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00:01 What is a flexitarian?
00:04 If you'd like to know more, please stand by.
00:37 Hello, and welcome back to "Let's cook."
00:41 We're the "Riedesels."
00:43 I am Jeff, this is my bride Nancy.
00:45 And we're going to discuss "Flexitarian."
00:48 A term I've just recently learned about
00:50 and Nancy will describe in more detail.
00:53 I was afraid you'd say that.
00:54 Flexitarian is just a term that we've learnt to use
00:58 as people are wanting to become
01:02 more adapting to a healthier way of life.
01:04 Or flexible. Flexible.
01:06 In their eating experience,
01:07 so they don't want to do all meat,
01:09 they want to do a vegetarian one day, meat one day,
01:12 then they need to have an alternative.
01:14 And some people don't know what to use for alternatives.
01:17 I mean, we have people all around the world
01:19 that are looking to find a healthier way of life.
01:21 And they need an alternative to the meat eating diet.
01:24 That makes sense.
01:26 Well, we know that meat eating,
01:27 basically is not a healthy way of living,
01:29 so we're going to show some alternatives
01:32 to the meat eating diet by using soy alternatives. Okay.
01:37 Well, what we've done today
01:38 is to take five or six standard American recipes,
01:42 such as "spaghetti and meat balls",
01:45 "hamburger meat loaf", "chicken and rice",
01:49 "chicken salads," things like that
01:51 and we are converting them to a healthier,
01:56 non-meat style of a dish.
01:59 And so to start off, let's go ahead
02:00 and do our Spaghetti and meat balls. Okay.
02:03 Well, let's see what we're gonna put
02:04 in the "spaghetti meat balls."
02:06 Well, we will read the recipe on the screen.
02:22 Okay, let's get started
02:24 we're gonna use a product called "Grillnz."
02:26 And that's an interesting name.
02:28 This is a product, you want to tell us about that?
02:31 Grilinz is something we found about a year ago.
02:34 And it's a dehydrated burger type mix.
02:37 And I am sure there are many on the market,
02:40 but the thing I like about this,
02:41 this is so simple and these spices,
02:44 the flavorings are already in it.
02:45 It's a soya product, right? It's definitely, soya.
02:47 And it's all dry, so it's very inexpensive,
02:49 easy to use, all you just add water?
02:51 Well, we're gonna show exactly, how easy to use. Okay.
02:54 One part of mix to one part of water.
02:58 And that's cool water. Cool water.
03:00 And the reason why we're doing cool water is...
03:03 Because warm water it doesn't stick together well.
03:05 Okay, it just seems to go together--
03:08 go together, better with cool water.
03:11 And we'll just let that sit for 10 minutes. Okay.
03:13 And you've already got some here
03:14 that you have let it soaked.
03:16 We have some that we have let it soaked, already.
03:18 And we're gonna make meat ball,
03:20 now lot of people are wondering how to make meat balls,
03:24 if you're used to having
03:25 the regular spaghetti and meat balls.
03:27 This is so simple.
03:29 It goes together well it holds together,
03:32 it's a great product, put out by "Dressler foods."
03:36 I am not sure, if anybody wants to know
03:39 where they can get it from they can contact us. Contact us.
03:42 But if you see them,
03:43 the meat balls roll really nicely
03:46 and they all hold themselves together.
03:49 We're gonna use this product to make the meat loaf
03:51 and some all American burgers. Burgers.
03:54 So we're gonna have a lot of fun with that.
03:56 But if you see, that's going together very nicely,
03:59 you know this is a good protein dish as well as low fat.
04:03 You can either fry this or bake it.
04:05 Yes. And we prefer to bake it.
04:06 We're gonna bake these meat balls.
04:11 Now after we bake them,
04:12 we're gonna put them into our magic oven and bring them out
04:15 and we're gonna make some spaghetti.
04:17 Now you can use any kind of spaghetti that you want,
04:20 we have today chosen to use the colorful vegetable spaghetti
04:25 and I have some over here in the pot
04:27 while you are making these meat balls.
04:28 I'm gonna stir our spaghetti sauce.
04:30 You can use any kind of spaghetti sauce that you want.
