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00:28 Marriage Heart to Heart with Tom & Alane Waters
00:33 Welcome to Marriage Heart to Heart!
00:36 We're Tom & Alane Waters with Restoration International
00:40 And we're looking forward
00:41 to our time together today as we share with you
00:44 more heart changing, life changing principles.
00:49 So we hope you have your paper and pencil ready.
00:51 We're gonna be talking today about the importance of
00:53 having honesty and integrity in our marriage
00:56 not just in our communication, that's vital
00:58 but in every aspect of our marriage.
01:01 Really honesty is
01:03 a springboard
01:05 for a lot of things that happen or don't happen in a marriage.
01:09 And
01:10 we found in our early marriage that
01:12 to be transparent
01:13 is not necessarily an easy thing to do.
01:16 That's right! It's not always easy!
01:18 Because you only wanna present
01:20 a best to your spouse!
01:22 You don't want him to really know
01:23 some of the things that you really may be struggling with.
01:25 Yes! You don't wanna be misunderstood.
01:27 We went through some of that in our early marriage,
01:30 didn't we?
01:31 Yes we did! And it started sometimes in little things
01:34 but probably the most influential, powerful
01:37 experience that we ever had in this area
01:41 was the time that we were just moving to the country
01:44 and living in that little travel trailer there.
01:47 And you didn't know it
01:48 but I was struggling with my spiritual life.
01:52 And I wanted more than anything
01:54 to
01:56 be a real Christian
01:57 and yet I felt like I was failing, failing, failing
02:00 all the time!
02:01 And we would have made the commitment to
02:03 have morning worship personal and
02:05 take that time for God every day and that had been our habit
02:09 but it seemed like the more I did the worst I got.
02:11 And I was finding myself quite discouraged.
02:14 Well, it was something that it was very interesting
02:15 and I think, that kind of
02:18 pushed us into that scenario.
02:21 And I'm thankful that it happened
02:23 and that was we moved from
02:25 a big beautiful house in the suburbs of Chicago
02:29 to a little fifth wheel trailer
02:31 while we were building our home in Montana.
02:34 And that little trailer
02:35 became a huge
02:38 well, at first it didn't seem like a blessing
02:41 but it became a huge blessing
02:43 because it was in that little trailer
02:44 with the five of us, our three little children,
02:47 that we started to see
02:49 who we were not!
02:51 We weren't always getting the pets on the back, there
02:54 that we were getting in our suburban lifestyle
02:57 and working at the hospital and being
02:59 prominate in church work.
03:01 Now we were just
03:02 facing who we really were.
03:04 And it was uncomfortable.
03:06 It was uncomfortable! I wasn't used to having
03:08 that much time with you every day,
03:09 and being in such a confined space with the children.
03:12 And I wasn't so used to
03:15 you know, occupying them
03:16 with good occupation.
03:18 But in a small space
03:19 you're very closed together all the time.
03:21 -Yes! -And I remember one
03:23 morning in particularly
03:24 I was sitting up
03:26 on the bed, over the fifth wheel
03:28 and you were down at the little kitchen table below
03:30 and I could see you down there, just a few feet from me
03:33 and we were each having our quiet time.
03:35 Our children were still all asleep
03:37 and I was looking down there at you as
03:39 you were studying your Bible
03:41 and it just seemed like you had everything
03:43 together.
03:45 And at that time I was..
03:46 -I wouldn't believe that you could be thinking that!
03:47 But anyway.
03:48 -Well, that's the way I felt and that's what
03:50 I was experiencing from you.
03:52 And I found myself struggling because I
03:54 knew that there were things in my life
03:57 that really weren't right.
03:59 And I was not wanting to reveal those areas to you
04:02 or to anyone.
04:04 And as I sat there that morning and I was
04:06 supposedly reading I felt like:
04:08 "Is there any help for me?
04:09 I mean is there any more hope for me??!"
04:11 Because the harder I tried
04:13 it seemed like the more I failed.
04:15 And I was very discouraged.
