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Jesus Changes Me

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00:08 Worship bells are sweet
00:10 Calling us to meet
00:12 With our best friend Jesus
00:16 Come and worship here
00:18 Jesus will be near
00:20 Smiling when He sees us
00:28 Worship bells are sweet
00:30 Calling us to meet
00:32 With our best friend Jesus
00:36 Come and worship here
00:38 Hello and welcome to our Tiny Tots Worship.
00:41 Welcome, boys and girls.
00:44 We're so happy that you've joined us.
00:46 And do you know what?
00:47 Jesus is happy that you've joined us too.
00:50 Do you know it makes Jesus so happy
00:53 when we take the time to spend with Him?
00:55 First, let's start with prayer.
00:58 Joshua, would you have a prayer for us?
01:00 Hey, fold your hands and close your eyes,
01:02 boys and girls.
01:04 Thank you, Jesus, for a nice day.
01:11 I want everybody don't be in the hospital.
01:15 They will get better. Amen.
01:17 Amen.
01:20 Today, boys and girls,
01:21 we're going to be talking about Jesus Changes Me.
01:27 And you know what
01:28 is when we let Jesus in our heart,
01:30 Jesus can change us, can't He?
01:31 Uh-huh. Mm-hm.
01:34 Let's sing with Jesus in my heart,
01:36 I'm as happy as can be.
01:38 Sing it with us, boys and girls.
01:41 With Jesus in my heart I'm happy as can be
01:46 As happy as can be As happy as can be
01:51 With Jesus in my heart I'm happy as can be
01:56 Jesus is my friend
02:00 Let's do that one more time.
02:02 With Jesus in my heart I'm happy as can be
02:07 As happy as can be As happy as can be
02:11 With Jesus in my heart I'm happy as can be
02:17 Jesus is my friend
02:22 And now let's sing "Into my heart."
02:25 We want to invite Jesus into our heart every day,
02:29 boys and girls.
02:31 Sing with us.
02:32 Into my heart,
02:36 Into my heart
02:40 Come into my heart,
02:44 Lord Jesus
02:49 Come in today,
02:53 Come in to stay
02:57 Come into my heart,
03:02 Lord Jesus
03:08 Who knows where our memory verse is found today?
03:11 Corinthians.
03:12 Very good, Ben.
03:14 It's in 2 Corinthians 5:17.
03:19 I'll say it first,
03:20 and then you all say it with me, okay?
03:22 Okay.
03:23 "Anyone who belongs to Christ..."
03:26 "Anyone who belongs to Christ..."
03:29 "Has become a new person."
03:32 "Has become a new person."
03:36 Do you wonder what that is?
03:39 Our special guest is going to be telling us
03:41 all about our memory verse,
03:44 but first, I think you kids have a surprise for me.
03:47 Let me hear it.
04:01 My God loves me
04:06 And all the wonders I see
04:11 The rainbow shines through my window
04:16 My God loves me
04:21 My God loves me and all the wonders I see
04:25 And all the wonders I see
04:30 The rainbow shines through my window
04:35 My God loves me
04:41 Oh, thank you.
04:45 I loved that.
04:47 Okay, Carter, you want to open our door?
04:50 I wonder who it is.
04:54 Well, hello, everyone.
04:56 Hello. It's Mr. Rich Aguilera.
05:00 Mr. Rich is host's nature on Kids' Time.
05:05 Welcome, Mr. Rich.
05:06 Thank you very much.
05:08 It's so good to see you guys.
05:09 Well, today, I'm dressed up as a scientist
05:12 because I like science.
05:14 But let me ask you something,
05:16 do you know what science really is?
05:17 I looked in the dictionary.
05:19 You know what it is? Mm-hm.
05:20 You take science at school?
05:22 Yeah, it's pretty cool. We learn a lot of things.
05:24 But when I looked in the dictionary,
05:26 science says that it is when you look for the truth
05:29 by looking at things and by doing experiments.
05:33 And that's how we discover the truth about the things
05:36 that we see out there in nature and different things.
05:39 So I want to do a couple of experiments,
05:40 illustrations with you guys because we have discovered,
05:45 for example, like using this tennis ball
05:47 that an action is followed by a reaction.
