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00:01 A promise
00:03 to love
00:06 in good times
00:08 and bad
00:11 for richer
00:14 or poorer
00:17 forsaking all others
00:19 as long as
00:21 you both shall live
00:25 MARRIAGE In God's Hands
00:28 Marriage Heart to Heart with Tom & Alane Waters
00:33 Welcome to Marriage Heart to Heart
00:35 We are Tom & Alane Waters with Restoration International
00:39 And we're looking forward to our time together with you today,
00:42 as we talk about more principles
00:45 in a Marriage Heart to Heart!
00:47 So if you have your pencil and paper ready
00:49 we're gonna be discussing Prayers of Love
00:52 those five important aspects in our prayers that
00:54 can make our marriage: loving and heart to heart!
00:58 You know, one of the difficult things is that
01:02 many Christians, I'm not talking about the world,
01:04 I'm talking about Christians,
01:06 don't use the greatest resource that we have available to us.
01:11 And that's prayer.
01:13 Prayer's the key that unlocks the Store House of Heaven.
01:16 And yet, many times, and I know for us
01:18 that there was a time in our lives
01:20 that we weren't really praying prayers of love for each other.
01:25 We were praying for lots of other things
01:26 for lots of other people.
01:28 But we have the opportunity and the privilege of praying prayers
01:33 that can really make a difference in our marriage.
01:36 I know Honey! There's been times when we have found ourselves
01:39 not really praying when we needed to pray.
01:42 Because things have come up
01:43 and we're trying to handle them without prayer.
01:46 And we don't go to the Source of strength and power
01:49 -That's right! -to find the answer.
01:51 And sometimes
01:53 you know, there are many people that
01:55 will begin praying
01:56 but sometimes those prayers are self centered prayers.
01:59 And we had some of that in our experience where:
02:02 "Ok! I know I need to pray!"
02:05 "So, I'm gonna pray that God can start changing you!"
02:09 Yes! I understand!
02:10 Ok? Because if I can Get God to change you,
02:14 then I'm gonna feel better and life it's gonna work better
02:16 and it will take the ripples out of our problems. Right?
02:19 Well, it seems that way! I know we've probably both done that,
02:22 more than a few times early on in our marriage.
02:24 That's right! And I'm thankful that we can say early on.
02:27 You know, we've been very vulnerable with you folks,
02:30 as we've shared our weaknesses
02:32 and we've shared some of the difficulties we faced, but
02:35 the Lord has blessed us, truly blessed us
02:38 as we have come to Him.
02:40 And as we've been vulnerable with Him,
02:42 than we have a marriage that's heart to heart.
02:44 It's been a long time since
02:46 we've doubt with a lot of these things.
02:47 And I'm thankful for that!
02:49 And prayer has been a very major part of that.
02:52 It has been one of those things that's helped
02:55 to keep us together because
02:57 when we've had differences
02:58 and I've always appreciated your leadership in this,
03:00 when we've had differences that you've come back and say:
03:03 "Honey I think we really need to pray!"
03:05 -Amen! -And make sure that our hearts
03:07 are right with each other.
03:09 That's that forgiveness, confession and repentance
03:12 and forgiveness and then that prayer time together
03:16 and then going forward new from that point on.
03:18 That's right!
03:19 So prayers made a huge difference in our experience.
03:23 What about women? You've told me about women that you
03:26 know personally,
03:28 that are in this self centered focus,
03:30 and that they're so desirous of getting their husband to change
03:35 that what's happening in the women??
03:38 Well, I think the desire is there,
03:40 the real desire to see their spouse
03:42 maybe become a Christian.
03:44 To accept the Lord Jesus,
03:46 but their prayers while they're good for their husbands,
03:50 they're not correspondingly living their lives to help
03:53 answer those prayers.
03:54 And so they find themselves or in their relationship
03:58 with their husband they're critical
04:00 they're demeaning
04:02 they're controlling
04:03 and so, you know,
04:04 we've experienced it being with some of these people
04:07 and sometimes
04:08 the husband is more of a Christian than the wife.
