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Jesus Is Our Strength

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00:08 Worship bells are sweet
00:10 Calling us to meet
00:12 With our best friend Jesus
00:16 Come and worship here
00:18 Jesus will be near
00:20 Smiling when he sees us
00:28 Worship bells are sweet
00:30 Calling us to meet
00:32 With our best friend Jesus
00:36 Hello and welcome to our Tiny Tot Worship.
00:39 What's up, boys and girls?
00:41 We're so happy that you've joined us.
00:44 And you know what?
00:45 Jesus is happy that you've joined us, too.
00:48 Do you know, it makes Jesus really happy
00:51 when we take the time to spend with Him?
00:54 We have a wonderful worship planned for you today
00:58 because we're talking about "Jesus Is Our Strength."
01:03 But first, let's have a prayer
01:05 and invite Jesus into our worship.
01:08 Carter, could you have a prayer for us?
01:10 Close your eyes and fold your hands.
01:13 Jesus, we want You to come to our worship today.
01:17 We love you. Amen.
01:19 Amen.
01:22 Well, since we're talking about
01:23 "Jesus Is Our Strength,"
01:25 I thought, let's sing a couple songs about that.
01:28 Let's start with, "He's Able." Sing with us, boys and girls.
01:34 He's able, He's able
01:38 I know He's able
01:41 I know my Lord is able to carry me through
01:46 Let's do it again.
01:47 He's able, He's able
01:51 I know He's able
01:54 I know my Lord is able to carry me through
02:01 He healed the brokenhearted
02:04 And He set the captives free
02:07 He made the lame to walk again
02:11 And caused the blind to see
02:13 Because He's able, He's able
02:17 I know He's able
02:21 I know my Lord is able to carry me through
02:28 And you know what?
02:29 I know God is able
02:31 because we serve a great, big God.
02:35 Let's sing, "My God is so great."
02:38 You ready? Yeah.
02:39 Okay, stand up, and let's do the motions for that one.
02:42 You guys can stand up. Okay, you ready?
02:45 Do it with us, boys and girls.
02:47 My God is so great, so strong and so mighty
02:52 There's nothing my God cannot do, for you!
02:56 My God is so great, so strong and so mighty
03:01 There's nothing my God cannot do, for you!
03:06 The mountains are His, the rivers are His
03:10 The stars are His handiwork, too!
03:15 My God is so great, so strong and so mighty
03:20 There's nothing my God cannot do, for you!
03:26 I like that a lot.
03:28 You like that one? I do, too.
03:32 Well, who can tell me what our memory verse is today?
03:36 Our memory verse is Philippians 4:13.
03:41 You know what?
03:42 This is probably...
03:44 Well, I have a lot of favorite verses,
03:46 but this is definitely one of my favorite verses,
03:50 so say it with me.
03:51 Philippians 4:13
03:54 Philippians 4:13
03:58 "I can do all things..."
04:00 "I can do all things..."
04:02 "Through Christ, which strengtheneth me."
04:06 "Through Christ, which strengtheneth me."
04:09 Yes.
04:10 Christina, you want to open the door?
04:13 Okay, let's see. Who is it?
04:18 Oh, pull hard.
04:21 Hello.
04:23 It's Mr. Rich Aguilera.
04:26 Mr. Rich is the host for Nature Time on Kids' Time.
04:31 Welcome, Mr. Rich. Welcome.
04:33 Thank you.
04:34 How are you, guys, doing today?
04:35 Good.
04:37 Are you, guys, having a nice worship?
04:38 Uh-huh. That's awesome.
04:39 That's very important to do every single day.
04:42 I got something here I brought,
04:43 I want to show you guys, I'm going to give you one.
04:45 See these little wooden sticks,
04:47 so here's one for you, and one for Miss Cinda.
04:50 Thank you. Thank you.
04:53 All right. Thank you.
04:54 Mm-hmm.
04:56 Now they are just little wooden sticks,
04:58 but do you guys think I'm strong enough to break it?
