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00:21 Doctor Standish, do you remember these things
00:23 Rubik's cube that came out back in I guess it
00:26 was early1980's. Yes I remember them.
00:30 Spent a lot of time wasting time in class with
00:32 it, did you have one when you were a boy.
00:34 I did. And you played with it in class. All
00:37 the time. Did you realize that in that Rubik's
00:40 cube in a very strange way, one of the secrets
00:43 to the meaning of life is actually found in that
00:45 cube, did you realize it? I didn't realize it at
00:48 that time anyway. In a very strange way the
00:50 secret to life is in that Rubik's cube and if you
00:52 wanna find out how that is stick
00:54 around for Out of Thin Air.
01:11 Good evening everyone and welcome to the
01:13 special presentation by Pastor Shawn Boonstra.
01:16 It is Written Television titled Out of Thin Air.
01:21 Tonight you're gonna hear Pastor Boonstra
01:22 talk to you about the great questions of life.
01:25 If you ever had a question that you couldn't
01:26 have answered. Well there are lot of those
01:28 questions, sometimes my kids used to ask me
01:31 those questions. In fact have you ever heard
01:33 the question Dad when are we are gonna get
01:35 there or Mom when are we going to arrive,
01:37 that may be one of the most famous questions
01:39 ever asked of anyone. But I want to tell you
01:42 that tonight you're gonna hear some big
01:43 questions asked, something that may be
01:46 you've had tickling in the back of your mind.
01:48 And I want you to welcome right now Pastor
01:50 Shawn Boonstra as he takes us into
01:52 this great question in Out of Thin Air.
02:03 I am so glad you're here for Out of Thin Air;
02:07 I've been looking forward to this series for
02:09 a very long time because I get to ask some
02:12 of the biggest questions that human race has
02:15 ever asked. And of course the question that
02:17 comes to mind is in four nights you're gonna
02:19 ask all the big questions that human kind has
02:21 ever asked in all history. No we're not gonna
02:24 ask all of them, but we are gonna set the stage,
02:27 we are gonna give people the tools they need
02:29 to examine those subjects for themselves
02:31 and answer questions like why are we here?
02:33 Now why are we floating around on this little
02:35 blue marble called planet Earth in the middle of
02:37 the Milky Way Galaxy, in the middle of the
02:39 Universe? If God exist how do we know he exist
02:43 and questions like that, the big stuff.
02:45 Now, I know we're gonna examine the question
02:48 how do we know if God is there and he exist.
02:50 But even before I get into that we begin to
02:52 examine the evidence one way or the other.
02:55 I am a minister and I happen to believe that
02:57 God does exist, so before I get into the topic.
03:00 I just like to always ask God just to bless me,
03:03 just a quick word of prayer to ask him to bless
03:05 what I am about to say, so let's bow our heads
03:07 for a moment. Gracious Father thank you so
03:10 much for this opportunity. Open our minds,
03:13 speak to our hearts I ask in Jesus name, amen.
03:18 You can take a pen and you can mark it on
03:21 your calendar at home, July the 12th 2007 is
03:25 officially the day I started my mid-life
03:28 crisis. I don't know when you're suppose to start
03:31 your mid-life crisis, but mine started July
03:34 the 12th 2007, and I can't pin point why it
03:38 started that day. It may have something to do
03:41 with the fact that I'd had back surgery two
03:43 months before that and I'd had a lot of time
03:46 laying around on my back thinking about life,
03:48 and what I am suppose to do with life.
03:50 May be that's what started it, I am not sure,
03:52 but I do no one thing what my daughter said
03:55 to me on July the 12th 2007 didn't help the
03:59 issue one bit. She was in bed, she was suppose
04:03 to be sleeping and I snuck down the hallway
04:06 knocked on her door Natalie honey are you
04:08 still awake. Yes daddy I am still awake.
04:11 I snuck into the room very quietly so mommy
04:13 wouldn't find out I was going in there,
04:15 and we could hoarse around for the next little
04:17 while, tell jokes, and I could tickle her and tell
04:20 stories and goof off. And I snuck into the room
04:23 and I sat on the edge of the bed and I said
04:25 Natalie honey tell daddy something,
04:28 what do you want to do with the rest of your
04:31 life? You've got your whole life ahead of you,
04:34 what is it that you wanna do? Oh daddy that's
04:36 easy, I wanna be a teacher, and a mommy,
04:39 and a doctor. Wow! I said, why don't you do all
04:42 of those things, you mean I could? I said that's
04:44 right, you can do all of them, but first you
04:46 become a doctor that way you can help daddy
04:48 by his retirement house. First you become a
04:52 doctor and then after you been a doctor for a
04:54 while, you go back and teach other people how
04:56 to be. Oh! Daddy that's a good idea.
04:59 I said honey why do you wanna be a doctor?
05:02 She said well daddy then I can help people,
05:04 people who have problems, I can help them
05:07 and besides the next time you need surgery I can
05:11 do it. Oh! Honey I said daddy is pretty young
05:16 and he is not gonna need surgery for a long,
05:18 long time again, it's gonna be years.
05:20 No, no daddy that's not true, in a few years,
05:23 just a few short years are gonna be a very
05:25 old man and you're gonna need lots of surgeries.
05:28 You are gonna need knee replacements,
05:30 and a hip replacement, and wrist surgery and
05:33 you'll need more back surgery and probably
05:35 even a plate in your head, and I can do all of
05:38 those things for you. My daughter started sizing
05:40 me up like a side of beef, I couldn't believe it,
05:43 she's gonna make a great surgeon; she was
05:45 up selling me right there on the spot with all
05:47 the stuff that I needed to do. I went to bed
05:50 that night, and I thought about this, and it
05:52 started to bother me. I am not old and I tossed
05:56 and turned, and tossed and turned,
05:57 and eventually I woke my wife up in the middle
05:59 of the night 2:30 in the morning and I said
06:01 you know what? What is it, what is it?
06:03 I said honey I've already burned half a tank of
06:06 gas. She said so go fill up the car in the
06:09 morning. I said no no you don't understand,
06:11 I have burned half a tank of gas at least
06:15 maybe even more because you just never
06:17 know how much you are actually burning.
06:18 What if the bottom part of my tank is really
06:21 shallow and goes really quick, I have burned
06:23 at least half a tank. Now I see that some of you
06:26 are smiling because you've already been through
06:27 this. You've already lived through this and you're
06:29 smiling, don't smile too much because you're three
06:32 quarters of the way through your tank or may
06:33 be even seven x. What I thought about,
06:36 it bothered me. Now here's the question I want
06:38 you to think about. Why does that question bother
06:42 people? Why do I care how I spend the rest to
06:45 my life? How does it matter, why should I care
06:48 about the way I spend the next few years.
06:50 I mean as long as I have a roof over my head
06:52 and food in my belly who cares how I spend
06:55 my time. I mean I am just punching the clock,
06:57 right. I am a biological machine punching the
07:00 clock just I am born, I live, I die. Why in the
07:04 world do I have to think that my life should
07:07 mean something? Why does it bother us?
