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The Secret Key To The Revelation

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00:59 Hello and welcome to a very, very special series of
01:02 presentations by my friend, our friend, pastor, and evangelist
01:07 Lawrence S. Dorsey.
01:10 We are coming to you live from the Ambassador Seventh-day
01:14 Adventist Church in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida.
01:17 And the pastor of this very beautiful facility is
01:20 Pastor Henoc Paulicin, an old buddy of mine, colleague from
01:24 the northeast, both made his way down to the south,
01:27 and wanted to give us words of greeting.
01:29 Thank you, Pastor, for allowing us to come to your
01:31 very beautiful church.
01:32 Thank you very much, Pastor Murray, and I want to extend the
01:36 gracious greetings of the Ambassador Church to the 3ABN
01:41 family watching throughout the world.
01:43 We are located in lovely Lauderdale Lakes, and we hope
01:46 that if you ever come to Lauderdale Lakes
01:49 that you would come and pay us a visit.
01:51 I know that we have friends from Kenya, and Brazil,
01:54 and South America who've let me know that they are listening.
01:59 So if you're watching, we want to wish you our greetings.
02:02 We want you to prepare to join us each and every evening
02:07 at this time for what we know are going to be a powerful
02:10 series of meetings as the man of God preaches
02:14 from the Word of God.
02:15 We're not bringing you out here for fables, or for fun,
02:18 or for fancy, but to know and understand the Word of God
02:21 as we prepare for the second coming of our Lord
02:24 and Savior, Jesus Christ.
02:25 And so bring your Bibles, bring a spirit of praise.
02:28 Join us each and every evening.
02:30 God will be here, and we want you to be with us also.
02:34 God bless you!
02:56 God is my Shepherd, I shall not want.
03:07 He maketh me to lie down in green pastures.
03:18 He leadeth me beside the still waters.
03:27 Oh He restoreth my soul, He restoreth my soul,
03:35 He restoreth my soul, He restoreth my soul,
03:52 He leadeth me beside the still waters,
04:00 for His names sake.
04:09 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
04:24 I will fear no evil for thou art with me.
04:29 Thy rod and thy staff they do comfort me,
04:34 they do comfort me, they do comfort me,
04:40 they do comfort me, they do comfort me.
04:55 He prepareth a table before me, in the presence of my enemies,
05:15 He anointeth my head with oil, my cup just runneth over.
05:35 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me,
05:55 and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever and ever,
06:03 forever and ever, and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord
06:11 forever and ever, forever and ever.
06:16 And I shall dwell the house of the Lord forever and ever,
06:23 forever and ever. And I shall dwell in the house of the Lord
06:31 forever and ever, forever and ever, Amen, Amen, Amen.
06:46 Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen, Amen.
07:54 Can we give our young people a hearty Amen? Amen!
07:57 And that should be the desire of all of us to be able to see
08:02 ourselves by faith dwelling in the courts of heaven forever,
08:07 and ever, and ever. Amen!
08:09 We welcome you all here today, those of you who are here live,
08:12 and those of you who are listening at home.
08:15 And I want you to know that this two week series that we will
08:20 have through the eyes of John, will be a series where we will
08:25 have an opportunity to look a the book of Revelation through
08:30 John's special eyes.
08:31 John was the disciple that Jesus loved, and the love that He had
08:36 for Jesus was one that allowed Him to be transformed by
08:41 the Spirit of the living God, to become more like Christ
08:46 than any of the other disciples.
08:48 And he alone was used to give not only an epistle that he has
08:55 as the fourth synoptic gospel, but he was also left to give
09:00 the book of Revelation to you and I today.
09:03 So without any further ado let us ask the Lord's presence
09:07 on our meeting tonight, and as we study God's Word.
09:11 Loving Father, again we are thankful for Your goodness
09:13 and mercy towards us, and we ask that as we open the Word
09:17 tonight that You will enlighten, and encourage, and most of all
09:21 empower us with its words.
09:23 Let Your will be done, and as we leave this place, Lord Jesus,
09:28 let our hearts be thrilled with the light of the love of the
09:33 gospel of Jesus Christ is our prayer in Jesus' name, Amen.
09:38 Through the Eyes of John.
09:40 This series gives us an opportunity to open up one of
09:45 the most mysterious, most misunderstood,
09:49 and most misinterpreted books of the Bible.
09:52 You see some people say that the book of Revelation is a book
09:55 too hard to comprehend.
09:57 Some people say that the book of Revelation is a closed book,
10:01 or it is sealed, and that because of all of the symbols
10:05 literal and those symbols that are prophetic,
10:08 that people really can't understand
10:11 the true meaning of it.
10:13 But friends I dare to differ today.
10:16 The reason being first of all because the name of the book
10:21 is The Revelation of Jesus Christ to Saint John.
10:26 That word Revelation means a act of disclosing.
10:31 In other words it's something there that has to be revealed.
10:35 It is an act of revealing, an opening up of something that
10:41 you didn't know before.
