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00:08 Worship bells are sweet
00:10 Calling us to meet
00:12 With our best friend Jesus
00:16 Come and worship here
00:18 Jesus will be near
00:20 Smiling when He sees us
00:28 Worship bells are sweet
00:30 Calling us to meet With our best friend Jesus
00:36 Hello and welcome to our Tiny Tot Worship.
00:39 Welcome, boys and girls.
00:42 We're so happy that you've joined us.
00:45 And do you know what?
00:46 Jesus is happy that you've joined us too.
00:49 It makes Jesus so happy
00:51 when we take time to spend with Him.
00:53 But first, let's have a prayer
00:56 and ask Jesus to join our worship.
00:58 Christiana, could you have a prayer for us?
01:01 Close your eyes
01:03 and fold your hands, boys and girls.
01:05 Dear Jesus, help us to have a good worship.
01:08 Help us to love You in us, to love You,
01:13 everybody to love You, amen.
01:16 Amen.
01:17 Thank you.
01:20 Today, we are gonna be talking about keeping our minds
01:23 on Jesus.
01:24 You know, that's really important,
01:26 boys and girls.
01:27 And our special guest is gonna help us
01:29 with some ideas
01:31 in how we can keep our minds on Jesus.
01:34 But you know, one way we can keep our mind on Jesus
01:37 is to be careful what we see,
01:40 and what we hear, and what we say.
01:44 I know a song about that.
01:47 Let's sing that song.
01:48 Boys and girls, you sign it with us.
01:50 Ready?
01:52 Oh, be careful little eyes what you see
01:57 Oh,be careful little eyes what you see
02:02 There's a Father up above
02:05 And He's looking down in love
02:08 Oh, be careful little eyes what you see
02:12 Little ears, what you hear.
02:14 Oh, be careful little ears what you hear
02:19 Oh, be careful little ears what you hear
02:25 There's a Father up above
02:27 And He's looking down in love
02:30 Oh, be careful little ears
02:33 What you hear
02:35 Okay, how about our lips?
02:37 Oh, be careful little lips what you say
02:43 Oh, be careful little lips what you say
02:48 There's a Father up above
02:50 And He's looking down in love
02:53 Oh, be careful little lips what you say
03:00 Boys and girls,
03:01 you've been working on song for me, haven't you?
03:03 Huh. All right.
03:05 Let me hear the special song.
03:06 Oh, you are gonna like this, boys and girls.
03:10 What song you are gonna sing?
03:12 Philippians 4:8.
03:13 Okay.
03:15 Oh, what should we think about?
03:18 Oh, what should we think about?
03:21 Oh, what should we think about?
03:23 Things so great, found in Philippians 4:8
03:29 Oh,I like that song, kids.
03:32 That's exactly what we are talking about.
03:35 What kind of things
03:36 we should think about to keep our minds on Jesus?
03:39 Huh.
03:41 Let's say our memory verse.
03:44 Colossians 3:2.
03:47 Colossians 3:2.
03:49 "Set your mind on things above..."
03:53 "Set your mind on things above..."
03:57 "Not on earthly things."
03:59 "Not on earthly things."
04:03 Okay, it's time for our guest.
04:05 Carter, you can open the door.
04:13 Oh, it's Mr. Rich Aguilera.
04:19 Mr. Rich hosts the Nature Time on Kids Time.
04:24 Welcome, Mr. Rich. Welcome.
04:26 Thank you. Looks like Mr. Chef Rich.
04:28 That's right.
04:30 How many of you guys have a favorite food?
04:33 Yeah, we all have a favorite food, rice, yeah.
04:36 What's yours?
04:40 Do you like your French fries? Corn on the cob.
04:43 Corn on the cob? How about you, Ben?
04:45 Corn on the cob. That's a yummy one, isn't it?
04:46 What's your favorite food?
04:48 Apple.
04:50 Apple? Oh, it's yummy.
04:52 How about Archie. Corn on the cob.
04:53 Oh, we love corn here.
04:55 Well, I am gonna make a special recipe today.
04:58 And I think you might like it.
04:59 It's an ice-cream sundae.
05:03 Ooh.
05:04 This is gonna be good.
05:06 It's gonna be...
05:07 Let me get ready. You guys stay there.
05:09 First thing you got to do is make sure
05:11 we have a nice clean working area.
05:13 So I'm gonna put a little towel here
05:15 so that we're gonna make our sundae right.
05:17 Now we can't have a sundae,
05:18 we can't just put it on a towel.
05:19 So I am gonna get us a bowl
05:23 and that's where we're gonna make our sundae.
