audience: Laughter...
31:32 and she looked at me... she didn't say anything...
31:34 then the next week... and I was going to church every week
31:37 I threw 40 dollars in the plate...
31:41 she looked at me... she didn't say anything...
31:45 so finally, we were talking somewhere during the week
31:49 and I said, "You know, you didn't really seem impressed
31:52 I was trying to help your church... "
31:53 She said, "Well, you know, you're really just tipping God"
31:56 Audience: Laughter.
31:57 I said... I said,
31:58 "What do you mean... tipping God?"
32:00 She said, "You're just tipping God,
32:02 the Bible talks about a tithe... a tenth of what you make. "
32:06 I said, "A tenth!
32:08 do you know how much I make?
32:12 I have a good job, a tenth of what I make?"
32:15 I said, "I'm not giving that money to some...
32:18 some preacher... so he can drive in a big Cadillac
32:21 and wear some big ring
32:23 and all the members are walking and he's in a big house
32:25 and all the members are in an apartment...
32:27 I'm not going to do that. "
32:28 Because it's my money coming out of my pocket
32:30 and we can find out all the reasons why don't want to do it
32:32 and she said, "It's not like that in this church. "
32:34 Audience: "Amen. "
32:36 "You see in this church
32:38 a percentage of it stays at the local Conference level
32:42 to pay for the ministers
32:44 and it doesn't matter if a pastor has 1,000 members
32:48 or if he has 10 members,
32:50 with his years of service, there's a same amount of salary
32:53 and then a portion of that goes not from the Conference level,
32:56 it goes up to the Union level
32:59 to manage those Conferences
33:01 in the territories that are there
33:03 and then it's caught up to a Division...
33:06 part of it goes to the Division
33:07 and the Division manages the work there
33:11 and if that's not enough,
33:12 there's a World Conference... General Conference...
33:15 where the funds keep going up... a portion of that
33:18 and then there's a part that goes to retirement
33:20 for retired ministers
33:22 and a part goes into education
33:24 and that's how your money is spent.
33:26 So when you get to the glorious kingdom of God,
33:31 there will be people in foreign places... in foreign countries
33:34 and in different states that you didn't know
33:36 that you had contributed to their relationship with Christ
33:40 because you were faithful with your tithe. "
33:43 Audience: "Amen. "
33:45 And I said, "Well, I can deal with that. "
33:47 Audience: "Amen. "
33:49 And she said, "Yes, and then there's an offering. "
33:52 Audience: Laughter.
33:54 Because your offering, Ladies and Gentlemen,
33:57 stays for the support of the local church.
34:00 Audience: "Amen. "
34:01 And it made sense...
34:03 But Folks, you know what? There are some of us...
34:05 we "tip" God week after week
34:07 after we hear the words of the prophet calling out
34:13 in Malachi chapter 3 verse 8, "Will a man rob God?"
34:18 "Will a man rob God? Yet you have robbed me.
34:21 But you say, Wherein have we robbed thee?
34:24 In tithes and offerings. "
34:25 It's right there...
34:27 can't get away from it.
34:29 You come to church in your big nice shiny car
34:33 with your big nice shiny shoes and your big nice shiny suit
34:39 and your pretty dress
34:40 and all of those different things...
34:42 you have your glimmering and glamour...
34:45 your desiring and design...
34:47 Audience: Laughter.
34:49 It is all right to look good in church
34:54 but I'd rather be a little bit less glamourous
34:58 and know that heaven is not looking at me as a thief.
35:02 Audience: "Amen... Amen... Amen...
35:04 Amen... Amen... "
35:05 I look at this thing and it says it there,
35:11 it says that they will not be in the Kingdom of God...
35:15 thieves won't be in the Kingdom of God.
35:19 I continue to look through the record
35:21 and I see all of these things there
35:24 and go back to Revelation chapter 21 verses 7 and 8
35:30 21... 7 and 8... it says,
35:32 "He that overcometh shall inherit all things... "
35:35 now, now, now, I want you to go back a minute,
35:39 I want you to go back to 1st Corinthians chapter 6
35:42 because I don't want to leave you there
35:43 feeling really, really that bad,
35:45 I want you to feel bad enough to do what's right
35:47 but I want you to be uplifted,
35:48 I want you to go back to 1st Corinthians chapter 6
35:52 verse 9 and move on to verse 11.
35:56 It says, "And such were some of you... "
35:59 but that little word there, "but"
36:02 "but ye are washed, but you are sanctified,
36:11 but you are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus,
36:16 and by the Spirit of our God. "
36:18 Yes!
