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The Sure Victory

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00:57 Good evening and welcome.
00:59 I am Pastor Henoc Paulicin, and I'm here at the
01:04 Ambassador Seventh-day Adventist Church.
01:05 For those who are viewing, the Ambassador Church is in
01:09 Fort Lauderdale, not too far from the
01:12 Fort Lauderdale Airport.
01:13 We are a friendly, and very fast growing church,
01:17 and if you're in the Fort Lauderdale area, we welcome you
01:21 to come and worship with us.
01:22 I am here today with one of the members of my ministerial staff.
01:27 He serves as an elder, and I'll let him introduce himself.
01:31 I am Elder Mark Almy from the Ambassador Seventh-day Adventist
01:35 Church. Pastor Paulicin is my pastor.
01:37 And I need to welcome each and every one here tonight.
01:40 Those that are in our church audience tonight,
01:42 I'm very grateful that you're here tonight,
01:44 and those around the world as well.
01:46 I was sharing with Elder Almy a text that I love from
01:51 Matthew 24:14, which says that, This gospel of the kingdom
01:56 shall be preached in all the world as a
01:59 testimony to all nations.
02:01 And the reality is, Elder Almy, the event that we're having here
02:07 is the fulfillment of the words of Jesus. Amen!
02:11 Indeed, Pastor, as it says, the gospel of this kingdom shall be
02:15 preached in all the world.
02:16 And you know that you and I could not
02:18 make it around the world.
02:19 But this message, via internet, via satellite, radio wave,
02:24 it is going around the world, and so many people
02:26 are hearing it on the coasts of Africa, Asia,
02:29 and around the world.
02:30 And as you mentioned that, I got a call today from France.
02:35 And one of my friends who visited here...
02:38 In fact those of you who know Terry, his cousin,
02:40 who lives in France, called me to let me know that he has
02:44 been enjoying the services, and the preaching of
02:47 Pastor Lawrence Dorsey.
02:49 In fact, let me introduce the speaker.
02:51 We're looking at the series, Through the Eyes of John.
02:54 And the man of God that is sent to us this day is
02:57 Pastor Lawrence Stephen Dorsey, Sr.
03:00 And we're grateful that God is using him to open up the Word
03:04 of God as he preaches the prophetic message,
03:07 As Seen Through the Eyes of John.
03:09 But let us bow our heads in prayer, and Elder Almy,
03:11 if you would pray for us.
03:12 Our Father in heaven, we have been blessed.
03:17 For several nights now we have seen the Revelation
03:22 of Jesus Christ opened up.
03:24 And as Pastor Dorsey has mentioned, that it is not just a
03:29 line by line opening of Revelation, but how the book of
03:33 Revelation applies to our lives and affects the entire Bible.
03:37 So now as we move forward, heavenly Father, we ask that You
03:40 would bless Pastor Dorsey, that his words would not be heard
03:44 but Christ alone, and that You'd breathe upon him with
03:46 the Holy Spirit. Keep him in Your care, and bless us as we
03:49 hear, we pray in Jesus' name, Amen.
04:14 The blood that Jesus shed for me way back on Calvary,
04:35 the blood that gives me strength from day to day.
04:46 It will never lose its power, for it reaches to the highest
05:04 mountain, and it flows to the lowest valley, valley.
05:21 The blood that gives me strength from day to day,
05:32 it will never lose power.
05:42 It soothes my doubts, and calms all my fears,
05:55 and wipes away all of my tears.
06:07 The blood that gives me strength from day to day,
06:19 it will never lose its power.
06:31 For it reaches to the highest mountain, mountain,
06:42 and it flows to the lowest valley, valley.
06:54 The blood that gives me strength from day to day,
07:06 it will never lose its power. Amen!
07:25 It will never, ever lose its power!
07:31 Somebody ought to say Amen. Amen!
07:33 The power of the blood of Jesus Christ, the power to save,
07:37 the power that exhibits His love because He gave His life,
07:44 and shed His blood that you and I might live forever
07:49 in His very presence.
07:50 Good evening everyone.
07:51 We're glad to see you here tonight, those of you at this
07:54 wonderful church, the Ambassador Seventh-day Adventist Church.
07:56 And I just want to worldwide and just let everyone know,
08:00 those of you who are watching at home, and those who are on
08:02 internet, I appreciate the Ambassador Church for opening
08:05 the doors to Living Word Ministries, that we would launch
08:10 our ministry from this church.
08:12 The people are wonderful, and they have the best pastor
08:15 this side of Earth. Amen!
08:18 Ah, I knew that would be a hearty Amen.
08:21 We appreciate that.
08:22 Now we got some calls.
08:24 Pastor got a call from France, from people who are listening.
08:27 But I have some individuals who sent e-mails,
08:29 and have called from different places.
08:32 We have someone, a Sharon Walker, all the way from Canada,
08:36 and she said she is enjoying the meetings every single night.
08:39 And the most calls I received, and e-mails I got, came from
08:44 the island of Jamaica. Amen!
08:47 I know that would go well here also.
08:49 We have a Donovan, an Annette Doctor, a...