07:09 I mean think about this if a guy sits on the couch
07:12 all day, every day week after week after week
07:15 watching TV, what do we think about him?
07:18 We think that lazy, no good for nothing, why?
07:22 Because in our minds we see that's a waste of
07:23 a lifetime. Why do we say that's a waste of a
07:26 lifetime? What if his whole purpose in life is
07:28 to be a TV watching organism? What if that is
07:31 his purpose in life? I've tried to convince my
07:33 wife that is my purpose in life. What if that is
07:37 his purpose in life to just sit on the couch, we
07:39 know instinctively that's a waste of a lifetime.
07:41 You're not supposed to do that with your
07:43 lifetime. Life is supposed to mean something,
07:46 so why do we say life is suppose to mean
07:48 something? Why do we even think that,
07:50 well we used to have a reason? We used to say
07:53 that there is a God who created everything.
07:56 We used to say God put people here on planet
07:58 earth, and he had a purpose in mind for us,
08:00 and there is something we're suppose to be
08:02 doing with our lives, because our lives were a
08:04 gift from a creator God, that's what we used to
08:07 believe. But about 150 years ago not quite,
08:11 our thinking on this whole subject has changed.
08:14 There's new theory on the block that says that
08:16 God did not put the human race here on
08:20 planet earth, and you were probably taught
08:22 this in schools as a matter of fact I know you
08:24 were. In the mid 1800's a guy by the name of
08:28 Charles Darwin was sailing on the H.M.S. Beagle,
08:32 and he went around out to this group of islands
08:35 called the Galapagos Islands about 600 miles
08:38 off the coast of Ecuador. And as he is there,
08:41 he is looking at these different animals and he
08:43 notices that this lizard on this island is
08:46 different from the same lizard over on this
08:48 island, and he starts thinking about how do all
08:50 these animals get different from each other.
08:53 You know what Charles Darwin did,
08:54 he took an ancient, ancient theory;
08:56 we now call the theory of evolution,
08:58 he didn't come up with that. The ancient
09:00 Greeks had already observed that animals
09:02 change a little bit over time. So the theory was
09:04 already there Charles Darwin took that theory
09:08 and then he thought about selective breeding,
09:10 he noticed how farmers can breed horses to
09:12 make them bigger, and stronger, and better.
09:14 You can breed out the bad characteristics and
09:16 breed in the good ones. And so he thought
09:18 you know what if we take this theory of
09:20 evolution how animals change a little bit
09:22 overtime, and we marry it to selective breeding,
09:25 what would that come out as. He came up
09:27 with the theory known as Natural Selection. He
09:32 said that certain traits give certain animals
09:34 an advantage for survival over other animals,
09:37 in overtime those traits become dominant in
09:39 those animals. So faster rabbits with longer
09:43 legs get away from the coyotes, and they
09:45 don't get eaten. The bunnies with the little
09:48 short legs get caught by the coyotes and they
09:51 get eaten. And overtime the coyotes eat all
09:53 the short legged bunnies and overtime all the
09:56 bunnies become longer legged, are you with me so
09:58 far. Over millions of years bunnies get longer
10:01 legs to get away from the coyotes. If animals have
10:04 bigger eyes, they are better at hunting at night,
10:06 so the animals with little eyes starve to death
10:08 overtime, and the animals with big eyes actually
10:11 catch stuff and they survive better.
10:13 Darwin study the number of animals, and one of
10:15 the one's he studied in particular were the
10:17 Finches these birds on the Galapagos Islands.
10:20 And he noticed that birds with longer beaks
10:24 survived better in drought conditions why?
10:27 Well there wasn't a lot of food lying around
10:28 on the ground, the ones with the long beaks
10:31 who get inside of plants and holes,
10:32 and little places to get their food, but the short
10:35 beaked Finches when there was a drought or
10:37 a famine going on would starve to death,
10:40 they couldn't get anything. So overtime the
10:42 short beak Finches they die off and the long
10:45 beaked Finches survive and they have a whole
10:47 bunch of long beak babies, everybody still with me,
10:52 anybody still with me, yes. Are you there,
10:54 I can see you sitting here, long beaked Finches
10:57 become the dominant trait, Darwin says that's
10:59 natural selection, overtime long beaks are
11:02 favored and so they become the dominant trait.
11:05 Basically what he was teaching if you have
11:07 better equipment you survive better, and your
11:09 offspring have the better equipment.
11:11 And over millions of years Darwin said you pile
11:14 all those little changes on top of each other,
11:17 and eventually one animal over millions of
11:19 years will change into a completely different
11:22 animal. Now for the most part it's a pretty
11:25 good theory animals do change, people change
11:28 too. Horse breeders can tell you that you can
11:30 change a horse, they will change overtime,
11:32 and dogs will change overtime, and people
11:34 change overtime too. I am taller than my
11:37 great grandfather, and I will live longer than my
11:39 great grandfather. There are changes,
11:42 there is just a couple of little problems with
11:43 Darwin's theory, not once anywhere in the
11:46 history of this world have we ever seen any
11:49 animal become a different animal?
11:51 We've just never seen it happen.
11:53 My five year old daughter can tell you that
11:55 it doesn't happen. I asked her the other day
11:57 honey what happens when you makes a
11:59 squirrel with a worm. And she laughed and
12:01 she said well I guess you get a squirm that's
12:03 what you get. And she laughed because she
12:07 knows that's ridiculous, worms do not have
12:09 squirrels right? I can't say squirrels don't have
12:12 worms because some of them do, but squirrels
12:15 and one animal just doesn't become another,
12:18 we have never seen it, that's one problem but
12:20 it's not the big problem. The big problem is this
12:24 Darwin still doesn't explain how we get here.
12:27 He doesn't explain where I come from and that
12:30 bothers me. I've got to know where do I come
12:32 from, sure ok, I am taller than my dad and he
12:35 was taller than his dad, but where did we come
12:37 from? He has failed to answer that.
12:39 It doesn't tell me why? It doesn't tell me why
12:42 I like to come home at the end of the day
12:44 and hug my wife and yell at my kids.
12:46 It doesn't tell me why I live the way I do.
12:50 It doesn't tell me why I am waking up at 2:30
12:52 in the morning and shaking my wife and saying
12:55 I want my life to mean something.
12:58 Darwin fails to explain all that stuff,
13:02 think about this we automatically assume that
13:06 living is good, and dying is bad.
13:07 We automatically even Darwin assumes that
13:08 survival is the better thing why? Is because we
13:12 assume life means something, but why does
13:14 it mean something. Darwin never gets around
13:16 to answering that, and that is a huge question.
