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Program Code Duration Description Participants
TFTT000001 Video 0:57:28 Global Financial Crisis - Did The Bible Predict It? Herb Kersten
TFTT000002 Video 0:59:37 Know The Future Without Tarot Or Nostradamus Herb Kersten
TFTT000003 Video 0:50:49 Are The Ten Commandments Still Relevant? Herb Kersten
TFTT000004 Video 0:59:44 Worldwide Amnesia Epidemic Herb Kersten
TFTT000005 Video 0:59:19 History's Huge Hoax Herb Kersten
TFTT000006 Video 0:58:57 Mark Of The Beast Herb Kersten
TFTT000008 Video 0:58:49 Where Are The Dead? Herb Kersten
TFTT000009 Video 0:59:40 Israel In The Mind Of Jesus Herb Kersten


Updated 2019-09-18