Marriage in God's Hands

How to Pray for Your Marriage, Part 1

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Participants: Mike and Gayle Tucker


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00:01 We're back.
00:02 We are using Psalm 23 as a pattern
00:05 for pray for our spouse
00:06 and we have found out that there are two petitions
00:09 that we have covered this far, seven in the entire Psalms.
00:12 But the first two petitions are to be my God
00:15 and give me rest.
00:16 And so I pray for you that He will be your God,
00:18 be your shepherd,
00:19 and that He will grant you rest.
00:21 But now what's the third petition?
00:23 Well, let's pick up with verse 3 at Psalms 23,
00:26 it says, "He restores my soul."
00:28 This version actually says, "He restores my life."
00:30 Yeah, and that basically
00:32 that next request is simply heal me.
00:35 That's the first part of verse 3, heal me.
00:37 You know, if you are ill physically,
00:40 you feel like your life has been taken,
00:42 your life has been stolen.
00:44 Chronic illness is especially, severe illnesses.
00:46 You don't have the ability to get out and do things
00:50 and to be active
00:51 and to interact with other people,
00:54 you don't have the ability
00:55 some times to care for yourselves,
00:57 and you feel like your life is gone.
01:00 So if I pray for you, restore his life,
01:03 Lord, heal him, give him the healing
01:06 that he needs in a spiritual ways
01:09 and in physical ways.
01:11 And some of the healing is physical
01:12 as we have just mentioned,
01:14 but some of it is emotional healing,
01:16 psychological healing.
01:18 But there is also a need for spiritual healing as well.
01:20 And I don't know exactly what that means for everyone,
01:23 it's a different story for every person,
01:25 may be that they need forgiveness for their own,
01:27 their own lives,
01:28 or may be they need an infusion of God's grace
01:30 so that they can forgive others.
01:32 But God knows what's best,
01:34 and so here this doesn't tell God how to heal,
01:37 it just says, Lord, restores life.
01:39 Restore his life, you know,
01:41 heal him from resentment, from fear,
01:45 from physical ailment, from any thing
01:48 that may keep him from being whole.
01:50 Right.
01:52 Give him his life. Right.
01:53 Now, next petition is found on the second half of verse 3,
01:56 read that for us.
01:57 It says, "He leads me in the paths of righteousness,"
02:00 or "He leads me in correct paths",
02:02 according to this version, "For the sake of his name."
02:05 All right, now again, we are asking now for guidance.
02:09 So the petition is guide me, or guide my spouse,
02:14 be my spouse's guide.
02:16 Now, in the east shepherds lead their sheep
02:20 and in the west we drive them.
02:22 Behind them with whistles and dogs or whatever else,
02:25 you know, we drive the sheep.
02:26 But in the east the shepherd leads the sheep
02:28 and the sheep know the shepherd's voice,
02:30 he sings to them, he speaks to them,
02:32 and they follow him wherever he leads.
02:34 And even if they go along a narrow pathway,
02:36 they will trust him
02:38 and they will go wherever he follows
02:39 because the know the shepherd
02:41 as their are best good at heart.
02:43 And he will sing, he will call to them
02:45 and they will come.
02:47 It's described that when he walks the sheep will,
02:50 its especially when there is a narrow pathway,
02:52 they'll push ahead and get up and nuzzle his leg,
02:55 and he will reach down and pet and call that sheep by name,
02:58 because he knows each one by name.
03:00 Thus being reassured that they fall back in line
03:02 and the next one will come up for attention as well.
03:04 There's an intimate picture of the shepherd and the sheep;
03:07 he leads.
03:08 And if God is leading you,
03:10 if you are being led by the master shepherd
03:12 by Jesus himself,
03:13 wherever He lead you are goanna be okay.
03:14 That's right.
03:16 And you only develop that by time with the shepherd.
03:18 Yes, yeah.
03:20 So that's part of a prayer too,
03:21 it's this my spouse can be with the shepherd enough,
03:26 that he knows him, you know.