04:11 So when we talk about praying prayers for our spouse
04:14 which we should do,
04:16 and we're gonna be talking about that a little later today,
04:18 But as we talk about those prayers that we wanna pray
04:22 we need to make sure
04:23 that we are answering as much as possible
04:26 our side of that equation,
04:28 that we can demonstrate to our spouse
04:31 the loveliness of Jesus, that they would want that
04:33 that desire would be something that they would wanna have too.
04:37 That's right!
04:38 I remember one evening,
04:40 we'd actually had a beautiful day together
04:43 it was coming to the close of the day and,
04:45 I was sharing with you
04:48 something that I had been praying about
04:51 and
04:52 I was fully expecting that as I shared it with you
04:54 you were going to just see
04:56 my way. I didn't think there was gonna be any ruffles.
04:59 But you, you know
05:01 as you remember
05:02 you didn't see it my way.
05:04 And it turned our, what shall I say, beautiful day
05:09 in to a little bit of a problem at the end of the day.
05:12 And I remember
05:14 trying to get you
05:16 to see my perspective.
05:18 And I couldn't get you to see it!
05:21 And I got frustrated.
05:23 And I finally, because even at this point I knew
05:26 that to just keep pushing wasn't going to be the answer.
05:29 And so, as you probably remember I decided to
05:33 leave the room and just go have a little quiet time with the
05:36 Lord. Which is the right answer.
05:38 And those of you that are facing difficulties
05:39 this is the right answer! Now I wasn't quite in the right
05:43 spirit when I was doing this but this is the right answer!
05:46 Rather than trying to fight it out or you know just
05:48 force you to see it my way.
05:51 Because we don't always see everything like one another.
05:54 We see things differently
05:55 we see them from different personalities
05:57 and perspectives. -That's right!
05:58 And I just was caught on this thing and
06:02 I went to the Lord
06:05 I went there with the right motive.
06:06 I knew I needed to deal with
06:08 my own heart and let God deal with my heart.
06:10 But you know, I really wanted you to understand me in this
06:13 thing. And I really wanted you to agree with me in this.
06:15 And so I got down on my knees
06:17 with the Lord and I was telling Him my problem.
06:20 And I found myself, and I didn't really realize
06:22 I was doing this at the time but I found myself trying
06:25 to get the Lord on my side!
06:28 I know! I've done that a few times.
06:30 I tried to get the Lord on my side:
06:31 "Lord don't You see this??"
06:33 I mean: "My wife needs to see this!"
06:36 Right?
06:38 "Right Lord??"
06:40 And there I found myself,
06:42 on my knees, trying to convince the Lord
06:45 that He needed to be on my side!
06:48 But you know what the Lord
06:50 was finally able to get through to me?
06:51 Was: the Lord wasn't agreeing with me either.
06:54 I'm happy to be able to say that!
06:56 I mean it didn't feel good
06:57 in the moment
06:58 but the Lord convinced me while I was there on my knees
07:03 that what I needed
07:04 was His rest in my soul.
07:06 What I needed
07:07 was to quite trying to push my way
07:10 and to give myself to the Lord.
07:12 And then
07:14 not only could I be in agreement with the Lord
07:16 but then I could move back into agreement with you.
07:19 And if you remember, I came back into the room
07:23 a changed person.
07:25 And I believe that's that Miracle Working Power of God
07:28 we've seen it over and over again
07:30 that if we will choose to cooperate with Him
07:33 He will change us and He can change our prayers.
07:36 That's right! And so, the first thing,
07:38 the key important part is
07:40 not necessarily to pray for the other person
07:43 but to start praying for ourselves.
07:45 Pray for ourselves our needs! "Lord, make me different!"
07:48 "Change me! Make me a better wife!"
07:51 "Make me more responsive to my husband."
07:53 "Make me more sensitive! Make me more understanding."
07:57 And ask God to change my heart first.
07:59 That's where prayers of love need to begin!
08:03 And we called it in our home, you've termed it
08:05 Gospel Order.