13:19 In fact Darwin opens a giant can of worms,
13:23 we used to say its God that gives us meaning,
13:25 he put us here, so life means something,
13:28 he has a purpose for us. But now Darwin tries
13:30 to explain life by taking God out of the picture,
13:32 and he takes away the answers to the biggest
13:34 questions. Its gone you see, if God is missing
13:37 then you have only one alternative from where
13:40 we came from. If something or somebody
13:42 didn't create us. If something or somebody
13:44 didn't put us here, there's only one alternative,
13:47 and that's to say we got here by accident,
13:49 it just happened. See that's what actually
13:52 drives projects like S.E.T.I. You've heard
13:54 about SETI, the Search for Extraterrestrial
13:56 Intelligence, this big radio telescope,
13:59 they set them up and they listen for noise in
14:00 the Universe. And they say to themselves if we
14:03 hear a pattern in that noise that means
14:05 somebody intelligent sent that signal.
14:08 Very interesting that they would think
14:09 automatically if there is a pattern somebody
14:11 intelligent did it. Tug that behind one ear for
14:13 a little bit later in this series. SETI, the
14:16 Searching for Extraterrestrial
14:17 Intelligence why? Why are we out there looking
14:20 for other lives? Well if we wanna believe that
14:23 life can come into being all by itself,
14:27 it would really help the theory if we could
14:29 find one more example. If we could find just
14:32 one more example of the life coming into being
14:34 all by itself, we should be able to got in the
14:36 Universe if we could find that one other example,
14:38 it would really help this idea that life can just
14:41 come into being all by itself. That's why the
14:45 Mars Rock was so exciting when they found
14:47 it. Do you remember when they found the Mars
14:48 Rock? They found it in 1984 and they
14:50 announced it to the world in 1996.
14:53 I think frankly because NASA needed more
14:55 funding in 1996, so they wait 12 years and also
14:59 we found a rock in Antarctica that came from
15:01 Mars. I am not a scientist; I'll admit that
15:03 right up front, I don't know how do they know
15:06 that rock came from Mars. I am pretty sure it
15:08 doesn't have a label on the bottom right,
15:10 made in Mars. You know that even if it was
15:13 made in Mars, it was actually made in Taiwan.
15:19 How do you know that, you know what they're
15:20 looking for in that rock? They are looking for life
15:23 because if they can find one more example of
15:24 how it starts by itself, it would really prop up
15:27 the series and they need, so what did they
15:29 find in that Mars Rock. They found fossilized
15:31 bacteria. Now we don't know for sure it came
15:34 from Mars. But they said look this fossilized
15:36 bacteria in that rock there is life on Mars,
15:40 see life can happen all by itself. Well a couple of
15:43 problems with that, first of all we don't really
15:45 know for sure that it comes from Mars and it's
15:47 kind of been debunked. There is another
15:49 problem that same bacteria has been found in
15:53 the Antarctic ice as far as I have been able
15:55 to tell. It also shows up in the exhaust of your
15:57 car, so they don't know for sure that life actually
16:01 came from Mars. If that's life coming into being
16:04 all by itself, every time you start your Ford
16:07 you are creating life. See they don't know
16:10 there for sure it's been debunked,
16:11 so if it's not in the rock, if they don't find life
16:14 in the rock they came into being all by itself.
16:16 Maybe if we send a probe to Mars, we can
16:18 find life out there. Now they didn't send this to
16:21 Mars just for that reason. But in 1997
16:24 Pathfinder touches down on the surface of Mars,
16:26 and what are they looking for? Microbes and
16:29 water anything that could be the building blocks
16:32 of life, so that life could, we have to find
16:35 life out there. What's really strange about it,
16:38 is that we spend billions and billions of dollars
16:41 on this stuff, and we all ready know
16:43 scientifically proven that it is utterly impossible
16:46 for life to come into being by itself.
16:49 Life does not come from non life.
16:52 Now we used to believe that, we used to
16:54 believe that life just can't because people
16:55 would put a fresh piece of meat outside and
16:58 two days later what would they find in the meat?
17:01 Maggots, maggots they say look at that dead
17:03 meat gives birth to maggots; we actually
17:05 believe that for years and years and years.
17:07 In 1668 this guy by the name Francesco Redi
17:12 said that is not what's happening,
17:14 Francesco Redi in 1668 takes a piece of meat,
17:17 puts it in a jar, seals it, takes another piece of
17:20 meat puts it in an open jar and leaves it out
17:22 in the sun, waits a couple of days and guess
17:24 what happens? The open meat has maggots,
17:27 so you didn't know this is what we would be
17:28 talking about tonight. The open meat has
17:30 maggots, and the closed meat does not.
17:32 He said see meat does not give birth to maggots,
17:35 flies gives birth to maggots in the meat,
17:37 for 200 years nobody believes it, nobody
17:40 believes it. So Louis Pasteur comes along 200
17:43 years later and Louis Pasteur settles it.
17:46 He puts some broth, some soup in a jar and
17:49 seals it, cooks it, seals it and lets it go.
17:52 And you know that soup, that broth never
17:54 gets any bacteria, never gets any mold.
17:56 What did he develop pasteurization;
17:58 we still pasteurize our milk as a result of his
18:02 studies and his experiments. Louis Pasteur
18:04 approved beyond the shadow of a doubt life
18:07 does not come from non life. Rocks do not
18:10 give birth to life; dust does not give birth to
18:12 life. It's been proven beyond the shadow of a
18:15 doubt, but still they're hoping because in order
18:18 to have a world without God, you now have to
18:21 have life coming to being by itself.
18:23 It can't be scientifically impossible,
18:25 so in 1953 a guy by the name of Stanley Miller
18:29 does an experiment known as the Miller-Urey
18:31 experiment, and what he does; he takes a
18:34 bunch of chemicals methane, water, ammonia,
18:37 hydrogen and so on. He said that was the
18:38 atmosphere of the ancient earth, and if
18:41 lightening went through that it might just start
18:43 life. So he takes all those chemicals and bang,
18:46 he sends electricity through it over and over
18:47 and over again hoping to get life,
18:50 you know what he found at the bottom of the
18:52 tank, amino acids. Well that's one of the
18:56 building blocks of life, so they got all excited
18:59 mystery solved, not, not quite. There's one
19:03 really big problem besides effect we really
19:05 don't know what earth's early atmosphere
19:07 was like, and we don't know that they had
19:09 ammonia and methane and so on.
19:11 Amino acids aren't life, in order to have life
19:14 you have to have protein and you have to hook
19:15 all those amino acids together to make those
19:18 proteins and that doesn't happen all by itself.
19:21 Now I am not a cellular biologist, but here's
19:24 what I do know. Inside your cells there's a
19:27 little machine that's the way I like to describe
19:29 it, little machine gathers up all the amino acids,
19:31 but before it even does that, it goes to the
19:33 nucleus of the cell checks the library,
19:35 I don't think there's enough information there
19:37 for 30 million copies of Encyclopedia Britannica.
19:40 That machine looks up how do I make a protein,
19:42 then it goes out and it takes amino acids and
19:44 it links some all together to makes the protein.