10:43 So when we look at this and we see the book of Revelation,
10:46 and a book of disclosure, a book of revealing, it has to be
10:51 there for you and I to be understood.
10:53 I mean, truly, when we look at our Bibles and we see Amos 3:7
11:00 it tells us, Surely the Lord God will do nothing but He reveals
11:04 His secrets unto His servants the prophets.
11:07 So if He gave this book to us, if He gave it to us with all of
11:13 the spectacular way in which He revealed it to John,
11:16 and we will get into that as we continue,
11:18 it has got to be there for a reason.
11:22 When we look at our Bibles in Romans 15:4 it tells us,
11:27 whatsoever things were written aforetime,
11:36 So if God didn't want us to have it He wouldn't
11:38 have given it to us.
11:39 And when we look at the name of it,
11:41 The Revelation of Jesus Christ, it's telling us it's an
11:45 unveiling, or an opening up of something for our eyes,
11:50 our minds, that Jesus has given to us for this day and time.
11:54 If you would turn with me to the first chapter of Revelation,
11:57 Revelation 1:1-3, it reads thusly:
12:18 So, first of all, in this first verse, chapter 1, Revelation 1,
12:22 it says, God gave it to Him, to Jesus, to show His servant,
12:27 so it can't be something that secret.
12:29 He's showing it to us.
12:31 He continues to say, the things which must shortly come to pass
12:35 and He sent and signified it by His angel unto His servant John,
12:46 Now when I look at verse 3, I know the book of Revelation is
12:50 something for us to read and understand,
12:52 and to cherish for it says:
13:03 So not only did God give it to us, He has proclaimed the triple
13:08 blessing as we read, hear, and do the things that are
13:12 are in the book of Revelation.
13:13 Somebody ought to say Amen to that my friends. Amen!
13:16 For we are truly opening it.
13:18 We are reading it.
13:19 And by God's grace, we will keep the things
13:21 in the book of Revelation because the time is at hand.
13:26 You see Revelation was given as a part of the Bible,
13:29 and we need to understand this as the secret key
13:32 of understanding the Revelation.
13:34 The Revelation is as much a part of the Bible as Genesis,
13:40 is as much a part of the Bible as the Psalms.
13:44 It's as much a part of the Bible as any other book
13:49 in the New Testament.
13:50 When you look at the Revelation closely you will find that
13:54 there are 505 direct, or indirect, quotations from 39
14:00 of the other 65 book of the Bible.
14:03 Now I know there are 66, but I'm taking Revelation out,
14:06 so those of you who are sitting at home with your calculators
14:08 trying to criticize, make sure you get it right. Amen?
14:12 Okay, so out of the 66 books 39 quotations, 39 books have
14:20 received, or given, 505 direct or indirect quotations
14:26 to the Revelation.
14:27 I heard one teacher saying, when I was at Oakwood, that all the
14:31 books in the Bible end and meet in Revelation.
14:34 You see, when you look at the entire Bible, we find that Jesus
14:38 is revealed in the Old Testament and its prophecies.
14:42 When we look at the gospels we see Jesus in His early life.
14:46 We see Him in His ministry.
14:47 We see Him in His suffering.
14:48 We see Him in His humiliation.
14:50 We see Him in His death.
14:51 We see Him in His resurrection.
14:53 And praise God, we see He has given us words of prophecy
14:57 to let us know when He is coming.
14:59 When we look at the book of the Acts and the epistles,
15:02 we see the early working of the church moved by the power
15:07 of the Holy Spirit.
15:08 And we see that ministry that was given to the church in its
15:13 early days to take the gospel into the whole world.
15:16 You know, I love where the Bible tells us that they turned
15:19 the world upside down.
15:20 And truly we need to turn the world upside down
15:23 for our Jesus Christ so we can go home.
15:26 But when we come to the Revelation, ladies and
15:29 gentlemen, we see something very different.
15:32 Not only 505 direct or indirect quotations from other portions
15:38 of the scripture, but we see Jesus as
15:41 the Alpha and the Omega.
15:42 We see Jesus as the beginning and the end.
15:45 We see Jesus as the resurrection and the life.
15:48 Somewhere He is called the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.
15:52 When we look at the book of Revelation we see Him,
15:55 and this is one of my favorite titles for Jesus,
15:57 we see Him as King of kings, and Lord of lords. Amen!
16:02 A famous Bible writer, Roy Allen Anderson in his book entitled,
16:07 The Unfolding of the Revelation, he says that Jesus has upon
16:11 His head a crown, seven crowns in one, with number 7 being
16:15 the number of completeness.
16:16 And with Jesus being King of kings and Lord of lords,
16:20 He has a crown that has seven parts to it.
16:23 And he said in his book, Unfolding the Revelation,
16:26 that He is the King of the Jews, which is racial.
16:29 He's the King of Israel, which is national.
16:33 He's the King of the righteous, which is spiritual.
16:35 King of the Ages, which is historical.
16:39 King of the Saints, which is ecclesiastical.
16:42 King of Heaven, which is celestial.
16:45 And King of Glory, which is supernatural.
