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Setting Priorities

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Participants: Alane Waters, Tom Waters


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00:33 Welcome to Marriage Heart to Heart!
00:35 We're Tom & Alane Waters with Restoration International
00:38 And we're looking forward
00:40 to our time together with you again today!
00:42 We're gonna be talking about setting priorities.
00:45 Do you remember the last program where we were talking
00:47 about forming common goals. Today we wanna talk about
00:50 how we set priorities to reach those goals.
00:52 So we hope that you have a paper and a pencil
00:54 as we begin today's program.
00:56 So how did you do
00:59 since the last time that we were together,
01:00 when we talked about how we
01:02 formed some of our goals?
01:04 How did you deal in taking time
01:07 and making time? Now
01:09 you may have said: "Yes we need that time!"
01:11 But did you actually carved out that time?
01:14 Did you make the time to sit down together
01:17 and look at what goals you wanted to have?
01:19 Because if we don't know the goals that we're agreeing on
01:24 how are we going to set the priorities?
01:25 And that's what we're gonna talk about today.
01:28 How we set the priorities to accomplish those goals.
01:32 You know, sometimes we set the goals
01:34 but we don't take the time to set the priorities to reach them
01:37 That's right!
01:38 And what happens is,
01:39 is we that life becomes more frustrating again,
01:42 more stressful.
01:43 And we become discouraged
01:45 because we have these goals out there
01:46 but they're not really being met,
01:47 because we've never set priorities to reach those goals,
01:50 to get there.
01:52 So, there's discouragement that comes in
01:53 or sometimes even guilt.
01:55 So setting priorities has been
01:57 an exciting thing in our family. And we keep
02:00 not just setting the priority,
02:01 but we change our life to meet those priorities.
02:05 and then we reevaluate that.
02:07 And it's been such a blessing in our home.
02:09 That's right!
02:10 So, let's look at the three goals
02:12 that we talked about for our home last time.
02:16 Because we wanna take those three goals
02:18 that we felt were vitally important,
02:20 and then we wanna talk about
02:22 how we went around when about
02:23 setting those priorities to accomplish it.
02:27 So, our first one, was having a vital connection with God.
02:30 Without this vital connection
02:32 to a power outside of ourselves we are powerless,
02:35 we can't do it! Can we dear?
02:37 No!
02:38 - We've already to many times! - We tried.
02:40 So Jeremiah 29:13 says:
02:42 "You shall seek me
02:44 and find me when you shall search
02:47 for me with all your heart"
02:51 Well? That means we needed to take more time
02:53 than we were taking
02:54 to spend time
02:57 in God's Word,
02:58 because we talked about this Sure Foundation
03:02 but if we're not in God's Word
03:04 we're not gonna have a Sure Foundation.
03:06 And so, if we're not seeking God
03:09 we're not going to be able to have this vital connection
03:11 this power that we need to really live the Christian life,
03:15 to really have a marriage that's heart to heart.
03:17 So, we made some decisions
03:20 on making time
03:22 for God in the morning
03:23 rather then these five minutes,
03:24 a quick, you know, reading and out the door.
03:27 I remember when we made that commitment
03:29 and we decided, we were gonna get 30 minutes
03:31 earlier.
03:32 I mean that's not a lot of time!
03:34 We usually waste more than 30 minutes a day
03:36 - But it was a start. - It was a start.
03:37 That's where we started.
03:39 And I remember, you know, the excitement,
03:41 the enthusiasm that we had. We had our two young girls and
03:45 we were gonna start getting up a half an hour earlier
03:47 just to seek the Lord, so that we could begin the day.
03:50 Because we knew that
03:51 if we waited to try to fit Him in somewhere else in the day
03:54 He just never would get fit in. - It doesn't work.
03:57 So the very first morning, when we got up,
04:00 so did our girls.
04:01 Remember that?
04:02 Oh yes!
04:03 Oh, that wasn't too bad, but the next morning they
04:05 got up again.
04:06 And they had never woken up.
