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Finding Forgiveness

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00:34 Welcome to Marriage Heart to Heart
00:36 We are Tom & Alane Waters with Restoration International
00:41 And we hope you have your paper and pencil.
00:42 Today we're gonna be talking about Finding Forgiveness!
00:45 And we know that if you take notes
00:47 you remember more what you hear.
00:50 Well, there're two phrases.
00:52 They're simple phrases aren't they dear?
00:56 Simple phrases that are very often hard to say!
01:02 And I think our viewing audience since you gave the title there
01:06 might know what they are.
01:10 "I'm sorry!" and - "I forgive you!"
01:15 Those are pretty short, pretty easy to say, aren't they?
01:17 Sure, you teach a two year old to say that!
01:19 It's verbally(?) right!
01:21 Sure!
01:22 So, why do you think it's so hard
01:25 to say those two phrases?
01:27 What's the missing ingredient if it's hard?
01:30 You really don't feel like it!
01:32 Right!
01:34 When our self is crossed, when somebody has upset us
01:39 or somebody has done us wrong, has hurt us, whatever it is
01:43 without the Grace and Power of Jesus Christ we
01:47 really aren't capable of saying a real "I'm sorry!"
01:52 or "I forgive you!"
01:54 Oh, yes! And many of you if you're parents
01:58 you may find that you say to your child:
02:01 "What do you say?!"
02:04 And what do they say?
02:06 "I'm sorry!"
02:08 We don't want those rote memorized phrases because those
02:13 first of all they don't really come from the heart,
02:15 they could just become, you know, something:
02:17 "Well, I have to say this or do this!"
02:20 But I found in my own experience when I am struggling with
02:25 saying "I'm sorry!" or "I forgive you dear!"
02:30 When I'm struggling with that it's because I'm struggling with
02:34 truly being surrendered to Christ in that moment!
02:37 I'm holding on to the "me focus".
02:40 Or I wanna have, you know, my way!
02:42 Or I wanna the way it feels good to me or
02:45 the way I might think it's gonna feel good.
02:47 And that brings no happiness! - That's right!
02:50 And the lack of forgiveness in a marriage and the lack
02:54 of being able to say "I'm sorry, would you forgive me?!"
02:58 is destroying many couples.
03:00 - That's right! - Because, when you don't
03:02 tell me you're sorry then it's something that begins to build,
03:05 putting there those walls up between us again, those bricks
03:08 that we talked about earlier.
03:10 Putting bricks in those walls that put a barrier between us.
03:14 If I wanna tell you I'm sorry I need to be very clear
03:18 about what I'm sorry about!
03:20 And not put the blame:
03:22 "I'm sorry but if you hadn't have said that then I
03:24 wouldn't have responded that way!"
03:27 Because that's not a true "I'm sorry"! That's not
03:30 a true apologies, not a true confession and repentance
03:33 which the bible speaks of. It's just a superficial response
03:37 that is what we've learned to do to try to make ourselves
03:43 feel better, but we really don't have the inner peace.
03:45 We wanna find that inner peace in our own heart
03:47 and then that brings us to peace between us!
03:49 It's really an age-old problem, isn't it?
03:52 - It is! - I mean it goes way back!
03:54 In fact if you have your Bibles in Matthew the 18th chapter
03:59 in verse 21,
04:01 we hear a question coming from Peter, good old Peter
04:05 He was often like we are, he was pretty quit to share
04:09 what was on his mind and in this particular situation
04:13 Peter is already feeling pretty good, he says here:
04:17 "Lord, how oft shall my brother sin against me,
04:23 and I forgive him?
04:25 till seven times?"
04:28 Now, Peter is feeling pretty good about this because
04:30 he wants to show the Lord, this is Peter.
04:34 And maybe the others around him!
04:36 Yes maybe the other disciples that are around him.
04:38 He wants to show that he is going farther than
04:42 the traditions of the day.
04:44 Because the rabbis they said, you know, if somebody
04:48 need a forgiveness 3 times your duty was done!
04:53 Now Peter he's saying seven times
04:56 "is seven times enough Lord?"
04:59 And than we find Jesus answer, here in verse 22:
05:03 "Jesus saith unto him", and on to us today as well,
05:08 "I say not unto thee, Until seven times:
05:12 but, Until seventy times seven. "
05:15 That's a lot of times!
