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Participants: Danny Shelton (Host), James Marcum


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01:00 Hello, and welcome to 3ABN today.
01:02 Thank you for joining us as you do each and every day.
01:06 Thank you for your love,
01:07 and your prayers, and financial support
01:09 of Three Angels Broadcasting Network
01:11 as we endower to take this great gospel
01:13 of the kingdom into all the world.
01:15 Jesus' really not waiting on us or we,
01:18 let me take change that, Jesus is waiting on us,
01:22 we're not waiting on Him, did you know that?
01:24 He said, He's coming back for a purified bride,
01:27 purified church, so God is waiting for His people
01:30 to perfect His character with in our lives
01:33 so that He can come back and claim His people.
01:35 So today, let's get excited about the Lord Jesus Christ,
01:39 let's remember that He said, "Go ye into all the world."
01:42 And when we go forward we take that step of go,
01:46 the honor, the blessing is on the go
01:48 and God will honor and what He's told you to do,
01:51 He's counted His resources in advanced,
01:53 He's found that He's not wanting.
01:54 So all things are possible when Jesus says,
01:57 "Go ye into all the world,"
01:59 that means maybe it your little world
02:00 where you live and maybe it's a bigger world
02:03 but wherever the world around you
02:05 is to witness for the Lord Jesus Christ.
02:07 People don't care, they don't care
02:09 how much Bible you know,
02:10 they don't care if some guy told me,
02:12 I've memorize the whole book of Revelation and Daniel
02:16 and all this and I said, that's really great,
02:18 but what people want and what they care about
02:21 is how do you act in the time of trouble?
02:23 What is your life all about?
02:25 Do you have a peace that passes all understanding
02:27 in the times in which we're living?
02:29 That's exactly what people want, they want peace,
02:32 they want joy and they want happiness.
02:34 And there's only one way as you and me know,
02:37 most of us I believe and hope all of you out there know,
02:40 only one way we can have great peace.
02:42 "Great peace have they which love thy law,"
02:44 Psalm says, "And nothing shall offend them."
02:47 That means we can go forward and when we do Jesus shines
02:50 out of us because this is not us shining out
02:52 when we submit and commit our lives to Jesus then He says,
02:55 "I, if I be lifted up from this earth,
02:57 will draw all men unto me."
03:00 Today, there are many ways and opportunities
03:03 of reaching the world for Jesus.
03:05 Some people preach, some people sing,
03:07 some are teachers, and then
03:08 some do a great work in the medical field.
03:11 And it's my privilege today to introduce Dr. Marcum.
03:14 Dr. Marcum, it's good to have you here again today.
03:17 It's nice to be here and after that introduction,
03:19 that spiritful introduction I'm fired up.
03:22 We could stop the program right there
03:24 and just get on with it, you know,
03:26 that was just a beautiful thing
03:27 and how the spirit is just taking control.
03:30 I was just motivated. All right.
03:31 After you said that I just really, you know,
03:33 we just finish making a bunch of programs here
03:35 at Three Angels on our program called,
03:37 "The Ultimate Prescription," but now I just,
03:39 you just reenergized me.
03:41 I feel like going and making some more.
03:43 Praise the Lord. And we're gonna be talking about
03:45 "The Ultimate Prescription" and it's good to have you,
03:47 you're a cardiologist. Yes.
03:49 And you've written a book and you're working with Tyndale,
03:52 is the publishers. Yes, we are.
03:53 And you are doing some programs.
03:55 It's gonna be going nationwide television
03:57 and your book and I understand
03:59 it's up around the top 30 of the--it's doing well.
04:01 in the health, right? Yes, it is.
04:03 Wow, publications around the America,
04:05 so things are going well,
04:07 God is blessing what you're doing? Yes.
04:09 And so you said that, that encourages you,
04:11 if you think you've been encouraged so far
04:14 wait till you hear the music we have for today.
04:16 You're gonna absolutely love it,
04:18 one of my great friends and one of gospel music's all time--
04:23 this guy is kind of a legend in gospel music,
04:25 he's been baritone of the gospel music,
04:28 I've been voted numerous times throughout his career
04:30 when with gold city
04:31 and the cathedrals and numbers of others.
04:33 But most of all he's a Christian loves Jesus,
04:36 great friend Mark Trammell.
04:37 He's gonna be singing, "How Great Thou Art."
04:42 How Great Thou Art How Great Thou Art
04:55 Oh Lord, my God, when I in awesome wonder
05:07 Considered all the world Thy hands have made
05:17 I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder
05:29 Thy power throughout this universe displayed
05:40 Then sings my soul, my Savior God to thee
05:52 How great Thou art, how great Thou art
06:04 Then sings my soul, my Savior God to thee
06:16 How great Thou art, how great Thou art
06:35 And when I think, how God His Son not sparing
06:46 Sent Him to die, I scarce can take it in
06:56 How on that cross, my burden gladly bearing
07:08 He bled and He died, to take away all my sin
07:20 Then sings my soul, my Savior God to thee
07:31 How great Thou art, how great Thou art
07:44 Then sings my soul, my Savior God to thee
07:56 How great Thou art, how great Thou art
08:14 How great Thou art
08:27 Amen, well, we call that-- I call that a two-hander.
08:30 Wow. He can do it, can't he?
08:33 You get a set of pipes on him and--Yeah.
08:35 Set of lungs and gift that God has given him to sing.
08:37 And so, Mark Trammell, thank you so much.
08:39 I was just telling Dr. Marcum, you know, this guy,
08:42 he comes to camp meetings,
08:44 he'll come up here and sing and he's never asked for penny,
08:47 anytime we need him anywhere if he's available,
08:50 he says, I believe in your ministry,
08:52 I support you guys, I'll be there.
08:54 So we're very thankful for people like him.
08:56 And we're thankful today for Dr. Marcum,
08:59 all the way from Ooltewah, Tennessee
09:01 right down by Collegedale and Chattanooga.
09:04 And today, we're excited Dr. Marcum,
09:06 about the things that's transpired
09:07 even in this past year.
09:09 Now you've been coming to 3ABN for few years.
09:11 Yeah. And you're a cardiologist.
09:14 You still have practice, but you're writing.
09:16 When did you decide to start writing books?
09:18 You know, several years ago
09:19 I started writing and first couple of books
09:21 I wrote had to do with patient education. Okay.
09:25 I felt like some of the material out there
09:27 was just too complicated.
09:28 I wanted to make stuff simple
09:29 so everyone could understand
09:31 especially with heart disease, but as time evolved
09:34 and as God worked in my life, I realized that,
09:37 you know, medicine was a great way
09:39 to reach people with the gospel. Okay.
09:41 And so this developed into a ministry
09:43 called Heartwise Ministries
09:45 where we do television and radio and now we're doing books.
09:48 And God's really blessed us with a message,
09:50 you know, there's a place for modern medicine
09:52 but it didn't fix everything. Okay.
09:54 There is a place for lifestyle.
09:56 You're eating right and exercise,
09:57 but that doesn't fix everything. Okay.
10:00 And many ministries present that, you know,
10:03 that's out there all the time,
10:04 but what our ministry does is we'd say,
10:06 you know, "The Ultimate Prescription,"
10:08 the ultimate path to healing
10:09 comes in that relationship with the great physician. Amen.