08:06 That's right!
08:07 For me it's become very important
08:09 to pray in Gospel Order.
08:11 Let me just share with you for a moment what I mean by that.
08:14 I used to feel like it was selfishness
08:17 if I started praying for myself first,
08:19 you know, it's kind of self centered isn't it?
08:21 I've come to recognize, we can pray self centered prayers like
08:25 I was sharing a few moments ago
08:28 but we need to be praying for our own needs first!
08:32 I have found that in Gospel Order that means:
08:35 My heart to my Heavenly Father!
08:38 What happens between my soul and God
08:40 is what prepares me
08:41 when I have my quiet time in the morning as
08:43 I come to the Lord as I open His Word
08:46 it's what prepares me than to have the right kind of
08:49 connection to my wife,
08:52 to my children
08:54 and then on out to the people I work with, the people I meet.
08:58 And so, praying in Gospel Order includes
09:02 our Sure Foundation, the Word of God
09:04 which we talked about earlier.
09:07 It means praying for me.
09:09 "Lord create in me a new clean heart.
09:11 Renew a right spirit within me.
09:13 Take out this stony heart and give me a heart of tender flesh"
09:17 You know, these are Biblical prayers
09:20 these are prayers, not that we have to pray Bible prayers
09:24 all the way through our prayers but
09:25 I found I need this new heart experience.
09:28 And if God is giving me that and I'm receiving that
09:32 it then prepares me to move on and begin to pray for you.
09:38 I really am encouraged when we go back to the Bible
09:41 and we read the different prayers
09:42 by the different individuals
09:44 in the situations that they were facing.
09:46 It doesn't matter how bad they were, what they messed up on
09:50 they're prayers where heart felt.
09:52 -That's right! - And we saw a change happen
09:54 after those prayers have been given.
09:56 And so, we first pray for ourselves
09:59 and our personal need, my heart right with God
10:02 and the second thing the Lord has put in my heart is
10:04 to pray prayers of thankfulness.
10:06 That's been very important to me,
10:08 because I always haven't been as thankful as I need to be.
10:12 Especially for you.
10:14 And early on in our marriage
10:16 I started to focus too much on the negative
10:18 and I needed to learn
10:19 how to be thankful and look at the positive.
10:22 So, daily in my prayers is a prayer of thankfulness.
10:25 And I wanna encourage you today that if you start
10:29 thanking the Lord for your husband
10:31 if when you're having your prayer time
10:33 you thank Him for the things He's blessed you with
10:36 through your husband
10:37 you will start viewing your husband
10:40 at the beginning of the day
10:41 in a totally different light.
10:43 And that's what I have really enjoyed
10:45 about praying prayers of thankfulness.
10:46 In fact, now my prayers of thankfulness
10:49 even start earlier in the day. I use to wait till
10:51 I was out of bad and you know gotten around a little bit
10:54 before I had my usual prayer time.
10:56 And now they start before I even get out of bed.
10:58 'Cause every morning we have our cotel(?????) time.
11:01 Every morning. Every morning.
11:03 I even set the alarm, or we will set the alarm
11:05 a little earlier just to make sure we have that time there.
11:09 And when we have that cotel (??????)time
11:10 I lay my head on your shoulder
11:12 and that's when I begin to thank the Lord for you.
11:15 And those prayers of thankfulness
11:16 have really helped me
11:19 to develop my love more for you.
11:21 And those prayers of thankfulness
11:23 have reflected back on me.
11:25 And I am thankful for you!
11:28 Not just as a result of your prayers for me,
11:31 but those prayers have reflected back on me.
11:34 I experience your thankfulness and as you know
11:37 and as I share with you very often
11:40 my thankfulness for having the special woman that God gave me.
11:44 I've always felt that God gave you to me as a special gift
11:49 the woman of my dreams.
11:52 You know you're the most
11:53 important person on the Earth to me.
11:56 And that means something to you, doesn't it?
11:58 -Oh yes! Everything. -It is superiority in that.
