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00:59 Some thirty years ago I was preaching a major evangelistic
01:02 crusade in Queens, New York.
01:04 We began on a Sunday evening, and two nights later a major
01:09 storm came through and tore my tent to shreds,
01:12 and knocked it to the ground.
01:14 There appeared that night a white knight out of nowhere,
01:18 who I did not know.
01:19 His name was Lawrence Dorsey.
01:22 He couldn't do too much to help me, but he did hold my hand,
01:25 and we cried together as my tent lay tattered on the ground.
01:29 And so thirty years ago we formed a friendship that has
01:32 lasted so many, many years, and it was my pleasure to bring
01:36 my friend, Pastor Dorsey, and 3ABN together for this wonderful
01:41 meeting that we're calling, Through the Eyes of John.
01:44 And I am sure as you listen to this man of God,
01:47 who has preached the gospel around the world,
01:49 that your heart will be blessed, but more than that,
01:52 you will be drawn closer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
01:56 We welcome you to the Ambassador Seventh-day Adventist Church,
02:01 and our host is Pastor Henoc Paulicin, another northeast guy,
02:05 who has made his way to the south.
02:07 I'm going to ask him to give the official welcome to this church,
02:09 and then pray for today's broadcast and service.
02:14 I'd like to say good morning to the Ambassador Church family.
02:17 Good morning! And on behalf of the Ambassador Church family
02:22 I'd like to say, greetings to all of our friends and viewers
02:25 for watching throughout the world.
02:27 As we look through the eyes of John unfolding
02:31 the book of Revelation.
02:32 It is a wonderful thing that we have a God who is so great
02:38 that He left us information locked in His Word so that we
02:43 would know what is coming up.
02:45 And so we ask that you pray for this evangelist and this event.
02:52 And let us bow our heads now as we pray.
02:54 Our Father and our God, we thank You for the opportunity
02:58 of being here this day.
02:59 We pray that Your Spirit will fall mightily upon this place.
03:05 Touch every heart.
03:07 And when all is said and done, may we have the assurance
03:11 that the presence of the Lord was in this place,
03:14 and that the Holy Spirit has worked.
03:17 Hear us as we pray.
03:19 This we ask in Jesus' name, Amen.
03:47 Lord we love You. You are good.
04:27 Sing it choir. Lord we love you.
04:32 We love You Jesus.
04:35 You are good. Lord we love You.
04:42 We love You Lord. You are good.
04:48 Lord we love you.
04:54 You are good. You are good.
05:00 Lord we love You. You are good.
05:09 Lord we thank You. You are good.
05:28 O Lord we love You. You are good.
05:39 Hallelujah, Lord we thank You.
05:44 You are good. Sing it choir.
05:51 Lord we thank You. You are good.
06:20 Hallelujah! Lord we thank You. You are good.
06:32 Lord we praise You. You are good.
07:33 Praise You Jesus. Lord we praise You.
07:40 You are good. You are good.
07:45 Lord we praise You. You are good.
07:55 Lord we love You. You are good.
08:06 Lord we thank You. You are good.
08:15 Lord we praise You. You are good.
08:25 Lord we love You. Lord we love You.
08:32 O for all You've have done for us all we can say is...
08:41 You are good! Amen!
08:52 Praise the Lord, Amen.
09:20 Can we give our young people another hearty Amen? Amen!
09:23 God has blessed them with voices that have been dedicated
09:26 to His glory in singing praises to Him who was
09:31 altogether lovely.
09:32 And my heart was thrilled with their music once again.
09:36 Happy Sabbath to all of you who are here, and those of you
09:39 who are watching online, and those who are
09:41 watching in their homes.
09:42 God is so very good to us. Amen!
09:47 And today we're going to have not only a blessed Sabbath
09:51 day message by His grace, but we're going to see, later on,
09:55 those individuals who have made decisions for Jesus
09:59 to go all the way with baptism right here in the
10:03 Ambassador Seventh-day Adventist Church. Amen!
10:05 And that is going to be the highlight of our day today.
10:09 I want to just thank Pastor Murray, a dear friend for over
10:12 thirty years, for just inviting me to partner with 3ABN and
10:18 for Pastor Paulicin to partner with the
10:21 Ambassador Seventh-day Adventist Church.
10:23 God has been so instrumental in bringing everything together
10:28 that His name can be glorified, and that people can be drawn
10:34 to the Master by our humble efforts.
10:37 And I am eternally thankful to both of them, and this church,
10:41 for your faithfulness.
10:42 Now today, this morning, during this series,
10:47 Through the Eyes of John, this message may not be totally
10:51 anchored in the book of Revelation, for we have a
10:54 baptism today, but we will see the focal point of it in the
10:58 instrumental person in this message is someone who has
11:03 a last day revelation character.
11:06 And that person will be the prophet Elijah.
11:10 Shall we pray? Loving Father, again we are so thankful that
11:14 You have allowed us to come to another day, a place, a time,
11:17 when Your Holy Word can be open, and we can drink deep
11:22 from its precious fountain.