10:12 He gives us the power-- he gives us the power
10:14 to make lifestyle changes, even though it might be
10:17 just a little bit at a time.
10:18 He loves us. He doesn't judge us.
10:20 And also he's, you know, wouldn't it be great
10:22 if when you went to the doctor you could go into the office
10:25 and you didn't have to fill out any forms,
10:27 didn't have to wait in line-- All right.
10:29 You could go and start talking to the doctor
10:31 and you could talk as long as you wanted. Okay.
10:33 He would never interrupt you, listen as long.
10:35 He would give you perfect advice,
10:37 nothing that would cause a side effect--Okay.
10:39 And then when you left,
10:40 you could mess up and do whatever.
10:42 And if you needed an appointment tomorrow,
10:43 you can come back and he'd love you
10:44 and starts it all over again. I'd love it.
10:46 Well, that's the kind of a relationship
10:48 we want people to have,
10:49 that healing relationship that comes from God.
10:51 And a lot of ministries are out there like Dr. Oz,
10:54 does a pretty good job with the modern medical stuff
10:56 and this good lifestyle.
10:57 But he doesn't really talk about the power to heal
11:00 where it comes from the great physician.
11:02 Now we've discovered that as people understand
11:04 that God is interested in their health,
11:06 interested in healing,
11:07 it brings them to a relationship with him.
11:09 And now we've partnered with ministries
11:11 like Three Angels to help people develop
11:14 that-- to develop that.
11:15 We found out that some people connect
11:17 with God through Bible study,
11:19 a lot of people connect with music
11:20 that's the way God reaches and develops that relationship.
11:23 It might be through nature or walking--watching a movie.
11:26 So we're trying to connect with people
11:28 that might not even think about having
11:30 a relationship in whatever way that God moves them,
11:32 inviting them to start the relationship
11:34 and let the Holy Spirit lead to the next step. Okay.
11:37 And we're partnering with other ministries that do music,
11:40 3ABN which has programming,
11:42 that's why I'm excited about this program
11:44 because it's called, "The Ultimate Prescription,"
11:46 just like the book. All right.
11:47 And we're hoping to move the popularity of the book
11:50 to Three Angels where people can come
11:51 and watch this program and then it's,
11:53 "wait, listen, we want to learn more."
11:56 And they might tune into another program
11:58 and you've got such a wide variety of program,
12:00 the music might touch them,
12:01 a story might touch them or of course the scripture.
12:04 So it's a way of getting more people involved
12:08 and our audience is people that don't know--
12:10 truck drivers and people that don't necessarily
12:12 think about their health, we've audience of people
12:14 that just want to feel better.
12:15 And we can now bring them to help develop
12:18 this relationship, the saving relationship.
12:20 This is what the gospel is all about,
12:22 you know, Christ came and at first,
12:24 you know, He didn't hit 'em over the head,
12:25 He loved on them, He loved on them,
12:27 He met 'em where they were at, He love on them.
12:29 He introduced them to Father and let the Holy Spirit take them
12:32 to the next step in their relationship,
12:34 the basic gospel and that's what we're trying to do
12:37 with our ministry and God is blessing us
12:39 through the website and through our programming.
12:42 I mean, we're just so thankful
12:43 that we have this program to put up and people,
12:45 it's gonna come up sometime in the next few months,
12:47 so invite people to continue to pray for us
12:49 that God will use this program and people coming to 3ABN
12:53 to move them into a deeper relationship,
12:54 a saving, healing relationship.
12:56 You know, I said this the other day on the program,
12:59 you know, I would rather live 30 years in that relationship,
13:03 okay, then 80 years not in that relationship. Okay.
13:06 Because that healing--
13:07 God's gonna heal us all in His time. Yes, yes.
13:09 And it might be in heaven, it might be in here in earth,
13:11 it might be lots of changes,
13:12 but that's really the most important thing
13:14 and unfortunately doctors don't do that enough.
13:17 Look to the one that gives the power.
13:18 Right. Right. Unfortunately, modern medicine nowadays
13:21 is turning to we treat a bunch of symptoms,
13:23 we don't fix the problems. Okay.
13:25 And we talked a lot about that the last 13 programs
13:28 we made about, you know, for instance, type 2 diabetes.
13:31 You know, we give medicines for blood sugar
13:33 but the real problem is a lot of people
13:35 losing weight and exercising.
13:36 Well, we need to teach people to do that
13:38 and so if we get to the cause of the problem
13:40 we can actually fix things,
13:42 so it's sort of real exciting time.
13:44 Well, it is and I'm so thankful,
13:46 you know, sometimes as physicians,
13:48 I mean, you know these things but you're so busy--
13:52 Yeah. You know, though I should do this
13:54 or I should do that but you've just said,
13:56 I'm gonna do this for the people's sake
13:58 and for my way of giving things to God
14:03 for what He's done for me.
14:05 I'm gonna share what He's taught me with the people.
14:08 So you said, I'm gonna write a book--Yeah.
14:10 And so you wrote this one to begin
14:12 with but now all of a sudden,
14:14 you're looking over the whole situation
14:16 and you say we're missing one thing,
14:17 we're missing some balance.
14:19 We got people over on the left, we got people over on the right,
14:23 but there's nobody really out there giving a loud cry
14:26 that seems to be right down the middle, am I right?
14:28 That's correct. So you said, okay,
14:30 we need to do something and we're gonna see what happens.
14:33 Now the trouble with this-- You don't have friends.
14:36 That's the problem, I've noticed, you know,
14:39 I have noticed that, you know,
14:40 and get some, you know, e-mails.
14:42 You know, the people in modern medicine
14:43 don't really like you. Yeah.
14:45 Because they like, you know,
14:46 there's a place for modern medicine. I know.
14:47 Especially in treating symptoms. Yeah.
14:49 So they don't really like me too much
14:51 and I got another book coming out next
14:52 your called "Medicines Can Kill,"
14:53 so they're not going to like me even more. Yeah.
14:55 The lifestyle people don't really like me
14:57 because, you know, I don't say that,
14:59 you know, exercise and diet, that's important.
15:02 Yeah. But you can't eat your way to heaven.
15:05 That's right. And the relationship people,
15:08 you know, even when you talk about those relations,
15:10 some people want you to box you in
15:11 and the relationship has to look like this. Yeah.
15:14 It has to be like this, you know,
15:15 some of the e-mails that I get,
15:17 some of the people have their best relationship
15:18 on a boat fishing or out in the woods,
15:21 some of them have it best in the church,
15:23 some of them have it best listening to music
15:25 or watching a spiritual movie.
15:27 Well, how God connects with you and moves is very individual.
15:31 I didn't even get it out my mouth and I said,
15:34 the trouble with that and you just jumped on--
15:35 I knew where you--
15:36 And you knew where I was coming from
15:38 as I was gonna say, you're over here,
15:39 and you're over there, you're gonna have
15:40 a lot of people because people are so,
15:44 you know, some of these folks are so focused on
15:47 what they're doing that's the only way that's right.
15:50 Right. And if you don't do it exactly my way
15:52 then it's the wrong way.
15:53 And so I really believe what we're missing
15:56 as so much is not only in medicine
15:59 but in Christianity is balance. I agree.
