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Forming Common Goals

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00:33 Welcome to Marriage Heart to Heart
00:35 We are Tom & Alane Waters with Restoration International
00:39 And we're looking forward
00:41 to our time together with you today
00:43 as we talk about more principles
00:46 in building a happy home, a marriage that's heart to heart.
00:51 Today, we're gonna be talking about Forming common goals.
00:54 So we hope that you have a paper and a pencil
00:56 and as we talk about this subject
00:58 that you will take notes,
00:59 so that you can form those goals in your home too.
01:03 You know, some of these goals
01:05 are so basic, they get messed.
01:07 I mean, that's how it was for us early on.
01:10 We didn't recognize
01:11 some of the things that we needed to be talking about or
01:14 setting goals for.
01:16 It seems like for many
01:18 the work a day, push and try to make a living
01:23 just swallows up time.
01:24 It swallows up life.
01:26 And so, to take the time to sit down and form common goals
01:30 isn't often happening in marriages.
01:34 We tried to talk about thinking we had formed common goals
01:38 but they really werent very many started
01:39 when we first got married.
01:41 That's right!
01:42 I mean they were pretty generic and
01:44 not specific.
01:45 That's right!
01:46 But our plans were.
01:48 You know, it's interesting that
01:49 a top executive from a very
01:53 knowledge company
01:54 and he was very successful, he called me
01:58 on the telephone and
02:00 he began talking to me and he shared with me,
02:02 "You know I do all these things, and I
02:06 govern all these people, I have all these millions of dollars
02:11 that I'm responsible for. "
02:13 And he says:
02:15 "The people love me here!
02:16 I'm very respected!
02:18 And you remember the story.
02:20 I mean he was
02:22 he was doing everything right
02:23 in his company.
02:25 And he was telling me that he had all these goals
02:28 that he set and you know, he's got these evaluations
02:31 to find out how the company is doing.
02:33 And they're meeting all of their marketing goals.
02:36 All that stuff!
02:38 And then he says to me:
02:41 "So, why am I calling you?"
02:43 He said: "Here I have all these experience
02:47 and I'm being successful here
02:49 in this company.
02:51 But I'm not being successful in my own home.
02:55 I'm struggling with knowing how to have these
02:59 kinds of goals and objectives and evaluation process
03:03 in my day to day life,
03:05 in my own marriage, my own family, my own finances. "
03:09 And I think that this top executive is not so much unlike
03:16 all of us
03:17 If we don't make time, if we don't take time
03:20 to really formulate or form these goals
03:25 then life is gonna crowd out the most important things
03:29 for marriage and family.
03:31 Well, that's what we found happening to us,
03:33 and I think it happens to a lot of people.
03:35 Life is so busy!
03:37 There's so many things to do!
03:39 I mean we came back from our honeymoon
03:40 and we started work the next morning.
03:42 We just dived right into right?
03:43 That's right! We were both working full time
03:44 and have, you know, responsibilities,
03:46 we were under stressful careers,
03:48 and it just start consuming and so you get through each day.
03:52 And then, you know, make it to the next day
03:54 and to the next day
03:56 and we don't really look that far in the future or if we do
03:59 it's just to a sort distance.
04:02 It's not out where we really
04:04 need to be looking at our lives ahead of us
04:05 and what are we gonna do with our lives,
04:07 because we're consumed by life.
04:10 Yes, it was interesting as I talked with him
04:13 and he was very opened, very honest
04:15 and I appreciated his vulnerability
04:18 especially in the position that he was in.
04:21 But, you know, as he was asking me for encouragement
04:24 and some words of advice on how to proceed with his family
04:30 he hadn't made goals
04:32 in some of the most basic things.
04:35 And that's what we began recognizing
04:37 in our own experience.
04:39 That we had not made the goals
04:41 in some of the most basic areas of our life.
04:44 And that's what we're gonna be talking about today
04:46 we just simply we gonna be sharing with you
04:49 some of the things that came to us
04:51 and how the Lord began to work in our lives
04:54 in this area.
04:55 Another thing that we found is that the goals that we did have
04:59 were temporal.
05:00 And we need to set those temporal goals.
05:02 I mean we talked about when
05:03 we could afford to buy our first home.
05:06 And, when we should change out the car and get a new car
05:09 or an updated car, a newer car than what we had.
