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Program Code Duration Description Participants
NL000001 Video NA No Information Available NA
NL011001A Video Transcript NA No Information Available NA
NL013002 Video Transcript 0:58:29 Teaching and Training for Safety C.A. Murray (Host), Jim Gilley (Host), Enoch Hurd, Kevin Penrod
NL14002A Video Transcript
NL14002B Video Transcript
0:57:29 News and Info C.A. Murray (Host), Jim Gilley (Host), Doug Batchelor (Skype)
NL14004A Video
NL14004B Video
0:56:59 Creation C.A. Murray (Host), Warren Johns
NL14009A Video Transcript 0:58:25 Christ in the Midst of Conflict: SDA's and Ferguson, MO C.A. Murray (Host), Jim Gilley (Host), Bryan Mann, David Klinedinst, Joseph Ikner, Robbie D Long
NL015001 Video 0:58:00 No Information Available Jim Gilley & C. A. Murray (Host), Sasha Bolotnikov, Alan J. Reinach, Jeff Zaremsky, Ralph Ringer
NL015007A Video 0:58:00 Nepal Disaster Jim Gilley (Host), C.A. Murray (Host), Malcolm Seheult
NL140001 Video NA No Information Available NA


Updated 2019-09-22