16:01 Is because people-- the devil doesn't care
16:03 which side of the boat you fall out of,
16:05 just long as you fall out, right?
16:07 He don't care if you fall out to the left side
16:09 or fall out to the right side as long as you fall out
16:12 and then you get confused in what you're doing.
16:15 But I love what you're doing
16:17 because I believe in it so much,
16:18 you talking about a relationship with a Lord Jesus Christ.
16:22 The other thing that you're doing,
16:23 you're very upfront about God is our creator.
16:28 Yes. And healer. And healer.
16:31 Not only He's a creator but if we will serve Him
16:34 we'll rest in him, it can bring peace to us
16:38 and then it can help us physically as well. Right.
16:41 And very few people,
16:42 especially if you're trying to hit the public
16:45 and hit the markets and do the television programs out,
16:48 I'm gonna say in the world and you're trying to get books
16:51 to get on the bestseller list. Yeah.
16:52 Not for that reason but because you got something
16:55 that the world needs that people sometimes
16:58 they'll back away from all of this because
17:01 they don't really-- and the same way with ministers
17:03 and preaching a lot of folk
17:04 just don't want to tell the truth
17:06 because it's not popular.
17:08 So my hats off to you, Dr. Marcum,
17:10 because you've said, well, you know
17:11 what this is not about a popularity contest.
17:14 I'm not running for office, you know,
17:17 I'm not trying to become governor or president.
17:20 I'm not trying to do whatever--
17:22 I just want to say, what's true
17:23 and what God puts in your heart. Yeah.
17:25 How the spirit leads you
17:26 and what's interesting about the book
17:28 is the book is sort of like a modern day ministry of healing.
17:32 I take a patient name David through the book
17:34 who actually had a heart attack
17:35 and he was a 45 years old guy
17:38 that never had a problem before, Danny.
17:40 And he had his heart attack and he--
17:42 during that time, you know,
17:43 we had to shock his heart, put a stent in.
17:45 But he asked, why did I have this heart attack?
17:48 And then we went through and taught him
17:50 about what causes stress,
17:52 a stress in the cardiovascular system.
17:54 We went back to creation when everything was perfect
17:57 and we showed scientifically
17:58 how creation was a template for good health.
18:01 And good health is just not what you eat or drink,
18:04 it just-- it's also your thoughts.
18:06 Did you know that we're not doing the research
18:08 that when you're angry or having judgmental thoughts
18:11 or feeling guilty that could be as dangerous
18:13 to your chemistry as smoking a pack of cigarettes?
18:15 Wow, okay. So as a man think it's so he is.
18:18 Yeah. So it's just not one thing,
18:20 it's the mind, it's the body, and you know,
18:23 things at creation we're now proving scientifically.
18:26 We know now that people that rest well both at night
18:29 and the week in rest have less of the stress hormones,
18:32 adrenaline, cortisol, which stimulates bad things
18:35 to happen in the body. Okay.
18:36 We know that people that drink water
18:38 instead of soft drink do better, those--
18:40 that was given to a secretion.
18:41 People that serve each other have better chemistry. Wow.
18:44 People that love each other have better chemistry.
18:47 We will also design to have a relationship with a creator.
18:50 And when we don't have a relationship
18:52 with a creator our chemistry gets worse, worse.
18:55 There was a study at the University of Pennsylvania
18:57 that showed people that worship, you know,
18:59 worship God develop the front part of their brain,
19:03 make the prefrontal cortex grow
19:05 and they turn off the bad part of the brain
19:07 called the limbic system which may stress chemicals.
19:10 So this is so interrelated and I've learned
19:13 that we try to love people and not judge people
19:16 because the chemistry of judging people,
19:18 guess what that does to the body,
19:19 it damages the body and how much does it damage?
19:22 I don't know, but if you do that,
19:23 you also hurt yourself,
19:25 so it's very about how God reaches
19:27 individuals in different ways and changes them
19:30 through the Holy Spirit, maybe one step at a time,
19:32 maybe some people change quicker than others
19:34 but as long as we're on that relationship journey
19:36 the Holy Spirit's gonna take us to that place of worship
19:39 and where we need to belong.
19:41 I've been around in this world at least a decade or two
19:44 more longer than you have and there is something
19:47 that I've noticed from the time I was younger,
19:49 there were certain things come along
19:51 seemed like each generation or each decade of fat.
19:55 Well, everybody, everybody, yeah,
19:57 I use that word loosely, we're all doing this
20:00 and we're all doing like this and we're all.
20:02 And when it comes to health,
20:04 you had all these people doing, you know,
20:06 whether spiritual stuff too the eastern meditation,
20:08 you getting into all of the stuff.
20:10 Then in the health, we're gonna go way over here
20:12 and some, you know, boom over here
20:14 and some you can eat and drink.
20:16 I just saw on the news,
20:17 you may have seen this a few days ago.
20:19 Two guys had died, I think the same day,
20:22 it was on CNN.
20:23 And one of them prescribed basically
20:26 to eat right to take care of yourself and I think,
20:29 he even brought in that he was a Christian,
20:32 but he wanted to serve God and to serve others
20:35 and to leave a mark, you know,
20:37 legacy in life of that you care about your,
20:40 your brother and he died.
20:42 And then there was another guy who said,
20:44 that his philosophy and he was,
20:46 I guess known by people was to eat, drink,
20:50 have all the women, wine, and sewing, you possibly can.
20:53 And when he died, they said, the other day
20:56 that he died, his funeral that young people
20:59 under 18 can't come because there is gonna be pornography
21:02 and all kinds of stuff
21:03 and he requested this before he died.
21:05 And so they're showing the exact two episodes of lifestyle.
21:09 So the news commentators said, now we should let you know,
21:13 the man, who basically believed in God
21:15 and who didn't drink, didn't smoke,
21:17 didn't do drugs, didn't go party,
21:19 got plenty of rest, exercise and diet,
21:22 he just died on I think same day 97 years old,
21:25 the other guy was 67.
21:28 So the commentators said, I think this guy is swaying me
21:31 some that maybe I want to more take care of,
21:34 guy called himself a party animal. Yeah.
21:37 So you know what you're saying about this stuff
21:39 is just so true and people know it nowadays
21:42 but we're not in the fads.
21:43 I think and I'm starting to make a point while I go,
21:46 I'll come back to it. Also being older, you know,
21:47 you forget your point sometimes,
21:49 but the point of it is that come back to the fact
21:52 that I think people never they've been better time
21:55 that people just want truth. Yeah.
21:57 They don't want just some fad or a diet
21:59 or whatever because diets don't work,
22:01 you're gonna go back, they want their lifestyle changed,
22:03 so when people like you are stepping up to the play
22:06 with ultimate prescription.
22:08 Now people put away what they thought well,
22:11 you know, if it works I'm gonna try.
22:13 And maybe it's even selfish motive to begin with,
22:15 you don't care nothing about God,
22:17 anything about God, you just say,
22:18 "Boy, if this is working, then I'm gonna try it."
22:21 But what you're doing is a way to introduce people,
22:24 there is a creator God, Who loves us,
22:27 Who died for us, He made a plan of salvation,
22:29 He's a healer God, not only here but for eternity,
22:31 and that's what separates,
22:32 and I love what you're doing and I support you,
22:35 3ABN supports you, we're gonna do everything
22:38 we can to promote the book, we're gonna do it to promote.
