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00:57 Hello, and good evening.
00:58 When I was a youngster, I recall my mother received a pamphlet
01:03 in the mail about a series of studies on the
01:05 book of Revelation.
01:06 It contained seven headed beasts, and dragons, and just
01:11 horrible pictures, and back in the day we would say,
01:15 it scared her half to death.
01:17 I guess today we'd say it freaked her out.
01:20 My mother just said, I'm not going to have anything to do
01:24 with a book in the bible that has all of this horrible stuff
01:27 in it, and so it retarded her study of the book of Revelation
01:31 for many, many years.
01:32 But one of the things we've been finding out in this meeting
01:35 is that the book of Revelation is not a horrible book.
01:37 Not at all! It is a message of love,
01:40 and a revelation of Jesus Christ.
01:42 Can you say Amen? Amen!
01:44 So we have been having a wonderful time,
01:47 a truly wonderful time with our friend, pastor, evangelist,
01:50 Lawrence Dorsey, as we have been looking through the eyes
01:54 of John at the messages that come to us from
01:59 the book of Revelation.
02:00 We are so glad to be in the Ambassador Seventh-day Adventist
02:03 Church, and our host is Pastor Henoc Paulicin.
02:07 I'd like to say good evening to all of the church
02:10 family at Ambassador.
02:11 And good evening to all of our friends that are watching
02:15 throughout the world.
02:16 It is so exciting to see the truth of the Bible as being
02:21 expounded through the book of Revelation.
02:24 It affirms my faith that the God that we serve is not only a true
02:29 God, but His Word is true. Amen!
02:32 And so we look forward to see what the man of God,
02:36 Pastor Lawrence Dorsey, has to say to us.
02:38 And if you're ever in the Fort Lauderdale area, please come out
02:43 and visit us at the Ambassador Seventh-day Adventist Church
02:46 in Lauderdale Lakes where, I believe, we're the friendliest
02:48 church in the area.
02:50 What do you say about that? Amen, Amen!
02:52 Let's bow our heads for a word of prayer.
02:53 I don't know if you would mind praying for us pastor.
02:55 Certainly! Father God, again tonight as we stand,
02:59 and, as it were, before the throne of God, we pray that
03:04 Your Spirit would infuse this place, that You would speak
03:09 with the evangelist.
03:11 That You would touch his mind, his heart, his lips, and may we
03:15 receive, through him, from You, words of life and encouragement
03:21 that will help us as together we seek to walk the road
03:25 that leads to glory.
03:26 Make the Word plain to us, dear God, this night,
03:30 and give us strength to be not just hearers of the Word,
03:34 but doers thereof.
03:37 We love You, we praise You, and we thank You for Your
03:40 promise to answer the prayer of faith, in Jesus' name, Amen.
04:00 I dreamed of that city called Glory, so bright and so fair.
04:22 When I entered the gate I cried Holy!
04:32 The angels all welcomed me there.
04:43 They led me from mansion to mansion,
04:54 and Oh the sights I saw!
05:03 But I said, I want to see Jesus, for He's the
05:17 One who died for all.
05:26 And I bowed on my knees and cried Holy, Holy, Glory.
05:48 I clapped my hands and sang, Glory, Glory to the Son of God.
06:10 I thought as I entered that city all my loved ones,
06:23 you all knew, you all knew me well.
06:32 They showed me all around big heaven.
06:42 The scenes were too numerous to tell.
06:53 Oh I saw Abraham, Jacob, and Isaiah,
07:05 spoke with Mark and Timothy.
07:14 But I said, I want to see Jesus,
07:26 for He's the One who died for me.
07:38 And I bowed on my knees and cried Holy, Holy, Glory.
08:01 I clapped my hands and sang Glory, Glory to the Son of God.
08:22 I sang Glory to the Son of God. Amen!
08:44 Glory to the Son of God.
08:45 I think when we see His face, we're going go shout glory.
08:51 I think when we see His face, we're going
08:54 to be filled with joy.
08:55 I know when we see His face, ladies and gentlemen,
09:00 our hearts are going to skip a beat.
09:02 And in that skipping of a beat, we will be translated,
09:06 in the twinkling of an eye, and forever be with our Lord
09:10 and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen!
09:12 Are you doing well tonight?
09:14 Those of you at home, are you doing well?
09:17 Well, if you're not doing well, you're going to be well,
09:21 because I have good news for you today.
09:24 Good news for us with the message entitled,
09:28 Glimpses of Glory: Heaven Is A Real Place.
09:33 Shall we pray? Loving Father, again we are so thankful that
09:37 You love us, and that You died on the cross
09:40 of Calvary to give us life.
09:42 And even now, tonight, Lord, as we open Thy Holy Word,
09:46 we ask that Your sweet Spirit will come into our hearts,
09:49 into our minds, come into this congregation, to every home
09:53 and place where individuals are viewing these messages.