19:46 Then the protein goes out and if it's right,
19:48 it folds up into something that's useful, if
19:50 it's wrong it just falls apart. It folds it up,
19:53 then another machine takes that protein
19:54 and brings it to the part of the cell where it's
19:56 needed most and tells us what to do,
19:58 so that's what you need to make proteins.
20:02 Stanley Miller found amino acids in the jar,
20:04 one of the building blocks of life in the bottom
20:06 of his tank. Who is gonna tell those amino
20:10 acids how to link up and become the first
20:12 protein, you still need somebody or something
20:15 to start it all, and that's missing.
20:19 Evolutionists says okay, okay look it's not
20:23 really likely the things come into being all by
20:26 themselves, but it's not impossible they say,
20:29 its only improbable if you give it enough time
20:32 just statistics will tell you that life can come
20:35 into being all by itself, give it enough time, give
20:37 it billions and billions and billions of years,
20:40 and one day it's just going to happen.
20:42 It's not impossible, it's just improbable.
20:46 Do you see the difference? Are you with me?
20:48 Are you still awake? Yes. All right, how
20:51 improbable is it? Do you remember the Rubik's
20:53 cube? I have a Rubik's cube; I had one in the
20:58 7th grade when they were brand new.
21:00 Now you can figure out why I am having my
21:02 mid life crisis. Come to think of it,
21:05 you know my teacher took my Rubik's cube
21:07 away in class, and I am just thinking about this,
21:09 she probably still has it in the nursing home
21:11 right now playing with it. This is an amazing
21:15 toy, if I turn it once a second, once a second
21:18 just randomly once a second, do you know
21:20 how long I would have to turn it to go through
21:22 every possible combination. I would have
21:25 to turn it for 1400 million, million years to
21:29 get through every combination that is
21:31 possible on the Rubik's cube, once a second for
21:33 1400 million that's 1.4 quintillion years just to
21:37 go through every combination, so what are
21:39 the odds if I am blindfold that I am gonna
21:41 solve this, its gonna happen once in 1.4
21:45 quintillion years. Do you know what the odds
21:48 are that amino acids kind of became life and
21:51 life all started by itself. If I took 50,000 blind
21:54 people and gave them all a Rubik's cube,
21:57 the odds that they all solve it, those are the
21:59 odds that life would come into being all by
22:01 itself. What kind of a number is that I think
22:04 calculate it's like 1.9 million, it's so many
22:06 zeros that it's not improbable folks, it is
22:09 utterly impossible, so you can imagine my shock
22:12 and surprise, when National Geographic comes
22:15 out with this article in 2005 on the cover they
22:19 ask, was Darwin wrong? I got so excited I bought
22:24 the magazine; I thought finally they're going to
22:25 admit that this isn't improbable, it's
22:28 impossible. Scientifically we know life does
22:31 not come into being all by itself, it just
22:34 doesn't they finally admitted it, and I felt for
22:37 it. I bought the magazine I opened it up and in
22:40 big letters it says right in the middle of the
22:41 magazine. No he wasn't wrong.
22:44 They say there is more evidence today for
22:47 Darwin's theory than there ever has been.
22:50 That's not true, that's just not true.
22:54 National Geographic said there is a vast body
22:58 of supporting evidence that's not true.
23:01 Over the last 150 years the case for Darwin's
23:03 theory has not gotten stronger; it's actually
23:07 gotten weaker, the more we learn about the
23:10 world that we live in, the more we can look
23:11 through a telescope or a microscope and
23:13 examine it, the more we are being forced to
23:15 say it is utterly impossible that this place
23:18 is just a sheer accident. They say no, no, no,
23:21 no it's not impossible it's improbable,
23:23 give it enough time. I mean we could have been
23:24 here forever, give it enough time and it will
23:27 happens statistically. Maybe we've just
23:29 always been here and eventually it just
23:31 happened and there's a problem with that
23:33 theory. Did you ever heard of a guy by the
23:35 name of Edwin Hubble? Edwin the Hubble
23:37 telescope, did you ever heard of the Hubble
23:39 Telescope? Edwin Hubble lived here in California
23:41 and as he examined the Universe he noticed
23:44 that the Universe is expanding. Now how did
23:46 he notice that? Well he measured light is
23:49 something moves away from you, the light looks
23:51 different than if it's coming close, kind of like
23:53 the same way an ambulance sounds different
23:56 when it's coming to you, then when it's driving
23:58 away, did you ever notice that? Higher pitch
23:59 coming, lower pitch going, red light looks
24:02 different when something is moving away,
24:04 so he is looking through his telescope and he says
24:05 hey wait a minute, every thing is spreading out
24:08 and he starts thinking backwards,
24:10 he said well it's all spreading out and all came
24:12 from the same place. And he starts to crunch
24:14 the numbers do whatever, you know he
24:16 did. He comes to startling conclusion wait
24:18 a minute, it all had a beginning, it started at
24:23 some point in time there is a beginning to the
24:27 Universe, Hubble said. Now all of a sudden we
24:29 have a big problem again because if we want
24:31 to give all the time in the Universe from life to
24:33 start all by itself, we don't have it anymore,
24:36 we know definitely the Universe had a
24:37 beginning at some point in the past,
24:39 if somebody or something had to start up.
24:42 So, now we're back to square one again and
24:44 the question is who started it? Is it God?
24:50 Aristotle would have said this, he said well
24:53 what ever did started can't be made out of
24:55 matter or stuff it has to be outside the Universe,
24:57 so it can't be material, whatever started it
25:00 can't be made of matter. Einstein would tell you
25:04 that the Universe is not only made of matter,
25:06 part of the fabric of the Universe is also time.
25:09 Aristotle, the great Greek philosopher said,
25:11 hey whatever started the Universe not only
25:14 had to be non material, it also had to be outside
25:17 of time or eternal, so whatever started the
25:22 Universe had to be non material and eternal,
25:27 just hearing a bell at all, are you still with me
25:31 tonight, because I can see all of you out there, I
25:34 can hear you breathing I know you're there.
25:37 Sad to be non material, we just can't get
25:40 away from the fact that somebody or something
25:43 started this place, and the more they study
25:46 the more they realized this is true.