04:33 We can use homemade spaghetti sauce,
04:36 which is what we prefer whenever we make it
04:38 or if you don't have homemade spaghetti sauce,
04:40 if you don't have time to get
04:41 a good healthier version of store bought spaghetti sauce.
04:45 So we've got that ready.
04:46 It's hot, we've got our noodles are ready.
04:49 We've got these colored noodles
04:51 and we're gonna put them in the plate in our bowl.
04:56 And with that we've got some meat balls already made up.
05:04 And since, you were the one
05:05 that always love spaghetti and meat balls,
05:07 you can ready ahead and fix them together.
05:15 Well, those look like real meat balls.
05:19 Okay, this just goes right over the top.
05:26 Wow, that really looks good.
05:29 Put it all over there. You want it all of it done.
05:31 All of it-- Okay.
05:35 And a slight toss.
05:40 Serve this with a salad and a little French bread.
05:45 And for anyone not knowing--
05:46 We're back in the old Italy. Yeah.
05:47 Anyone not knowing that this is not really meat,
05:50 it tastes for all the world like a real meatless meat ball.
05:56 It's very nice. Okay.
05:58 we're gonna show later, how to set that up with a salad.
06:01 Okay, let's get ready to do our second recipe.
06:03 We've got a lot of recipes to show you today,
06:04 so we're gonna try to get through them really quick.
06:06 Next recipe, coming up is the "All-American Burger."
06:22 And from there we're gonna make a great burger.
06:27 Okay, let's make a burger. Let's make a burger.
06:29 All right, we've got the mix here,
06:32 that is already hydrated.
06:34 And notice how easy
06:35 that it holds together, and is really cool.
06:37 You know what it's in there that makes do that is a flax seed.
06:40 Oh, okay.
06:41 Which is a very beneficial thing anyway?
06:43 So it's high in Omega-3 too then, low calorie,
06:45 low carbs, good protein, lots of fiber.
06:49 All right, we'll pop that in there. Okay.
06:52 And this only takes about 10 minutes,
06:54 if you want to fry it, or you can put it in the oven
06:56 and then you can bake them, right?
06:58 So it's a very flexible recipe.
07:00 We've got one that we've just finished,
07:03 so we're gonna take that out while this one's frying
07:06 and we're gonna put this in the burger
07:11 and you can put on the bun, of course anything you want,
07:13 such as some Vegan Mayo
07:15 and some ketchup, and whatever.
07:18 And we're gonna do some lettuce.
07:20 We'll put that under here.
07:22 And just cutting out some onion, I mean some tomatoes.
07:26 Yeah, these are tomatoes.
07:28 And I'm gonna put on the onion-- and those are tomatoes.
07:29 And some people really like black olives on there,
07:33 so I'm gonna put some black olives on the sandwich
07:36 and just gonna put some onion slices.
07:39 These are tomatoes. Tomatoes, that's right.
07:41 These are onions. Okay, good.
07:43 But the color is so beautiful. That's good.
07:44 And this is what we want to do,
07:46 is to make beautifully colored food.
07:47 So that will go on like that.
07:49 And we have a lovely-- All-American burger.
07:52 Vegan All-American burger. I'd love it.
07:54 Okay, let's go to the next recipe.
07:56 We've got another one to do here
07:58 and it's gonna be really tasty using the same product.
08:01 This is gonna be our "Meat Loaf."
08:31 Okay, let's go and make a meat Loaf real quick.
08:33 So this is really just a dump and pour in that.
08:35 Basically, you've already soaked the grillnz
08:37 with the cold water-- will add the meat in first.
08:40 It holds together so nice,
08:42 that's one reason why this product is such a favorite
08:45 and you can put anything in it, that you would normally put.
08:48 And I'm gonna fix it the way my mom used to fix. Okay.
08:51 She did the bread crumbs and she did all the other stuff
08:53 so we're gonna do, one of the way mom did it. Okay.
08:58 She put a lot of onions in,
09:00 because she was a believer in onions.
09:02 And for those of you who don't care onions, leave it now.
09:06 She put in some diced mushrooms.
09:08 And portabella mushrooms
09:10 make a really nice flavor to when you do this.