04:16 And you know, when my mind started going down that track
04:19 my heart became very heavy
04:21 and I began to cry silently.
04:23 And all of a sudden
04:25 I mean, totally out of the blue
04:27 you just get up and start walking up
04:29 into the little bedroom, and it's like:
04:31 "Oh no! What am I gonna do!?"
04:32 and I tried dry my tears
04:34 really quick and take that
04:36 gulp, you know, to try to get that lump out of my throat
04:39 and
04:40 you caught me!
04:41 -Yes I caught you honey!
04:42 And it was a providential catching you.
04:45 Because I just looked up there
04:48 and I noticed
04:49 I could see something wasn't right in your countenance.
04:52 And I went up there and I'm so thankful
04:55 because this was another turning point
04:57 in our experience. I'm so thankful
04:59 that you were willing at that time
05:02 to be honest
05:04 and to be vulnerable.
05:06 And I was very honest and very vulnerable.
05:08 And I wasn't sure if you're gonna be
05:10 disappointed with me. I didn't really think you were
05:12 but you know, sometimes when you're feeling very low
05:15 that you think the other person
05:17 isn't gonna be accepting of you.
05:19 And that's the way I was feeling, you know,
05:22 "Do I really tell him like I feel like
05:23 I'm a failure in every way? I'm a failure as mother,
05:26 I'm a failure as a wife,
05:27 I'm a failure in my spiritual experience
05:29 I'm a failure as a Christian."
05:31 You know, and
05:32 you can just imagine those emotions that were crushing
05:35 in on me.
05:36 You weren't really a failure in any of those areas.
05:38 That was a perception and isn't it amazing?
05:41 And I think that the people out there listening
05:44 have probably experienced some of these things
05:47 It's, it can be very overwhelming when you feel like
05:50 everything is going wrong and it's not working right
05:53 and the Devil just loves to come in
05:56 and causes a feeling of hopelessness.
05:59 Well, I was honest with you.
06:00 That's right!
06:01 And I told you,
06:03 I mean I just opened up.
06:04 And I believe, like you said that God's timing
06:07 was perfect, didn't that?
06:09 Fully honest, things that I had not shared with you before.
06:12 And
06:13 in that sharing process
06:15 you were so
06:17 tender and so open
06:20 and I said: "But I see you down there
06:22 and you have your act together
06:24 and I'm never gonna make it!"
06:25 You know, "maybe the world would be better off without me"
06:28 I mean not to that extreme but,
06:30 that's kind of, you know some of
06:32 the thoughts that come in there.
06:33 And
06:35 you said: "Honey
06:36 I've seen you up there study and I
06:37 think you have your act together
06:39 and I was the one who's failing -That's right!
06:42 You know, and I think it's important for
06:44 for the people understand out there
06:46 that
06:47 sometimes this is happening
06:49 not intentionally
06:51 not because we're saying: "I'm gonna be dishonest!"
06:54 but that we don't want to open and expose that
06:58 part of us that's so vulnerable and
07:01 and what if they don't understand.
07:03 And
07:04 it's a blessing that I was really entering into your
07:07 experience because
07:08 I was looking up there you, thinking
07:11 how consistent you were
07:13 and I could count on you always being there
07:15 morning by morning,
07:16 and it was a real encouragement to me
07:18 while I was struggling in my own heart
07:20 with not feeling like I was being
07:23 all that God wanted me to be.
07:25 And so, that led us
07:27 in a turning point
07:28 in our experience.
07:30 From that day forward
07:33 we were committed to never loose touch
07:35 with who we really were spiritually.
07:38 And I was so thankful.
07:39 That morning we made a commitment
07:43 to each other! And you've heard us say this
07:45 we made a commitment, we have made so many
07:48 powerful commitments in our marriage,
07:50 and
07:52 let's face it, without making commitments
07:54 that are wordy of a marriage or wordy
07:57 of whatever we'll making those commitments on
07:59 we're not gonna be successful.