08:55 I can't read that one, and that was my own hand writing.
08:58 Shame on me! Wait a minute, it's Mabel Anadia, and we have
09:04 from California a group: Anita, Kelly, C. L. and Alma, and then
09:10 four people together: Chris, Steve, Lena, and Nicholas.
09:16 Then we have right here in the state of Florida a message from
09:20 John D. from Punta Gorda, and he said he thinks he knows me.
09:26 So I'm going to have to follow up on that one.
09:28 John D. we have to follow up on that.
09:30 But the furthest e-mail and call that we received last night,
09:34 and we don't have them all, there's so many.
09:36 It's from a Monica Garcias who said she was writing from
09:41 flood ravaged Australia.
09:43 And our prayers go out to her, and all of those who are
09:46 watching. And she is enjoying these messages,
09:50 and I don't think she's too particular about living through
09:53 some of the floods that are the signs of the times.
09:55 But at least she knows that God is with her,
09:58 and He is keeping her.
09:59 And she said something that was encouraging to me.
10:01 She said, and those of you who are watching last night,
10:04 and who were here last night, she said she likes to sleep
10:07 when it's cool also.
10:10 Tonight we will look at a message, and if we would say
10:13 these messages are compatible, I would say this is Part 2,
10:18 to the message from last night.
10:20 Last night we looked at The Overcomers Reward.
10:22 Tonight we will look at the message, The Sure Victory.
10:26 Shall we pray? Loving Father, again we are just so thankful
10:30 for another day of life.
10:31 We thank You that You have allowed us to come into Your
10:35 house of worship to tune in by internet, or in our own
10:40 homes on television, to have an opportunity to once again
10:45 hear the Word of God.
10:46 I ask, dear Lord, that You would hide me behind the cross
10:50 of Calvary, and that You would speak through these lips Lord.
10:53 Touch my mouth and my tongue, and let the words be clear
10:56 and let them bring to all of us messages of hope.
11:00 Bless us now Lord, for we indeed want the victory.
11:04 In Jesus' name, Amen. Amen!
11:07 Let us go directly to where we left off last night,
11:11 or should I say even began last night, in the book
11:15 of Revelation, chapter 15, chapter 15.
11:19 We want to start here and then move along.
11:23 Chapter 15, verses 1 and 2.
11:26 We looked at this yesterday, and we're looking at it again.
11:29 We see this marvelous scene in heaven. For it says:
11:41 And we talked about that. And it said:
11:59 And we saw through the message yesterday, last evening,
12:03 that these individuals who are standing on the sea of glass,
12:07 standing before God, standing there as victors, singing a song
12:11 that angels could not sing, are individuals that not only
12:15 receive the victory over the beast, his image, his mark,
12:18 and the number of his name, but they had to deal with personal
12:22 sin in their lives to get victory over these things
12:25 that will come to us as a group.
12:28 We also saw last night that there was something else
12:31 us living in these last days have to deal with, and that is
12:35 being born, and being here in the dispensation of the seventh
12:40 church, Laodicea. And we saw, if you would turn with me
12:43 to Revelation 3, we saw that the church, the seventh church,
12:49 Laodicea, had some real problems.
12:52 Jesus said in chapter 3, of verse 14, And unto the angel
12:57 of the church of the Laodicea's write; These things saith the
13:00 Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the
13:04 creation of God; I know thy works, that thou art neither
13:07 cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.
13:10 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold
13:12 nor hot, I will spew thee out of my mouth.
13:15 And He went on to say in verse 17, Because thou sayest,
13:26 But then we had hope last night, ladies and gentlemen, I
13:29 for we saw that Jesus not only tells us what's wrong with us,
13:33 He shows us what we need to do for the cure.
13:36 And in verse 18 He says, I counsel thee to buy...
14:17 Then the promise in chapter 3, verse 21, To him that overcometh
14:23 will I grant to sit with me in my throne,
14:26 even as I also overcame, and am set down
14:30 with my Father in his throne.
14:33 The reward of the overcomer.
14:36 Tonight we see the same scene, chapter 15, verse 1, verses 2,
14:46 and 3. But we also see, in chapter 14, victorious saints of
14:53 God, Revelation 14:1 says:
15:31 In other words, ladies and gentlemen, John sees this group,
15:36 this 144,000, and folks, don't get excited about that number.
15:42 Are you listening to me? Amen!
15:45 Don't stress about that number!
15:48 Jesus doesn't go into detail about it, and we know the book
15:52 of Revelation is also literal, and symbolic.
15:57 When we look at this number, it's just showing us that in the
16:01 last days there will be a specific amount of people,
16:04 not necessarily a 144,000 only standing on the sea of glass,
16:11 because when we go to chapter 7, go to chapter 7 of the book of
16:16 Revelation, after they speak about the 144,000 there,
16:20 it says in verse 9... Now turn to it.
16:23 Find peace in your soul. Verse 9 says:
16:45 In other words, they were victorious, too. Amen!
16:49 So we don't have to worry about being in that number.
16:53 I have always preached, and I've always said that I do not
16:57 care if I am the last one through the gate, as long as I
17:01 am not the first one out. Hello! Amen!
