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Jesus Made Me Special

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00:08 Worship bells are sweet
00:10 Calling us to meet With our best friend Jesus
00:16 Come and worship here Jesus will be near
00:20 Smiling when he sees us
00:28 Worship bells are sweet Calling us to meet
00:32 With our best friend Jesus
00:36 Hello and welcome to our Tiny Tot Worship.
00:39 We're so happy that you've joined us.
00:41 And you know what?
00:42 Jesus is happy.
00:44 Jesus loves it when we come together
00:46 to praise Him.
00:47 And today, we have a special guest
00:51 all the way from Chile, boys and girls.
00:54 Her name is Miss Irene Becerra.
00:59 Oh, Bravo!
01:00 She made it.
01:01 Bravo.
01:03 You could pronounce my last name,
01:04 thank you for that.
01:06 It's a beautiful last name. Thank you.
01:07 We're so happy to have you, Miss Irene.
01:10 Boys and girls, who like stories?
01:12 Me!
01:14 Do you know that later on Miss Irene's
01:16 going to have a story for us?
01:20 But you know, let's start off with prayer.
01:22 Sophia, could you have a prayer for us?
01:25 Okay, fold your hands, boys and girls.
01:28 Close your eyes.
01:29 Thank you for all of this, boys and girls can help us.
01:33 Thank you for everything, Father.
01:34 and Miss Irene.
01:36 Amen. Amen.
01:40 Well, today, we're talking about
01:42 "Jesus made us special."
01:45 So can we say the memory verse all together?
01:48 Psalm 139:14.
01:52 Psalm 139:14
01:56 "I praise you because..."
01:59 "I praise you because..."
02:02 "I am fearfully and wonderfully made."
02:05 "I am fearfully and wonderfully made."
02:11 Who knows what fearfully and wonderfully means?
02:15 When you look it up in the dictionary,
02:19 fearfully means, in awe or reverence for God.
02:24 So God made us wonderful, each one of us.
02:29 Let's sing a song about
02:32 "I have hands that clap, clap, clap"
02:35 because who made our hands?
02:36 Jesus!
02:38 That's right.
02:41 I have hands that clap, clap, clap
02:45 I have hands that clap, clap, clap
02:49 I have hands that clap, clap, clap
02:52 They were made by Jesus
02:57 Okay, we also have feet
02:59 that can go tap, tap, tap or wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.
03:03 I have feet that tap, tap, tap
03:07 I have feet that tap, tap, tap
03:11 I have feet that tap, tap, tap
03:15 They were made by Jesus
03:20 We also have eyes, and our eyes can do what?
03:24 Blink. Blink.
03:26 I have eyes that blink, blink, blink
03:30 I have eyes that blink, blink, blink
03:34 I have eyes that blink, blink, blink
03:38 They were made by Jesus
03:45 Jesus did make us all special, didn't He?
03:48 Well, I'm ready to hear something else special.
03:52 Do you know that Sabby has been learning
03:54 how to play the cello?
03:57 Did any of you, boys and girls, out there know
03:59 how to play the cello?
04:00 I know.
04:02 Well, we're going to let Sabby play a song for us right now.
04:07 I can play a song.
04:09 Oh, I love the cello, Sabby.
04:12 I love that cello, too.
04:15 Great. Okay.
04:17 Okay.
04:53 Oh, thank you.
04:55 Very good.
04:57 Wow. What's that for?
04:59 Okay, boys and girls, who's ready for the story?
05:02 Okay, Miss Irene, we're ready.
05:05 Okay, I'm going to tell you a story,
05:08 but I'm going to tell you a story when I was older.
05:14 I had just been married, and they sent my husband
05:18 to work elsewhere.
05:20 So we started looking for a church,
05:24 an Adventist church there where we lived now,
05:28 we found one.
05:30 And you know what?
05:32 Christmas came along,
05:35 and there was no choir in the church,
05:39 and I thought,
05:42 "Christmas without music is not nice."
05:47 Isn't it?
05:49 So I started asking different children,
05:52 "Would you like to sing for the Christmas party?"
05:55 And they said, "Okay, I don't know anything,
05:57 but okay."
05:59 And then I went to another boy,
06:01 "Would you like to sing?" "Yes!"
06:02 He said, "I would like to sing."
06:04 Do you like singing? Have you done that?
06:07 You like singing, don't you Aiden?
06:09 And I went like that to many boys and girls, and they said,
06:13 "Yes!"
06:15 And parents were so happy.
06:16 "Okay," I said "I'll go look for our hymnal
06:21 and see what Christmas carols we have here."
06:24 So we started looking there.