05:51 That means when we do something in nature,
05:53 in science, something always comes afterwards.
05:56 Okay?
05:58 So I have this tennis ball here,
06:00 if I were to hold this tennis ball out like that,
06:03 and then let it go, what do you think would happen?
06:07 It would bounce down and comes up.
06:08 You think?
06:09 You don't think it would just kind of fly off
06:11 into space or something?
06:13 No? Well, let's test it.
06:15 So our action is going to be
06:17 to hold the ball and let go off it.
06:19 And our reaction,
06:20 that means the thing that changes,
06:22 the thing that follows,
06:23 is going to be something different.
06:24 And let's take a look. Here we go.
06:28 You're right.
06:30 The action was to let go and the reaction,
06:32 that the change that followed, was that the ball fell down,
06:36 didn't go flying up.
06:37 It didn't explode. It didn't turn blue, right?
06:40 It fell down. That's science.
06:43 We are able to look
06:44 and do an experiment to prove it.
06:46 That's cool, huh?
06:48 Let's do another one. Let's do another one.
06:50 All right, I have here a glass of water,
06:56 and here, I have some yellow food coloring.
06:59 If I add yellow food coloring to this water,
07:03 what do you think is going to happen?
07:05 The water changes into yellow.
07:06 It's going to turn yellow, huh?
07:07 Action and the reaction, the thing that changes
07:10 after I do something to it.
07:11 So let's give it a try here. There we go.
07:16 You know, look at that, you're right.
07:19 It changed the water yellow.
07:21 In science, you do an action
07:23 and it's followed by a reaction,
07:25 something changes when you do something to it.
07:27 That's pretty cool.
07:29 That water changed its color.
07:31 Yeah, here, let's do another one.
07:32 Look what I have here. I have some air freshener.
07:35 That's what it says here.
07:36 If I hold the air freshener like that,
07:38 and then I pull the trigger,
07:40 what do you think is going to happen?
07:42 It smells really good.
07:43 It's going to smell really good?
07:45 You guys want to try that?
07:46 All right, I am going to go, here we go, ready?
07:51 It smells good.
07:54 Yeah, and the action was to pull the trigger
07:56 and the thing that happened afterwards was this nice smell.
07:59 You smell it, Joshua? Yeah.
08:01 Isn't that nice? Yeah.
08:03 Sometimes it's a little bit different,
08:05 like I have my tooth brush here.
08:07 It's just sitting there, it's not doing anything, is it?
08:10 But what happens if I brush my teeth with it,
08:12 what's going to happen?
08:14 Your teeth going to get cleaned?
08:15 Are my teeth going to get cleaned? Yeah.
08:18 That's what happens if I brush my teeth.
08:19 My teeth will get...
08:21 What will happen if I don't brush my teeth?
08:23 They're going to get dirty.
08:24 They're going to get dirty and have cavities.
08:26 That's also like saying there's no action
08:28 because there was no...
08:29 There was no reaction because there was no action.
08:31 Hmm, interesting.
08:34 Sometimes it takes a little bit longer,
08:36 like I have a little banana here.
08:38 Now I have a choice.
08:40 I can either have an action of eating it, right?
08:43 But what happens if I just put the banana there
08:45 and I do nothing?
08:47 Did you know that there's still going to be a reaction
08:50 because what happens if I leave that banana there
08:51 for a whole month?
08:53 That would spoil. Yeah.
08:56 You think someone is going to come and grab it?
08:59 But what happens if nobody grabs it,
09:01 it just sits there for a month?
09:02 I think Joshua said it. What's going to happen?
09:04 Spoil. It's going to spoil.
09:05 It's going to turn into this nasty,
09:07 little, tiny, dried up banana, right?
09:10 That's also a reaction.
09:12 The action was to leave it there
09:14 and the reaction was nothing.
09:16 It just turns into a dried up little banana.
09:20 Let's see what other ones we have.
09:22 Oh, look at here. I have this nice glass cup.
09:26 Now just like the ball,
09:28 if I were to hold this glass out
09:30 and drop it on the floor,
09:33 what do you think would be the reaction?
09:35 It's going to break. It's going to break.