25:48 Robert Jastrow the great astronomer said this
25:50 a couple of years back in his great book God
25:52 and the Astronomer. He is an astronomer
25:54 himself. He said for the scientist who has lived
25:57 by his faith in the power of reason the story
25:59 in is like a bad dream. He has scaled the
26:03 mountains of ignorance; he is about to conquer
26:06 the highest peak; as he pulls himself over the
26:08 final rock, he is greeted by a band of
26:11 theologians who have been sitting there for
26:13 centuries. For a 150 years science when around
26:17 and around the block and they finally came to
26:18 the conclusion somebody started this place,
26:21 it definitely had a beginning and what has
26:23 happened they come full circle back to the
26:24 theologians who said we knew that all along,
26:27 God started this place. See the more we study,
26:30 the more we can see it. It's just that some
26:33 people can't bring themselves to admit that
26:35 because of what it means. Dr. George Wald
26:38 the noble prize winning scientist said this,
26:40 this is revealing. There are only two possible
26:43 explanations as to how life arose; spontaneous
26:46 generation arising to evolution, other words
26:49 life came into being itself, or a supernatural
26:53 creative act of God. Those are the only two
26:55 possibilities accident or God. Spontaneous
26:59 generation was scientifically disproved
27:01 120 years ago by Louis Pasteur and the others,
27:04 but that just leaves us with only one other
27:06 possibility. That life came as a supernatural
27:10 act of creation by God, now follow me
27:12 carefully, but I can't accept that philosophy
27:15 because I do not want to believe in God.
27:18 Therefore I choose to believe in that which I
27:21 know is scientifically impossible, spontaneous
27:25 generation leading to evolution. That's what
27:27 going on the accidental beginning of life on
27:30 earth isn't good science; it's a delibered act
27:32 of belief. And I find it fascinating that in the
27:35 pages of the Bible 2 Peter 3 it predicted this,
27:38 there would come a day for this they willfully
27:41 forget: that by the word of God the heavens
27:43 were of old. There is a prophecy in the Bible that
27:45 actually said that would come a day when
27:47 people would have to close their eyes to the
27:49 evidence to believe there is no God,
27:51 that's a moment we're now living in, it's very
27:53 interesting. Now off course some people want
27:56 proof. They say okay then, prove to me that
27:58 God exist. Well you can't exactly measure God
28:01 with the tape measure or put him in a beaker
28:03 and boil him down in a lab, it doesn't quite work
28:05 like that, you don't get scientific proof for God.
28:08 He is just not an object like that, so we don't
28:11 look at proof, we look at evidence and the
28:13 question is, is there evidence for God's
28:15 existence? Does it make sense to believe,
28:18 well yes it does. I am gonna go back in history
28:20 a few hundred years and I am gonna look at
28:22 something the theologian Thomas Aquinas
28:25 said because it's more true today probably than
28:27 it was back in his day. He had 5 reasons for
28:30 the existence of God, the first three the
28:32 philosophers are gonna hate me for this,
28:33 I am gonna boil them down into one.
28:36 He said really he called him the Prime Mover,
28:38 the Uncaused Cause in the cosmological argument.
28:40 Those were his first three arguments for God's
28:42 existence. I am gonna boil it down this way.
28:44 Aquinas basically said everything has a
28:46 beginning, everything has a cause.
28:48 If my car slams into your car something
28:50 caused that, right, that's because somebody cut
28:53 my brake lights, and what cause that well I
28:55 didn't pay my bill at the dry cleaners and he
28:57 got mad and cut my brake lights, and why
28:59 didn't I pay my bill at the dry cleaners because
29:02 I lost my job, and why did I loose my job is
29:04 because I lost my temper with my boss.
29:05 You see everything has a cause and Thomas
29:08 Aquinas go far enough and the original cause
29:10 of everything is God. There has to be a
29:11 beginning, follow everything back and you
29:13 eventually come, that was the first three
29:15 arguments summed up in two minutes,
29:17 and all the philosophers are gonna write me
29:18 a letter saying how dare you do that.
29:20 His next argument really is fourth one but I'll
29:22 call it number 2 was the Argument from Degree.
29:24 He said we know the difference between
29:26 good and evil. How do we know the difference
29:29 between what is good and what is evil.
29:31 How do we know what is moral and what is
29:33 immoral. Evolution doesn't explain why it's
29:36 wrong to kill my neighbor, it doesn't really
29:38 other than the fact that I want every body to
29:39 stop killing, so I can live. But let's say that
29:42 we're having a dispute over the property line
29:44 and I need more property to enhance my
29:46 survival. Why don't I just pull out a gun and
29:48 shoot him. Why is it that everybody thinks
29:50 that's wrong why? Because something says
29:53 that's wrong out side of evolution something
29:55 above us has set a moral standard and
29:57 instinctively we know the things like that are
30:00 wrong. Thomas Aquinas said that's another
30:02 good argument for God's existence.
30:04 The third one or really his fifth one the
30:06 Argument from Design. He said this Universe
30:08 is so complex that you can't help it,
30:11 but notice that somebody did this on purpose
30:15 the conditions for life on earth are so exactly
30:17 right that you just can't call it an accident.
30:19 I only wish you could have lived all these
30:21 hundreds of years to see how right he was.
30:23 Let me give you an example, this place is too
30:25 complex, our earth is 93 million miles from the
30:29 sun that's called the circumstellar habitable
30:32 zone , If our Earth were only 5% closer to
30:36 the sun than that, then our water would all
30:39 evaporate and we would beg to death,
30:41 800 degrees Fahrenheit would be the average
30:42 temperature if we were 5% close.
30:45 If we were 20% further away we'd get
30:47 carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and we
30:49 would all freeze to death. Life can only exist
30:52 in this little band where our earth happens to
30:55 be and everything is just right for life, we
30:57 got lots of oxygen that's rare in this Universe
30:59 but oxygen is good for life, and we happen to
31:01 have lots of it. We got lots of liquid water not
31:04 gas, not frozen; we got lots of liquid water,
31:06 check the Universe, there is not many places
31:08 that have lots of liquid water, and lots of oxygen.
31:10 We also happen to have water that regulates
31:13 our global temperature 75% of the planet is
31:15 water and it acts like a thermostat, we don't
31:17 get too hot, we don't get too cool.
31:19 Water expands when it's freezing;
31:22 think about that one, some of you know why
31:24 that's important if water like everything else
31:26 condensed when it froze lakes would freeze
31:29 from the bottom up, right, and freeze solid
31:31 every winter and all the fish should be
31:32 flapping around on the top because a water is
31:36 the universal solvent, everything on this earth
31:38 will come back to this in a couple of meetings.
31:40 Everything is exactly right; the probability that
31:43 our earth is so suitable for life by accident is 1
31:50 in a quintillion. When you get into numbers that
31:51 big it's not improbable, it's impossible
31:56 that it came into being all by itself. Dr. John A.
31:58 O'Keefe, the NASA astronomer said,
32:01 or scientist said: "we are, by astronomical
32:03 standards are pampered, cossetted,
32:05 cherished group of creatures; our Darwinian
32:07 claim to have done it all ourselves is as
32:10 ridiculous and as charming as a baby's brave
32:13 efforts to stand on his own feet and refuse
32:15 his mother's hand. If the Universe had not
32:18 been made with the most exacting precision we
32:21 could never have come into existence.
