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The 10 Commandments

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00:08 Worship bells so sweet, Calling us to meet
00:11 With our best Friend, Jesus Come and worship here
00:18 Jesus will be here Smiling when He sees us
00:28 Worship bells so sweet Calling us to meet
00:32 With our best Friend, Jesus
00:36 Hello, and welcome to our Tiny Tot Worship!
00:39 Welcome boys and girls, we're so happy that you've joined us.
00:43 And you know what? Jesus is happy that you've joined us, too.
00:47 Do you know, it makes Jesus so happy when we take time
00:51 to spend with Him.
00:52 We're going to be talking about the Ten Commandments today,
00:56 and you'll not want to miss our exciting story
01:00 But first, let's have a prayer. We're going to fold our hands
01:06 and close our eyes and Christiana,
01:10 could you have a prayer for us?
01:12 Dear Jesus, Help us to have a good time. Amen
01:19 Amen!
01:21 We also love to learn memory verses here at Tiny Tots.
01:26 And you know boys and girls, it's really important to learn
01:30 verses from the Bible, isn't it? Yeah.
01:34 We like to learn them too.
01:35 Who can tell me where our memory verse is found?
01:38 John. John, that's right.
01:44 And I'll say it first and you all say it.
01:47 Okay. And boys and girls you can say it with us too.
01:50 "If you love me, keep my commandments."
01:59 That's...You know that's... Jesus gave us how many
02:02 commandments? Ten.
02:04 That's right and Ten Commandments to live by and we need to keep.
02:08 How many Commandments should we keep? Ten.
02:12 Maybe just one or two. No!
02:14 We need to keep all of them.
02:16 Let's sing that song, This is My Commandment that you love
02:20 one another. Okay.
03:08 You know, I thought I heard you kids working up a surprise
03:15 for me. Were you?
03:17 Hmm, could I hear it right now?
03:20 Okay, let me hear it. Would you like to hear it too?
03:23 Ohhh! Okay.
03:26 Who's singing? go on, you can stand there right by the piano.
04:42 Very good!
04:44 Thank you! Oh, I like that surprise.
04:50 Christiana would you like to go open the door?
04:53 Ohh! Open it a little wider, there...Ohh!
05:04 Hello, it's Mr. Rich Aguilera. Mr. Rich is the host for Nature
05:12 on Kid's Time. Welcome Mr. Rich.
05:16 Thank you very much, it's so good to see you guys.
05:19 I'm happy to be here today to tell you about
05:22 something that's been on my mind.
05:23 As I drive around, do you know what I've noticed a lot?
05:26 That there's signs everywhere.
05:29 If you go to the airport there is signs,
05:31 when you look on the roads there's signs.
05:33 When we go to the stores there's signs,
05:35 there's signs everywhere.
05:36 Sometimes there are these huge gigantic billboards.
05:39 Sometimes there are these little tiny signs on the back of gum
05:43 or something. But you know, I've noticed that there are
05:46 signs all over the place.
05:47 So I wanted to see how good you guys were at reading signs.
05:52 So I have a picture of a sign right here in my bag
05:55 but these are secret special signs because there's no words.
06:00 So I am going to see if you can read these signs
06:03 even though there's no words alright.
06:04 Now let's see how you guys do.
06:06 What do you guys think this sign says?
06:10 Men and Women. "MEN and WOMEN."
06:12 Yes, the bathrooms right.
06:15 They put these signs all over the place all over the world,
06:18 so that people, even though they speak different languages,
06:21 they can all understand that there is a bathroom somewhere
06:24 nearby. Right. That's pretty important. Yeah.
06:27 Well you know what, we also see signs on the road
06:29 like I was mentioning. So let me pull out another sign.
06:32 Let's see if you guys can figure out what this one says
06:35 even though there's no words on it.
06:36 Let's take a look.
06:38 Alright! Hmm! Stop sign! Very good!
06:43 Now it doesn't say "STOP" right?
06:45 No, but you guys know the shape and you know the color
06:49 and you know that this sign has a very special job.
06:51 It just says to. "STOP"
06:54 Exactly. Now this sign is very interesting because this sign
06:58 is a law. Yeah. When you are driving down the road and
07:02 you come to a stop sign...
07:03 Do you think that they want you to stop if you like?
07:07 Or do they want you to stop for sure?
07:09 They want you to stop. Absolutely, it's a law.
07:13 Yeah, if you don't stop, what do you think is going to happen?
07:18 The police are going to get you.
07:20 Or you are going to get into an accident.
07:22 Or you can get into an accident, you can get hurt,
07:23 we don't want that to happen, right.
07:25 No, so I am thankful that there are laws because the laws
07:29 keep us safe and happy.
07:30 And these laws are a reminder to be able to keep us safe
07:35 and happy. Yeah.
07:36 I got some more, let's see you guys are doing really good.
