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Participants: Danny Shelton (Host), Yvonne Lewis (Host), Ryan St. Hillare, Benjamin Middleton


Series Code: TDY

Program Code: TDY13030B

00:01 Danny, I so appreciate Ryan and Ben
00:04 and what they're doing for the Lord.
00:06 I was so impressed when they came
00:08 and allowed me to interview them for urban report.
00:13 What they showed was a team.
00:17 They worked together for the glory of God.
00:19 And they worked together to minister to young people
00:23 which, you know, people like us
00:25 they might--young people might listen to it little bit,
00:28 but--Why are you laughing like that, Ben?
00:30 I didn't laugh. I did not laugh.
00:32 He would just had a smile.
00:34 Okay. All right, all right.
00:35 The camera was on, I had to smile.
00:37 But when it's your peers, you know,
00:40 young people are going to gravitate to you
00:44 and they're gonna listen to what you have to say
00:46 because you are one of them.
00:47 And so I'm just so grateful for young men like you
00:51 who love the Lord, who know the word
00:53 and who have your hand on the pulse of media.
00:56 Absolutely. I think it's great.
00:58 So thank you so much. Absolutely.
00:59 And I want to encourage you
01:01 that the Lord will raise this money that you need.
01:03 All you have to do is to be faithful to the mission
01:05 that He's given you to give
01:07 present truth to the lost and dying world.
01:09 Amen. And I'm excited about this.
01:11 This is one of the greatest things I've seen in a long time.
01:14 It encourages me that Jesus is coming soon.
01:17 Amen. Thank you for what you do.
01:19 For those of you at home,
01:20 thank you for what you do for the cause of God.
01:22 We want you to know that Jesus loves you,
01:24 He died for you, He made a plan of salvation for you.
01:26 Our time is all gone.
01:28 Until we see you next time, may the Lord richly bless you.


Revised 2014-12-17