22:40 How many of these TV programs, have we done,
22:42 "The Ultimate Prescription?" We've done 26 programs.
22:44 Twenty six, wow. A full year and we're hoping
22:47 this will set the standard for the future of healthcare,
22:50 truth and healthcare. Wow.
22:52 Because, you know, we're in the middle,
22:53 you're right we say that there's a place
22:55 for modern medicine, there's a place for lifestyle
22:58 but that relationship is the key.
23:00 And I don't know if any other health ministry or network
23:02 that's putting on this, this, quite this type of program.
23:05 What we do is, we answer people's questions
23:08 from all over the world-- Okay.
23:09 Last month we had 200,000 people come to our website.
23:12 You're right, everyone's looking for truth. Yeah.
23:14 Not only medicine, but, you know,
23:16 they even look for truth on television, you know--Yeah.
23:19 They want to know something that's true
23:20 and someone's not trying to sell them a bill of goods,
23:22 or making a buck. Yeah.
23:24 They want something that they can believe in
23:26 and I believe as the Holy Spirit works on people's hearts
23:28 that you can lead people to the place they need to be.
23:31 It's gonna be like a big Pentecost.
23:33 You know, people are gonna start coming in.
23:35 And people that you don't even think,
23:36 God's gonna change their heart,
23:38 so they're gonna be some of the most ardent workers
23:40 to finish this work because we need to go home. Yeah.
23:43 You know, we need to get the job done,
23:45 so we can all be healed. Yeah.
23:46 And as I hear you talking, I see the things at 3ABN.
23:49 I just get very excited about what more could we be doing
23:53 except putting our treasures, our time,
23:55 our finances in heaven.
23:56 We don't want to have anything here,
23:57 because we're gonna be moving away soon.
23:59 Okay, I love it. That's great.
24:01 Now tell me about your publisher,
24:03 now how did you go from Ooltewah, Tennessee
24:06 to hooking up for a big publisher like this
24:08 and then get this thing out, we should talk about it.
24:11 This is a very a God, a God moment. Okay.
24:13 Well, I wrote this book and I actually self published it
24:16 and I was selling a few and I just prayed,
24:19 "God, I think this book has some greater reach for you."
24:23 You know, I patterned it out through the ministry of healing,
24:26 because I thought that was a great book
24:27 and it was about relationships too,
24:29 it just a time to much different.
24:31 So I updated all of that, put some stories in it
24:33 and every night I would wake up
24:35 in the middle of the night, with an idea.
24:37 So I go and write it in the computer
24:39 and after two to three months of that I had a book. Yeah.
24:42 And it not only, I use the medical training I had,
24:45 but I learned all this new stuff about lifestyle
24:47 and but the spiritual part really started, God said,
24:50 you got to acknowledge me.
24:52 You know, your doctor, but, we're all doctors, Danny.
24:55 When you treat someone with love and make them laugh,
24:57 you make my endorphins go up, your prescription to me.
25:00 All right. But when you're, you know,
25:01 if someone mean to each other,
25:03 they can make the chemistry go bad.
25:04 You raise the blood pressure
25:05 increase the risk of heart attack,
25:07 so we're all healers. Okay.
25:08 Medical doctors do a pretty good job of treating symptoms,
25:11 until God can do the healing.
25:13 So once I realize that that's my place in the earth
25:16 and I started writing this book and it all came together
25:19 and they're book was there and I started praying
25:22 and through a series of contacts,
25:24 I met a book agent Miller Dupree in Dallas, Texas.
25:29 Okay. And they actually Dr. Phil's book agent
25:33 and they're involved also with Maria Shriver
25:35 and people like that. Yeah.
25:36 So I wanted to go step out of the box a little bit
25:39 and just follow God's leading.
25:41 So they looked at the book, the book agents said,
25:43 yeah, we'll take it on. We love this book.
25:44 We think it has a message. Wow.
25:46 And, you know, it's also talks about a weakly rest.
25:49 It talks about all the principles in the Bible
25:51 especially in the creation week. Okay.
25:54 So they got a hold of it and they started shopping it.
25:56 And of course when you-- we take this to a publisher,
25:59 you know, they know that
26:00 they won't even pickup a book unless it's good,
26:02 so Simon Schuster wanted the book,
26:05 and Tyndale was in the bidding
26:07 and the one in Nashville, Thomas Nelson. Yeah.
26:10 So they all made bids on the book,
26:12 you know, what we want the book,
26:14 we want to put it out and I wanted to go this route
26:16 because they had such marketing abilities.
26:19 So I praise the God, you know,
26:20 two of them we're had offices in Nashville
26:23 and that was easier for me to get to. Sure, yeah.
26:25 The other one Tyndale was in Chicago.
26:27 And I pray this to God, you know,
26:29 Chicago is a long way but they had
26:31 the most young vibrant marketing staff. Okay.
26:34 And really it wasn't a, you know,
26:36 it was about getting the message out
26:37 to many people they can, so God just led me
26:40 to Tyndale publishing they published the Living Bible
26:43 and Dr. Taylor published that back in '69.
26:46 And they were very great place
26:48 to be they're very much Bible believing people.
26:51 They're not associated with any denomination,
26:53 they don't--they're not into making profit,
26:55 they put all the money into a foundation,
26:58 so I thought very good about them,
26:59 and then what they've done is
27:01 that they made the book beautiful,
27:02 they made it into a study book as well. Okay.
27:04 They changed it round a little bit
27:06 but not much but what they really done good at it
27:08 is the marketing. Right.
27:10 That you know I've been on with people
27:12 like G. Gordon Liddy, you know, talking about the book.
27:15 From the Janet Parshall, Chris Fabry,
27:19 some of the leading names of people
27:20 all over the United States now talking about this message.
27:24 Talking about how God wants to be a part
27:26 of the healing prescription
27:27 and how He gave us the plan back at creation
27:29 that we're straying from and because of this
27:32 we have a chemical changes in our body,
27:34 so God's given this book of platform
27:36 and now that people are becoming
27:37 more and more interested, they want to know more.
27:40 They want to know what's about the selection,
27:41 how do I develop where do I go next.
27:44 And that's why God has said, well, you know,
27:45 you need to do something more to bring him to the next step.
27:47 I said, well, why not let's make
27:49 a television program, based on the book.
27:51 The principles of the book and answer questions on air.
27:54 So that's when we talk to 3ABN
27:55 about The Ultimate Prescription,
27:57 so now it's going up on the air
27:59 and now we have a place of people
28:01 that want to learn more they can Google it
28:02 or whatever and they can realize
28:04 as Tyndale puts it out, let's people know
28:06 as we put it on our website
28:08 more people can come to 3ABN
28:09 either a dish or even the computer.
28:12 Sure. Cable, dish, radio-- Right just lots of ways
28:14 and then that way the relationship
28:16 can develop more and what I like is 3ABN
28:19 has different types of way to develop the relationship.
28:22 You know some people, Mike--you know,
28:24 one fellow says, I don't like to listen to those preachers
28:26 I don't trust the word they say and I don't read well.
