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00:47 Looking at the book of Revelation...
00:56 Good evening and welcome
00:58 I am Henoc Paulicin,
01:01 Pastor of the Ambassador Seventh-day Adventist Church
01:04 in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida.
01:05 The Ambassador Church is a friendly and fast-growing church
01:10 in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area
01:13 and for those who are viewing,
01:15 if you're ever in the area and you're visiting,
01:18 we'd love to have you come and visit us
01:20 here at Ambassador Church.
01:22 This evening, I have with me,
01:24 another member of my Ministerial Staff
01:26 Elder Albert Daley and I'll let him introduce himself.
01:29 Thank you very much Pastor Paulicin
01:32 and we're so thankful to God
01:34 that you have invited us into your homes
01:37 and we are grateful that we have this opportunity
01:40 to present the Word of God from the very pulpit here
01:43 at the Ambassador Seventh-day Adventist Church
01:45 and to be proclaimed around the world.
01:47 We thank God for 3ABN and for the partnership with them
01:53 and with Living Word Ministry
01:54 and also for the faithfulness
01:56 of the family of the Ambassador Seventh-day Adventist Church
01:59 in making this possible.
02:01 Elder Daley and I were talking just a few minutes ago
02:04 about the text found in Romans chapter 1 verse 16
02:08 which says that I'm not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ
02:12 for it is the power
02:13 and we were talking about how wonderful it is
02:16 that God has given us the ability to share this gospel
02:21 throughout the world.
02:22 You know Pastor, this is a wonderful opportunity
02:25 because you and I could not go around the world
02:27 and proclaim the Word but through this medium,
02:30 we are able to reach tremendous amounts of people,
02:33 I trust that as the Word of God is proclaimed
02:36 that your hearts will be opened.
02:38 The Word of God has power to change lives
02:41 and to change your circumstances
02:43 and we pray that you will take this opportunity
02:46 to see the Lord for who He is and accept and serve Him.
02:50 And for those who are watching for the very first time, perhaps
02:54 we are in the middle of a Series "Through the eyes of John"
02:57 and the Speaker is none other than
03:00 Pastor Lawrence Steven Dorsey Sr.
03:03 and we look forward to seeing
03:05 what the man of God has to say to us tonight
03:09 but let's begin with a word of prayer,
03:11 Elder Daley, would you pray for us?
03:13 Kindly bow your heads with me as we pray.
03:15 "Eternal Father and our God who art in heaven,
03:18 we're so grateful that you have given us another day...
03:21 another day to serve you and another day to live.
03:25 Lord, I pray that you will continue to bless us
03:28 and bless this ministry
03:30 and for those who are listening, dear Lord,
03:32 I pray a special blessing upon them,
03:34 upon their homes and upon their families,
03:37 whatever circumstances we face, dear Lord,
03:39 we place it into your care
03:41 and we ask that you will continue to lead...
03:44 continue to guide and continue to direct your people,
03:47 thank you for hearing our prayers,
03:49 in the name of Jesus we pray, amen. "
03:51 Audience: "Amen. "
03:56 Walking off the stage.
04:01 Piano music...
04:06 more music...
04:11 some more music...
04:14 music...
04:21 There is a sweet anointing here
04:29 the sanctuary,
04:32 There is a stillness in the atmosphere
04:41 Come and lay down
04:46 the burdens you have carried
04:51 for in the sanctuary
04:57 God is here.
05:02 There is a sweet anointing here
05:09 in the sanctuary.
05:13 There is a stillness in the atmosphere
05:22 a Man lay down the burdens you have carried
05:31 for in the sanctuary
05:37 God is here.
05:42 He is here,
05:47 He is here...
05:52 to break the yoke and lift your heavy burden,
06:01 He is here
06:06 God is here...
06:10 to break the yoke and take away your burden,
06:19 a Man lay down for burdens you have carried
06:28 for in the sanctuary
06:33 God...
06:39 is here.
06:43 God is here, somebody ought to be happy
06:48 to know that God is here with us in our sanctuary
06:51 but more than that... God is with us in our heart.
06:54 Audience: "Amen. "
06:56 You know when we first opened this Series up,
06:57 we saw that in Revelation 1 verse 10
07:01 that John says that he was in the spirit on the Lord's day,
07:05 he was there by himself.
07:07 You see, the Bible tells us
07:09 where there are two or three gathered together in His name,
07:11 He is there in their midst
07:13 but if there's no one else there you can count on the fact
07:16 that Jesus is there also
07:18 and as we come tonight once again
07:20 unto His house of worship
07:22 and those of you who have tuned in tonight
07:24 we know that God will be here with us
07:27 because we have invited Him to be in our very presence.
07:31 Before we go into our message tonight
07:34 and this is a very special message to me...
07:36 a message that really changed my life
07:40 and a message that I pray
07:41 will change all our lives for the better
07:43 but I just want to share with you
07:46 some of the e-mails and calls that we received
07:49 the last few days
07:51 we have a shout-out from a Mary Thompson
07:54 from the Cayman Islands and she said
07:57 that she was trying to get more people to watch it there
08:00 and I have a lot of good friends in the Cayman
08:03 so I hope, you all are on board,
08:05 Mary got you in line for tonight's message,
08:07 can we say "Amen" to that? Audience: "Amen. "
08:09 We have a Lenny and Peggy from Diamond Bar, California,
08:13 then, back from Australia,
08:15 and we appreciate the folks watching from Australia...
08:17 I know it's a different time from here,
08:20 we have a Anna Hammer who is watching
08:23 and she solicits our prayers for her there,
08:27 then we have a Janet Hunter from New Mexico
08:31 and she said that she's enjoying the messages there,
08:35 then a Theresa and a Marion from the state of Georgia
08:38 and she is not only listening each and every night,
08:42 they are asking for special prayer
08:44 and I said, "What better way
08:46 could we pray... except that we let all the prayer warriors
08:49 that are out there to hear these requests
08:52 and be able to pray for these individuals.
08:54 Then we have a Keith Hunter in Soledad, California
08:58 and he is not only enjoying the meeting,
09:01 he is desirous of us... sending to him some study material
09:06 that he can share with the people that live near him
09:09 and by God's grace,
09:11 we are going to send some things to him.
09:16 Now, yesterday, I met a Cynthia and George
09:21 in Punta Gorda
09:23 and they said to me something that made me feel pretty good,
09:27 they said, "You don't look as big as you do on TV,
09:33 as you are in person. "
09:35 So, in other words, in other words...