08:01 And so, that day
08:02 we made a resolve that we were going to start spending
08:05 a part of our quiet time
08:08 in study together.
08:10 And so,
08:11 do you remember what we did?
08:13 I do!
08:14 You suggested that we get the book "Desire of Ages"
08:17 and that's a beautiful book
08:18 on the life of Christ! -That's right!
08:20 And you said:
08:21 "Let's take this and let's read it very slowly,
08:24 chapter by chapter and see how Christ
08:28 lived successfully in His life in this world."
08:31 That's right!
08:32 "And then let's share at the end.
08:33 You read your, you know, you read the chapter
08:36 I'll read the chapter and the last 15 minutes
08:38 let's come together and let's share what we've each learned."
08:41 And that was so encouraging to me.
08:44 -It was powerful!
08:45 -It was powerful!
08:46 And it not only
08:47 bound us together
08:49 spiritually
08:50 but it bound our hearts together.
08:52 And from that point forward
08:53 I have been opened and honest with you
08:55 in every aspect of my life!
08:57 Amen! And that
08:59 I saw some things I
09:01 had insides into you that I never had before,
09:05 deep insides,
09:06 in that time that we had together.
09:08 And I wouldn't have traded that for anything.
09:11 So, if you find yourself
09:14 in a situation where you don't really know
09:17 spiritually where
09:19 your wife, your husband is
09:21 we wanna encourage you
09:23 that you open your heart
09:25 open your heart first to God
09:27 and be willing to admit your need and then
09:29 open yourself up in honesty
09:31 and true integrity
09:33 to the one that God has given you in your life.
09:37 Honey why don't you share that verse from Ecclesiastes?
09:40 It's a very powerful verse, it's actually two verses
09:43 Ecclesiastes 4:9 and 10 it says:
09:47 "Two are better than one;"
09:49 Haven't we found that to be the case?
09:50 -Definitely!
09:51 "Two are better than one;" and here's why:
09:53 "For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow:
09:58 but woe to him that is alone when he falleth;
10:02 for he hath not another to help him up."
10:06 This is so powerful because
10:08 this is where we should find ourselves
10:11 in honesty and integrity
10:13 in a marriage that's
10:15 heart to heart. We should be encouraging,
10:17 helping rather than criticizing
10:20 pushing one another down and
10:22 fault finding.
10:23 We should be seeing the one,
10:25 when I saw you that morning
10:27 tears,
10:29 quietly, you didn't know I was seeing that,
10:32 but I wanted to come up and encourage you
10:35 little that I know,
10:37 that in us opening that conversation
10:40 that we would be encouraging one another.
10:42 And God would use this for a turning point in our lives.
10:45 But this was an illustration where
10:48 you often have come to me
10:50 and you've encouraged me
10:52 you've helped to
10:53 encourage my spirit to
10:55 to buoy me back up
10:56 when we were going through a difficult time.
10:58 This is what the "two are better than one;"
11:00 when one falls the other can be there to help.
11:05 And in this opened and honest relationship
11:07 that we have
11:09 I can be free with anything
11:11 even telling you some of the mistakes I've made or
11:13 you know, not to unload on you a hard day
11:16 but to honest where I failed in the day
11:18 and, you know, how the Lord has redirected me
11:21 to take care of that with the children
11:23 if I was wrong with the children.
11:25 But to be honest, and that's helped our children
11:27 to see that -That's right!
11:28 -you know,
11:29 they can trust that what has to represent to you,
11:32 you know, some
11:34 husbands come home
11:35 and their wife unloads this terrible thing on them
11:38 and the children are feeling like:
11:39 "Oh this didn't happened! It wasn't really that bad!"
11:42 Because it isn't from their perspective
11:44 So,
11:45 we share the not so good things
11:47 but we try to share them always
11:50 in the real experience as they really happened.
11:54 Not exaggerated, you know, trying to frame it so that
11:58 you'll come to some certain conclusion.
11:59 That's right!