05:18 And you know, I don't think Jesus meant there that
05:22 we're ought to start keeping score.
05:24 You know, if there's a problem in the marriage that..
05:28 - I got my score-pad you got yours!
05:29 - That's right!
05:30 - For hundred ninety lines?
05:31 And while you just hit your 490 Jesus was trying to
05:36 teach us a lesson that He does not weary in forgiving us!
05:43 And He doesn't want us to keep score and be weary
05:46 in forgiving one another.
05:47 That's right! And this is very important in our marriages!
05:50 I remember, we had been married a few years, we had had
05:53 our first child by this time and we both
05:57 struggled with this area of really saying "I'm sorry!"
06:01 from the heart.
06:02 And really being willing to forgive each other.
06:06 And so, I remember this particular day: you were going
06:09 to take your students from X-ray, your X-ray students up to
06:14 Wisconsin to go skiing. Do you remember that?
06:16 Yes!
06:17 And you were the program director and every day,
06:21 each year I should say, you gave your students
06:24 Yes, we didn't get to do it every day!
06:25 That would've been nice right?
06:28 Each year you would take your students up there
06:30 to go skiing, to Wisconsin.
06:32 And the years before I had gone with you.
06:34 I take the day of at work and I would join you
06:36 and enjoy the day together being with you and your students
06:39 and just have a nice winter outing.
06:42 Well, when children come along your life changes!
06:45 And now e had a new born at home and you were on your way
06:48 and I was thinking about you all day long.
06:51 I was thinking: "Oh, I wander what slopes are going down" and
06:54 "I wonder what they're doing for lunch" and
06:56 all this kind f thoughts 'cause my heart was with you,
06:58 my thoughts were with you. And I was really enjoying
07:00 your day with you and you didn't even know it.
07:02 That's right!
07:04 So I was really looking forward to you coming home!
07:07 And I counting down those hours in the day till I knew
07:11 you were gonna be home.
07:13 And that time came and it went.
07:15 But you weren't home. And so, you know how our minds are
07:18 how my mind works anyway and I think this is true for everybody
07:22 When things don't go as planned, our mind creates
07:25 a whole new scenario of what has happened to cause the delay.
07:29 That's what my mind did that evening when you weren't home
07:31 when I anticipated you from the previous experience that we had,
07:35 I thought: "Oh, maybe they decided to do
07:38 one more run down the slopes and that could take
07:40 another extra hour by the time you get all the students
07:42 to go down the slopes!"
07:45 And that hour went by, and you still weren't home and
07:48 so I created another scenario: "Maybe they decided to stop
07:52 and get something to eat on the way home"
07:54 That was a good scenario.
07:55 That was a good scenario! Right?
07:57 I have to say I was learning, it was better than my old track!
08:00 Right? I was starting to learn to give the best construction.
08:04 But after another hour or more went by I started to feel
08:08 a bit anxiousness.
08:10 That anxiousness began to build,
08:12 so I started doing what most of us do as Christians at least
08:17 when we start to feel anxiety
08:19 and a little bit of fear we start to pray.
08:22 And that's what I did, I started to pray that the Lord would
08:25 bring you home safe.
08:26 And more time went by and you still weren't home.
08:30 Then something happened in my mind I started creating
08:32 other scenarios that weren't so good.
08:35 Other situations that could've happened: "Somebody got hurt"
08:39 "What if they were in an accident?"
08:41 So when these thoughts started floating my mind
08:45 Now your mind is working over-time.
08:49 I started to panic inside, and I started praying
08:53 you know pleading with God, begging God
08:56 that He would bring you home safe! And I made promises
08:58 like this: "Lord if You bring him home, I promise
09:01 I'll never be mean to him again!"
09:03 Sounds wonderful!
09:05 "If You bring him home Lord I promise I'll be kind to him
09:08 all the time! I really do love him Lord!"
09:12 Well, I still didn't come home!
09:14 And you still didn't come home! And finally, several hours
09:16 had gone by. I think at least four.
09:19 You even called the Police, I think, didn't you?
09:21 I did! I was so desperate, I called at the Police Department
09:24 of our local town, to see if there's been a report
09:26 of an accident. And the officer or the dispatcher said:
09:29 "Where would he had been?" I said:
09:31 "Somewhere between Wisconsin and Illinois"
09:33 And they laughed at me.