05:12 And those were temporal goals and we need to talk about
05:15 those but there's goals far beyond that
05:17 that we need to be looking at
05:19 that are the most important goals in life.
05:22 - That's right! - And that is where
05:23 are we heading spiritually?
05:25 Where are we gonna end up for eternity?
05:26 - Yes! - That's the goal, that we
05:28 really need to be turning into.
05:30 And I think for you and I in our marriage early on
05:33 we were not aware
05:36 that, yes, I mean we had the goals:
05:38 "Some day we wanna be in Heaven!" Right?
05:40 That's right!
05:41 That's where everybody wants to end up, in Heaven.
05:42 I hope so!
05:43 And so, that's a goal we had,
05:45 but it was out there somewhere. I'll use the word nebulous.
05:48 It's like: ok we go to church every week,
05:51 we participate in certain activities in the church,
05:54 and therefore that's just almost like it's
05:56 considered an automatic
05:57 that that's there where you wanna be.
05:59 Or I'm a basically good person, you know,
06:00 I don't steel from my neighbor and that kind of things.
06:03 So, well, I wanna be in Heaven!
06:06 But what is it really mean?
06:07 What is Heaven like? I mean we have to start looking at
06:11 these goals and making them practical.
06:14 - And making them real - That's right!
06:16 in our lives.
06:17 That's right!
06:18 And for us,
06:20 and I thank the Lord for what began to happen to us.
06:23 Because one Friday night
06:25 one quiet Friday evening
06:28 in the mist of our busyness and when I talk about busyness
06:30 we were both in our professional careers
06:33 and both of us were very active in our church
06:36 worked involved in giving Bible studies.
06:38 I was a personal ministrys director of a very
06:41 very large church, 13000 members.
06:44 And so, we were busy people, weren't we honey?
06:47 It seemed like we were busy all the time!
06:48 From the time the alarm went of in the morning
06:51 until we fell in the bed at night, which was quite late.
06:53 And part of our busyness, quite honestly, part of our
06:56 pushing pressure of live was the same as many of you
06:59 are experiencing.
07:01 And that is trying to answer all these another people's goals
07:06 Ok?
07:07 You've got the goals at your work and you've got the things
07:09 that you have put on you
07:11 when you accept responsibilities in your church,
07:13 and you've got community things, and you've got
07:16 all these different activities,
07:17 and what begins - Family needs.
07:18 Yes! And what happens is it begins to really squeeze out
07:22 the real deep family needs.
07:24 And we find ourselves on the run.
07:27 And that's why I said this quiet Friday evening.
07:31 We were just sitting at home at that time
07:32 we just had our two little girls. Josiah wasn't born
07:36 yet, and we were sitting there together.
07:40 The girls were just playing together
07:41 in their little Footie pajamas.
07:43 I remember that scene.
07:45 And I ask Alana's a question.
07:47 And it wasn't something I've been thinking about
07:49 and I really believed it in looking back,
07:51 this was something Lord put in my heart. I said:
07:54 "Honey, what's the most important thing
07:57 that you can accomplish in this life?"
08:00 And I remember, when I asked you that question, I mean
08:03 I didn't even,
08:04 it seemed like I didn't know where was coming from.
08:06 And it wouldn't have surprised me, you were just finishing up
08:08 your bachelor's degree if you would've just said:
08:10 "Well, I think maybe I might get my master's degree
08:13 in nursing". I mean, it wouldn't have surprised me at all.
08:17 But that's not how you responded.
08:20 Well,
08:21 I have to say that when you asked me that question
08:25 it took me back. I mean it got me totally off guard.
08:28 I was, I mean we've been having good communication
08:31 and enjoying the evening, enjoying our children,
08:33 just sitting there watching them playing.
08:36 And they were happy and you know, it was just
08:38 such a close family time.
08:39 I was just soaking the whole environment in.
08:41 And for you to come off with a question like that
08:44 it's like: "Wow! Where did that come from?"
08:46 It was a pretty heavy question wasn't it?
08:47 Yes it was!
08:48 And I didn't answer you immediately.
08:50 - Do you remember that? - Oh yes!
08:52 I usually, when you ask me a question,
08:53 I usually answer you very quickly.
08:55 Even if I don't know sure the answer,
08:56 I'll try to at least respond to you.
08:58 But that evening I just set there quietly.
09:02 And what happened in those moments of silence
09:05 is I believe took my thoughts back to just that evening.