03:28 But the last part of this petition,
03:30 "He leads me in paths of righteousness
03:32 for His name sake."
03:34 Now that's important because of this,
03:37 the reason He will lead you
03:38 when you ask for it is not because of you,
03:41 not because you are of your merit,
03:43 not because you are good enough to deserve being led,
03:46 or not because you pleased Him.
03:48 He will lead you because He has promised you,
03:51 and He will always be faithful to His name.
03:54 He will respect His own name.
03:57 And so it's saying lead me not because I deserve it,
04:01 but for the honor of your own name,
04:03 be faithful to your name.
04:04 I have people come to me say, Pastor, please for me.
04:07 So I'll be happy to pray for you.
04:08 Now you are praying for yourself?
04:10 Well, yes, but you are closer to God,
04:11 he will hear your prayer.
04:13 Well, that's just a misunderstanding.
04:15 It is.
04:16 God will answer your prayer not because of my goodness
04:19 or because of your goodness,
04:21 He will answer for His own name sake,
04:23 and that's something is far more dependable
04:25 then my goodness, your goodness,
04:27 because either one of us,
04:28 the best way are is not all that good.
04:30 No, it's not that good.
04:31 It's not that good.
04:33 But God is always good.
04:35 And if we depend upon His name, which He will always honor,
04:39 He will always honor His own name,
04:41 then we can trust Him and He will lead us,
04:44 He will answer our prayers.
04:45 I think another beautiful part of that is that it says
04:48 that He will lead us in the paths of righteousness,
04:50 and when you study the word righteousness
04:53 in the original language, its is a word of relationship.
04:56 Right relationship. Right relationship.
04:59 So it's saying that He is goanna lead you
05:02 not just into doing all the right things,
05:04 with good behavior,
05:05 we tended to think righteousness is good behavior.
05:07 No, He's going to lead you into relationship with Him.
05:12 And for His name sake He will do that,
05:14 because that's what He has promised to do,
05:16 because He loves you so dearly
05:18 and He want you to be close to Him in relationship.
05:19 And by the way,
05:21 that's where genuine good behavior comes from.
05:22 Oh, yeah.
05:24 It's right relationship. It is.
05:25 That's where the changes are made.
05:27 The next one is in verse 4, he says, "Keep me safe.
05:31 Even though I walk
05:33 through the valley of the shadow of death
05:34 I will fear no evil for you are with me,
05:36 your rod and your staff, they comfort me."
05:39 The valley and the shadow.
05:41 Yeah, you know, in the summers,
05:43 the shepherds in the East would take their sheep
05:45 up to the high mesas.
05:47 It was cooler, there was plenty of grass,
05:50 there is no large vegetation or boulders or anything
05:54 for predators to hide behind.
05:56 The days were long, there were no shadows
05:58 because it was on the top of the mesa,
06:00 so nothing to cast a shadow, long days,
06:02 plenty of light, plenty of grass,
06:05 and it was cool, it was sheep heaven.
06:07 Sheep heaven.
06:08 That's right, that's where they wanted to be.
06:10 Yeah, but winter was not heaven.
06:11 No.
06:13 And it seems odd that in winter instead of staying up
06:15 where it might be warmer, they actually came down,
06:19 and they came down because you know,
06:21 they couldn't be up there in the cold
06:23 where there was nothing to eat up there either.
06:25 The grass was thin up there,
06:26 they had to come down to the valleys where could eat.
06:29 They could eat down there.
06:30 But you have shorter days in the winter.
06:32 And there are mountains on either side,
06:34 there is larger vegetation and boulders,
06:36 place is for predators to hide.
06:38 It was called by shepherds the valley,
06:40 the shadow of death,
06:42 the valley, of shadow of death.
06:44 And so that's where you would loose the sheep,
06:45 not on the high mesa,
06:47 but every sheep had to go through the valley,
06:50 the shadow of death.
06:51 I think we need to hear that. Yes.
06:53 Every sheep had to go through that,
06:55 every couple is going to go through times
06:59 when it feels like the valley of the shadow of death,
07:01 whether it's because they feel distance from each other,
07:04 or may be the two of them
07:06 are going through a circumstance of life
07:07 that it's just very difficult.