17:04 So that should not bother you or me.
17:09 What I'm trying to say to us, ladies and gentlemen,
17:12 is that by the mercy of God, and by the power of His Holy Spirit,
17:17 we read throughout the scriptures, in the book of
17:20 Revelation, and we see individuals who will be
17:24 victorious. I've said this to you before, and I will say it
17:28 again, you must have the faith to believe that Jesus loves you,
17:34 He has saved you, He is working out our salvation in us,
17:40 day by day. We can't quit.
17:42 We must endure, we must go forward,
17:45 every single day in Christ Jesus.
17:48 If you fall, ladies and gentlemen, you must get up.
17:51 You can't stay down. Amen!
17:54 If you are down, and you think you can't get up, at least crawl
17:58 but crawl towards Jesus. Amen? Amen!
18:01 And He will lift you up by His hands of love,
18:04 and He will take you by His side.
18:06 And when we can't go any further, ladies and gentlemen,
18:09 you can count on Jesus to carry us. Amen!
18:13 Because He's that kind of God.
18:15 Now these individuals who we see victorious in chapter 15,
18:23 and chapter 14, and chapter 7, these individuals living in
18:29 these last days in this time frame of Laodicea,
18:33 with all of the things we hear about Laodicea, and, you know,
18:35 sometimes we get nervous, and we think Laodicea, it's a bad word.
18:39 It's not a bad word, it's just the condition of the church,
18:42 but we saw that there is a cure for the church.
18:45 Jesus has a cure for everything. Amen!
18:48 We need to understand, as a people, that God looks at us
18:55 with a special look of love, and He has great
19:00 expectations for us.
19:02 If you would turn to 1 Peter 2, 1 Peter 2, I would dare go on
19:11 record and say that these individuals who we see
19:16 in Revelation 15, and in Revelation 14,
19:20 and in Revelation chapter 7, victorious individuals
19:26 who receive the victory over personal sin in their lives.
19:29 Individuals who have gotten the victory
19:31 over the last day crisis.
19:33 Individuals who have taken the test,
19:36 and the reform movement of Revelation 3.
19:40 They have allowed it to work on their heart.
19:43 They have opened that door so Christ can come in.
19:46 They are individuals who Jesus is talking about in 1 Peter 2:9.
19:54 He says:
19:57 Friends to be alive in these days in time,
20:02 it's something special. Amen!
20:04 I don't know if you'd really understand the magnitude
20:09 of being alive in these days and times.
20:13 To be alive in these days and times, in the last days of
20:18 Earth's history, when the Bible tells us these are perilous
20:22 times; where the Bible tells us that many shall depart
20:26 from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits,
20:28 and doctrines of devils.
20:29 These times when nature is in convulsion.
20:32 These times when nations, and wars, and all of these upheavals
20:38 in the political scheme of things, they are so precarious.
20:42 We are living in dangerous times.
20:45 But to be alive in these times, when the gospel of Jesus Christ
20:50 must go to all the world, and to be a part of that,
20:54 we are a chosen generation. Amen!
20:59 I continue to read. It says:
21:14 In other words, we weren't always perfect,
21:16 and we're still not perfect, but we're leaning on the everlasting
21:22 everlasting arms of Jesus. Amen!
21:24 And friends at home, that allows us to be perfect. Amen!
21:28 For when the Father looks at us, because we're hid in Jesus,
21:33 He doesn't see us, He sees Jesus. Amen!
21:38 And friends, every time the Father looks at me,
21:41 I don't want Him to see me, I want Him to see Jesus.
21:46 And that's what He will see.
21:49 It says that we were not a people, verse 10,
21:53 which in times past were not a people, but are now the people
21:57 of God: which had not obtained mercy,
22:01 but now have obtained mercy.
22:04 In other words, because of the blood of Jesus Christ,
22:07 because of the power of the Holy Spirit, we have become
22:10 partakers of the divine nature that is working
22:15 on us every single day.
22:17 Now folks let me just say this to you,
22:19 sanctification is the work of a lifetime.
22:24 And guess what? We will never attain full sanctification until
22:33 Jesus translates us, or resurrects us on the great
22:38 getting up morning. Amen!
22:40 We will continue to grow.
22:43 There will always be something in our character
22:46 that we can have perfected.
22:48 The closer we get to Christ, and see Him in His majesty,
22:52 in His righteousness, it will show the defects in our
22:55 character that we must give to Him that we
22:59 might be made like Him. Amen!
23:01 So we can never stop.
23:03 We can never get to that point where we say,
23:06 Hey, we've made it. Amen!
23:08 Now you might be able to say that if you go through one of
23:11 those gates. Hello!
23:13 Amen! Is that alright?
23:14 We've made it then by the grace of the Lamb,
23:18 not by our merits, but by His sacrifice. Amen!
23:23 Too many times when we look at Laodicea, before she takes
23:28 the cure, we find ourselves as a people not transformed,
23:34 but still like we are, but with a modified behavior.
