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00:01 A promise
00:03 to love
00:06 in good times
00:08 and bad
00:12 for richer
00:14 or poorer
00:17 forsaking all others
00:19 as long as
00:21 you both shall live
00:25 MARRIAGE In God's Hands
00:28 Marriage Heart to Heart with Tom & Alane Waters
00:34 Welcome to Marriage Heart to Heart!
00:36 We're Tom & Alane Waters with Restoration International
00:40 And we're looking forward to today's talk!
00:43 We think it will make a difference in your marriage!
00:47 Today we're gonna be talking about
00:48 money matters.
00:49 And it does matter in every one of our marriages!
00:53 And so, we hope that you have a paper and a pencil
00:55 because we're gonna be talking about three
00:57 very fundamental principles about
00:59 managing our money today.
01:03 You know, one of the top
01:05 conflict issues in marriage
01:07 is over money.
01:09 It's one of the major causes
01:13 of the breakdown of the marriages that we have today.
01:16 And one of the reasons is because
01:18 there's so much pressure today
01:21 to make money!
01:23 Because many of the life styles today
01:25 are working at such a high level
01:28 that there's pressure that
01:29 everybody needs to be making money
01:32 to make it!
01:34 So money does matter!
01:36 But how are we handling
01:38 what's important in the use of money,
01:40 what are we doing in our marriages,
01:43 are we really communicating?
01:44 And we're gonna be talking about those 3 things today
01:47 that will make the difference
01:49 in whether money becomes a huge stress
01:52 that finances are a stress in our marriage,
01:55 or that money becomes a blessing
01:58 in the hands of a happy home.
02:00 and a happy God!
02:02 You know, when we're in the "me focus"
02:04 and I want what I want and you wanna do what you wanna do
02:07 and how we spend the money
02:09 we have conflicts! - That's right!
02:11 And this is an area that I can say
02:13 really wasn't that much of a struggle for us! And I'm glad!
02:16 Because we had enough other ones at the beginning
02:18 to start out with!
02:20 But,
02:21 this idea of just being so self focused,
02:24 and we have seen so many couples
02:26 destroy their marriages
02:27 because she's gonna get what she's wants to get
02:30 and it's her money and she's gonna run it
02:32 the way she wants to do it
02:33 and he's determined this way
02:35 and you just see it separating them
02:37 And it causes hard feelings and
02:38 those walls of separations are build up
02:41 and they destroy themselves over
02:43 things!
02:44 Because it's all related to things what money buys!
02:47 - That's right! - In fact a life style
02:48 that we see lived all around us
02:51 and we were caught up in it for a while,
02:53 it forces us, it drives us, maybe is a better word
02:56 we choose to do it but it's a driving force
02:59 that gets dad out there working sometimes two jobs
03:02 or overtime,
03:03 or mother out of the home working a job
03:06 they're both working out to make ends meet,
03:08 to try to maintain this life style!
03:10 And that life style is destroying
03:12 the very fabric of their home and marriage.
03:15 It's all backwards. - That's right!
03:17 I told you, I'd rather have a lot less to live on
03:19 and have more time with you
03:21 than to have more money and none of you!
03:24 Well, I remember when we were making our transition
03:26 from the suburbs of Chicago
03:28 to Montana, in the mountains there, that
03:32 you made a statement
03:34 and we've talked about this in several times.
03:36 You said that
03:37 you would rather live in a tent
03:41 and have more of me
03:43 than to have a fancy home and have me
03:45 me driven to be gone all the time!
03:47 And I meant it!
03:49 Because I was excited about the changes that
03:52 that we had agreed on
03:54 that we wanted to do for our marriage and for our family
03:57 because God really was important to us
03:59 and our family was really important!
04:01 And we really did love each other
04:02 and we wanted to have more time
04:03 to enjoy each other instead of just being out there
04:06 in the world - That's right!
04:07 doing so many other things.
04:09 And loan behold as we've followed the principles
04:12 that God has shown us in His Word
04:14 we didn't have to live in a tent either.
04:16 No, we didn't! But I was willing!
04:18 And you know, those words were said with a willing spirit!
04:22 God never - I knew that!
04:24 - We never had to, but I was willing to!
04:26 But we do love a much simpler and happier life now!
04:29 And our is smaller that the one we used to live in as well!
04:32 And you know,
04:33 I don't know if you heard this but we were visiting
04:35 with a family not long ago,
04:37 and they live in a very beautiful home,
04:41 a very big beautiful home!
