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Building A Sure Foundation

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Participants: Alane Waters, Tom Waters


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00:32 Welcome to Marriage Heart to Heart
00:35 We are Tom & Alane Waters with Restoration International
00:39 And today we're gonna discussing how to build a Sure Foundation.
00:43 So we hope you have a pencil and paper to take some notes
00:45 as we talk about this topic today.
00:48 It does make a difference, doesn't it?
00:49 To have a pen and paper!
00:51 It does! I remember so much more when I write things down.
00:53 Even if I never look at the list again!
00:55 That's right!
00:56 - It just sinks it in better. - Sinks it into the mind.
01:00 You know, Christ is our Creator.
01:04 He created life in us.
01:06 And He's the One Who gave us the marriage relation.
01:08 He's the One that started it all, back then.
01:12 Christ is also the Author
01:14 of the Word of God!
01:16 The Scriptures
01:18 and Christ is the Word that was made flesh.
01:22 And He was made flesh for us!
01:24 He came here to demonstrate how to live
01:28 a life that He wants us to live.
01:31 Not only is He made flesh but when He was made flesh He
01:34 became our Redeemer!
01:37 And we need Him as a personal Savior don't we dear?
01:39 Every day!
01:40 That's what's made the difference
01:42 in our real Christian life, not our professed Christian life.
01:46 But Christ has made that difference and He's continuing
01:49 to make that difference.
01:50 And we need Him as our personal Guide through His Word.
01:54 So, if we look at the Word that was made flesh,
01:58 the Holy Word, the Word of God
02:02 we need to take that from the table,
02:04 or take that from the paper,
02:06 and it needs to become a part of us.
02:09 To become a practical part of our daily lives.
02:12 And that is where we find our Sure Foundation.
02:15 We struggled.
02:16 Especially in the early part of our marriage,
02:18 because we knew a lot about this
02:21 but it was not our Sure Foundation,
02:24 in the way we really lived our lives.
02:26 That's right! It was just whatever I thought
02:29 or what I remembered or how I was raised
02:31 and the same with you. - Yes!
02:32 And because we came from such very backgrounds
02:35 and different talents and strengths and weaknesses
02:38 it was important that we established
02:40 where our foundation was in our home.
02:43 And when people don't have a foundation to their marriage
02:48 their marriage isn't gonna stand in this time that we live!
02:51 I mean is gonna hit difficulties and trials and is gonna crumble.
02:56 And that's what's happening all around us!
02:58 So, is it enough?
03:00 You know, we read in our Sure Foundation,
03:04 that we need to not be unequally yoked together.
03:07 Ok? That's a principle.
03:09 So,
03:11 many people think that that, well,
03:13 we need to be the same religion,
03:15 you know, we need to have the same basic,
03:19 you know, church believes.
03:21 Is that enough? Is that a Sure Foundation?
03:24 It's not The Foundation! No!
03:26 It's important and even if we don't have that, if that
03:31 isn't in the relationship,
03:32 there's still principles from the Bible,
03:34 if one is a Christian and one isn't.
03:36 That the person who is can build that because
03:38 everything in God's Word is only gonna make our marriages better!
03:43 So if we have a believer and an unbeliever,
03:46 a Christian and a No Christian in a marriage union,
03:49 that Christian can still build of the Word of God
03:52 as their foundation.
03:53 That's right!
03:54 And they can change or they can strengthen their marriage
03:57 by having that!
03:59 Isn't it true also that even if we're talking to
04:03 a No Christian couple
04:05 that they're still benefiting
04:07 even if they haven't even open God's Word!
04:10 They're benefiting from the Sure Foundation.
04:12 That's right!
04:14 'Cause everything comes from God!
04:15 That's right!
04:16 So, I wanna go back to our early experience again.
04:22 Because we were Bible believing, professing Christians.
04:27 Went to the same church, - Yes
04:28 participated in the same activities, helped to lead out
04:31 in some of the same departments - That's right!
04:33 And yet, it wasn't enough!
04:36 We still, were not living our day to day life,
04:40 by every word that proceeds from the Mouth of God.
04:43 Jesus said: "Men shall not live on bread alone
04:45 but by every word that proceeds from the Mouth of God!"
04:49 So, is it fair to say that it was a part of our lives but
04:52 it wasn't the foundation of our lives.