11:24 Fill us, Lord, till we want no more,
11:28 and transform us by its life giving power that we might be
11:34 men, women, boys, and girls, that are fit for the
11:37 kingdom by Your grace.
11:38 We ask a special blessing on those who are watching,
11:42 that they will receive the same love, and power, and spirit
11:47 from the living God, that we will receive from worshipping
11:51 here today is our prayer, for Christ's sake, Amen. Amen!
11:56 The sermon is entitled, If God Be God, Then Serve Him.
12:03 You see, the character I'm talking about this morning is
12:06 someone who is very, very dedicated to the work
12:11 of the living God.
12:12 If you will turn with me to Malachi, Malachi chapter 4,
12:16 and that is the last book of the Old Testament.
12:20 Malachi 4, we see this written in verse 5. It says:
12:38 Now folks, I just have to go on the record to tell you,
12:41 in case you had any misconception, Elijah is not
12:44 going to leave heaven and come back to preach to us.
12:47 But the Elijah type message, the message that will bring us
12:52 face to face with the very facts of where we are,
12:55 and who we serve, and what is expected from us, that type of
13:00 message will be brought to us in the very last days,
13:04 where people receive the same message that Elijah gave:
13:08 If God be God, then serve Him.
13:12 You see, Elijah was, some people say, the greatest of the
13:17 Old Testament prophets.
13:18 He was anointed. He had no qualms of who he was.
13:23 He did not have an identity crisis.
13:26 He knew he was made, and born, and bred, to preach the gospel,
13:33 the good news, the rebuke that was needed.
13:36 He knew how to give the correction, the instruction,
13:38 that the people of God needed for that day and time.
13:42 And, ladies and gentlemen, we have to be a people,
13:45 in these last days, to know who we are.
13:48 We cannot be swept away with the compromise of this world.
13:52 We cannot be eroded away with the theology of those who are
13:56 liberal, nor can we find ourselves so self-righteous
14:00 that we have a critical spirit, and a self-righteous spirit
14:04 that allows us to think that we're better than everyone else.
14:08 We have to know that we are God's children, and He expects
14:12 us to let the love of God be what shines out of us,
14:17 for if the love of God shines out of us, people will see Jesus
14:22 and feel that we are a people who not only have an
14:28 understanding of scripture, but we have an understanding that
14:32 has been molded by the power of the Holy Spirit to make us
14:37 be extensions of His great love.
14:39 For if Jesus is seen in us, He will draw all men and women
14:44 unto Himself. You see, Elijah, he had to go against a system.
14:51 Here he is in the northern Kingdom.
14:57 Can you imagine Northern England?
14:59 I was just making sure you all were awake, even at home, okay?
15:02 Elijah's ministry was dedicated mostly to the northern kingdom.
15:09 This kingdom had the decline because of idle worship.
15:13 And, ladies and gentlemen, this was basically because of the
15:18 relationship of the leaders who were in charge.
15:21 And you know who was in charge in Elijah's day.
15:26 There was that spineless, weak-kneed, henpecked,
15:35 envious Ahab, and he was motivated and moved by the
15:44 domineering wife, this idol worshipping, wicked prophetess,
15:50 persecuting Jezebel.
15:54 Now folks, you know I have never seen anybody name
15:57 their child after Jezebel.
15:59 Now you know she's a bad one because they name their children
16:03 after everything today.
16:04 They name them after soap.
16:06 Yeah, my little child's name is Dove.
16:09 You know, we have all kinds, but I've never seen anybody
16:13 named after Jezebel, so she really was a character.
16:16 She was really intrinsically wicked.
16:20 And he had to deal with these individuals,
16:22 ladies and gentlemen, to bring Israel back to the place
16:27 where they understood that God is God. Amen!
16:31 Our connection as people with an Elijah message is seen in the
16:40 hallmark text of our church.
16:43 If you will turn with me to Revelation,
16:45 and here's where we see it.
16:46 Revelation 14, Revelation 14 looking at verse 6,
16:53 starting with verse 6, we see here the Elijah message
16:57 that must go to all the world today that they might be
17:02 prepared, that we might be prepared for the very second
17:05 coming of Jesus Christ.
17:06 It says in verse 6:
17:24 I love the way it is written here by scripture.
17:28 And we saw last night that all scripture comes from
17:32 inspiration of God, and that it is profitable for doctrine,
17:37 for reproof, for correction, for instruction, and righteousness,
17:40 that we, the children of God, might be made perfect.
17:44 But when I read this text I have to smile for it says,
17:48 that this angel that is flying through the midst of heaven
17:51 having the everlasting gospel, in other words, it's not part of
17:55 the gospel, it's everything. Amen!
17:57 It's complete. Ladies and gentlemen, I believe that we are
18:01 here in this day and time to present the everlasting gospel.
18:05 Not just the gospel of the cross of Jesus Christ, and that truly
18:09 is the heart of the gospel.
