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Jesus Wants Us to Do Our Best

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00:08 Worship bells are sweet
00:10 Calling us to meet
00:12 With our best friend Jesus
00:16 Come and worship here
00:18 Jesus will be near
00:19 Smiling when He sees us
00:28 Worship bells are sweet
00:30 Calling us to meet
00:32 With our best friend Jesus
00:36 Hello and welcome to our Tiny Tots Worship.
00:39 We're so happy that you've joined us.
00:41 And do you know what?
00:43 Jesus is happy that you've joined us too.
00:46 It makes Jesus so happy
00:48 when we take the time to spend with Him.
00:51 And today, boys and girls,
00:53 our special guest is all the way from Cuba.
00:57 Cuba.
00:58 Mrs. Esmeralda Guzman.
01:01 Welcome, Miss Esmeralda. Welcome.
01:03 Thank you, boy and girls.
01:05 I'm so happy to be here.
01:08 Do you know where Cuba is?
01:10 Do you know? No.
01:12 Well, pretend that this is the United States,
01:15 and then Cuba is a tiny little island right here,
01:18 right below Florida, that's where Cuba is.
01:22 That's a long way, isn't it, boys and girls?
01:24 Yeah!
01:26 Well, we're so happy that you came all the way
01:28 to be on Tiny Tots with us.
01:31 And today, boys and girls, we're talking about Jesus
01:35 wants us to do our best.
01:38 And we have a memory verse that goes with that,
01:41 and learn it with us, okay?
01:43 I'll say it first,
01:45 and then you all say it after me, okay?
01:47 Ecclesiastes 9:10.
01:51 Ecclesiastes 9:10.
01:54 "Whatever your hand finds to do..."
01:57 "Whatever your hand finds to do..."
02:01 "Do it with all your might."
02:04 "Do it with all your might."
02:07 Now I happen to know that Miss Esmeralda
02:11 has the story that's going to explain
02:14 our Bible verse to you,
02:16 and you are not going to want to miss it,
02:17 boys and girls.
02:19 But first, let's start with prayer.
02:23 Ben, could you have a prayer and invite Jesus to be with us?
02:25 Sure.
02:27 Okay, boys and girls,
02:28 close your eyes and bow you head.
02:31 Dear, Jesus, please be with us in our worship.
02:33 I love you, Jesus.
02:35 Amen. Amen.
02:38 Well, boys and girls, I'm thinking of a song
02:41 that I'd like to sing, see if you can guess it.
02:44 It's about one man didn't do his best for Jesus
02:49 and one man did his best for Jesus.
02:53 What song is that?
02:54 The foolish man built his house upon the sand...
02:58 Yes.
02:59 Sing it with us, boys and girls.
03:01 The foolish man built his house upon the sand
03:06 The foolish man built his house upon the sand
03:09 The foolish man built his house upon the sand
03:12 And the rain came tumbling down
03:16 The rains came down and the floods came up
03:20 The rains came down
03:22 And the floods came up
03:24 The rains came down and the floods came up
03:27 And the house on the sand went flat
03:31 But what happened
03:32 when the wise man built his house?
03:35 He did his best for Jesus, let's sing that verse.
03:39 The wise man built his house upon the rock
03:43 The wise man built his house upon the rock
03:47 The wise man built his house upon the rock
03:50 And the rain came tumbling down.
03:54 The rains came down and the floods came up
03:58 The rains came down
04:00 And the floods came up
04:02 The rains came down and the floods came up
04:05 And the house on the rock stood firm
04:11 So we should do our best for Jesus,
04:13 shouldn't we?
04:14 Yeah. Yeah.
04:16 Well, Miss Esmeralda, before your story
04:18 we have a surprise for you.
04:22 Luke and Jasmine are going to play the violins for you.
04:26 And do you know what's special?
04:28 Luke and Jasmine are twins.
04:32 Isn't that special, boys and girls?
05:48 Very good. That was beautiful.
05:52 Aren't they doing good?
05:53 Beautiful.
05:55 And they play so beautifully together.
05:56 Yes, they do.
05:57 Okay, boys and girls, who's ready for a story?
06:00 Me!
06:02 Okay.
06:03 I'm so happy to be here.
06:05 And I like to tell you a story about the time
06:08 that I was a little girl, I was six-years-old.
06:11 Is anybody here that's six-years-old?
06:14 Nicole is. I was your age. Yes.
06:17 And I wanted to learn how to play the piano.
06:20 I was so thrilled to listen to you guys.
06:23 You are so good playing the violins.
06:26 I wanted to know how to play the piano,
06:28 and I begged my mommy, I said,
06:30 "I want to learn how to play the piano."
06:33 And my parents, we were living in Cuba,
06:36 Cuba in Spanish, and my mom was so hard.
06:41 She has to wash other people's clothes
06:44 and press them to make money to buy me a piano.
06:49 And I wanted to have a piano so bad, so bad, so bad.
06:52 And in my country a lot of people were very poor.
06:56 So we didn't have a way to buy a piano,
06:59 but my parents were saving little bit of money at a time,
07:03 and one day, my mom told me,
07:05 "Guess what?
07:07 We're gonna get a piano."
07:10 I was so happy to get a piano.
07:13 So we finally got the piano,
07:16 and I remember that I sat on the piano,
07:18 how do you think I had sound like?