28:29 You know, 20% of people don't read well,
28:30 but he says, "God talks to me through music."
28:33 Okay. So that's how he connects.
28:34 I have one person says,
28:35 "Well, I connect through nature."
28:37 Now some people do connect
28:38 through Bible study going to church.
28:40 But people connect in different ways
28:42 and as the Holy Spirit works with people,
28:44 it's amazing the changes that can happen to life,
28:46 both not only the inside of the people
28:48 but the things they learn,
28:50 lifestyle changes that they make,
28:52 the way they think and feel,
28:53 the way they relate to other people
28:56 and we're all called to serve each other
28:58 and as people start loving and serving each other
29:00 remarkable things happen in a short period of time,
29:02 so that was sort of how the book was born,
29:04 it was actually released in January
29:07 and I've been talking on the radio
29:08 and traveling as much as I can to talk
29:11 to other people about the book and it's just really exciting.
29:14 And it's--it's in books, Barnes and Noble books,
29:17 you know, it's in every book store in America right now.
29:20 I came back from Florida recently
29:22 talking to some hospital systems in Florida about it. Okay.
29:25 Trying to get everyone interested in this
29:27 and of course the name of the book
29:28 and the name of the program are the same,
29:30 so this sort of tied together.
29:32 Are you getting feedback from some of the folk,
29:34 once they get it? Yes.
29:35 They read it. Oh, yes.
29:37 Then tell me-- tell us the feedback.
29:38 I've got some good feedback and some bad feedback. Sure.
29:42 You know a lot of people have their problem
29:44 when I go back to creation and say,
29:46 you know, we have a good, better and best diet. Okay.
29:50 And the best diet was what God gave us a creation. Okay.
29:52 You know, and that was a plant based diet. Right.
29:55 Well, the fact that most of the people
29:57 that read this book don't eat plants,
30:00 you know, they say well, listen,
30:01 you know, God gave us meat to eat
30:03 and all these other things and I said, yes, that is true.
30:05 Okay, and he doesn't, you know,
30:06 just because you eat that doesn't mean you're not saved
30:09 and He doesn't love you. Yeah.
30:10 But that wasn't the best plan of creation,
30:12 that was a plan that develop because of sin. Right.
30:15 And I go that I have science that proves it
30:17 and books by T. Colin Campbell
30:19 and documentaries like Forks over Knives
30:21 and even in your own life, I can prove it chemically
30:23 that that's the best thing for you.
30:25 Now I'm still gonna love you no matter what,
30:26 but as we move towards this direction,
30:28 we will have better chemistry.
30:30 So that's the one that comes up on a regular basis.
30:33 Another one is this concept of rest.
30:36 You know God of the universe didn't have health problems,
30:39 worked six days and said remember to rest.
30:41 It's important to rest.
30:43 Well, that's a healing factor not only the fact
30:45 that the physical rest gives you but in through renew
30:48 that relationship and make it a special time,
30:51 because in that relationship that is actually prescription
30:53 for your chemistry. Okay.
30:55 As you develop this relationship
30:57 and God develops you more and more.
30:59 As you become like Him, you think more like God,
31:02 He changes your body's chemistry
31:04 it's actually a prescription for you. Okay.
31:07 A lot of the diseases and prompt
31:09 we have we see because we strive
31:11 from the original creation plan.
31:13 And we just finished some programs
31:15 talking about the 30 most common
31:16 causes of death in America.
31:19 And what we found out a lot of the causes of death
31:21 was because we do things that were--
31:23 was not designed of creation
31:25 over and over for instance, cancer.
31:29 We're now finding the cancer
31:30 is this a lot of associated with things like for instance
31:32 breast cancer with too much estrogen.
31:34 Colon cancer with too much meat in our diet
31:37 and not enough transit time.
31:38 Lung cancer with cigarettes,
31:40 so toxins over a prolong period of time damage the body,
31:45 so anything that we do that was in the original plan
31:47 over prolong period of time can damage your body. Okay.
31:50 But likewise anything that we do
31:52 that was on the original plan
31:54 over a prolong period of time
31:55 can help our body tremendously
31:57 like serving each other, loving each other.
32:00 Did you know that, Dan,
32:02 when you make your television program
32:03 like this or when you preach
32:04 you're actually in a state of worship,
32:07 because service is worship? Yeah, okay.
32:10 And that helps your chemistry,
32:11 because that's how we were designed to be.
32:13 So, you're improving your chemistry
32:15 when you do that as long as you don't get too tired
32:17 and keep the balance and other aspects of your life.
32:19 But also as we stay in--
32:21 Having done over 12,000 programs
32:23 and that makes me feel a little better.
32:24 Well, you've done a lot of worship then,
32:26 but also as you stay in this relationship
32:28 that we were designed to have--
32:29 we were designed to be with God.
32:31 Our chemistry improves
32:32 and as we do this over a long period of time,
32:34 it improves our chemistry.
32:36 God creates a new mind,
32:37 gives us power to make changes,
32:39 gives us these new synopses in the brain.
32:41 We come through a new experience,
32:42 that's why these relationships,
32:45 this worship, this service, this love,
32:47 all these things are interconnected
32:49 and yet it changes our chemistry.
32:51 You know why when I gave a person appeal
32:53 that has nothing in sugar and one and three feel better,
32:56 because they believe in it. Okay.
32:58 And as our faith develops and as we believe in God,
33:00 we can understand a lot more about
33:02 His plan for healing each one of us.
33:04 Wow. Okay. Does this make sense?
33:06 I love it, you know, it does it make sense,
33:08 tremendous amount of sense.
33:10 And I think that's what we're looking for today.
33:11 That common sense. Because like I says
33:13 use some good common sense
33:15 and your commonsense has to go along
33:17 with the principles of the Bible which yours does.
33:20 Yeah. But it's easy to understand.
33:22 But what I'd like to do we have I think
33:25 we're gonna give the folks a little of sample.
33:27 Okay, great. Of The Ultimate Prescription.
33:29 Now this is not on the year yet, so this is a first time look.
33:32 This is a first, so we're gonna present
33:33 and give you a little sample of this right now.
33:37 I'm Dr. James Marcum.
33:39 Are you interested in discovering the reason why?
33:42 You want solutions to your healthcare problems.
33:45 Are you tired of taking medications?
33:48 Well, you're about to be given with The Ultimate Prescription.
33:53 Now, Dr. Marcum, before we start looking
33:57 in these dark places in our lives,
33:59 is there something that we should know
34:01 that will help us in our journey, in our research?
34:03 Yeah, I want to show you this reflex hammer, Charles. Okay.
34:07 Doctors have used these for years
34:09 to check a person's neurologic system. Yes.
34:12 And that neurologic system
34:13 is an indirect way of thinking. Okay.
34:16 Let me just try this with you, Charles, okay.
34:19 What we normally do and I can't see it
34:20 well 'cause you were in a suit but we would hit right here. Oh.
34:23 And we watch the muscle above it contract.
34:26 This is a reflex hammer and there's a bunch of tests
34:28 we can do to find truth.
34:30 When sometimes we hit hard like that,
34:31 I hit you hard-- That hurt.
34:33 And I can do like that and pop you in the head too,
34:36 but this tests our neurologic system.
34:38 Sometimes truth hurts, right? Okay.