04:08 You know, I mean they were always good
04:09 about getting up at their regular time.
04:11 So, I started setting the alarm clock earlier and earlier
04:14 and earlier.
04:16 And they kept waking up early and early and earlier
04:18 and the earlier they woke up
04:19 the more traumatic was their wakening.
04:21 I mean screaming, crying, hysterical.
04:24 So it was very hard to even get them calm.
04:26 And it was quite concerning to us.
04:29 Yes! And after we
04:32 saw this happening over and over again
04:34 for a few days
04:36 we were using some of our quiet time together
04:39 to seek the Lord why is this happening.
04:41 We begin to realize
04:43 that the Devil does not want us taking this time.
04:46 Now, he doesn't care if we go through some
04:49 formality, ok?
04:51 A quick prayer and then we're out the door.
04:54 But what the Devil does not want to happen
04:57 is for us to gain
04:58 a vital connection with the Power of Jesus Christ
05:01 because when that happens
05:03 the Devil trembles
05:04 because he knows he begins to loose his power in our lives
05:07 and we begin to live real Christian lives.
05:10 So, we recognized
05:12 that the Devil was beginning to harass our girls.
05:15 They were waking up screaming
05:17 early in the morning, just screaming.
05:19 And they were contented and would sleep normally.
05:22 So we went to the Lord
05:25 if you remember, that next night,
05:27 we went to the Lord
05:28 and we got on our knees and we really
05:30 pleaded with the Lord for our girls.
05:33 And the blessing was that that next morning
05:36 the Lord put a hedge about us.
05:38 At least that's how I visualized it.
05:40 He put a hedge about us
05:42 and we did not have that problem from then on.
05:45 That was very encouraging to me. That helped motivate me
05:49 to know that the
05:51 priority we were making with God first thing in the day
05:54 was something that was important to Him.
05:56 And needed to be that important to us
05:58 that He would do that in our home
06:00 for us and working with our children.
06:02 And it's been, it's been
06:03 something we've done ever since then.
06:05 That's right!
06:06 And it's been a real blessing. And in that morning time
06:09 we started establishing our personal prayer life.
06:12 And we've already talked about
06:15 prayers of love.
06:16 But that's very important
06:17 that we take the time every day
06:19 - To pray and commune with God. - Yes!
06:20 for our personal needs.
06:22 And the other thing that we began to do was
06:24 instead of just reading
06:25 something
06:26 we began studying.
06:29 And I wanna encourage you,
06:30 there's a difference between taking the Word of God
06:33 and just reading it. Reading is
06:35 is important
06:37 but studying is more important.
06:40 If we'll take God's Word
06:42 and we'll begin to study for a practical application
06:46 for our lives
06:47 so that the Words of God
06:48 become words like they were for Jeremiah.
06:51 "I found thy word and I did eat it
06:53 and thy word became the joy and rejoicing of my soul.
06:59 That means that for Jeremiah
07:01 the Word of God became a part of him.
07:03 And that's what God wants for us.
07:05 So, just reading
07:07 for us was not enough!
07:08 It was beginning to study
07:10 and understand how this applies to me
07:12 and how I can bring it into my marriage
07:15 and my family.
07:16 And that also encouraged us to
07:18 start studying for things
07:20 that we knew we needed in our lives.
07:22 And for me it was how to be
07:23 a better wife and a better mother.
07:25 Because that's where I live every day.
07:27 And for you out there, you women
07:29 instead of looking for generic topics
07:32 study God's Word
07:33 for how you can be a better wife and a better mother
07:35 in your home. And see the difference
07:37 that God can really make in your life.
07:39 And then the other thing that I really enjoy doing
07:42 was when we would finish,
07:43 I would come to you and share with you
07:45 what I had learned,
07:46 and you would share with me what you had learned.
07:48 And that was encouraging because we could
07:50 glean from each other study time
07:52 and get a bigger blessing.
07:54 Ok.
