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00:08 Worship bells are sweet Calling us to meet
00:12 With our best friend Jesus
00:16 Come and worship here Jesus will be near
00:20 Smiling when he sees us
00:28 worship are sweet Calling us to meet
00:32 With our best friend Jesus
00:35 Hello and welcome to our Tiny Tot Worship.
00:38 We're so happy that you've joined us.
00:41 And you know what?
00:42 Jesus is happy that you've joined us, too.
00:45 It makes Jesus so happy when we spend time with Him.
00:49 Well, today, boys and girls, we're going to be talking about
00:53 "Jesus wants us to share."
00:55 And we have a special guest.
00:58 We have Pastor John Dinzey.
01:01 And Pastor Dinzey
01:03 is the general manager of the Latino Network.
01:08 Welcome, Pastor John.
01:10 Welcome. Oh, thank you so much.
01:11 It's great to be here with you.
01:13 Oh, and I know Pastor John has a special story for us.
01:18 Boys and girls, I have a question for you.
01:21 I just told you that Pastor John
01:24 is the general manager of the Latino 3ABN Network.
01:28 Who knows what Latino is?
01:32 A network.
01:33 A network?
01:34 Well, it is a network.
01:36 It's our Spanish network.
01:40 Do you think Pastor John knows how to speak Spanish?
01:44 Yeah.
01:45 Let's ask him to tell us hello in Spanish.
01:49 I know it.
01:51 Well, hello, cómo estás?
01:53 Bien, y tú?
01:55 Oh, hablas español?
01:58 Do you know any Spanish, Ben? A little.
02:00 Oh, poquito?
02:03 Poquito.
02:05 Poquito means a little bit, huh?
02:07 Yes.
02:08 Well, let start out...
02:10 I do like teachers too.
02:12 You do?
02:14 Well, let's start with prayer.
02:16 Sofia, would you like to have a prayer for us?
02:19 Well, let's bow our heads
02:21 and close our eyes, boys and girls.
02:23 Jesus, help to get a worship to whatever you do,
02:28 and Jesus help to go in the worship, Jesus.
02:32 Amen. Amen.
02:35 Well, we have a song that we love to sing here
02:39 at Tiny Tots, and it's about sharing.
02:44 Do you, boys and girls, remember the song
02:46 "I have two apples and I am glad."
02:49 Let's sing that song, boys and girls.
02:52 I have two apples and I am glad
02:57 You have no apple and that's too bad
03:02 I'll share my apple because I love you
03:08 And that's what Jesus wants me to do
03:14 Jesus does want us to share, doesn't He, boys and girls?
03:17 Yes. Well, you know what?
03:19 Nicole's going to share with us right now.
03:21 Nicole's learning how to play the violin, and actually,
03:24 she is doing very, very well.
03:27 You want to get your violin
03:28 and share a song with us, Nicole?
03:33 Okay.
04:04 Father, lead me day by day
04:10 Ever in Thy own sweet way
04:15 Teach me to be pure and true
04:20 Show me what I ought to do
04:50 Wonderful. Thank you.
04:51 Very nice.
04:53 Praise the Lord. Thank you, Nicole.
04:55 Well, come sit down.
04:56 Pastor John's got a story for us.
05:00 Well, I would like to tell you a story
05:03 about my son Samuel and my son Caleb,
05:07 and guess what?
05:09 Caleb was on Tiny Tots when he was little like you.
05:13 He was.
05:14 Caleb is now about two times your size,
05:18 but when he was tiny, he was just five years old
05:23 when this story happened.
05:24 Is anybody here five years old?
05:27 No. Six maybe?
05:30 Six? You're six.
05:31 Six. Nicole is six.
05:33 Well, this story happens
05:35 that somebody gave us two balloons,
05:39 and they were those balloons that have helium in it,
05:44 and if you let them go, they fly away.
05:47 So Samuel had one and Caleb had one.
05:50 Caleb was five years old and Samuel was nine years old.
05:56 So we drove home and then we were getting out of the car,
06:02 and guess what happens when you come home sometimes.
06:04 You have what?
06:05 Packages.
06:07 So my wife Idalia got out of the car,
06:10 and she started heading to the house with packages.
06:13 I got out of the car with packages,
06:15 and Samuel got out of the car,
06:18 and he was walking with his balloon in his hand.
06:22 And guess who was the last one in the car?
06:25 Caleb.
06:27 And he's coming out of the car, and he was trying to hold on
06:31 to his balloon, and guess what happened?
06:36 The balloon flew away. Oh, no.
06:39 It was terrible,
06:42 and I was trying to walk into the house.
06:44 I didn't know that his balloon had got away,
06:47 but I found out real soon.
06:48 Do you know how I found out real soon?
06:50 That you saw it fly away? No.
06:53 First, I heard Caleb say, "Oh, no! My balloon."
06:59 And I turned around and I saw the balloon going up
07:02 higher and higher and higher, and it was flying away,
07:07 and Caleb began to...