09:35 I realized how foolish that was!
09:36 But, you know, we don't think clearly in those
09:39 kind of situations. Well then I heard your car
09:41 coming down the alley.
09:43 And I knew it was our car! And I knew it was you coming home.
09:46 even though it was very late. And I was so excited
09:49 about you being home, I could hardly wait to open
09:51 the back door.
09:53 And see you come down the steps.
09:56 And then you came around the corner.
09:58 I didn't have any bandages on my head.
10:01 You came around the corner and down the steps
10:03 after you put the car in the garage.
10:05 And I said: "Honey I'm so glad you're home!"
10:09 And then you said: - And then I said:
10:12 "Where have you been?"
10:14 "Oh, we stopped to get pizza!"
10:16 "You did?"
10:18 "Yes!" "- Pizza?"
10:20 "Yes, we got pizza!"
10:22 "Four hours? It took you four hours to eat pizza?"
10:25 "Well, we got a lot of pizza!"
10:28 Then I asked you a question that it's very typical
10:31 for a wife to ask a husband:
10:33 "Why didn't you call me?"
10:36 And I answered unfortunately in maybe what's typical
10:40 for some of you husbands, at least it was typical for me
10:43 back then. It's not typical any more!
10:46 But I said:
10:49 "I didn't think about it!"
10:50 Yes! That's right!
10:55 Because everything started to change then!
10:57 Yes! All my joy and my love and my romance turned in..
11:01 All those confessions of "I'll never..., I'll trust him.
11:06 "I'll be kind to him the rest of my life Lord, I promise
11:08 Ill treat him nicely!"
11:10 Well, we lost all that in about 30 seconds.
11:13 Less than that I think!
11:14 Because you hurt my feelings! And as soon as that thought hit
11:18 and those feelings responded,
11:20 you know, you said: "I'm sorry! I mean I just didn't think of it
11:23 And I really was!
11:24 And you really were, but it wasn't good enough!
11:26 That's right! Not for all the agony that you'd gone through!
11:28 That's right! I had been four hours in misery!
11:31 And in my selfishness I wanted you to know I wasn't happy!
11:35 You we're gonna pay for that!
11:36 - You know? - That's right!
11:37 So when I'm sorry in that situation is not good enough!
11:41 It has to be a little bit of penitence.
11:43 A little bit of... - That's right!
11:46 That's our human understanding, and that's why
11:48 we had conflict, right? - That's right!
11:49 So I left and I went to bed and I had what I term a "cold war"
11:53 I began the "cold war": "Now I'm just not gonna talk to you!"
11:57 Yes!
11:58 And it caused conflict! It caused hurt! It caused pain!
12:01 It took a small little thing, you know, a misunderstanding
12:04 or a mess-up if you wanna say that!
12:08 And it turned it into a big situation.
12:12 So, what do we do in those situations? I mean
12:16 what happened? Why couldn't you forgive me?
12:19 Because it wasn't in my heart!
12:22 And that's why we have to have God working in our hearts.
12:24 That's right!
12:26 Jesus says: "Father forgive them for they know not what they do"
12:30 And this is the Spirit of forgiveness that we need
12:32 to come to understand in our marriages!
12:34 That's right! That's Luke 23:34:
12:39 "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do"
12:43 You know, many times this is the true Spirit of forgiveness
12:46 because many times like that day when I came home
12:50 from the ski trip, I had a great day!
12:53 Until you got home with your wife!
12:54 I had a great time!
12:56 And when I found out what I had caused you
13:00 I was sorry! - And you really were!
13:01 I was! I was sorry!
13:03 - But... - But the problem wasn't you!
13:06 The problem was me!
13:07 So I really wasn't sorry enough.
13:10 Right? Or I wasn't sorry the right way?
13:13 The way my selfishness wanted it!
13:15 Yes! And that is what I wanna talk about for a moment.
13:17 with the viewing audience because
13:19 what happens here is that first of all
13:23 the forgiveness isn't coming from God in that situation!
13:27 My wife said: "I forgive you!"
13:29 But there was no real forgiveness.
13:32 And the forgiveness was only gonna come to her
13:36 if I did the right kind of penitence or I showed that
13:40 I was really sorry enough!
13:42 And this wasn't just something that you experienced.
13:45 Now, we use this illustration but I struggle with this too!
