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00:08 Worship bells are sweet calling us to meet
00:12 With our best friend Jesus come and worship here
00:18 Jesus will be near
00:20 Smiling when He sees us
00:28 Worship bells are sweet calling us to meet
00:32 With our best friend Jesus
00:35 Hello and welcome to our Tiny Tot Worship.
00:38 We're so happy that you've joined us.
00:41 And you know what,
00:42 Jesus is happy that you've joined us too.
00:45 It makes Jesus so happy
00:47 when we take time to spend with Him.
00:49 And today, boys and girls,
00:51 our special guest is Miss Sara Capeles.
00:56 Welcome, Miss Sara.
00:57 Thank you.
00:59 Thank you for having me here.
01:00 I am so happy that you guys are here,
01:02 and I'm here with you.
01:04 And we're going to be talking about Jesus, and praying,
01:08 and how God answers our prayer.
01:12 Oh, I love.
01:14 Anytime we can pray to Jesus
01:16 and we can learn about praying to Jesus.
01:19 That's special, isn't it, boys and girls?
01:21 Well, today, let's start with a prayer.
01:25 Luke, would you have a prayer for us
01:27 and ask Jesus to be with us for our worship?
01:29 Okay.
01:31 Okay, bow your heads and close your eyes,
01:32 boys and girls.
01:34 Dear Jesus, thank you that we can be here today.
01:37 And I love you, Jesus.
01:38 Amen.
01:39 Amen.
01:41 Well, we have a song about prayer,
01:43 Miss Sara. Okay.
01:44 We're going to sing I Talk to Jesus When I Pray.
01:48 Boys and girls, sing it with us, okay?
01:52 I talk to Jesus when I pray When I pray,
01:57 when I pray I talk to Jesus
02:01 when I pray And He hears me,
02:05 I know
02:07 Jesus does hear us when we pray, boys and girls.
02:11 And, Miss Sara, before we hear your story,
02:16 the boys and girls have been working
02:17 on something special for you
02:19 because they know you're a professional singer.
02:22 Oh, boy.
02:23 They want to do something special.
02:25 What are you kids going to do for us?
02:27 We're going to sing, Happy and You Know It.
02:31 Okay.
02:32 Oh, wonderful. Let me hear it.
02:33 And Mr. Ben's going to play for them.
02:35 Let me hear. All right.
02:36 Oh, you're going to love this, Miss Sara.
02:42 I think it's right there.
02:49 When you're happy and you know it
02:51 Clap your hands
02:53 When you're happy and you know it
02:55 Clap your hands
02:57 If you're happy and you know it
02:59 Then your face will surely show it
03:00 If you're happy and you know it
03:02 Clap your hands
03:04 If you're happy and you know it,
03:06 say amen Amen!
03:08 If you're happy and you know it,
03:10 say amen Amen!
03:12 If you're happy and you know it
03:14 Then your face will surely show it
03:16 If you're happy and you know it,
03:18 say amen Amen!
03:21 Beautiful.
03:23 That was a beautiful surprise.
03:26 You kids did awesome.
03:28 Well, right before the story,
03:30 let's say our memory verse 'cause it's very important
03:34 to memorize the scriptures, isn't it?
03:37 So I'll say it first,
03:39 and then you all say it with me, okay?
03:41 Psalm 91:15.
03:45 Psalm 91:15.
03:48 "He shall call upon Me..."
03:50 "He shall call upon Me..."
03:53 "And I will answer him."
03:55 "And I will answer him."
03:58 "I will be with him in trouble..."
04:01 "I will be with him in trouble..."
04:04 "I will deliver him..."
04:06 "I will deliver him..."
04:08 "And honor him."
04:10 "And honor him."
04:13 Okay, who's ready for a story?
04:15 Me!
04:17 Okay. All right, all right.
04:19 Now how many of you
04:21 have ever washed your own clothes
04:24 in the washing machine?
04:26 You have?
04:28 Oh, my goodness.
04:29 You too?
04:31 What about you guys?