32:23 It is my view that these circumstances indicate
32:26 that the Universe was created for man to live
32:29 in." That's the direction they're all going,
32:33 that's where everybody is coming back to, this
32:35 place is not an accident, is there a design,
32:39 you better believe it. I just have one other piece
32:42 of evidence, I was in Rwanda couple of years
32:45 ago, and I visited a prison where they were
32:47 holding a lot of people who participated in the
32:50 genocide, I believe there is still something
32:51 like 80,000 people in jail for the genocide in
32:54 Rwanda. And I sat and visited with the jailer
32:58 and he was talking about some of the inmates
33:01 who've been studying the Bible.
33:04 And He turn to me said I want you to know
33:05 something Shawn, all these people who study
33:08 the Bible seem to get out of here faster than
33:11 those who don't. And I said yeah same thing is
33:13 true in North America they all wanna study
33:15 the Bible because it looks good for the plural
33:16 board. He said no, no you don't understand,
33:18 we don't have that system here,
33:20 we don't have that system here.
33:22 Do you know what happens the minute those
33:23 people start reading the Bible, they come to
33:25 me and they go to the judge and they go to
33:27 the police and they admit what they did and
33:29 they tell us where the bodies are?
33:32 Evolution early, what sense would that make?
33:37 What sense does it make Evolution said it
33:39 might have been the right thing to do.
33:40 I mean who to taught the truth seeds were
33:42 taking all the resources and had all the good
33:44 stuff. If it really is survival of the fittest in
33:47 natural selection, it might make sense to kill off
33:49 the people you think are competing for your
33:50 resources. Who changes these people's lives,
33:54 is there somebody out there, somebody or
33:58 something set this place in motion,
34:00 and he still does things in people's life that
34:03 science just doesn't always explain,
34:09 who started it? That's pretty good question,
34:14 and now it's time to take out lesson number 1,
34:19 and look at some things that
34:21 we've been looking at tonight.
34:34 So we find out that the big question may not
34:38 be what or why, but who and its time to take
34:43 out our lesions, and to go over the material
34:47 that Pastor Shawn has prepared for this first of
34:52 a series called Out of Thin Air, and lesson one
34:57 is called a big question. I would like to have
35:00 you look at this particular question.
35:02 What does the Bible tell us about the nature
35:06 of this God the who of this question in the
35:10 following passages and I want to go to Genesis
35:11 127. So God created man and his own what
35:17 folks, image, in his own image, in the image of
35:20 God He created him male and female He
35:23 created them. So one of the first things that
35:27 you can write down on your sheet,
35:29 in your lesson. What does the Bible tell us
35:32 about the nature of God in the following
35:33 passages? Number 1 we are created in His image,
35:37 for as the heavens are higher than the earth,
35:41 so are my ways higher than your ways and
35:43 My thoughts than your thoughts that's
35:45 Isaiah chapter 55 and verse 9.
35:49 What this tells us is that yes we are created
35:52 like God, we're in His image, and even though
35:56 we're like Him we're not equal with Him,
35:58 it's one of the problems that humanity has as
36:01 we want to try to see if we can be as much like
36:03 God as at least we think he might be, but he
36:05 tells us that as high as the heavens are above
36:09 the earth He is higher than we are, and His
36:11 thoughts are higher than our thoughts.
36:14 Okay, verse John 4 and verse 8:
36:17 He who does not love, does not know God
36:19 for God is what, love, God is love.
36:23 Now I want to ask you a question, how many of
36:26 you can look at a little puppy dog licking the
36:29 face of a little 3 year old child and say that
36:32 that's not love, anyone? You know,
36:36 when you stop and think about love,
36:37 doesn't our world need a lot more of it.
36:41 Isn't it fascinating to find out the question of
36:44 who the big question that we have here comes
36:46 back, and God tells us about Himself right away
36:49 that He is love. The whole start of this thing
36:54 was based on that four letter word LOVE, okay.
37:01 Now we wanna go and look at John 3:16:
37:04 For God so loved the world that he gave His
37:07 only begotten Son, here we have that word love
37:09 again a second time, God so loved the world
37:12 that He gave his only begotten Son,
37:13 that whoever believes in him should not perish
37:17 but have everlasting life. Isn't it interesting
37:19 that love goes along will shall not perish?
37:23 Aren't you glad for that? Aren't you glad for
37:25 that? In John 16:27: For the Father Himself
37:31 loves you, because you have loved Me,
37:33 and have believed that I came forth from God,
37:36 that's Jesus speaking. The Father Himself the
37:39 creator the one that's started this whole
37:42 thing the scientist are wondering about,
37:46 that Father, that creator loves you and loves me.
37:51 Okay, I want you to take a look at Jeremiah
37:53 chapter 9 and verse 24, if you have and you
37:57 may have your Bibles with you, and if you do,
37:58 you can look up this up, you can look at it
38:00 right on the screen. But let him who glories glory
38:04 in this, that he understands and knows
38:08 Me, that I am the LORD, exercising loving
38:12 kindness, judgment and righteousness in the
38:14 earth. For in these I delight, says the LORD.
38:19 The creator God is inviting us to be in a
38:23 relationship with Him, He wants to get to
38:26 know us. Isn't that an awesome thing to have a
38:29 God who says I created you even among all
38:33 the millions and billions of other people there are
38:35 out there in my creation, I want a relationship
38:39 with you, and if you're gonna glory in something
38:41 glory in the fact that you can know who I'm and
38:44 we can get acquainted with each other,
38:45 that's a pretty awesome thing about God.
38:48 Okay, then in Exodus chapter 33 and verses 11
38:51 and 17: And so the Lord spoke to Moses
38:55 face to face, as a man speaks to his friend.
39:00 Can you imagine sitting at the table and just
39:02 having a change to get a aquatinted with God.
39:05 Talking to Him face to face that's what He
39:08 longs to have, that's what kind of relationship
39:10 He wants to have with us. He wants to treat
39:13 us and you can put down there on that answer,
39:16 God wants to have a relationship to us face
39:20 to face as a friend. He also goes on in verse 17:
39:25 So the Lord said to Moses, "I will also do this
39:28 thing that you have spoken; for you have found
39:31 grace in My sight, and I know you by name."
39:36 You have found grace in my sight;
39:38 I tell you what those are words that I'd like
39:39 to hear wouldn't you? You have found grace in
39:42 my sight and I know you by name.
39:47 You know how many of you like it, whenever you
39:49 get into a situation where you introduce to
39:52 someone and the person 5 minutes later
39:54 remembers your name and calls you by name.
39:57 Isn't that a nice thing, when someone remembers
40:00 and knows your name, that means that you may
40:02 be a little important to them. God says he wants
40:07 to know us each one by name. You are My
40:10 friends if you do whatever I command you.
40:12 He is talking about wanting your friendship,
40:14 the word friends, you might just want to put
40:16 that word in there, He wants to be your friend
40:20 on that space in your lesson, He wants to be
40:21 your friend. Why are human constructions,
40:25 like statues or buildings, you know inadequate
40:28 means by which to show us who God is?