09:57 And enlighten us with Your Word, and draw us unto Yourself.
10:01 Please hide me behind the cross of Calvary, that You might be
10:05 lifted up, and bless our hearts, dear Lord, with a Word from You
10:09 about heaven, our future home, is our prayer.
10:13 In Jesus' name, Amen.
10:16 Glimpses of Glory; Is Heaven a Real Place?
10:21 I stand before you tonight.
10:24 I stand before you tonight to declare that
10:30 heaven is a real place. Amen!
10:32 It is not a myth. It is not a fairytale.
10:36 It is not the figment of someone's imagination.
10:40 It is not, as some people call, pie in the sky.
10:46 Heaven is real. I know it's real because my God is real. Amen!
10:54 For heaven and God go together.
10:57 When we see my sweet Jesus instructing His disciples
11:03 on now to pray. And if you would turn with me to this
11:07 scripture in the book of Matthew.
11:09 And those of you who are at home, please follow along
11:11 with your Bibles. And if you don't have your Bible there,
11:14 just jot these texts down, and then later when you have a more
11:18 convenient time go over these passages of scripture.
11:23 Matthew chapter 6, beginning with verse 5, Jesus instructing
11:30 His disciples on how to pray. He says:
12:28 And here's the key, ladies and gentlemen, to let us know
12:32 that heaven is as real as the Father. It says:
13:03 And folks, I want you to know that the angels delight to
13:06 do the will of our loving Father in heaven.
13:10 And when we pray to Him, and you know, I like to just think
13:16 about this sometimes, when we pray to Him, our prayers ascend
13:22 past the building that we're praying in, or the open field,
13:26 and they go up past the sun, the moon, and the stars.
13:30 It crosses with the speed, or even faster than the speed of
13:36 light, through the heavens, and it finds it's way through the
13:40 very gates of glory, and comes before the very throne,
13:45 and heart, and ears of God.
13:48 Oh my goodness, what a wonderful thing power of prayer is.
13:54 And our Father, which is in heaven,
13:57 listens to those prayers.
14:00 If I became technical about this subject on heaven, and we have
14:06 looked at some things to help us to be technical,
14:09 for we see in our Bibles in 2 Timothy 3:15, 2 Timothy 3:15,
14:17 and we've used this text before, and you're getting used to them.
14:21 It tells us that all scripture is what?
14:27 It came from who? God!
14:33 All scripture that is given to us, ladies and gentlemen,
14:36 it comes from God, and it is profitable for,
14:41 the first thing it says, it's profitable for doctrine.
14:44 In other words, when we look at the subject, or the doctrine
14:49 about heaven, we can go to this book and find out what this book
14:54 says about heaven.
14:55 It's there for us.
14:58 It's the Word of God.
15:01 Jesus Himself said it's firmer than the ground
15:05 we're standing on.
15:06 If we get technical, and we pull out the Bible and we look and
15:14 discover, and study this subject about heaven, we will find that
15:19 the Bible speaks about three heavens.
15:23 Now how many knew that?
15:24 Let me see the hands of those of you that are here.
15:26 I can't see the hands at home. Hello!
15:28 The Bible speaks of three heavens.
15:33 Let's look at this.
15:34 The first one is mentioned in the first book of the Bible.
15:37 The first book of the Bible, the book of Genesis, Genesis 1:8.
15:43 It says, And God called the firmament Heaven.
15:50 In the great creation where God spake, and what He spake
15:55 came into existence, ladies and gentlemen, by His power.
15:59 His thoughts became audible, and reticulated into reality.
16:05 I love even the thought of that, that what God thought about
16:12 doing, He didn't really have to say it, but He said it.
16:16 Come on now! And He spake our world into existence. Amen!
16:24 That takes faith to believe.
16:26 You know, I don't have anything against scientists,
16:29 and scientists, I love you, too, and so does Jesus,
16:31 but when individuals who talk about this thing coming about
16:35 through evolution, I could just take you to one scene
16:39 and show you how our theories as human beings, and that's the
16:42 only hour on this that we can agree on, how it could work.
16:47 If you were placed in the garden of Eden on the very first
16:52 seventh day when Adam and Eve were there with the Creator,
16:56 and you were asked to take all of your tools and tell us how
17:01 old everything is, your numbers wouldn't come out right.
17:04 When you looked at Adam, with all of his height,
17:08 and in his beauty, and his majestic body that God gave him,
17:12 straight from the hand of the Creator, you would not say,
17:16 he looked, if he was in the prime of his life, we could just
17:19 use what we can relate to, you wouldn't say he was 21.
17:23 You would probably say he's 21, or 25.
17:26 He's at the peak of his youth.
17:28 But he's not even a week old!
17:31 He's not even a day old.
17:33 If you cut down one of those trees in the garden of Eden.
