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00:08 Worship bells are sweet calling us to meet
00:12 With our best friend Jesus come and worship here
00:18 Jesus will be near
00:20 Smiling when He sees us
00:28 Worship bells are sweet calling us to meet
00:32 With our best friend Jesus
00:36 Hello and welcome to our Tiny Tot Worship.
00:39 We're so happy that you've joined us.
00:42 And you know what?
00:43 Jesus is happy that you've joined us, too.
00:45 It makes Jesus so happy
00:48 when we take the time to spend with Him.
00:51 Well, today, boys and girls, we have a special program.
00:56 We're going to be talking about "Being Sorry."
00:59 And we also have a special guest,
01:02 Pastor CA Murray.
01:04 Welcome, Pastor CA. You're welcome.
01:06 Thank you very, very much, Miss Cinda.
01:08 It is so nice to be with you and all of the Tiny Tot's kids.
01:12 And we know you're going to tell us a story
01:14 about being sorry.
01:16 Yes, it's a story about being really sorry
01:18 when we say we're sorry.
01:20 Oh, that's interesting.
01:24 Isn't it, boys and girls? Yeah!
01:27 Well, first, let's start with prayer.
01:31 Ben, would you have a prayer and ask Jesus to be with us?
01:33 Sure.
01:35 Okay, boys and girls, bow your head
01:36 and fold your hands and close your eyes.
01:40 Dear Jesus, please be with us.
01:43 Thank you that we all got to come here.
01:48 Amen. Amen.
01:52 Well, we have a song that we'd like to sing.
01:54 And, boys and girls, if you don't know the words,
01:57 listen to them and you can sing them with us.
02:01 It's about being sorry, isn't it?
02:03 Okay.
02:04 I'm sorry today, I'm sorry today
02:09 I was not kind and that isn't God's way
02:14 Please forgive, dear Jesus
02:19 Let's sing that one more time.
02:21 I'm sorry today, I'm sorry today
02:27 I was not kind and that isn't God's way
02:31 Please forgive, dear Jesus
02:38 We also have a memory verse 'cause you know what?
02:41 It's really important to learn scripture
02:44 and to memorize them.
02:46 So let's...
02:47 I'll say the verse, I'll say it first,
02:48 and then you boys and girls repeat after me, okay?
02:51 2 Corinthians 7:10.
02:54 2 Corinthians 7:10.
02:58 "For godly sorrow..."
03:00 "For godly sorrow..."
03:02 "Produces repentance..."
03:05 "Produces repentance..."
03:07 "Leading to salvation."
03:10 "Leading to salvation."
03:13 Now that's a lot of big words, isn't it?
03:16 Mm-hmm.
03:17 Well, I think Pastor CA's story will help explain
03:21 some of those big words to us.
03:23 But first, Pastor CA, we have a surprise for you.
03:28 Ben has been working on a song on the piano for you.
03:32 Haven't you, Ben? Yup.
03:33 What song are you gonna play?
03:35 "Power in the Blood." Okay, let's hear it.
03:40 Ben plays by ear, Pastor CA.
04:25 Oh, very good. Amen.
04:28 Thank you. Okay, who's ready for a story?
04:33 Me! Me!
04:34 They're ready, Pastor CA. All right.
04:37 Let me ask you a question.
04:38 How many have ever done something
04:40 that you were sorry for?
04:43 That you were sorry for? Did you say you were sorry?
04:46 Mm-hmm. You did?
04:48 Mm-hmm. Did you really mean it?
04:51 Did you?
04:56 I'm going to read that same memory text
04:58 from a different translation of the Bible.
05:00 This is written...
05:02 Our Bible is written by a very good friend of ours,
05:03 his name is Jack Blanco.
05:05 He did our whole Bible,
05:06 he wrote and translated a whole version of the Bible
05:09 that's called The Clear Word.
05:11 And sometimes, it makes things
05:12 just a little easier to understand.
05:15 He says, "When people are genuinely sorry..."
05:18 Genuinely sorry means really sorry in your heart.
05:21 "When they're genuinely sorry for what they've done,
05:24 it generates repentance that leads to salvation."
05:30 So our story today is about a little boy,
05:33 he wasn't that little.
05:34 He was about maybe 10 years old.
05:37 And sometimes, he would do things.
05:41 And one time, he borrowed his brother's toy soldier
05:45 and he broke the leg off of it.
05:47 And when his...
05:48 That was mean. That was very mean, wasn't it?
05:50 And when his mother asked him about it,
05:51 you know what he said?
05:53 He said, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry."
05:56 And then, another time, he left the fence open,
06:00 and the dog ran away.
06:04 And someone asked, "Who left the fence open?"
06:07 And he said, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry."
06:10 And then one time, he went to school,
06:12 and he broke the point off of someone's pencil.
06:16 And when the teacher said,
06:17 "Who broke the point of the pencil?"
06:19 Guess what he said?
06:20 "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry."
06:22 He said, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry."
06:23 That's right. He said that a lot.
06:26 Well, one time,
06:28 he left his bicycle in the driveway,
06:32 and didn't put it away when he was finished.