06:26 I had to try out the voices to see if they sang low
06:33 or if they sang high.
06:37 So I tell them, "Okay," at the piano, you know,
06:41 "Sing this."
06:43 And they would start...
06:45 Okay, you're good for that voice.
06:49 Sing along...
06:50 Oh, wow.
06:53 You stay in this other voice.
06:55 And I started separating all of them in four groups,
07:01 and I kept going one by one till I found in which group
07:05 they could be.
07:07 There was this boy that came along,
07:11 and I played in the piano, and I said,
07:14 "Okay, you do just like the rest of them.
07:17 You go..."
07:22 And he said, "Okay!"
07:24 I play the piano..."
07:29 I say, "Do it the way the rest of them did, okay?
07:32 We do it again..."
07:38 That didn't sound like music at all.
07:42 And he was really doing his best,
07:47 and I was thinking,
07:48 what do I say to this dear boy?
07:50 He wants to sing for Jesus.
07:52 He wants to sing for this special program
07:56 we're having for Christmas, and he couldn't make a note?
08:02 He just went...
08:05 He was just...
08:09 But I let him stay in the choir.
08:11 And everybody sang out loud
08:14 and learned each one of the Christmas carols
08:17 we chose, but he kept doing...
08:23 And all of a sudden, you would hear that.
08:27 I told him, "You can sing a little bit soft, please,
08:32 not as loud?
08:33 Because he wanted to sing to God,
08:37 and he did.
08:38 But still, he forgot and went...
08:42 In all the Christmas carols.
08:45 So I started praying that "Lord,
08:47 tell me what to do with this young boy?
08:50 He loves you so much."
08:53 And all of a sudden God made me think
08:57 on a Christmas carol that's called "The Drum Boy."
09:01 Have you heard it?
09:03 Oh, I have.
09:06 "The Little Drummer Boy" You have, "The Drummer Boy."
09:08 And that song has a boy just playing the drum.
09:12 Have you seen the drum?
09:14 I have seen a drum.
09:15 'Cause you use the drum, just you go...
09:17 Yeah. You just hit on it, you know.
09:21 I said, "I'm going to get a drum,
09:23 and I'll tell him that he is so special
09:27 that I need him to be the drummer boy."
09:31 And so he was so happy.
09:35 He learned how to play the drum,
09:38 I tell you he was a drummer boy.
09:42 He really was.
09:45 So for Christmas, we had all these Christmas carols,
09:50 all the parents were so happy at church,
09:53 all the people at church were happy to hear us signing,
09:58 and he was there with his drum.
10:02 He was special.
10:05 We were all special, each one had a different voice,
10:10 and with all those different voices,
10:13 we made a choir
10:15 that was awesome, awesome.
10:21 That's what God does with us.
10:24 He picks each one of us, as different as we may be,
10:29 and with all of us, makes this beautiful choir
10:35 with a drummer boy that might be me,
10:39 or you, or you,
10:41 we are all special for Him.
10:44 Oh, thank you, Miss Irene.
10:46 You know what?
10:48 That reminds me of a song.
10:49 "Jesus loves the little ones like," who?
10:53 Me, me, me
10:54 That's right. Let's sing that song.
10:57 Sing it with us, boys and girls.
10:59 Jesus loves the little ones like me, me, me
11:05 Jesus loves the little ones like me, me, me
11:10 Little ones like me Sat upon His knee
11:15 Jesus loves the little ones like me, me, me
11:22 Let's sing our prayer song now.
11:24 And, Carter, could you have a prayer for us?
11:26 Okay. I have a prayer, too.
11:28 I will bend my knees, I will fold my hands
11:36 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes
11:44 And very, very quiet be
11:49 while the prayer is said.
11:53 Dear Jesus, we love You.
11:57 Thank You for this world You created.
11:58 So we're thanking you for the Tiny Tot Worship.
12:01 Thank You for the Tiny Tots,
12:03 and thank You for the world You created for us on.
12:09 Thank You for the sunshine and the snow, God.
12:13 And thank You for the rain that You send.
12:15 Dear Jesus, we love You.
12:17 Amen. Amen.
12:20 Oh, and...
12:22 That's Mr. Rooster.
12:24 He says that's all the time we have for now.
12:26 So until next time, goodbye, boys and girls.
12:30 Bye!
12:40 Worship bells are sweet Calling us to meet
12:44 With our best friend Jesus
12:49 Come and worship here Jesus will be near
12:52 Smiling when he sees us
13:00 Worship bells are sweet Calling us to meet
13:04 With our best friend Jesus
13:08 Come and worship here Jesus will be near
13:12 Smiling when he sees us


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