04:53 Yes! It was definitely a part of our lives!
04:57 But it was not a practical part of our lives.
04:59 And that's what becomes foundational.
05:02 And so, we knew a lot of things,
05:04 we could talk about a lot of things,
05:06 we could even share things.
05:08 And I think this is something that maybe
05:10 some of our viewers have experienced.
05:12 It's not enough to even know the Word of God!
05:16 We can know the Word of God, we can talk about it
05:19 one day a week,
05:20 we can
05:22 memorize the Word of God, but if it is not our Sure Foundation
05:27 if it is not guiding us in real life,
05:30 that's what we need to think about! Because
05:32 What we started to see as our eyes were opened
05:35 is that we weren't living
05:37 yet we knew a lot of this,
05:39 we believed in it, we even given Bible studies
05:42 but it was not really governing our lives as you said, as the
05:47 foundation of our lives!
05:49 So the how we related to each other
05:52 was not based of what we knew was right!
05:54 It was based of how we felt at the moment.
05:56 Yes!
05:57 And that's why there was problems.
05:59 That's right! Because knowing God's Word is not the same
06:04 as knowing God's Word as it is
06:06 when we're surrendered to Jesus Christ!
06:07 And experiencing the Word of God working in our lives
06:11 in a very powerful way! - Yes!
06:13 And you've heard us mention James 1:19.
06:18 It's a very good marriage text!
06:21 But it's also a very practical illustration for me,
06:24 when I came into our marriage!
06:27 I knew this verse: "let every man be swift to hear,
06:31 and slow to speak,
06:33 and slow to wrath"
06:34 And I use this illustration, I use this text because
06:37 that came right out of our Sure Foundation, the Word of God!
06:43 But it was not in my heart as a practical reality
06:47 of how I lived daily life.
06:50 If you could've been around me at the time that
06:53 I married my dear wife
06:55 you would've seen very quickly that James 1:19 had
06:58 no practical relevance to my Christian experience!
07:02 Now, I wasn't a bad person! I wasn't
07:04 you know, getting in to all kinds of problems
07:07 and everything. I was just like one of the good old boys.
07:10 Like most of the people that we went to church with.
07:13 - Isn't that right? - Yes!
07:14 - Like most people! - Just like most people!
07:18 James 1:19 did not have real significance as a foundation
07:24 in our marriage! Did it?
07:26 No1 For neither one of us!
07:27 I mean we knew it but we didn't experience it!
07:29 And we use this illustration because this is vital!
07:34 The difference in our lives
07:36 since we've come to make God's Word practical
07:40 has not just been a difference as a Christian.
07:43 It's made The Difference
07:45 in our marriage! - It has! It's given us
07:47 common ground to start with.
07:50 And the foundation, like I said that when things come up
07:54 that would shake, they don't shake!
07:56 Because we go back to the Word of God, we find there
07:59 the foundation of how we resolve conflict, how we
08:03 we work with difficulties or trials,
08:06 how we raise our children.
08:07 - That's right! - It's all there!
08:08 Well, I wanna take that verse James 1:19,
08:11 I wanna take it little farther.
08:13 I wanna get something more out of this because
08:16 I know what God began to show me
08:19 I wasnt swift to hear! In fact I was just the opposite.
08:23 And I think many of you know exactly what I'm talking about.
08:27 In real life regard of the fact that I had the Word of God
08:31 and I knew what the Word of God said
08:33 I didn't have a vital connection to the power of Jesus Christ.
08:38 A life changing gospel therefore I was not swift to hear.
08:44 I was swift to speak!
08:48 Just ask my wife!
08:49 I was swift to say whatever came out of my thoughts!
08:53 And I was slow to hear!
08:57 Right?
08:58 Sometimes that was true.
09:00 And instead of being slow to wrath, which we could say,
09:05 slow to irritation, slow to get upset,
09:08 I was very quick.
09:10 So, how can this be?
09:12 How can we say that we believe in the Word of God?
09:17 And that this is our Sure Foundation, which I believe that
09:21 most, I hope that most of our viewing audience
09:24 would say that the Word of God
09:26 is the foundation of the Christian life.
09:28 Even if you are watching today and you're not involved in
09:32 the Word of God, you would say: That's the basis of Christianity
09:36 and the basis of a true marriage. "
09:40 So, why is it?