16:48 And all I can say to all of that is Amen, because He is all
16:52 of that and more. Amen!
16:54 But, folks, in the book of Revelation there's something
16:56 else that we see that Jesus has a title that is given to Him
16:59 and He has called it 28 times throughout the whole book,
17:03 and altogether 29 times in the New Testament.
17:07 And that is the title that He has received
17:11 as the Lamb, the Lamb of God.
17:15 When John the Baptist saw Him standing on the shores
17:18 of Jordan, he was moved by inspiration and said,
17:22 Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away
17:25 the sins of the world.
17:26 And then we heard the Father's voice say, This is My beloved
17:29 Son in whom I am well pleased.
17:32 It was an affirmation of His ministry.
17:35 It was an affirmation of who He is, and who He was,
17:39 and who He shall ever be.
17:41 When we look at Jesus in the Revelation as the Lamb
17:44 28 times, each time He is called the Lamb.
17:49 I mean this is something that we will see as we continue
17:51 in these two weeks together.
17:52 Each time we see Him called the Lamb, it has to do with our
17:57 personal salvation.
17:59 You see, when you look at Revelation 7:14 it tells us that
18:04 we shall wash our robes in the blood of the Lamb,
18:09 and they shall be made white.
18:11 When we look in Revelation 7:17 it says that the Lamb,
18:17 who is in the midst of them shall feed us.
18:19 In other words, He will take care of His children.
18:22 When we look at Revelation 12:11 it tells us that they overcame
18:28 him, and that's the enemy, Satan himself, that deceiver,
18:31 that liar who has walked up and down planet Earth causing
18:34 all this pain and destruction, and sorrow,
18:37 and heartbreak and sickness.
18:38 He is the one who is the author of lies, and because of him,
18:42 because he is the author of lies and sin,
18:44 he is the author of death.
18:46 And it says, ladies and gentlemen, that we shall
18:48 overcome this foe, this adversary, this individual who
18:53 was once standing in front of God, this individual who
18:57 was destined to die, when Jesus says in Matthew 25:41,
19:01 who hell was made for.
19:03 It says, We shall overcome him by the blood of the Lamb. Amen!
19:08 Then, Ladies and Gentlemen, this sweet text, Revelation 14:4,
19:13 it tells us when we get to glory and we are free from the sin
19:16 of this world, when we are free from aging, and sickness,
19:20 and pain, and death.
19:21 When we are free from temptation and disillusionment,
19:24 and disappointment.
19:25 When all of those things pass away; when we are on the
19:28 earth made new, ladies and gentlemen, it says in Revelation
19:31 14:4 that we shall follow the Lamb wheresoever He goes.
19:35 In other words, wherever Jesus goes throughout His great
19:40 universe, after we have been redeemed from the planet Earth,
19:44 and we have come back here, and it has been restored
19:46 as the very center of Heaven, and the book of Revelation
19:50 tells us that, that we will go with Jesus,
19:54 those who have been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb.
19:57 Wherever Jesus goes we will go with Him as His trophies that
20:01 people might see through all of the unfallen worlds,
20:05 that we are the ones who made a sacrifice,
20:08 and we were faithful, and we were true, and He saved us by
20:12 the blood of the Lamb.
20:13 And He will show us off to all the universe. Amen!
20:18 Wherever Jesus goes we will be there with Him.
20:22 And ladies and gentlemen, there's one other thing,
20:24 and like I said, there are 28 different things about the Lamb,
20:28 but this one here is one that's very important.
20:31 It says in Revelation 21:27, that because of the Lamb,
20:37 we are able to have our names placed in the
20:40 Lamb's book of life. Amen!
20:42 And if your name is in the Lamb's book of life, ladies
20:45 and gentlemen, we will be able to walk through the
20:47 gates of the city of God.
20:49 It is our passport because Jesus put our names in His Lamb's
20:56 book of life, and it has been sealed in Heaven,
20:59 therefore sealed for eternity. Amen!
21:03 All in the book of Revelation.
21:06 When I think of that just these things that have excited us
21:10 to just hear, and there's so much more in the book,
21:14 it lets me know in my heart that I am right
21:18 and what the Bible says.
21:19 It is a revelation in unfolding, and unveiling for you and I,
21:23 to know that we should not be afraid of the
21:26 book of Revelation, but that we should go to it,
21:29 and with a prayerful heart, and spirit we should study it,
21:32 and ask God to give us wisdom and understanding that it might
21:38 help us in these last days, for we read in verse 3 of chapter 1
21:42 of the book of Revelation that these things are here for us
21:46 because the time is at hand.
21:49 And folks, the time at hand is the time of the end. Amen!
21:55 We look around the world today and we see
21:57 it's the time of the end.
21:59 There's wars and rumors of wars, there's floods,
22:03 and there's famines, there's pestilence.
22:05 We've seen man's inhumanity to man, which makes it so we look
22:10 at the texts of scripture where it tells us that there's
22:13 wickedness in the hearts of men continually.
22:16 We see things happening in nature.
22:19 Ladies and gentlemen, things that are even unexplained
22:22 as we are on the air today.