06:34 And when dad came home from work,
06:37 guess what happened?
06:39 He ran over it. He ran over it.
06:42 He had ran over with the car.
06:44 And when he got out of the car, the bicycle was all bent,
06:48 and he said,
06:49 "Who left their bicycle in the driveway?"
06:52 And guess what he said.
06:53 "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry."
06:54 Right.
06:56 He said, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry."
06:57 He said it all the time,
06:58 but I don't know if he really meant it.
07:01 I think he was just trying to get out of punishment.
07:04 You know, sometimes,
07:05 we can be sorry that we're caught,
07:08 and not sorry for what we did.
07:10 And so the Bible says,
07:12 genuine sorrow is not being sorry
07:16 for the punishment,
07:18 it's being sorry for what you do
07:21 because when you are sorry for what you do,
07:24 it comes from the heart.
07:27 And so one day, the family was going on a vacation.
07:31 Have you been on a vacation? Mm-hmm.
07:33 You go away, and you get to be in a hotel
07:36 or sometimes, you go camping.
07:38 Mm-hmm.
07:39 And it's different, and you get to cook food,
07:41 and do all kinds of things.
07:43 Okay, so when you're going on a vacation,
07:44 you have to pack stuff, right?
07:46 You have to pack things.
07:47 So while they were packing, the mother said,
07:50 "You have to change the water in the fish bowl
07:53 because we're going to be gone for a long time
07:56 and they need fresh water."
07:58 But he was so excited about packing his toys
08:00 and getting ready,
08:01 he didn't change the water in the fish bowl,
08:03 and he didn't leave any food for the fish.
08:05 So when they got home after many days,
08:08 the fish had died.
08:11 And this time,
08:13 mother didn't have to ask anything
08:15 because he was really, really sorry
08:17 because he knew that his mistake
08:20 had made that fish die, so he was very, very sorry.
08:24 So he determined in his heart that from now on,
08:28 he would try to do better, and he wouldn't just say,
08:31 "I'm sorry."
08:32 He would really be sorry in his heart.
08:35 And the Bible says, when you're sorry like that,
08:38 then Jesus can help you to be better,
08:40 He can forgive you because He will change you.
08:43 And that's what that big word repentance means.
08:46 It means sorry enough to change.
08:49 All right?
08:51 So when we do something wrong,
08:53 we wound two people.
08:56 The person that we did it to, and who else?
09:01 God. Jesus.
09:02 Jesus, that's right. That's right.
09:04 Because we also hurt Jesus 'cause He loves us so much,
09:06 He doesn't want to see us do bad things.
09:08 So we have to be sorry twice.
09:10 Once, the person that we did
09:12 the mistake to and second, Jesus.
09:15 So we have to be sorry enough to tell the person,
09:17 "I'm sorry."
09:19 Then we have to pray and tell Jesus, "I'm sorry."
09:22 And when we do that, the Bible says,
09:24 it brings us closer to Jesus.
09:26 And coming closer to Jesus,
09:27 that's what salvation is all about.
09:29 All right?
09:31 So remember that when we make a mistake, say I'm sorry,
09:33 but not just say it with our mouth,
09:35 mean it in our heart.
09:37 Okay? Oh, that was a good story.
09:40 Thank you, Pastor CA. You're welcome.
09:44 Well, boys and girls, we have one more surprise.
09:47 Oh, you're going to love this.
09:50 Luke and Jasmine have a song for us.
09:53 You know, Luke and Jasmine are twins, Pastor CA.
09:56 Mm-hmm.
09:57 And they're learning the violin together.
09:59 Isn't that special, boys and girls?
10:02 Oh, I love to hear them play, too.
12:13 Oh, thank you, Luke and Jasmine.
12:17 That was beautiful. Oh, I love music.
12:23 And you know what?
12:24 Jesus loves music, doesn't He? Yes, He does.
12:29 You know, boys and girls, let's sing our prayer song
12:32 and thank Jesus for being with us
12:35 through this worship.
12:37 I will bend my knees I will fold my hands
12:45 I will bow my head
12:49 I will close my eyes
12:52 And very, very quiet be
12:57 While the prayer is said
13:03 Dear Jesus, thank you that we can be here.
13:07 Please forgive us from our sins and give me more mind.
13:11 Amen.
13:13 And you know what, boys and girls?
13:16 When we ask Jesus to forgive us,
13:19 He does forgive us, doesn't He?
13:21 Yeah. Mm-hmm.
13:22 And that's what's so special about it.
13:24 And we can also ask Jesus to help us
13:27 to not do the bad things again, can't we?
13:30 Uh-huh. Mm-hmm.
13:31 And, boys and girls,
13:33 that's all the time we have for now.
13:35 Thank you for joining us.
13:37 And until next time, remember, Jesus loves you.
13:49 Worship bells are sweet calling us to meet
13:53 With our best friend Jesus
13:57 Come and worship here Jesus will be near
14:00 Smiling when He sees us
14:09 Worship bells are sweet calling us to meet
14:13 With our best friend Jesus
14:17 Come and worship here Jesus will be near
14:20 Smiling when He sees us


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