23:39 We have more religion than spirituality,
23:43 and that's dangerous, because, ladies and gentlemen,
23:46 we find ourselves increased with goods,
23:49 and say we have need of nothing.
23:50 And we find ourselves as self-righteous,
23:53 and self-sufficient, sometimes egotistical, judgmental,
24:00 critical. No one can do anything right except us. Amen!
24:06 We find ourselves unforgiving.
24:08 And folks that's one thing we must learn to do as a people,
24:13 people of God. We have to forgive those who have done
24:17 things to us, because Jesus has forgiven us for the things
24:22 that we have done. Amen!
24:24 We have to be individuals who have faith,
24:27 and are not shortsighted.
24:30 Sometimes, ladies and gentlemen, as Christians we can only see
24:35 what's right in front of us.
24:36 But we don't see the big picture, the eternal picture
24:41 that God is working on.
24:42 And I am so thankful that this church has seen the big picture.
24:46 This is not just about a meeting here in the
24:50 Fort Lauderdale area.
24:52 But because of their dedication, and because of their finances,
24:55 we are able to take the gospel to the world. Amen!
25:00 I thank God for 3ABN.
25:02 They don't know me, but they know Jesus,
25:04 and they have taken a chance on me.
25:06 And I'm saying, Don't see me, see Jesus. Amen!
25:10 And let this gospel go to the world that men and women,
25:15 boys and girls, will hear the loud cry.
25:18 And as the Holy Spirit is poured out, ladies and gentlemen,
25:21 they will embrace it, and they will take it into their hearts,
25:25 and their lives, and they will be transformed to be ready
25:30 to meet the Savior when He comes. Amen!
25:33 And we would have done our part as individuals who were
25:37 not a people, but are now a people. Amen!
25:41 I look at this sure victory.
25:44 Folks it's promised to us!
25:47 If we want it we can receive it.
25:50 If we don't do our part, we'll get left out.
25:55 Well, how do I know?
25:57 Turn with me to the book of Exodus, Exodus 19,
26:04 and you tell me if this language is familiar.
26:08 Exodus 19 looking at verses 5 and 6.
26:50 Ladies and gentlemen, I think we've just heard that.
26:55 They had an opportunity to take the good news of Jesus Christ,
27:01 to tell the world the story of the Creator,
27:04 to let them know that God's commandments
27:06 are still in effect.
27:08 They had the privilege of taking this to the world!
27:11 And, folks, we have to understand we must not go as
27:17 far as we think we can go.
27:19 But we have to keep going to fulfill the mission
27:22 that Jesus has given us.
27:24 And even though they did their part for their time,
27:28 there were some things that were lacking,
27:30 and Jesus had to introduce to the world this gospel
27:35 through a new dispensation, the dispensation of the church.
27:40 And we who are living in the last days have the opportunity,
27:44 in this generation, to take the good news of Jesus Christ
27:49 to all the world, and let them know that salvation
27:53 is full and free. Amen!
27:55 To let them know that the commandments of God
27:57 are still in effect. Amen!
27:59 And most of all to let them know to get ready,
28:02 because the King is coming. Amen!
28:05 Now to get the full victory, to receive the sure victory
28:10 there are some things we must do.
28:12 If you will turn with me to 2 Peter, 2 Peter 1.
28:16 I find these words so encouraging because they agree
28:21 so much to what John has said, and shown us
28:25 in the book of Revelation.
28:27 2 Peter, 2 Peter 1 beginning with verse 2.
28:44 Knowledge of God, understanding of God, it sounds just like
28:54 verse 1, of chapter 1, of Revelation.
29:00 Let's go back. Revelation 1, keep your finger here
29:05 in 2 Peter, but let's go to Revelation 1:1.
29:10 What does it say? The Revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave
29:17 unto Him to show unto His servants things which must
29:21 shortly come to pass, and He sent and signified it by
29:25 His angel unto His servant John.
29:28 The Revelation of Jesus Christ.
29:32 The unfolding the knowledge of Jesus Christ.
29:37 Folks, again I'm trying to let us see something about the book
29:41 of Revelation. It is not something separate by itself,
29:45 even though it is separate, but it is all of the books of the
29:50 Bible ending and meeting in Revelation, all of the books of
29:56 the Bible, Old and New Testament saying the same thing.
30:02 We shouldn't be afraid of this book.
30:05 We should not fear to study it.
30:08 We should embrace it!
30:11 The things that we have studied in the nights that we have been
30:15 here. Haven't they thrilled your heart? Amen!
30:17 Aren't they easy to understand? Yes!
30:22 When we understand that these things are not left to private
30:25 interpretation, but the Bible is it's own expositor,
30:29 we can see it, we can understand it, we can embrace it.
30:33 It is a full part of all of the other books of the Bible,
30:37 and we said it night after night.
30:38 There are 505 direct, or indirect quotations from 39 of
30:44 the other 65 books of the Bible, in the book of Revelation.
30:47 So when we come to Peter here, in 2 Peter 1, and he says in
30:53 verse 2: Grace and Peace be multiplied unto you,
30:57 through the knowledge of God.