36:19 "I used to be a liar, I used to be a thief,
36:22 I used to be a fornicator, I used to be an adulterer,
36:24 I did all of those things...
36:26 I used to smoke these and... do all of that... "
36:28 I'm not talking about me, I'm talking about all of us,
36:30 we've all done everything...
36:32 come on now...
36:34 no need for a confession to you...
36:36 you do your confession to God...
36:38 and He says, "If you confess your sins,
36:39 He is faithful and just to forgive you your sins
36:42 and cleanse you from all unrighteousness
36:44 that's what my Jesus does,
36:46 it's not about what I've done for you to know...
36:48 it's what I have known that I've done
36:51 and for Him to know
36:52 and Him to cover us with the blood of Jesus Christ.
36:56 Audience: "Amen. "
36:57 He said, "Of such will some of you... "
37:00 if it weren't for the blood of Jesus,
37:02 no one would be going through the glorious gates of glory
37:06 we wouldn't have a chance but He says,
37:09 "Because of what He has done...
37:11 because of what the Father has done...
37:13 because of what the Holy Spirit has done... "
37:16 you see God was in Christ
37:17 reconciling the world unto Himself
37:20 and the only way He can bring us to Him
37:22 is to allow the Holy Spirit to get in us,
37:25 wrap us up and lasso us in.
37:28 Audience: "Amen. "
37:29 I come back now... I come back now
37:32 to the promise of Revelation 21 verse 7,
37:36 "He that overcometh shall inherit all things... "
37:40 in other words... you can make it in...
37:42 if you overcome.
37:44 He says, "He that overcometh shall inherit all things;
37:50 and I will be his God,
37:52 and he shall be my son or daughter... "
37:54 He goes on to give another list in Scripture,
37:57 "But the fearful, and the unbelieving,
37:59 and the abominable, and murderers,
38:01 and whoremongers, and sorcerers,
38:04 and idolaters, and all liars,
38:07 shall have their part in the lake
38:08 which burneth with fire and brimstone:
38:10 which is the second death. "
38:12 In other words, these are more categories of individuals
38:15 who will be on the outside looking in...
38:18 they're fearful...
38:21 what do you mean by that, "they are fearful?"
38:23 last night we saw the command in the last days...
38:25 to fear God and give glory to Him
38:27 it's not talking about that type of "fearful. "
38:29 In Revelation 14:6 where it says,
38:32 "Fear God and give glory to Him... "
38:34 it's talking about when we understand who God is
38:37 and we have the adoring reverence
38:40 to surrender everything to Him because we know who He is...
38:44 He is God...
38:45 He has saved us...
38:48 He is saving us... He loves us...
38:52 He's coming back for us
38:54 we have a reverence for Him,
38:56 we are thankful that He is rescuing us
38:59 not only from the things of this world
39:02 but He is rescuing us from ourselves.
39:04 Audience: "Amen. "
39:06 See, the devil is an enemy, he's our adversary
39:08 and he is like a roaring lion seeking whom he can devour
39:12 but folks we do a good job on ourselves,
39:15 awfully quiet here...
39:18 folks at home... they got real quiet there...
39:21 we do a job on ourselves, we have the devil to deal with
39:29 but when we deal with ourselves sometimes,
39:32 we're not honest with what's really wrong with us
39:36 and my Bible tells me that the heart is deceitfully wicked
39:41 who can know it?"
39:42 And that's why we have to let Jesus take control of our hearts
39:46 because if we don't do that, we'll tell ourselves
39:50 we're okay...
39:52 you know, some people... if you ever ask them,
39:53 "How's things?" They always say, "Fine. "
39:56 Two minutes ago they were on the phone...
39:59 somebody else... about to commit suicide...
40:01 but when you come to them, everything is fine.
40:03 Life is fine, children are fine,
40:05 wife is fine, everything is fine fine... fine... fine...
40:07 and we lie to ourselves when it comes to our own spirituality
40:11 we think that we're okay because we look around
40:14 and we see somebody... in a worse condition than us
40:16 and Folks, there's always going to be someone
40:18 in a worse condition than you
40:19 but that same person could be on the outside with you.
40:22 Pause...
40:24 When we come to Jesus, Ladies and Gentlemen,
40:27 we have to be renewed by the transforming of our mind
40:31 and it tells us in Romans chapter 12 verses 1 and 2
40:35 we have to let our bodies be a living sacrifice
40:39 where we allow the Holy Spirit to come in
40:41 and make the changes that are necessary.
40:44 We have to do it...
