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How to Pray for Your Marriage, Part 2

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00:19 Hello, and welcome to Marriage in God's Hand,
00:21 where Mike and Gayle Tucker
00:24 from Faith for Today television,
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00:39 We've been honored to present a series of programs here
00:43 on Marriage on God's Hand on marriage in the family.
00:46 And this is our last in the series.
00:48 And where we are, last time we talked about
00:51 how to pray for your spouse
00:52 and we're gonna do that again today,
00:54 about praying for each other especially in times of crisis.
00:57 You know, we talked about
00:59 how prayer can bring you together,
01:00 it can help you feel connected,
01:02 it can help you feel more committed to one another,
01:05 it can also help you pray for one another.
01:09 To pray for the blessing that your spouse needs,
01:12 to pray that God will give him
01:14 or her everything that is needed in their life.
01:17 But what about these times of crisis?
01:20 Because there are times in every couple's life
01:22 when they face crisis.
01:24 That's right.
01:25 And I think we know that we need prayer.
01:28 If our faith for today prayer line is any indication,
01:32 people know that.
01:34 Because many, many of the requests
01:36 that we get are about family.
01:38 They say, "You know, my marriage is a mess,
01:41 pray to God for me that He will help my marriage,
01:45 that He will bless our marriage."
01:46 "My son is going to prison, I don't know what to do,
01:50 I'm so destroyed, I'm so sad, I'm so worried about him."
01:54 "There's illness in our family.
01:56 I'm getting ready to have surgery.
01:58 My husband has cancer.
02:00 Bless us Lord."
02:01 You know, so many things that they ask for,
02:04 for prayers for, and sometimes it's just
02:06 I think Satan is attacking our family.
02:08 Yes, he is.
02:09 And they know, that prayer is what they need.
02:12 We have crisis.
02:14 Some of them are huge,
02:16 and I think it's important to understand
02:18 and it's comforting to know
02:21 that we can use prayer in those times of crisis.
02:24 Now we don't have to just wonder,
02:26 what do I even say?
02:27 You know, because sometimes it's so big
02:30 that we don't know what to pray,
02:32 we don't know how to pray,
02:33 we don't know what to ask God for.
02:35 But I think we can find some help with that,
02:36 in his word.
02:38 We can find some help with that because crisis is nothing new.
02:42 There have been crisis through out the dawn of time,
02:45 at least since sin entered into the world.
02:48 People had lives in crisis.
02:50 And so we have examples of prayers in crisis
02:54 in scripture.
02:56 One such example comes to us
02:58 from 2 Chronicles 20,
03:03 my Bible, I just noticed it was opened to 1 Chronicles.
03:05 2 Chronicle 20 is where we need to look.
03:08 Because the king of Judah, Jehoshaphat, had one fear,
03:11 and that is that
03:13 surrounding nations were joined together
03:14 and attacked the little kingdom of Judah,
03:16 because it was a small kingdom.
03:18 And his fear was that
03:20 these surrounding nations would attack him,
03:22 and then he got word
03:23 that three of the surrounding nations were doing just that.
03:26 They abandoned together, they made a huge army
03:29 and they were coming to get him.
03:31 And the interesting thing to me is that
03:32 the very first thing he did is respond with prayer.
03:36 He didn't call his generals together
03:37 to take council for war
03:39 he didn't take a look at how many chariots,
03:41 or swords, or shields, or warriors they had.
03:45 He just said, oh, the very first thing we're going to do
03:47 is declare day of fasting and prayer,
03:50 because our very existence is at stake.
03:53 His Greatest Fear.
03:55 His Greatest Fear that these nations will come in
03:57 on this small little land of Judah
04:00 and would overtake it.
04:02 We have great fears like that, don't we?
04:03 We do.
04:04 We feel that we will be overtaken.
04:07 And I think it's important for us to understand
04:09 that in scripture there is help for us.
04:14 We can look at that and say,
04:15 yeah, I've been there, I've been there.
04:18 We can identify with the things in scripture.
04:20 And in our families, there are times
04:22 when we've been there.
04:23 Yes.
04:24 Things are falling apart, I don't know what to do,
04:26 my greatest fear has come upon me.
04:29 Whether it is a fear of separation,
04:31 a fear of physical ailment or disease,
04:35 it's a fear of financial ruin.
04:38 What are our greatest fears?
04:39 I fear that our children will not stay with God.
04:42 Our greatest fears have come upon us,
04:44 what are we gonna do?
04:46 Right.
04:47 And Jehoshaphat said that
04:48 the thing to do is to go prayer.