11:59 It is.
12:00 And that doesn't happen by accident.
12:02 Some of that has come from these prayers of love.
12:08 You know, I was thanking of the Apostle Paul
12:10 He says in Ephesians the first chapter in the 16th verse:
12:15 And I'll put in in the first person:
12:17 "I cease not to give thanks for you,
12:20 making mention of you in my prayers."
12:24 We certainly are doing that.
12:25 And these are prayers of love.
12:30 The third part of prayers of love,
12:32 that the Lord has put in my heart
12:34 that I pray
12:35 is that if I, if you and I don't see things eye to eye
12:40 then if I'm wrong the Lord will change my heart
12:44 and if you're wrong the Lord will change your heart.
12:46 That takes responsibility off of me to change you
12:49 or the responsibility from you to try to change me.
12:52 That's right!
12:53 And then something, several years ago, in fact
12:55 it's been quite a few years ago now
12:56 that we started doing in our prayer time,
12:58 which is what we call prayers of love.
13:00 Lord who ever is wrong change our heart and if it's not us
13:04 then You change the other person's heart.
13:07 That's right!
13:08 I remember not too long
13:09 after I started praying these kind of prayers
13:11 we had that tested, didn't we?
13:14 We sure did!
13:17 It was a nice backpacking outing that we were on,
13:21 and we were
13:22 hiking up into the mountains and I was thinking
13:25 ahead of all the things that had to be done
13:27 and all the schedules and responsibilities
13:30 we had to meet. And I was thinking about
13:31 an engagement we had six weeks away
13:34 as we were hiking this trail
13:36 of things that we were gonna be doing
13:38 six weeks from now.
13:39 You know how your mind goes on.
13:40 That's right!
13:42 And so, as I was thinking about that I was recognizing that
13:45 we were gonna be asked to be involved in an activity
13:49 with our family
13:50 that I wasn't comfortable being involved in.
13:53 -And I wanted -We had to be there because
13:55 we were conducting the seminar.
13:57 That's right!
13:58 And I wanted to talk to you about that
14:00 and share with you my feelings and my concerns
14:02 about that.
14:03 Well, it was a perfect setting to do it in.
14:05 I mean we don't have a phone, we're out here
14:07 just enjoy family time together,
14:09 way out in the middle of the mountains.
14:11 And I can remember, you know, bringing it up:
14:14 "You know, in a few weeks we're gonna over here at this place
14:17 and
14:19 one of the activities we are gonna do honey
14:20 I'm not comfortable with."
14:23 I remember that.
14:25 And do you remember what else happened?
14:27 Well, I remember that
14:29 we weren't seeing eye to eye on the situation.
14:31 Not at all!
14:33 And I was feeling quite a bit of pressure.
14:35 Because it's one thing to
14:37 you know be involved and be there
14:40 for the seminar
14:41 and just blend in with the people
14:43 it's another thing when you're involved in the leadership
14:48 of the seminar,
14:49 conducting the seminar.
14:51 And now, if we're not gonna participate in this thing
14:53 what are people gonna say?
14:56 -What's it gonna look like? -It's not gonna look good
14:57 -Has it? -No! And
14:59 I mean not that we can be motivated
15:01 by just what people think,
15:03 but there is an influence,
15:05 and we have to be, careful that we don't use
15:07 that influence improperly one way or the other.
15:12 Well we didn't agree on that.
15:14 And
15:16 we have made an agreement in our home that we won't
15:18 try to force the other one to
15:20 agree with us! -That's right!
15:22 Which we're gonna be talking about later
15:24 in these series, about communication.
15:26 We're gonna be talking about that point particularly.
15:29 But, I gave you my perspective
15:32 you shared with me your perspective
15:34 and I sensed that your perspective might be more
15:37 prone to pressure from other people
15:41 or pure pressure if that's the word that we can use.
15:43 Certainly in that situation it was.
15:44 But I had to leave it alone.
15:45 I had to pray that prayer of love and I said:
15:47 "Lord if I'm right
15:49 change my husband. And Lord if I'm wrong I
15:52 wanna know that I'm wrong!