09:37 I'm not as heavy as I thought I was there, okay...
09:40 so that was a blessing
09:42 and then, last night, the cream of the crop...
09:44 last night, I got a phone call from a Anna Hicks in Maryland
09:48 and she said, "Pastor Dorsey, Pastor Dorsey, where are you?
09:53 I was searching for you on the television...
09:55 on 3ABN last night and you weren't there
09:58 and I was getting my friends together to watch the service. "
10:02 And I said, "Well, there was no service last night
10:05 but please watch again tonight. "
10:07 So tonight, we hope you're there Anna
10:09 and we hope all of us who have been praying
10:11 and enjoying these meetings are extending the invitation
10:14 to our friends... that they too might hear the Word of God
10:17 because God has been blessing us.
10:19 Tonight our message is, "God's Forgotten Revelation"
10:24 shall we pray?
10:25 "Loving Lord, again we are thankful
10:27 for your goodness and mercy,
10:29 we thank you Lord that you have brought us
10:31 to this place in time
10:33 and even now, we ask that your Holy Spirit
10:35 will do His delightful work of drawing us to you
10:40 let the Word of God live...
10:42 take control of everything here tonight,
10:45 and bless us with your presence,
10:47 in Jesus' name, amen. "
10:49 I like for us to quickly
10:51 remember some things in your mind...
10:55 remember some things in your mind
10:59 about the Bible that you could never forget.
11:02 Just quickly... just go over in your mind...
11:05 just bring a text to your heart and mind...
11:07 and think of some text that you know you could never forget,
11:12 well, I'm going to take the easy way out,
11:14 I think the most familiar text in the Bible is John 3:16.
11:18 Audience: "Amen. "
11:19 "For God so loved the world,
11:22 that He gave His only begotten Son,
11:24 that whosoever believeth in Him should not... " what?
11:27 Audience: "perish... "
11:28 "but have everlasting life. "
11:29 So that's something we could never forget.
11:33 We could never forget Isaiah 1 verse 18,
11:35 "Come now, let us reason together...
11:38 though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow"
11:42 we understand that this is a text
11:45 where God is pleading with mankind...
11:48 He is saying, "Let me come and talk to you,
11:51 let me bring my love to you on your level. "
11:54 God who is way up there... is pleading with mankind,
11:58 it's as though He's sitting next to us
12:01 on our couch, on our stool, on our stoop,
12:04 in our swing, in our chair,
12:06 and He is saying, "Let me talk to you...
12:08 let's reason together... I'm trying to save you...
12:11 let me save you. "
12:12 We couldn't forget that text,
12:14 we couldn't forget 1st John 1 verse 9,
12:19 where it tells us, "If we confess our sins,
12:23 He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins
12:26 and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness"
12:28 and when we think about that, confessing...
12:31 what do we have to do to confess?
12:33 Well, it's easy... just tell it to Jesus.
12:35 Confessing it is just telling Jesus what He already knows.
12:41 We have to be able to pray and say,
12:44 "Lord Jesus, I am a sinner, I need help
12:47 I don't do things I don't like, I do things I like
12:52 that is what makes it addictive and I don't have the power
12:59 within me to break this addiction,
13:02 you see, I've been born in sin and shapen in iniquity
13:05 and it has a hold on me and if you don't come to me
13:09 and break this thing from me, I will be eternally lost
13:13 and I won't be able to be in your presence...
13:15 do what I can't do for myself, Lord Jesus... and do it now... "
13:21 and friends, you pray a prayer like that
13:22 and that addiction... that sin...
13:24 that is holding you...
13:25 He will break it because that's what He does.
13:28 Audience: "Amen. "
13:29 And He says, not only will He forgive you
13:33 but He says, He cleans us up
13:36 and presents us before the Father.
13:39 Oh, what a ministry the Father and the Son have in our behalf,
13:44 we couldn't forget those things.
13:46 But folks, tonight, I want you to know
13:48 there is a revelation... a knowledge...
13:50 in the Word of God that many of us have forgotten
13:54 that is as important or maybe even more important
13:58 for us... living in the last days
14:00 than those examples of Scripture
14:02 that we have looked at tonight.
14:04 I'd like for you to turn with me to Revelation chapter 14
14:08 and you've seen this text before,
14:10 but we're going to see it a little different way tonight,
14:12 Revelation 14... beginning with verse 6.
14:17 "And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven,
14:21 having the everlasting gospel
14:23 to preach unto them that dwell on the earth,
14:26 and to every nation, and kindred,
14:28 and tongue, and people... "
14:29 it's just not the gospel, it's the everlasting gospel.
14:32 It's just not about the cross of Calvary,
14:35 but it's about the cross of Calvary...
14:38 it's about the commandments of the living God
14:40 that are still in effect,
14:42 and it's about the second coming of Jesus Christ
14:44 that we all have to be ready for.
14:46 The everlasting gospel... the whole story...
14:49 you see, some people who just take the cross
14:53 and use that as the only part of the gospel
14:56 and they just preach that,
14:58 they're doing people a disservice
15:00 because some individuals
15:02 think that just because Jesus died on the cross,
15:04 you can do anything you want.
15:07 I've had individuals tell me,
15:10 "Once saved... always saved. "
15:12 Pause...
15:14 And when you read the Word of God...
15:15 you will see in the Word of God,
15:17 it says, "if a man or woman, boy or girl,
15:20 goes back and does the things that they used to do... "
15:23 it says, "all of their righteousness
15:25 shall not be mentioned. "
15:26 Pause...
15:29 But tonight, I want us to understand
15:31 that it's more than just the cross of Jesus Christ,
15:33 it tells us a story of His commandments
15:36 and how important they are to Him.
15:39 He says, "If you love me... "
15:41 John 14:15... "keep my commandments...
15:43 and my commandments... "
15:44 He says in 1st John... that they are not grievous,
15:47 they are there for us,
15:49 it shows our relationship with Him,
15:51 we are doing it not in our own strength
15:54 but when you look at that in John 14,
15:56 after He says that... in verse 15,
15:58 Jesus goes on to tell
16:00 how the Holy Spirit will come into us and abide in us
16:03 and give us the power to keep the commandments of God.
16:06 It's beyond us,
16:10 and then, this everlasting gospel
16:12 talks about His second coming.
16:14 Folks, if we don't really believe,
16:16 the second coming is coming...
16:19 then you will just go through the motions
16:22 of being a Christian with modified behavior
16:26 and you can easily slip back to your old self
16:29 but when you are living each and every day
16:33 with the blessed hope...