18:11 For when we look at Jesus dying on the cross,
18:14 that gives us access to heaven.
18:16 Jesus dying on the cross allows you and I to be free from sin,
18:21 free from guilt, free from pain, free from the shame that we
18:25 have gone through in our lives.
18:26 We are free from those things because of the cross.
18:30 Because of the cross all of our sins have been thrown
18:33 to the depths of the sea.
18:35 We have been freed by the blood of the Lamb. Amen!
18:39 But some people think that is all the gospel.
18:41 There's more to it, as they say on late night TV,
18:44 and there's more. The gospel of Jesus Christ is not only
18:50 about His cross, but the gospel of Jesus Christ is about His
18:54 relationship to us and His commandments.
18:57 And in John 14 and 15 He says, If you love Me,
19:00 keep My commandments.
19:01 And, ladies and gentlemen, I want you to know it's not just a
19:04 mere going through the motions of keeping one through ten,
19:09 no, it is allowing the love of Jesus Christ to come into our
19:14 hearts and allowing us to admit to Him that we are imperfect,
19:19 and we are incapable of doing it ourselves, and we solicit Him
19:23 to fill us with His Holy Spirit, to allow us
19:28 to keep His commandments.
19:29 For if you look at John 14:15, when Jesus says that,
19:33 the rest of that chapter, John 14, shows us how the
19:38 Holy Spirit will come into our lives to do for us
19:42 what we can't do for ourselves. Amen!
19:44 And ladies and gentlemen, the commandments of God,
19:46 they're so important to us, we can't escape the fact that
19:50 that is the standard of the judgment, and it also defines
19:54 what sin is, for sin is the transgression of God's law.
19:58 The world needs to know that.
20:00 So we have not only an everlasting gospel that talks
20:03 about His cross, but an everlasting gospel that talks
20:06 about His commandments.
20:08 And then the third part of the everlasting gospel that we must
20:12 all hold onto and, ladies and gentlemen,
20:14 this is the blessed hope, the blessed hope of the
20:18 second coming of Jesus Christ. Amen!
20:21 That is what should motivate us.
20:24 That is what should drive us.
20:26 That is what should give you the power when everything seems
20:30 to be coming down on you.
20:32 When you will say, I will deal with what I'm dealing with.
20:35 I will deal with this sickness.
20:37 I will deal with these financial problems.
20:39 I will deal with this disappointment.
20:41 I will deal with this heartbreak because a better day is coming.
20:45 A better day is coming when I will see Mom again,
20:49 and when I will see Grandma again,
20:51 and I will see Uncle again, because, you see, on that day
20:54 when Jesus Christ comes the dead in Christ shall rise first.
20:57 Amen! And we which are alive and remain shall be caught up
21:01 to meet them in the air, and so shall we ever be with the Lord.
21:04 And, ladies and gentlemen, on that day we will be brand new
21:08 in Jesus Christ. Amen!
21:10 There'll be no more false teeth, no more glasses, no more canes.
21:21 I won't say anything else.
21:23 But you know, there'll be no more of anything that we have
21:27 to deal with here.
21:28 We will have brand new bodies in Christ.
21:30 We will have brand new hands, and brand new feet,
21:33 and brand new eyes, and brand new ears,
21:35 and brand new taste buds to taste the delectable things
21:39 that God has for us in glory.
21:41 We will be brand new in Christ! Amen!
21:45 And that should be our motivating force of the gospel.
21:48 It will give us a love for the cross.
21:51 It will give us a love for the commandments.
21:53 It will give us a desire to look forward to that day,
21:56 and not only look forward to it, ladies and gentlemen,
21:59 but hasten us to that day, that we might do our part,
22:03 that Jesus can come and rescue us from this dying planet.
22:07 The everlasting gospel.
22:10 It goes on to say, And I saw another angel fly in the midst
22:15 of heaven having the everlasting gospel to preach to them
22:18 that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred,
22:22 and tongue, and people.
22:23 In other words, everybody, everybody, everybody's included
22:29 in the gospel of Jesus Christ.
22:32 My grandson, Chris, came to me last week and he said,
22:38 Daddy we had a big discussion in religion class.
22:44 And I perked up because he's listening in religion class,
22:47 and I'm very happy.
22:48 And I said, well, what were they talking about, Chris?
22:52 He says, well, we had an argument.
22:54 And I said, An argument in religion class?
22:57 I said, You're not supposed to argue about religion.
22:58 He said, Okay, okay Grandpa.
23:00 We had a discussion in religion class of what
23:05 nationality is Jesus.
23:07 Was He black? Was He white?
23:13 Was He Asian? Was He Hispanic?
23:17 And the Asian kids were saying He was Asian,
23:20 and the Hispanic young people were saying He was Hispanic.
23:24 And the black kids were saying He was black,
23:26 and the whites were saying He was white.
23:29 And, Grandpa, you're a preacher, you preach all over.
23:31 What color is He? Ha, Ha!
