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Jesus Keeps His Promises

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00:08 Worship bells are sweet
00:10 Calling us to meet
00:12 With our best friend Jesus
00:16 Come and worship here
00:18 Jesus will be near
00:20 Smiling when He sees us
00:28 Worship bells are sweet
00:30 Calling us to meet
00:31 With our best friend Jesus
00:35 Hello and welcome to our Tiny Tots worship.
00:38 We're so happy that you've joined us
00:41 and do you know what?
00:42 Jesus is happy that you've joined us too.
00:45 Do you know, it makes Jesus so happy
00:48 when we take time to spend with Him.
00:51 And today, boys and girls,
00:52 our special guest is Mrs. Bonita Shields,
00:56 and Miss Bonita is from the General Conference
01:00 Children Sabbath School Department.
01:02 Do you know that she helps
01:04 create our children Sabbath school lessons?
01:08 Welcome, Miss Bonita. Thank you.
01:11 I'm so excited to be with you today.
01:13 Oh! And we're happy to have you.
01:16 Wonderful, and I have a special story.
01:20 Who like stories?
01:21 Me! Me!
01:22 Oh! You like stories?
01:24 Yes, we're gonna have a good time.
01:26 Well, first, Cadence, would you have a prayer
01:30 and let's ask Jesus
01:31 to be with us in our worship?
01:33 Boys and girls, close your eyes.
01:38 Dear Jesus, help and bless us to worship, amen.
01:41 Amen. Amen.
01:44 Thank you.
01:45 And today, who knows where ours memory verse is?
01:50 Where is our memory verse found today?
01:52 Samuel. Samuel.
01:55 1 Samuel 20:42.
01:59 Can you say that?
02:00 1 Samuel 20:42.
02:04 "The Lord is the witness..." "The Lord is the witness..."
02:09 "Of a bond between us..." "Of a bond between us..."
02:15 "And our children..." "And our children..."
02:19 "Forever." "Forever."
02:24 Isn't that wonderful?
02:28 Let's sing a song about promises.
02:30 Let's sing...
02:32 I'm thinking of a song.
02:35 Every promise in the book is mine.
02:38 Should we sing that one?
02:39 Yeah. Okay. Ready?
02:42 Every promise in the book is mine
02:46 Every chapter, every verse, every line
02:50 All are blessings of His love divine
02:54 All the promises of the book is mine
02:59 Oh, I have another one.
03:01 I think you guys are going to like this one,
03:03 I think you're going to like this one too, boys and girls.
03:05 It's called standing on the promises.
03:08 Who knows that one?
03:10 Do you know that one?
03:11 Yes. Okay, let's sing that one.
03:14 Standing on the promises of Christ my King
03:18 Through eternal ages let His praises ring
03:23 Glory in the highest,
03:24 I will shout and sing Standing on the promises of God!
03:30 You ready, guys, ready.
03:31 Standing, standing
03:35 Standing on the promises of Christ my Savior
03:39 Standing, standing
03:43 I'm standing on the promises of God
03:48 That was fun.
03:51 I love to sing.
03:52 Do you know what?
03:54 I bet you our angels are singing with us too,
03:56 don't you think?
03:57 You think so?
03:59 Yes.
04:00 Something else I love
04:02 is I love to hear Ben play the piano.
04:04 Do you think you can play a special for us?
04:07 Okay.
04:09 Ben plays by ear, Miss Bonita.
04:12 Very nice.
04:14 Okay, Ben.
04:53 Oh! Oh, that was beautiful.
04:56 I love that.
04:58 Thank you, Ben.
05:00 Okay, who's ready for a story?
05:01 Me! Me!
05:03 Me! Oh, I am telling it.
05:07 Okay, now first, I have a question for you.
05:10 Do you have a best friend?
05:14 You do?
05:15 Must all of you do.
05:16 Tell me your best friend's name.
05:19 What's your best friend's name? What's your best friend's name?
05:23 Do you remember, Ben?