12:00 You know, one of the things that we've noticed and we've
12:02 talked about this before, when it comes to honesty
12:05 our children have seen our mistakes honestly,
12:08 they have seen us
12:10 honestly confess those mistakes,
12:12 get up and keep moving on.
12:14 But you know, we've been in homes
12:16 where the parents are actually teaching
12:19 dishonesty to their children
12:22 by precept and example,
12:24 by their own example and the way they handle
12:26 their interactions and
12:28 mother's hiding things.
12:29 I mean, I remember one mother
12:32 where she was hiding the fact that
12:35 she was involved in a vice that
12:37 everyone
12:39 in her family found out
12:41 but she didn't know they found out.
12:43 And I mean, it's very hurtful for the young people, but
12:46 it's not just those real hard areas
12:49 because we've also seen parents
12:52 who are, I think almost inadvertently,
12:54 teaching their children to be dishonest.
12:57 Imagine this:
12:59 this lady gets
13:01 a phone call
13:02 and here's the scenario
13:03 that happened:
13:05 she gets a phone call,
13:08 her daughter answers the phone
13:10 and when she let's her mother know who's calling
13:13 her mother has this response:
13:16 "Oh no!"
13:18 "I hate talking to her!"
13:21 Ok now, there's the impression
13:22 ok?
13:23 Now
13:25 her mother goes to the phone,
13:26 picks up the phone
13:28 and begins to talk like this:
13:30 "Ho, it's so good to hear from you!!"
13:33 "It's wonderful!"
13:34 and she's closing the conversation
13:36 and at the end of the conversation
13:38 her daughter hears this:
13:40 she's closing like this:
13:42 "Oh, it was so nice to talk to you!"
13:44 She hangs up the phone
13:47 what she says to her daughter next
13:50 "I can't stand! I wish that woman wouldn't call me!"
13:54 She's being honest
13:56 about her feelings
13:57 to her daughter
13:59 but she's being dishonest
14:01 in the way she's handling the phone call.
14:04 And so, her daughter is getting a mixed message.
14:08 Obvious that mother doesn't like talking to this other lady
14:12 but it's also obvious that
14:13 mother's not being honest in how she's handling
14:16 this other lady.
14:17 So, here you see a role model happening
14:20 in a parental situation
14:21 that should not be happening!
14:24 It's a powerful illustration
14:27 of the role model that we can have
14:29 on our children, the impact that makes in their lives.
14:32 We need to take a break right now
14:34 and we'll come back to talk about
14:36 how we can have more honesty
14:39 and integrity in our marriages.
14:41 Stay with us!
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15:18 better marriage. Welcome back! We've been talking about
15:19 honesty and integrity in the marriage.
15:21 And you know honey, one of the things
15:23 I've appreciated about you
15:25 is that you're willing to be honest before God.
15:27 And that's the most important, because when we're honest
15:29 there
15:30 I know you're gonna be honest with me
15:32 as a husband,
15:33 you're gonna be honest as a father with your children,
15:35 you're gonna be honest with your friends,
15:37 you're gonna be honest in your busyness
15:39 adventures,
15:40 in every aspect. And I remember
15:43 there's been more than a few occasions when you've been
15:46 under a lot of pressure
15:48 to conform to follow after somebody else's
15:51 ideas.
15:52 And
15:54 even though it was very difficult
15:56 the honesty of your heart,
15:57 you stood for what was right!
15:59 Being honest before God
16:00 and honest to the principles
16:02 that you believe in from His Word
16:04 you stood alone and I really respect you for that!
16:06 You're not perfect! And neither am I
16:08 but I really appreciate that honesty!
16:10 And that gives me security,
16:12 trust and confidence in you as the leader in the home.
16:15 And I wanna encourage that in you!
16:17 Thank you! Well, it is encouraging!
16:19 And, you know, when I started recognizing that
16:22 if I was going to be a real Christian
16:24 I needed to be a living Christian in every area!
16:28 And
16:29 that includes honesty,
16:30 honesty of the heart, the motives.