09:37 You know, that's a sad change, but it is,
09:38 what would change with this poor glass,
09:41 so sometimes the changes can be bad if we're not careful
09:44 what we do to the things, right?
09:46 Interesting.
09:49 Do you guys know
09:50 that when we accept Jesus into our lives?
09:53 We're going to change. There's going to be a reaction.
09:56 There's going to be wonderful changes
09:58 that happen in our hearts.
09:59 It'll make us loving. It will make us kind, right?
10:03 It'll make us honest. It'll make us obey our parents.
10:08 Yeah, that's what happens.
10:09 I want to show you one more, one more illustration,
10:13 and I want to ask...
10:14 Joshua, maybe you can help me with this.
10:17 So I have this little piece of card here,
10:19 nothing fancy about it,
10:21 how many of you guys think that I can change this little card
10:24 and make a hole big enough in it
10:27 to put Joshua all the way through?
10:30 No. No.
10:31 That doesn't sound very...
10:33 That's kind of strange here, but I got my scissors.
10:35 You can stand right there, Josh.
10:37 And I'm going to cut this, and I'll make a few cuts.
10:40 This is just a pair of scissors.
10:42 I'm not changing the card or anything like that.
10:45 I'm just going to make a few little cuts to it right here.
10:48 And we're going to see
10:49 if I can make some changes to this card
10:53 to make a really big difference.
10:56 All right, okay, one more cut here
11:01 and one more cut here and one last cut here.
11:05 All right, Joshua, stand right here
11:06 so that everybody can see
11:08 and look at all the boys and girls out there.
11:10 And I'm going to see
11:11 if this will fit all the way around.
11:18 All right, step through. There you go.
11:22 What do you think?
11:24 Did he make it all the way through?
11:26 Yeah. It was kind of tricky, huh?
11:28 Well, it's amazing what God can do
11:31 when we tell him to come into our hearts.
11:33 He's going to change us in ways you can't even imagine.
11:37 He's going to make us new, wonderful people
11:40 just because we asked Jesus to,
11:41 "Please, come into our hearts," and to be our friends.
11:45 How many of you guys want to ask Jesus
11:47 to come into your hearts and to change you
11:49 and to make you a wonderful person?
11:51 Yeah.
11:53 I hope all the boys and girls out there
11:54 will also make that decision to ask Jesus to change them
11:57 and to make them into wonderful,
11:59 new people that are loving and kind,
12:02 helpful and honest, and obedient to their parents.
12:05 Thank you, Mr. Rich. Thank you.
12:08 Okay, boys and girls, what did you learn today?
12:12 That if we let Jesus in our hearts,
12:14 He could change us.
12:16 That's right. And He can...
12:17 What kind of changes can He make in us?
12:20 Like when we're bad, He can make us good.
12:23 Help us to be loving and kind and honest
12:27 and to be nice to people, right,
12:34 and also we need to every day ask Jesus into our hearts,
12:38 boys and girls.
12:40 Let's sing our prayer song,
12:41 and let's have a prayer
12:43 and thank Jesus for our worship.
12:45 And, Ben, will you have our prayer?
12:48 I will bend my knees
12:51 I will fold my hands
12:55 I will bow my head
12:59 I will close my eyes
13:02 And very, very quiet be
13:06 While the prayer is said
13:11 Dear Jesus, please help us to be good
13:14 and please help us to ask Jesus to change us
13:16 so that we can be changed.
13:18 I love you, Jesus, and amen.
13:20 Amen.
13:22 And you know what, boys and girls,
13:24 if we ask Jesus to come into our hearts,
13:26 He will come into our hearts and change us.
13:30 That's Mr. Rooster!
13:32 He says that's all the time we have for now,
13:34 so until next time, remember, Jesus loves you.
13:38 Bye-bye.
13:48 Worship bells are sweet
13:51 Calling us to meet
13:53 With our best friend Jesus
13:57 Come and worship here
13:59 Jesus will be near
14:01 Smiling when He sees us
14:08 Worship bells are sweet
14:11 Calling us to meet
14:13 With our best friend Jesus
14:17 Come and worship here
14:19 Jesus will be near
14:21 Smiling when He sees us


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