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Jesus Wants Me to Be Thankful

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00:08 Worship bells are sweet Calling us to meet
00:12 With our best friend Jesus
00:16 Come and worship here Jesus will be near
00:20 Smiling when he sees us
00:28 Worship bells are sweet Calling us to meet
00:32 With our best friend Jesus
00:35 Hello and welcome to our Tiny Tot Worship.
00:39 We're so glad that you've joined us.
00:41 And you know what?
00:42 Jesus is glad that you've joined us, too.
00:44 It makes Jesus happy
00:46 when we come together and worship Him.
00:48 And someone else who's joined us today
00:51 is Miss Irene Becerra.
00:56 Good. You're doing just fine with my last name.
01:00 You know what, boys and girls?
01:02 Miss Irene is here all the way from Chile.
01:06 Do you know where Chile is?
01:08 Do you girls and boys know where Chile is?
01:11 It's a long ways from here, isn't it Miss Irene?
01:12 Very, very long ways.
01:15 America is here, Chile is here.
01:17 I had to take one airplane, another one,
01:19 and another one to get here.
01:21 Oh, but I'm so happy that you came.
01:25 Boys and girls, who like stories?
01:27 Me.
01:29 Guess what? Miss Irene has a story for us.
01:32 Oh, yes.
01:34 You're going to want to hear it, too.
01:36 But first, let's take time to pray to Jesus.
01:40 AJ, could you say a prayer for us?
01:43 Let's fold our hands and close our eyes.
01:45 Dear Jesus, thank you for our worship.
01:49 Amen. Amen.
01:53 Do you know something else
01:54 I'm thankful that Jesus gave us?
01:56 Is music.
01:58 Who likes to sing?
01:59 Me. Me, too.
02:01 Do you like to sing, Cadence? Yes?
02:04 Let's sing "I'm thankful today."
02:07 Okay.
02:09 We're thankful today, we're thankful today
02:14 For dear Jesus, we're thankful today
02:19 Thank you, God in Heaven
02:25 Let's sing that again.
02:26 We're thankful today, we're thankful today
02:32 For dear Jesus, we're thankful today
02:37 Thank you, God in Heaven
02:44 Well, Miss Irene,
02:47 I think you're going to be thankful
02:49 for something that Isaiah is going to have next for us
02:53 'cause I know Miss Irene is a music teacher.
02:59 Yes.
03:00 And Isaiah is going to sing a special song for us.
03:04 Wow.
03:05 Aren't you, Isaiah? Yes.
03:07 Okay, I know you want to stand up and sing it
03:09 'cause he's got some motions.
03:11 And, boys and girls, if you know this song,
03:13 you can do the motions with him.
03:16 Okay.
03:18 There is a flag flying high in the castle of my heart
03:23 In the castle of my heart, in the castle of my heart
03:29 There is a flag flying high in the castle of my heart
03:35 The King is a resident there
03:40 So let it fly in the sky, let the whole world know
03:46 Let the whole world know, let the whole world know
03:52 So let it fly in the sky, let the whole world know
03:57 That the King is a resident there.
04:03 Very good! Oh, how nice. Thank you.
04:07 That was awesome, Isaiah. Yeah.
04:10 Okay, boys and girls, are you ready?
04:13 Who's ready here to hear a story?
04:14 Me. Me.
04:16 Okay, Miss Irene.
04:20 Once I was traveling
04:24 by train,
04:27 and I could hear the voice of a little boy
04:32 talking and talking and talking and talking,
04:34 and he didn't stop talking for whole hour.
04:38 I said, "Wow, how can he talk
04:41 so much without getting tired?"
04:44 And I started trying to peek to see
04:49 why he was talking so much,
04:52 and all the time he was saying, "Oh, there's a big tree,
04:56 and now we see this beautiful mountain,
04:59 and there's a volcano there,
05:00 and now there's cows in this other side.
05:02 There are many horses and..."
05:05 I thought, "What is he doing that for?
05:07 We can all see that."
05:10 And when I looked a little bit more,
05:13 he was sitting beside a man,
05:19 and I could tell, by the way he looked,
05:23 he was blind.
05:26 Do you kids know what blind means?
05:28 Yes. What does blind mean?
05:29 A person that...
05:31 Yeah. That can't see.
05:33 That can't see. That's right.
05:35 And so the little boy was telling him
05:39 everything that he could see,
05:43 so that his grandfather, that was blind,
05:47 would know how beautiful it was outside.
05:53 And I started talking to them, and his grandfather said,
05:58 "Oh, I'm so thankful to God
06:01 that now I have new eyes,
06:04 my new eyes are my grandson.