04:50 Very first thing.
04:51 And he's got a beautiful prayer here
04:52 that actually I uses a pattern whenever there is a crisis.
04:56 And I encourage other people to do it as well.
04:58 And its not that there's anything magical
05:01 about the pattern,
05:02 but its comforting to know that there is a good pattern
05:04 for how to pray in crisis
05:06 because our minds are so scattered,
05:08 this helps focus our minds
05:09 on the things that really matter.
05:11 You know, I can remember times in my life
05:12 when I felt like, this is the worst moment of my life,
05:17 this is a horrible crisis.
05:18 Someone may be who is at death door
05:20 or whatever it was,
05:22 and I felt like I didn't know how to pray,
05:24 like, I couldn't pray.
05:26 And I must needed someone else to pray for me, yeah,
05:28 because I didn't have the words.
05:30 This gives us words. Yes.
05:32 And it gives us a pattern and we can come to God
05:35 and say, all right, I'm gonna pray back to You,
05:36 what You've written to me,
05:38 because I just don't know on my own.
05:40 Well, let's take a look at this pattern.
05:42 The first part of the stories
05:43 told in verses 1-4 of 2 Chronicles 20,
05:46 but then the pattern starts in verse 5,
05:49 "Then Jehoshaphat stood in the assembly of Judah
05:51 and Jerusalem, in the house of the Lord,
05:53 before the new court, and he said, verse 6.
05:56 O God the God of our fathers,
05:58 are You not God in heaven, and are You not ruler
06:01 over all the kingdoms of the nations,
06:03 power and might are in your hands
06:05 so that no one can stand against You?"
06:07 He recognized who he is speaking to.
06:09 Yeah.
06:10 The very first thing he praises about is God.
06:12 He doesn't pray about his problem.
06:14 He reminds himself of who God is.
06:18 He turns his eyes in the eyes of Judah all upon God
06:22 because God is bigger than their problem.
06:26 He recognized the fact, I love this,
06:28 "are you not God in heaven," you know.
06:31 Are you not my God?
06:33 So I have, in a way he's saying,
06:36 I have a right to be here,
06:38 simply because You've told me that I can,
06:41 You are the God of heaven
06:43 and You are the ruler of everything
06:45 and the ruler over me.
06:47 I think one of the things that we learnt from this
06:49 is that when we are in pain we become myopic.
06:52 All we can see is the source of that pain.
06:55 We see the problem itself
06:56 and the longer you look at the problem
06:58 the bigger the problem becomes.
06:59 It may just be a molehill
07:00 but suddenly it looks like Everest.
07:02 Yeah.
07:03 You know, it's huge.
07:05 Well, Jehoshaphat reminds us, when you face that Everest,
07:09 it's time to get your eyes off Everest
07:12 and get in on to God.
07:13 Because when you look at God
07:15 you realize that He is much bigger
07:16 than the problem.
07:17 You are looking way up here and saying Everest
07:19 but when you look to God, way above that.
07:23 He's above Everest.
07:24 He is above it, He is bigger, He is all powerful,
07:28 so then you're looking at
07:29 where the power really lies instead of, at the problem.
07:32 We are not helpless.
07:34 We are not without hope, we are not without strength
07:36 because we have at our disposal
07:38 the strength of the God of the universe,
07:40 the creator God of the universe,
07:42 the one who made Everest.
07:43 That's right.
07:44 And He holds the universe in the palm of His hand.
07:46 So the very first part of this payer is
07:48 he turns the attention of the worshippers
07:51 and his own attention
07:52 away from the problem to the solution,
07:55 and the solution is always God.
07:57 And not only that, not only is he bigger and have power,
07:59 but it says "You rule
08:01 over all the kingdoms of the nations."
08:03 He says You have control over these people
08:06 that are after us.
08:08 You are the one that has control over my enemies,
08:11 You are the one who has control over disease,
08:13 You are the one who has control over Evil.
08:15 Whatever it is that's coming in on our family
08:18 at this moment Lord,
08:19 You have control over it, You rule it.
08:21 That's right.
08:22 You are more powerful.
08:23 The next thing that he does is he reminds himself
08:27 and all of Judah of how God has led in their past history.
08:31 So he praise about God's past blessings.
08:35 Why don't you read verse 7 for us.
08:36 It says, "Did you not our God drive out
08:38 the inhabitants of this land before your people Israel
08:42 and give it forever to the descendants
08:44 of Abraham your friend?
08:46 And they have lived in it
08:47 and have built for you in it a sanctuary for your name,"
08:50 All right.
08:51 He drove them out.