16:34 when you are living every day hoping
16:36 that you will build a closer relationship with Jesus Christ,
16:41 you are reaching out to Him
16:44 because you want to be able to see Him in peace,
16:47 you have a relationship with Him...
16:49 that you know... the things that are going on in this world,
16:52 they're going to come to an end and He's coming soon,
16:55 he's going to rescue us.
16:58 So you see, He's a Savior and He's a deliverer.
17:02 Isaiah saw it... Isaiah saw it,
17:06 he said, "This is my God, know this is our God...
17:09 and we have waited for Him and He will save us. "
17:12 He's a Savior and a deliverer He's coming...
17:15 and Ladies and Gentlemen,
17:16 the only way that you can keep focus in this world...
17:19 is to know that you don't belong to this world.
17:22 The only way that you can focus in this world
17:25 is that you have your hope and your dreams
17:27 and your aspirations and your goals...
17:30 it's all based on a relationship with Him...
17:33 that will continue when this world ends.
17:36 You are living here today but you're living for tomorrow
17:42 because you know that the God you serve
17:44 has control of tomorrow and He's coming soon
17:48 and we have to be faithful, we have to endure until the end.
17:53 Audience: "Amen. "
17:54 Through persecution...
17:55 through tribulation... through temptation...
17:58 through sickness... through death...
18:01 through disappointment...
18:03 though broken-hearted...
18:04 we must hold on to His unchanging hand.
18:08 Audience: "Amen. "
18:10 We have to understand that part of the gospel,
18:13 so we see this angel flying in the midst of heaven
18:17 having the everlasting gospel, the whole story...
18:20 telling the whole story and it says,
18:23 "He says with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him;
18:30 for the hour of his judgment is come... "
18:33 and let's deal with this, He says, "Fear God... "
18:36 in other words, have respect for Him...
18:40 have reverence... people don't have respect for God
18:44 when you talked about spiritual things they laughed at you
18:49 when you say that you are a Christian
18:52 and you're living right for God,
18:54 they say that you're a weakling...
18:56 I had one person say to me that I'm a weakling
18:59 because I'm serving Jesus Christ,
19:02 that religion is nothing more than a crutch.
19:04 I said, "It is a crutch...
19:06 I have to lean on His everlasting arms. "
19:07 Audience: "Amen. "
19:09 I can't make it myself... I am not capable of doing that,
19:13 I can't propel myself to heaven, it's not in me,
19:17 yes, I need Him, I can't be Holy,
19:20 I can't be pure,
19:22 I can't be trusted in my natural self,
19:25 but when I allow Him to take control of me,
19:28 I can be somebody,
19:29 as long as I am under His control
19:32 and His power.
19:33 Audience: "Amen. "
19:35 Respect for Him,
19:37 they say some things, Ladies and Gentlemen,
19:40 that I know that on that great day
19:42 when they see the King in His glory,
19:44 they will shudder...
19:46 they say some things negative in their jokes
19:50 and in their movies and in their books
19:53 and in their jesting...
19:54 that if they could see the angels' faces watching them,
19:58 looking at them, and recording their words,
20:01 they would die from horror!
20:03 Fear God, have respect for Him, have some reverence.
20:09 Look at the first chapter of the book of Proverbs,
20:15 coming to verse 7,
20:17 the wisest man that ever lived wrote these words,
20:21 Ladies and Gentlemen, he says,
20:24 "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge:
20:28 but fools despise wisdom and instruction. "
20:32 In other words, if we would have the fear of the Lord,
20:35 we would have the reverence
20:38 and the relationship with Him
20:42 to understand who He is,
20:44 folks, if you really just stepped back
20:46 and understood who He is...
20:48 pause...
20:51 we don't give Him His due
20:53 and sometimes we talk about people who don't know Him
20:57 who don't give Him His due,
20:59 sometimes as Christians, we don't give Him His due.
21:01 We sit in church and do things that... we do in theatres
21:06 and ball parks and gymnasiums,
21:11 we come in with an attitude as though the living God
21:15 is not there, Ladies and Gentlemen,
21:17 we are disrespectful in our talk... in our plans...
21:21 and we sit in church and we think that we're automatically
21:25 going to get a blessing just because we're there,
21:27 friends, Jesus says the day will come
21:29 that we will worship Him in Spirit and in truth
21:32 not because of the religious aspect of what you're doing,
21:35 but by the motivating force of your religion.
21:38 Audience: "Amen. "
21:40 Pause...
21:43 The Amplified Bible reads Proverbs 1 verse 7 like this,
21:46 "The reverent and worshipful fear of the Lord
21:51 is the beginning and principle and choice part of knowledge"
21:55 that is... its starting point and its essence
22:00 "but fools despise skillful and Godly wisdom,
22:06 instruction and discipline. "
22:08 In other words...
22:10 a fool just wants to do whatever he wants to do
22:12 or what she wants to do
22:13 because "fools" can be men or women,
22:18 come on... I look at the definition of a fool by Webster,
22:23 it says, "a silly or stupid person
22:26 who lacks judgment or sense"
22:28 and folks, in this world, there are a lot of people
22:31 who don't have judgment and don't have any sense.
22:34 It goes on to give a list of sentiments...
22:37 it says, "a fool is a dunce, a blockhead, a numbskull,
22:42 an ignoramus, a nincompoop, a moron, an imbecile... "
22:49 the Greek takes the word "fool" and says,
22:53 "someone who has a lack of common sense and perception,
22:58 a lack of reality of things natural and spiritual
23:04 without discernment and understanding. "
23:08 So I can understand what the Bible... wisest man says,
23:12 individuals who don't give God their respect and reverence
23:16 is a fool... because they don't even know
23:19 who they're not worshipping.
23:20 They don't understand that He is God and God alone.
23:24 They don't understand that He is Creator and Re-Creator.
23:28 They don't understand that in Him they live and move
23:31 and have their being,
23:33 friends, my God who lives in glory,
23:35 rains and puts sunshine on the wicked and the just.
23:39 "The eyes of the Lord are in every place... "
23:45 Proverbs 15 verse 3,
23:46 "beholding the evil and the good. "
23:48 He sees it all... but He still blesses us,
23:51 He still gives us another day,
23:52 He still sends someone there
23:54 to give us an opportunity to know Him,
23:57 over and over again, even when we've fallen back,
23:59 He is still there, fools don't understand
24:03 how many chances we've been given.