09:09 How beautiful it was. I mean
09:11 the stress was gone,
09:12 we were together as a family,
09:15 I was really toned into the children,
09:17 you and I were having great communication,
09:20 - Yes!
09:22 all these things that were more rare
09:25 than, you know, every day real.
09:27 That's right!
09:28 And as I thought about that
09:31 and I looked at our children and I saw
09:33 you know, the joy that they had
09:35 that..
09:37 the simplicity, the trust! - Yes!
09:39 The security, the love that was there
09:43 I just thought:
09:45 I wanna see our children in the Kingdom of Heaven.
09:47 That was the thought I had. And so I said to you:
09:49 "To see our girls in the Kingdom of Heaven!
09:52 And to see them receive the crown of life. "
09:54 And when you said that to me
09:56 you know that I didn't have a very quick response either.
10:02 When she said those words to me
10:06 "To see our children
10:08 in the Kingdom of Heaven
10:10 to receive the crown of life. "
10:14 Oh it hit me!
10:15 Here I was involved in all these Bible studies
10:18 and in church work and
10:20 personal ministrys director and I was honest hearted.
10:22 I wasn't a hypocrite. We werent living hypocritical
10:26 lives. But it just hit me!
10:27 And I believe the Holy Spirit was speaking in my heart.
10:30 Because what struck me in that moment
10:34 was
10:35 then something's got to change.
10:37 Something's got to change!
10:40 And I realized
10:42 that it's us
10:43 that has to change.
10:46 And it just hit me that night!
10:49 But the exciting thing was
10:52 God didn't leave us there, that night! Did He?
10:55 Because, before we left that evening
10:58 we got down on our knees
11:00 before the Lord.
11:01 And we made a commitment that night
11:04 we made nailed together and we made a commitment.
11:07 And I said
11:09 to my Heavenly Father:
11:11 "I will go anywhere. I will give up anything.
11:15 I will do whatever You ask me to do
11:18 if I can hear the words: "Well done!
11:20 Thou good and faithful servant!"
11:23 And see the crown of life!
11:26 Placed on the heads of my children. "
11:29 And we've never turned back from that day.
11:32 No we haven't!
11:33 And our lives began to change that day!
11:36 And all with the blessing, as we look back
11:39 now, the ages that are young people are
11:42 to see that God began that work that night!
11:46 But He didn't go from there
11:49 to where we are without some choices.
11:51 That's right!
11:52 I remember that night when you said that to me:
11:56 "than something has got to change!"
11:58 You said it was such conviction, such force
12:01 - That's right! - that wow!
12:05 It's us!
12:06 I mean: It's us
12:07 that has to change! - Yes!
12:10 The realization that the way we were living
12:13 just going to church and doing things with good intentions
12:17 and the love for the Lord the best we understood
12:20 that there was real change. Because you and I both knew
12:24 that we really weren't living
12:28 Christ like lives.
12:29 Cause we still had too much self in us.
12:32 Yes!
12:33 And we knew the little struggles that we had between us
12:36 and sometimes
12:37 the little struggles I had with the children.
12:38 And when you said that,
12:40 that we were the ones who had to change
12:42 that was very impactive to me.
12:44 Well, it struck me because
12:46 I hadn't been thinking about anything like that.
12:48 In fact we had been so busy
12:51 as many of you are in this time
12:54 in Earth's history, as we were so busy
12:57 doing good things, we were looked up to in the church,
12:59 we were just a young family. We were looked up to
13:02 for all the work that we did and our enthusiasm.
13:06 And as I said earlier, weren't hypocrites, were we?
13:09 We were doing the best we understood!
13:11 But, the difficulty was, and the eye opening part
13:14 of it that night for us was
13:15 we were doing all these things but God began to show us
13:19 that we were doing it in our own strength.
13:22 We weren't understanding the power of Jesus Christ.
13:26 I didn't know how to deal with my irritation toward you.
13:28 I didn't know how to deal with some,
13:31 we've been given a Bible study.
13:32 Remember that one night we gave a Bible study on consecration?
13:36 And the people, they surrendered themselves and
13:40 we saw them baptized, what a blessing privilege
13:43 to lead them to Christ. But do you remember
13:45 what we were doing all the way home that night?
13:47 Yes!
13:48 - We were arguing!