15:53 I wanna know that I can stand by aside and participate
15:56 in that activity, and I have any inhibitions."
15:59 That's right!
16:01 And now we're there.
16:02 And I still don't have an answer.
16:05 And we need to take a break
16:06 so stay with us to find out
16:08 what happens next!
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16:40 tool to help build a better
16:48 marriage. Welcome back! Well it had been six weeks
16:50 and that was 11 o'clock at night
16:53 the next day was soon to be here.
16:56 And I thought my husband was fast asleep and I
16:58 was still praying, 'cause I didn't have an answer.
17:02 Well, I wasn't asleep.
17:05 And the Lord was working on my heart.
17:08 You know, sometimes it seems that the Lord is
17:10 seldom early but He's never late!
17:14 And here we are,
17:16 we're at the seminar, tomorrow is when this is going to happen.
17:20 And the Lord just brought it forcibly and clearly
17:23 to my mind what I needed to do.
17:26 And so,
17:28 you got your answer.
17:30 And it wasn't you that God needed to change
17:33 in that situation.
17:34 It was me!
17:36 And I wasn't being stubborn!
17:37 I just didn't see it clearly until that night
17:40 as the Lord just brought it forcibly to my mind.
17:44 And your prayers
17:45 were really prayers of love.
17:48 They are prayers of love!
17:50 And it's interesting how God solved that problem.
17:53 I didn't have to be right and you didn't have to be right!
17:56 God wanted it to work out the right way!
17:58 And that's what those prayers of love are meant to be.
18:00 And it was interesting the next day
18:02 you and I didn't have to say anything about that activity.
18:05 Do you remember?
18:06 -Oh yes! -Somebody else came and said:
18:07 "Well, we're not comfortable the way this is done.
18:09 and we would like to suggest something different."
18:11 And we had total peace, total unity
18:14 and harmony in our home.
18:16 And so, those prayers of love
18:18 were really a blessing to us.
18:19 Even though we didn't have to meet that task the next day.
18:24 So, let's talk about the fourth pray of love that we
18:27 can offer.
18:29 And this one it's maybe more for me
18:31 than something you would want
18:32 to pray, but this has been important in my prayer life.
18:35 Sometimes I feel a need
18:37 and I can't trust that the needs I feel are really needs
18:41 or wants.
18:42 And so, I'll ask God: "Lord if this is a need
18:44 a real need that I have in my life
18:47 that you would put that desire in my husband's heart
18:50 to fulfill that need."
18:52 And as I've been willing to do that
18:54 it's interesting, I remember praying that prayer
18:56 one morning
18:57 as I was standing upstairs in the kitchen and I said:
19:00 "Lord I just feel like I need to have a hug from my husband"
19:04 Not that you don't give me lots of hugs
19:05 but you know, I don't know, from whatever reason
19:07 I was feeling that need.
19:09 And I said: "Lord if this is a need that's real in me
19:11 or if it's just a want, but if it's a need
19:14 put that in his heart!"
19:16 And just a few minutes later
19:18 you come walking upstairs and came over to me
19:21 and gave me a hug and a kiss
19:22 and you just told me how much you appreciated me.
19:25 And that was just like
19:27 an immediate answer to prayer.
19:30 You know, that's exciting to me and I hope to the
19:32 viewing audience.
19:33 This is the God that we serve.
19:36 Not just that we serve.
19:38 But this is the God that wants to reach into our hearts.
19:42 And He wants to answer simple prayers.
19:45 He loves us!
19:47 And He wants to build the love between us.
19:52 Well, we need to talk about the fifth prayer of love.
19:55 That's right! The fifth area
19:57 is a very special area to us!
20:00 Now, we've always had family worship
20:03 and prayed together in the family but
20:07 one of the special things that we've been doing,
20:09 for quite some time now,
20:11 is the prayer that you and I have together,
20:13 in the evening, before we go to bed
20:16 to close the day.