34:40 Yeah, this checks our neurologic system,
34:42 but how, how do we check our truth system? Oh.
34:46 You know this checks our reflexes
34:48 but how do we know whether we're being taught truth. Yes.
34:51 How do we know that we're not buying
34:52 a bunch of lies and that we're not lost
34:54 and if we took that test or truth test
34:56 we would fail dramatically. Yes.
34:58 How do we know that?
34:59 And that's what we want to talk about today
35:01 to get our viewers to understand
35:04 that there is a truth out there
35:05 that not only applies to their lives
35:08 but also applies to medicine and healing.
35:10 And this has to be a part
35:11 of every healing program out there.
35:13 And we're gonna find out
35:14 how people can know whether
35:16 they have the truth in their life or not.
35:18 All right, all right.
35:19 All right, I love it. That's just a little sample.
35:22 You know we tried it throw a little humor at it,
35:24 you know, because we have a God of joy and love. We do.
35:27 He wants us to have a good time
35:28 and some of these programs you see so boring,
35:30 you know, you want to have some life to it, you know--
35:32 I've actually had and years ago when we first started
35:34 we know the health message is important,
35:37 so we would try different people
35:38 and bring them and some of our viewers would say,
35:40 you know, those people look so unhealthy
35:42 or those people are not happy.
35:44 Why do have those on?
35:45 So we started saying, you know what,
35:47 really there should be a balance.
35:49 And I remember I had one doctor
35:51 who came here and he was telling us,
35:54 if we did all of these things the way he does them,
35:57 we should get probably 10 more years of life.
36:00 And we did nearly whole program
36:02 but I finally said to him, you know,
36:03 for as far as I'm concerned
36:05 and I think a lot of our viewers.
36:08 If you can give me 10 more years of life,
36:10 you know, if you can give me 30 to 40 or 40 to 50,
36:12 but if you're gonna give me 75 to 85,
36:16 but you haven't helped me at the end of that 10 years
36:19 what good does that really do me?
36:21 Because a lot of times that last few years may be very,
36:24 you know, tough for us to go by but I think
36:28 the health message should absolutely
36:31 is what it's all about is to lead people. Yes.
36:33 Because the very throne room to lead people to heaven,
36:36 that you know what, you can live healthier and happier now
36:38 but you think this is something,
36:39 this is just a sample
36:41 of what it's gonna be like for all eternity.
36:43 So I think all of what we do whether it's music,
36:46 whether it's preaching, whether it's teaching,
36:48 whether it's a medical field
36:49 is to lead people-- Yes.
36:51 To eternal relationship
36:54 with the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
36:56 and you do that so well.
36:57 What we're now finding out is that science proves it
37:00 everything that God says works out for us.
37:02 You know people don't think about relationships
37:05 and service and music as a way to change
37:08 your body's chemistry but it does,
37:11 you know, David, he played-- he played strings instruments,
37:14 he did it for a reason to improve it,
37:16 you know, to make people feel better.
37:18 It changes your serotonin levels.
37:19 These chemicals in the body, you know,
37:21 Saul started picking up when he heard David,
37:23 you know, singing a peppy song.
37:24 There is reasons for this chemically
37:26 and if we only realize how little we know
37:30 and the more I learned the more
37:32 I realized the less I know.
37:34 You know I don't know very much at all
37:35 about healing and medicine,
37:37 I don't know very much.
37:38 I'm willing to learn but God's gonna teach us
37:41 if we're willing to be humble,
37:42 if we're willing to be messengers
37:43 and let Him change our lives and do these things.
37:46 It's just a very, a very exciting time.
37:48 And I'm hoping that this program really does well,
37:50 and if 3ABN wants to get it to,
37:52 want to be great as CBS or NBC who would say,
37:55 hey, that's a good program.
37:56 If God can do this, He wants to.
37:58 And God will bless and move this in the direction,
38:01 He wants it to go but it's a nice message
38:03 because it's a moderate message,
38:05 you know, we don't judge people.
38:06 You know, there is a place for medicines,
38:08 this lifestyle it's all good and fine.
38:10 And we want to answer people's questions
38:12 and we want to love them back to health not judge them
38:15 and teach them about how to develop this relationship.
38:18 You said something earlier too that's very important
38:20 you said it's all about marketing.
38:22 When you-- because you can have
38:23 the greatest product in the world
38:25 and if you're sitting on it,
38:26 it's not doing very many people any good.
38:29 And so you know our goal would be working with you
38:32 is to market this to virtually every,
38:35 every television network that would have an interest
38:37 in doing this programming because I believe
38:40 that we'll have tremendous amounts of networks
38:42 I'd be surprised if they wouldn't.
38:44 Yeah, and don't hide your light under,
38:46 you know don't hide it.
38:47 It's true and what I love about it
38:48 is you haven't compromised a message,
38:50 but there are people
38:51 that actually survive on controversies,
38:53 so some of these networks
38:54 who may not necessarily agree with everything
38:57 that you're saying-- Right.
38:59 Don't really care because it's gonna get more viewers
39:01 one way or the other. Right.
39:03 And I met Muhammad Ali, a few times years ago
39:06 and I was in Michigan for a few years
39:09 and he was there in the 70s
39:10 and I'd go down sometimes and watch him sparring,
39:12 talk to him a few times and he said something to me.
39:15 And this was coming from a man at that time,
39:18 I don't know where he is in life
39:19 today spiritually and all that but he said to me,
39:21 you know what, "I don't care
39:23 if people love me or if they hate me."
39:25 He said, "all I want-- I don't care
39:27 if they pay to see me get beat up
39:28 or they pay to see me win,
39:30 I just want 'em to pay and to come and see me."
39:32 And he said the same thing it's all about marketed.
39:34 He said, I'm the most popular human on planet earth
39:38 and it's about marketing.
39:39 Now some of things I won't go ahead
39:40 and say what he said, I like the guy,
39:42 he's a nice guy, was a great boxer.
39:45 But the point is this is you could be the greatest boxer
39:48 in the world like Muhammad Ali,
39:50 but if we hadn't get out of Louisville
39:52 and just stayed there, then, you know,
39:54 who would have known about him.
39:55 We have some truth that God has given us
39:58 from the foundation of the world
39:59 and it's been 2,000 years since Jesus was here.
40:02 You know, 6,000 years here planet earth
40:04 and yet right now we have by far more people
40:07 that's ever been on the planet
40:09 six gone towards seven billion people right now.
40:12 And if there was ever a time
40:13 that we need to learn about health
40:16 and to learn about our creator God, it's now.
40:19 So marketing is everything, you've got this book,
40:22 I'm so glad because you said two things
40:24 one is about marketing and the other
40:25 you want to get out of the box.
40:27 Right. We have to be creative in presuming the gospel.
40:30 Right. Because not everyone takes the gospel
40:32 in the same way. Yeah.
40:33 Like there's some people it reaches through music,
40:35 some people health, some people
40:36 through the written words, some people out nature.
40:39 When I realized that 20 to 30% of the people
40:42 don't functionally read well then you start looking
40:44 for other ways to reach them,
40:46 to connect to that relationship.
40:48 And let God, let God be God.
40:50 Let the Holy Spirit do the work,
40:51 we don't have to do everything.