24:05 Pause...
24:08 So in these last days in which we live...
24:12 now let's bring this back,
24:13 in these last days in which we live,
24:15 when we open up the book of Revelation,
24:18 the book of knowledge, the book of revealing
24:23 the book of telling us what we need to know
24:27 for our time now,
24:29 a fool is someone who does not understand,
24:35 he lacks judgment, he doesn't have good sense,
24:40 he doesn't have perception of the reality of things
24:45 that are natural and spiritual...
24:47 that individual can be lost
24:49 but when we first have an understanding
24:52 and the knowledge of the fear of God
24:55 and we have a reverence for Him, of who He is
24:58 and what He has done and what He is doing,
25:02 we say, "Oh God our Father, we thank you for your mercy...
25:06 work with me, don't leave me... "
25:10 Audience: "Amen. "
25:11 "Keep me, empower me, enlighten me
25:15 and if I fall,
25:17 please give me one more chance, for one more day. "
25:21 Audience: "Amen. "
25:22 "Because we know that if you don't save me, I'm lost. "
25:25 Audience: "Amen. "
25:27 "If you don't make me new, I'm going to be corrupt,
25:30 if you don't do your part, I'm never going to make it. "
25:33 We need to understand that,
25:36 that the relationship that we have with Him
25:40 is not based on yesterday but it's every day.
25:43 Audience: "Amen. "
25:45 I come back, Ladies and Gentlemen
25:48 to this text...
25:50 it's so important that we understand who God is.
25:54 This book of Revelation is given to us
25:58 living in the last days... to the seventh church
26:00 we're talking about Laodicea whose name means,
26:03 "the judgment of the people" it's number seven,
26:05 that means it's complete,
26:06 there's nothing else after us.
26:08 Pause...
26:10 It says, "the everlasting gospel"
26:13 we have the duty of taking the whole gospel
26:16 to all the world.
26:18 It says here, "To fear God and give glory to Him... "
26:25 glory... that means very great praise and honor.
26:28 Give glory to Him,
26:30 to give to Him the distinct honor
26:36 that is bestowed on Him because of who He is.
26:41 It says, "And give glory to Him. "
26:44 To give adoring praise or worship.
26:49 Folks, the God that we serve,
26:53 thousands times ten thousands and thousands of thousands
26:57 of angels bow down and worship Him every single day,
27:00 we can't even comprehend what goes on in heaven.
27:03 We saw in Revelation chapter 4,
27:07 I believe it was verse 8,
27:08 you can go back and you can check me,
27:09 it said that there are angels that are in front of His throne
27:12 that all they do is say, "Holy, Holy, Holy, God almighty... "
27:15 that's all they say, day in and day out,
27:17 24... 7... and someone might say,
27:19 "Why do they say that without getting bored?"
27:22 It's because each time they say it,
27:24 they get a new revelation of His goodness and His love
27:27 and His mercy and His compassion and His kindness.
27:30 Audience: "Amen. "
27:32 They can never get tired of it,
27:35 it's like the thing that you
27:38 would be most thrilled to know about
27:42 that would turn you up to jumping up and down
27:44 and dancing and screaming with delight and rapture
27:47 that it just keeps getting better.
27:50 Audience: "Amen. "
27:51 And these angels, Ladies and Gentlemen,
27:55 these angels are before the throne
27:56 and they hear it but He is saying this,
27:58 Ladies and Gentlemen, in this message here...
28:00 that is going throughout all the earth
28:02 that this message is being told for us to do it,
28:06 we must have respect and honor for God
28:09 and we must be individuals who will glorify Him
28:12 giving Him the glory... giving Him the praise...
28:16 for who He is.
28:17 Pause...
28:19 The next clause says,
28:21 "For the hour of His judgment is come... "
28:24 and folks... I don't like people to be afraid,
28:26 I don't want anyone to be afraid of our God
28:29 because perfect love casts out fear,
28:31 He doesn't want us to be fearful of Him...
28:33 Audience: "Amen. "
28:34 And you need to be fearful if you forget Him...
28:37 but He doesn't want us to be afraid of Him,
28:40 He wants us to serve Him out of love
28:42 and He says here, to remember
28:45 that the hour of His judgment is come.
28:47 Now, Folks, I don't know about you,
28:50 but if I know... I'm about to be judged
28:53 and I have an all-seeing God who sees me,
28:56 I'm going to try to do everything I can,
28:59 to do that is right... so I get a good vertical of me,
29:04 Audience: "Amen. "
29:05 Come on... but some of us... we know it...
29:10 and we still do what we think we can do,
29:14 we think that because we're in the corner,
29:18 in the dark, in the restaurant,
29:21 because you're inside and you pull the shades
29:26 they can't see...
29:28 because you're down on a cruise...
29:31 you know, some folks lose their religion on a cruise,
29:33 just go bump wild on the cruise
29:36 like Jesus didn't see you on a cruise.
29:38 Audience: Agreeing...
29:40 Pause...
29:42 You think God doesn't see you when you're on your computer,
29:45 you think He hears you on your cell phone,
29:49 He hears you, He hears me,
29:52 fear God for the hour of His judgment is come
29:56 it says in 1st Peter 4:17
29:58 that God is specifically looking at His church,
30:01 it says, "Judgment will begin with the church first... "
30:04 we are Laodicea... the people of the judgment...
30:07 Audience: "Amen. "
30:08 And we do whatever we want to do,
30:10 we do whatever we want to do as if God is blind...
30:14 folks, God is not blind, and God is not mocked,
30:18 whatever we sow, Ladies and Gentlemen,
30:20 the Scripture says, we shall surely reap it.
30:23 Audience: "Amen. "
30:25 We're going to see it again... unless...
30:29 unless... unless you fall on your knees...
30:33 somebody ought to say, "Amen. "
30:34 Fall on your knees and say,
30:36 "Lord Jesus, forgive me for what I have done,
30:39 I'm sorry for it" and mean it...
30:40 you know, sometimes we get sorry after we get caught.
30:43 Audience: Agreeing.
30:45 We get real sorry when we get caught.
30:47 You see, sin will make you so stupid,
30:49 it will make you so stupid
30:51 that you think you can get away with things
30:52 that you know you couldn't get away with...
30:54 I mean, I look in my Bible and I see Achan...
30:56 and I got to get back to the message...
30:58 but I got to tell you this about Achan,
30:59 Achan was really stupid... he was a fool...