07:20 Do you want me to tell you how I sound like?
07:23 Let's go to the piano.
07:24 Come on. Oh, come on.
07:26 Let's go to the piano. Let's go to the piano.
07:27 Okay, this is how I used to sound
07:29 when I started to play the piano,
07:32 and I thought I was playing the piano.
07:35 Do you play the piano like that?
07:36 No. No.
07:38 And then my mom said, "You have to practice."
07:41 But guess what?
07:43 I didn't want to practice,
07:44 I just wanted to play the piano,
07:47 and I was playing the piano.
07:49 And my mother said, "You have to practice."
07:52 But I wanted to play with my friends.
07:55 Didn't you wanted to play with your friends
07:57 instead of practicing violin?
07:58 Yeah.
08:00 I wanted to play with my friends,
08:01 and my mother said,
08:02 "You have to play the piano."
08:04 And you know what?
08:06 I got a lot of whipping for not wanting to practice.
08:10 And then when my friends were playing,
08:12 I was practicing the piano.
08:14 And I have to do this,
08:18 and I couldn't get my fingers together.
08:21 And it was so hard.
08:23 And I was crying and crying
08:25 because I didn't want to play the piano.
08:27 And then my mom did this,
08:29 she would sat me down and she said,
08:32 "Do you know why I want you to practice piano?
08:35 Because I want you to be the best,
08:39 and when you want to be the best,
08:43 you have to study,
08:46 you have to practice
08:49 because if you don't practice,
08:52 then you won't be able to play."
08:56 So I used to practice
08:58 then like this,
09:02 and then when I was practicing, practicing, practicing again,
09:05 then I would do this.
09:08 And then when I practiced some more,
09:10 I could do this.
09:13 And then one day, I went to a recital.
09:17 How many of you have gone to a recital?
09:20 What is a recital?
09:21 It's when you play your instrument.
09:24 Right, in front of other people,
09:26 and I was playing in front other people,
09:28 and I remember I was playing like this.
09:38 But then I was growing,
09:39 and I was practicing more and more,
09:42 and then I started to play like this.
09:54 Do you know this song?
09:56 Let's sing it together.
10:00 Who plays the piano?
10:03 I know, somebody play piano, come on.
10:06 Okay, we're gonna play together.
10:09 Okay, you play there, I play here.
10:11 Is that good? Okay.
10:13 Okay, go.
10:14 Yes, Jesus loves me
10:19 Yes, Jesus loves me
10:25 Yes, Jesus loves me
10:30 The Bible tells me so
10:35 And you know what happened?
10:37 I grew, and I grew...
10:39 Well, I didn't grew
10:40 because you see that I'm very short,
10:42 but I'm 53 years old.
10:46 That's a lot of years.
10:48 And you know what happens now?
10:50 I go places, and I can play the piano.
10:54 If I wouldn't pay attention to my mom
10:56 when she made me practice,
10:58 I couldn't do the things that I do now.
11:01 That's why it's so important when mommy tells you,
11:04 you need to practice the violin,
11:06 or you need to practice the piano,
11:08 or you need to fix your room,
11:10 or you need to do your homework.
11:12 You have to try your best because one day,
11:16 you're going to be a doctor, you're going to be a lawyer,
11:21 and you're going to be another doctor or teacher,
11:23 and you're going to be a concert pianist.
11:26 You know why?
11:27 Because you did your very best, and that's what we have to do.
11:33 And Jesus wants us to do our best.
11:34 Exactly.
11:36 That's what our Bible verse means.
11:38 Miss Cinda, do we have time for Ben to play something?
11:41 Yes, why don't you play a song with him?
11:42 Good.
11:43 Yes, come on, I really want to hear him play.
11:46 Oh, play, Ben.
11:47 So the other boys and girls,
11:48 they can also know that lyrics he's been also play, right?
11:50 Play the song you were practicing for me.
11:52 I would love to, okay, I'm gonna stand...
11:54 I'll fly away...
11:56 Yes. Do that one.
12:32 Oh, that was awesome. That was beautiful.
12:34 That was beautiful.
12:35 Miss Esmeralda, thank you so much
12:37 for being with us.
12:39 You know, let's go and just say our prayer.
12:42 Let's sing our prayer song, and let's have a prayer
12:45 and thank Jesus for being with us.
12:47 And, Nicole, will you have our prayer today?
12:51 I will bend my knees
12:55 I will fold my hands
13:00 I will bow my head
13:04 I will close my eyes
13:07 And very, very quiet be
13:13 While the prayer is said.
13:18 Dear, Jesus, help us to do our best.
13:23 In Jesus' name, amen.
13:25 Amen!
13:28 Boys and girls...
13:29 Oh, that's Mr. Rooster!
13:31 That's all the time we have for now.
13:34 We're so happy you've joined us.
13:36 And until next time, boys and girls,
13:38 remember Jesus loves you.
13:49 Worship bells are sweet
13:52 Calling us to meet
13:54 With our best friend Jesus
13:58 Come and worship here
13:59 Jesus will be near
14:01 Smiling when He sees us
14:10 Worship bells are sweet
14:11 Calling us to meet
14:13 With our best friend Jesus
14:18 Come and worship here
14:20 Jesus will be near
14:22 Smiling when He sees us


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