04:43 And he made a comment to me
04:45 he said:
04:47 "You are a very rich men!"
04:50 He said: "Because I can see
04:52 the happiness that you have in your marriage,
04:55 I can see the happiness in your children
04:57 they love you,
04:58 they honor and respect you as parents. "
05:01 And I do feel like a rich men!
05:03 I feel very thankful for those things
05:05 because you can't put a price on those things.
05:08 And we know some very wealthy people
05:11 who are driven by money!
05:15 And the world would call them rich people
05:18 or rich men
05:20 but they are not rich in the things
05:23 that really bring true happiness and peace in life.
05:27 So, we wanna talk about
05:30 three areas today and the first area that became
05:33 important to us
05:35 as we wanted to really experience
05:39 the right kind of money management
05:43 was putting God first!
05:45 And now, I know this sounds very simple
05:48 but you think for a moment
05:50 if you're really putting God first.
05:52 There are a lot of professing Christians today
05:55 who say they are Christians
05:57 and who say that they're putting,
05:59 well maybe they don't say they're putting God first but,
06:02 are you really putting God first
06:05 in the area of your financial management?
06:09 Malachi 3
06:12 the tenth verse says:
06:13 "Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse,
06:15 and prove me herewith"
06:18 Here's God saying: "prove me"!
06:21 "saith the LORD,
06:22 if I will not open you the windows of heaven,
06:25 and pour you out a blessing, that you will not have
06:27 room enough
06:29 to receive. "
06:30 That is quite a command
06:34 and a promise.
06:36 God's asking us for
06:38 ten percent
06:40 of what He has blessed us with financially
06:43 to give back to Him
06:45 to continue to sustain the work
06:47 that He has going on, on this Earth.
06:50 Now, God really doesn't need our money!
06:53 He owns everything, including our money.
06:56 He gives us the power to get wealth
06:58 but God is giving us the opportunity to be His stewards
07:03 to give back, because what God knows
07:05 and what we have learned in our marriage
07:07 is that it is truly blessed
07:10 and more blessed to give than to receive
07:13 because we have found that you cannot
07:15 out give God!
07:17 So God wants us to give back, He
07:20 gives us a command and He gives us a promise.
07:23 The command is that we would return to Him
07:26 as stewards ten percent
07:27 and then
07:29 that He will give to us blessings
07:31 that we don't have room enough to receive!
07:33 - That's right! - So, does that
07:35 if we give our tithe
07:38 and are offering to the Lord, to His work
07:41 does that mean that we're gonna get rich
07:44 financially?
07:45 No! That's not what it says! But all of our needs will be met!
07:48 - That's right! - And that's a promise!
07:49 And there is no question
07:51 that God has met all of our needs!
07:54 And there's no question
07:56 that He has blessed us way beyond
07:58 what we could ever have dreamed
08:00 in our own marriage and family!
08:03 And I'm glad we made that commitment,
08:04 when we were first married,
08:06 that God would be first with our finances.
08:08 We really wanted God first in our lives and in our marriage
08:11 and that's what we said and that's what we
08:13 thought we had started
08:15 but we didn't recognize the two big "ME"'s we each had.
08:17 And we didn't know how to become one big "US"
08:19 under God!
08:20 But God takes us where we are
08:22 and I think that's the beauty of it!
08:24 God takes us where we are!
08:26 - That's right! - And then He leads us
08:27 step by step!
08:29 And so, if you haven't understood this principle before
08:31 in financing, about one tenth belonging to God
08:35 and then to give it back to God,
08:37 we wanna encourage you, not to be intimidated by,
08:39 not to say: "Well I don't have enough money to do that!"
08:42 But to take God at His Word and prove Him!
08:44 That's what He says: "prove Me!
08:46 And I will bless!"
08:48 And so, that's the experience that we have found in our home
08:51 we made that commitment
08:52 and when we got paid
08:54 the first thing we would do
08:55 is pay that tithe check.
08:57 And that was really a
09:00 a blessing for us and our home!
09:01 Yes! And it's really
09:03 it's a faith step
09:05 in many cases
09:07 it's a step of faith
09:09 that we believe that God will take care of us!