23:35 Well, I said, Chris, it doesn't matter if Jesus is checkered.
23:45 It doesn't matter if He is plaid.
23:49 The thing that matters is the blood that was red,
23:54 that was spilled on Calvary for all of your classmates,
23:59 and everyone else, is the blood that will never lose its power.
24:03 Amen! And He's coming back for red, and black, and yellow,
24:10 and purple, and checkered, and plaid, whatever you are.
24:15 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son,
24:18 that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish,
24:21 but have everlasting life.
24:23 And he sat there for a moment and he smiled, and he said,
24:26 I should have thought of that.
24:29 So the everlasting gospel, ladies and gentlemen,
24:31 is there for you, and it is there for me.
24:33 It is there to be preached unto all the world.
24:36 And we move on with this Elijah type message.
24:39 It says this now. This is very important.
24:41 It says, Saying with a loud voice, fear God and give glory
24:46 to Him, for hour of His judgment is come.
24:49 Now fear God means not to be afraid of Him,
24:52 but to reverence Him; be in awe of Him.
24:56 Recognize who He is.
24:58 If God be God then serve Him.
25:00 If He is the Creator, if He has put the stars in their place,
25:03 if He is the one who has bought everything into existence
25:07 that is in existence.
25:08 Somebody said that God's thoughts became audible,
25:12 and reticulated into reality.
25:15 All He did was think it and it came together. Amen!
25:19 But when it came down to mankind,
25:21 He didn't think us into existence.
25:23 He got down on His knees, ladies and gentlemen, and He took that
25:27 clay and He formed us, and fashioned us into
25:30 His very own image, and then He stood that statuette up,
25:34 and then He breathed into it the breath of life,
25:37 and man not only became a living soul, but man became the crowing
25:42 act of God's creation. Amen!
25:44 That's what you are, and that's what I am, and He is coming back
25:49 for us one day, ladies and gentlemen, and we should give
25:53 Him glory for His majesty and His love towards us.
25:58 It says, Fear God, and give glory to Him.
26:03 He says, give Him glory.
26:06 It belongs to Him.
26:09 That tells me my relationship with God is not just based on
26:14 the day I go to church, where I praise Him with my song,
26:17 my tithe, my prayers.
26:19 When I read 1 Corinthians 10:31, it says, Whatsoever I do,
26:26 I do it all to the glory of God: eat, drink, whatever I do,
26:30 I do it to God. So, ladies and gentlemen, it tells me,
26:34 as a child of the King, that as I worship this loving God,
26:38 who died on the cross, who has the commandments, who is coming
26:41 back for me, I have to not only adore Him, and worship Him,
26:45 and have that reverence, fear, and respect for Him, but I must
26:50 glorify Him in my body, because it's not my body, it's His body.
26:55 Amen! So that tells me I can't eat everything,
27:02 and I can't drink everything, and I can't defile myself
27:07 with defiling substances or people.
27:10 Are you listening to me? Amen!
27:13 I have to be what God wants me to be, because He wants me
27:18 to be it. He desires that.
27:19 He has died for me, and all I can do for Him is live for Him.
27:23 And that is the motivating force of each and every one of us.
27:28 He says that we must fear God and give glory to Him,
27:32 for the hour of His judgment is come.
27:35 And folks, this is one thing that we don't have time
27:37 to deal with tonight, but we will deal with it later on,
27:39 that we have to understand that the judgment is going on now.
27:45 1 Peter 4:17 tells us, and this is just a little bit to get your
27:50 lips wet for it. It says, judgment must begin
27:56 at the house of God.
27:58 It deals with us! It says, the hour of His judgment is come,
28:03 not coming, it's come!
28:04 It's going on now!
28:06 And we will be able to direct you exactly where we are
28:09 in time to know that this judgment is going on,
28:12 and its been going on for awhile now.
28:15 But here's the part I want to use for us today.
28:17 And it says, and worship Him...
28:25 Worship Him. Ladies and gentlemen, this is very serious.
28:31 The key to this great controversy, this war that we
28:38 are in with the forces of darkness,
28:40 it's something that did not originate with us,
28:44 but it originated in heaven, and it's all about worship.
28:53 It's all about worship.
28:58 Worship means reverent honor.
29:02 Worship means adoring reverent regard.
29:07 When someone is worshipped, ladies and gentlemen,
29:12 you give them all the praise.
29:15 You give them all the honor.
29:16 You give them all the reverence.
29:18 You bow down to them because you recognize that they
29:22 are greater than you.
29:24 Worship is the heart of the controversy
29:31 between Christ and Satan.
29:33 And we are in the midst of it, ladies and gentlemen,
29:38 because we are here on planet Earth, third planet from the
29:41 sun, 5th largest in the solar system, the only place in all
29:45 of God's whole universe where rebellion broke out,
29:50 and we have the individual choice to choose
29:55 whom we will worship.