05:25 We're in good shape.
05:26 But we can't just eat it with our hands, can we?
05:28 No. No, we need a spoon.
05:31 All right. Here we got our spoon.
05:33 Okay. I think we're all set, right?
05:35 We can start making our sundae. Okay.
05:37 What do you think is the first thing we need?
05:40 A bowl. A bowl? We got our bowl.
05:42 But what now? Milk?
05:43 We got to put some ice-cream in our bowl first.
05:46 I got some ice-cream right here.
05:49 Oh, boy, this is gonna be good. This is gonna be good.
05:52 All right.
05:53 Here I'm gonna open it up, and I'm gonna put a few scoops.
05:56 Does anybody here like ice-cream by any chance?
05:58 Me!
05:59 Okay, just want to make sure we are good.
06:01 Everybody here likes ice-cream.
06:04 Oh, yeah, I'm gonna put a big old scoop right
06:06 in there in.
06:07 There's a lot of us, so I'm gonna put a whole
06:08 another scoop in here.
06:10 Oh, yeah, that's good. That's good.
06:13 We got our bowl of ice-cream.
06:15 But an ice-cream sundae needs
06:17 more than just ice-cream, right?
06:19 Yeah.
06:20 Yeah, we need to put some toppings on there,
06:22 wouldn't you say?
06:23 Yeah. What should we put on?
06:24 How about some broccoli, may be?
06:26 Yuck. No?
06:28 How about asparagus? No?
06:30 How about spaghetti? No.
06:32 Oh, let me see what we got over here
06:34 that we can put on here.
06:35 Oh, I know what I got here.
06:38 I got some nuts.
06:39 I got some little nuts, walnuts,
06:41 so I'm gonna sprinkle some nuts on there.
06:45 Oh, yeah, that's gonna be good. This is gonna be good.
06:47 You know what I was just wondering?
06:49 Would one of you guys be willing
06:50 to taste our sundae when we are done?
06:52 Me!
06:53 Okay, okay, just wanted to make sure
06:55 we have some tasters available
06:57 because we can't make this beautiful sundae
06:59 and not have somebody taste it, right?
07:01 All right.
07:02 What else can we put on our sundae?
07:04 I'm gonna put some chips on here,
07:07 some little chips on there.
07:11 All right.
07:12 That's looking pretty good,
07:13 that's looking pretty good here.
07:15 I think we can still probably
07:17 do some more stuff to it, I think.
07:19 What else do I got over here?
07:21 Oh, I have got some little marshmallows.
07:24 Should we put the marshmallows on there?
07:26 Oh, yeah. Yes, this is gonna be good.
07:29 Do we still have some people
07:30 that are willing to taste this for us?
07:32 Me! Me!
07:33 Thank you so much.
07:34 But we're gonna wait till we are done, right?
07:36 Yeah, 'cause this is a work in progress.
07:39 This is gonna be magnificent. This is gonna be great.
07:41 So we got ice-cream, we've got some chips,
07:44 we've got some nuts, we've got some marshmallows,
07:47 this is great.
07:50 Oh, I know what else I'm gonna put on here.
07:51 I'm gonna put on some of these
07:53 colorful little candies on there.
07:55 Oh, yeah.
07:58 Just a few, just a few right there.
08:00 Oh, it's looking good, isn't it?
08:03 All right. Let's see. What else can we put on there?
08:07 Oh, I know, I know exactly what we need to put on there.
08:10 We need to put some sprinkles on there.
08:15 Here we go.
08:16 Some little sprinkles on there, just a few.
08:21 Is that looking good or what? Yeah.
08:24 Are you guys still willing to taste this for me?
08:25 Me! Me!
08:27 Okay, okay, okay. I just want to make sure.
08:29 I think we're almost done.
08:30 Oh, let me see if we got some more stuff
08:32 we can put on here
08:33 because that's looking mighty good.
08:35 Oh, I got some syrup I want to put on it.
08:38 Here we go.
08:39 Right on top there. Little bit of syrup.
08:43 Oh, yeah.
08:44 That is looking good,
08:47 looking colorful, looking yummy.
08:50 This is gonna be good, isn't it?
08:52 Yeah, let's see.
08:54 Oh, I know something else we need.
08:56 How can I forget, we need some gasoline.
08:59 No! No!
09:03 But I'm just gonna put a tiny little bit.
09:05 No! No!
09:07 Oh, don't worry. It's gonna be delicious.
09:09 No!
09:16 Just a tiny little bit. Whoo.
09:18 Kind of sticky, isn't it?