13:50 - And I don't remember about what, but I remember
13:51 - We were arguing, we were at each other!
13:53 And the Lord just began to open our eyes that
13:56 we were not who we thought we were.
13:59 And I tell you friends that
14:01 at that point
14:03 God began to show us that we needed to set some goals,
14:09 If we really wanted to see
14:10 our children receive the crown of life,
14:13 if we wanted to hear the: "Well done thou good and faithful
14:15 servant" we needed to set some goals
14:19 and make some changes.
14:22 And we need to take a brake here,
14:23 and when we come back, we're gonna talk about
14:25 the goals God began to show us, that we needed to set
14:29 to be a successful family.
14:32 To have a marriage that's truly heart to heart.
14:34 Stay with us!
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15:13 better marriage. Welcome back! We've been talking about
15:15 forming common goals.
15:16 And you remember that special Friday evening
15:18 we were telling you about.
15:20 Well, there's one other part of it that really struck my heart.
15:23 And that is that God motivated us.
15:26 He used our children to motivate us
15:29 in our spiritual walk.
15:30 Because we were consumed with life.
15:32 And do you remember honey, what I said?
15:35 How good God was!
15:37 That He could, He knew the cord to strike in my heart
15:41 - Amen! - that would turn
15:42 my eyes fully on Him
15:44 and make Him number one
15:46 was my children.
15:48 Because
15:50 I wanted them, about anything else to be in Heaven.
15:53 And that night when you said that to me:
15:55 "Than something's got to change and that something's us"
15:57 I realized that I needed to be different because I
16:01 wanted my children to be in Heaven!
16:03 And therefore God used our children, my children
16:06 to motivate me to motivate us for those changes.
16:09 And so, that night, that prayer of commitment
16:11 we began immediately and this is an important part
16:15 to begin immediately to make time.
16:17 That night we began to make time
16:21 to look at the goals we had in life.
16:23 First of all we had to make the time
16:25 and secondly we have to take the time.
16:28 They're very different!
16:30 We have to make it, plan for it,
16:32 not let anything come in to take it away.
16:35 And we take that time then
16:36 and we accomplish what we have set out to do.
16:39 That's to begin to form those common goals.
16:41 That's right!
16:42 And we began then looking at these more life changing
16:48 and long lasting goals
16:51 that would make a difference
16:52 to really see our children in the Kingdom of Heaven.
16:55 They've continued to be a motivation to us both.
16:58 So we wanna talk about
17:00 the goals that we sat. Now we could tell you
17:03 many goals that we have sat
17:05 but we're gonna talk about three.
17:07 And these are three of the most important goals and
17:12 the most basic for us and our family.
17:16 And these are springboards for you.
17:18 We're sharing this with you, so you can have an idea
17:21 of what we're talking about in our goal setting,
17:24 in forming these things that will last for a life time and
17:27 - For eternity! - by God's Grace for eternity!
17:29 That's right!
17:30 So the first one
17:32 for us was: gaining and maintaining
17:35 a vital connection to the Power of God.
17:39 Now, that may seem strange,
17:41 maybe automatic, but we came to recognize
17:44 that we did not have this vital connection.
17:48 He that hath the Sun hath life.
17:50 He that hath not the Sun hath not life.
17:53 It doesn't say "He that knows Scripture. "
17:57 It doesn't say: "He that goes to church. "
17:59 It doesn't say "He that professes"
18:01 It says: "He that hath the Sun hath life!"
18:04 And we didn't have that Power working in us.
18:08 We did not understand the practical Power
18:11 of the Gospel of Jesus Christ,
18:13 the life changing Power!
18:15 We did a lot of good work,
18:17 we were involved in a lot of good programs,
18:19 but we did not understand!
18:21 And our hearts were good,
18:22 we wanted it! - That's right!
18:24 We desired it. And that's why, again,
18:26 we weren't living hypocritical lives.
18:28 We were doing the best we could
18:30 but we just didn't have the power.
18:32 We do a lot of gritting our teeth and trying hard
18:35 and what a difference when we began
18:38 to set as our first
18:42 goal
18:43 Was to gain and maintain
18:46 a connection to the Power of Jesus Christ.
18:48 That meant we needed to change something
18:50 in how we are prating our daily life, isn't that right dear?
18:53 Yes! Because we talked about being in Heaven.
18:55 We wanted to be in Heaven,
18:56 we want our children to be in Heaven.