22:25 Birds by the thousands falling out of the sky!
22:28 Fish turning up dead.
22:31 We see all of these things happening around us,
22:33 and these, ladies and gentlemen, as it says in Matthew 24:8,
22:37 they are nothing more but the beginning of sorrows.
22:41 But Jesus tells us not to be afraid.
22:43 Just endure until the end.
22:46 And if we hold on to the end, by God's grace, we shall be saved.
22:52 Amen! I look at the book of Revelation and I see it has
22:57 to be something that we have to understand.
23:00 It is something there that we really need.
23:04 You see, in verse 1 it says, the Revelation of Jesus Christ
23:08 which God gave to Him to show unto His servants.
23:14 Ladies and gentlemen, are you a servant of the living God? Amen!
23:19 Are you really His child?
23:21 Is that your opinion or does it have the authority of the Word
23:25 of God to tell you you are truly His son or daughter?
23:30 If you would turn with me to the book of Romans,
23:33 Romans chapter 6, Romans chapter 6.
23:36 There's a little test that you and I can take to see if we are
23:40 really servants of the living God.
23:43 Excuse me! It says:
24:03 In other words, if we say we're a servant of the living God,
24:06 ladies and gentlemen, then we will obey Him. Amen!
24:10 Fear God and keep His commandments,
24:12 for this is the whole duty of man, Ecclesiastes 12:13, 14.
24:18 For these are the things, ladies and gentlemen,
24:20 that will be taken into account of in the very judgment of God,
24:24 that the book of Revelation tells us has already begun
24:29 in Revelation 14:7.
24:32 It says, Fear God and give glory to Him, for the hour
24:37 of His judgment is come, not coming, is come. Yes!
24:42 So when we look at these things, ladies and gentlemen,
24:44 when we read them, and we see that it says something like,
24:48 the judgment of God has come, we need to know when
24:51 it takes place, or when did it start? and what does it entail?
24:55 When we continue with this study here night after night,
24:59 we will see exactly, by the Word of God,
25:01 especially the book of Revelation, and the other books
25:05 of the Bible, where the judgment is right now in our time,
25:10 for we are living in the last days, and Jesus is soon to come.
25:14 Ladies and gentlemen, the judgment must already have
25:17 started because when Jesus comes every case is already decided.
25:23 Amen! I look at my Bible and I read this about being a servant.
25:30 You see, ladies and gentlemen, a servant of the living God
25:34 must obey His will, to do what He says.
25:38 We can't come with our own interpretation.
25:41 We can't do what we feel like doing.
25:45 When we look throughout the scriptures, we see that the
25:49 Bible is not there left to us to decide what we want to
25:54 believe, and what we don't want to believe.
25:56 You turn in your Bible to 2 Peter 1, 2 Peter 1,
26:02 and it says something here for us.
26:03 It says, we have also:
26:32 And I want to emphasize that.
26:33 The book of Revelation is a book that is often misunderstood
26:38 and misinterpreted.
26:40 When we look at what the Bible says, it says, no prophecy of
26:47 the scripture is of any private interpretation.
26:50 You see, the secret of understanding the book of
26:53 Revelation is in knowing that the Bible is its own expositor.
26:59 We don't have to go somewhere else to find out what the Bible
27:05 is saying; the Bible will tell you what it's saying. Amen!
27:10 It says here, Knowing this first that no prophecy
27:14 of the scripture is of any private interpretation,
27:17 for the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man,
27:21 but holy men of God spake as they were moved
27:25 by the Holy Ghost.
27:26 In other words, what we need for our salvation, and if you go
27:29 back to that text that we looked at, Romans 15:4,
27:33 For whatsoever things were written aforetime were written
27:37 for our learning, that we through patience, and comfort
27:40 of the scriptures, might have hope.
27:41 When we apply that to Revelation and any portion of the Bible,
27:46 the things that we need for our salvation, they're right here.
27:51 It's right here. That we might, 1. We might have what we need,
27:58 through patience, and comfort of the scripture.
28:01 Patience is the ability to endure without complaining.
28:04 In other words, when we see all of these things happening around
28:07 us, don't fret, don't get nervous, be patient.
28:11 That means learn to wait on the Lord without complaining. Amen!
28:16 And it says, with the comfort of the scriptures know that these
28:21 words in this book did not come from men, but Holy men of God
28:26 spake as they were moved by the power of the Holy Spirit.
28:29 In other words, there's supernatural power here,
28:31 available to you and I, that we can access
28:36 that can motivate us, that can keep us by having a faith in
28:40 Him who is in charge of all things.
28:43 Because faith is the substance of things hoped for,
28:45 the evidence of things not seen.
28:47 So when we look at this, ladies and gentlemen, and we see these
28:51 precious words of scripture, and we understand that they
28:55 are there for our learning, it lets us know that we have a sure
29:00 hope in the Word of God.
29:02 If we have the Word of God, Jesus Himself says, It's firmer
29:06 than the very ground we stand on. Amen!