17:38 If you could find a tool that can cut those trees down,
17:42 and you counted the rings on the tree, and all of those rings
17:45 as we know today with our own findings,
17:48 that each ring is a year.
17:51 Isn't that true? That's what we say.
17:53 You wouldn't say it's a few days old.
17:57 We wouldn't say that.
17:58 We would be thrown off.
17:59 We have to understand that God moves, and does things in a
18:04 realm that is far beyond our thought, and our comprehension.
18:10 But when we come back now, and just getting back to the point,
18:13 we see that this first heaven that is talked about in
18:18 Genesis 1:8, it's the atmospheric heaven
18:22 where the birds fly.
18:23 It's the atmospheric heaven that you and I fly in.
18:29 When I came from California, I had a nice smooth ride
18:34 from California to Florida, and it was nice.
18:41 I was flying in the heaven.
18:43 I hate to say this, but that's as far as some folks are going
18:46 to get when it talks about heaven.
18:48 The second heaven, ladies and gentlemen, it's found in
18:53 Psalms 33. I'd like for you to turn there and see.
18:57 And this the Bible talks about is the second heaven.
19:01 This is the heaven that God, in His majesty and His power,
19:05 His thoughts, again, becoming audible, and then matriculating
19:11 into reality. Psalms 33:6. It says:
19:23 In other words, not only the atmospheric heaven did He make,
19:29 but He made what is the second heaven, ladies and gentlemen,
19:32 where the sun, and the moon, and the stars have their place.
19:37 And in perfect harmony these planets, and stars, and heavenly
19:43 bodies move seamlessly by the very hand of the Living God.
19:49 And guess what? Some human beings have had the opportunity
19:55 to live there, and, ladies and gentlemen, I don't know how
19:58 or where you are, but we've had people living on the
20:01 international space station for the last ten years in space.
20:07 And guess what? I read today that in the year 2013,
20:14 they will be able to have trips up to the international space
20:19 station, and into outer space, if you please, for a small fee
20:24 of one plus million dollars.
20:26 I think I'll wait to go with Jesus. Amen!
20:32 So here we see the first heaven, the atmospheric heaven.
20:36 The second heaven, those of you at home,
20:38 it's the starry heavens.
20:40 But then when you look at the prayer of Jesus in Matthew 6,
20:44 and he's talking about our Father, which is in heaven,
20:47 he's not in this atmospheric heaven.
20:50 His home is not in the starry heaven, it's beyond that.
20:55 How do I know? Well, I can't use my own interpretation,
21:01 because it tells us in 2 Peter 1, starting with verse 19,
21:08 and it goes on to verse 20.
21:09 It says scripture is not left to anyone's own interpretation.
21:15 Holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost,
21:19 so I have to come back to the book, the book that tells us
21:23 about the doctrine of heaven.
21:26 So I turn now, let's turn with this scripture found in
21:32 2 Corinthians. Turn with me to 2 Corinthians 12, looking at
21:39 verse 2. It tells us, and it is spelled out plain and simple
21:45 for us to see and understand.
21:47 It tells us about the third heaven.
21:51 Okay? You ready? 2 Corinthians 12:3.
22:13 Not the atmospheric heaven, not the starry heavens,
22:16 the third heaven. He says, And I knew such a man,...
22:38 In other words, the Apostle Paul was caught up into the third
22:43 heaven, where God is, and he heard the very Majesty and the
22:47 words of God himself.
22:50 He was there in paradise.
22:54 Now folks, I looked up the word paradise, and it has this
23:00 in its definition.
23:01 It says paradise is heaven as the final abode
23:06 of the righteous. It says a place of extreme beauty,
23:12 delight, or happiness.
23:14 And that sounds pretty good to me.
23:16 Doesn't that sound good to you?
23:17 Now watch this; in the original language in the Greek,
23:20 it says, and it's used in the Septuagint translation,
23:24 it says, that paradise is the same word that is translated
23:30 for the Garden of Eden.
23:32 So paradise, and we know as paradise lost.
23:39 Are you listening?
23:40 When we lost the Garden of Eden.
23:42 But when we have it restored, paradise restored, we will see
23:47 tonight, through the scriptures of the Living God,
23:49 that that tree of eternal life that was in the Garden of Eden,
23:55 will be restored to us in heaven. Amen!
24:00 Now the word paradise, it's only used three times
24:04 in the New Testament.
24:06 The first time it is used it is not in what we just read,
24:10 2 Corinthians 12:4, but it is found in Luke 23:43,
24:18 and you all know the scene as soon as I tell you.
24:20 Jesus is dying on the cross.
24:22 He's dying for your sins, and my sins, as we have looked at
24:26 last night with the message entitled, The Lamb of God.
24:29 Because of Jesus being the Lamb, we can face tomorrow.
24:33 He's the Lamb that was slain from the
24:36 foundation of the world.