29:57 Now in Revelation 12:7, 8, it says, And there was war
30:04 in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against
30:06 the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels,
30:08 and prevailed not; neither was their place found any more
30:11 in heaven. And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent,
30:14 called the devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole
30:17 world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were
30:21 cast out with him.
30:26 And when Adam and Eve fell, we found ourselves aligned
30:30 with him, even though we really didn't want to be with him,
30:33 but we listened to ourselves instead of listening
30:36 to the Word of God.
30:37 So we have to deal with it until Jesus brings us back.
30:42 But this whole thing about worship can be clearly seen.
30:48 If you would turn with me in your Bibles to the book of
30:52 Isaiah, Isaiah 14, looking at verse 12 we see the motive
30:58 behind Satan's rebellion, Isaiah 14:12.
31:40 He was coveting the worship of God.
31:42 He was coveting the power of God.
31:45 He was coveting what belonged to the Son, and the Son alone.
31:48 He was coveting what the Creator should have for Himself,
31:53 the creature. It was about worship.
31:57 If you turn in your Bibles to the book of Ezekiel, Ezekiel 28,
32:04 Ezekiel 28, it continues to give us insight into His mindset.
32:09 It says, Thou hast been in Eden...
32:14 We skip down to verse 14 and He says, Thou art the anointed
32:17 cherub that covereth; and I have set thee so:
32:20 thou wast upon the holy mountain of God; thou hast walked up and
32:26 down in the midst of the stones of fire.
32:28 Thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast
32:32 created, till iniquity was found in thee.
32:36 You know, some people want to go off and say that God
32:38 created the devil.
32:40 God didn't create the devil, the devil created himself.
32:42 And it's the same thing with us.
32:46 We choose what we will be.
32:50 We choose where we will spend eternity.
32:53 We choose which way we want to walk in life,
32:56 ladies and gentlemen.
32:58 The devil can't make you do anything.
33:00 He can tempt you pretty good.
33:02 But you have to have a resolve.
33:05 You have to have a desire.
33:06 You have to have the will to be able to not do it
33:09 in your own strength.
33:10 No, you have to ask the Lord to come into your heart,
33:13 to come into your life, and give you the power for victory,
33:17 and He will do it before you can even get the prayer
33:21 out of your mouth. Amen!
33:24 He's able! Amen! My Bible tells me that this same devil,
33:29 what he has used for us, he even tried to use it on Jesus,
33:34 and here is the most clear-cut point in the scriptures
33:38 that lets us know it's all about worship.
33:41 Turn with me to the book of Matthew, Matthew chapter 1,
33:45 book of Matthew, Matthew chapter 1, and this is why the Bible is
33:50 so important. Listen to me.
33:51 There are too many people who just poo poo the Bible.
33:55 They say the Bible, Oh it's just a book.
33:58 We saw last night, we saw last night that holy men of God
34:04 spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.
34:06 We saw last night that it came to us from God.
34:10 All scripture is given by inspiration of God.
34:13 2 Timothy 3:15, 16 it continues, That the man of God,
34:18 the woman of God, that the boy of God, that the girl of God,
34:22 will be thoroughly furnished unto all good works.
34:24 It comes from God.
34:25 It is the standard.
34:27 It is more steady, more firm, than the very ground
34:31 that we are on. Amen!
34:33 When we turn to Matthew 4:1 we see Jesus shows the importance
34:38 of the Word of God by using it as the tool when He had
34:43 hand to hand, face to face combat with Satan that you and I
34:48 can use. You see, Jesus is our example.
34:51 And when you see what He used, I mean, Jesus could have used
34:55 what He used in heaven.
34:56 When I read Revelation 12, which we looked at already,
35:01 7 and 8, and it says there was war in heaven,
35:03 and Michael and His angels fought the dragon,
35:05 and the dragon fought Him, and prevailed not.
35:06 And then the next thing you know they were out of heaven.
35:09 You see, Satan thought he could take heaven by force,
35:12 or force God's hand to accept what he was putting out.
35:16 He didn't understand that God has ways that he knew not of.
35:22 He's all ready for a battle, all ready for a war.
35:27 If God kills me then all of the worlds will look at Him as this
35:32 tyrant who's not allowing me to have freedom of speech.
35:35 You know, he was hiding behind his indiscriminate whispering.
35:40 That's why I hate whisperers in church.
35:42 Have mercy! He was hiding behind his whispering,
35:49 and he built it up to the point where they were
35:51 ready for open warfare.
35:53 And the Bible says there was war in heaven, and he thought
35:57 if he was destroyed by God, because he knew the power
36:00 of God, then people would look at God funny, and they would
36:03 serve Him out of fear, and he would have a win win situation.
36:07 He did not realize that he was going to get banished.
36:11 Jesus, when He was talking about it, He said, I beheld Satan
36:17 flying like lightening.
36:20 Before he even knew it, BAM, he was gone!
36:26 Oh, let me go back to the message here.
36:27 But it just shows me God knows how to do what God does. Amen!
36:34 So when we look at how He dealt with the devil, and it says
36:37 in verse 1, and...