29:10 Turn with me to 2 Peter 3, 2 Peter 3, looking at verses...
29:23 I'm sorry, 2 Timothy, 2 Timothy 3:15, 16. It says:
29:41 And we just talked about that faith.
29:42 Now verse 16. It says:
29:57 That the man or woman, or boy and girl of God may be perfect
30:02 thoroughly furnished into all good works.
30:05 So when I look at that, ladies and gentlemen, it tells me
30:08 that when I want to deal with Bible doctrines, I have to come
30:13 to the book. I can't come with my own interpretation.
30:17 I can't go by what a preacher says, or some other person says,
30:21 or some so-called authority.
30:23 I have to let scripture define scripture.
30:27 Here a little, there a little, precept upon precept,
30:31 line upon line, and as I do that with a prayerful spirit
30:34 the living God, whom we serve, ladies and gentlemen,
30:38 who has died and has died to save us, and who has been
30:42 resurrected again, will send His Holy Spirit to give us
30:46 the discernment we need, ladies and gentlemen,
30:49 that we can make it to glory. Amen!
30:52 And when we look at these things, and we see and hear,
30:56 in this special book, the book of Revelation, it lets you and I
31:00 know that God really cares about us.
31:03 You see, in the book of Revelation, it explains some
31:08 things that we really don't understand.
31:10 If you would turn with me to Revelation 12, Revelation 12,
31:15 it tells us that even before our world came into existence
31:21 there was a sin problem, a sin problem.
31:24 In the book of Revelation it tells us about it,
31:27 Turn with me to Revelation 12 beginning with verse 7.
31:42 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent called
31:46 the devil and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world.
31:49 He was cast out into the earth, and his angels
31:52 were cast out with him.
31:54 Ladies and gentlemen, the book of Revelation gives us a
31:57 clear-cut view of what took place in glory before our world
32:02 came into existence.
32:04 So when I look at what we're going through here,
32:08 this great controversy, we are in the middle, if you please,
32:15 but I thank God we're not left to ourselves, because the Lamb
32:20 of God, that Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, 28 times in the book of
32:24 Revelation He is called the Lamb.
32:26 He is the One that has stood up for us.
32:28 He is the One that fights the enemy for us.
32:32 He is the One that gave up His life that we might have life,
32:35 and He is the One that will see us through. Amen!
32:39 You see, in the same book of Revelation, I know somebody
32:42 is going to make it.
32:43 I know someone's going to make it.
32:45 And that's why you have to have faith.
32:47 And you turn to Revelation 15, Revelation 15,
32:50 looking at verse 2.
32:52 I want you to read these things, and I want you to place
32:55 yourself in this picture. John says:
33:27 In other words, he saw, ladies and gentlemen, those individuals
33:32 who not only got victory, as it says here, over the beast,
33:36 over his image, and the mark, and over the number of his name,
33:39 but individuals who got over personal sin in their lives.
33:45 That's every one of us, ladies and gentlemen.
33:47 Because we have all sinned and come short of the glory of God.
33:50 But because of the Lamb, because of the Lamb, because of His
33:56 caring, because of His love, because of His dedication,
34:00 because of the relationship with His Father, For God so loved
34:03 the world that He gave His only begotten Son,
34:06 that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish,
34:09 but have everlasting life.
34:10 It tells us in the book of Paul, talking in Corinthians, he says,
34:14 God was in Christ reconciling the world unto Himself. Amen!
34:20 You see, Jesus came here to do three things:
34:24 1. He came to reveal to us the character of His Father.
34:29 He showed us by action that God is love.
34:34 He proved that. Who else would do what He did
34:39 unless he loved us?
34:40 He Himself says, greater love hath no man than this,
34:44 that a man lay down his life for his friends.
34:46 And He laid down His life for us, ladies and gentlemen,
34:50 and even when we were enemies, when we didn't know Him,
34:54 when we didn't care about Him.
34:57 Even in our relationships today those individuals who have had
35:00 a relationship with Christ, we have backslidden, and we have
35:04 embarrassed Him, and we have betrayed Him.
35:06 But His love will not let us go.
35:08 Thank God for that! Amen!
35:09 He still reaches out to us every single day.
35:13 It's because of the Lord's mercies that
35:15 we are not consumed.
35:17 They are new every morning.
35:19 Great is His faithfulness to us.
35:23 So when we see Jesus as this Lamb of God who has promised us,
35:28 and when we see this scene in chapter 15, beginning with
35:32 verse 2, in the book of Revelation, where the Saints are
35:36 standing before the very throne of God, you and I must have the
35:40 faith to say when you read these verses you see yourself there.
35:48 You have to see it.
35:49 Without faith it's impossible to please Him.
35:53 Him that cometh to God must believe that He is, and He is a
35:58 rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. Hebrews 11:6.
36:03 By faith the Christian sees him or herself in possession of the
36:08 things that have been promised to you.
36:11 And, folks, Jesus has promised us a crown. Amen!
36:15 He's promised us eternal life! Amen!
36:18 He's promised us a mansion in glory.
36:21 It's here in the book of Revelation.