18:58 But we had really no time for God! And I think
19:00 that's the way it is in a lot of homes.
19:01 That's right!
19:02 God was pretty much cut out because we
19:04 were just too busy for Him.
19:05 Or too busy doing things that we call
19:08 "things we're doing for God".
19:10 And that is something that we know.
19:13 And as we have worked with many families
19:16 over years in this ministry
19:18 this is not a struggle that just we had together.
19:22 We recognized that if we are going to have
19:24 a vital connection with God
19:27 and maintain that connection, we need to take time
19:30 morning by morning
19:32 that we would take time for prayer,
19:34 real communion with God.
19:36 You know, I used to get up
19:38 just in enough time to get my breakfast
19:41 get a quick reading
19:42 and have a quick prayer, maybe a five minute prayer,
19:44 and out the door. And I tell you those
19:45 five minute prayers
19:48 are not enough to sustain
19:50 that vital connection with God.
19:52 And my mind was racing with all the things that I had to do
19:55 anyway. So we're talking about setting a goal
19:59 forming a goal that puts God first
20:02 in our lives,
20:04 first in our marriage.
20:05 And taking time to make His Word practical,
20:08 taking time to have what we call: two way communion
20:11 it's not enough for us just to pour out ourselves
20:14 to God. He wants to pour something back into us.
20:17 He wants to commune with us. - That's right!
20:19 And so, that began to be
20:22 our first and most important
20:24 life changing goal.
20:27 The second one, that we talked about was
20:28 to have a happy home.
20:30 Now, we had a happy home
20:32 most of the time.
20:33 At least what we understood happiness to be.
20:36 It was good as everybody else we knew.
20:37 That's right! And
20:39 but it wasn't happy all the time.
20:41 Is that idealistic that we can have a happy home all the time?
20:44 Well it might sound idealistic but I believe
20:47 and we believe together now like we
20:50 we have for years, that our homes
20:53 can be a little taste of Heaven.
20:57 And we've experienced that
20:58 how many times have people come into our home?
21:01 And one of the things they've said before
21:03 they were there too long is:
21:06 "The atmosphere here
21:07 is so peaceful.
21:09 It's so restful, how does this happened?"
21:13 Well, I think we can have a little bit of Heaven on Earth.
21:16 Well, absolutely! Because
21:18 God wants our homes to be like we want to live forever.
21:22 Amen!
21:23 We don't wanna have fighting and yelling and contention
21:27 and discord here
21:28 and then think we're gonna live forever after happy there.
21:32 That's right!
21:33 What motivates us, what motivates our children
21:35 if they think that Heaven is their final home
21:38 or their eternal home, why would they wanna be there
21:40 if they don't find peace and happiness here on this home?
21:43 That's right!
21:44 This is the parallel, this is the mirrored image
21:46 that we have the opportunity to develop that home.
21:48 And that became - That's right!
21:49 a goal. It's interesting
21:51 that we would set something so basic
21:53 as a goal in our home.
21:54 And for you listening out there,
21:56 I mean we've shared this before
21:58 and people said: "Wow, that's just so, I mean so fundamental
22:02 so basic, I mean we would never
22:03 thought about making that a goal in
22:05 our home and in our lives, in our marriage.
22:07 But we've missed it in the simple things!
22:11 We think we understand them, we think they are in place
22:13 and we move over the top of them.
22:15 And they're not being accomplished. "
22:17 And so, for us to really put that as a goal in our home
22:20 that we were going to try to do everything we could
22:23 to make our home a little Heaven on Earth.
22:25 You know, the day that Alison, our oldest daughter Alison
22:30 she said to us, one day, and I know you remember this.
22:33 I've never forgotten it.
22:35 We were sitting at the meal table
22:37 and she said: "You know,
22:39 if there was no Heaven to look forward to
22:43 I wouldn't wanna live my life any differently
22:46 than we live it in our family. "
22:48 She said:"I love living life the way we live it in our home!"
22:53 Oh, I tell you,
22:54 that broke my heart!
22:55 Because what more could a parent ask for?
22:59 We want a happy home, and to see
23:01 that fruit being born out
23:03 is it worth making that kind of goal?
23:06 It has been! And you know that the little things
23:08 that we've changed in our lives
23:10 to accomplish that
23:12 have been insignificant. There's been no loss
23:15 of anything. - That's right!