07:55 So we hope that you will take the time
07:58 not only to
07:59 find the common goals that you believe in
08:02 and that you believe will change your family
08:05 and that will advance your family but
08:07 then take the time
08:09 to set the priorities
08:11 and then follow through with those priorities.
08:14 The second area that we talked about
08:16 was the happy home.
08:19 Now, this seems very basic.
08:20 Does anybody wanna have an unhappy home?
08:24 No!
08:25 No?!
08:26 Nobody wants to have an unhappy home
08:27 or an unhappy marriage.
08:28 I don't get married, none gets married to be unhappy!
08:30 We get married to fulfill happiness in our lives.
08:33 So we've come to understand that if we wanna have
08:36 a truly happy home then we need to
08:39 make some differences in the choices we make.
08:41 Because it's not gonna happen by accident.
08:43 Because everything is working against having a happy home.
08:47 So one of the things that
08:49 we started doing was
08:51 beginning to have regularity
08:53 in our lives.
08:54 Now, why is regularity important?
08:57 Well, everything in life is successful
08:59 anything that grows and blooms has regularity.
09:03 Every business that's successful
09:05 has regularity. - That's right!
09:07 In my nursing, I had regularity.
09:09 I had to be to work on time,
09:11 I had my responsibilities with my patients on ICU.
09:14 These meds had to be given on time.
09:16 These treatments need to be done on time
09:17 for the life, for the safety for the healing of that person.
09:22 And we've just translate that into our life.
09:24 If we want our home to be happy
09:26 certainly knowing how the day flows
09:28 we'll remove a lot of the anxiety, a lot of the
09:32 fretfulness because everybody is anticipating
09:34 what's happening next.
09:35 And so we're flowing together.
09:37 - That's right! - So, setting a schedule
09:38 and having regularity in the home
09:40 became very important to us.
09:41 That's right! And I think the lack of regularity
09:44 is creating a lot of confusion in people's homes.
09:46 Because sometimes, mother and father may be ready
09:49 for breakfast before father gets off to work
09:53 and the children may or may not be there.
09:55 Some mornings they may have family worship
09:56 and then other mornings they don't,
09:58 and that creates an atmosphere of confusion.
10:01 So if wanna have an atmosphere
10:04 that's a little taste of Heaven
10:06 then regularity is something that we found
10:09 was very beneficial.
10:11 That regularity I found important because
10:14 there was a tendency to think
10:15 that when the children were little and I was at home with
10:17 them, you know, during the week and I
10:20 worked on the week ends when you were home with them
10:22 that I could just, you know,
10:23 let them get up when they wanted to
10:24 and let them kind of eat when they wanted to,
10:27 and those kind of thoughts, you know,
10:29 and I'd go here and I'd go there. Because it was a concept
10:32 that you're just an at home mom,
10:33 like you really didn't do anything if you're at home.
10:36 Well, we do a lot at home.
10:38 And I found that the blessing of the regularity
10:41 to make the dispositions of myself and my children
10:44 even happier by having that regularity in the home.
10:47 My children had a regular time
10:49 that they would come to the table
10:50 and we had a regular nap time and a regular play time.
10:54 And
10:55 I had to discipline myself
10:57 from not just following what ever I thought of to do
11:00 for the day whether that was to go to the park or go
11:03 recreational shopping or do this
11:04 or go to the girlfriend's house.
11:06 I started having some regularity in the day.
11:09 And I saw a tremendous difference
11:11 in our children. The security, the happiness,
11:13 the cooperativeness! - That's right!
11:15 Which made me
11:17 you know, I was more receptive for you to come home
11:19 because my day was already better
11:21 from just being home and having regularity.
11:24 That's right!
11:25 And it's the same
11:26 with the cleanliness and the order of the home.
11:29 You know, it was a blessing for me
11:31 when we began understanding how important it is. And again
11:35 if you look at successful businesses
11:38 whatever you look at that has success
11:40 there's always order.
11:42 There's cleanliness, there's that regularity.