36:49 I guess so. Hello!
36:52 40 days and 40 nights Jesus, He is using what we have,
36:56 the same very tools.
36:58 He's not using His divinity.
37:00 He was in a human body.
37:02 He was hungry, and when the tempter came to Him He said,
37:14 look now, here's the Word of God.
37:25 Folks don't go out of your house any day without taking
37:29 time to pray, and from reading something in the Word of God.
37:33 Get some type of tidbits, something there that you
37:37 can read that will fortify you, and keep you through the day.
37:41 David said, Thy Word have I kept in my heart that I might
37:45 not sin against Thee.
37:46 It will give you an edge, and you will find in time,
37:51 that the thing you open and read, God will have you in a
37:55 place, and in a position, somewhere during the day
37:58 where that thought, that scripture, will be able to
38:02 come up where you will either witness, or escape some type
38:05 of temptation that the devil will bring to you. Amen!
38:09 That's what He does; He's the Savior. Amen!
38:12 So the record goes on to say, the devil got slapped in the
38:15 head with that one, Then the devil took Him up on the
38:19 Holy City, and sitteth Him down on a pinnacle of the temple
38:22 and said, If thou be the Son of God, cast Thyself down,
38:26 for it is written... the Devil's starting to use the Bible.
38:32 Hello! Folks, the devil knows his Bible
38:39 better than some of us.
38:41 That's why you need to know your Bible.
38:47 It's not an ordinary book.
38:49 It is powerful. It comes from God.
38:52 Romans 15:4, Whatsoever things were written,
38:56 were written before time for our learning.
39:04 It will give you a view of what God wants for us in our lives.
39:10 And the devil can't trick you, and twist you up, because you
39:15 know what it says.
39:17 Now he was really tripping when he thought that he could confuse
39:22 the Word with the Word! Amen!
39:25 I mean, In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God,
39:28 and the Word was God.
39:32 So the devil starts with this scripture, And he said unto Him,
39:36 If thou be the Son of God, cast thyself down, for it is written,
39:39 He shall give His angels charge over thee, and in their hands
39:44 they shall bear thee up, lest at any time thou shalt dash
39:47 thy foot against a stone.
39:49 And then Jesus says, Well, I know more scripture than you.
39:51 He says, It is written again, Thou shalt not tempt
39:55 the Lord thy God. Amen!
39:58 Now the devil just said, well wait a minute,
40:00 let me just get down to it.
40:03 The record says in verse 8, Again the devil taketh Him up
40:06 into an exceedingly high mountain and showed Him all
40:10 of the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them,
40:14 and then he said unto him...
40:16 Now here's my point.
40:17 This is the whole point of all of this friends.
40:19 This is the whole point of our existence down here.
40:22 Who will we serve?
40:24 If God be God, serve Him.
40:25 The devil said, All these things will I give to thee, if you will
40:31 fall down and do what? worship me. Amen!
40:36 That's all he ever wanted, for Jesus to worship him.
40:41 Now he was delusional. Amen!
40:45 He might be prince in power of the air, but princes have
40:50 no power around kings! Amen!
40:54 Jesus is the Creator. Amen!
40:58 Satan is just a creature. Amen!
41:00 Even thou he could sing in four point harmony, and he had all of
41:05 the wisdom above all of the angels, God made him! Amen!
41:13 Delusional! It's just like if you ever go into an office,
41:17 and you're trying to deal with somebody, and the secretary
41:20 acts like they're the boss.
41:27 Delusional! He was delusional by trying to offer Jesus
41:34 what already belonged to Jesus.
41:37 He says, You are mine, ladies and gentlemen.
41:41 He bought us with a price, and the price was on Calvary.
41:44 He gave His own precious blood, and it allows us to see that
41:49 this whole thing is about worship.
41:52 And when we come down to the last day conflict on planet
41:56 Earth, ladies and gentlemen, the devil's going to start using
41:59 all of his tricks.
42:00 He's going to throw down his last card, and he's going to
42:03 say, It's about worship.
42:06 And the conflict will come with men, women, boys, and girls
42:11 having to choose between receiving the seal of the Living
42:15 God, or the mark of the beast.
42:17 And in every point of history there has been a testing point
42:23 for people to believe: to believe in God,
42:26 or disbelieve Him.
42:29 Adam and Eve, they had a chance to believe in God,
42:32 or to disbelieve Him.
42:35 Those individuals in the antediluvian world,
42:37 they had a chance to get inside the ark.
42:39 Somebody said the ark was not big enough.
42:41 It was big enough for all who wanted to be saved. Amen!
42:44 To believe God or not to believe Him.
42:47 We see the children of Israel after those ten magnificent
42:50 plagues that shook down Egypt to its very core,
42:53 ladies and gentlemen.
42:54 We see that there was mercy when Jesus gave
42:56 that tenth plague.
42:58 He said that those individuals who are inside the homes
43:01 of those Jews who had the blood of the Lamb,
43:04 ladies and gentlemen, the blood of the Lamb on the doorposts
43:07 and on the sides, they were saved.
