Marriage in God's Hands

How to Pray for Your Marriage, Part 2

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00:01 Welcome back.
00:02 We've been talking about
00:04 how to pray for your spouse and marriage.
00:06 And right now we're praying through crisis
00:08 and we're using 2 Chronicles Chapter 20
00:11 as the pattern for prayer,
00:13 with Jehoshaphat and the Kingdom of Judah
00:15 who was about to be overrun by these three nations
00:18 that are coming against him.
00:20 And so far in the prayer what we've had is,
00:21 we pray first about God.
00:24 Who god is?
00:25 We remind ourselves of
00:27 how big He is and how powerful He is,
00:30 and then we remind ourselves secondly,
00:32 of what God has done in our past history.
00:35 We remind ourselves
00:37 that He has been guiding every step of the way,
00:39 He's always been there.
00:41 I think following that,
00:43 the next thing that Jehoshaphat did is,
00:45 he prayed about what God had promised.
00:46 That's right.
00:47 He said all right, I'm here.
00:49 I've looked back to see what you have done before,
00:51 but you've also promised some things for the future.
00:54 Go back to verse 8, it says, they have lived
00:56 and they're talking about this land
00:57 that you've given to them.
00:59 You drove out the inhabitance and gave it to them,
01:01 He gave to us.
01:02 They've lived in it and have built you
01:04 a sanctuary here for your Name, saying.
01:07 Verse 9, "Should evil come upon us,
01:09 the sword, or judgment, or pestilence, or famine,
01:12 we will stand before this house
01:15 and before You for Your name is in this house
01:17 and cry to You in our distress,
01:19 and You will hear and deliver us."
01:21 Basically we're saying, Lord, we're doing
01:24 just what You told us because that has come upon us.
01:27 We, we're experiencing disaster or famine or pestilence.
01:31 It's come upon us and you said
01:34 that when it came upon us, we could come here.
01:36 When the temple was dedicated...
01:38 This is the place to come.
01:39 That was the instruction He gave.
01:41 God said come here. Come here.
01:42 When you are in trouble, come here.
01:44 Come here and pray and I will deliver you.
01:47 So we say to God, Lord,
01:48 it has come upon us, our family is...
01:50 Here we go.
01:51 In crisis.
01:53 I'm coming here, whether that's beside your bed,
01:56 it's in your closet, wherever it is I'm on my knee's,
01:59 I'm coming here to You.
02:00 You said come here to Me, this is the place.
02:03 You promised, Lord.
02:06 When we... Yeah, go ahead.
02:07 God will always honor His promises.
02:09 He will.
02:10 Always honor his promises
02:11 and so when we pray His promises back to Him,
02:14 his music to His ears.
02:16 He loves to hear us--
02:17 Realize that our Father cares enough to make promises to us
02:20 and He's not going to let us down.
02:22 He will stand good for those promises.
02:24 I think, He loves the fact that we remember, you know.
02:26 Yes.
02:28 We remember that He's promised something
02:30 and then He loves the fact
02:31 that He's able to deliver on it.
02:33 Absolutely.
02:34 I have promised this.
02:35 And again, like we found in Psalm 23,
02:37 He will do it for his name sake.
02:40 He will do it because He is true to his name,
02:42 he is true to his word.
02:44 He will not allow His name to be--
02:46 To have any blemish for not fulfilling His promise,
02:50 for not honoring what He has said he will do.
02:52 When you and I've made promises to our daughters
02:55 and then they comeback to us
02:56 and remind us of those promises, you know.
02:58 Yeah.
03:00 Daddy, you promised. Yeah.
03:01 Momma, you promised. Yeah.
03:03 There are times when you say, oh, I did.
03:05 I did, yeah, okay.
03:07 But because they remind you, you promised.
03:09 You said, oh, I did promise. I will do it.
03:11 Yes.
03:13 I will do this for you.
03:14 I want my children to be able to trust me
03:16 and depend upon me.
03:17 And so when I promise, I'd always try to fulfill that.
03:20 Well, if I as an earthly simple father can do that,
03:25 how much more does
03:26 the Heavenly Father long to do it?
03:28 He longs to do it.
03:30 And so when we come to Him and say,
03:31 You promised Lord.
03:33 Yeah. Yes, I did.
03:34 Yeah. Yes, I did.
03:35 And in my time,
03:37 I will fulfill the promise for you.