16:33 And the Bible says in
16:34 Psalm 25:21:
16:37 "Let integrity and uprightness preserve me;
16:41 for I wait on thee."
16:44 I wanna be preserved!
16:45 I want our marriage to be preserved!
16:48 And the Proverbs 11 says:
16:49 "The integrity of the upright
16:51 shall guide them"
16:53 So,
16:54 we need this!
16:55 It's another one of those
16:57 Sure Foundations that we've been talking about
16:59 from God's Word.
17:02 I know we've talked with other couples
17:03 and this issue of honesty and integrity has been
17:06 something that's, you know, been difficult for some people.
17:09 That's right!
17:10 I mean, we
17:11 we weren't really that honest!
17:12 I mean we were honest but
17:14 you know, there's again those things
17:15 that you don't wanna really have to
17:17 to let him know, you wanna try to with on your own.
17:19 And that's good! That's where we need to start
17:21 but if we're not finding the victory in that,
17:24 if we're not able to work through it, if we haven't found
17:27 the answer for
17:28 then we need to go to the one who loves us
17:30 -That's right! -more than anyone!
17:32 And that's our spouse!
17:33 Yes!
17:34 And bear our heart in honesty!
17:35 I remember one couple and, you know,
17:37 they were sharing with us and,
17:39 actually it's been more than one couple, and
17:41 the husband has had some real challenges
17:44 in some of the things that he was choosing to look at
17:46 on the internet. -That's right!
17:48 And the willingness to come before his wife
17:51 with honesty
17:53 saying: "I don't want this!"
17:55 "But I need your help!"
17:57 You know, if we start when
17:58 when the problem is little
18:00 it's much easier to remedy!
18:01 That's right!
18:02 And, you know, it was hurtful to her,
18:04 but she saw he was calling to her.
18:06 He was looking to her
18:09 to be a help mate for him,
18:10 to help him have the victory in that area,
18:13 her as kind of the skin on, you know
18:16 the actual person there to nurture him.
18:18 That's right! And, you know, it's so important because
18:22 it did hurt her!
18:24 But,
18:25 the beauty of it is that
18:26 she was able to go pass to her and recognize that he was
18:28 being honest and vulnerable with her
18:30 and that he was doing it because he wanted to preserve
18:33 their marriage.
18:34 That's right!
18:35 You know, that other situation
18:37 where the man
18:39 didn't go to his wife
18:40 and we know many of these situations,
18:43 but he didn't go to his wife
18:46 and as a result
18:47 those thoughts kept
18:49 getting stronger and stronger!
18:52 And if he could have gone to her
18:54 and just open those thoughts while they were young,
18:56 while they were just starting up in his mind,
18:59 but he was fantasizing about situations and
19:03 what ended up happening
19:04 in this case is this man just
19:06 continued on
19:08 and that grew from something that was
19:11 you know, just a thought of his mind
19:13 until one day
19:16 he was driving through an intersection
19:19 and
19:20 the stop light camera
19:21 caught him going through a yellow light.
19:24 But that camera didn't just catch him
19:28 it caught a women
19:30 sitting next to him in his seat
19:32 with his arm around her.
19:35 Now, he didn't know that this had happened.
19:38 And so,
19:39 a few weeks later
19:40 his wife met him at the door
19:42 and you remember what happened, dear.
19:44 Oh yes!
19:45 She asked him a very direct question.
19:47 Yes! And then he wasn't very honest with her.
19:50 And then she pulled out
19:52 this set of photographs:
19:55 front view,
19:57 side view,
19:58 back view!
20:01 And he was caught!
20:03 And you know
20:04 that's really what it says in Proverbs 11:3.
20:07 It says: "but the perverseness
20:09 of the transgressors shall destroy them."
20:13 And I tell you
20:14 that marriage
20:16 went through some very
20:17 painful times, because
20:20 he was caught! He didn't come to his wife
20:22 expressing the pain
20:24 that he was experiencing in his thoughts and
20:27 be honest with his integrity
20:29 he was hiding it.