36:23 There is no deeper, or greater description of what heaven
36:27 looks like except you find it in the book of Revelation.
36:31 Revelation 21:1. And I saw a new heaven and a new earth:
36:35 for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away;
36:38 and there was no more sea.
36:39 And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from
36:42 God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.
36:46 And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold,
36:48 the tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with
36:51 them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall
36:54 be with them, and be their God.
36:56 And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes;
37:02 and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow,
37:05 nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former
37:08 things are passed away. Amen!
37:12 That's in Revelation.
37:14 That's not sealed.
37:16 It's in Revelation.
37:18 It's open for us to think about.
37:21 It's open for us to contemplate.
37:24 It's open to us to pray for, ladies and gentlemen.
37:28 It's open for us to know that we must do the things that God has
37:32 asked us to do because we are His servants.
37:35 I look at Revelation 22, Revelation 22, and to me this
37:40 is one of my favorite texts, Revelation 22:14.
37:44 It says, Blessed are they that do His commandments.
37:49 In other words, you have to be a servant.
37:50 If you do it: Blessed are they that do His commandments,
37:55 that they may have right to the tree of life,
37:58 and may enter in through the gates into the city.
38:01 Ladies and gentlemen, in the book of Revelation it shows the
38:04 Saints of the living God going through the gates of the city
38:08 because they have been obedient to the love of Jesus Christ,
38:12 and they follow His commandments.
38:14 Jesus says in John 14:15, If you love me, keep my commandments.
38:19 If you love Him you'll keep His commandments.
38:21 If you keep them in spirit and truth, ladies and gentlemen,
38:24 that means the motive from your heart is based on love.
38:28 It says you can go through the gates.
38:31 Amen! It's in the book!
38:35 The book of Revelation shows the city made of gold.
38:40 It tells us of jasper walls 216 feet high, transparent that you
38:45 might see through the glittering delights of heaven.
38:49 It tells us the river of life rolls through there.
38:52 And not only that, it says the tree of life is there
38:55 in the midst of the city.
38:56 And it says that it will bear twelve manner
38:59 of fruit every month that will be there for the
39:01 Saints of the living God.
39:03 Oh ladies and gentlemen, I want to go.
39:05 It is not a sealed book.
39:07 It is not a closed book.
39:09 But it is one that we should internalize,
39:11 we should look at, and study, and pray about that we might
39:15 understand all the things in it so we can be ready
39:19 to meet our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen!
39:23 The book is a book of books.
39:27 It is a book that allows, ladies and gentlemen, not only do we
39:32 see how the conflict started in heaven, not only does it show
39:36 the tree of life, and the river of life, but it also shows the
39:40 animosity that the evil one has for you and for me.
39:44 For when we read Revelation 12: 17, and this is very important,
39:49 especially in these last days, because it gives us a specific
39:53 idea of the spirit and attitude that is against us
39:58 in these last days.
40:00 For it says in Revelation 12:17, And the dragon,...
40:05 That's Satan... was wroth... That means angry.
40:08 with the woman... That is symbolic of the church.
40:11 ...and went to make what? war!
40:14 ...went to make war...
40:15 Now war is not a play thing.
40:17 War is till the death, to conquer, to overpower.
40:23 It says here that the dragon, Satan himself, was angry with
40:27 the woman and went to make war with the
40:29 remnant of her seed.
40:32 Those, ladies and gentlemen, are the people who
40:34 are living in the last days.
40:35 And guess what, that's us! Amen!
40:38 Satan is angry with us.
40:42 He's angry tonight because we're studying the Word of God;
40:45 especially this book.
40:47 One Bible writer says when the book of Revelation and Daniel
40:50 are studied it brings revival and reformation in its wake.
40:55 In other words, it opens us up that we might see the events
40:59 that are taking place around us, ladies and gentlemen,
41:03 that we might know where the Bible has us in prophecy,
41:07 and in time, that we might be ready for the very second coming
41:11 of Jesus Christ. Amen!
41:13 It snaps open our eyes, and our minds that we might see the
41:17 spiritual things that we need, that we might be prepared
41:20 for the conflicts and tribulation of earth's
41:23 last days of history.
41:24 It says, and the dragon was wroth with the woman
41:27 and went to make war with the remnant of her seed,
41:30 which keep the commandments of God, and have the
41:32 testimony of Jesus Christ.
41:34 Again, we see God's commandments in here,
41:36 in the midst of Revelation.
41:38 You see, Jesus has given us not only a revelation
41:44 of the Father, but He has given to you and I,
41:49 ladies and gentlemen, a spirit of reconciliation that we might
41:59 do the things God needs us to do as we are
42:04 reconciled back to Him, which keep the commandments of God
42:10 and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.
42:15 And Revelation 19:10, ladies and gentlemen, tells us that the
42:21 testimony of Jesus Christ is the spirit of prophecy.
42:25 And when you look at prophecy in the Bible, all the prophecies
42:31 that take place, they end and meet in the book of Revelation,
42:36 and they are there for you and for me.