40:31 Now what do those seven wonders of the
40:33 natural world, the Pyramids or the Taj Mahal
40:35 or something like that? Are those human
40:38 constructions adequate means to show us who
40:40 God is? You know what, okay let's look at 1 Kings
40:46 8 and verse 27: But will God indeed dwell
40:49 on the earth? Behold, heaven and the heaven
40:52 of heavens cannot contain you. How much less
40:56 this temple which I have built! the words of
40:58 Solomon. Even though Solomon has been all
41:00 these years building this beautiful temple which
41:03 if you read in 1 Kings all the description of that
41:07 beautiful temple that Solomon built, it was
41:09 some kind of piece of architecture, the gold,
41:12 the special panels, the jewels all the perfect
41:14 architecture and the panels, the precious
41:17 stones. But he says heaven of heavens cannot
41:21 contain you how much less this temple which I have
41:23 built. One of the things that mankind has a
41:26 problem with, we all do is we wanna try to
41:29 define God according to some other things that we
41:33 know and understand. And that's one of the
41:34 reasons why we've seen this happen over and over
41:36 again. Let's define it by a statue, or a building,
41:41 a pyramid, or something that's supposedly
41:44 tells us a little bit more about who God
41:45 is. But infact Solomon says how much less this
41:51 temple that I have built. He had the right
41:52 priorities, didn't he? He knew that this temple was
41:55 a temple that God but it could not contain.
41:58 Did God need a house on this earth?
42:00 Was this a vacation spot for him?
42:03 You know, so no not at all, okay.
42:06 However, the Most High does not dwell in
42:09 temples made with hands, as the prophet says:
42:11 "Heaven is My throne, and earth is My footstool.
42:16 We are not to confuse God with a temple or
42:21 with something that is made by the hands of a
42:23 man or a woman. God is higher than we can
42:28 imagine, higher than the way we can even
42:30 think. He can in fact he says: What house
42:32 will you build for Me? Says the Lord in Acts
42:34 chapter 7, or what is the place of My rest?
42:37 Has my hand not made all these things?
42:41 And here's what I want you to remember on this
42:42 particular question the danger is that we confuse
42:48 God with the things that we as human beings
42:51 can make? God is bigger than anything that
42:55 anyone can make. Let's don't confuse Him.
42:58 He is the one that made everything and gave us
43:00 the ability and in fact even since we're created
43:03 in His image where you read that text a little
43:05 bit earlier, created in His image, we have the
43:08 ability to create and take ideas and put them
43:11 into form. But when you look at the beautiful
43:14 set that's been created for our program,
43:17 the minds of the people have done this,
43:19 have done beautifully, that's a God given
43:21 talent I believe, okay. Has not my hand made
43:25 all these things, so remember in that in
43:30 question number 2. Let's don't confuse God with
43:33 things that are made by human beings.
43:36 Okay, now number 3. How does God reveal
43:40 Himself to us? Now I want to just pause for a
43:43 moment and ask you, you know and here in
43:46 our studio audience those of you who are here
43:49 live with us tonight and those of you who are
43:51 joining us by satellite television or at home
43:54 watching this on a DVD. I want to just ask you
43:57 a question, how does God reveal Himself to you?
44:03 Now I wanna tell you about with me,
44:05 I want to give you a little idea about one
44:06 of the things that God has done for me that
44:08 he reveals Himself to me. I love good Christian
44:11 music, and I discovered a few years ago that as
44:15 I would be listening you know my wife and I we
44:18 just started listening to a lot, we bought a lot
44:20 of Christian CDs, we began to really enjoy the
44:23 inspiration of that, and I found my self in the
44:27 evening as I was wanting to talk to God about
44:31 how my day had gone, anyone of you ever do
44:35 that? Do you ever wanted to talk to God about
44:37 how your day has gone, what's been good,
44:39 what's been bad, you know Lord why did that
44:41 happen well I sure enjoyed this and I would
44:44 always come to the point where I say Lord I am
44:46 confused about this or I wonder about this and
44:49 then in the next morning you know, do you know
44:52 what it's like whenever you have that twilight
44:54 time as you're just started to come awake, you
44:56 are not fully conscious but you can start
44:59 to thinking your cognition starts to work.
45:02 I would find out that I would wake up with songs
45:07 playing in my mind. Have you ever had that
45:09 happened? And like in full symphonic stereo sound
45:14 and then all of a sudden I realized that the thing
45:17 I've been praying about the night before the song,
45:21 and the words the song were actually encouraging
45:24 and bringing to my attention the hope that
45:27 God was trying to give me at that moment.
45:29 And was like I had this awakening I said wow!
45:32 God you're talking to me through music,
45:33 and then I would pray at night and I'd say I
45:35 wonder what song is gonna wake me up tomorrow.
45:37 And I have discovered that one of the ways
45:39 that God got reveals Himself to me is through
45:42 music in that way. He uses me in many different
45:45 ways, but let's look at the scriptures.
45:47 How does God reveal Himself to us Roman's
45:50 chapter 1 and verse 20: For since the creation of
45:53 the world His invisible attributes are clearly
45:57 seen, being understood by the things that are
45:59 made, even His eternal power and the Godhead,
46:03 so that they are without excuse.
46:06 How many of you've gone out on a beautifully
46:08 clear night and looked up into the heavens and
46:12 see all the stars, just hang out there.
46:16 Whenever you do that, what comes to your
46:18 mind? How did those get there? Does it give you
46:22 a sense of awe, a sense of wow! It also gives me
46:27 a sense that I am pretty small in this big picture,
46:33 but it's also good to know that even though
46:34 I am small in this big picture, there's somebody
46:36 who cares. He made me, okay. Now it also,
46:42 you can think of lot's of other examples of this.
46:45 I mean if you are a scientist and look under
46:47 microscope, you know if you want to look into an
46:52 eye and just see how a human eye or even an eye
46:57 of another animal works all the beauty of how
47:00 that is designed and structured. Oh it's
47:02 awesome. So, Paul, the Apostle Paul in his
47:05 letter to the Romans is saying that because
47:08 of what is seen of God and his handy work,
47:12 that those who are looking on are without
47:16 excuse. God has given enough evidence through
47:20 nature, okay, that's the first thing when you are
47:22 looking at that number 3A in your lesson write
47:25 down he has revealed Himself through nature.
47:30 Now I want to put a caution up here, one of
47:33 the things is popular in some of the, what they
47:37 call the New Age, our worship movements in our,
47:42 on our planet, is where they confuse nature and
47:46 the creator, the creator and what he has created.
47:50 We're not to worship the stars even though they
47:52 are awesome up there or the moon,
47:54 the full moon out in the desert, when you are
47:56 camping pretty awesome thing. You don't
47:58 worship that moon, but you admire it,
48:01 and the caution that I want to put down and I
48:03 put this in parenthesis in my lesson.