31:02 sin makes you stupid,
31:03 you don't have the right perception,
31:04 "Achan... why would you steal a wedge of gold
31:08 that you can't spend
31:09 and steal Babylonian garments that you can't wear?
31:15 You can't wear them anywhere, Aachan...
31:18 you can't spend the gold...
31:20 there's no Mall in the wilderness... "
31:23 Audience: Laugher.
31:24 "Where did you hide it Achan?"
31:27 He steals it, he steals the clothes,
31:31 he digs a hole and he puts them in
31:36 but he has it... come on...
31:38 sin will make us stupid... Church...
31:43 we laugh at Achan but we've done some stupid stuff ourselves,
31:47 come on, you know it's true,
31:49 I have... but I'm not telling you what I did.
31:50 Audience: Laughing.
31:52 Jesus says, all of our sins will not be mentioned,
31:55 He takes them as far away as east from west,
31:59 east and west can never come together
32:01 from that point there,
32:03 they're going in different directions
32:04 he says... our sins are down to the depths of the sea.
32:08 Audience: "Amen. "
32:09 Oh, somebody ought to say, "thank you Jesus. "
32:11 Audience: "Thank you Jesus. "
32:12 Oh, my sins are down to the depths of the sea
32:14 and that's why... like I said the other night,
32:17 when we talk about the things we used to do,
32:19 there should be no glow on our face...
32:22 with all... "Yeah... yeah... oh yeah, when I used to do that"
32:25 and some of us get all caught up in what we used to do.
32:28 Folks you have to know that that is over,
32:31 it broke Jesus' heart, He had to go to Calvary for that
32:34 His blood was shed for that,
32:36 we should be so ashamed of those things we did
32:39 that we don't even want to think of them
32:41 when the devil brings them back to our minds...
32:43 with temptation... we have to say,
32:45 "Oh no Jesus, take it... "
32:46 Audience: "Amen. "
32:48 And we have to get like that
32:50 not just for those deep and hard sins
32:52 but for everything...
32:54 Audience: "Amen. "
32:55 Fear God and give glory to Him
32:58 for the hour of His judgment is come.
33:01 He is judging us... He is coming soon...
33:04 we see the signs telling us He is coming
33:07 and ladies and gentlemen the judgment will take place
33:10 before He gets here.
33:12 Now the part that I love the best... about this message
33:19 it says, "And worship Him
33:21 that made heaven, the earth, and sea,
33:25 and fountains of waters. "
33:27 Ladies and Gentlemen, at first you don't see it
33:30 but when we amplify this picture,
33:32 we see that John is showing us
33:35 a direct revelation from Jesus Christ
33:37 where in the last days,
33:39 He is saying that we must worship Him as...
33:44 not only God but our Creator.
33:47 Audience: "Amen. "
33:49 In other words, somehow, man has gotten away from that
33:52 and when you look at it, Ladies and Gentlemen
33:54 in history there have been people
33:56 that have worshipped every other person
33:58 or every other thing
33:59 or every other "so called" god saying it's God.
34:02 Pause...
34:04 In these last days, Ladies and Gentlemen,
34:06 there is a call for all humanity
34:09 to come back and worship the true God...
34:12 Audience: "Amen. "
34:13 The living God...
34:15 the one who made the heaven and earth, the sea
34:16 and fountains of waters,
34:18 I'm talking about the God of Creation,
34:20 the One... who in the beginning thought about it
34:23 and His thoughts became audible
34:26 and His words, Ladies and Gentlemen,
34:29 became reality
34:30 and this world came into existence
34:33 in a step-by-step plan,
34:35 He could have done it all in one second
34:38 but He took His time and each and every day
34:40 He did a little something
34:43 until He was finished on the sixth day
34:45 and then He gave us the seventh day
34:47 as a memorial to His creation.
34:51 Audience: "Amen. "
34:53 John sees the call going out to all the world
35:01 to know that we have to come back
35:04 and worship our Creator.
35:07 Pause...
35:09 The world has gotten away from this.
35:11 Scientists have all kinds of figures
35:14 about how the world began... the big bang...
35:16 They say... others say...
35:19 that some people came from the UFO...
35:20 and the UFO was from some other place
35:22 and put some people down here
35:23 and just colonized us.
35:25 Some people say, "Yeah, there was a God,
35:26 He did it... and He just put us here
35:27 but He turned His back on us. "
35:29 And then the one that really ticks me off
35:30 where it says... we came from monkeys...
35:32 now that gets me mad.
35:34 Audience: Laughing.
35:35 Why does it get me mad?
35:36 Because when I read my Bible,
35:38 it says that we're made in the image of God
35:41 and my God is no monkey.
35:43 Audience: "Amen. "
35:44 Clapping...
35:48 I look in my Bible and I see this because you see
35:51 if I don't have the Bible, I don't have anything.
35:54 Pause... Audience: Agreeing.
35:56 I don't have anything to lean on
35:58 but when I read my Bible and it tells me
36:00 "Holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost. "
36:03 We have a more sure word of prophecy
36:06 when I read that all Scripture is given by inspiration of God
36:09 2nd Timothy 3 verse 16...
36:11 and it is good for doctrine and is profitable to us
36:15 for reproof and correction and instruction
36:18 that we... the men and women...
36:19 boys and girls of God might be perfect...
36:21 I can count on this book.
36:23 Audience: "Amen. "
36:24 I look at Genesis chapter 2 and I see
36:29 in the very first week of Creation,
36:33 it says in verse one,
36:35 "Thus the heavens and earth were finished
36:36 and all the host of them
36:38 and on the seventh day
36:39 God ended His work which He had made
36:41 and He rested on the seventh day from all His work
36:43 which He had made
36:44 and God blessed the seventh day and He sanctified it
36:47 because that in it He had rested from all His works
36:51 which God created and made. "
36:52 That tells me that after God made all of those days
36:55 and all those things in those days
36:57 and when He made man on the sixth day,
37:00 He came and gave us a day of memorial...
37:02 a day that we will understand where it says,
37:05 "different from the others" which were good days,
37:07 He says, this day... that He blessed and sanctified it.
37:11 Audience: "Amen. "
37:12 Sanctified means, set aside for a holy purpose.
37:15 To do what? To fear God and worship Him.
37:19 Audience: "Amen. "
37:21 Fear... not in fear of being afraid...
37:24 but give Him the holy reverence that He deserves...
37:28 He is our Creator... He is our Maker...
37:30 He is our sustainer...