42:40 I believe as we study night after night this magnificent
42:47 book we will have questions answered.
42:50 We will see the things that are happening around us,
42:54 and put them in their proper place that we might know
42:59 Jesus is not only coming soon, but He is even at the door.
43:05 I challenge you to cherish your Bible.
43:11 Love it, read it, and with a spirit of prayerfulness and
43:17 humility let it open unto you the light for this
43:26 time on planet earth. Amen!
43:45 Give me the Bible star of gladness gleaming,
43:54 to cheer the wonderer, lone and tempest tossed.
44:02 No storm can hide that peaceful radiance beaming,
44:10 since Jesus came to seek and save the lost.
44:18 Give me the Bible, holy message shining,
44:26 thy light shall guide me in the narrow way.
44:35 Precept and promise, law and love combining,
44:43 till night shall vanish in eternal day.
44:52 Give me the Bible, holy message shining,
45:00 thy light shall guide me in the narrow way.
45:08 Precept and promise, law and love combining,
45:16 till night shall vanish in eternal day.
45:41 Friends, how many of you want to have a closer
45:43 walk with Jesus Christ?
45:44 How many of you want to be able to understand the Bible
45:48 with a better way?
45:49 I'd like for you to just stand at this time
45:52 if that's your desire, that you would like to have a closer
45:55 walk with Jesus, and to be able to study the Word
45:59 of the living God.
46:00 You see, when I look throughout its pages there's so many
46:03 promises that are there for us that will allow us
46:07 to realize we are somebody.
46:09 We are very special.
46:11 If you look at 1 Peter friends, 1 Peter 2:9 it tells us that we
46:18 are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation,
46:22 and a peculiar people.
46:24 That we should show forth the praises of Him who has called
46:27 us out of darkness into His marvelous light.
46:31 Ladies and gentlemen, isn't that sweet?
46:33 He says, Which in times past were not a people;
46:36 but now are the people of God: which had not obtained mercy,
46:40 but now have obtained mercy.
46:43 In other words, the Lord Himself knows we weren't always perfect.
46:47 And we know it, too.
46:48 Come on, say Amen. Amen!
46:50 But because of the mercy of God, because of His love,
46:53 because of the cross of Calvary, ladies and gentlemen,
46:57 He take us in our imperfection and He says to His Father,
47:02 They are My children now.
47:04 These are My sons and daughters.
47:06 I will transform them by My sweet Holy Spirit,
47:09 by the renewing of their minds, and they are mine.
47:13 And when He says that about us, ladies and gentlemen,
47:16 it comes with not only the authority of heaven saying
47:19 that we belong to Him, but He says He will be with us
47:22 through thick and thin.
47:24 He'll be with us through the storm.
47:26 He'll be with us through the river.
47:27 He'll be with us through the fire.
47:29 Why? because He's God, and He's our Savior,
47:33 and He's our Lord, and He wants to see us face to face in glory.
47:37 And He desires of us to have a spirit of sharing.
47:42 And ladies and gentlemen, if you would just turn,
47:43 and even as you're standing, if you would turn with me
47:46 to the book of Corinthians 2, Corinthians 2.
47:51 2 Corinthians 4, I'm sorry, and read these words,
47:57 what He has given to us, His very special children.
48:00 He says, Therefore, seeing we have this ministry,
48:03 as we have received mercy, we faint not;
48:06 But we have renounced the hidden things of dishonesty,
48:09 not walking in craftiness, nor handling the word of God
48:12 deceitfully; but, by manifestation of the truth,
48:16 commending ourselves to every man's conscience
48:19 in the sight of God.
48:20 It says, if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost:
48:25 In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them
48:30 which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel
48:33 of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.
48:38 For we preach not ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord;
48:42 and ourselves your servants for Jesus' sake.
48:47 For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness,
48:51 hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge
48:55 of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.
48:59 Friends, can you say Amen to that? Amen!
49:02 A commission that God has given to you, and to me,
49:06 to let our light shine for Jesus Christ.
49:09 And if it's your desire today not only to stand to your feet
49:14 for Jesus Christ, but to come down here, just now,
49:17 as Sister Dorsey just comes back and continues to sing that song.
49:20 Bringing your Bibles, coming down as we consecrate ourselves
49:24 to Him, as we go through this series.
49:26 Just come on down wherever you are to have a special prayer
49:30 for the power of the living God to infuse us with His Spirit
49:37 that when we study His book, you and I will one day be able
49:42 to walk on the sea of glass, because we have been faithful.
49:45 Just come on forward now as we have prayer.
49:48 Just now, men, women, boys, and girls, come on down.
49:54 Let's sing it if we know it.
49:55 Precept and promise law and love combining, till night shall...
50:06 Let's sing it like we believe it.
50:08 ...vanish in eternal day.
50:11 Give me the Bible.
50:12 Give me the... Hold your Bible up!
50:15 ...the Bible holy message shining.
50:20 Hold your Bible up!
50:21 Thy light shall guide me in the narrow way.
50:29 Precept and promise, law and love combining,
50:37 till night shall vanish in eternal day.