40:53 I'm gonna do some marketing right now. Okay.
40:55 What I am gonna suggest to our viewers,
40:57 go every one of you when it's not Sabbath hour,
41:00 anytime other than Sabbath,
41:02 go to your local book stores request this book.
41:05 If they don't have it, let 'em know you want it.
41:08 And go ahead and buy one.
41:09 Because every time you do that you can buy one
41:12 from these bookstores that creates a demand
41:15 and people say well, we want more.
41:17 So, well, yeah, you might be able to get it
41:19 $5 cheaper or $2 cheaper someone else,
41:21 but Dr. Marcum I happen to know,
41:23 he didn't write this because he needs the money.
41:25 And he wrote it because he has a burden for souls
41:28 and to do what God has called him to do
41:30 just as surely as you and me are doing
41:32 what we believe God has called us to do.
41:34 So I'm gonna suggest to you,
41:35 I've had a little experience in this
41:37 if everyone of our viewers,
41:39 if you would go to your local book stores,
41:42 many of you love to go to bookstores
41:43 whether it's Barnes and Nobles whomever and you say,
41:46 you know, we want-- if they look for the book,
41:48 if it's not there, look at 'em and say
41:50 you don't have this book,
41:51 this is one of the bestsellers going right now.
41:54 Basically, you really need this book.They listen.
41:57 They listen to you one request
42:00 equals 500 to 1,000 people just like in television.
42:03 One letter we get represents 500 to 1,000 viewers
42:06 because most people just want bother to sit down
42:08 and write or e-mail or do whatever, same way with books.
42:11 I am sure the numbers might even be larger than that.
42:14 So I'm gonna suggest to you that you go,
42:16 you call your local bookstores, but you go in person,
42:19 and if you a have a book there buy it.
42:21 And if we had thousands of people
42:23 buying this then they're gonna order more.
42:25 Pretty soon when this thing hits
42:27 this bestseller's list then everybody says,
42:29 well, it must be a good book,
42:31 I want to see what it is, we're gonna buy it.
42:33 And this thing could really go,
42:34 there's no reason this shouldn't be
42:36 the top of the New York best seller's list.
42:38 Anyhow a lot of people also using this to reach
42:41 their friends and neighbors. Yeah.
42:43 You know for $9 or $10,
42:45 they can reach out to their neighbor
42:47 as a gift as a way to touch them,
42:49 you know, it might be hard for someone
42:50 to talk about spiritual things. Right, sure.
42:52 Everyone is interested in their health. Everybody.
42:54 And this does not try to convert them to anything
42:57 except the relationship
42:58 and it uses all biblical techno--
43:00 so it doesn't really offend anybody.
43:02 But yet it gives the Holy Spirit
43:03 a chance to start working in someone's life.
43:06 About 15 years ago,
43:07 we were starting to try to work with cable,
43:09 we'd been on for years
43:11 and not really we're building downlink stations
43:13 and so busy in the small group here
43:15 that we just didn't really get into that marketing.
43:18 It was basically marketing itself from the viewers,
43:21 but Moses Primo and I went and met
43:23 that we went I think it's New York City
43:24 or somewhere in the East Coast,
43:26 Time Warner huge building out there to meet
43:28 with Time Warner people.
43:30 Well, they knew we were coming,
43:31 so they had started tuning into our programming
43:33 and watching our programming.
43:34 And so we went up and so I talked to I think
43:38 it was one of the vice presidents of marketing.
43:40 And when we went upstairs, we talked to her.
43:43 She said to me right out of that box, just right out.
43:45 She said, you know,
43:47 "3ABN is one of the best kept secrets in America."
43:52 And here we're saying,
43:53 well, we're trying to get to the world
43:55 we're doing this but she says,
43:56 "you're one of the best kept secrets in America."
43:59 And I said, well, I like hearing you say that, but why?
44:02 And here is what she said to me, she said,
44:03 "Because what you have to offer,
44:06 what everybody is interested in."
44:08 She said, and I'll tell you why?
44:09 She said, no, people aren't interested in hearing,
44:11 they see preachers on there,
44:13 they see gospel music they may not be,
44:15 but you have so much good health programming
44:18 that she says, whether you're a Jew,
44:19 whether you're Catholic, whether you're Muslim,
44:21 whether you're Atheist, Agnostic,
44:23 no matter who you are,
44:24 you're Methodist, you're Pentecostal.
44:26 You're going to want to listen to this health message
44:29 because you're people do it.
44:30 She says, they're qualified
44:31 and they do it in such a nice, easy,
44:34 relaxed way and we're not having to go pay doctors
44:37 and--and do all this and we learned
44:39 so much she said,
44:41 this program should be everywhere. Yeah.
44:43 This program, so what you're doing?
44:45 This particular program,
44:46 The Ultimate Prescription, should be everywhere.
44:48 Yeah. And I'm hoping that it can--
44:50 it can just grow as the Lord blesses it
44:53 and as people pray for this program,
44:55 pray for 3ABN and evangelistic outreach.
44:58 We've been told that in the final days,
45:00 it's the health message that's gonna go forward.
45:02 Yeah, right, exactly. You know people want to move
45:04 that and we got to put our resources
45:05 and our time and our effort into this,
45:07 we've gotta believe what was told to us
45:09 and we look back to Christ plan,
45:11 that's what He did way back, you know, in his time.
45:13 He worked on the health message, he healed people.
45:16 So that's-- if we get back to that
45:17 there's another way to present the evangelistic.
45:19 It's very evangelistic.
45:21 We can lead many, many, to Christ this way.
45:24 What you're doing--
45:25 what Dr. Marcum is doing is just
45:27 as much a part as equal of giving an undiluted
45:31 three angles' messages
45:32 one that would counteract the counterfeit
45:34 to all the world as Elder Kenneth Cox
45:37 or John Carter or, you know, Mark Finley any of these guys,
45:40 Doug Batchelor who is out there preaching
45:42 doing it in a different way and a wise lady understood
45:44 that many, many years ago
45:46 when she received the health message and said,
45:48 the Lord showed her as the right arm is to the body,
45:52 that's the way the health message is
45:53 in to bringing people in to a relationship
45:56 with the Lord Jesus Christ.
45:57 But again we don't always do it.
45:59 There's a lot of people who are doing
46:00 and we're thankful for those out there
46:02 as it is very balanced in those,
46:03 but again there is many
46:05 who aren't even within our own denomination.
46:07 You have some physicians over here
46:09 and you have some over here and it's hard to find people,
46:13 but what you've done,
46:14 I believe the world is looking for it.
46:16 I believe that we have seen nothing yet
46:19 and we'll keep our viewers involved
46:20 and how you can help to get this book
46:23 out literally around the world.
46:25 We did this when there was a movie on the Passion of Christ
46:28 and the Whitehall took one of the books
46:30 and put a Passion of Christ on it,
46:32 read like great controversy and put,
46:35 you know, a different cover on it.
46:36 We talked to our viewers
46:38 about going to your bookstores and boy they did.
46:40 And they would buy 'em and all of a sudden
46:42 he ended up 1.6 million of those sold pretty quickly
46:46 because once you create that demand
46:49 then all of a sudden everybody what is this thing--
46:51 It goes viral. We want to do it.