24:37 Because of His death we have life.
24:39 He said He came that we might have life,
24:42 and have life more abundantly.
24:44 You see, you might think you're living if you have money,
24:47 and if you have prestige, and you have people all around you,
24:50 and people doing your bidding, but you don't have happiness,
24:54 or the peace that comes from having a relationship
24:56 with Jesus Christ.
24:57 Once you have that then you have life more abundantly.
25:01 It doesn't matter where you are,
25:03 if you're high, or if you're low.
25:05 If you have Jesus you know you have everything,
25:07 and if you can just hold on and wait, and endure to the end,
25:11 you will have riches beyond your imagination. Amen!
25:14 The record tells us here that Jesus was dying on the cross
25:19 in chapter 23 of the book of Luke, and He was between two
25:22 thieves. You know the story.
25:24 And it says that at first they were jeering Him,
25:26 and making fun of Him also.
25:28 But then they began to hear the words of the people saying,
25:31 What did Jesus do?
25:33 All He did was heal!
25:34 What did Jesus do?
25:35 He fed the 5,000. What did Jesus do?
25:38 He raised the dead.
25:39 What did Jesus do?
25:40 He made the Bible live.
25:42 What did Jesus do that He deserved this?
25:45 And they were crying, and they were weeping, and they said
25:48 He was a good man.
25:49 What did Jesus do?
25:50 He healed so many!
25:51 What did Jesus do?
25:52 And the other thief was listening to what was happening,
25:56 and it just amplifies scripture.
25:58 Scripture says, faith cometh by hearing. Amen!
26:02 And he started hearing the things that were being said
26:08 about the man in the middle, the man next to him.
26:11 Ladies and gentlemen, he looked at Him and when his eyes met,
26:15 he saw in Jesus not another dying man, but he saw in Jesus
26:21 his Savior, and he cried out, ladies and gentlemen.
26:24 And that's all Jesus asks us to do, to cry out and say,
26:28 Lord, remember me! Amen!
26:31 Oh my brothers and my sisters wherever you are, if you don't
26:35 hear anything else about this message, just know if you
26:38 just raise your hand from your heart, and say, Lord Jesus
26:42 remember me! He cannot forget you.
26:45 You have been engraved on the palms of His hands.
26:49 He loves you with a love that will not let you go.
26:54 He's done everything He can to make sure that we will have
26:57 salvation. He walked the walk.
27:00 He talked the talk.
27:01 And when He couldn't do anything more for us, He died the death
27:04 that we deserve, that we might have the life that He deserves.
27:08 Amen! And then Jesus said, Today I say unto you,
27:18 Today I say unto you...
27:26 Paradise, divine, as heaven the final abode of the righteous.
27:31 Heaven defined as the place of extreme beauty,
27:35 and delight, or happiness.
27:37 Heaven defined as the Garden of Eden restored.
27:41 Oh my friends, heaven's real!
27:45 Don't let people tell you it's not real.
27:48 Don't let people say that religion is just there to cause
27:52 you to be tranquil, and just accept things the way they are.
27:55 Heaven's a real place because God's a real person. Amen!
28:01 The third place the word paradise,
28:05 and you're going to like this.
28:06 The third place the word paradise is used and found
28:10 in the New Testament, is in our book that John saw.
28:16 Revelation chapter 2, Revelation 2:7.
28:23 Folks you know, the more I study the book of Revelation
28:25 I just get so excited because people say it's a book that you
28:29 can't understand. And isn't this thing clear?
28:33 Revelation 2, Revelation 2:7.
28:38 Now listen, it says:
28:55 Now remember, in the Septuagint translation the word Eden is the
28:59 same word used for paradise.
29:01 It says here, To him that overcometh will I give to eat
29:13 When you turn back, ladies and gentlemen, to the book of
29:18 Genesis, back to chapter 2, and look at what it says there,
29:23 in the very beginning, chapter 2, verse 8, it says:
29:39 And out of the ground made the Lord God to grow every tree
29:43 that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food.
29:47 The tree of life also is in the midst of the garden,
29:51 and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
29:55 So we see a tale of two trees in Genesis.
29:59 But, thank God, when we get to the end of the story,
30:02 in the book of Revelation, and we said all the books
30:05 of the Bible end and meet in Revelation, for there are 505
30:09 direct, or indirect, quotations from 39 of the other 65 books
30:14 of the Bible in the book of Revelation.
30:16 When we get to the end of the story, ladies and gentlemen,
30:19 we don't have to go to the testing time anymore,
30:22 we have been passing our probation, and the only tree
30:26 that we see specified in the very Eden of God
30:30 will be the tree of life! Amen!
30:33 In other words, there'll be nobody there to
30:36 mess us up this time.
30:37 Come on now, somebody ought to say Amen. Amen!