07:08 Right.
07:10 May be there is an illness,
07:11 may be there is a death of a child,
07:13 may be there is, you know, who knows what, financial ruin.
07:16 Doesn't matter.
07:17 It is always the valley of shadow,
07:19 the shadow of death.
07:21 And he is...
07:23 we have no need to fear
07:24 when we are in the valley of the shadow of death
07:26 because He is with us.
07:27 It says His rod, yours rod and your staff they comfort me.
07:31 You got the rod and the staff,
07:33 the rod was usually either a straight stick
07:35 or else it was a stick
07:36 with a kind of a gnarled part of wood on it,
07:39 and it was used mainly for protection
07:42 and it would fend off wild animals, you know.
07:45 And if it was a longer, just straight stick,
07:49 sometimes that was used for correction for the sheep.
07:51 You know, to get them back in line
07:53 sort of thing, you know.
07:54 So protection and correction.
07:56 But the staff with the shepherds crook,
08:00 and they would use for rescue,
08:02 pull the sheep out underneath those front legs
08:05 if it and pull up to safety of some sort,
08:07 fall in a ravine or something.
08:10 So we have protection, correction, and rescue,
08:14 I need all of those.
08:15 All of those, all of the time. Yes.
08:18 You know, so, Lord, give Mike what he needs in that record,
08:22 you can pray that for your spouse,
08:23 give my spouse what they need, correction,
08:26 you know, protection, all of those things.
08:27 A rescue if he needs to be rescued.
08:29 Oh, and how many times do we need to be rescued?
08:31 Constantly.
08:32 So you can pray for your spouse,
08:34 you can pray for yourselves as a couple
08:36 who need to be rescued.
08:37 Right.
08:39 Sometimes we are just rescued from ourselves.
08:40 Whatever it is.
08:42 But we need to be rescued, do we not, from our own pride,
08:45 our own arrogance, our own feeling of sufficiency?
08:48 And we can't do it,
08:49 that's the thing, we are not sufficient
08:51 and so we put it in the hands of the one who is.
08:53 There is only one who has the power to rescue me,
08:56 to redeem me, to see me through to the other side.
08:59 That's right.
09:01 The next petition, it is provide for me, verse 5,
09:04 you wanna read that?
09:05 Verse 5 says, "You prepare a table
09:08 in the presence of my oppressors"
09:10 or "in the presence of my enemies,
09:12 You anoint my head with oil, my cup runs overflowing."
09:15 Wow.
09:16 "You prepare a table for me."
09:18 Now, before a shepherd wouldn't allow his sheep
09:20 to graze in a field that he was not familiar with,
09:23 he would cause them to lie down,
09:25 and then he would go through that field
09:27 on his hands and knees.
09:28 And he would remove sharp stones,
09:31 he would remove a sharp briers,
09:34 and pull out noxious weeds,
09:36 and basically he would get this area
09:38 ready for his sheep to graze safely.
09:41 And that process of removing those things
09:43 was known by the shepherds as preparing the table.
09:45 Preparing the table.
09:47 So the picture is of the Savior going before you...
09:50 On his hands and knees.
09:52 Yeah, preparing the way for you
09:53 so that you can have that what you need.
09:55 God prepare the way for my spouse,
09:58 I know he may be coming into something
10:00 that may be difficult, but, Lord,
10:03 prepare the way, get rid of all the obstacles,
10:05 get rid of anything that might harm him.
10:08 That's a beautiful prayer.
10:10 You know, I want you praying that for me.
10:11 Absolutely.
10:13 Anything that might harm me would be taken away
10:15 because of the love of my God.
10:17 And what a comfort for me to know
10:18 that my wife is praying that for me,
10:21 what a comfort, and what a privilege for me
10:24 to be able to pray that prayer for you.
10:26 Prepare the table for Gayle, Lord.
10:29 Take those things out of her way that could hurt her,
10:30 that could stand as an impediment to her best good.