09:11 Does that mean then
09:13 for the person out there that may not be
09:16 accustomed to this tithing principle,
09:18 maybe they've never studied it before,
09:21 does that mean then
09:23 that if we look at our pay check
09:26 and we don't think
09:29 the way it all ends up at the bottom line
09:31 that we're gonna have enough to pay our bills
09:33 and pay our tithe
09:34 do we still wanna take that tithe
09:36 out at the beginning for the Lord?
09:39 That's been our choice! Because if it doesn't come out the first
09:42 it doesn't come out at all!
09:44 It's the same way in our spiritual walk
09:46 if we don't take time for God
09:47 first, we tend not to have time for God at all!
09:50 - That's right! - If you and I don't take
09:51 time for each other first
09:53 we tend not to have time, or very little time, at all.
09:57 So, it has to be a priority!
09:58 Just like everything else in our marriage!
10:00 And it really is a faith decision!
10:03 If God is calling to us to
10:07 give back
10:09 ten percent of the first fruits,
10:12 ten percent of the first when we get the pay check
10:15 if God is asking us to do that
10:18 and He's also then giving us the promise
10:21 of what He will do to open the windows of Heaven,
10:24 it is safe for us! And it has always been safe for us
10:28 to trust God enough to give to Him first!
10:31 And He will always take care of us!
10:35 And I think that's been a blessing that we've seen that
10:38 demonstrated in the homes we've come from,
10:40 from our own parents! - That's right!
10:41 Because we have gown up in homes
10:43 where both of our families, our parents practiced this
10:47 and they were committed to it!
10:49 And we know, having been raised in those homes,
10:51 the blessings it has been!
10:53 Oh, it's incredible, some of the stories that we could tell
10:56 of the, at least I know in my family where
11:00 there wasn't going to be enough money
11:03 in some situations as I was growing up.
11:07 And God always provided! And I saw it!
11:10 The other thing that I saw in that was
11:12 that I saw my parents regardless of
11:14 the difficult circumstances, because my dad
11:17 as you know went through some major surgeries and
11:19 the insurance didn't cover everything
11:22 but my dad and mother always
11:25 always set aside their tithe first!
11:27 Even though
11:29 there were times that there was no possible way
11:32 and it was amazing to see how God would come through
11:35 every time
11:36 to honor that faith!
11:38 That's right!
11:39 And so, the first thing we agreed on
11:41 was that we would put God first
11:42 in the use of our money - That's right!
11:44 and how when we will receive what He, the blessings
11:46 He gave us, that we would give back to Him
11:48 what was rightfully His.
11:49 - Yes! - And then we made
11:50 another agreement in our marriage!
11:52 That's right!
11:53 We made the agreement that
11:55 we would always be in unit and in harmony
12:00 for how we spend our money.
12:03 Now, some people say: "Well,"
12:04 you know, "Here you have your money!"
12:06 and when we got married
12:07 you were working, you were nurse recruiter at the hospital
12:10 you were making good money,
12:11 and I was a program director and
12:14 we had our own incomes.
12:16 We could have very easily
12:18 done that. - His and hers?
12:20 Yes! You keep your money and I'll keep mine and
12:24 I go on spending mine the way I want to and
12:26 you spend the money the way you want to.
12:28 But we agreed
12:30 after we agreed to put God first,
12:32 we agreed
12:33 that we would come into harmony
12:35 on how would spend our money.
12:37 That's really what it talks about in Amos 3:3.
12:41 It says: "Can two walk together,
12:43 except they be agreed?"
12:47 It's a good question, isn't it?
12:48 - It is! - And we wanted to be
12:50 agreed on how we used our money!
12:53 And God has really blessed us in that!
12:56 And it's brought so much happiness and peace
12:58 and contentment because we're not having a fight or
13:00 argue over - That's right!
13:02 I want this and you want that
13:03 and I wanna go here and you don't want me to go there
13:05 and how that money is to be used and
13:07 it's said when you see how many couples
13:11 really struggle in this area.
13:13 And if they could just be willing to say:
13:15 "I will accept this principle
13:17 that God has in His Word from Amos 3!
13:20 We will accept that!"
13:21 and look at the unity and harmony
13:22 that they can have in their home.
13:24 Because now we can be in agreement
13:26 and when we have agreement then it's easy to begin our
13:29 course together!
13:30 That's right! The difficulty
13:32 is that big "ME" again!