30:41 I come back to this, and I'm getting excited now because
30:46 the loving God that we have has told us something
30:50 for us to understand.
30:52 It says in 1 Corinthians 2:9 that eye has not seen, nor ear
31:07 In other words, watch this, in other words, you and I on our
31:13 best day, on our best day, can't imagine what God has for us.
31:20 You all don't sound excited about it!
31:23 You and I on our best day, we can't comprehend what God
31:33 the Father has prepared for us who love Him. Amen!
31:39 I mean I've been around the world, and some places not as
31:42 much as some of you.
31:44 But I have been around, and I've seen some beautiful places.
31:46 I've seen places like Nagril, Jamaica.
31:49 And let me tell you about that.
31:50 I thought that was one of the most beautiful
31:53 places I'd ever been. Amen!
31:55 I mean I got so enamored with Nagril, when I went there,
31:59 that I stood up on the falls, and it looked so beautiful
32:02 I even thought I could jump.
32:04 The Lord said, That's not for you Dorsey.
32:12 I've been to my favorite place now, because it's a lot closer
32:16 to me from Jamaica being on the West Coast,
32:19 and that's Hawaii.
32:21 Oh my goodness, you have those mountains, and you have the
32:25 rain forest, and you have the beaches, and it's so pristine.
32:29 Two years ago my wife and I went there for our anniversary,
32:33 and we took one whole day, from 7:30 in the morning,
32:38 7:30 in the morning, until after sunset.
32:42 We didn't move from our cabana except to use the little boys
32:46 and girls room. Ha ha!
32:48 That's all we did!
32:49 It was just so beautiful.
32:50 It was like paradise.
32:51 I just kept looking at her and smile.
32:53 And she'd look over at me and smile.
32:55 And they just make everything so nice, where the folks they
33:00 just come bring your lunch right out there on the cabana.
33:03 You just sit there all day.
33:04 And I was like Ah, this is paradise!
33:08 But it's not paradise! No!
33:11 What God has for us, ladies and gentlemen,
33:14 we can't even comprehend.
33:16 So when you're flying in the air, and you see all of these
33:19 beautiful sunsets, and you see all of this green
33:21 when you travel through Europe, and all of those places.
33:24 And it looks so majestic and all.
33:26 And folks, some of the things that we think look good,
33:28 doesn't even look good to heaven because when we see
33:31 some of these rocks and mountains,
33:32 and the way they are, that's not the way the earth was.
33:35 Those are the things that are the after affects of the flood.
33:38 But we're saying, because we don't know any better,
33:40 we say, Oh, that looks beautiful!
33:43 But when we look at the earth made new,
33:49 and when we see what God has for us, Oh my!
33:55 Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor has it entered into the very
34:05 heart, or mind it was, the things that God has for us.
34:09 Now folks, I want you to know that in the book of Revelation,
34:12 the book that is not sealed, that is not closed,
34:15 that is not mysterious, the book that is often misinterpreted,
34:19 and misrepresented, in this book of Revelation, it gives us
34:23 the clearest view we could get on this side of heaven,
34:26 unless you're lucky enough to see it in vision,
34:29 the best look at heaven that is presented to mankind.
34:37 I go to my Bible again, and that's the only place we can go,
34:40 because the Bible is there for us, ladies and gentlemen,
34:43 that we might understand its sweet treasures.
34:46 I turn to chapter 21, chapter 21 of the book of Revelation,
34:51 and I begin reading with verse 1, and John says:
34:56 Again, again, John saw it.
34:59 He was not just moved with inspiration.
35:02 He did not go to sleep and have a vision.
35:05 Jesus showed up and gave him the vision of all of these
35:13 which must shortly to come to pass for you and I today,
35:16 to give us inspiration, to give us hope, to give us the desire
35:22 to go forward. It says faith cometh by hearing,
35:24 and hearings comes by reading the Word of God.
35:26 And as we read the Word of God we can see it's real.
35:30 He says, I saw as it were,
35:39 Ladies and gentlemen, this is an insight that we need
35:42 to understand. This old world is going to pass away. Amen!
35:45 I don't care where you're living.
35:47 I don't care what you have.
35:50 I don't care what you think you have.
35:53 It cannot compare to heaven! Amen!
35:57 You can have a 40,000 square foot home.
36:01 That is nothing to compare with what God has for us in Glory.
36:06 Amen! Down here folks will break in.
36:09 I don't care how many guards you have.
36:12 I don't care how many bars you have.
36:14 And, folks, what good is having a beautiful home
36:16 if you have to look through bars?
36:18 It becomes your own prison.
36:21 Come on now, isn't that true?
36:25 You could have termites in your million dollar home,
36:28 or eight million dollar home, or your forty million dollar home.
36:32 Or as we see lately on the news, a storm can come through
36:36 and there can be a mudslide, and it can wash away. Amen!
36:40 Or fires can come through and it can burn up.