30:59 When I read that, ladies and gentlemen, it tells me that I
31:03 will even get that same peace that is multiplied by the power
31:08 of the Holy Spirit from reading Revelation,
31:11 like any other part of the book.
31:12 He goes on to say, now watch it, it gets even better.
31:17 According as His divine power hath given unto us all things
31:23 that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge
31:28 of Him that has called us to glory and virtue.
31:32 In other words, all that we need, ladies and gentlemen,
31:35 it's given to us by God through His Holy Spirit,
31:40 through Jesus Christ, through a knowledge of God,
31:43 and of Jesus Christ.
31:46 It's here for us! It takes me back to Romans 15:4.
31:52 I know I say these texts over and over again, but I want them
31:56 to become a part of you.
31:57 It says, Whatsoever things were written aforetime,
32:01 were written for our learning, that we through patience,
32:04 and comfort of the scriptures might have hope.
32:07 Folks, the best thing you can do for your spiritual growth
32:12 is to read the Bible, and internalize it's truth. Amen!
32:17 It's the best thing we can do!
32:19 When you're lonely, when you're sad, when you feel down,
32:23 when you're disappointed, when you're happy,
32:25 read the Word of God!
32:27 It is comforting. And if you pray, and you should pray
32:31 before you open it's book, the angels that are by your side,
32:35 that are there with you, the Holy Spirit that is inside you
32:39 that will give you the knowledge of Spiritual things,
32:41 will direct your eyes, your mind to passage of scripture
32:46 that will comfort you like nothing on this earth can do.
32:49 Amen! That's the promise from the Lord and His Word.
32:54 Now watch this, it says in verse 4, Whereby are given unto us
33:01 exceedingly great and precious promises, that by these we might
33:07 receive, or we might be partakers of the divine nature,
33:11 having escaped the corruption that is in
33:14 the world through lust.
33:15 In other words, whatever we need for our salvation,
33:20 it's found in the book. and He has promised,
33:22 And He has promised, ladies and gentlemen,
33:24 that He will give us, He will give us the precious promises
33:28 that we might become partakers of the divine nature.
33:33 And if you have the divine nature of Christ,
33:35 you have the sure victory. Amen!
33:39 Are you listening to me? Yes!
33:40 If we have the divine nature of Christ, if we have been born
33:44 again, if the Holy Spirit has been allowed to take our minds
33:49 and renew it by His power, by the transforming of His power
33:53 by the renewing of our minds.
33:55 If we allow Him to take control of us, that's a sure victory!
34:00 Amen! You can't lose, if Jesus is in your heart,
34:04 if the Holy Spirit is in your life.
34:06 We lose when we fight against the Spirit of the Living God,
34:09 and we try to do things our own way.
34:12 I look at this and theologians call it Peter's ladder.
34:18 It goes on to give us different steps that we must attain
34:25 and different virtues that we must allow to have control
34:28 in our lives, to give us the divine nature.
34:33 Now folks, you don't have to get one first, and then move on
34:36 to the next one. These things will come to us as we allow the
34:41 Holy Spirit to bring them to us.
34:43 The first thing it says, ladies and gentlemen,
34:46 that we must have, verse 5, it says, And beside this giving
34:51 all diligence, in other words, put everything into this,
34:54 add to your faith virtue.
34:57 The first thing we have to have, the first thing.
35:01 What did I say? What did I say?
35:06 Virtue! The first thing we have to have is faith.
35:11 Amen! And I say this night after night.
35:14 And I say this all of the time, I say this at home.
35:16 Sometimes my wife looks at me and she's wondering why
35:21 I'm doing something, and she's saying, Aren't you upset?
35:24 Aren't you stressed out?
35:25 I said, I can't get stressed out.
35:27 I have to have faith that the Lord is going to
35:30 bring me through this. Amen!
35:32 You must have the faith to believe that God is going to
35:37 bring you through this.
35:38 The things are going crazy, everything is going wild,
35:42 all the plans are caving in.
35:44 You have to know that if God has set you on this course,
35:47 He's going to bring you to the shore
35:50 that He wants you to be on.
35:51 You just hold on! Amen!
35:53 You have to have faith!
35:55 Faith is the substance of things hoped for,
35:58 the evidence of things not seen.
36:00 You can't always see your way.
36:03 That's faith! Amen!
36:05 I look at my Bible and it tells me that my Bible, reading it,
36:12 hearing it, it will give me what I need for my faith.
36:16 Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.
36:20 Romans 10:17. It's there!
36:22 The more I read it, the more I experience, the more I trust
36:26 God, my faith becomes greater. Amen!
36:30 In this book of books, I see a young man who had faith to ask
36:41 for things he didn't even understand how they could
36:46 come to pass. But he had faith because he had heard,
36:52 and he had seen with his eyes, God answers other prayers.
36:58 Now folks I'm talking about Joshua.
37:00 And now when we talk about faith, all of the things in the
37:03 Bible, when you ask me, Dorsey, what brings out an illustration
37:09 of the greatest faith that you've ever seen in the Bible,
37:12 my mind automatically goes to Joshua.
37:15 It goes to Joshua.