05:01 Yeah. 'Cause I'm a pretty big guy.
05:03 I'm going to give it a try here, let's see.
05:06 Yup, I broke it. I'm strong enough to break it.
05:09 Do you guys think
05:10 you guys are strong enough to break yours?
05:11 Yeah. All right, let's see.
05:15 Yup. I broke mine.
05:17 Everybody broke theirs. Good job, guys.
05:20 You guys are strong.
05:22 Man, you guys broke all those sticks.
05:25 You guys know what?
05:27 Sometimes, we feel kind of broken in our life, right?
05:30 We feel sad or we feel lonely
05:33 or maybe somebody said mean words to us
05:37 and that's made us feel kind of broken,
05:39 and that's not the way that Jesus want it to be,
05:41 He wants us to be strong.
05:43 And our memory verse today
05:44 talks about how He can give us strength,
05:47 but we have to be tight with God.
05:50 That's the most important part. So you know what?
05:53 We can do this little illustration
05:55 a different way.
05:56 So here's us right here, there's six of us here
05:58 so I'm going to grab our six little sticks,
06:02 and let's say, we're going to add God to our lives
06:05 so He can makes us strong.
06:06 So we're going to add a few more sticks,
06:08 and now we're all together.
06:09 Oh, that's wonderful.
06:11 And sometimes our friends can also join us
06:13 and our families can also join us,
06:16 and there's different people that God has put in our world,
06:19 and all together, most important is God.
06:21 If we are tight with God, we could become a lot stronger.
06:25 But you know what God uses to keep us united,
06:28 to keep us all together?
06:30 He uses love.
06:33 So let's pretend that this rubber band is love,
06:36 so I'm going to tie this rubber band
06:38 right around our pile of sticks like that.
06:42 I'm going to put another one on the other side here.
06:46 'Cause we need lots of love.
06:47 That's right, we need lots of love.
06:49 Yeah. All right, there we go.
06:52 Now, this is a little different now.
06:56 Ben, do you think you could break this stick now?
06:59 Why don't you give it a try?
07:04 That's pretty tough. Why don't you pass it down?
07:05 Maybe one of the...
07:07 Here, Josh.
07:08 See if you can bend? Okay, bring all our muscles.
07:13 Oh, let's see if Carter can do it.
07:15 No.
07:18 Oh, let's see if Christiana can do it.
07:24 Wow, that's tough.
07:25 Let me see if I can do it, maybe I'm pretty strong.
07:28 No, you can't.
07:32 I can't do it either. Let me try it.
07:37 Oh, man, it's super strong.
07:39 It's amazing what happens
07:40 when we are close and tight with God, right?
07:44 And we're bound with love altogether,
07:47 we can be super strong.
07:48 That's very important 'cause that's the way
07:50 God wants it to be,
07:51 to be tight with Him, and He'll give us a strength
07:54 to get through all those tough times,
07:56 when we're sad, when we're lonely,
07:59 or when we're feeling broken.
08:01 Yeah.
08:02 Let me show it to you another different way.
08:04 Right here in my bag, I have a big old piece of rock.
08:08 Oh, this thing is heavy.
08:10 Oh, yeah, that's a heavy piece of rock,
08:12 and then I also have this little simple piece of paper.
08:16 Now do you think if I stand this paper up
08:20 all by itself like that
08:21 and I put the rock on top of it,
08:23 do you think the paper will be able to hold up the rock?
08:27 No. No way, it's just too weak.
08:29 All by itself like that, it's just too soft and weak.
08:35 What can we do to it? Well, you know what?
08:38 Pick it up and then stick it.
08:40 Well, here's another idea that we can do.
08:43 The Bible tells us
08:44 that God is really three people,
08:47 Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and God.
08:50 So here's what I'm going to do,
08:52 I'm going to fold it three times.
08:54 One, two, three.
09:00 All right?
09:01 So now it's us, the weak piece of paper,
09:05 but we also have God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit,
09:09 and now I'm going to tape it together.