36:43 Or, folks, you can do what most people do in California,
36:48 and that is we pray that no earthquake comes,
36:51 and even takes your little house.
36:52 We live in that kind of world.
36:56 If you live in some places you have to watch out because
37:00 your relationship with God has to be ready to go any time.
37:03 Folks we have to be ready to die at any time.
37:06 A tornado could come through in the middle of the night
37:09 and you don't hear the sirens, and we see the devastation
37:13 that is happening more, and more, and more,
37:15 these natural disasters.
37:17 And they are crying out and telling us,
37:19 don't put your faith in these things on Earth,
37:21 but put your faith in Jesus! Amen!
37:25 You've got to understand that.
37:28 You have to know that.
37:29 Time is running out, and these signs are telling us that.
37:33 I look at the scriptures, and it says, And I, John, saw a new...
37:54 And I want you to remember this.
37:55 It's saying that heaven is going to open up, and a heavenly city,
38:01 the new Jerusalem, or should I say the capitol, or new capitol
38:05 will be coming down to planet Earth.
38:08 And it says, in verse 3, And I heard a great voice out of
38:11 heaven saying, Behold...
38:45 We can count on it church!
38:48 Don't let anybody tell you that heaven is pie in the sky.
38:52 Don't let anyone tell you that religion is just there
38:56 to quell your conscience.
38:58 Don't let anyone tell you that it is something that they are
39:02 just giving you to keep you passive, or keep you in line.
39:06 Heaven is a real place!
39:09 The book says it! Amen!
39:11 Look at the key. The key that will make this heaven,
39:18 this new earth, a greater place is because Jesus, and the Father
39:24 are going to move here on planet Earth with us.
39:28 Jesus said, Now pray, in Matthew 6:9, to pray to your Father
39:33 which art in heaven.
39:35 But folks, when you start reading this, and interpreting
39:38 this, it is saying that the Father and the Son are
39:41 going to move in the midst of new Jerusalem, right here on
39:45 planet Earth with us! Amen!
39:48 So that means this planet Earth, third planet from the sun,
39:51 fifth largest in the solar system, the only place that
39:54 allowed Satan to have a foothold. the only place where
39:56 The only place where the rebellion that spread in heaven
39:59 was able to flourish right here on planet Earth.
40:02 Where Jesus came as a baby, and He grew up,
40:04 and He was nurtured.
40:05 And He became this man who was the preacher who preached
40:09 and showed a true revelation of God, who came with the
40:12 salvation of God in His life, and in His blood,
40:15 and who has reconciled us back to God,
40:17 for God was in Christ reconciling us unto Himself.
40:21 And, ladies and gentlemen, on this planet Earth
40:25 where He died, and then was resurrected, He has promised
40:29 in His book, that He's coming back to restore not only us,
40:34 as new creatures, but He's going to make this place the
40:38 center of the Universe. Amen!
40:40 Paradise is where God is.
40:46 I continue to read.
40:49 It says and God, back to verse 4, And God shall wipe away all
40:53 tears from their eyes.
40:54 You can't be sad when Jesus is present. Hello!
40:56 You can't be brokenhearted in His hand.
41:00 He heals broken hearts.
41:01 You can't be despondent or suicidal, No!
41:05 He is life, Ladies and gentlemen. if you are here
41:07 If you are here and your heart is heavy, things are bad,
41:10 and there's financial difficulties...
41:11 And folks, those things eat us up.
41:13 Or someone has hurt you, or someone has left you,
41:16 and you feel alone.
41:17 Someone has betrayed you.
41:18 You're sitting in your house and you're wondering what to do.
41:20 You went through the channels flipping.
41:22 God had you STOP that you might know somebody cares,
41:27 and someone loves you, and someone wants you,
41:29 and someone has died for you, and someone has prepared
41:32 for you, and someone is willing and able to do far more than
41:35 give you lip service. Amen!
41:39 He has heart service! Amen!
41:42 He saw you when you were in your mother's womb.
41:45 It tells me that in Psalms 139: When we were in our mother's
41:48 womb, He knew us there.
41:49 They are marked in His book, in the book of life,
41:52 ladies and gentlemen.
41:54 And He's coming back for us. and He's allowed these times for us
41:57 And He's allowed these times for us to come together,
42:01 and study His Word that we might be ready to meet Him in peace.
42:06 He says there will be no more tears flowing from eyes.
42:10 There will be no more death, and no more sorrow,
42:13 and no more crying, neither shall there be any more pain,
42:16 for the former things are passed away.
42:18 And He said, underlined it, for these things are true
42:21 and faithful. Amen!
42:23 Then it says in verse 6, And He said unto me, It is done,...
42:42 Now folks there's a condition here.
42:44 He says we have to overcome, but He doesn't leave it to us to
42:50 do it in our own strength.