13:34 And we've talked about that
13:36 that "me focus"
13:39 many times because
13:41 we find that whenever there's a
13:43 a problem that seems to be insurmountable
13:46 when there seems to be a difficulty we can't get passed
13:49 it's usually because one of the other of us or both of us
13:53 is slipping back into a "me focus"!
13:55 We have never faced anything
13:58 and that's beautiful to be able to say never
14:01 when we have made this commitment
14:02 we've never found anything
14:04 that God hasn't been able to resolve
14:07 if we were willing to come into agreement with God
14:10 and with each other!
14:12 So as long as the "ME" is in control
14:15 then the money is spent for what I want
14:17 and the bills start - That's right!
14:19 adding up.
14:20 And then the stress starts coming.
14:21 And then the walls start coming up and division takes place.
14:25 And heart ache and maybe even, well we know families they,
14:29 their marriages have dissolved over financial issues.
14:32 That's right!
14:33 So it has been a blessing to be able to agree
14:36 from the little things to the big things,
14:38 especially in this area. Because we know
14:39 that it's an area that - That's right!
14:41 can be very deadly!
14:43 To move from the "me focus"
14:46 to the "us focus".
14:48 That's a fact that our
14:50 communication and the little things
14:53 it's talked about how we agreed on our bills
14:56 and how we would look at debt and
14:59 all these kinds of things
15:01 that were very important
15:02 and many people are refusing to look at.
15:06 I remember one family that we talked with
15:09 and the wife had no idea
15:11 that the husband had taken a second mortgage
15:13 out on the home.
15:14 I mean that's a huge sum of money
15:16 against the property.
15:18 And it was until, I don't know months, maybe years
15:21 later she found this out
15:23 that he had wanted to invest it.
15:26 - That's right! - To try make a little more!
15:29 And - He didn't want
15:30 to tell her bout it.
15:31 He didn't want to tell her about it!
15:32 And that's where we don't have that honesty
15:35 then in the marriage. - That's right!
15:36 We need that honesty and we need to be agreed
15:38 so that we can alleviate,
15:40 dissipate problems. We can keep problems from ever
15:43 being problems if we're willing to do this
15:46 and cooperate with this principle.
15:49 And I know that each of our listeners, our viewing audience
15:52 can benefit from these principles
15:54 that we've been discussing, too!
15:56 But we need to take a break right now!
15:58 we hope you'll stay with us
15:59 as we go to our third principle
16:01 when we'll return!
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16:40 Welcome back! As we're talking about
16:42 the three principles
16:44 in money matters that are foundational
16:47 to having a marriage that's heart to heart
16:49 in our areas of finance.
16:51 The third area that we wanna talk about
16:54 is: "Owe no man any thing"
16:57 Now that's not my concept!
17:00 That's taken from Romans the 13'th
17:03 chapter in the eight verse:
17:05 "Owe no man any thing,"
17:08 now that's a pretty tough statement, isn't it?
17:11 So what do we do with that?
17:13 Well it's pretty difficult in this day and age
17:16 to not owe anybody anything
17:17 especially if you're buying a house.
17:20 So,
17:21 what we wanna talk about is how we can minimize that.
17:25 How we can do the best that we can
17:27 with our finances and be agreed.
17:31 We knew two families that happened to be buying
17:34 property. And this was several years ago.
17:36 They both ended up with a fifty thousand dollar
17:40 mortgage.
17:42 So, obviously
17:43 they both owed fifty thousand dollars.
17:47 The difference here is that
17:49 one couple decided that they were going to do
17:53 everything that they could.
17:54 They were going to bend all of their efforts
17:57 to get this mortgage taking care of
17:59 so that they would owe no man anything.
18:02 The other couple on the other hand had
18:04 what I would call a more modern philosophy.
18:08 And that is that the more money that
18:10 we can leverage, the more money we can invest and.
18:13 And so, the other couple decided that they would
18:16 make some investments somewhere else
18:19 and they would just continue to make they basic payment.
18:23 That first couple making double principle payments
18:26 sometimes and putting as much extra on those payments
18:30 as they could, when they came to nine years
18:33 into that mortgage, on a thirty year mortgage,
18:37 at nine years
18:38 they were completely clear with that debt.
18:41 Now, that's pretty impressive, isn't it?
18:43 Very impressive! That means they put
18:45 their heart into this commitment they made!
18:47 It was a serious commitment
18:49 that they wanted to owe no man anything!