03:38 And I will fulfill it in the right way.
03:39 I mean, I think, that's the other part of the promise
03:42 that we know, then He's going to--
03:44 It says, He will hear and save.
03:47 I will hear and save. Yeah.
03:49 So we don't know exactly how that's going to happen,
03:52 but we know that we're at the right place
03:54 and we're at the person, we're with the person
03:56 who has the power to do it.
03:57 And He has said, I will hear you,
03:59 it's not gonna unheard and then I will save.
04:02 I'm gonna come through.
04:03 Hey, God--
04:05 You called God the, the Living One who sees me
04:07 and named the well Beer Lahai Roi,
04:10 the well of the Living One who hears me.
04:12 He hears, He sees, he's the Living One
04:14 who's there for you
04:16 and He hears and sees us today, does He?
04:17 Yeah.
04:19 The next thing that he praise about is,
04:22 he describes the problem.
04:23 So it's appropriate to describe the problem,
04:25 but he doesn't spend a lot of time on it.
04:27 He just lays it up before God.
04:29 All right. Verse 10.
04:31 He says, "And now behold
04:32 the men of Ammon and Moab and Mount Seir,
04:35 whom you would not let Israel invade
04:37 when they came from the land of Egypt,
04:40 and whom they avoided and did not destroy,
04:43 behold they reward us
04:44 by coming to drive us out of your possession
04:47 which you have given us to inherit."
04:49 There's a little side bar there.
04:51 Yeah.
04:52 It sounds it like a little bit of sour gourd.
04:53 So you wouldn't let us peel them on the way through?
04:55 Now look how they're rewarding us.
04:57 But, you know, what?
04:58 I think He's permitted that
05:00 because after all they're coming to drive him out
05:01 and to destroy all of Judah.
05:04 And, you know, what he's doing.
05:05 Yeah. He's being honest with God.
05:07 Yes, he is.
05:08 And when we come to God,
05:09 sometime we have feelings of unfairness.
05:11 We feel--
05:12 This isn't fair. Right
05:14 I don't understand
05:15 why this is going on in my family.
05:17 Lord, I've tried to serve You,
05:18 I've tried to do what you've said to do.
05:20 And God can handle that. Yes, He can.
05:22 Because He handles our honesty better than our dishonesty.
05:25 Yes.
05:27 He says, I want you to be honest with Me.
05:29 I know what you're thinking anyway.
05:30 I know what's in your heart, so just say it.
05:33 We tried to standardize our prayers sometimes
05:35 to make them sound more Christian.
05:37 I think God wants them to be more real.
05:39 Absolutely.
05:40 You know, I'm angry, I'm upset.
05:41 Because it's a relationship. Yes.
05:43 It is a relationship.
05:44 And you can't be in relationship with someone
05:45 you're not being honest with Him.
05:47 Absolutely.
05:48 It's not a true relationship then.
05:50 So He says, come and lay it all out here.
05:52 And that's what he does.
05:54 Now he didn't dwell on the problem.
05:55 No.
05:57 He says, they are about to kill us and,
05:58 and, you know, we need some help
05:59 because they are bigger than us
06:01 and they're going to destroy us.
06:02 Yeah, I mean, that's pretty, pretty basic thing.
06:04 Yeah, pretty basic. They're going to kill us--
06:06 They're going to kill us--
06:08 Because we can't do anything about it.
06:09 So he's described the problem.
06:11 Now the next step, does he makes a request?
06:14 He makes a request and we find that in verse 12.
06:16 Verse 12.
06:18 He says, "O our God,
06:19 will You not execute judgment on them
06:22 for we are powerless against this great hoard
06:25 that is coming against us.
06:26 We do not know what to do but our eyes are on you."
06:31 I love that. I did too.
06:32 I love that.
06:34 First of all he acknowledges that we're powerless,
06:36 we can't do anything.
06:38 We can't do a thing.
06:39 But he ask God simply for judgment.
06:41 I'm not gonna tell you how to do this, Lord.
06:43 You know, I've got a few suggestions,
06:44 fire from heaven, lightning bowls,
06:46 anything of that you want to do,
06:47 just open up here to swallow them,
06:49 I don't really care.
06:50 It doesn't matter.
06:51 You are God, You take care of it Your way
06:53 and I'm going to trust You.
06:54 So here's my request.
06:55 Please execute judgment
06:57 and then we're just gonna keep watching.