42:52 He says He will come in and do what needs to be done,
42:56 if you just surrender your will to Him. Amen!
43:00 Isn't that easy? Amen!
43:03 The record goes on to say, but the fearful, and the unbelieving
43:19 And there came unto me one of the seven angels which had the
43:22 seven vials full of the seven last plagues,
43:25 and talked with me, saying, Come hither,
43:27 I will show thee the bride, the Lamb's wife.
43:31 And he carried me away in the spirit to a great and high
43:34 mountain, and showed me...
43:59 Wait a minute! Did you see what I read here?
44:03 It said at the gate twelve angels.
44:06 It doesn't say anything about Peter at the gate.
44:08 Uh oh, the Bible clarifies it's good for doctrine, for reproof,
44:16 for correction, and righteousness, that we might
44:20 understand what the Bible really says.
44:22 If I'm reading this correctly, ladies and gentlemen,
44:25 it's saying that there are twelve gates, twelve gates.
44:32 And that the gate has twelve angels, and the names written
44:37 there are the names of the twelve tribes...
44:55 Well, that is where Peter's name is, but it didn't say he was
45:00 taking any tolls or anything there at the gate.
45:02 Now did it say it? No!
45:04 That makes it clearly.
45:06 It says, And he that talked with me, had a golden reed
45:10 to measure the city. And ladies and gentlemen,
45:12 the city, it's in a perfect square:
45:14 15,000 square miles.
45:16 It says that the walls, the jasper walls of the city are
45:20 216 feet high of clear jasper, clear as crystal
45:24 you can see through.
45:26 I continue to read and it tells me in verse 18, And the building
45:32 of the wall of it was of jasper:
45:38 Now folks that's pretty!
45:42 It says, And the foundations of the wall of the city were
45:44 were garnished with all...
45:48 And it goes through here between verses 19 through 20,
45:52 and it tells us all of the different stones that are used.
45:55 And if you would look at them, if you put a color contrast
45:58 of the jewelry, the precious stones that are used for the
46:02 foundation of the city, it will look like the
46:05 colors of the rainbow.
46:06 So no matter where you come from in God's great universe,
46:11 and you see the capitol, new Jerusalem,
46:13 Somebody ought to say I'm going to be there, not Amen.
46:16 I'm going to be there because by faith the Christian sees himself
46:20 in possession of the things he has been promised.
46:24 By faith we come to God, for faith is the substance of things
46:29 hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
46:32 He that cometh to God must believe that He is,
46:35 and He is the rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.
46:39 Hebrews 11:6. We see ourselves there going through the gates.
46:44 I don't know which one, but out of those twelve
46:46 we can figure it out.
46:47 It says, And I saw no temple.
46:52 Verse 22 there, no no, I can't skip.
46:54 I've got to go to 21. It says:
47:02 Pearls are made with affliction.
47:05 Something gets inside of the oyster.
47:07 The oyster can't put it out.
47:08 He has no hands, he has no legs.
47:10 He has to deal with it.
47:11 And when he deals with it, this substance that comes around it,
47:14 that comes around it, and it makes it smooth,
47:16 and then it doesn't irritate him anymore.
47:18 And at the end of that process you have a perfect pearl.
47:22 Ladies and gentlemen, in our lives we're going to have
47:23 tribulations. We're going to have problems.
47:25 Things that are going to be with us that we
47:27 have to deal with.
47:28 Jesus said, In the world you shall have tribulation,
47:31 but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.
47:34 And if we can just hold on and be patient, and wait for our
47:37 Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, He's going to come,
47:39 and guess what? We will be those precious pearls,
47:42 those jewels that He will redeem for His treasure chest
47:48 through eternity. The record goes on to tell us,
47:52 ladies and gentlemen, that He Himself shall be there
47:54 in the midst of us, and the Father shall be there.
47:56 And in verse 3 of chapter 22 it says, And there shall be
47:59 no more curse: but the throne of God and of the Lamb shall
48:02 be in it; and His servants shall serve Him:...
48:05 Ladies and Gentlemen, it says, And they shall see His face;
48:08 That's Revelation 22:4.
48:10 And they shall see His face; and His name shall
48:12 be in their foreheads.
48:14 And verse 5: And there shall be no night there;
48:16 and they need no candle, neither light of the sun;
48:19 for the Lord God giveth them light: and they shall
48:22 reign for ever and ever... and ever, and ever, and ever,
48:27 and ever. And He said unto me, These sayings are faithful
48:30 and true: and the Lord God of the holy prophets sent his angel
48:33 to show unto his servants the things which
48:36 must shortly be done.
48:38 Behold, I come quickly: blessed is he that keepeth
48:42 the sayings of the prophecy of this book.
48:45 In other words, it's not a sealed book.
48:47 It's open for us to know that Jesus is real, heaven is real,
48:52 our home there is real, and if we can just hold on
48:56 we will really see it. Amen!