04:32 No.
04:33 Oh, it's good.
04:35 You're going to be learning how to do that.
04:36 Well, there was a little girl, her name was Sally.
04:40 And Sally was about eight years of age,
04:43 and her mom wanted to teach her how to do her own laundry.
04:48 So her mom told her to go to a laundromat
04:51 which was maybe right across the street from the house.
04:56 And you know what a washer is and a dryer, right?
04:58 Mm-hm.
05:00 Well, okay.
05:01 The Mommy gave Sally three...
05:04 four coins, rather say it.
05:06 Four, two for the washer and two for the dryer.
05:10 And then she gave Sally
05:12 another special coin to buy candy
05:18 because Sally, as everybody...
05:20 Who loves candy here?
05:22 Me!
05:23 I love candy.
05:24 I love to eat candy, right?
05:26 So Sally wanted to eat candy
05:28 while the clothes were washing.
05:33 What happened was before she left,
05:36 her mommy told her,
05:37 "Make sure that the washing machine
05:39 doesn't have an out of order sign."
05:43 What did the Mom tell her?
05:45 "An out of order sign." "An out of order sign."
05:49 Because then she was going to lose her money,
05:52 and the clothes was not going to get cleaned.
05:54 So then Sally said, "Okay, Mommy, no problem."
05:58 So Sally ran out of the house, got into the laundromat,
06:03 put the first clothes in, and put the coins in.
06:06 And while she thought
06:08 that the machine was washing the clothes,
06:11 she went to the store to buy what?
06:14 Candy.
06:15 Candy, of course.
06:18 So she was sitting,
06:19 waiting for her clothes to get cleaned.
06:23 And then when it was time,
06:24 she went in into the laundromat,
06:26 opened the door of the washing machine,
06:29 and when she was going to get the clothes out,
06:32 it was still dry.
06:36 And she looks up and what does she see?
06:40 A sign that says what?
06:41 Out of order.
06:43 Oh, wow.
06:45 And she was so sad because,
06:47 "My mommy told me to make sure
06:49 that the washing machine
06:51 doesn't have an out of order sign."
06:53 And what happened? She didn't look.
06:56 So she went outside, she was almost crying,
06:58 she was very sad,
07:00 but she was a very Christian girl.
07:03 And she went to church,
07:04 and she learned that when you pray to God,
07:07 God can answer prayers.
07:10 So she...
07:11 You know, it was an honest mistake.
07:14 But she prays and says,
07:16 "You know, God,
07:17 I know my mommy told me to look,
07:20 and I didn't look, and I am so sorry.
07:24 And I don't know what to do now
07:25 because my clothes didn't wash."
07:29 But when she opened her eyes and she looked down,
07:32 there were a few coins on the floor.
07:36 And she was surprised because she was there
07:39 before eating her candy,
07:40 and there were no coins on the floor.
07:42 There was no money.
07:44 And she says, "Maybe,
07:46 God put those coins in there for me to go
07:49 and do the laundry again."
07:52 She looked around, there was nobody around.
07:55 She took the coins,
07:57 she went and looked for a washer,
07:59 that was a good washer, that didn't have an what?
08:03 Out of order sign.
08:05 Exactly.
08:07 So she finished doing her laundry,
08:09 she had extra money to go buy more...
08:12 Candy.
08:14 Candy.
08:15 She loved that part.
08:17 So when she got home,
08:18 she told her mom what had happened,
08:21 and her mom was happy because you know what,
08:23 her mom had taught her how to pray
08:26 and that God is a God that is good in all situations.
08:32 And God answered Sally's prayer.
08:35 How many of you have had a situation
08:39 when you have prayed to God
08:41 and He had answered one of your prayers?
08:43 I prayed.
08:45 You? You pray?
08:46 Wonderful.
08:47 And you too, right? How do you feel?
08:49 You feel good, right?
08:50 Yeah.
08:52 Because God answered your prayer.
08:55 Yeah, but well, my dad
08:59 was in the outside and was not there yet.