05:26 I don't remember what his name is,
05:29 but I know he is here.
05:33 Carter? Right.
05:34 Oh, you made me thinking.
05:35 Carter, what's your best friend's name?
05:37 You know why Ben said? You know what?
05:39 They just met today at Tiny Tots.
05:42 Oh.
05:43 And they're already becoming best friends.
05:45 Oh, you know, that fits right into my story
05:48 because I'm going to tell you about two boys
05:52 who met each other and just like
05:55 almost immediately became best friends.
05:58 Just like you two.
06:00 Yeah, do you remember the story
06:01 in the Bible about David,
06:03 the shepherd boy?
06:05 Well, right after he slung his swing, his sling, remember?
06:10 And he threw the rock
06:11 and he killed Goliath, the Giant.
06:14 Well, right after that, he met Jonathan.
06:17 Now Jonathan was King Saul's son.
06:20 And almost immediately after they met,
06:22 just like you two, they became best friends.
06:27 Now, they did lots of things together.
06:29 They galloped on the horses.
06:31 Right, here you can do a pretty good imitation
06:33 of galloping horses.
06:34 Yeah.
06:36 They galloped on horses together,
06:38 they shot arrows together,
06:40 they did lots of things together.
06:43 Sadly though, Jonathan, he was a soldier
06:46 and when he was in battle, he got killed.
06:49 And so after king...
06:51 After David the shepherd boy became King David,
06:55 one day he was thinking back missing Jonathan
06:58 because they loved each other so much.
07:01 So he was thinking back and after he became king,
07:05 he thought what can I do for Jonathan's family
07:09 because see, he had made a promise to Jonathan.
07:13 He said, "We have a promise
07:15 that I will take care of your family
07:18 if anything happens to you.
07:20 I will be kind to your family."
07:23 So he was thinking one day,
07:25 how could I be kind to his family?
07:28 Now Jonathan had a son and it's a hard name.
07:32 I don't think you have any friends by this name,
07:34 Mephibosheth.
07:36 Can you guys say that?
07:37 Can you say Mephibosheth? Mephibosheth.
07:39 Very good, Carter.
07:40 Yeah, takes a little practice. Can you say it, Cadence?
07:44 Very good.
07:46 Well, Mephibosheth, he actually, he was crippled,
07:51 he couldn't walk.
07:52 He was hurt when he was a little boy.
07:55 And so Ziba which was his servant,
07:58 as he was growing up in his family's house,
08:02 King David called Ziba and said Ziba,
08:04 I want you to go and see
08:06 if you can find any of Jonathan's family
08:09 because see Mephibosheth,
08:11 see I can't even say it.
08:13 Help her out. Mephibosheth.
08:16 Mephibosheth went into hiding
08:19 because he thought King David might hurt him
08:22 because he was related to King Saul
08:26 who was not very kind to David.
08:29 So anyway, they found Mephibosheth
08:32 and they brought him to King David.
08:35 Now Mephibosheth was very nervous.
08:37 He was like,
08:38 "What does the king want to do with me?
08:40 Is he going to hurt me?"
08:42 Would you think he was scared
08:43 that the king was going to hurt him?
08:45 He was. Yes.
08:46 But he came and he's like, "Okay," you know,
08:49 he bowed down to the king like he was supposed to
08:50 and King David said, "Don't worry.
08:53 Your father and I were best friends."
08:56 Do you know what BFF stands for?
08:58 Best Friends Forever?
09:00 Yes.
09:01 Your father and I were BFFs
09:03 and we promised to be kind to each other's family.
09:07 So I'm going to be kind to you.
09:09 I want to give you back land that your family had.
09:13 I want you to come,
09:14 sit at my table and eat with me.
09:18 Now, Mephibosheth, that was pretty cool.
09:21 He had not been at the king's table
09:22 for a long time.
09:24 So he came and ate with him and Mephibosheth
09:27 and King David became good friends.
09:30 How do you think that made Mephibosheth feel?
09:34 Good?
09:36 Yes! He was very happy.