37:17 I know there are a lot of people there that have shown excellent
37:20 faith, but when you look at human beings, the one that had
37:23 the most faith out of everybody, to me was Joshua.
37:29 Joshua, in chapter 10, is in the heat of the battle.
37:33 He's fighting against those five kings.
37:36 The battle is going on.
37:38 The sun is about to set, and night is moving on.
37:44 And he might have lost the battle because they could have
37:47 dispersed, and they would have come back to
37:49 attack Israel again.
37:51 Joshua had faith because Joshua, you know,
37:54 was the understudy of Moses.
37:57 And he had seen what God can do.
38:00 Oh my goodness, he had seen the mighty arm of God move:
38:05 Ten devastating plagues shaking Egypt down
38:10 to its very foundation,
38:12 the Red Sea opening up, the wind blowing from the east
38:18 all night long because God cares about details.
38:20 And they go through the Red Sea on dry land, because the wind
38:24 dried it out so the children of Israel wouldn't catch a cold.
38:28 Come on now! Amen!
38:29 They go through the Red Sea, and when all of the children of
38:33 Israel are through, and the Egyptians try to come through,
38:37 the water comes together and takes the enemies away.
38:40 He's seen it! He's seen the Lord use him,
38:45 and he goes through the Jordan River.
38:49 He had faith to believe!
38:51 So in the middle of this battle, ladies and gentlemen,
38:54 in the middle of this battle, as night is coming on, Joshua prays
38:58 that the sun stand still.
39:01 And night doesn't come!
39:04 Joshua was not a scientist.
39:09 He didn't understand how these things really worked,
39:13 because the sun is not even moving.
39:15 The sun is standing still in its place.
39:19 We, planet Earth, third planet from the sun, go around the sun
39:25 and one complete cycle takes, you know, 365 days,
39:31 6 hours and 9.54 seconds.
39:35 That one orbit around the sun is one of our years, 1 year.
39:41 As we go around the sun, ladies and gentlemen,
39:44 on these 365 days, 6 hours and 9.54 seconds course,
39:49 we are traveling at a rate of speed of 66,000 miles per hour.
39:56 But as we travel, ladies and gentlemen, we are not just
40:00 standing still, traveling at a rate of speed of 66,000 miles
40:05 per hour, we are spinning on our own axes that is a rate of speed
40:11 of 43,000 miles per hour.
40:14 So we're going around the Sun at a rate of speed of 66,000 miles
40:21 per hour, spinning as it were on our own axis.
40:24 And you know, and I know, that when we turn on the other side,
40:28 we have night, and when we face the sun, it is day.
40:31 Joshua didn't care about all of that.
40:35 He didn't know about the mechanics.
40:37 All he knew was his God, Creator, who put the sun in its
40:43 place, who was fighting for them, who had performed miracles
40:47 for them, had the power to stop the sun from going down,
40:53 that they could get their job done. Amen!
40:56 Folks at home, if you allow me to use my imagination,
40:59 I can only say that the Father looked at the Son,
41:02 and the Son looked at the Father and said, Oh Yes,
41:04 we have a live one here!
41:05 The faith is there! Amen!
41:09 Lets do it for Joshua! Amen!
41:13 And, ladies and gentlemen, we have to understand that today,
41:15 with all of our knowledge, we say that if the earth ever stops
41:20 spinning on its axis of 43,000 miles per hour,
41:23 the scientists say that everything would slide off.
41:27 The mountains would come down, and the waters would over flood,
41:30 and we would have a catastrophe here on planet Earth.
41:33 But friends, my God, who is in charge of everything,
41:36 He slowed down planet Earth from 43,000 miles per hour,
41:43 slowed it down to the point where it just stopped,
41:48 and just stood there.
41:51 And the Bible says, ladies and gentlemen, not Dorsey,
41:53 the Bible says in chapter 10 of the book of Joshua, verse 13,
41:57 at the end, it says, and the sun stood still, and the moon stayed
42:01 until the people had avenged themselves upon their enemies.
42:03 Is not this written in the book of Joshua?
42:07 So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven,
42:10 and hastened not to go down about a whole day.
42:14 So it stood still a whole day! Amen!
42:20 And then it was over!
42:21 The Lord just put it back in gear, and it just moved right
42:24 up, and not one mountaintop came down. Amen!
42:27 No ocean over flooded the people and the victory was done.
42:32 That's faith! Amen!
42:34 You must believe that you can be saved. Yes.
42:39 You can't look at yourself.
42:40 You have to look at Jesus.
42:42 Jesus does the saving. Amen.
42:45 You can't look at your faults.
42:46 You can't look at your defects.
42:48 You can't look at your past.
42:49 The devil will magnify those things, ladies and gentlemen,
42:52 to tell you you can't make it, that you're wasting your time,
42:55 that you've tried it over and over again.
42:57 You have to look at the lovely Jesus,
42:59 and see Him in His majesty.
43:02 And know that He loves you, and that He cares about you.
43:05 And because we have His righteousness,
43:08 we are going to make it.
43:10 You must believe that it covers you. Amen!
43:14 You have to have faith.