23:16 It's all been gain.
23:18 Everything it's been gain.
23:19 That's right!
23:20 Well, we're telling these folks here
23:24 about these goals.
23:25 I think what they also need to know
23:27 is that when we get together next time
23:30 we're going to be talking about more specifics
23:32 on how we achieve these goals.
23:35 Today we're just trying to give you some ideas of
23:37 goals to became important, foundational
23:40 to us in our marriage.
23:42 Well, we're gonna talk about
23:43 how we really went after those goals and the specifics,
23:48 next time we get together.
23:49 But you know, there's a verse that I remember
23:52 Psalm 133 verse 1 it says:
23:55 "Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren"
23:59 could we say kindred?
24:01 - Husband and wife maybe? - "to dwell together"
24:02 - The husband and wife.
24:03 What a blessing "to dwell together in unity!"
24:08 Is God asking too much of us?
24:11 To have a home that's a little bit like Heaven?
24:13 I don't think so!
24:15 It's been a wonderful blessing in our experience.
24:18 The happier home is here.
24:20 The happy we are in our marriage,
24:22 the happier our children are, our youth, our young adults,
24:26 the greater and the more anticipation we have to
24:28 Heaven, cause it's only gonna get that much better.
24:30 That's right!
24:32 Well, we'd better move on to number three.
24:35 Yes! We just gonna give you three.
24:36 There's more that you can do,
24:37 but this is just a little kick start for you, we can say.
24:40 The third area wanted to establish in our home the goal
24:45 was to parent in agreement.
24:49 If we're gonna have a happy home
24:50 then we have to be able to parent with agreement.
24:55 That's right!
24:56 Romans 15:5 says: "Now, the God of patience and consolation"
25:02 now here we got God describe this being a God of patience
25:06 and that's what He's looking for.
25:07 He can give us that patience as parents.
25:09 "the God of patience and consolation grant you"
25:14 that's us.
25:16 grant you to be likeminded
25:20 one toward another"
25:22 Isn't that beautiful?
25:23 God is wanting us to be likeminded.
25:27 And as we talked about in our Sure Foundation,
25:30 this is where as we go to God's Word
25:34 and find there the real principles, that's how
25:36 we can become likeminded towards one another.
25:40 Thats right! And it's been such a blessing in our home
25:43 to have made this a goal in our lives
25:45 that we're gonna parent in agreement.
25:48 Because you and I are much happier in this in our home.
25:51 Oh, absolutely! And it's made
25:53 such a difference as we've gone to God's Word
25:55 to look for those principles to parent in agreement.
25:58 It has drawn us together.
26:00 And it has, it's improved our communication
26:02 as we've been trying to be fair
26:04 and train our children properly
26:07 it's been a training process for us.
26:08 Absolutely!
26:10 So that's exciting!
26:11 Well, we would like to give you a personal challenge
26:13 that you first make time
26:15 to form those goals for your family and your marriage
26:19 and then that you take that time.
26:21 It's not enough to make the time. We have to be there to
26:23 take the time to accomplish it, to form those goals
26:27 that will begin to change
26:28 your marriage and make it heart to heart.
26:30 That's right! They've got to carve out time because
26:33 everything around us is working against us.
26:35 You know, just everything it's a push and pressure so
26:38 take that time!
26:40 And right now I think it would be great
26:42 if we could take time
26:43 just to go to God and ask Him to bless us
26:46 in forming these common goals. Shall we pray?
26:50 Father in Heaven what a privilege it is to come to You.
26:54 We know that You can help us form common goals
26:58 as we give ourselves to You, Lord
27:01 as our viewers
27:02 are contemplating the need in their own lives
27:05 give them grace and understanding.
27:07 That Your will can be accomplished
27:09 through Jesus Christ we pray. Amen!
27:13 We look forward to seeing you next time
27:16 as we talk about how we move forming these common goals
27:20 to setting the priorities.
27:23 Two very distinct things.
27:24 It's one thing to set the goal isn't it honey?
27:26 It's another thing
27:27 to make the priorities to really follow through.
27:29 So we wanna encourage you to be back with us next time
27:32 where we talk about
27:34 setting the priorities to make these common goals a reality
27:39 so that we can have a marriage
27:41 that's heart to heart
27:44 with God and the one we love!
27:50 Marriage in God's Hands


Revised 2014-12-17