20:31 And the sin got worst and worst
20:33 until he was caught in his sin.
20:36 Thank the Lord that he was caught
20:38 before it was too late!
20:41 And thank the Lord that there's always forgiveness
20:44 -That's right! -and we can experience
20:46 that forgiveness to restore a marriage.
20:48 So, we have to ask our viewers to
20:50 be honest in your heart!
20:52 Are you living a secret life?
20:55 Behind the closed doors?
20:57 Are you going places you shouldn't be going?
20:59 Doing things you shouldn't be doing?
21:01 Looking at things you shouldn't be looking at?
21:03 Reading books or magazines
21:05 that your wife or your husband
21:07 would not want you to be looking at or reading?
21:10 Those are very important questions
21:12 because all things will be revealed!
21:15 There will be nothing hidden
21:16 and nothing is hidden -That's right!
21:17 -from the sight of God!
21:19 And that alone should help us to remember
21:22 to always live honestly
21:25 and with integrity!
21:27 And that's right! And I think if there's something
21:29 that our viewers
21:31 as they're listening,
21:32 if you are involved in something
21:34 just think about this now,
21:36 if you are involved in something,
21:37 some thought process,
21:39 something on the internet,
21:41 something that you're reading,
21:42 some
21:43 television program, whatever it is
21:45 if you're involved in something
21:47 that you
21:48 are feeling some conviction about,
21:50 something that you wouldn't be comfortable
21:53 sharing with your wife or with your husband
21:57 that's the Holly Spirit
21:58 speaking to your heart!
21:59 If you find yourself in a position where you
22:01 are rationalizing,
22:04 where you're justifying
22:05 "Well it's because my wife never...!"
22:08 If you're in that position
22:10 the first thing that needs to happen
22:13 is that you begin to ask God
22:16 to change your heart.
22:19 Because if you're in that position,
22:20 it's gonna be very difficult for you just to feel like
22:22 going and being vulnerable
22:24 with your husband, with your wife whatever the situation is.
22:28 You need to be asking God
22:30 the same God that's making you uncomfortable,
22:33 the same Holy Spirit
22:34 that is bringing some conviction
22:36 about you dishonesty
22:37 and about the things that you're doing,
22:39 maybe the things that you're seeing
22:41 when your wife thinks you're just doing busyness
22:45 on the internet
22:46 and she finds out
22:48 that she's, that her husband is doing some things
22:51 behind the scenes on the internet
22:52 that are totally inappropriate,
22:54 if the Spirit of Lord
22:55 is bringing conviction there
22:57 then turn to the Lord first
22:58 and ask Him to give you the grace
23:01 to surrender yourself to Him
23:03 and be willing to become honest.
23:06 Because,
23:07 I tell you no matter what
23:08 the consequences are
23:10 honesty
23:12 is always the best policy!
23:13 That is a worldly saying
23:15 but it is very true!
23:18 And you know, it's not just in some of those
23:20 relationship issues of honesty
23:22 it's in other aspects of the marriage. I mean
23:24 honesty in -That's right!
23:25 how the money is being used.
23:27 And are you sneaking things on the side or
23:29 buying things that the other person doesn't know about.
23:32 I mean
23:33 there's all aspects of honesty
23:35 in the marriage that we have to deal with,
23:37 honesty in our communication,
23:39 honesty in our
23:41 relationships outside of the home,
23:43 with our other family members. -That's right!
23:45 It just gets, it's all inclusive
23:48 it's all involved in our lives.
23:50 That's right!
23:52 So,
23:53 we have found
23:55 that as we have been willing to be honest,
23:58 has it ever been painful?
24:00 Painful sometimes and embarrassing sometimes.
24:03 But we have found
24:04 that in spite of those things if we are willing to be honest
24:08 and now
24:09 there's nothing that we can't talk about!
24:11 That's right!
24:12 Am I saying that honestly and truthfully?
24:15 -Absolutely!
24:16 And that is a powerful statement!