11:46 And I know that coming home to our home
11:49 when things were taking care of
11:51 and it was restful
11:53 and peaceful
11:54 it's very different than a lot of the homes that we've been in
11:58 and a lot of the stories that we've heard
11:59 as we've talked with couples who are struggling.
12:03 This is one of the things
12:04 that creates
12:06 chaos in the home
12:07 and creates a
12:10 well, a dysfunctional (...?) the home.
12:13 I know, just you know, having a place for the scissors
12:17 and everybody puts the scissors back
12:18 and everybody knows where to find the scissors
12:20 It's the little things like that make a huge difference.
12:24 'Cause it can be very frustrating
12:25 if somebody
12:27 is asked to get the scissors
12:29 and they go to the place the scissors are supposed to be
12:32 and the scissors aren't there.
12:34 What does that do?
12:35 It creates the potential for
12:38 some frustration, some irritation.
12:40 They are the little things - Sharp words.
12:41 - That's right!
12:43 "No the scissors aren't here. "
12:44 "Oh, yes they are!"
12:45 "No!"
12:46 You know, and then you find out
12:47 somebody didn't put the scissors back where they go.
12:49 It's a simple example, but life is made up
12:51 of simple things
12:53 day by day. - That's right!
12:55 And I found that by having the home in order
12:58 and having a place for everything
13:00 has
13:01 brought an atmosphere of peace,
13:03 because we know where to find things.
13:05 And it removes the potential
13:08 for unnecessary eruptions in the home.
13:11 Unnecessary temptations to irritation, anger, frustration,
13:14 impatience, whatever, however one expresses themselves
13:18 in those kind of situations
13:20 that happen frequently when there's disorder in the home
13:24 So,
13:25 is it safe to say that it really doesn't take
13:28 much more time
13:30 and in reality less time
13:32 if I come up and put my coat where it goes
13:35 when I come home,
13:36 or put my shoes where they go
13:38 or any of those things
13:40 rather then just thrown it across the chair
13:42 or just kicking them off
13:44 in the room where I step in?
13:47 It actually takes less time
13:49 and creates a more restful atmosphere
13:51 if we keep it in order.
13:52 That's right!
13:54 And I really, you know, have been blessed
13:55 by my mother teaching me that in my home.
13:57 That's right!
13:59 I mean, I can remember as a child coming home
14:00 and loving to be there when I came home from school
14:03 because
14:04 it was inviting, it was clean, it was orderly.
14:07 I mean it wasn't spotless, I mean,
14:08 you know the walls weren't shiny
14:10 it was lived in home.
14:11 But there was order in the home.
14:13 And it was just such a blessing.
14:16 And that as a child to go to a home
14:19 that didn't have that
14:20 I found it very disruptive in my heart, you know, in my spirit
14:25 even as a child. So it affects not just husband and wife
14:28 it affects everybody in the home.
14:29 Well, one of the other things
14:30 that we felt was very important,
14:32 and I'm thankful that we set this as a priority,
14:34 is the respectful spirit in the home
14:38 with the helpful courtesy.
14:39 And that has made a huge difference.
14:42 Because when there's a helpfulness there
14:44 and when there's respect,
14:45 one of the things that we set in our family
14:48 when we had one of our
14:49 family councils talking about setting our priorities
14:51 is that we wanna have a respectful
14:54 atmosphere. Our children can come to us with anything.
14:57 My wife can come to me with anything and I
15:00 can go to her because we've agreed
15:02 that we will come respectfully
15:04 and we will listen and understand.
15:06 And it makes a very nice atmosphere.
15:10 Doesn't mean we always agree on everything
15:12 but we come in a respectful spirit
15:14 and we work through it in a respectful manner.
15:16 So really what we're saying is that in our home,
15:19 and I know we've done this many times,
15:21 we have our goal
15:23 and we have set priorities
15:24 but we reevaluate: are we meeting those goals
15:28 by these priorities?
15:29 And how are we doing in maintaining
15:32 these priorities in our life?
15:33 - That's right! - So we continue to
15:35 reevaluate. And as the needs in the home change
15:38 as the young people grow older
15:40 and the times are different, or their education
15:43 or the work situation changes, whatever it may be
15:46 we change with that.