13:49 - I think most people do! - There were many times!
13:52 I think so, and many times that I would try to say:
13:55 You know, you'd come to me and say that you were sorry.
13:59 And I'd say: "Well, what are you sorry for?"
14:03 And you would share with me some aspect of what it taken place.
14:08 - And.. - You would say: "That's
14:09 not what I want you to be sorry for!"
14:11 Yes! That's not what I wanted you to be sorry for!
14:13 You need to be sorry for this!
14:16 And that's not the forgiveness that Jesus is talking about here
14:20 Jesus said: "Father forgive them for they know not what they do!"
14:26 And that Spirit of forgiveness can only come from Christ!
14:30 You know?
14:31 That we've said these things throughout these series,
14:36 that everything that's going to make the difference in
14:39 our marriage really comes from the Giver of life and marriage.
14:44 It's gonna come from Christ!
14:46 And we need to talk about how we get beyond this.
14:50 And so, we're gonna take a break right now but
14:52 stay with us! Because when we come back from the break
14:55 we're gonna talk about how we can have this kind of
14:59 forgiveness and how it works in practical, day-to-day life in
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15:40 Welcome back! Where we've been talking about
15:42 Finding Forgiveness
15:45 Honey I think you were getting ready to share something
15:47 before went into the break.
15:50 We found that the lack of real forgiveness
15:52 in our marriage was destroying us!
15:54 - That's right! - And I think it destroys
15:56 many couples from the inside out!
15:58 Because when we harbor a lack of forgiveness
16:01 or we won't offer that forgiveness,
16:03 we find bitterness start to grow in the heart.
16:07 And that is deadly to any relationship!
16:10 And so, we have to understand how to find forgiveness.
16:13 And how to be truly sorry, the way the Scripture talks about.
16:17 And I, as you and I went back and began to look because
16:21 we saw the weakness in our marriage.
16:22 We identified it as a problem as we went back
16:25 in Scripture and began to study what is true confession
16:29 and repentance and forgiveness.
16:30 We began to see a new dimension that we had not
16:33 experience before. That means I need to be specific
16:36 in what I'm sorry for: "I'm sorry that I spoke
16:38 those words to you! Will you forgive me?"
16:41 And then I don't put on any "ands" or "buts" or "ifs"
16:45 or "ors" on there. I simply state my problem,
16:49 what I have done that was wrong and ask to be forgiven.
16:52 That's my part in it! Your part would be to truly
16:56 offer me that forgiveness!
16:58 Well, there's no barriers there!
17:00 That you grant me that forgiveness.
17:04 And when you tell me: "Honey I'm sorry" you know
17:06 "that I said that!", "I'm sorry I did that!"
17:07 or "I'm sorry I left the trash" or whatever it may be
17:10 I can be free to forgive you the same way Christ forgives us.
17:13 True freedom in forgiveness!
17:16 It will strengthen our marriage!
17:17 And it creates an environment that's safe
17:21 - Yes! - To be in the marriage!
17:23 That there is forgiveness, you know
17:25 that's what real Christianity is about!
17:27 Because when we come to Christ we have the assurance
17:31 that if we're willing to confess our sins He is faithful,
17:34 he will always be faithful to us,
17:36 to forgive us and unclamps us from that sin so we can
17:40 move on! - That's right!
17:41 We need that environment. We need a safe environment.
17:43 But what about the people?
17:45 The people that keep doing the same thing over and over
17:50 and over again?!
17:51 Well, the Bible has something to say about that too!
17:53 That's right!
17:54 And I think we need to read that right now:
17:57 Jesus said this in Luke 17 versus 3 and 4; it says:
18:01 "if he trespass against thee seven times in a day"
18:05 Now we're talking about one day here.
18:07 "seven times in a day, and seven times in a day turn
18:11 again, saying, I repent"
18:15 - That means "I'm sorry!"
18:17 Yes!
18:18 - "Would you forgive me?"
18:19 - Isn't that what it means? - "Seven times "
18:21 - In the same day? For the same problem?
18:24 And here's what Jesus says: " thou shalt forgive him"
18:29 It's not my words!
18:30 That's what Jesus is encouraging us to do!
18:33 Not only He is encouraging us to do that but He's giving us
18:36 the Grace to do it!
18:38 - That's His Spirit of forgiveness.