18:52 The other couple
18:54 who had decided to go the different direction
18:56 in their philosophy
18:58 when they came up on nine years
19:00 they owed nearly the same amount of money
19:03 on their mortgage.
19:05 And they ended up getting in some financial difficulties
19:09 that caused them a tremendous amount of stress.
19:14 And they wished that they had don what the other
19:17 couple had done.
19:19 So,
19:20 when we're talking about: "owe no man any thing" here
19:23 it's not that we can just
19:26 eliminate instantly a mortgage debt
19:28 but we made a decision and a commitment
19:30 that we were going to do all that we could
19:33 to eliminate debt as quickly as possible!
19:35 And that has been a tremendous
19:37 encouragement and blessing in our marriage.
19:39 It has! It's given us financial freedom for years
19:42 Because we made that commitment.
19:44 And even when we moved from the suburban setting of Chicago
19:47 to the country, when we built our home
19:49 we were looking for every way that we could
19:51 to stay out of debt.
19:52 That's right! - And by God's Grace
19:54 we were able to stay out of debt with
19:56 the entrust or the profit
19:57 that we had made from our previous home.
19:59 We just almost unheard of.
20:00 But we also, in order to do that we
20:03 went to second hand stores, remember when we picked out
20:05 a toilet from a second hand store?
20:07 And a sink from a second hand store?
20:10 And, you know, those things are still in the house today!
20:12 - That's right! - And nobody
20:13 ever knows the difference! I mean
20:15 they work!
20:16 Nobody knew they were second hand!
20:17 That's right! They're the same color, they're the same style
20:19 as everybody else's and they do the same thing.
20:22 So, we looked for ways to stay out of debt.
20:25 - Yes! - And we received the blessing
20:27 from that. Because what it did
20:29 is it didn't put the pressure on you to have to
20:32 make so much money! Especially in your professional change.
20:36 You know, from being a radiology to going into
20:40 selling rural properties.
20:42 - Quite a change! - Quite a change!
20:43 No longer the regular pay check every two weeks!
20:46 Now we were getting commission only!
20:48 That was a huge step, but I knew that
20:50 I had confidence in you to lead in that.
20:52 And I saw that by cooperating and working together
20:55 rather than working against each other
20:58 we've found harmony, even through those
21:01 some of those financially difficult times.
21:04 That's right!
21:05 And we really wanna encourage you
21:08 that you bend all of your energies
21:11 not towards the modern philosophy today but
21:15 bend your energies towards paying off that mortgage.
21:17 And there is a difference between mortgage debt
21:20 and what we would call regular debt
21:23 or that some people would call frivolous debt.
21:26 When we take a mortgage obviously the people
21:29 that are on the other end of the transaction
21:32 have something. And in today's real estate market
21:35 in most areas
21:36 that home is appreciating
21:38 in most cases.
21:39 So, if we default on that mortgage
21:42 then they're gonna get the house back
21:45 and they're gonna get it back from
21:47 probably more than it was worth when we
21:49 first started in that mortgage transaction.
21:52 So there's a different pressure there
21:54 that's not to encourage mortgage debt
21:56 but it is a different kind of debt than when you go out
22:00 and buy a new furniture, a new car every year, a whatever,
22:04 and you put that on a credit card or you start
22:07 piling up the bank loans
22:09 at a higher interest rate
22:10 because if you take that car back six month later
22:13 they're not gonna give you
22:14 an appreciated value,
22:16 they're gonna give you a depreciated value.
22:18 And so there is a difference here
22:20 most of us can't go out and buy a home
22:23 and pay cash for it
22:25 but we just wanna encourage you
22:26 to begin working earnestly
22:30 and honestly to remove that debt
22:32 to lower it as quickly as possible.
22:35 It's interesting
22:37 Ben Franklin, we're talking about a man
22:39 who lived a long time ago
22:42 but listen to what he says:
22:44 "When you run in debt
22:46 you give another Power over your liberty!"
22:51 How do you like that feeling?
22:52 The idea that when you're in debt
22:55 you give someone power over your liberty?
22:58 It's not a very nice feeling!
23:00 And Ellen White said it this way,
23:02 she said: avoid debt
23:04 as you would avoid the smallpox"
23:08 I want you to think at this picture for a moment.
23:10 Can you imagine
23:12 you get another hankering for
23:15 a new bedroom set.
23:17 The one you have is fine, but
23:18 you know, styles are changing.