09:37 Do you think he was very happy?
09:38 He was very happy.
09:40 But see, this is an example of King David,
09:43 made a promise to his friend and he kept it, no matter what.
09:49 And, you know, God is like that
09:51 and that God gives us promises and He keeps them.
09:56 Do you remember a story in the Bible
09:58 where there was a rainbow?
10:00 Noah in the Ark.
10:02 Noah in the Ark, exactly.
10:03 God promised He would never send rain on the earth again
10:07 that would wipe out everyone.
10:09 That was a promise that He still keeps.
10:11 And He also promises that
10:14 Jesus will come back to take us home.
10:16 Now, that's a promise we have to look forward to.
10:19 Yes.
10:20 But you know, He's also a God of promise,
10:22 but He wants us to keep our promises
10:25 to other people too,
10:27 because that shows that we are like God
10:30 when we keep our promises.
10:31 Do you think you can keep your promises?
10:34 When you promise your mom, or dad,
10:35 or your best friend, or your brother,
10:38 your sister something, can we say,
10:40 we're going to be like God
10:42 and we're going to keep our promises?
10:44 Can we do that?
10:45 Yup.
10:46 Well, and maybe when you go home too
10:48 for worship,
10:49 when your family worship,
10:51 when people in your family gets together,
10:52 you can all talk about the promises
10:55 that God has for us.
10:57 Maybe you can even sing the song we sang today.
10:59 What do you think, standing on the promises?
11:02 Think you can do that?
11:03 Yeah. Okay.
11:05 Should we sing it again?
11:06 I think that's a great idea.
11:08 Okay.
11:09 Let's sing that again because I like that song too.
11:12 Okay.
11:13 Standing on the promises of Christ my King
11:17 Through eternal ages
11:19 let His praises ring Glory in the highest,
11:23 I will shout and sing
11:25 Standing on the promises of God!
11:28 Get ready. We go.
11:29 Standing, standing
11:34 Standing on the promises
11:35 Of Christ my Savior
11:38 Standing, standing
11:42 I'm standing on the promises of God
11:47 Children, I think we have one more song we can sing.
11:51 I think we have time for it.
11:52 Ben, why don't you play Rejoice?
11:54 I heard all you kids singing Rejoice.
11:57 Why don't you go there and sing Rejoice for me?
12:00 You too, Carter.
12:02 Okay.
12:13 Rejoice in the Lord always
12:16 And again, I say rejoice
12:19 Rejoice in the Lord always
12:22 And again, I say rejoice
12:25 Rejoice, rejoice
12:28 And again I say rejoice
12:31 Rejoice, rejoice
12:34 And again, I say rejoice Oh!
12:38 Thank you Wonderful, that was beautiful.
12:41 Oh, and thank you, Miss Bonita.
12:43 You know, let's sing our prayer song now,
12:45 boys and girls, and, Carter,
12:47 will you have our prayer for us?
12:49 Come here.
12:50 I will bend my knees
12:53 I will fold my hands
12:57 I will bow my head
13:00 I will close my eyes
13:03 And very, very quiet be
13:07 While the prayer is said
13:10 Dear Jesus, we thank You that we had a good worship
13:15 and we thank You that You keep Your promises
13:17 when we keep our promises that we make.
13:19 We love you, amen.
13:21 Amen. Amen.
13:23 That's right, boys and girls.
13:24 Remember to always keep your promises
13:26 just like Jesus keeps His promises to us.
13:31 Mr. Rooster.
13:33 That's all the time we have for now,
13:35 boys and girls.
13:36 So till next time, remember, Jesus loves you.
13:40 Bye-bye.
13:49 Worship bells are sweet
13:51 Calling us to meet
13:53 With our best friend Jesus
13:57 Come and worship here Jesus will be near
14:01 Smiling when He sees us
14:09 Worship bells are sweet
14:11 Calling us to meet
14:13 With our best friend Jesus
14:17 Come and worship here Jesus will be near
14:21 Smiling when He sees us


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