18:40 I mean think at how many times a day
18:42 He needs to forgive us!
18:43 That's right!
18:44 I'm so glad that He doesn't worrying of forgiving me.
18:46 But I wanna bring on something today that's very important
18:52 and that is that true forgiveness does not mean
18:56 that we just continue to unable this sin, ok?
19:01 And I wanna share with you, the listening, viewing audience
19:04 a situation that happened. I got a phone call from a man
19:08 and he was complaining
19:11 and upset because he's wife just would not let him
19:15 out of his old mold.
19:18 "Just keeps holding me in the past. She just won't let it go!"
19:21 "And I am so tired of it!" And he was looking to me
19:25 Ok? - For sympathy probably.
19:26 - To give him some sympathy.
19:28 And as I listened, and you know I always pray
19:32 in these conversations.
19:34 And as I was praying the Lord brought this thought to me:
19:37 just to ask him this simple question:
19:40 "Is this only in the past or is this really what you continue to
19:44 live in your marriage today?"
19:46 Well, there was kind of an awkward pause
19:48 and he began to express that he as in reality he was
19:53 he was still living it.
19:55 Well, we end up getting the wife on the phone too
19:58 and she said: "I have forgiven my husband! I love my husband"
20:02 "I want our marriage to work but I cannot allow him to keep
20:06 abusing me physically and abusing the children!"
20:10 So, is there a place where true forgiveness
20:14 God given forgiveness can take place?! And yet we cannot
20:18 tolerate the abuse.
20:20 Absolutely! There has to be a line that's strong there!
20:24 And that's what happened in this situation.
20:27 I tell you, in the counseling that we do we rarely want to
20:31 deal with a separation experience but there
20:34 is a place for proper separation.
20:38 And that separation is a separation that's designed
20:42 to bring restoration.
20:44 And as I talked to this couple,
20:46 we came to the place in the conversation where I agreed
20:50 that this lady did have the Spirit of forgiveness,
20:53 she was loving her husband but she could not go on
20:56 with the physical abuse that was taking place!
20:59 And I continued to counsel this couple over the next few weeks
21:03 and months.
21:04 The good news is that that husband
21:08 in one of our later phone calls said: "This was
21:11 the very thing that I needed to restore my marriage"
21:14 He said: "My wife did have a Spirit of forgiveness!
21:18 She did love me! She loved me enough to draw a line
21:22 on this abuse in the home!"
21:24 And it was beautiful to see that couple come back together.
21:28 and were to meet that couple today and their family you
21:31 would not know that there had ever been abuse!
21:35 You would not know that there had ever been a separation!
21:38 In this case the forgiveness that God put in the wife's heart
21:43 and the true love, that was there for her,
21:45 restored that marriage and they're a beautiful family today
21:48 I know!
21:49 So the point is: there is a place for forgiving seven times.
21:55 But not necessarily a place for continuing to unable
21:59 this abuse that's going on.
22:00 That's right!
22:02 So we have to know what God is asking us to do.
22:05 We have to understand He's will for our situation.
22:08 And look for ways to restore it. If I have a spirit of love
22:12 toward you that I wanna restore I'm not gonna
22:13 keep bringing up your past. - That's right!
22:15 If you make the mistake today, it's a present mistake.
22:18 Even if it's something you did yesterday or the day before.
22:22 And as I respond to you with true forgiveness
22:25 it encourages you to start treating me different.
22:28 That's right!
22:29 And so there is a need for a boundary there,
22:32 when there's those types of abuses. But many people
22:37 bail out of marriages because of emotional abuse.
22:40 That's right!
22:41 And other types, and it becomes very subjective.
22:43 "What is it? Is it because you hurt my feelings?"
22:46 "And therefore you're abusive to me?!"
22:48 Because that gets very difficult to understand.
22:51 And what we need to do is challenge ourselves
22:53 to understand that Spirit of forgiveness and be the first
22:57 to say: "I'm sorry!"
22:58 in a situation where there's conflict,
23:00 - That's right! - be the first to take
23:02 responsibility, even if my part's only 5% of the problem.
23:05 As I see it, be the first one to say "Honey, I'm sorry!"
23:09 So is there a place
23:11 for forgiveness? Or maybe I can ask you this question:
23:14 Is there anything that's too hard
23:16 for God to give us forgiveness in?