08:53 You drove them, you gave this to in the first place,
08:54 you gave this to us.
08:56 Who was it that said, our only fear for the future
09:00 is that we forget Gods leading in our past history.
09:04 I believe that strongly.
09:06 We have nothing to fear for the future.
09:08 And if you ever start to be afraid for the future,
09:10 just look back into past, how has God blessed us.
09:12 Is He directing, has He directed in your past?
09:15 You know, isn't He the one
09:16 who put this together to begin with?
09:17 Yes He is.
09:19 Has He not given us a love for one another?
09:20 Yes.
09:22 Has He not provided us the home?
09:23 Has He not given us friends and family who have us?
09:26 Has He not given us food to eat?
09:28 Has He not given us children in our home?
09:31 Over and over and over, and, you know,
09:33 any person can look back and say,
09:35 wow, when I look at my history I can see the landmarks,
09:40 I can see the things that God has done,
09:42 and I think this is where age also comes into play
09:46 and helps us.
09:47 Because when we get a little bit older
09:49 we can look back and we can say,
09:51 you know what, I can see now
09:53 things that I couldn't see before.
09:55 He led, He has done,
09:57 He has blessed us all along the way,
10:00 why would He not bless us now?
10:03 We tend to look in times of crisis
10:05 at what we don't have, and we wish we had more.
10:10 But we forget that we have already
10:12 an embarrassment of riches.
10:14 God has promised that He will love you,
10:17 accept you, and forgive you,
10:18 and give you home in the kingdom forever.
10:21 That's what He's promised.
10:23 If you have anything more than that
10:25 you have an embarrassment of riches,
10:27 you have more than what He promised.
10:29 If you have a house to live in...
10:31 even if it, may be a small one, and old, and falling apart,
10:35 you have more than what He promised.
10:37 If you have shoes on your feet,
10:39 and people who love you and care for you,
10:41 if you have food to put in your belly
10:43 you have more than what a third of the planet has,
10:47 you have an embarrassment of riches.
10:49 Has He led you into His kingdom,
10:51 has He given you salvation?
10:53 Wow. That's everything right there.
10:56 Yes.
10:57 Have you, has He directed your path in a way
11:00 that has brought you to Him,
11:01 has He brought you to your knees at this moment,
11:04 to acknowledge that He is God and to have a place to come
11:07 when you are in crisis.
11:09 He has done so much,
11:11 so I think it's very, very important for us to not say,
11:14 "God, You deserted me",
11:16 but say, "God, You've led me, now what's next?"
11:20 What's next?
11:21 How are You gonna help me in this situation?
11:23 But acknowledging that He has led all along.
11:27 You know, we see points in our lives
11:31 where we face things
11:32 that we thought were terrible at the times,
11:35 and yet those turned out to be turning points
11:37 where God put us in a place to do things
11:39 that we never would have done otherwise.
11:41 At the time, you don't see it.
11:43 But when you look back you do. So looking back is a gift.
11:46 When I was a young man,
11:48 I had my whole life planned out.
11:49 I knew what I was going to be
11:50 doing at 21, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45.
11:54 I was wrong at every age.
11:56 That's right.
11:57 God, I didn't hit one of my marker is,
11:59 God had different plan for me.
12:00 But you know, as I look back I realized He was in charge
12:03 and He was guiding at every step,
12:05 it didn't go exactly what I thought,
12:06 I've never dreamed that I would be doing
12:08 what I'm doing right now.
12:09 That's right.
12:10 I never thought about that
12:12 but God had a plan and He has led me.
12:14 So this prayer so far is we remember who God is,
12:17 we look first of all at God, we pray about God.
12:21 You are God of the universe, You are the creator,
12:24 You are the one who is the God of the nations,
12:27 and You are the God who is in charge of my life
12:30 and my experience today.
12:31 And that's music in His ears when we pray about Him
12:34 because it says, you know, his...
12:35 we're connecting here.
12:37 Yes.
12:38 We're acknowledging who He is and who we are.
12:40 Because you can't pray about
12:41 who He is without acknowledging who you are.
12:43 That's right.
12:45 And that is, I'm someone who need,
12:46 and I'm not much
12:47 but You are the king of the universe.
12:49 And then the second thing we pray about is
12:51 we remember that You've always been present with me,
12:54 You've always guided me, You've always led me,
12:57 and that history gives me confidence
12:59 for Your leadership tomorrow.
13:01 That's right.
13:02 We're gonna take a break right now.
13:03 When we come back, we'll have the rest of the prayer.
13:06 But don't go away, we will be right back.


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