49:00 The Father and the Son, the Father and the Son will move
49:08 their throne, ladies and gentlemen,
49:10 right down here on planet Earth.
49:13 It will be a brand new city, and a brand new world.
49:20 When you look at this beautiful city with its golden mansions,
49:24 and it says each one us is going to have our own mansion,
49:28 that's what it says.
49:29 John wrote in John 14, Let not your heart be troubled, verse 1,
49:36 believe in God, believe also in Me.
49:37 In My Father's house are many mansions, and if it were not so,
49:40 I would have told you.
49:41 I go to prepare a place for you, and where I go,
49:46 there ye may be also.
49:48 Ladies and gentlemen, we're going to have our own mansions
49:51 in glory. There'll be no mortgage bill, no electricity.
49:58 The Bible says there's no need of lights there.
50:00 No need of lights there because He's going to
50:02 be the light of it.
50:03 There'll be no water bill.
50:05 We don't have to worry about that.
50:07 We see that the throne of God is there.
50:10 The throne of Christ is there.
50:11 The river of life is there, and it runs through the
50:14 midst of the city.
50:15 It says that tree of life will be there, and each month
50:20 it will bear twelve manner of fruit, and it says the leaves
50:24 are for the healing of the nations.
50:26 I don't know, this is just my speculation.
50:28 Maybe we can make some tea out of that.
50:30 I don't know how it works, but it's going to be
50:31 sweet to find out. Amen!
50:35 And that's just in the city.
50:38 When you compare scripture with scripture,
50:41 and line upon line, and precept upon precept,
50:43 ladies and gentlemen, you'll find in the book of Isaiah,
50:46 Isaiah 65, it tells us that we're going to build houses,
50:49 in the country. Oh my goodness, that means I'm going to have
50:52 a mansion in the city, and I'm going to have a
50:54 country house, too. Amen!
50:56 Halleluiah! Amen!
50:59 It's promised to us, ladies and gentlemen.
51:01 He cannot lie, He is all true.
51:03 His Word is something we can count on.
51:06 It's more firm than the ground that we're on.
51:08 He says we'll build houses, and we will inhabit them.
51:11 We will have vineyards, and we'll be able to have
51:13 the fruit thereof.
51:14 We're not going to study war anymore. Amen!
51:18 The lion and the lamb will play together. Amen!
51:23 And when we go through a thousand years we'll keep on
51:28 singing, ladies and gentlemen, Amazing Grace, because each
51:32 day will feel like a new day.
51:34 But in order to be there...
51:37 Folks listen to me.
51:38 You at home listen to me.
51:40 It's not hard. It's not hard, but you have a made up mind,
51:47 a made up mind in Jesus.
51:50 With a made up mind, with a made up mind,
52:00 I'm willing to go the way through.
52:14 If it cost my life, I'll be willing to pay the price.
52:26 You see, I've got heaven in my view.
52:39 If it means that I have to walk alone,
52:49 Oh that my friends, they may leave you.
53:00 I am not going to worry about what others may say or do,
53:12 because I've got heaven in my view.
53:23 With a made up mind, with a made up mind,
53:34 there's no trial that He won't bring me through.
53:44 And if it costs my life, I'll be willing to pay that price.
53:55 You see, I've got heaven in my view.
54:06 With a made up mind, I've got a made up mind.
54:17 Every day I can say, Hallelu hallelu, hallelu, hallelau,
54:28 hallelau, and all of my burdens, they may weigh me down,
54:39 but I've got heaven in my view.
54:50 With the made up mind, I've got a made up mind.
55:00 I'm willing, I'm willing, I'll go, I'll go all the way
55:07 with Christ. And if it costs my life, I'll be willing to pay
55:21 that price. I've got heaven in mind.
55:29 I've got heaven in mind.
55:34 I've got heaven in my view.
55:47 Thank you, Sarah.
55:48 Can you see it church?
55:50 Can you see it, those of you at home?
55:53 Heaven is a real place.
55:57 And we've had a glimpse of glory tonight.
56:01 And friends, the only thing we have to do is make a reservation
56:06 without a credit card. Come on now!
56:09 Because Jesus paid it all on Calvary's cross.
56:14 And if it's your desire to make heaven your home,
56:18 won't you stand and come down for special prayer tonight?
56:21 Men, women, boys, and girls, just stand and come down.
56:25 And those of you who are at home, I pray too that you
56:28 would just close your eyes, and open your heart
56:31 to the King of Glory, that He might come in.
56:35 And when we get to heaven, heaven, that eternal home
56:38 that is there for you and I, the one that Jesus paid for.
56:42 We can meet somewhere on the right side of the throne
56:48 of the Living God.
56:49 If that's your heart's desire, just say Amen where you are,
56:54 for Amen means so be it. Amen!
56:57 Good night, and God bless you.


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