46:52 Yeah, and it's not like
46:53 it's a $60 book or $80 book or something big
46:56 where you got to invest your house in order to get it.
46:58 This is gonna be reasonable priced,
47:00 so we want to encourage you to help that.
47:02 That's what you can do your part,
47:04 maybe it'll cost you 8 or 10 or 12,
47:05 I don't even know what the price will be,
47:07 but even if it's $12 or $15,
47:10 if you can help do that and to get this.
47:12 Then when you get the book,
47:13 you not only read it for yourself
47:15 but as he said maybe you either
47:16 want to buy one for your neighbors,
47:17 if you don't have the money
47:18 then maybe you want to share
47:19 with your friends and neighbors around.
47:21 But I would suggest not only get one for yourself
47:23 but get one for your children, get one for your,
47:26 you know, your neighbors for people
47:27 that you love and people that you don't,
47:29 you know, and, but-- I believe, Dr. Marcum,
47:32 and I wouldn't say this
47:33 if I didn't believe in it 1,000%
47:36 and because what you're doing,
47:37 I believe is a God thing.
47:40 It's totally that only the Lord has impressed you to do it
47:43 and many are called but a few are chosen,
47:45 and you are one of those who decided
47:47 I'm gonna answer that call Lord
47:49 and I am gonna go forward and God is blessing you. Yes.
47:52 And I think we haven't seen nothing yet.
47:53 And you know this is about a message,
47:56 you know, I just happen to be one of the messengers
47:58 just like all of us are.
47:59 We are all part of this message.
48:01 We're all called to serve however God chooses us.
48:04 And if we do our part, God is gonna do His part.
48:08 And I found that the more
48:09 I spend time with the Holy Spirit
48:11 letting Him work, like for instance the other day
48:13 I took care of a gentleman in the hospital
48:15 and I had another ministry commitment that day
48:18 and the patient had atrial fibrillation and I said,
48:20 Lord, the normal treatment for that,
48:22 the next day I was gonna have to shock him.
48:24 I said, listen if I shock him,
48:26 I'm not gonna be able to make this appointment,
48:27 we're meeting someone about ministry.
48:29 I said, please, please help me out here,
48:32 how about just getting this rhythm back to normal for me,
48:35 so I called the hospital a little later
48:36 and said what time did this guy
48:37 get back into normal rhythm?
48:39 And it was about the same time as the prayer was made.
48:42 But as you see this happen to you
48:44 as God answers prayer it empowers you,
48:47 you know, and it's exciting.
48:49 Now we're never gonna be perfect,
48:51 you know, we're human beings, we're gonna make mistakes,
48:53 but as God works in our life He uses our imperfections
48:57 as long as we're willing to keep working for Him.
48:59 He's gonna love us. He's gonna show us what to do,
49:01 and how to move His message forward His way
49:04 maybe not our way but His way. Wonderful.
49:07 What I'd like to do, there may be folks
49:08 who have questions and you want to find out
49:10 how can we help with this, we want to read what you've got,
49:13 and we want to support it, we want to do our best.
49:16 What we're gonna do is we're gonna put up
49:17 Dr. Marcum's address right now
49:20 and we'll be back right after this to talk to you for--
49:22 we'll have just a few more minutes
49:24 and before we do a close.
49:28 If you'd like to know more about this ministry
49:31 then you can write to Heartwise Ministries,
49:33 8831 Forest Creek Lane, Ooltewah, Tennessee 37363.
49:39 That's Heartwise Ministries, 8831 Forest Creek Lane,
49:44 Ooltewah, Tennessee 37363.
49:47 You can call (423) 238-0048.
49:52 That's (423) 238-0048.
49:56 You can also visit them online at heartwiseministries.org.
50:00 It's all one word, heartwiseministries.org.
50:05 Call or write today.
50:13 Okay. I hope you got that address,
50:15 if you didn't for any reason
50:17 you can always contact us here at 3ABN,
50:19 we'll tell you how to get a hold of Dr. Marcum.
50:22 And we just love him and appreciate
50:24 what he's doing and we support you a 100%.
50:27 We only have a couple of minutes here.
50:29 I wanna go back a little bit to your upbringing.
50:31 Where you raised in a Christian home?
50:33 Yes, I was raised in a Christian home
50:35 and God especially in college
50:37 really brought me to this present truth.
50:40 I met a young pastor at the University of Texas
50:43 where I was going to school named Randy Roberts.
50:44 His first pastorship out. He was a single.
50:48 We met there and he brought me into a relationship
50:50 with the heavenly father. Okay.
50:52 And then through that I've grown and grown
50:54 and it's just sort of exciting, you know,
50:57 I worship with the Seventh-day Adventist,
50:59 but I also believe that God works in all people
51:03 and God could work in all people and save all people.
51:05 And He's gonna bring us all together to finish this work
51:08 and we all have been called to do something special.
51:10 And it's just so nice to be here with you today
51:14 because I get excited about what we're doing
51:16 and partnering with people.
51:17 And I just want to pray that out listeners
51:19 will feel the infection here
51:22 and pass this from person to person and do our part.
51:24 You know, let's not be lazy, let's not be Laodicea.
51:27 We have a chance to do something and sooner or later
51:30 some of these doors might close on us
51:32 and, you know, I hear about censorship
51:34 and some of these other things that might be legislated.
51:36 Well, God's given us a chance to move forwards
51:39 with the gospel and let's find ways to do it.
51:41 You know, the Seventh-day Adventist
51:44 have a great name in the health field.
51:46 Everywhere I have gone anywhere and I talk to people
51:49 and they'll say especially
51:50 if you're around Orlando or Tampa
51:52 where they have all those hospitals
51:53 or you're at Loma Linda,
51:55 you talk to people that'll say,
51:56 "Boy, those Seventh-day Adventist hospitals,
51:59 they are the kindest people,
52:00 and they're up-to-date of the medicine,
52:03 and they just love you."
52:04 And so like when I'm sick if somebody says,
52:08 you know, you go to this hospital
52:10 or that I'm not questioning.
52:11 If I'm having a heart attack take me there, I won't say,
52:14 no, the guy is a Baptist, no, he is a catholic.
52:16 I don't think I wanna, you know,
52:17 at that point you're not there.
52:19 But once you're there we have an opportunity
52:21 to introduce these people
52:22 to the creator God of the universe.
52:24 And that's what Dr. Marcum is doing
52:26 and that's what he's committed to doing
52:28 and I think we can do our part to help.
52:30 Because we want to support you in what you're doing.
52:32 We want to lift up your hands.
52:34 3ABN, I promise you we're gonna look in to seeing
52:36 how far we can market this in how many channels,
52:39 Ultimate Prescription will go one
52:41 because I think there's a great demand for it.
52:43 And there's thousands and hundred's of thousands
52:45 of people waiting to be blessed.
52:47 They just don't know how it's gonna happen
52:48 or when but they're praying, Lord,
52:51 what's gonna happen to me, I need some help,
52:52 Can you show me some truth? Show me truth.
52:55 They may just be talking about physically to begin with,
52:58 but before it's over with we know
52:59 that they're gonna be asking the same think for spiritually.
53:02 We're gonna to go to a newsbreak
53:04 and then we're gonna come back for just the closing thought.


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