09:03 Oh, I see.
09:05 Wonderful.
09:06 So next time, you are in a situation
09:10 that you think that you might not have a solution to it,
09:15 always pray 'cause God always hears.
09:20 Okay? Wonderful.
09:21 Oh, what do we say to Miss Sara?
09:24 Thank you.
09:25 You're welcome.
09:27 And what did you, boys and girls, learn today?
09:30 To always obey your mother.
09:34 Well, that's true too to always obey.
09:36 That's true.
09:38 But that we can always talk to Jesus,
09:41 can't we? Yeah.
09:42 Boys and girls,
09:44 we can always go to Jesus and pray.
09:46 Isn't that right?
09:47 Yeah.
09:48 Well, we have one more surprise for you, Miss Sara.
09:52 Wonderful.
09:53 Nicole is learning how to play the violin,
09:56 and she is going to play a song for us.
09:58 Aren't you, Nicole? Beautiful.
09:59 What song are you going to play?
10:01 It's So Sweet To Trust In Jesus.
10:03 Oh, that's a good song. Excellent.
10:05 Okay, you can play the song now.
10:08 And you know what is,
10:09 it is sweet that we can trust in Jesus,
10:11 isn't it, boys and girls?
10:13 Yes. Mm-hm.
10:15 Okay, Nicole.
11:00 Oh, thank you, Nicole. Beautiful.
11:02 Thank you. That's beautiful.
11:04 Absolutely.
11:06 I love that song,
11:08 and I love the words and what it says.
11:11 Mm-hm.
11:12 Well, boys and girls,
11:15 can you think of a time
11:17 that you prayed to Jesus,
11:21 and Jesus answered your prayers?
11:24 Maybe you lost a toy or you lost...
11:28 You got lost.
11:31 Can you think of a time?
11:32 Yes, in the grocery store and I prayed.
11:35 You did?
11:36 That's awesome.
11:37 I got lost in a storage, and people found me.
11:40 They did.
11:42 Wow!
11:43 And you know, it doesn't matter where we are,
11:45 you can just say a quick prayer to Jesus, can't you?
11:48 And Jesus hears our prayers and He helps us, huh?
11:52 When we remember that,
11:54 and even when you're small like you, Sophia,
11:57 you can pray to Jesus, can't you?
11:59 Yes. Yeah.
12:00 And Jesus hears us, doesn't He?
12:04 Because you know why? Jesus loves us, doesn't He?
12:09 Let's sing Jesus Loves Me together, okay?
12:12 Okay. Okay.
12:14 Jesus loves me, this I know
12:18 For the Bible tells me so
12:23 Little ones to Him belong
12:27 They are weak, but He is strong.
12:32 Yes, Jesus loves me
12:36 Yes, Jesus loves me
12:41 Yes, Jesus loves me
12:45 The Bible tells me so
12:50 I just paused it.
12:51 Yes, you did. Yeah.
12:53 Let's sing our prayer song, and let's pray.
12:57 I will bend my knees
13:00 I will fold my hands
13:04 I will bow my head
13:06 I will close my eyes
13:09 And very, very quiet be
13:13 While the prayer is said
13:16 Jasmine, could you have our prayer today?
13:18 Mm-hm.
13:19 Dear Jesus, thank you for this day,
13:22 and thank you for being here
13:23 and worshiping with us.
13:25 I love you, Jesus.
13:26 Amen.
13:28 Amen.
13:30 That's Mr. Rooster.
13:32 He says that's all the time we have for now.
13:34 Thank you for joining us, boys and girls.
13:37 And always remember, Jesus loves you.
13:42 Bye.
13:49 Worship bells are sweet calling us to meet
13:53 With our best friend Jesus come and worship here
13:59 Jesus will be near
14:01 Smiling when He sees us
14:09 Worship bells are sweet calling us to meet
14:13 With our best friend Jesus
14:17 Come and worship here
14:19 Jesus will be near
14:21 Smiling when He sees us


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