15:49 But we reestablish those same things back in place,
15:52 maybe under new times.
15:54 Well we need to talk about
15:56 the third goal that we set
15:57 and how we then made the priorities to fit that goal.
16:00 But we need to take a break right now
16:02 and we hope you stay with us
16:04 as we continue talking about
16:06 how we set the priorities to have a marriage heart to heart.
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16:46 Welcome back! As we were talking here about
16:49 not just forming the common goals
16:52 but how then we set the priorities to make sure
16:55 that we take time
16:57 to implement these goals.
16:59 Honey I think you wanna share
17:01 a few thoughts about some of the practical side of
17:04 how we can really implement some of these things.
17:07 Well, we wanna have a marriage that's heart to heart.
17:09 That means we have to have time for each other
17:11 That's right!
17:12 to communicate, to spend with each other
17:15 to do things together.
17:16 And so by
17:18 implementing these priorities in our lives,
17:20 setting these priorities and bringing them into reality
17:23 has helped to establish that time.
17:25 One of the things I remember doing in our home
17:28 at your suggestion
17:29 was using an answering machine,
17:31 when not, you know, those were the years before voicemail,
17:33 we when out and bought answering machine.
17:35 Because it seems that every time
17:36 you think you're gonna have time with each other
17:39 the telephone rings.
17:40 And we didn't do very good at just
17:42 letting it ring, did we? - Well we're like
17:43 everybody else. If the phone rings, you get up and answer it
17:46 I mean that's like you know just a responsive.
17:48 It's a human response. - You know to that
17:50 signal you know, like conditioning.
17:52 That's right!
17:53 And having that little
17:56 answering machine there at first,
17:57 you know, we could screen the calls
17:59 or we can just turn it down and get back to somebody later.
18:02 And so, that really helped us,
18:04 I mean now we have voicemail but that was one
18:06 thing we did to carve out that time
18:08 to help us to have
18:09 a marriage heart to heart
18:10 in a practical priority that we did in our home.
18:13 That's right!
18:14 We did actually a lot of things.
18:17 You know, one of the best decisions that
18:19 we made
18:20 before we were married
18:22 was no TV.
18:23 That's right!
18:24 Have you ever regretted that?
18:26 I have never regretted! I have praised you many times
18:28 for your willingness to
18:30 to lead out on that.
18:31 You know, and we asked our children
18:36 you know, how they felt about,
18:37 you know, lots of other people have TVs
18:40 and all of our children have told us
18:42 many times
18:44 "We don't know how people have time
18:48 for watching TV!"
18:49 "It seems like some families" they've said
18:51 "just spend hours watching the television. "
18:54 And
18:55 the blessing in our home is
18:56 that we've taken many of those hours
18:58 that could've been spent there
19:00 and we've used them to make our home a happy place.
19:04 We've used them to bike together,
19:06 to take walks together.
19:08 I mean when is the last time that you
19:10 just took one of your children out for a walk
19:13 all by themselves?
19:15 And the only desire that you had
19:16 was just to let them know how much you care for them
19:20 and find out how their life is?
19:21 This is something we do regularly and have for years.
19:24 And to take you for walks, we do it daily.
19:27 Yes.
19:28 And we wouldn't really take that time
19:31 if we were
19:33 glue to a TV
19:34 or all the other things that
19:36 often take up communication time.
19:38 It's interesting that
19:39 the television is a counterfeit to real life.
19:42 Real is being with each other and doing things together
19:45 and communicating.
19:46 And a television puts you into a false atmosphere
19:50 a counterfeit.
19:52 And people begin to think that's real life.
19:54 Yes!
19:55 That's not real life at all! That's Hollywood!
19:57 Real life is living with each other in our home,
20:00 together, being happy
20:01 and spending that time together as husband and wife
20:04 spending that with our family
20:05 through the years with our young people.
20:07 We've done so many things together
20:10 that
20:11 they have thanked us for many times.