40:48 the record tells us here friends plain and simple
40:51 that the fearful are individuals
40:54 who are afraid to do what's right
40:56 because they don't understand
40:58 or they worry about what people think.
41:00 Hmmm... hmmm...
41:02 negative peer pressure...
41:05 I remember when I first came into the church
41:10 and I would come to church, I had my Bible
41:15 and I had it out... I was proud... to have my Bible
41:20 and I saw some people would come in the church
41:24 and they had their Bible all hidden in a bag
41:27 all wrapped up...
41:30 go into to a restaurant... I don't care who's looking...
41:37 I'm not going to make a big scene
41:39 and fall down on the floor and raising my hands
41:40 to pray over my food,
41:42 but I am going to pray over my food,
41:44 I don't know what in the world
41:46 they're doing back there to the food
41:48 and when it comes to me, I just pray to God
41:50 that it's all right, come on now...
41:52 I can't afford not to pray
41:55 that will stand up for my God
41:58 He said that if we are ashamed of Him and don't confess Him,
42:02 He will be ashamed of us and not confess us.
42:06 Audience: "Amen... amen... "
42:08 People are scared to stand up
42:11 when it comes to the Sabbath
42:13 they just keep on working,
42:16 "well, I just give extra tithe. "
42:22 You can't bribe Jesus...
42:24 Audience: "Amen... that's right... "
42:25 Stand up...
42:28 I remember the first encounter I had
42:31 with Sabbath in the workplace
42:32 and I knew it was coming and I knew it was right
42:35 and I came to my boss and I told him,
42:36 I said, I can't work on Sabbath...
42:38 Sabbath is my Sabbath, it's the Bible Sabbath,
42:41 it's from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday
42:45 and I went on and I gave Him all my texts
42:48 and He said, "Be there tomorrow... on time"
42:52 So, I have to admit this... it happened,
42:55 what I did... I called in sick...
42:57 Audience: Laughter...
43:00 You know, that's a half bow... you know...
43:03 forgive me Lord...
43:04 and my boss called me in...
43:07 called me in... sat me down on Monday...
43:09 he said, "You were sick huh?"
43:11 I said, "Yeah, I was sick... no, I am lying"
43:13 Audience: Laughter...
43:15 Lord, have mercy, I read it right here,
43:17 "and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie" Revelation 22:15
43:19 we have to just stand up for Jesus...
43:21 we have to do like those Hebrew boys
43:23 the Hebrew boys... they were out there
43:25 on the plains of Dura, everybody else is bowing down
43:29 they could have gotten away with bending down and tying shoe...
43:33 or sandals... when the trumpet blew
43:35 but those boys stood on their tippy toes...
43:38 they said they're going to stand up for Jesus.
43:41 Audience: "Amen. " Clapping.
43:43 And we must get to the point
43:44 where we are not fearful of
43:46 the things that can be done to us in this life,
43:49 those boys said to Nebuchadnezzar...
43:50 Nebuchadnezzar said, "Listen, I like you guys,
43:52 you're good kids... we really enjoy your work here
43:55 if you have another opportunity you can bow down
43:58 and I'll act like I didn't see it the first time... "
43:59 They said, "Nebuchadnezzar, keep it...
44:02 you don't have to play that song for me...
44:04 you see, I'm walking to the beat of a different drummer,
44:08 you don't have to play that song for me
44:11 the God that we serve is able to save us
44:15 but if He doesn't feel like doing it now, it's okay...
44:18 you see, I heard something that Job said,
44:20 that if I'm just faithful,
44:22 I know that on the great 'getting-up morning'
44:25 I shall see the Lord Himself with my own body,
44:29 with my own eyes and praise Him with my own tongue
44:32 because the God I serve is not only King of Kings...
44:35 and the Lord of Lords...
44:36 the God I serve is resurrection and the life
44:39 and you can crumble me up to ashes
44:41 and sprinkle me over the sea
44:42 but on the great 'getting-up morning'
44:44 my God who put everything into existence
44:47 by His power and by His might and His grace,
44:49 He shall bring me back together. "
44:52 Audience: "Amen... " Clapping...
44:55 That's what He does,
44:56 that's the God we serve
44:58 and He says to us that we can't be fearful,
45:02 there's nothing that man can do to you
45:05 that can separate you from the love of Jesus Christ,
45:08 oh my friends, turn with me to Romans chapter 8
45:11 Romans chapter 8, I love this thing,
45:13 it gives me goosebumps when I read it,
45:15 Romans chapter 8 and somebody knows
45:17 where I am going to go to, what I'm about to say,
45:20 Romans chapter 8 verse 38,
45:22 "For I am persuaded... "
45:24 hmmm... "For I am persuaded... "
45:27 no, no, no, no, no, let's get the whole thing.