37:32 he is the one that feeds us
37:34 in Him we live and move and have our well-being,
37:36 He is the One who has placed Adam and Eve in the garden.
37:39 Folks, we see the special presence that Jesus had
37:44 for His people on the first seventh day before sin.
37:49 Audience: "Amen. "
37:51 In other words, as angels worshipped God in heaven,
37:55 giving Him praise and giving Him honor
37:58 and bowing down to Him
38:00 because they are in a sinless society
38:03 but they understand who He is.
38:05 He is Holy, Holy, Holy.
38:07 Audience: "Amen. "
38:09 King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
38:11 He is that without being the lamb of God.
38:13 Audience: "Amen. "
38:15 He was that... before us...
38:18 and they worshipped Him.
38:20 So, when this new creation is made
38:23 and Adam and Eve are placed in the Garden
38:25 and they have a relationship with Him,
38:28 He lets them know that I'm your God...
38:31 I'm the One that loves you,
38:34 I'm the One that has brought you into existence,
38:36 I'm the One that is feeding you,
38:38 I'm the One that put you in this perfect place,
38:40 I am the One who will keep you,
38:43 I am the One... and because of that relationship with Him,
38:47 they fall to their knees and they say, "Lord, I love you,
38:51 we worship you
38:54 because of who you are. "
38:57 Audience: "Amen. "
38:58 And the world has gotten away from that.
39:01 They have all of these other excuses,
39:03 they have all of these other individuals
39:06 that they have prayed to and given all of of their glory to
39:09 but Ladies and Gentlemen, in the last days...
39:11 before He comes, He is looking for people...
39:14 not just the Denomination...
39:15 but people who have the breath of life in them
39:19 to worship Him for who He is.
39:21 Audience: "Amen. "
39:22 Now, I told you earlier... I told you earlier
39:26 that this controversy that we're in down here
39:29 on Planet Earth between Christ and Satan,
39:32 it was all about worship.
39:35 The devil wants to be worshipped.
39:38 You turn with me quickly in your Bible
39:41 to the book of Isaiah...
39:43 Isaiah 14 verse 12,
39:45 Isaiah 14 verse 12.
39:48 "How art thou fallen from heaven,
39:50 O Lucifer, son of the morning!
39:52 how art thou cut down to the ground,
39:54 which didst weaken the nations!
39:56 For thou hast said in thine heart,
39:58 I will ascend into the heaven,
39:59 I will exalt my throne above the stars of God:
40:02 I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation,
40:05 in the sides of the north:
40:07 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds;
40:10 I will be like the most High. "
40:13 He was tripping...
40:14 Pause...
40:16 How could he be like God?
40:18 Pause...
40:20 How could he be like God?
40:23 God wasn't created... He is I am...
40:26 Audience: "Amen. "
40:28 He wants to be like the Most High
40:30 but the record goes on to say,
40:32 "I will ascend above the heights of the clouds,
40:35 I will be like the most high.
40:36 Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell,
40:38 to the sides of the pit. "
40:40 He knew he couldn't be like God
40:42 but he still wanted to be like God.
40:44 Not to receive the spirit and compassion of God
40:49 but he wanted to will the power of God.
40:52 Pause...
40:54 How do I know?
40:55 well, I turn to my Bible because the Bible has all the stories.
40:59 "Whatsoever was written aforetime
41:00 were written for our learning
41:02 that we through patience and comfort
41:04 of the Scriptures might have hope... "
41:06 and I see it in Romans 15 verse 4,
41:08 those words ringing out to us
41:09 to let me know that all I need to know
41:11 about the things that have existed...
41:13 the things that are going on now
41:15 and the things that are coming in the future,
41:17 they're in the Book...
41:18 and when I turn to Matthew chapter 4...
41:20 what book did I say?
41:22 Matthew chapter 4, I see the devil unmasked...
41:25 in verse 8... when Jesus is taken up to a high mountain
41:29 verse 8... an exceedingly high mountain...
41:31 the devil took him up there
41:32 and showed him all the kingdoms of the world
41:34 and the glory of them
41:36 and He said unto Jesus,
41:37 "All these things will I give thee... "
41:40 Satan will make you stupid...
41:41 it's God's already...
41:44 "all these things will I give thee if thou wilt fall down... "
41:49 and do what?
41:50 "worship me... "
41:52 "Then said Jesus unto Him, Get thee hence, Satan:
41:58 for it is written,
42:00 Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God,
42:03 and him only shalt thou serve. "
42:06 Ladies and Gentlemen, Jesus knew those words
42:10 those words that are the very first commandment...
42:14 because He spoke those words... He understood...
42:18 He understands... He knew who he is
42:23 and who He shall always be.
42:26 If you would turn with me in your Bibles
42:28 to the book of Exodus, Exodus chapter 20...
42:30 it says in verse 1, Exodus 20 verse 1,
42:34 it says, "And God spoke all these words saying,
42:38 I am the LORD thy God,
42:39 which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt,
42:42 out of the house of bondage. "
42:44 Verse 3... "Thou shalt have no other gods before me. "
42:48 He said it, He knew these words...
42:52 because they were His words...
42:55 Audience: "Amen. "
42:57 Friends, I can go a little further...
42:59 if you would turn with me to Exodus chapter 34
43:03 looking at verse 18...
43:05 I see something else, Ladies and Gentlemen,
43:08 Exodus 34... I'm sorry... Exodus 31...
43:12 verse 18... I see something else...
43:15 it says... not only did He say them
43:18 but He wrote them.
43:20 Watch this, verse 18, "And he gave unto Moses,
43:23 when he had made an end of communing with him
43:27 upon mount Sinai, two tables of testimony,
43:31 tables of stone, written with the finger of God. "
43:35 Oh oh... not only did He speak them...
43:41 but He wrote them.
43:44 Let's see if we have two witnesses,
43:46 okay, let's move down a little further,
43:49 to chapter 32 of the book of Exodus
43:52 looking at verse 15,
43:53 "And Moses turned, and went down from the mount,
43:56 and the two tables of the testimony were in his hand:
43:59 the tables were written on both their sides;
44:02 on the one side
44:03 and on the other side were they written.
44:05 And the tables were the work of God,
44:08 and the writing was the writing of God,
44:10 graven upon the tables. "
44:12 In other words, Ladies and Gentlemen,
44:14 God Himself... His Son, Jesus Christ,
44:16 was the One who wrote the words on the Ten Commandments.
44:21 Audience: "Amen. "
44:22 Well, let's look at priority,
44:24 in 2nd Peter 1...