20:12 And we have a great relationship with all of them.
20:16 And it's a blessing. One of the other things is
20:17 we got rid of our
20:19 recreational shopping.
20:21 Yes! I did!
20:22 - That was more your thing. - Yes it was more my thing.
20:24 It took a lot of time!
20:26 - It did! It really did! - Not to mention that
20:27 few extra dollars.
20:28 Yes! Well, I just,
20:29 in case I saw anything that I thought we could use
20:31 you know?
20:32 'Course I would've make sure it was on a bargain
20:33 try to be economical about it.
20:35 But even if we didn't need it right?
20:37 Right dear.
20:39 But the other thing, I quit that recreational shopping
20:43 because I wanted more time with you.
20:44 Yes!
20:46 And you wanted me to have more time with the children.
20:47 That meant that I wasn't out there making an income,
20:50 I was being devoted and dedicated to razing our family.
20:53 Yes!
20:54 And to keep you from having to work extra hours
20:57 then I needed to change how I spent the money
20:59 or at least part of that money.
21:02 And I have to be honest too,
21:03 because
21:04 I had to give up some of my
21:06 extra curricular sports activities.
21:09 I know I was the team Chaplin
21:11 and they said they really needed me but
21:12 I realized that I had so many things going on
21:15 and I did, our lives were so busy doing good things!
21:19 Not bad things!
21:21 Our lives were full of good things!
21:23 And we came to realize that if
21:25 we don't make some decisions about
21:27 all the good things
21:29 for the best things in life,
21:31 the best things are gonna get crowded out.
21:34 And as we said earlier,
21:36 one of the best things that gets crowded out of
21:37 a busy life style
21:39 is real time, to make a vital connection with Jesus Christ.
21:43 And so, also for the happy home.
21:46 We saw the time was being crowded out and so
21:49 I made, what for me were some hard decisions,
21:52 and cut out a lot of those extra sport activities and
21:55 reinvested that time into you and our children.
21:58 And I've never regretted that investment!
22:01 And neither have we.
22:04 Well, should we talk about the third area?
22:06 Yes!
22:07 Ok.
22:08 Parenting in agreement
22:11 You know, as part of having a happy home
22:13 we found that parenting in agreement is vital.
22:16 Romans 15:5
22:18 talks about being like minded.
22:21 We wanna create an atmosphere
22:23 where the children don't feel like if
22:27 they "can't get from dad
22:29 maybe I can work mom. "
22:31 Right? - That's right!
22:32 And that happens a lot. I mean
22:34 children are normal. I did the same thing you know,
22:37 if my dad said no, well of course I'd go to my mother.
22:40 But I'm thankful that she was very wise.
22:44 "What did your father say?"
22:46 If I went to my father, because mother said no:
22:48 "What did your mother say?"
22:50 This is a real key to happiness in the home
22:53 and for a good happy marriage.
22:54 Because children,
22:55 they're not intentionally trying to work
22:57 mother and father apart
22:59 but it happens, shall we say
23:00 somehow innocently,
23:01 because they're just focused on their selfish wants.
23:04 What they want.
23:05 - That's right! - Yes!
23:06 So, that's been a blessing.
23:08 And the way that we've come to gain that blessing
23:12 in part of our quiet time,
23:13 we began studying the principles of God's Word
23:16 for how we could parent in agreement
23:19 made a huge difference.
23:21 You know, when I look back at my early experience
23:25 I was out the door with a quick prayer
23:27 and maybe, you know, a quick devotional reading
23:30 I was not taking time
23:33 to really know God's Plan
23:35 as a parent,
23:36 as a husband.
23:38 And so as we began taking time
23:39 and studying the principles of godly parenting
23:43 and working with our children
23:44 what a difference it made in our experience!
23:47 I remember the main area that really helped us
23:52 was sometimes I would feel a caution about something
23:56 something concerning the children and you would say:
23:58 "Well, what's the problem with it?"
24:01 Ok? "What's the problem with it?" Right?
24:02 This is where a lot of husbands and wives
24:04 start to get into problems.