43:09 And Egyptians, even if they were firstborn, who were inside
43:13 the homes where the blood was, they were saved
43:16 by the mercy of God! Amen!
43:19 And when Israel had the Messiah Himself there face to face,
43:25 they had an opportunity to serve Him, and acknowledge Him as
43:32 King of kings, and Lord of lords.
43:34 It was their life, but because they rejected the Master,
43:38 ladies and gentlemen, we now have a world church of Gentiles
43:43 from every nation, kindred, tongue, and people,
43:45 preaching the good news of Jesus Christ.
43:48 And when we look at this last day conflict, we will see
43:54 it will be among those individuals who will worship
43:58 God the way He wants to be worshipped,
44:01 and not the worshipping of their choosing.
44:04 I come back now to my favorite Old Testament prophet,
44:12 and I'm talking about the one we started out with, Elijah.
44:16 We see that Elijah had a love and desire
44:21 to serve the living God.
44:23 He had the willingness, ladies and gentlemen, to stand up even
44:30 though he was the only one, or he thought he was the only one,
44:34 to let the people know that he served an all powerful God,
44:39 and folks let me just say this to you.
44:41 Even those of you who are at home, do you know how wonderful
44:48 the God you serve really is, and how much He cares about you?
44:53 We went to sleep last night and our hearts kept beating.
45:01 And someone says a heart beats about 65 times per minute.
45:06 That's 3,900 times an hour.
45:12 That's 93,600 times a day.
45:17 And you and I had nothing to do with it.
45:20 Our lungs inhale and exhale what we need to keep going.
45:27 And we didn't have to say, heart keep beating, lungs do your job.
45:32 Because if that was left to us, ladies and gentlemen,
45:35 and if it was on manual, well, many of us wouldn't be here.
45:43 We fell asleep and the evil one would have loved to take
45:49 our lives, but God sent His angels to watch over us
45:54 in our unconscious state called sleep.
45:57 Do you realize you have something better than ADT.
46:01 You have heavenly resources watching over you. Amen!
46:06 And then at the appointed time, the old song says, He woke me up
46:11 this morning, and He started me and you on our way.
46:16 Oh yes, the God we love, who cares about us,
46:19 He's blessing us. Amen!
46:22 Then He moved us here to come together for corporate worship.
46:27 You see, as we get closer and closer to the kingdom of God,
46:31 ladies and gentlemen, as we get closer and closer to that day,
46:34 the Bible tells us we should not forsake the assembling
46:37 of ourselves together, that we might strengthen and encourage
46:40 each other, and not only that, that we should take care of
46:43 the needs of one another, those less fortunate than ourselves.
46:49 For if the true love of God is in us we will have a spirit of
46:54 charity and love that will not allow me to just come to church
46:59 to show who I am, and what I have, but it will give you a
47:03 spirit to come to church and share what God has blessed
47:07 you with other believers who might not have
47:10 what you have, who stand in need.
47:12 And you will do it with the spirit of quietness and humility
47:19 to uplift your brother and sister of Christ.
47:22 That's what God has placed in our realm.
47:26 Ladies and gentlemen, I look throughout the scriptures
47:30 and I see how Elijah stood up against Ahab and Jezebel.
47:37 He stood up and he told them they were wrong.
47:42 And folks, if we would be God's people, we have to know how to
47:46 tell people they're wrong, and we have to know how to tell
47:51 people when they're right.
47:52 And we have to know, and have the tactfulness of the
47:57 Spirit of God that when we tell people they're wrong,
48:00 we don't run them away, but we cause them to fall on their
48:04 knees and come to the loving Savior who has inspired us
48:08 with the right words to say to bring these
48:11 individuals to themselves.
48:13 Elijah told Ahab he was wrong, and he told
48:16 Jezebel they were wrong.
48:17 And he told them to gather up all of the prophets of Baal,
48:20 and to come to Mount Carmel.
48:21 And in coming to Mount Carmel they would have an opportunity,
48:24 ladies and gentlemen, to see who God was.
48:27 He said to bring together all of those people of the church,
48:31 all of those people of Israel, that they might see a test.
48:35 If God be God, then serve Him.
48:37 And you know the test.
48:38 You've heard this before, on Mount Carmel found in
48:42 1 Kings 17, where those individuals all came together
48:46 to see the test. And you know the test.
48:49 They set up those bullocks there on altars.
48:53 And Elijah told them to go first, and they said,
48:57 The God that answers by fire, let that one indeed be God.
49:02 The record says, if you read it, 1 Kings 18, that they began to
49:09 pray, in verse 26.
49:11 And they began to pray from morning until noon saying,
49:14 Obey, Oh, hear us!
49:15 But there was no voice, and there was none that answered.
49:17 And they leaped upon the altar which was made.
49:20 And they came at noon time and Elijah mocked them and he said,
49:23 Hey, what's happening?
49:24 Cry aloud! He's your God.