50:47 Shall we pray? Loving Father in heaven, we are so thankful
50:51 tonight that we can come out and to worship unmolested
50:57 in Your house of worship.
50:59 We pray, dear Lord, that as we open the book of Revelation
51:04 along with the other books of the Bible, we will find in it,
51:09 Lord, the treasures that will enlighten our hearts,
51:13 and our minds, and give us the encouragement to continue
51:17 day by day, moment by moment, following Thy Presence
51:22 and Thy Spirit. We ask that as we read the Word of God
51:26 it will make clear to us the current events that are
51:30 happening around us.
51:32 And, Lord, they are so frightful when we see them night after
51:36 night on the evening news that sometimes we want to even just
51:41 shun them, and not even turn it on.
51:43 But, Lord, take the fear away, for perfect love casts out fear,
51:47 and give us a spirit of discernment that we might
51:53 be able to see the things that are happening around us,
51:56 and then be able to pinpoint them in the scriptures,
51:59 and to know, Lord Jesus, that You're coming,
52:02 and You're coming very soon.
52:04 Oh Lord, take away everything from us that is not like Thee.
52:08 Give us the desire to be clean, to be pure, to be holy,
52:14 to be righteous. Take away from us the spirit of
52:18 procrastination, and let us do what we need to do for You
52:22 today and not tomorrow, for tomorrow is not
52:26 promised to any one of us.
52:28 Let Your Spirit Lord come into our lives and break the shackles
52:33 that the enemy has held onto us with for so many years.
52:38 And even as we stand here as we pray, and those individuals who
52:42 are listening on line, and who are watching on the air,
52:45 we as that Your sweet Spirit would be in their hearts
52:48 and motivate them to seek Your face, and reach out to You
52:52 and ask You to do what we are asking You to do for us,
52:56 and that is to set us free for You said, If the Son of God
53:00 sets us free, we are free indeed. Amen!
53:03 So free us Lord from sin.
53:05 Free us from guilt.
53:06 Free us from pain.
53:07 Free us from doubt.
53:09 Free us from disappointments.
53:10 Free us from the hand of the enemy because, Lord,
53:13 we want to be Yours.
53:14 We say like David, Create in us a clean heart,
53:17 and renew a right spirit within us.
53:19 We're asking you to do it now, not tomorrow.
53:22 Right now is the day of salvation,
53:25 for You are God and You are mighty, and You are able.
53:29 So even now, tonight Lord Jesus, as we stand here,
53:33 as we open our hearts, as we confess You as our Lord
53:37 and Savior, as we hold up Your Bible as the only
53:42 authority on divine things, we ask You to do for us
53:48 what we cannot do.
53:50 Now take us to our various homes.
53:52 Give us a good nights rest.
53:54 Let the Holy Spirit, let these things grow into our hearts.
54:01 Give us a desire for spiritual things.
54:05 Give us a hunger to know and to read, and feed us Lord till we
54:11 want no more. And Lord let that be the day when we see You
54:18 from the clouds of glory, and majesty, and holiness,
54:23 and in righteousness.
54:25 These things we ask in Jesus' name.
54:29 Let God's people say, Amen and Amen.
54:33 Let's sing that again as we go back to our seats.
54:36 Give me the Bible, holy message shining.
54:46 They light shall guide me...
54:50 We have had a powerful word from the Word of God,
54:54 through the man of God.
54:56 We ask you to join us tomorrow morning at 11:00 a. m. EST
55:04 as we continue our walk through the book of Revelation,
55:09 through the eyes of the seer John.
55:13 And then again on tomorrow evening, 7:00 p. m. EST
55:17 we will be back again.
55:19 Did you enjoy the Word of the Lord this night? Amen!
55:22 Was it plain to you? Amen!
55:24 Now most importantly, do you plan to do it? Amen!
55:29 For the Bible says we need to be doers of the Word,
55:33 and not just hearers of the Word.
55:36 Because the city is promised to those who do the will of God.
55:41 Amen? Amen! And Amen.
55:44 Wonderful, wonderful days in which we find ourselves.
55:47 We are going to be among those, I truly believe, that will see
55:51 the second coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen!
55:55 Cannot last much longer.
55:57 Time is winding up.
56:00 Every day we see time is winding up, and Jesus is soon to come.
56:07 I'm going to ask you to bow your heads with me just now
56:09 because we want to close out this broadcast with prayer
56:12 that not only this group sitting here, but our brothers
56:16 and sisters all around the world.
56:18 There are many who are suffering for Jesus tonight,
56:21 all around the world, that Christ will be their
56:24 comfort and their strength.
56:25 Father in heaven, we just praise You now because we know
56:30 You're doing a new thing on this old planet.
56:33 You are giving us new lives for old, warm hearts for cold,
56:42 and we praise You for that, Dear Father.
56:45 We praise You and thank You because You are God,
56:49 and God alone, and there is none like You.
56:53 Father this night help us to put into practice that
56:58 which we have heard.
56:59 We want to be overcomers.


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