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Program Code Duration Description Participants
TWH000001A Video Transcript 0:59:30 Breaking the Chains Pr. John Lomacang
TWH000002A Video Transcript 0:58:30 The Prosperity Gospel Pr. John Lomacang
TWH000003A Video Transcript 0:58:00 The Potential of the Harvest Shelley Quinn
TWH000004A Video Transcript 0:58:30 Making Cents Pastor John Lomacang
TWH000005A Video Transcript 0:58:30 Ontology Pr. C.A. Murray
TWH000006A Video Transcript 0:59:03 Because (Part 1 of 2) Pr. John Lomacang
TWH000007A Video Transcript 0:57:00 Because (Part 2 of 2) Pr. John Lomacang
TWH000008A Video Transcript 0:56:30 Do You Want to be Made Well? Dee Casper
TWH000009A Video Transcript 0:58:30 Two Roads Pr. John Lomacang
TWH000010A Video Transcript 0:59:00 Salvation Pr. John Lomacang
TWH000012A Video Transcript 0:59:15 The 'I's Have It John Lomacang
TWH000013A Video Transcript 0:59:45 The Return of Elijah Pastor John Dinzey
TWH000014A Video Transcript 0:59:19 The Most Expensive Journey Part 1 Pr. John Lomacang
TWH000015A Video Transcript 0:53:45 The Most Expensive Journey Part 2 Pr. John Lomacang
TWH000016A Video Transcript 0:45:45 Filled at the Throne of Grace Donna Willey
TWH000017A Video Transcript 0:58:30 The World Must Know Pastor John Dinzey
TWH000018A Video 0:59:40 The Power of Choice Pr John Lomacang
TWH000019A Video 0:58:30 Why? Pr John Lomacang
TWH000020A Video Transcript 0:58:59 Plucked from the Fire Pr John Lomacang
TWH000021A Video Transcript 0:59:30 Capernaum As Metaphor C.A. Murray
TWH000022A Video Transcript 0:59:40 The Answer to Our Deficiencies Dee Casper
TWH000023A Video 0:59:15 Oh Say Can You See C.A. Murray
TWH000025A Video 0:59:33 The Anatomy of Peace Pastor John Lomacang
TWH000026A Video Transcript 0:56:30 He Prayed for You Luis Capote
TWH000027A Video Transcript 0:59:45 Undercover Pr. John Lomacang
TWH000028A Video 0:56:45 The Power of the Word Pastor John Lomacang
TWH000029A Video Transcript 0:58:30 Pastor John Lomacang
TWH000030A Video Transcript 0:49:15 Mollie Steenson
TWH000034A Video Transcript 0:59:30 The Silence of the Lamb Pastor John Lomacang
TWH000035A Video Transcript 0:39:00 Provide Pastor John Lomacang
TWH000036A Video Transcript 0:58:45 Distractions Pastor John Lomacang
TWH000037A Video Transcript 0:57:40 Let It Be **(Only for the Month of Dec)** Pastor John Lomacang
TWH000038A Video 0:58:30 NA


Updated 2018-01-16