09:42 that we can have all this Word and it doesn't
09:45 become a practical part of our daily life?
09:48 Where does that leave us?
09:49 Well it leaves us to failure.
09:51 That's right!
09:52 That's the only place that can leave us.
09:54 Because I'm gonna respond in my first thought.
09:58 The "me focus".
09:59 And you're gonna respond in your first thought, the "me focus"
10:03 and therefore we don't treat each other the way we should.
10:07 You know, even the Golden Rule:
10:08 "Do unto others what you would have them do unto you!"
10:11 I mean that's very simple to understand, many children
10:14 have it memorized, we've known it for years!
10:16 That's right!
10:17 But certainly didn't understand how that operated
10:20 in our marriage until we brought this in to reality
10:24 in our home.
10:25 - So, - And that made the difference!
10:27 Then is safe to say that what we're trying to discuss today is
10:31 making this Sure Foundation
10:33 a reality!
10:35 Make it real! Absolutely!
10:36 And in order to make that! This is the Word that became flesh.
10:41 This Word was embodied in Jesus Christ!
10:46 And in order for us to be successful
10:48 if we say that we believe in the Bible as Christians
10:51 and It's going to be our Sure Foundation
10:53 then what we're encouraging you today to consider
10:56 maybe in a new way is
10:58 that it's not enough
11:00 to profess Christianity! It's not enough to say:
11:03 "I believe in God's Word!"
11:05 It's not enough to say: "I'm a Christian!"
11:07 Because a Christian is
11:10 Christ like.
11:11 That's where the name comes from.
11:13 And so, we need to pray that God will help us move.
11:16 And that's what we did: to move from the theoretical
11:20 to the practical.
11:21 To make it real in our lives!
11:23 And so, this may sound very simplistic to you out there
11:26 but what we began to do and the first thing we did is we
11:30 started to surrender ourselves to Christ in a new way.
11:33 That means: when I'm surrendering to Christ
11:35 I'm surrendering to the Word that was made flesh.
11:38 Now I'm gonna surrender to His Word that's here in the Bible.
11:42 And I'm gonna surrender my will to do His will as revealed
11:46 in His Word. And we started praying together.
11:50 We started praying together that we would begin to
11:53 live out the principles of God's Word in real life.
11:57 Not just to say that
11:59 I believe I should be "swift to hear and slow to speak"
12:02 And it started revolutionizing our marriage.
12:05 It did! It started changing everything about us!
12:08 Because it brought me and it brought you to the realization
12:12 that we're gonna start treating each other the way
12:14 we know we should be treating each other.
12:15 Amen!
12:16 And that made a huge difference!
12:18 It wasn't even like New Light!
12:19 No not at all!
12:20 It was just like: do what we know was right to do!
12:23 And so, we made that commitment together,
12:26 when we prayed we made that commitment.
12:29 That we're gonna let God's Word truly be:
12:31 "a lamp to our feet and a light to our path!"
12:33 as it David expresses in Psalms.
12:35 That's right!
12:36 And that changed the whole direction.
12:39 It gave us a difference in how we started communicating.
12:42 You started listening more.
12:44 And I started listening also.
12:47 It changed on how we
12:50 raised our children.
12:51 Absolutely!
12:52 You know "train up a child in the way he should go"
12:55 and "teach your children to obey you!"
12:57 These were things that we knew intellectually.
13:00 We knew were good, but it wasn't happening.
13:03 An when those things aren't happening in the home
13:05 that develops those areas for conflict.
13:08 Yes! And I think where we found discouragement sometimes
13:12 and I think some of you listening today, is that we can
13:15 know these things and we can know that Jesus,
13:18 said: "If you know these things happy are ye if you do them!"
13:22 The difficulty is,
13:23 and we experienced this,
13:25 when we see what's right to do,
13:27 are we gonna do it in our own strength?
13:29 Are we gonna try to do this, 'cause now I got to do it right!
13:35 And we found that we cannot, we don't have the strength!
13:39 Our will power is not the power to overcome sin!
13:44 That's right!
13:45 Our will power is choice power! Is the power God gives us
13:49 that we can make a choice to connect our weakness
13:52 with the enduring strength of Jesus Christ!
13:54 And that's what started changing us!
13:56 Not pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps,
13:58 or gritting our teeth. - Or trying hard!
14:00 Trying harder!