09:19 Aha, all right.
09:22 Okay. I think we're done.
09:24 Who is ready to taste? Yuck.
09:27 You want to taste it? Yuck.
09:30 Yeah, I don't think I want to taste it either.
09:32 It was pretty good, wasn't it?
09:34 But then I ruined it,
09:35 didn't I by putting gasoline on it.
09:38 You can make more.
09:39 Yeah, if we eat this,
09:40 it's gonna make us sick, isn't it?
09:42 Yeah.
09:43 Even though the majority of this sundae is pretty good,
09:47 but I put a little bit of bad stuff on there,
09:50 and now the whole thing is ruined, isn't it?
09:53 I can't eat this. It will make my tummy sick.
09:56 And you know what that reminds me of?
09:57 There's a lot of things in the world
10:00 that Satan is trying to put into our minds
10:01 and into our hearts.
10:03 There's TV shows, then there's books,
10:06 and there's music,
10:08 and there's movies, and video games.
10:11 And sometimes we think,
10:12 well, it's a pretty good book or it's a pretty good TV show,
10:18 but there is just that one little bad part.
10:20 But you know what?
10:22 Even if it's mostly good,
10:24 but there is one little bad part in there,
10:27 the whole thing gets messed up.
10:29 The whole thing is bad. We can't eat this sundae.
10:31 It's gonna make us sick.
10:33 And if we put those bad things in our minds,
10:35 those bad TV shows and those bad video games,
10:38 it's also gonna hurt us and make us sick in our head
10:41 because we're gonna be seeing things
10:42 that are not good for us, right?
10:45 We have to be very careful what we put into our minds
10:48 and into our hearts
10:49 because we have an enemy
10:51 that's trying to sneak things into us
10:53 by saying it's mostly good,
10:55 but there is that one little bad part.
10:57 And we have to be able to say, no,
11:00 I don't want to put it if there is anything bad in it,
11:03 I'm not going to put it in my mind, in my stomach,
11:05 in my heart, anywhere in my body, right?
11:09 We have to be able to say no,
11:11 I don't want to put that in my mind or in my heart,
11:14 even if it looks good, but we ruined it
11:16 with that little bit of gasoline.
11:18 We have to ask Jesus to help us to know when to say no
11:21 and not to let those bad things into our heart, right?
11:24 Yeah.
11:25 I think I'm gonna move this right over here
11:27 so that nobody accidentally eats this
11:29 and may be later on,
11:31 we can make a really good yummy sundae
11:33 that we can really eat that with all good stuff.
11:37 Thank you, Mr. Rich. You're welcome.
11:41 Boys and girls, what did you learn today?
11:44 Carter, what did you learn today?
11:51 We need to keep our eyes on Jesus.
11:54 And our minds on Jesus.
11:56 So what does that tell us?
12:00 If we put a little bad part in it,
12:04 then it's all ruined.
12:06 All things ruined, right? That's right.
12:09 So if we see something on TV,
12:12 if something comes on TV
12:14 and we know we shouldn't see it,
12:15 should we go ahead and watch it?
12:17 No. No.
12:18 Because we need,
12:20 just like our memory verse said,
12:21 set your mind, that means put your minds on things above,
12:26 that means things in heaven.
12:27 We should always be thinking of Jesus
12:30 and not on things of this earth
12:33 because we want to go to heaven
12:35 with Jesus, don't we?
12:37 That's right.
12:39 Thank you for telling us all this, Mr. Rich,
12:42 because this is important.
12:45 Let's have a prayer right now
12:46 and ask Jesus to help us keep our minds on Him.
12:50 Carter, would you have a prayer for us?
12:52 Let's sing our prayer song.
12:55 I will bend my knees
12:59 I will fold my hands
13:02 I will bow my head
13:06 I will close my eyes
13:09 And very, Very quiet be
13:14 While the prayer is said
13:18 Dear Jesus.
13:19 We thank You, we love You,
13:22 and we thank You that we have a good worship
13:26 and we want You to set our minds on You, amen.
13:32 Amen. Amen.
13:36 That's Mr. Rooster.
13:37 That's all the time we have for now.
13:40 Bye-bye.
13:49 Worship bells are sweet
13:51 Calling us to meet
13:53 With our best friend Jesus
13:57 Come and worship here
13:59 Jesus will be near
14:00 Smiling when He sees us
14:09 Worship bells are sweet
14:11 Calling us to meet
14:13 With our best friend Jesus
14:17 Come and worship here
14:19 Jesus will be near
14:21 Smiling when He sees us


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