07:10 He began to cry.
07:12 And I felt so sad for Caleb, and I said, "Lord,
07:16 what can I tell Caleb to help him?"
07:18 Because he was really crying a lot,
07:21 and the Lord gave an answer that I did not expect.
07:27 Guess what happened?
07:29 Who had a balloon?
07:31 Samuel had a balloon. His brother.
07:34 And his brother Samuel said to Caleb,
07:37 "Don't cry, Caleb.
07:39 You can have my balloon."
07:43 And Samuel went over to Caleb, gave him his balloon.
07:47 Caleb was crying, but as soon
07:49 as he had that balloon in his hands,
07:53 he stopped crying really fast,
07:55 and he was very happy that his brother Samuel
07:59 shared his balloon with him.
08:03 Wasn't that nice of Samuel? Yeah.
08:05 Does it make people happy when we share with them?
08:08 Yup. It does.
08:11 And today we have a Bible verse that helps us to know
08:14 that when we share, something good happens.
08:19 We also get a blessing, maybe that day, maybe another day.
08:23 In Luke 6:38 says,
08:27 "Give, and it will be given to you."
08:31 And guess what?
08:32 The verse continues to say, "Good measure, pressed down,
08:37 and running over."
08:38 Doesn't that sound nice? Yes.
08:41 Let's say that memory verse with you.
08:44 If you say it again, we'll say it after you.
08:46 Okay, we'll do the short version this time.
08:48 Okay.
08:49 "Give..." "Give..."
08:51 "And it will be given to you."
08:55 Luke 6:38.
08:59 Oh, thank you, Pastor John.
09:02 Has anybody ever shared with you, boys and girls?
09:05 Who shared with you, Ben?
09:07 One of my brothers.
09:09 And did it make you happy?
09:10 Yeah. Yes.
09:12 Who shared with you, Jasmine?
09:13 Luke. Luke?
09:15 That's your brother, isn't it?
09:17 And he shared, and how did that make you feel?
09:19 Happy. Happy.
09:21 And Jesus wants us to share with others
09:25 and make other people happy.
09:26 How about you, boys and girls?
09:28 Has anybody ever shared with you?
09:30 And maybe you can share with somebody, too.
09:33 Well, you know what?
09:35 I know somebody who has something to share with us.
09:38 Ben, could you share a song with us?
09:42 Sure. Okay.
09:44 Ben plays the piano by ear, boys and girls.
09:48 Wow, that's fantastic.
09:50 Okay.
10:40 Amen.
10:41 Oh, thank you. Very nice.
10:42 That was awesome.
10:44 Bless you.
10:47 That was an awesome song.
10:50 Thank you for sharing.
10:51 Do you know, there's lots of different ways we can share,
10:54 isn't there, Pastor John?
10:55 Yes.
10:56 It may not be actually giving something.
10:59 But just like you shared a song, Nicole,
11:02 and Ben shared a song,
11:04 sometimes we can cheer people up
11:07 by going and visiting them when they're sick,
11:09 or maybe they're in the hospital,
11:12 or they're just sad,
11:15 we can go and share a smile, can't we?
11:17 Who has a smile?
11:19 Let me see.
11:21 There we go.
11:22 Everybody has a smile.
11:25 Boys and girls, do you have a smile?
11:27 Do you know that you can share that smile?
11:31 Did you, Bertha, think of that?
11:33 And what happens when you walk up to somebody?
11:36 Let's say, I've just had a really bad day,
11:40 and I'm very sad.
11:43 And I just think...
11:46 I am just so sad, and...
11:51 Oh, you're smiling at me.
11:57 Are you smiling at me?
12:01 I think I'm feeling better.
12:05 And that's what...
12:06 When you're feeling sad, and somebody smiles,
12:08 does it help you feel better?
12:10 Yeah.
12:12 Yes, it does.
12:14 But you know what?
12:15 It makes Jesus...
12:17 I want to tease you. You wanted to?
12:19 Okay.
12:20 And you know what?
12:21 Let's sing our prayer song.
12:23 Luke, would you have a prayer for us?
12:26 Let's sing our prayer song, boys and girls.
12:29 I will bend my knees, I will fold my hands
12:36 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes
12:44 And very, very quiet be
12:49 while the prayer is said
12:53 Dear Jesus, thank You that we can be here together,
12:57 and please help us to share.
12:58 Amen. Amen.
13:02 That's right, boys and girls, remember,
13:04 when you go out this week to share.
13:08 That's Mr. Rooster, and he says...
13:10 What does Mr. Rooster say?
13:12 That's all the time we have for now,
13:14 boys and girls.
13:15 Remember that Jesus loves you.
13:30 Worship bells are sweet Calling us to meet
13:34 With our best friend Jesus
13:38 Come and worship here Jesus will be near
13:42 Smiling when he sees us
13:50 Worship bells are sweet Calling us to meet
13:54 With our best friend Jesus
13:58 Come and worship here Jesus will be near
14:02 Smiling when he sees us


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