06:58 We're gonna watch.
07:00 Lord, you know,
07:01 this cancer is about to take my life.
07:04 Yes. My eyes are on you.
07:05 Yeah.
07:06 I'm about to loose my home.
07:08 My eyes are on You.
07:10 My child has strayed away, my eyes are on You.
07:13 Yes.
07:15 No mater what the crisis
07:16 and some other crisis are horrible.
07:18 Yes, they are. Horrible things.
07:19 They are.
07:21 But my eyes are on You, because You said,
07:22 You would hear and save.
07:24 You said You would.
07:25 You can trust Him.
07:27 Well, that's the pattern for prayer.
07:29 He prayed about God.
07:30 He prayed about Gods acts in the past.
07:32 He prayed about Gods promises.
07:34 He described the problem
07:36 and he made a request and he said,
07:37 now we're just gonna watch and see what happens.
07:39 Stand back.
07:40 Stand back and God did not let them stand back for long.
07:42 No, He didn't. He sent an answer.
07:44 He sent an answer.
07:46 Verse 14, "Then in the midst of the assembly
07:48 the Spirit of the LORD came upon
07:49 Jahaziel the son of Zechariah,
07:51 the son of Benaiah, the son of Jeiel,
07:52 the son of Mattaniah,
07:54 the Levite of the sons of Asaph."
07:56 And Asaph is the name I recognized.
07:57 That is the name we know.
07:59 Yeah, because when you read the Psalms,
08:01 some of the Psalms were written by Asaph.
08:04 And you study, you realize that Asaph was a Levite
08:08 whose job was to be in the house of God
08:11 and to write music for the worship,
08:13 that's what his family did,
08:14 but he was also David's personal prophet.
08:18 And so this man,
08:21 Jahaziel is a descendant of Asaph,
08:25 and so he's also a priest, he's a musician
08:29 and God spoke to a musician and gave him a word
08:32 and answered to the king's prayer.
08:34 Isn't that interesting? Yeah, it is.
08:35 He didn't make them wait. No.
08:37 Sometimes we do have to wait.
08:38 Yes, yeah.
08:40 But He dint make them wait in this case
08:41 and He sent an answer to a musician.
08:44 He said, listen to him because
08:45 I've spoken to him and He stepped up.
08:48 Verse 15.
08:50 He said--
08:51 "And he said, listen all Judah
08:53 and the inhabitants of Jerusalem,
08:54 and King Jehoshaphat,
08:56 thus says the Lord to you.
08:58 Do not be afraid
09:00 and do not be dismayed at this great hoard
09:02 for the battle is not yours but God's."
09:05 Oh, praise the Lord.
09:07 And He tells him what to do.
09:08 Gives them instruction.
09:09 Gives them instruction, but the first thing he says is,
09:11 do not be afraid.
09:12 The most frequently repeated
09:13 negative command of scripture is fear not.
09:17 Oh, man we fear all the time.
09:18 In fact that command is repeated
09:20 365 times in scripture.
09:22 One for every day of the year.
09:23 Yeah.
09:25 The one thing the God doesn't want you to do is, be afraid.
09:27 If you go to a religious meeting,
09:29 you hear someone preach
09:30 and the result in your heart as the child of God is fear.
09:34 What you experience was not the sprit of God.
09:37 He said, I'm not giving you a sprit of fear.
09:39 That's right.
09:40 He doesn't give you fear.
09:42 He comforts, He calms, He gives you a sprit of peace
09:44 because you've gone to the God of the universe.
09:47 We know how the story ends in our lives,
09:49 how the universe ends, God wins.
09:52 Yeah.
09:53 And we can be on God side
09:55 and when we're on God side, we win.
09:57 That's the bottom line.
09:58 So there's no reason for fear.
10:00 So he says, don't be afraid, don't be dismayed
10:04 because this battle is not yours, but Gods
10:06 and that's true of every battle of our life.
10:09 He's taken it out of our hands, we don't have to carry it
10:12 and we don't have to have the cloud over us, the burden.
10:15 And, you know,
10:16 maybe that the circumstance is still there,
10:18 the circumstance has not changed,
10:20 but we know that He has an end control,
10:22 He has it in His hands.
10:25 And the battle is not ours, He's gonna fight it.
10:27 Yeah.
10:29 But what happens next in the story is that--
10:32 Instruction has given.