14:01 It was really allowing ourselves not only to find
14:05 the Word of God but to find the Power of God
14:07 to live those principles!
14:09 And we've experienced the happiest days of our lives,
14:12 as a result!
14:15 Yet, every time we just you know we find an area that we don't
14:18 see eye to eye on,
14:20 or we don't understand
14:21 we start searching the Word of God to find the answers.
14:24 - That's right! - And that's where you will find
14:26 many of your challenges resolved in the Word of God!
14:31 Because there God has a solutions for every problem!
14:34 This is something we've said to one another and we believed it
14:37 and we have found it to be true
14:39 and you can find that same thing too.
14:41 That's right!
14:42 You know, the society that we live in today,
14:46 one of the reasons that we find the immorality
14:51 and the crime and all the things that we know are out there
14:57 is because we've left
15:01 the Sure Foundation.
15:03 We've gone to shaky ground.
15:05 We aren't finding the lamp unto our feet
15:10 and the light into our path.
15:11 And therefore the path gets dark.
15:13 And that's why we can live in the society today,
15:16 that is accepting
15:21 things like
15:23 same sex marriages.
15:25 There's no way that that would've been acceptable
15:28 even twenty years ago,
15:30 in the public eye.
15:32 Because much of society has moved away from the sure guide,
15:37 the Sure Foundation.
15:39 And so the foundation of our society is crumbling.
15:43 And the foundation of many homes is.
15:45 - That's right! - We can't change
15:46 our society, we can only allow God to change us.
15:49 And family by family, couple by couple we can change the way
15:54 our communities operate, we can change
15:56 the society in which we live
15:57 if we're willing to put ourselves back on the Sure Word,
16:01 the foundation that is gonna be strong an bring us through.
16:05 - And so, - That's right!
16:06 having made that commitment
16:07 we've addressed every area in our lives as husband and wife
16:11 as parents,
16:13 and as individuals, in our friendships,
16:16 in relationship with other people, in our work ethics
16:19 in every area, we have brought the Scriptures,
16:23 the Word of God to be the test for our life
16:26 for how we respond, - That's right!
16:27 our decisions.
16:29 Well, this is exciting,
16:31 but we need to take a break right now.
16:33 So stay with us and when we come back,
16:34 we're gonna talk about how we can build on this:
16:38 God's Word, a Sure Foundation!
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17:18 Welcome back! We're talking about the Sure Foundation.
17:23 God's Word, This is our Sure Foundation!
17:26 But as we were sharing a little earlier, in this program,
17:31 one of the difficulties is that
17:34 we're not in the Word like we should be!
17:38 We can say we believe in it!
17:39 But if we're not really in God's Word
17:41 if we're not taking time to really know God's Word,
17:47 we're not gonna be on a Sure Foundation.
17:49 Secondly many of us, as we said earlier,
17:52 we had quite a good knowledge of Gods Word
17:56 when we went into the marriage.
17:57 But if we're not making a practical application
18:00 of God's word,
18:01 if we're not bringing it in to the real life
18:04 if Christ not working in us, in these situations
18:08 then we're still not on a good foundation, because
18:11 just knowing God's Word, the Bible tells us
18:15 this Sure Foundation tells us that the Devils
18:19 believe and tremble, they know what God's Word says.
18:22 It's not enough!
18:24 We knew many things,
18:25 even in our marriage we knew many things
18:27 that the Bible said about it
18:29 and it was not having a practical change in our lives.
18:33 So, we've gotta not only get in to the Word of God
18:36 and begin to clean the principles
18:40 but we've got to surrender to these principles
18:42 and surrender to Christ, the Word that was made flesh.
18:45 And bring it in to our real marriage experience.
18:49 That's taking Psalm 119:105:
18:52 "Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet
18:54 and a light unto my path"
18:57 You know, we've used the Word of God as the foundation of
19:01 of all the presentations that we've had thus far
19:04 in this Marriage Heart to Heart series.
19:06 We've talked about the two should become one.
19:09 We've talked about Defining True Love, Developing Respect
19:13 and Cultivating Restraint,
19:16 Understanding our roles,
19:18 as husband and wife,
19:20 and Finding Forgiveness.
19:22 It was this Word that helped us to understand
19:25 where our problems were.