20:17 And I tell you friends, this is something very
20:20 powerful and beautiful.
20:22 In fact, our oldest daughter came to us
20:26 just recently
20:28 she came to us and she told us:
20:31 "You know, sometimes I hear you praying
20:35 in the evening." Because we pray
20:36 out loud together.
20:38 And she said: "It means so much to me
20:42 to hear how you pray together
20:45 and what you pray for
20:47 and to see how God is answering those prayers."
20:49 So, it touched her heart. We didn't even realize
20:52 but it hasn't that been meaningful to
20:54 us to have that special time to pray?
20:56 It has been.
20:57 And that's something that you brought to me and you said:
21:00 "You know, we pray in the morning in family worship
21:03 in the evening in family worship
21:04 we thank the Lord for our food every day."
21:07 There was our own private personal prayers.
21:09 Yes, we have our private prayers and
21:11 and yet the burn that you had was just a special
21:14 prayer time.
21:15 The last thing we would do before we would go to bed.
21:17 That's right!
21:18 And it's interesting as, you know, you
21:20 brought up Alice and bringing that to us,
21:22 the influence that that has in the home
21:25 it is such a positive influence for our young people
21:29 to know that we are praying for them.
21:30 -Amen! -That we care for them.
21:31 And we're bringing their challenges and their trials
21:35 and their joys before the Lord.
21:37 And that we're asking God to give us wisdom
21:39 to guide and direct them
21:41 as they work their way through life.
21:44 And, you know, to hear her express
21:45 you know, "I'm laying awake in there and I can
21:47 hear you guys praying."
21:50 I didn't even realize that she was doing that.
21:52 But it made it more meaningful to me. And I hope that as
21:55 we talk about this prayers of love
21:58 that it goes beyond just our marriage,
22:00 it will have an influence on other people,
22:02 first those in our own home, our children,
22:05 maybe we're caring for an elderly parent
22:07 it will have a positive influence on them.
22:09 Then to those around us in our community or in
22:12 our church or in our work
22:13 our prayers of love will bare an influence.
22:17 Because they will be changing us
22:19 and we will be more like Christ
22:21 and that will always bare an influence for good.
22:23 You know, one of the amazing things to me as we've
22:26 been doing this now for quite a long time,
22:29 is that praying out loud with you
22:31 has seem to
22:34 make some of the things that I pray for
22:36 with you just come alive and be so real
22:39 and important.
22:41 I mean, praying,
22:42 privately, quietly, silently is good.
22:45 We need that closed prayer time but
22:47 praying with you and praying out loud for our needs
22:50 it just made some of the things come more into my mind and
22:53 and made me more sensitive
22:55 to how I can cooperate with answering those prayers.
22:59 It does, it reinforces it in our minds, because we hear it
23:03 as well as speak it.
23:05 And that only makes it that much stronger in our hearts.
23:08 Well, I remember not too long ago
23:10 it was bed time, and we had worship and everybody
23:13 was hading to bed,
23:14 and you had gone down ahead of me down stairs
23:18 to our bed room
23:19 and I was sitting in my little glider rocker upstairs
23:21 and I had pulled out an old photo album
23:24 that I just had this desire to look at.
23:27 Special memories.
23:28 Special memories.
23:29 And I was sitting there, you know, just
23:31 looking to it for a few minutes and I got totally absorbed.
23:34 And the next thing I know, you're coming back upstairs
23:36 and you poke your head over the top of the stair rail
23:38 and you said: "Honey, you're coming to bed?"
23:39 And I said: "Oh yes, in a few minutes."
23:43 I went back down stairs and I just
23:45 had a little quiet time alone
23:46 and waited for my bride to come.
23:49 And you waited, and you waited, and you waited.
23:52 Because I totally got absorbed.
23:55 In fact I think I even said:
23:56 well you know "Maybe you should just go ahead
23:58 and go to bed" or I don't know what it was but
24:00 I came down stairs, I don't know, half an hour later?
24:03 It was quite a while later.