10:34 Jahaziel gives instruction directly from God.
10:36 Basically he gives the scouting report,
10:37 he tells them exactly where the enemy is located,
10:40 exactly where they're going to come up
10:41 and then gives them instructions,
10:43 go out and meet them.
10:44 Just go on out there. Go out and meet them.
10:46 And they're gonna come up there tomorrow morning,
10:48 so go out and meet them tomorrow morning.
10:49 So they would know exactly which way they're coming,
10:51 they know where they are and so that's what they do.
10:54 Well, that's a scary thought to though, isn't it?
10:55 Yeah.
10:57 All right, this hoard is still a lot bigger than we are.
10:59 Yeah.
11:00 And yet we're supposed to just go out there and meet them.
11:02 Yeah. But it's a--
11:04 And he also told them they're not gonna fight.
11:06 Yeah, and he repeats that later on in instructions.
11:08 Fear not, again don't be afraid,
11:10 go out and meet them, but don't be afraid.
11:11 It's not your battle,
11:13 you're not gonna have to fight this battle,
11:14 the Lord is gonna fight it, so they did that.
11:16 They went out to meet them.
11:18 But you know, verse 21,
11:21 when Jehoshaphat consulted with the people,
11:23 he appointed those who sang to the LORD
11:25 and those who praised Him in holy attire,
11:27 as they went out before the army and saying,
11:29 "Give thanks to the LORD,
11:31 for His lovingkindness is everlasting."
11:33 They sent the army into battle. Oh, they sent--
11:35 I mean, I mean,
11:37 the choir into battle ahead of the army.
11:39 They sent the choir? The choir.
11:41 If you're the choir director,
11:42 you don't necessarily want to show up that right, right?
11:44 That's right.
11:46 It's time for my assistant to get some experience.
11:47 Yeah, I'm a little hoarse today.
11:48 Yeah.
11:50 But he sent the choir ahead of the army.
11:51 So they start singing the song about praise to God
11:54 for his lovingkindness is everlasting.
11:55 That word lovingkindness.
11:57 We talked, last show about the word
11:59 "hesed" or "chesed," the fanatical love of God.
12:02 That's what this word is.
12:03 His fanatical love is everlasting,
12:06 there's no end to it.
12:07 So He's saying to our family when we're in crisis,
12:10 walk forward, do what I tell you to do.
12:13 Be obedient.
12:15 And do it singing and speaking about My love.
12:18 Yeah.
12:19 Just remind yourself that you are so dearly loved
12:23 that you can move forward.
12:24 Its okay, it's going to be all right.
12:27 You got nothing to fear if God loves you.
12:28 His crazy love for you, His fanatical love for you,
12:32 there's nothing to fear and that's what happened here.
12:34 They started singing
12:36 and these three armies heard the songs.
12:38 I think it scared them, they thought,
12:39 who gave them scouting reports, they know where, you know,
12:42 they are gonna kill us and they killed each other.
12:44 By the time Judah got to the vista point
12:47 where they could see the armies,
12:49 they were all dead, everybody was dead
12:50 and it took them three days
12:52 to carry the spoils of battle back home,
12:53 not only did they not get killed,
12:56 but they got rich in the process.
12:58 Wow.
12:59 God fought the battle... What an ending.
13:00 These guys killed each other and so they went home
13:03 and had a big celebration, singing praises to the God
13:07 who delivered them in the time of crisis.
13:10 Its true of every battle, isn't it?
13:11 Yeah. It's not our battle.
13:14 The reason it's not our battle,
13:16 it's because we can't fight it any way.
13:18 We can't.
13:19 When those big things come,
13:21 those crisis that we can not handle--
13:24 We're powerless. Yes.
13:26 So let's be willing as a family to say, all right God,
13:30 we've got to hand this off to you
13:32 and we're going to trust
13:34 that You're going to take care of it
13:36 and our eyes are gonna be on You.
13:37 That's right.
13:38 We may have to move forward
13:40 and it may not happen the way we think.
13:42 And it's pretty scary. Pretty scary.
13:44 But He says you're not.
13:45 And we can trust him
13:47 because of His fanatical love for us.
13:50 The same is true for you.
13:52 God has the fanatical love
13:53 for you and for your family.
13:55 Trust Him in times of crisis.
13:57 Trust Him when times are good.
13:59 Trust him because
14:01 He wants you to be madly in love forever, trust Him.


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