43:18 The second thing it says in this ladder of the divine nature,
43:23 it says we must have virtue, which is moral excellence.
43:27 In other words, you have to allow the Holy Spirit to come
43:31 into your life, and take away the things that are unclean
43:34 in your life. Amen!
43:36 That means you can't watch everything on TV. Hello! Amen!
43:40 You can't listen to everything.
43:41 You can't go everywhere.
43:43 You can't do what everyone else does.
43:45 You are different.
43:47 Do you remember what Jesus said about us?
43:49 He said we are a holy generation.
43:51 We are a chosen generation.
43:53 We are a royal priesthood.
43:54 We have to be different.
43:56 We are a peculiar people.
43:57 Not strange, but different. Amen!
44:01 We don't march to the beat of this drummer here.
44:07 This is not our home!
44:10 We are pilgrims passing through. Amen!
44:15 The song says, We have a home in glory land
44:17 that outshines the sun.
44:19 And it's there, but we have to start living like we belong
44:24 there, by allowing Jesus, through His Holy Spirit,
44:28 to transform our character into His lovely character.
44:32 And we, ladies and gentlemen, must allow everything that is
44:35 unclean in our lives to be removed from our lives. Amen!
44:40 You're not going to get to heaven with a wife,
44:44 and a boyfriend, or a wife and a girlfriend,
44:47 or whatever way you want to do it.
44:49 It's not going to work!
44:51 I don't even care if you say they're all in the church.
44:54 It doesn't matter!
44:56 We have to be clean. Amen!
45:00 We have to be pure.
45:01 You have to be honest in church, and honest in business. Amen!
45:06 You have to be honest on April 15th! Yes!
45:12 I'm serious! Christians, how can you lie to the government?
45:17 God sees you. He expects us to be honest. Yes!
45:22 I read my Bible again, and I turn to Psalm 24, Psalms 24,
45:27 and it has something here that is so sweet
45:29 for us to understand.
45:30 And, folks, I want you to see this.
45:31 I want you to see this.
45:32 In Psalms 24 it says in verse 3:
45:40 Psalms 24:3. Folks remember what we read in Revelation 14?
45:45 They were standing on the hill of the Lord!
45:48 The victors! Can you see how all of the Bible matches?
45:51 It says, Who shall ascend to the hill of the Lord?
46:04 You have to be honest!
46:06 Moral virtue, moral excellence!
46:14 My Bible goes on to say, ladies and gentlemen,
46:17 to have this divine nature, we must have faith.
46:21 We have to have virtue, and we have to have knowledge;
46:24 a knowledge of God.
46:26 A knowledge of God that works for the saving of our souls.
46:32 Some of us know about God, but we don't know Him. Amen!
46:36 We know, we can quote scripture.
46:38 We can say the fourth commandment backwards.
46:42 We have a knowledge of the 2300 days,
46:45 and we can say all of the right things at the right time.
46:49 We understand all of these spiritual things, but we are not
46:53 spiritual, we are just religious. Amen!
46:57 We have to have a knowledge of God.
47:00 We have to understand and know that He wants to know
47:05 everything about us.
47:06 And that the first thing He wants us to know
47:08 is that we love Him.
47:09 He says, If you love Me, keep My commandments.
47:13 And, ladies and gentlemen, when you read the Word of God,
47:15 we see in Matthew 22, turn with me to Matthew 22:37-40.
47:23 It says, Jesus said unto them, verse 37, Thou shalt love the
47:30 Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul,
47:33 and with all thy mind.
47:35 This is the first and great commandment.
47:37 And the second is like unto that that, Thou shalt love thy
47:41 neighbor as thyself.
47:43 Verse 40, On these two commandments hang all
47:47 the law and the prophets.
47:48 So you can have all of this knowledge that makes you
47:54 religious, but if it's not based on a love relationship
47:59 with Christ, which makes it spiritual... Amen!
48:03 Because Jesus said the day will come that those that worship
48:06 me will worship me in Spirit and in truth.
48:10 In other words, by our attitude. Amen!
48:13 Why you do things.
48:15 Sometimes we do things just to be seen. Amen!
48:19 We want the applause of man.
48:23 We want people to think that we're the best thing
48:27 since sliced bread.
48:28 But that's not where it's at.
48:32 Sometimes we do things because we want people to say how wise
48:38 we are and how great we are, and how good we preach,
48:40 and how good we sing.
48:41 It's not about that, it's about uplifting the Savior. Amen!
48:46 Jesus knows the difference.
48:48 Because, folks, we can fool people for awhile. Amen!
48:52 You know, sooner or later your real self comes out. Amen!
48:55 You know, you can act all sweet, and humble, and kind
48:58 and everything, until you don't get your way... Uh oh!
49:01 ...or until somebody cuts you off in traffic.
49:06 Oh, yes, you just turn into a beast!
49:09 Not any of you; no one at home.
49:11 We don't know about those people.
49:13 But we must have a relationship with Jesus Christ to let
49:18 the things that He desires to be seen in our lives be things
49:24 that will be part of our lives.