10:35 So it says, You prepare a table for me,
10:37 you have anointed my head with oil.
10:39 The anointing oil was used to signify
10:42 that someone was set aside for special purposes,
10:45 and so you have set aside for...
10:47 set my spouse aside for special purposes,
10:51 and let that oil be
10:52 the representation of the Holy Spirit
10:54 that is just covering my spouse,
10:56 so that they are enabled, novel,
10:58 and quick and for service.
11:00 And my cup overflows, we have more than what we need.
11:03 More than what we need, if we would recognize that,
11:05 you know, and just acknowledge to God,
11:08 surely we are asking for a lot of things.
11:10 But I think the acknowledgement to Him
11:13 that we realize He has given us more than we need,
11:17 we are over flowing with gifts from His hand,
11:20 and yet we're asking for few more.
11:22 We don't wanted to ever stop,
11:23 but we were grateful that we have it.
11:25 A father doesn't mind when his child ask for a lot.
11:27 He does not.
11:29 Verse 6 is the last petition, and that is take me home,
11:32 "Surely goodness and loving kindness will follow me
11:35 all the days of my life" some translations say
11:37 "mercy will follow me all the days of my life
11:39 and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever."
11:41 Take Me Home.
11:43 Now dwelling the house of Lord forever,
11:44 few grow up in the home with father who loved you,
11:46 and nurtured you, and cared for you.
11:48 Spending eternity in that home was good.
11:51 If you grew up with an absentee or a violent father
11:53 or an abusive father, that's not a picture for you.
11:56 But if indeed, you can imagine the father of your dreams
11:59 and multiply that by about a billion times
12:01 you have scratched the surface of just how good God is,
12:04 and how good it would be to live in His house.
12:06 And I think anyone who has grown up
12:08 in this difficult situation has had that dream,
12:11 you know that, imagine what it would be like to have a father.
12:15 The father who is perfect, who loves me.
12:17 The first part of this is surely goodness
12:19 and loving kindness or mercy will follow me.
12:22 The word loving kindness and our mercy
12:24 is translated from the Hebrew word
12:27 "hesed" or "chesed" depending upon
12:28 who is translating it.
12:29 So word origin meaning it takes 26 English words to translate.
12:33 It refers to a love of fanaticism.
12:36 And so intense is this fanatical love that,
12:39 that word is never used to describe
12:40 a man's love for a women,
12:42 because that love is not fanatical enough,
12:44 it's never used to describe a women's love for a man
12:46 because even though you have
12:47 a greater innate capacity for love,
12:49 it's not strong enough for chesed.
12:51 It's not used to describe a women's love for her children
12:54 because that's not stronger enough.
12:55 The only time it's used is to describe God's love for you.
13:00 His fanatical love will follow me,
13:02 and even the word follow is not a good translation.
13:04 Yeah. What should it mean?
13:06 Well, it should mean to stalk. That's, right.
13:08 That's the words what it mean.
13:09 That's the scary idea, to being stalk
13:11 but to be stalk by perfect love.
13:13 By perfect love, fanatical love.
13:15 Perfect love is not going to overwhelm you,
13:17 perfect love is going to just lift you up
13:20 and draw you in, that's what being stalked by.
13:23 I wanna be stalked by God. Absolutely.
13:25 I don't want Him to ever give up
13:27 because so many times I'm going the wrong way,
13:29 I want Him to continue,
13:31 and I want Him to continue to stalk you,
13:33 I wanna know that He is always drawing you close to Him.
13:36 I want to know the same thing for you as well,
13:38 the fanatical love the father will bring you home.
13:41 And that's what I want for you too,
13:43 I want you to be able to be with him in the paradise.
13:46 Well, that's just a pattern of how to pray.
13:48 We encourage you to take scripture,
13:49 use this Psalm, use any other Psalm,
13:51 or any other pray you find in scripture,
13:53 pray for each other, pray for your spouse,
13:56 pray for your children.
13:58 It's going to make difference in your family.
14:00 We want you to do this
14:02 because we want you to be madly in love forever.


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