23:20 You've have it for another ten o twelve years
23:22 it's time to update right? - So, yes! Let's go
23:24 out and get another one! Well you get in there
23:26 and you see the perfect one that you really like
23:31 and as you're considering the debt that you will accrue,
23:34 because you don't have the money for it,
23:36 and so, you're gonna put it on a credit card.
23:38 But they've told you now that
23:40 it's nothing down and no interest for six month, so
23:43 that's great!
23:45 Well, sic month is gonna come
23:47 but you out that aside
23:49 and you go up there and you make the transaction
23:52 and as you're getting ready to sign that credit card bill
23:58 supposing, at that moment,
24:01 that you got a little sign that popped up on the
24:04 the cash register
24:06 that said this:
24:08 "When you sign the transaction
24:10 you will get smallpox!"
24:13 How would you like that?
24:15 I would
24:16 not sign the thing and leave the store!
24:18 "Avoid debt like you would avoid smallpox!"
24:22 I think the problem is that
24:24 many of us have lost
24:26 the real significance of debt.
24:27 We live in a society that encourages debt.
24:30 And we have found
24:31 the freedom and as Ben Franklin says,
24:34 we have found that our liberty
24:36 is better when we don't have it under the power
24:38 of another!
24:40 And I think that if we look at 1 Corinthians 13
24:44 where it talks about what love really is,
24:46 and I know in previous programs
24:48 we've talked about respect and restraint.
24:50 And as we let that love of Christ work in our heart
24:53 and I respect you
24:54 that helps me to choose to
24:56 use those founds in a way that keeps our family out of debt
24:59 or for you to be careful on how you manage the founds
25:03 to keep our family debt free or
25:04 to keep us - That's right!
25:06 from having that financial pressure.
25:08 So I think that we can bring in here in our marriage
25:11 the love chapter "seeketh not her own".
25:14 but it looks for ways to be able to
25:17 keep that harmony and that unity in the marriage.
25:20 And you know, we will as we have seen
25:22 we will have more time together.
25:25 You will have more time together
25:27 as you can take those debts down,
25:29 take the pressure off.
25:31 so that you can have more time
25:32 for the marriage and the family.
25:34 Yes! We're reinvesting our assets
25:37 and we have each other as an asset
25:39 and so let's spend - That's right!
25:40 the time there instead of things that drive us apart.
25:43 Well I think we need to look at a personal challenge now
25:46 because each one of us has to
25:48 come to grips with this in our marriages.
25:51 And so the three areas that we discussed
25:53 we wanna look at what we can do
25:56 to make those a reality in our experience.
25:58 So we encourage you to consider
26:00 each of these three principles from God's Word
26:03 and ask yourself: "What are we willing to do?"
26:06 "What am I willing to do?"
26:07 "What are w willing to do together?"
26:09 Are we willing to put God first?
26:11 And let Him prove to us
26:14 that He is the God of all flesh
26:15 and there's nothing too hard for Him
26:17 and that all of our needs will be met.
26:19 Are we willing to agree together
26:21 with each other on how those founds are to be spent?
26:25 How we're gonna manage those founds?
26:26 And we're gonna be talking about that in a later program
26:28 the actual managing of those founds.
26:31 But accept and agree on that principle
26:34 that we will work together
26:36 start wherever we are
26:37 and begin to make those agreement together
26:39 on where those founds are gonna go.
26:41 And lastly that "owe no man anything"!
26:44 If you have debts look for ways that
26:46 you can get out of debt as fast as possible!
26:49 And cooperate in the littlest things
26:51 it's five dollars here and fifteen dollars there
26:54 and eight dollars here,
26:55 and that adds up to a lot of dollars in a year.
26:58 That's right!
26:59 Well I thinks it would be good to
27:00 to pray a prayer of commitment
27:03 that we can enter into these
27:04 and that our viewing audience as well!
27:07 Father in Heaven we thank You
27:08 for the opportunity to put You first
27:11 and we pray that as we do this in our finances
27:14 that You will open the windows of Heaven
27:16 and that You will be our God and
27:18 we will be Your people, in Jesus name, Amen!
27:23 Well we look forward to having you join us again!
27:26 In our next program
27:28 we're gonna be talking about
27:30 managing our money,
27:32 the specifics of how we sit down and look at
27:36 the budget
27:38 and how we make those decisions
27:40 for a marriage heart to heart!
27:45 Marriage in God's Hands


Revised 2014-12-17