06:08 He tells me everything that happens around,
06:12 so I can see again."
06:15 Do you remember there is a story of 10 lepers
06:21 that went to see Jesus
06:23 and they ask him to please heal them?
06:28 And what the Bible tells us
06:31 is that Jesus healed how many?
06:35 How many are here?
06:36 Ten. Ten.
06:38 He healed all of them, and they were so happy.
06:44 I can imagine if I was sick as those lepers were,
06:49 and they couldn't go over to their houses
06:51 when they were sick, they had to stay outside the city,
06:56 and all of a sudden,
06:58 they don't have this terrible sickness.
07:02 They must have thought,
07:03 "Oh, I want to go over to my house
07:05 and see my family, my children."
07:08 They just have started running fast,
07:12 but there was one...
07:15 How many were there?
07:17 Ten. There were 10.
07:19 And you know how many came back to say, "Thank you, Jesus,
07:24 for healing me?"
07:26 One. One. One.
07:30 You know that Jesus told His disciples
07:35 that He really...
07:38 That man was blessed
07:41 because he had been thankful.
07:45 Are we thankful for everything we have?
07:50 You know, I work in a special school,
07:55 and in my special school,
07:57 I have students that cannot walk.
08:02 They have to go on a wheelchair.
08:05 They were born that way, they never walked,
08:09 and they never will walk.
08:12 They have legs, but those legs can't move.
08:19 I had this other student
08:22 that couldn't even sit down on a wheelchair.
08:28 She was paralyzed from her neck down to her toes,
08:34 and that's the way she was born.
08:37 But you know what?
08:39 She had the most beautiful smile you can imagine.
08:45 It was incredible.
08:47 She couldn't talk either, but she saw me and she did...
08:51 And she made me so happy
08:54 just with a big smile,
08:59 and she was saying, "Thank you, the Lord
09:02 because I can come to school,"
09:04 because she went to school with me.
09:09 There's other children that have one side
09:13 that doesn't move the normal way.
09:18 You know, it takes them a hard work
09:22 to move that side.
09:25 But they run,
09:28 and they are happy children.
09:33 They are thankful because even though
09:39 there's one side of their body
09:41 that doesn't work too good,
09:46 God has given them a whole body
09:51 to do many things and to do them greatly.
09:57 Greatly. I like that so much.
10:00 I have learned so much from my students.
10:03 Every time I see them smiling, and those that can,
10:08 they hug me and give me kisses.
10:12 Some kind of wet kisses
10:15 because they can't control their mouths,
10:19 so, oh, it's a juicy kiss.
10:23 But still, I love it, and I hug them.
10:26 And I'm so thankful to God
10:29 because I can be with those children
10:32 that are so thankful that they are alive,
10:37 that they can go to a school, that they have food to eat,
10:42 that they have clothes to wear,
10:45 and they do their best to move their bodies,
10:48 and they do their best to learn,
10:51 to live all by themselves.
10:54 Boys and girls, what do we say to Miss Irene?
10:57 Thank you.
10:59 Oh, you're welcome.
11:01 Miss Cinda, can we sing "Be thankful, be kind?"
11:04 Oh, I would love to sing that.
11:06 Sing it with us, boys and girls.
11:09 Be thankful, be kind
11:12 Be loving, be true
11:16 I'll meet you in heaven
11:19 And live next door to you
11:23 Let's do that one more time.
11:25 Be thankful, be kind
11:29 Be loving, be true
11:32 I'll meet you in heaven
11:36 And live next door to you
11:42 Oh, I just love having worship.
11:45 You know, let's sing our prayer song.
11:48 And, Christiana,
11:49 could you have our prayer for us today?
11:52 Good.
11:53 I will bend my knees
11:57 I will fold my hands
12:01 I will bow my head
12:05 I will close my eyes
12:09 And very, very quietly be
12:14 While the prayer is said
12:20 Dear Jesus, thank for that
12:25 we did have a good worship.
12:28 Amen. Amen.
12:32 Worship is so special,
12:34 you know, and as we go...
12:39 Mr. Rooster says it's time to go, doesn't he?
12:42 That's all the time we have for now,
12:44 boys and girls, so until next time, bye.
12:49 Bye. Remember, Jesus loves you.
13:00 Worship bells are sweet Calling us to meet
13:05 With our best friend Jesus Come and worship here
13:10 Jesus will be near Smiling when he sees us
13:20 Worship bells are sweet Calling us to meet
13:24 With our best friend Jesus Come and worship here
13:30 Jesus will be near Smiling when he sees us


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