44:29 starting with verses 19 through 20,
44:33 it tells us that we have a more sure word of prophecy
44:38 and then as we continue to read that out...
44:42 it says, "Holy men of God spake
44:44 as they were moved by the Holy Ghost. "
44:47 And that's sweet isn't it?
44:50 Pause...
44:51 We see 2nd Timothy 3 verse 15 saying
44:57 that from a child you have known the Holy Scriptures...
44:58 and then when you get to verse 16
45:00 it tells us that all Scripture is given by inspiration of God
45:03 and is profitable for us for doctrine,
45:05 for reproof, for correction in righteousness...
45:07 but again, it says, "God gave it to us. "
45:10 Pause...
45:12 When we look at the Revelation we saw, in verse 1,
45:15 that God gave it to Jesus
45:17 and then it goes all through the line... to the angel...
45:20 His servant John... for us... His servants...
45:23 us... living in the last days
45:25 and He says... there's a triple blessing on it
45:27 and all through the book of Revelation
45:29 we see, time and time again, John saying,
45:31 "I saw, I saw, I saw, I saw... I saw...
45:33 but when we come to the Ten Commandments of God,
45:36 this is the only part of the Scriptures
45:39 that was written by God Himself.
45:42 Audience: "Amen. "
45:43 In it, we find God... God in Revelation...
45:46 we look at the First Commandment and it tells us...
45:49 it puts us on... on the line to let us know
45:51 that there should be no other gods before Him...
45:54 verse 3, none before Him...
45:55 Satan couldn't get Him to bow, of course not,
45:59 and we can't and should not bow to any other god
46:02 and sometimes, Friends, we bow down to ourselves,
46:05 to our advertising, to our lusts and our passions
46:07 but here we see... "no other god... " nothing...
46:10 God is the One who should be premier.
46:11 The Second Commandment...
46:13 it gives us a warning against idol worship,
46:15 it says, "Thou shalt not bow down to any graven image
46:18 or any likeness or any thing in heaven above,
46:20 or in the earth beneath,
46:22 or that is in water under the earth. "
46:23 Ladies and Gentlemen,
46:24 you don't need a plastic gold or silver Jesus...
46:26 if you had the real One in your heart.
46:29 It goes on to say in Commandment number three,
46:32 "You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain;
46:34 for the LORD will not hold him guiltless
46:36 who taketh His name in vain... "
46:37 and Ladies and Gentlemen, we have to understand here today
46:40 that too many people take the name of the Lord God
46:43 in vulgar sentences...
46:46 the name of Jesus is powerful,
46:48 when you say that name, angels look up
46:50 and look around and they say,
46:51 "Oh, what can I do to answer the prayer
46:54 of those calling on the name of Jesus... "
46:56 the name of Jesus is so strong even in your sleep
46:58 if you're having a bad dream and you can't move
47:01 and you feel something chasing you
47:03 and they're coming in... in your dream...
47:04 in your dream... you don't even have to say it...
47:06 just think it...
47:07 Audience: "Amen. "
47:08 The mighty name of Jesus is powerful...
47:11 We come to the rest of the Commandments
47:13 and we skip the fourth
47:15 and we look... at the rest of the Commandments,
47:16 it tells us that God is there,
47:18 and He is there and the things that He does
47:19 but when you look at the Fourth Commandment,
47:21 it is the only one that says,
47:23 and starts out with the word, "Remember. "
47:26 Audience: Agreeing.
47:27 "Remember" means... don't forget...
47:29 Audience: Agreeing.
47:30 Well what does He say to remember that God wrote Himself?
47:33 Not man... not someone inspired...
47:35 God wrote it Himself, He says,
47:37 "Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
47:39 Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work:
47:41 But the seventh day is the Sabbath of the LORD thy God:
47:43 in it thou shalt not do any work,
47:44 thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter,
47:45 nor thy manservant, nor thy maidservant,
47:47 nor thy cattle,
47:48 nor thy stranger that is within thy gates... "
47:50 "Well why Jesus?"
47:51 "Well... for in six days the LORD made heaven and earth,
47:53 the sea, and the fountains of waters
47:55 and rested the seventh day,
47:56 wherefore the Lord blessed the Sabbath day,
47:57 and hallowed it. "
47:59 In other words, it's a special day...
48:00 "I've blessed it, I've sanctified it,
48:02 when you keep my commandments and you keep my Sabbath,
48:06 you show that you are my people and I'm your God. "
48:09 Audience: "Amen. "
48:11 Ezekiel 20 verses 12 and verse 20,
48:13 so we see that God put it here...
48:16 now Folks, somebody said,
48:17 "That's a long Commandment, how can I remember it?"
48:19 Well, just remember the first and last word,
48:21 "Remember it. "
48:22 Audience: Laughter... "Amen. "
48:24 That's all it says, "Remember it. "
48:26 Now let's look at this, here we are...
48:28 help me now... help me now...
48:29 here we are, in Revelation... in the last days,
48:32 "Fear God and give glory to Him
48:34 for the hour of His judgment is coming. "
48:35 He's coming...
48:37 we need to get back to worshipping Him
48:40 because everybody is worshipping every other thing...
48:42 Audience: "Amen. "
48:44 But worship the Creator.
48:45 We come back and we see that the creation...
48:49 the seventh day that has been given
48:51 is a memorial of creation.
48:54 We saw that it was not the Jewish Sabbath
48:56 but it was something that was given to Adam and Eve
48:59 before sin was in existence
49:01 we see that in Genesis 2 verses 1 through 3...
49:05 when God gave it back to the children of Israel,
49:08 He was re-educating them to His will.
49:12 They had been in slavery all of those years
49:15 and He had to bring them back like He does with all of us
49:18 and re-emphasize to us the things that are important
49:21 and that's why He says in John 14:15,
49:24 "If you love me, keep my commandments. "
49:25 Audience: "Amen. "
49:27 So somebody said, "Well, Pastor, I understand it,
49:29 I see it but... but... but... but...
49:30 didn't time get mixed up... and days get mixed up
49:35 is God that particular?"
49:36 Well Folks, sin is defined... in 1st John 3 verse 4,
49:41 sin is defined as the transgression of the Law
49:44 so if God wrote it with His own finger...
49:46 He wants us to understand what sin is...
49:49 it is transgression of God's Law.
49:51 Romans 6 verse 23 tells us, Ladies and Gentlemen
49:56 that the wages of sin is death...