49:25 Either He's talking, maybe He's pursuing.
49:28 Maybe He's on a journey.
49:30 Maybe He's sleeping.
49:31 He has to be somewhere else, because He's not listening.
49:35 I thank God my Bible tells me that our God neither sleeps,
49:39 nor slumbers. Amen!
49:41 Oh, the God we serve is a mighty God.
49:43 It says, they cried aloud, and then they began to cut
49:46 themselves, verse 28, with all manner of knives and
49:49 lancets until blood gushed out of them.
49:51 Folks they didn't realize that the only blood that really
49:54 counts is the blood of the Lamb, of Jesus Christ. Amen!
49:58 Oh they're carrying on, they're carrying on,
50:00 they're carrying on, they're going on all day long
50:03 until the time of the evening sacrifice.
50:06 All the people are there.
50:08 They have been listening to the words of Elijah ringing
50:12 over and over in their minds, If God be God then serve Him.
50:15 If God be God then serve Him.
50:20 They're watching these people in this spectacle dancing, and
50:23 leaping, and cutting themselves, and mutilating their bodies.
50:26 If God be God then serve Him.
50:28 Nothing happens. There's no lightening there.
50:31 They are exhausted.
50:33 And then Elijah steps up.
50:37 And as he steps up, ladies and gentlemen,
50:40 he does something different.
50:41 He says, To my sacrifice I want you to do something.
50:45 I know what I said.
50:46 If I am standing here for the living God, I've asked Him
50:50 to bring fire down and consume this sacrifice.
50:53 But I want you to know that the God I serve is a God of power.
50:58 I want you to know the God I serve is a God
51:02 of impossibilities.
51:04 The God I serve is able to do something that no one has
51:07 ever seen done before.
51:09 I want you to douse it with water.
51:11 And they did it again, and again, and then it was
51:15 completely saturated with water.
51:17 Elijah didn't run.
51:20 Elijah didn't jump.
51:21 Elijah didn't shake his tambourine.
51:24 Elijah said, Let's go back to old time religion. Amen!
51:30 Then Elijah just prayed. Amen!
51:33 Elijah just prayed.
51:35 Verse 37, Hear me Oh Lord, hear me, that this people may
51:39 know that Thou art the Lord God, and Thou hast turned
51:44 their hearts back again.
51:46 Now ladies and gentlemen, it says in verse 38, then the fire
51:50 of the Lord fell and consumed the burnt offering,
51:53 and the wood, and the stones, and the dust,
51:55 and licked up the water.
51:57 How does fire lick up water?
51:58 I thought water put out fire, but God's fire turns water
52:02 to vapor! Amen, Amen!
52:05 That's how hot it is!
52:08 The God we serve is a mighty, consuming fire!
52:16 And then all of the people began to say, The Lord, He is God!
52:19 The Lord, He is God!
52:21 And it just went over the whole crowd, the multitude.
52:24 The Lord, He is God!
52:25 In other words they got back to basics.
52:27 And, ladies and gentlemen, what I'm saying to you today,
52:30 those of you who are home, and those who are here,
52:32 and those who are on internet, we have to get back
52:35 to our basics with God.
52:36 We know what He has done for us.
52:38 We know where He has brought us.
52:39 We know how He has stood beside us.
52:41 We know He has forgiven us.
52:43 We know that He loves us.
52:45 We know He has put up with us.
52:46 We know we have shamed Him.
52:48 We have done things that have broken His very heart,
52:51 but still He reaches out to you and to me. Amen!
52:56 And He says to us in our misery, He says to us in our complexity,
53:01 He says to us in this mess called life,
53:04 He says, If you just look up, I'll send the
53:09 fire to set you free. Amen!
53:15 But you, my friend, you my daughter, you my son,
53:18 must decide to serve Me as God and God alone. Amen!
53:37 I have decided to follow Jesus.
54:10 No turning back, no turning back.
54:20 The cross before me, the world behind me.
54:52 No turning back, no turning back.
55:03 Have you decided to follow Jesus?
55:35 No turning back, no turning back.
55:50 Today is a new start for someone here.
55:54 You have decided to follow Jesus.
55:57 And these individuals are going to be baptized this very day.
56:01 But there are some of us who may not be committed for baptism
56:05 today, but you want to receive the new indwelling,
56:09 the refreshing that comes from the Holy Spirit of God.
56:13 And you will make up your mind and say, Today, once again,
56:16 I renew my relationship with Jesus.
56:19 If that is your desire, won't you stand to your feet?
56:22 All of us today who have made that commitment.
56:27 And for those of you who are at home, as you listen to this
56:31 service, and you, too, want to renew your relationship
56:35 with Jesus, and you have decided to follow Him.
56:37 Just close your eyes, even now, and say, Lord Jesus I give You
56:44 my life. Renew me again.
56:48 Thank You, Lord Jesus, for hearing and answering
56:52 our prayer, and continue to guide us
56:55 because You, indeed, are life.


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