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Participants: Moses Primo (Host), Simon & Rose-Helene Bolo, Thelor Lambert


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Program Code: TDY13078B

00:01 Well, you have seen so much.
00:02 You have seen today about the 3ABN French project
00:08 and you just heard about at the newsbreak other projects
00:12 that we have on and I know
00:15 that the Lord is moving 3ABN forward
00:21 in many different directions.
00:23 But He is opening also the doors
00:25 for those directions to be filled.
00:27 There is a whole world to reach and Matthew 24:14 says,
00:34 "And this gospel be preached in the whole world
00:37 and then the end will come."
00:38 So we are claiming that
00:40 and we are moving forward for that
00:42 and we want to thank you for your prayers
00:45 and your financial support
00:47 and we want to thank Simon for his vision,
00:50 Rose for her assistance and also in the project.
00:55 I tell you she is more than just a wife.
00:58 She is a right hand of this 3ABN French ministry there.
01:02 We want to also thank Pastor Lambert
01:04 for his union support.
01:07 Please convey our appreciations to the president
01:11 and to the union.
01:13 And we pray that this project will be able
01:19 to be a powerful way of ministering
01:23 the Three Angels message, the plan of salvation
01:27 to the people in the Islands and also in France.
01:30 Guiana. Yes.
01:32 So we want to thank you for supporting this project
01:36 and supporting 3ABN through all these 29 years.
01:40 It has been a tremendous experience
01:44 as you are watching today, the whole world is being
01:48 led by its nine satellites that are broadcasting
01:53 Three Angels 24 hours a day with the same message
01:56 that Jesus is coming soon.
01:58 And until then I want to pray that the Lord will keep us
02:02 and sustain us and support us and this ministry,
02:06 so we can see him face to face very soon.
02:09 Thank you and God bless you.


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