49:26 And we will not have to go up and down in our experience
49:29 with Christ, but it will be something that will become
49:32 natural because that will be the new nature we have received
49:36 from Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.
49:39 It says we must have knowledge.
49:42 And I love the way Jeremiah says this in Jeremiah 9:23.
49:46 You have to look at this text. It says:
50:14 So you have to have a knowledge of God.
50:16 And the knowledge of God, friends, comes from knowing
50:19 the Word of God, studying the Word of God, internalizing the
50:23 Word of God, and allowing Him to transform us.
50:26 He says that we must have knowledge.
50:28 It says that we must have temperance.
50:30 Temperance is self control.
50:32 You can't do anything you want to do, when you want to do it.
50:35 It tells us in 1 Corinthians 10: 31,
50:47 We have to have patience.
50:49 Patience is the ability to endure without complaining.
50:53 I read my Bible, and you can take this down and put it
50:57 in your Bible, that you must have patience; the patience that
51:02 allows us, as it says in Romans 5:1-5.
51:05 We don't have time for this text now,
51:06 but write it down and look at it.
51:08 It says when we have patience, ladies and gentlemen,
51:11 it will work out what we need in our experience to be like Jesus.
51:17 He also says that we must have Godliness.
51:20 Godliness, ladies and gentlemen, is a piety,
51:24 which is characterized by a God ward attitude.
51:28 This is pleasing to Christ.
51:31 You know, one time my kids were fighting in the yard
51:35 when they were little, and I don't know who was right
51:38 or who was wrong, but a lot of times I would settle
51:41 an argument by saying, Now why don't you
51:43 guys be like Jesus?
51:45 And one of you'd be giving, and the other one, you know,
51:48 both of you try to be like Jesus, and just try to
51:50 give in to each other.
51:53 Now I don't know which one it was.
51:55 I can't remember. I'm getting a little older.
51:57 I think it was my son or my daughter.
51:58 But I don't remember, and I'm on here.
52:00 They'll be watching this and I'll be criticized, so I say,
52:02 I don't know which one it was, but one of them said to
52:04 the other one, Well you be like Jesus today.
52:06 We have to be like Jesus every day.
52:11 If we do that we'll be developing that divine nature:
52:16 patience, Godliness.
52:18 Then it says brotherly kindness.
52:19 And folks, you know what? the only way you can have
52:21 brotherly kindness is of you allow Godliness
52:24 to be in your life.
52:25 Brotherly kindness will move us to say, in the words of
52:28 Ephesians 4:32, as Jesus says through inspiration:
52:39 We must understand that, that we are debtors;
52:42 debtors to Christ, debtor to the Father.
52:46 So when people have done things to us, we have to learn to
52:49 forgive them, folks, because Christ has forgiven us. Amen!
52:54 And then it says after brotherly kindness, the one thing that we
52:57 have to have, the one thing that we must have, the bottom line,
53:00 it's charity. And charity is nothing more than love.
53:04 Verse 8 says, now we talked about the sure victory.
53:09 Read this: for if these things be in you and abound,
53:14 they make you that you shall neither be barren,
53:16 nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.
53:19 But he that lacketh these things is blind.
53:22 That's one of the signs of Laodicea.
53:24 You see how they connect?
53:26 But if he that lacketh these things is blind and cannot see
53:31 afar off, and has forgotten that he was purged from his own sins,
53:35 wherefore the rather, brethren, give diligence to make your
53:38 calling and election sure.
53:40 That's the sure victory.
53:42 For if you do these things you shall never fall. Amen!
53:50 Ladies and gentlemen, that tells me that this is a blueprint
53:55 for victory in Jesus. Amen!
54:06 I heard an old, old story, how Jesus came from glory.
54:17 How He bought me, and purchased me with His redeeming blood.
54:27 I heard about His groaning, and of His blood's atoning.
54:37 And I repented of my sins and won the victory.
54:47 Oh victory in Jesus, my Savior forever.
54:56 He sought me, and bought me with His redeeming blood.
55:06 He loved me ere I knew Him, and all my love is due Him.
55:15 He cleansed me with victory beneath His cleansing blood.
55:25 Oh victory in Jesus, my Savior forever.
55:34 He sought me, and bought me with His redeeming blood.
55:44 He loved me ere I knew Him, and all my love is due Him.
55:53 He plunged me in victory beneath His cleansing blood. Amen!
56:06 Oh my friends, victory is there for you.
56:08 It's there for me.
56:09 It's promised through the Word of God,
56:11 by the merits of Jesus Christ.
56:13 All we need to do is have faith, moral excellence,
56:18 knowledge of God, temperance, patience, Godliness,
56:22 brotherly kindness, and most of all, friends,
56:26 we have to have love; the love of Jesus in our hearts.
56:29 If it's your desire today to have that love in your heart,
56:33 won't you raise your hand?
56:34 Even those of you at home, just raise your hands,
56:38 reaching upward from whence cometh our help.
56:40 Jesus will give us victory.
56:44 God bless you! Continue to study, continue to pray,
56:49 and we'll see you soon, on Friday night, when we'll come
56:53 together and study the book of Revelation. Good night!


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