07:38 I want to see if you guys can keep this up,
07:41 see if you guys can figure out what this sign says.
07:43 Notice it goes that way.
07:46 Ah, yeah, but what is going that way?
07:48 What do you think? Cars. Cars, yeah.
07:50 Usually it says right in the middle there "ONE WAY."
07:54 You know what that means?
07:56 It means that the road can only have cars going in that
07:59 direction. Now can you... Exactly.
08:02 Can you imagine if you are driving this way
08:04 and all the cars are driving that way?
08:06 But you then all by yourself are trying to drive this way.
08:09 That could be kind of dangerous right?
08:11 Uh oh, that would be an accident for sure. Yeah!
08:14 Again, laws that are made to keep us safe and to
08:18 keep us happy, right?
08:19 Because when we are not hurt and not in an accident
08:21 we want to be safe and happy, right?
08:23 Yes. I am glad for laws.
08:26 Let's see you guys are doing pretty good here.
08:28 Let me see if I can show you another one.
08:30 Alrighty! Ah, this is... A train stop.
08:34 Very good. This is a "TRAIN STOP."
08:39 We come to a train crossing and they are going to have
08:42 a sign like this and it means a train might be coming
08:45 so we got to be very careful and look both ways
08:48 before we cross the railroad tracks, right.
08:51 Because again, we can get hurt if we cross a railroad track
08:54 when there are trains coming, that would be terrible.
08:56 Yes, so again another sign made as a law,
09:00 it's like a reminder of a law to keep us safe and happy.
09:03 That's pretty cool.
09:05 Alright, you guys are on a roll, let's keep on going here.
09:08 Oh, this is a tough one, let's see if you guys can get this one.
09:11 Hmm. Anybody recognize this one?
09:16 This one... Stop sign. No!
09:19 No, I'll give you the first two words.
09:21 It says "DO NOT" ENTER. "ENTER"
09:24 Very good. Do not enter, yeah,
09:27 this is a road that you are not supposed to go down
09:29 and it's not because they don't want you to go
09:31 it's because they want to keep you safe and happy
09:33 and not get in trouble.
09:34 I mean all of these signs are to keep you safe and happy.
09:37 Right. A stop sign isn't there because they want to say,
09:40 no, no, no, we want you to get to your place slower,
09:45 we want you to get there late.
09:46 No, they are not making laws to make you late
09:49 or to make you unhappy, right, they make laws to keep you safe
09:53 and happy.
09:54 I got one more right here, let's see you guys can get this one.
09:57 See if you have seen this sign somewhere before.
10:01 Ten Commandments. That's right, "TEN COMMANDMENTS."
10:04 That's right, there's ten laws...
10:07 We've been talking about all the laws that men have made,
10:10 well these laws are different.
10:12 These are laws that God has made
10:14 and these are also made to keep us safe and happy,
10:19 just the same. It's pretty cool.
10:21 The first few laws are about loving God and the other
10:26 few laws are about loving the people that are around us.
10:29 Now it's interesting that the laws have to do with love
10:33 You know that love is very important to Jesus, right,
10:37 so He made all the laws about love.
10:40 Since He loves us He wants to keep us safe
10:43 and He wants to keep us happy.
10:44 For example one of the laws says that we shouldn't steal
10:48 from other people. Alright, you have heard of that right?
10:50 Do you think you would like it if somebody came and stole
10:55 like your favorite toy or teddy bear or something like that?
10:57 NO! No, that would be sad right?
10:59 Yeah, So God made a law that said don't steal,
11:03 that way everybody will be happy. That's pretty cool.
11:06 And that's one way of showing love and respect to each other.
11:09 There's another law that says we should obey and honor
11:13 and respect our parents as well.
11:15 Another law that's about love, and I'm really glad
11:19 not only that man-made laws to keep us safe and happy
11:22 but I am also especially glad that God made laws that
11:26 Ten Commandments, laws of love made to keep us safe and happy.
11:31 Thank you Mr. Rich.
11:35 What does that teach you boys and girls,
11:38 what did you learn today?
11:39 To obey laws. To obey laws.
11:48 And there's laws that we have in our world and then God has
11:54 our laws. Why did God give us the laws?
11:58 To keep us safe and happy. Yes, that is exactly right.
12:02 And God gave us it because He loves us doesn't He?
12:06 Let's sing Jesus Loves Me. Okay!
12:52 Let's sing our prayer song.
12:53 I will bend my knees, I will fold my hands,
13:02 I will bow my head, I will close my eyes,
13:09 and very very quietly while the prayer is said.
13:18 Do you want to pray Christiana?
13:20 Dear Jesus, Thank you for loving us
13:28 thank you for the... Amen.
13:30 Amen!
13:34 It's Mr. Rooster, that's all the time we have for now.
13:38 Bye bye!


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