23:19 What if a husband it's unfaithful to the marriage vows?
23:23 And the wife has Biblical grounds.
23:25 Is there still a possibility if that wife loves her husband,
23:28 that there is forgiveness available?
23:30 Absolutely!
23:31 Because God offers that forgiveness!
23:34 And there's no sin too grave that He can't forgive!
23:37 And so when we accept that love and in fact we know more
23:41 than a few couples who had this experience.
23:43 And the wives, particularly they're the ones who've been
23:45 the one, you know, cheated on, so we say.
23:49 They have found that Grace, that love from God
23:52 to come through their heart to their husband.
23:55 - I know. - That really forgave
23:57 their husband.
23:58 And they looked for ways to honor him, even in his
24:04 unhonorable choices, shall I say.
24:07 And they have helped to restore that marriage through their
24:09 through their love, and through their forgiveness as genuine.
24:12 They don't live in the past! They don't rehearse the past!
24:15 They don't hold the husband in the past!
24:17 They say "I forgive you!" And they do what can
24:20 to restore the marriage.
24:21 And it's a beautiful situation to see those marriages healed.
24:25 Because in reality, he really does love his wife!
24:28 That's right! And I remember one of those couples that
24:31 we worked with.
24:33 That everyone was telling her: "This guy is good for nothing!"
24:39 - "Get rid of him!" - "He'll never change!"
24:40 That's right! "Get rid of him!"
24:42 And she was getting nothing but this kind of encouragement
24:46 in that direction.
24:47 And, I know that the day she called you and talked to you
24:52 you were the first person
24:54 that gave her encouragement in the other direction.
24:56 Do you remember what you told her that day?
24:59 I said:"If you want to love your husband, God can give you"
25:02 that Spirit of forgiveness!"
25:03 That's right!
25:04 "And God will put the deeper love in your heart for him,
25:07 the way God loves us!"
25:08 "And God working in your heart can brake your husbands heart,
25:12 and restore him!"
25:13 And he was restored! And she was, you know,
25:16 their family has healed.
25:17 - I know! - And it is such a joy to see
25:19 their family! I mean they're a whole family!
25:22 - That's beautiful! - And he loves his wife!
25:24 And she loves him! And there's nothing between them!
25:27 And it was beautiful to hear him
25:29 describe how he saw the forgiveness!
25:33 And what it did, the deep forgiveness,
25:36 that she gave to him.
25:38 And how she found that forgiveness in Christ.
25:40 Because as he described that situation
25:44 and what it did to brake his heart,
25:47 we saw a husband and wife
25:49 restored!
25:51 We saw the power of Grace, you know,
25:54 our listening audience needs to know that, that same
25:56 miracle working power is available for you today!
26:00 Not just for these people we've seen in the past! And not just
26:02 for the people in the Old Testament that had their eyes
26:06 you know, the sight restored and they walked again and
26:09 the leprous were healed.
26:11 This is a real today Message of Salvation!
26:16 The miracles are possible today!
26:19 And in closing
26:20 we should give them a little personal challenge,
26:23 that if there's anything today between you and the one
26:27 that you have given your life pledged your life to be with,
26:30 your wife, your husband. If there's anything there
26:33 that's come to your mind, if there's unforgiveness
26:35 unresolved conflict, there are things there
26:38 we wanna say that God can give you that forgiveness!
26:42 God can give you that ability to say "I'm sorry!"
26:45 God can help you begin to communicate again.
26:48 And it's only as we're willing
26:51 to turn to God that we will find that.
26:54 And I think it would be nice if you closed us in prayer,
26:57 as we turn there at the end of this time together.
27:03 Father we do thank You for Your word and
27:05 for it teaches us about how forgiveness really works.
27:08 And I just pray that in each of our hearts we will desire
27:11 to experience Your forgiveness for our problems,
27:15 and your forgiveness working through us,
27:17 to others, toward others Lord, that we can have
27:20 true peace and happiness and harmony
27:22 in our homes and in our marriages. In Jesus name Amen!
27:26 Amen!
27:28 Next time we get together we're going to be talking about
27:31 the Grave for faults
27:34 Don't miss this one!
27:36 Because it's going to help us in dealing with this forgiveness.
27:41 You can have a Marriage Heart to Heart!
27:44 God bless you!
28:25 Captions and subtitles by Christian Media Services


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