09:12 This time, the tape is like our love, it's like love,
09:15 making us strong here, holding it together.
09:18 All right.
09:20 And now look at what we're going to do.
09:21 I'm going to put this like that,
09:24 and I'm going to put the rock on top.
09:26 Do you think it can hold up the rock now?
09:28 Yeah.
09:30 Let's take a look. Let's take a look.
09:34 It can. It can.
09:36 It was just a simple piece of paper,
09:38 but because we added Jesus, and God, and the Holy Spirit
09:41 to help us get through those hard times,
09:43 look how strong we can be,
09:45 and that's the plan that God gave us in the Bible
09:48 to help us get through those hard times in life.
09:50 And each one of us has a hard time
09:52 in life sometimes, right?
09:54 Maybe our life at home could be difficult sometimes,
09:58 or maybe sometimes our friends could be mean
10:00 and treat us bad,
10:01 or maybe something happens at school,
10:04 there's many different things
10:05 'cause life is sinful, unfortunately,
10:08 but I'm so glad that God has a plan
10:10 to take us to heaven
10:12 where there's not going to be any sin,
10:13 no sin whatsoever.
10:15 But in the meantime, while we're here on earth,
10:18 God has given us a plan to make us strong.
10:21 How many of you guys
10:23 want to ask Jesus into your life
10:25 to help you to be strong,
10:27 to get through all those times that may be difficult?
10:28 I do. I do.
10:31 I do, too. I do, too.
10:32 Remember, all along, it's going to be really tough,
10:35 but if we can stick with God and stay close to God,
10:38 He can make us strong.
10:41 Can you guys do that? God can make us strong.
10:44 We don't have to be all by ourselves, right?
10:46 We can be with God, and He'll make us strong.
10:49 And you know what, boys and girls?
10:52 How do we become closer to Jesus?
10:57 How do you think you can become closer to Jesus?
11:01 You can ask Him into your life.
11:03 Very good. And you can pray.
11:06 And you could pray. Very good. How else?
11:09 And you could worship Him. Very good.
11:15 Just like we're doing now, huh? How else?
11:17 You can study your Bible.
11:20 We can sing. We can sing through, right?
11:22 And we can sing. Yeah.
11:23 That's a very good, you know...
11:26 Jesus loves music. Do you know that?
11:30 Jesus gave us music,
11:32 and that's a way we can praise Jesus,
11:34 and that's another thing we can do is to remember.
11:38 You know, so often, that we ask Jesus for things,
11:42 but we forget to just talk to Him like He's our friend
11:46 and to thank Him for all the many thing
11:49 that's He's done to us.
11:51 Can you think of all the things Jesus has done for you?
11:54 Yeah.
11:55 Yes, and then we can thank Him, can't we?
11:57 Well, thank you, Mr. Rich, for a wonderful demonstration
12:03 and to teach us that Jesus is our strength.
12:06 That's right.
12:07 Let's sing our prayer song right now.
12:09 And, Christina, could you have our prayer for us?
12:12 Yes.
12:14 I will bend my knees
12:18 I will fold my hands
12:22 I will bow my head
12:25 I will close my eyes
12:29 And very, very quiet be
12:34 While the prayer is said
12:40 Dear Jesus, that was good worship.
12:43 We love You. Amen. Amen.
12:47 Remember, boys and girls, that Jesus is our strength,
12:51 and all we have to do
12:53 is to invite Him into our lives every day.
12:57 Mr. Rooster.
12:58 Mr. Rooster says that's all the time
13:00 we have for now, boys and girls.
13:03 Bye-bye.
13:14 Worship bells are sweet
13:16 Calling us to meet
13:18 With our best friend Jesus
13:22 Come and worship here
13:24 Jesus will be near
13:26 Smiling when he sees us
13:34 Worship bells are sweet
13:36 Calling us to meet
13:38 With our best friend Jesus
13:42 Come and worship here
13:44 Jesus will be near
13:46 Smiling when he sees us


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