19:26 - That's right! - We couldn't even identify
19:28 where our weaknesses were,
19:30 what kept tripping us up until we started studying the Word
19:33 then we could identify: this is my weak area
19:35 - That's right! - That's my weak area.
19:36 Because we could see it exemplified,
19:38 or the Lord would bring it to us as we spent time there.
19:41 It was the revealer of truth.
19:44 And if the truth of our lives is that we're not
19:47 treating each other good, we can know it to sub degree here
19:50 but we don't understand it at the debt
19:53 that we need to do to solve the problem.
19:55 That's right!
19:56 And that's why, when we made that commitment
19:58 and we make it regularly. I mean it's not something,
20:00 every day we say: "Ok now today we're gonna make
20:02 a commitment, the Bible is our guide. "
20:04 Right!
20:05 But it's an understood commitment.
20:07 And our commitment is renewed daily
20:09 because it becomes what we study daily.
20:12 Amen!
20:13 And as we do, I've been just very challenge myself
20:16 in just the level of what the Bible has to say
20:20 about how we communicate one to another.
20:22 There's so much on communication!
20:25 And a lot of it revealed
20:26 some of our weaknesses in communication.
20:29 - Yes! It sure did! - And it showed us a better way
20:31 on how we can communicate better.
20:33 - That's right! - So in every aspect of life
20:36 the Bible has the principles that are there
20:39 that will help us to have a marriage that's heart to heart
20:42 and find the joy in being one with each other.
20:45 And being an "us" instead of two independent "me"'s
20:48 That's right!
20:49 I wanna talk about that commitment that we made.
20:52 And I wanna share how it worked practically because
20:56 if you remember, when we made that commitment
20:58 we agreed that instead of getting into some of those...
21:03 "- I'm right!" "You're wrong!"
21:05 "I'm gonna prove it to you!"
21:07 Instead of getting into that situation
21:09 and I give you my best argument
21:12 and you give me your best argument
21:13 we made an agreement
21:15 that we would share
21:18 our perspectives and if we couldn't agree
21:21 that we would go to the Sure Foundation.
21:24 And that we would prayerfully consider it.
21:26 I remember when we made that commitment too.
21:28 That was even a little while after we began to read here,
21:32 and we've started seeing the things that
21:35 we needed in ourselves.
21:36 But when we made that commitment that
21:38 we were not gonna argue about anything from this day forward.
21:41 We're gonna go to the Word and the Foundation
21:43 and find out what it has to say about these areas that
21:46 we don't see it and that we can't agree on.
21:48 We're not talking about: "Oh, I like blue and you like red
21:51 - That's right! - so who's right?"
21:52 We're talking about areas in our marriage,
21:55 areas in our parenting, areas in our personal lives,
21:58 that we have conflict in. - That's right!
22:01 There is an answer there! And that's the commitment we made.
22:04 That's right!
22:05 And you remember the first time
22:08 it wasn't long after we made that commitment,
22:09 that we got a chance to test it.
22:11 Yes! It wasn't long at all!
22:13 And I have to say, honey,
22:15 that I was very confident that my perspective was right so I
22:18 - Oh, I know!
22:19 I know, I could see it in your eyes and hearing in your tone.
22:23 And I was just as sure that this time I was gonna be right!
22:28 I was a bit smug in it because I knew:
22:30 "Ok, we're gonna go off,
22:31 and we're gonna do what we agreed here.
22:33 We're not gonna get in a fight over this. "
22:34 And that was refreshing wasn't it?
22:36 - Yes! It was! - It was encouraging!
22:37 "We're not gonna get into this!"
22:39 But I tell you, it was
22:41 it was quite eye opening. Because
22:44 we went looking, willing to find the real answer,
22:50 the principles that we needed.
22:52 I was sure I was right!
22:53 I was convinced and I knew she thought she was right!
22:57 I probably communicated that to you!
22:59 - Oh yes! - In my enthusiasm! Right?
23:02 "Ok! I'll go look!"
23:03 And you know, how Gracious the Lord is1
23:06 Because we were both wrong!
23:10 Isn't it incredible?
23:11 That we both been raised, you know, in Christian homes,
23:15 and we have much to be thankful for that.
23:17 That's right!
23:18 But God takes us wherever we are.
23:19 So if you haven't been raised in a Christian home
23:22 you have still every opportunity, anyone else does.
23:26 But we had that blessing! - That's right!
23:28 And we both, you know, - Thought we knew!