45:29 go up to verse 35...
45:30 "Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?
45:32 shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine,
45:36 or nakedness, or danger or sword?
45:38 As it is written, For thy sake
45:40 we are killed all day long;
45:42 we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.
45:44 Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors
45:47 through him that loved us.
45:49 For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life,
45:52 not angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present,
45:55 nor things to come.
45:57 Nor height, nor depth, nor any creature,
45:59 shall be able to separate us from the love of God,
46:03 which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. "
46:06 Audience: "Amen. "
46:09 Stand up for the Master to make the long story short,
46:13 they assigned me to work another Sabbath.
46:16 I said, "Well, I can't lie, I can't call in sick...
46:25 I'm just going to stand tall for the Lord. "
46:31 Audience: "Amen. "
46:32 On Thursday, my second boss came to me
46:37 and he said, "We're taking you off Sabbath... "
46:42 he said it, "Sabbath duty... "
46:47 the boss who was going to write me up
46:52 and said that he would deal with me the second time
46:54 got transferred...
46:56 Audience: "Amen" Clapping.
46:58 And the boss that I had after that,
47:02 Dipper Ann...
47:03 praise God for him...
47:04 never assigned me another Saturday
47:07 as long as I was in the phone company.
47:10 Audience: "Amen. "
47:12 He's able, Ladies and Gentlemen, He's able...
47:14 if we would just stand tall and stand faithful to Him,
47:18 Jesus looks at us and He says...
47:20 if you would turn with me to Luke chapter 13...
47:23 Luke chapter 13... He says to us...
47:25 that we must not only stand tall
47:28 but we have to press on, Ladies and Gentlemen,
47:31 press on... to the Kingdom...
47:33 He says in verse 24 of Luke 13, He says to,
47:37 "Strive to enter in at the strait gate:
47:40 for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in,
47:43 and shall not be able.
47:44 When the master of the house is risen up,
47:47 and has shut the door, and you begin to stand without,
47:50 and to knock at the door, saying Lord, Lord, open unto us;
47:53 and then He shall answer unto you,
47:55 I know not whence you are. "
47:57 Pause...
48:00 The saddest words... that will be heard by human ears.
48:07 In Mathew 7 verse 21... Matthew 7 verse 21,
48:12 we see these individuals who have said
48:15 that they've known the Lord but the record tells us
48:18 plain and simple... that they never really knew Him.
48:22 Jesus says in verse 21,
48:24 "Not every one that saith unto me,
48:26 Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven;
48:29 but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. "
48:32 He that doeth the will... doeth the will, doeth the will,
48:36 "Many will say to me in that day,
48:38 Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name?
48:40 and in thy name have we not cast out devils?
48:42 and in thy name have we not done many wonderful works?
48:44 And then I will profess unto them,
48:46 I never knew you:
48:48 depart from me, ye that work iniquity. "
48:51 Pause...
48:54 Friends, the record tells us in Revelation chapter 22
48:58 and you have to look at this, you have to internalize
49:01 and you have to make a decision on how you will handle this
49:05 Revelation chapter 22 verse 14, verse 14 says,
49:09 "Blessed are they that do his commandments... "
49:13 not think about them... not preach about them...
49:18 not sing about them... but do His commandments.
49:22 When John tells us in John 14:15,
49:25 "If you love me, keep my commandments. "
49:27 The Lord goes on to tell us
49:29 that the commandments are something
49:30 that we can't keep by ourselves...
49:32 the Holy Ghost has to come in
49:34 and keep the commandments with us and for us,
49:37 we are incapable of doing it ourselves
49:39 but when we give it to Jesus,
49:41 when we allow Him to come into our hearts, where we say,
49:44 "Let this mind be in us... which was even in Christ Jesus
49:47 the mind of God... "
49:49 then you can keep the commandments of God.
49:52 Audience: "Amen. "
49:53 And He will guide us and keep us day by day,
49:57 oh yes, some days you may fall but friends the God we serve
50:01 will pick us up with His tender hands
50:03 and place us back on our way
50:06 and Folks, if you're going to fall...
50:07 fall in the arms... the everlasting arms of Jesus Christ
50:12 and He will lift you up and take you on your way.
50:15 It says, "Blessed are they that do His commandments,
50:17 that they may have a right to the tree of life,
50:21 and may enter in through the gates of the city. "
50:24 What gates? Those pearly gates.