49:57 Jesus died for sinners... that's you and me...
50:02 because we all have sinned
50:03 and have come short of the glory of God.
50:05 but His mercy... His goodness... endures forever
50:08 and because of that mercy
50:10 and because the love of Jesus Christ,
50:12 we, Ladies and Gentlemen, have salvation in Him,
50:15 but that doesn't mean that we can just go out and violate
50:18 and break the commandments of God,
50:20 we can't do that...
50:21 Let's say, "Well, it's okay, okay,
50:22 we're not going to argue about that tonight
50:24 but how do you know, how do you know for sure
50:26 that the Seventh day is the Sabbath?"
50:28 Well Folks, Jesus has given us the Book,
50:30 it's all in the Book...
50:32 turn with me quickly to the book of Luke...
50:34 turn to the book of Luke... looking at chapter 24...
50:39 Luke chapter 24...
50:42 pause...
50:44 finding the verse...
50:49 It says... dealing with... oh let's go to 23... 23...
50:55 okay, verse 44 and we're running out of time...
50:57 hmmm...
50:59 "And it was the sixth hour... " verse 44...
51:00 "there was darkness over all the earth until the ninth hour.
51:02 And the sun was darkened,
51:04 and the veil of the temple was rent in the midst.
51:05 And when Jesus had cried with a loud voice,
51:07 he said, Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit:
51:09 and having said thus, he gave up the ghost. "
51:12 He died... when did He die?
51:13 Any Christian knows... He died on Good Friday...
51:16 it was good for us... come on now...
51:18 somebody say, "That's the best day... "
51:21 because He died for our sins because of that...
51:24 if Jesus had left and He didn't die for us,
51:27 we'd still be guilty and we'd have to pay the penalty
51:29 but Jesus paid it all on Calvary.
51:30 Audience: "Amen. "
51:32 We continue to look at verse 50 of Luke 23,
51:34 "And, behold, there was a man named Joseph, a counsellor;
51:37 and he was a good man, and a just:
51:39 and the same had not consented to the counsel and deed of them;
51:42 he was of Arimathea, a city of the Jews:
51:44 who also himself waited for the kingdom of God.
51:47 This man went unto Pilate, and begged the body of Jesus.
51:49 And he took it down, and wrapped it in linen,
51:51 and laid it in a sepulcher that was hewn in stone
51:53 wherein never man before was laid.
51:56 And that day was the preparation,
51:58 an the Sabbath drew on. "
52:00 Hmmm... how does the Sabbath draw on?
52:02 Well, the day is measured from sunset to sunset
52:05 and as the sunset was coming... the new day was coming...
52:08 which was Friday evening which was the Sabbath.
52:11 Then it says in verse 55, "And the women which came
52:14 with him from Galilee, followed after,
52:16 and beheld the sepulcher, and how his body was laid.
52:18 And they returned, and prepared spices and ointments;
52:20 and rested the Sabbath day according to the commandment. "
52:24 It's that simple... if Friday is the preparation day
52:28 and then the Sabbath is the next day... Saturday...
52:32 verse 1 of 24... "Now upon the first day of the week,
52:35 very early in the morning, they came to the sepulcher,
52:38 bringing the spices which had been prepared,
52:40 and certain others with them.
52:42 And they found the stone rolled away... "
52:44 why? Because He was risen.
52:45 Audience: "Amen. "
52:47 It says it right here... it doesn't say what day...
52:50 it numbers the day...
52:51 you can't get mixed up if they're numbered.
52:53 Audience: Agreeing...
52:55 So if you know the first day of the week is Easter Sunday,
52:58 if I can count Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,
53:01 Thursday, Friday, Saturday,
53:02 I can make my way back to seven...
53:04 Audience: "Amen. "
53:06 Not a Jewish Sabbath...
53:08 given to Adam and Eve in the Garden,
53:10 not a Jewish Sabbath... given to the children of Israel.
53:14 Well you see, there you go Pastor,
53:15 you said it's for the children of Israel. "
53:17 Well Folks, when you look at Galatians chapter 3
53:20 verses 26 through 29,
53:21 and we don't have time to go through it
53:23 but look at it when you get home,
53:24 it tells us in Christ, it's neither male, female,
53:27 it's no Jew or Gentile,
53:28 it says that we are Abraham's seed.
53:31 Audience: "Amen. "
53:32 "And heirs to the promise... "
53:34 and so I look at verse and I say,
53:35 "This is sweet... " Ladies and Gentlemen,
53:38 it's something that Jesus has for us
53:40 that we've missed as a Christian world
53:41 but in the last days, someone has to go forward
53:44 and tell the message of God's cross...
53:46 God's commandments and His second coming
53:49 and to give to the people who are living
53:51 under the time of the judgment
53:52 that we might get everything right with God and to please Him
53:56 and stand up with this last-day test
53:59 and let them know about His goodness.
54:02 Audience: "Amen. "
54:03 And Ladies and Gentlemen, that's why we're here today
54:06 to let this message go into all the world
54:10 to know that God's forgotten revelation...
54:13 is forgotten no more.
54:14 Audience: "Amen. "
54:19 Piano playing...
54:23 Some folk would rather have houses
54:33 and lands...
54:35 Some folks
54:39 choose silver or gold...
54:47 These things they treasure
54:54 and forget about their soul
55:01 I decided
55:05 to make Jesus my choice.
55:13 Though the road is rough and the going is tough
55:20 and the hills are hard time
55:27 I started out such a long time ago
55:33 there is no doubt
55:36 in my mind...
55:39 I decided to make Jesus...
55:46 I've decided
55:49 to make Jesus...
55:52 I've decided
55:56 to make Jesus
55:59 my joy...
56:02 Friends, how many want to join Michelle and thousands of others
56:05 who have made that declaration
56:08 that they want to make Jesus their choice?
56:10 If that's your desire...
56:12 just raise your hands where you're sitting...
56:14 even in your home, just raise your hand and say,
56:16 "I have decided to make Jesus my choice
56:20 and I will be faithful to Him and His Commandments
56:25 that He has written with His own finger,
56:27 I didn't know these things in the past
56:30 but tonight... I understand
56:32 and I thank God for the revelation of His Word
56:36 that we too can be complete in Jesus our Lord and Savior. "
56:40 If that's your desire, won't you just stand with me
56:44 as we stand for Jesus Christ.
56:47 Pause...
56:49 What a beautiful scene... heaven is smiling...
56:54 good night... and God bless you.
56:57 Audience: "Amen. "


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