23:31 - Thought we knew what was right!
23:33 We both thought we knew how we could prove it,
23:35 from the Word, and we both found out we were wrong!
23:39 I think that was in the Lord's mercy.
23:41 - That was our first big test! - Yes!
23:43 Because probably neither one of us
23:46 would've done as well if one of us would've been
23:49 right on that!
23:51 So the Lord was good and we came back together and
23:54 and it's such a memorable experience because
23:56 it was the first time that we tested our commitment.
23:59 And one of the other things that we should mention here,
24:02 when we made this commitment,
24:04 is that when we went to the Word of God
24:06 I was really not going to prove my point!
24:09 This is very important! A lot of times
24:11 we can go to the Word of God
24:13 to try to prove our point! - That's right!
24:15 We went to the Word of God because
24:17 we wanted to find out what God had to say.
24:19 And so, that's the way we went! Not to prove our point
24:23 That was the only "qualifier" to this commitment.
24:27 We're not going to prove my point!
24:29 I'm going to find out what the Word has to say
24:31 about this topic,
24:32 about this subject. - That's right!
24:34 And it was that, you know,
24:36 that we saw: "Oh, I was wrong! And you were wrong!"
24:39 "We're both wrong!"
24:41 We've been already married several years
24:42 and had all three of our children to found out
24:44 we had no idea what the Bible really had to say about that!
24:47 That's right! And it has been a tremendous encouragement
24:50 to our young people.
24:52 They're not young anymore but
24:53 it's been a tremendous encouragement
24:55 to them as they've grown up,
24:56 since that commitment was made.
24:58 And they've seen the importance of not just taking
25:02 things the way "I feel"
25:04 or just "My perspective"
25:06 And I think that's another blessing in
25:08 that situation that we had that day.
25:11 Because we've learned from that
25:14 that we were wrong, many times in the baggage that we carry.
25:18 And that God has the real answer in His
25:21 Sure Foundation.
25:23 And as you were sharing that about the children,
25:24 the other part that really has been a blessing in our home
25:28 has been that our young people as children,
25:31 as teenagers, now as young adults
25:33 have seen their mother and father
25:36 go to the Word of God, - That's right!
25:37 and find out how to resolve these problems.
25:41 And when we've had challenges with them,
25:43 we've done the same thing.
25:45 - That's right! - And we've sat together
25:47 in the living room, the five of us.
25:50 And we've opened the Word of God and we've said:
25:52 "Ok! What does He have to say?!"
25:54 "And what sayeth my Lord concerning
25:55 this matter?" - Exactly!
25:57 Not just what sayeth mother and father!
25:58 Right!
25:59 So, that has been a blessing,
26:00 and I think that gives our young people
26:04 not that they go in the life with all the answers
26:06 but they go into life knowing how to find
26:09 - That's right! - the answer!
26:11 Well, why don't you give them the personal challenge?
26:15 We would like to encourage you
26:18 to agree that you will establish
26:22 your home on the foundation of God's Word!
26:25 That you don't argue and debate
26:27 and have to have your way.
26:29 But that you agree that if you disagree
26:33 you're gonna go to the Word of God
26:34 and you're gonna find out what He has to say.
26:36 And resolve your challenges that way,
26:38 because that's where we find
26:41 our greatest strength!
26:43 And this will only happen
26:45 as you are willing to surrender to Christ!
26:50 Because His Word cannot be leaved in our own strength.
26:55 If we're willing to go to His Word then we need
26:57 to be willing to go to Him
26:59 for all the answers and the perplexities.
27:01 Because He is the Solution!
27:04 And we need to turn to Him right now in prayer,
27:07 as we close.
27:08 Let's pray!
27:10 Father in Heaven we thank You that we can turn to You
27:13 that we can come to Your Word as the Foundation,
27:16 the Sure Foundation.
27:19 And that we can come to Christ
27:20 and as we surrender ourselves He will be
27:24 our Living Savior!
27:27 And that He can make our marriages
27:28 Marriages that are Heart to Heart with You!
27:31 And with the one another! In Jesus name Amen!
27:34 Amen!
27:36 And we hope you'll join us for our next program!
27:39 It's gonna be great! It's on the Prayers of Love.
27:43 Prayers that will change your marriage!
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28:28 Captioning and translations by Christian Media Services


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