48:06 God is distinct from His creation and He is not
48:11 desiring or wanting us to worship His creation,
48:14 He wants us to worship Him, very important
48:18 distinction, okay. So, if he reveals Himself to us
48:22 through nature how else does He reveal Himself
48:25 to us; let's go to our next text. This is found
48:28 in John chapter 5 and verse 39: You search the
48:32 scriptures, for in them you think you have
48:34 eternal life; and these are they which testify
48:38 of Me. So the first way that God reveals Himself
48:42 to us through what? Nature, the second way
48:46 which is number B on your lesson that God
48:49 reveals Himself to us is through the scriptures.
48:53 Now you can put down their in parenthesis below
48:56 that for then He also does it through music,
49:01 okay. All right, God reveals Himself to us in
49:05 so many different ways in the smile of a new born
49:09 child, you know, in that little puppy that comes
49:13 up and licks your face. You know, there's so
49:15 many things that you can find God in.
49:18 Okay, now the 3rd part of this question is in
49:21 Hebrew's chapter 1 verses 1-3. God,
49:24 who at various times and in various ways
49:27 spoke in time past to the fathers by the Prophets,
49:30 has in these last days spoken to us by who?
49:35 His Son, okay, so the third way this on the back
49:38 of your lesson, the third way in which God reveals
49:42 Himself to us is through Jesus Christ,
49:45 and I want to go to the next text in Colossians,
49:48 Colossians chapter 1 and verses 13-15:
49:51 He has delivered us from the power of darkness
49:53 and translated us into the kingdom of the Son of
49:56 His love, in whom we have redemption through
49:59 His blood, the forgiveness of sins. He is the
50:03 image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all
50:07 creation. Okay when you stop to think about
50:10 the people that lived in the first few thousand
50:13 years of this earth's history. They had various
50:17 ways in which they can understand God,
50:19 but you know what they did not have the privilege
50:22 of seeing the Son of God incarnate in the form
50:25 of Jesus Christ. We living on this side of that
50:29 great event that divided history called the Life
50:33 and Death of Jesus Christ. We on this side have
50:36 the opportunity to go back and see in him,
50:40 God revealed in fact it even goes further in John
50:42 chapter 14 verses 9 and 10: Jesus said to him,
50:47 "Have I been with you so long, and yet you have
50:49 not known Me, Philip? Philip was one of the 12
50:51 disciples; He who has seen Me has seen the Father;
50:55 so how can you say, 'Show us the Father'?
50:59 Do you not believe that I am in the Father,
51:00 and the Father in Me? The words that I speak to
51:03 you I do not speak on My own authority;
51:05 but the Father who dwells in Me does the works."
51:08 Do you wanna know who God is, you wanna
51:10 know more about God, the Father,
51:12 the Creator look at Jesus Christ; he says I and
51:15 My Father are one, okay. Through Jesus,
51:19 if you want to write down and answer there,
51:20 what I wrote down was through Jesus we have a
51:23 clear Revelation of God. Now next question.
51:29 Why doesn't God simply show Himself to us
51:31 directly? Have you ever had a situation in your
51:34 life where boy you just wish Lord, can we just
51:40 have lunch together today, so you can tell me
51:42 what I ought to do in this circumstance of course
51:44 not that we ever had that right, you never
51:47 thought it would be nice to sit down and talk to
51:48 God have him solve the problem for you.
51:51 Why doesn't God simply show Himself to us
51:53 directly, Exodus 33 verses 19 and 20:
51:56 Then He said, "I will make all My goodness pass
51:59 before you, and I will proclaim the name of the
52:02 Lord before you. I will be gracious to whom I will
52:04 be gracious, and I will have compassion on whom
52:07 I will have compassion." But he said,
52:10 this is God speaking "You cannot see My face;
52:14 for no man shall see Me, and live." See we find
52:19 ourselves in an interesting situation on
52:22 this planet, we find ourselves born into a
52:26 sinful condition and in that sinful condition,
52:30 we do not have the privilege of being in the
52:32 presence of God because we couldn't survive,
52:36 sin cannot be in His presence. I don't know
52:39 about you but I am looking forward to the
52:40 day when that's no longer a problem and His
52:42 promise that it will not be, the time will come.
52:45 Okay, so you may want to put down that why
52:48 doesn't God simply show Himself to us.
52:50 You know, we can't look up on him and live in
52:53 our sinful condition; you may want to write that
52:55 in on that and that particular point.
52:56 Now let's go the next text Isaiah 59:2:
52:59 But your iniquities have separated you from
53:01 your God; And your sins have hidden His face
53:04 from you, so that He will not hear.
53:06 In other words sins separates us from God,
53:08 the reason why we do not have the privilege of
53:11 seeing Him face to face today is because of sin,
53:15 but he has promised that this condition will not
53:17 last forever. Okay, let's look at that next
53:19 question. Will this separation always be?
53:24 Praise God the scriptures tell us that it will not,
53:27 2 Corinthians 5:17-21: Therefore,
53:31 if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation;
53:34 old things have passed away; behold, all things
53:37 have become new. Now all things are of God,
53:40 who has reconciled us to Himself through Jesus
53:42 Christ, and has given us the ministry of
53:45 reconciliation, that is, that God was in Christ
53:48 reconciling the world to Himself.
53:51 God has promised that he wants to take Jesus
53:54 Christ and reconcile all of us back to Himself.
53:59 So will this separation last forever, no the gift
54:03 of Christ in the Cross reconciles as in if you go,
54:06 I'm not gonna take time to read in Revelation,
54:09 but in Revelation it talks about He is going to
54:11 make all things new. You know God invites us
54:18 to know Him better. This is verses 23 and 24
54:23 Jeremiah chapter 9: Let not the wise men glory
54:27 in his wisdom, let not the mighty men glory in his
54:31 might, nor let the rich men glory in his richest,
54:34 but let him who glories glorien this,
54:39 that he understands and knows me,
54:42 that I am the Lord exercising loving kindness
54:45 judgment and righteousness in the earth
54:48 for in this I delight. He wants to know you,
54:54 He wants to know me individually, personally
54:58 and whoever is watching this right now,
54:59 you sir, you madam, He wants to know you too.
55:03 And I want to give you an opportunity right now
55:05 to respond to His desire. To his invitation to
55:09 get to know him just a little bit better.
55:13 If you would like to just say Lord I want you to
55:18 get to know me a little better, I want to accept
55:19 your invitation to know you better,
55:22 just raise your hand where you are if you'd like
55:24 for him to get to know you better respond to his
55:27 invitation say yes Lord I want to know you
55:29 better. Let's pray, Father in heaven, we thank you
55:35 that long to get to know us better that you
55:39 actually looked down on us not as just some
55:43 riffraff, but as human beings men and women
55:48 and children that you have created,
55:51 and Lord you have told us you want to get to
55:53 know us. Thank you we respond to that right now
55:57 and we look forward eagerly to getting to know
55:59 you better now and in eternity. I thank you
56:02 for that invitation in Jesus name, amen.


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