24:19 Because we have known so many marriages,
24:21 our is being one of them,
24:23 that there were things that we
24:24 had a difficult time being honest about.
24:27 We can be opened and honest to talk about anything now!
24:32 And there's nothing hidden, there's nothing unresolved.
24:34 Everything it's been brought out,
24:36 everything it's been worked through
24:38 and everything it's been honestly communicated.
24:42 No secret hidden agendas.
24:45 So, we wanna encourage you
24:48 that you consider your motivations,
24:50 consider where you are in your experience,
24:53 are there things that are hidden,
24:55 things that are uncomfortable
24:57 now is the time to face them!
24:59 Don't wait!
25:01 Honey do you wanna share the personal challenge with them?
25:03 We'd like you to begin right where you are
25:06 as Tom just said, open your heart up before God
25:09 and let Him
25:10 be the One to reveal to you
25:12 the areas in your life
25:13 that need to be righted
25:15 in your marriage
25:16 and in your own relationship to God!
25:18 And then to other relationships if there's those areas as well.
25:21 But begin today to open your heart to God
25:24 and enjoy
25:26 the cleansing Power of Jesus Christ
25:29 to give you freedom from dishonesty.
25:32 And I wanna encourage
25:34 the person on the other end of the honesty.
25:37 You know, if your husband comes to you,
25:39 after seeing this program,
25:42 and he says to you:
25:43 "Honey I just, I've got to be honest with you!
25:46 I haven't been doing right!"
25:48 We wanna also encourage you, the one that
25:51 hears this vulnerable honesty,
25:54 let God have you
25:56 with a tender forgiving spirit.
25:59 Let Christ work in you
26:01 to make the difference
26:02 that only He can make!
26:04 So, both sides of the equation
26:06 need a power outside of ourselves!
26:08 Both sides of this honesty issue
26:10 one of us may need to be honest, the other may
26:13 need to be
26:14 open
26:15 to accept and forgive
26:16 and to be able to repair
26:18 the damage in Christ and move forward.
26:21 So,
26:22 in order to do that
26:23 we need to surrender to Christ
26:25 and I believe we need
26:27 communion with Christ
26:29 to go through that.
26:30 And I think it would be a blessing right now
26:31 if we could close together in prayer.
26:33 Do you wanna pray honey? -Sure!
26:36 Father we are thankful that You
26:38 are all knowing and that You reveal to us
26:41 even some of the motives
26:42 that we may not understand, that are in our hearts.
26:45 We pray for honesty and integrity in our lives
26:48 and in our marriages Lord,
26:50 that we can have security and happiness and peace
26:53 and harmony there.
26:55 And we pray also Lord for a spirit of forgiveness
26:59 and of restoration.
27:00 In Jesus name Amen!
27:02 Amen!
27:04 Well, we hope that you'll join us next time!
27:07 We're going to be talking about money matters.
27:11 There's money matter??
27:12 Do we need money??
27:14 We know we need money
27:16 and we know that the love of money
27:18 is the root of all evil!
27:20 So, if we can separate those two things
27:23 and when we get together next time
27:24 we're gonna be talking about
27:26 how we can deal with the money matters
27:29 that really matter in our marriages!
27:32 Marriages that we want to be heart to heart
27:36 and that will only happen
27:37 as we're heart to heart with Jesus Christ
27:40 and heart to heart with the one we love.
27:47 Marriage in God's Hands
27:48 Executive Producer Danny Shelton
27:51 Director Jozsef Palhegyi
27:54 Video Kristin Stewart
27:56 Audio Timothy S. Dial
27:59 Floor Director Mitch Owen
28:02 Cameras Robbie D. Canton Randy Carney Mitch Owen Jeremy
28:07 Steenson Lighting Thimoty S. Dial
28:09 Set Design Douglas Garcia
28:12 Set Decoration Jodi Duncan
28:14 3D Animation Jason Wilhelm Kyle Warren
28:18 Production Coordinator Dee Hilderbrand Cheryl Volsch
28:25 Produced by Three Angels Broadcasting Network


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