50:26 Audience: "Amen. "
50:27 Those pearly gates and jasper walls
50:32 on the foundation of precious stones
50:37 those pearly gates
50:40 that have angels at the entrances... not Peter...
50:45 those pearly gates that reflect the very glory of God.
50:51 Those pearly gates, Ladies and Gentlemen,
50:54 that will lead us to mansions on high,
50:57 those pearly gates that will lead us
50:59 through the river of Life, the pearly gates
51:01 that will bring us to the Tree of Life
51:03 with 12 manner of fruits are there... each month for us
51:07 and the leaves are for the healing of the nations.
51:10 Through the Pearly Gates it says,
51:12 "Those that keep the commandments of God
51:14 and have the faith of Jesus Christ... "
51:16 well, Revelation 12:17 tells us
51:19 that those are the people that the devil hates.
51:21 Now, if you got common sense, if the devil hates you,
51:24 you've got to know... you have to know
51:26 it has to be in you that if the devil hates you,
51:28 Jesus loves you.
51:30 Audience: "Amen. " Clapping.
51:32 Clapping...
51:35 So don't get caught up in Theology
51:37 where you are so righteous that you miss the spiritual blessing
51:42 where you try to interpret Scripture by your own way,
51:46 the Bible is its own expositor.
51:50 Audience: "Amen. "
51:51 And it tell us... it tells us in the last book of the Bible
51:56 in verse 14 chapter 22, it says,
52:00 "Blessed are they that do His commandments,
52:02 that they have a right to the tree of life,
52:05 and may enter into the gates of the city. "
52:07 Audience: "Amen. "
52:09 My friends, if you are not obedient
52:12 you're going to be in that crowd...
52:16 that verse 27 of Luke 13 talks about
52:20 and Jesus said, "I will tell you,
52:22 I know you not from whence you are,
52:25 depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity
52:26 and there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth,
52:30 when you see Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob,
52:33 and all the prophets in the kingdom of God,
52:35 and yourselves thrust out. "
52:37 When you see your Pastor,
52:39 and the deacons and the elders and the ushers...
52:41 when you see your church members those you went to school with,
52:43 when you see that bum down the street
52:45 that you wouldn't give a ride to
52:46 but he accepted Jesus and he's in there,
52:48 when you see that prostitute who has been cleaned up
52:50 and she had become holy and she's looking at you,
52:52 you see, the walls are 216 feet high
52:55 and they're clear as crystal... jasper
52:58 and you see them on the inside
52:59 but you in your self-righteousness
53:02 are on the outside...
53:04 Pause...
53:06 Or you told them...
53:07 they weren't going because they weren't keeping Sabbath
53:10 but you weren't keeping Sabbath in your heart.
53:12 Audience: "That's right. "
53:14 You didn't let the love come in...
53:16 you didn't let the Spirit of God come in,
53:18 you didn't have the Godliness and the brotherly kindness
53:21 you weren't what you were supposed to be
53:23 you were mean and critical and judgmental
53:26 and you fought against every program that was not your idea.
53:30 Audience: Agreeing.
53:32 You spent more time fighting about rugs and color and paint
53:36 and the things and what office people should have
53:39 instead of putting your energy into the kingdom of God
53:42 to let men, women, boys and girls know the truth
53:44 about our coming Savior who died on the cross
53:47 whose commandments are the standard of the judgment
53:50 and who is coming very soon...
53:52 you'll be on the outside looking in...
53:55 but on the inside...
53:58 oh thank God...
54:00 in the inside... when you're with Jesus,
54:02 you're in the shelter in the time of storm,
54:05 on the inside...
54:08 you will be there... because you gave it all to Jesus
54:13 all to Jesus...
54:15 all to Jesus and He has paved the way.
54:20 Audience: "Amen... amen... "
54:23 There is a fountain
54:33 filled with blood,
54:42 Drawn from Immanuel's
54:52 veins,
54:57 And sinners plunged
55:05 beneath that flood
55:12 Lose all
55:18 their guilty stains.
55:27 The dying thief
55:35 rejoiced to see
55:44 That fountain
55:51 in His day...
55:58 And there have I,
56:05 though vile as he,
56:12 Washed all
56:17 my sins away...
56:24 washed all my sins away.
56:34 Let the blood of Jesus Christ wash away your sin,
56:38 all you have to do is just reach out to Him,
56:41 in your heart, in your mind, right now,
56:43 and your sin will be forgiven.
56:46 The God we serve is a Mighty God
56:48 and He wants you on the inside
56:51 not the outside...
56:52 give Him your heart today
56:55 and He accepts you.
56:57 God bless you... and God be with you.


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