24:06 Because I can't tell you what the problem is.
24:09 I just don't feel right about it.
24:11 Yes!
24:12 But you want me to give you a reason
24:13 and if my reason is good
24:15 then you, and when you accept that reason
24:17 then we can agree.
24:18 Yes!
24:19 But we have found that
24:21 sometimes those cautions as we've termed them
24:24 we don't always have a reason that we
24:26 can identify at that moment.
24:29 And so, our agreement has been: if you have a caution
24:32 or if I have a caution about something
24:34 we don't move forward to say: "Yes!"
24:37 until that caution is removed.
24:39 That's right!
24:40 You know, it's the Lord Jesus
24:41 who sends us those cautions, it's not the Devil.
24:43 He's not gonna caution us
24:44 - That's right. - and say: "Hey watch out
24:46 because just around the corner,
24:47 I've got something that's gonna trip you up,
24:49 or trip your young people up. "
24:50 He's trying to unties us
24:52 and to unties them.
24:54 And so,
24:55 these cautions and that agreement
24:57 has been a real blessing. I remember
24:59 one particular time when this was
25:02 brought home in a very practical way.
25:05 Yes!
25:06 Our young people wanted to go on a hike
25:07 with some other youth
25:09 from the church group
25:10 - I remember.
25:11 And they came and then what they did?
25:13 They asked us if they could go.
25:15 And that right there, we should say: "Parents
25:18 that is a big plus in today's society because
25:22 they asked!"
25:23 They've showed you something about the level of respect
25:25 and the happiness at the home and the desire to
25:28 to work together as a family.
25:29 They asked. Not they you just run off with their friends
25:32 and they're gone.
25:34 And, I don't remember what you've said, but I said:
25:38 "I'm not sure I'm comfortable with it.
25:40 I just have this caution. "
25:42 And we've learned
25:43 over much experience
25:45 and in raising our young people and working together
25:48 in a marriage heart to heart,
25:51 that those cautions have always
25:53 brought us to the right answer.
25:54 That's right!
25:55 And so, there was no debate.
25:57 And we
25:58 we expressed to the young people
26:00 that we did not want them to go on this hike.
26:03 And they accepted it. And that was beautiful.
26:06 Which, that's another area that many parents
26:08 because they're not parenting in agreement,
26:10 because there's confusion,
26:11 the young people rebel, they don't wanna agree with it.
26:15 But they accepted it
26:17 and the beauty of it, before the day was over
26:19 our young people got to see the fruit
26:22 of some of what happened
26:23 with that other group of young people.
26:25 And they were thankful they were not involved in that.
26:28 - And - And you were too.
26:29 we were thankful. And also
26:31 the Lord opened a beautiful opportunity
26:32 with some other young people
26:34 that ended up not going on that hike,
26:36 and they were able to sit down together
26:38 with their instruments and play music.
26:40 They had a beautiful afternoon together.
26:42 And it turned out better than if they have gone on the hike.
26:45 That's right!
26:47 And so, now we need to bring the personal challenge
26:49 to our viewers.
26:51 You need the goals! But you need more than the goals!
26:55 You need to set these priorities and then
26:58 carry through, make the time to carry them through.
27:01 And then evaluate how you're doing. And most of all:
27:03 Don't give up! Persevere!
27:05 And let's ask God to bless us as we set these priorities
27:09 Father in Heaven we thank you for the opportunity
27:11 to set priorities
27:12 that are based on your principles.
27:14 And we need Your Grace, Your Wisdom and Your Power
27:17 to accomplish them.
27:18 And we thank You in Jesus name, Amen!
27:22 Well, we look forward to seeing you next time
27:25 as we're going to be talking about
27:26 Affective Communication.
27:28 And we're excited about this because
27:30 we're gonna be talking about it
27:31 in four of our programs
27:33 because communication is vitally important.
27:36 If we wanna have a marriage heart to heart
27:38 we need communication
27:40 that's going to make the difference
27:42 for eternity.


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