24:05 And I was trying to be ever so quiet
24:08 and I came into the room and there you were
24:10 sitting up in bed, waiting for me to come to bed.
24:14 And I said: "Honey, you didn't have to wait out for me!"
24:17 I didn't want to miss our prayer time together.
24:18 And that's what you told me.
24:21 You didn't want to go to sleep without that time.
24:24 That was powerful to me.
24:27 And I was
24:29 embarrassed or felt bad that I kept you waiting
24:32 but not once in that time
24:34 that elapsed did you ever say: "Hurry up!"
24:37 "I'm waiting for you!"
24:38 "When you're gonna get here?"
24:40 You know, any of those impatient remarks,
24:42 you just let me have that quiet time.
24:44 You let me enjoy reminiscing through an old photo album
24:47 all by myself.
24:48 And you were just very kind and gentle with me.
24:54 And that made a powerful impact in my heart.
24:58 Well, those prayers of love
25:00 have made a difference and continue to make a difference
25:03 in our home.
25:04 And I'm thankful for that appreciation.
25:06 And I want our viewing audience as we bring to you
25:10 a personal challenge:
25:12 that you can begin today
25:14 if some of these things are new to you
25:16 or maybe these aren't new thoughts for you but
25:18 maybe life's pushing pressures have kept you from
25:21 really entering in
25:23 to some of these things in a practical way.
25:26 So, we just wanna share with you
25:28 and encourage you that you will take
25:30 these five things and begin to make
25:33 commitments that these prayers of love
25:36 will begin to be your prayers of love.
25:40 So, the first thing we talked about
25:42 was praying in Gospel Order.
25:45 That's right!
25:46 I pray for myself first,
25:47 my needs, my heart.
25:49 -Yes.
25:50 -A new conversion. -That's right!
25:52 We need it daily.
25:53 That's the first and most important place we start.
25:56 And then we need to be praying for God to
25:58 to change me.
26:00 And to be thakful.
26:02 Those prayers of thankfulness
26:03 have been a tremendous encouragement to me.
26:05 And I know you're thankful for me too, because
26:07 you express it many many times in a day.
26:10 That's right!
26:11 And then the third area.
26:12 The prayers of love
26:14 when we differ on things, when we don't see things
26:17 eye to eye,
26:18 That's right!
26:19 that we pray not to be right,
26:21 we don't pray to change the other person.
26:23 We ask God to change who ever doesn't see it right.
26:26 That's right!
26:27 That's a prayer of love.
26:28 "Lord if I'm wrong show me, change my heart!
26:32 And help me to find rest in this."
26:34 But if you're wrong, "If my spouse is wrong
26:37 Lord you can change him!"
26:38 I can't change you. I tried that early on,
26:41 and it doesn't work.
26:42 That' right!
26:43 And to make known to the spouse if there are real needs
26:47 and than that we pray daily together.
26:49 That's been a great blessing.
26:51 And I think it will be beautiful if we could just pray now.
26:53 Maybe you'd like to pray honey.
26:56 Father we are thankful that we can come to You any time.
27:00 And we're thankful that You have put it in our hearts
27:02 to pray prayers of love,
27:05 love for each other and love for You
27:07 love for others.
27:09 And may Your Love flow into us.
27:11 And through our prayers be the person you want us to be.
27:14 In Jesus name Amen!
27:18 Well, we've got something
27:20 that's gonna be a fun to talk about
27:21 the next time we're together.
27:23 Forming common goals.
27:26 You know, many of us
27:28 we go through life dealing with the goals
27:31 that we have to set to make things work
27:33 in every area of our lives.
27:35 We need to set common goals
27:37 for what's gonna work to make us
27:39 have a marriage that's trully heart to heart
27:42 with the one that we love!
27:47 Marriage in God's Hands
27:49 Executive Producer Danny Shelton
27:51 Director Jozsef Palhegyi
27:53 Video Early Simon
27:56 Video Assistant Kristin Stewart
27:59 Audio Timothy S. Dial
28:01 Floor Director Mitch Owen


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