09:14 Another thing nice about this product is,
09:15 that it is inexpensive, it's easy to use,
09:18 it's dry product so you can use it anywhere,
09:21 take it with you camping.
09:23 She also use tomato paste.
09:26 Sometimes sauce, sometimes paste
09:28 I don't know what the differences were. Okay.
09:32 And she also used a lot of
09:34 different colored peppers. Colored peppers.
09:36 Now the colored peppers are so good
09:38 because they have more flavor in them.
09:40 And green, the green peppers are not easy to digest
09:43 which is why we don't use them.
09:45 We like the enzymes, the vitamins
09:47 and the sweetness of those colored peppers.
09:50 And plus it makes a pretty good dish. Yeah.
09:53 So, mix that all up with a little bit of oil.
09:55 Little bit of oil and then
09:56 finally she put bread crumbs in it.
09:58 And I guess that made it expand.
10:00 Yeah. We have large family.
10:01 And the oil can be left out, because the product itself,
10:05 the grillnz is a low fat oil.
10:07 She never did this because her bowls where bigger.
10:12 Why did you put the oil in?
10:14 To hold it together little more, because I've put breadcrumbs
10:16 and I'm gonna add a little bit of water.
10:18 And then I am going to do it my mom always did.
10:20 After she washed her hands, she mixed it all by hand.
10:24 Another reason you did it with the oil too,
10:26 is because people generally that eat meat
10:29 are used to an oily flavor.
10:31 And so this is an alternative, this is an option
10:34 to add the little bit of extra oil to it
10:37 if you want a low-fat dish, leave the oil out.
10:40 Remind me to get a larger bowl next time when we do this.
10:45 This really does make a wonderful meatloaf.
10:47 Once you get it all mixed up,
10:49 then it just goes into a loaf pan
10:50 and that goes into the oven and bakes for 45 minutes.
10:54 Did I tell you that I went to the culinary school
10:56 to learn how to do this?
10:58 By the way, you did go to a culinary school.
11:01 But I didn't learn how to do this.
11:02 Many people don't realize that you did go to a culinary school
11:06 and it was not for meat eating though,
11:09 it was basically for vegan cooking.
11:10 It was a vegan culinary school.
11:12 So this is a good alternative though
11:15 and that looks like it's mixed up.
11:16 Normally at home, we would mix it up more
11:18 and but for the sake of time
11:21 since we have so much we want to show you,
11:22 we've already got one prepared
11:24 and we're gonna show you that at the end of the show.
11:27 But this will go in and set nice and it does expand.
11:31 This is another nice thing about this product it will expand
11:34 and not shrink, like a lot of vegetarian products.
11:38 So once it's formed in there and it will come out
11:43 and we'll put it on top of the plate
11:45 after you get your hands cleaned.
11:46 This is totally embarrassing.
11:51 But you know what?
11:53 This is what's so exciting about working on camera,
11:56 because nothing's ever perfect, is it?
11:58 No, it isn't.
11:59 And it's fun, because we want you to see,
12:01 how you can work in your own kitchen.
12:02 I'll clean up if you put that in the oven.
12:04 I will be glad to put this in the oven.
12:06 And prepare for the next recipe.
12:07 Okay, let's go ahead and the read the instructions
12:09 on the next recipes.
12:11 Next thing we're gonna do is "Chicky Chunks 'n Rice."
12:42 Okay, this is a fun recipe.
12:43 We've done this at many camp meetings this year.
12:46 And we're gonna use a product called 'Soy Add-ums."
12:50 Now you want to explain what Soy Add-ums is?
12:52 Soy Add-ums is very simple.
12:53 It's basically a dehydrated soy flour,
12:57 so further it's made soy flour out of the soy beans
12:59 and then they added water to it again I guess.
13:03 So it's extruded.
13:05 And then extruded it through a process
13:07 and then it's just is variegated chunks,
13:10 they have no flavor, no basic color of their own, no spices.
13:14 This is a product that you can flavor
13:18 to anything you wanted to taste them.
13:20 It's something like tofu it'll take on any flavor
13:21 that you give it.
13:23 Because, it's a soy product. And because it's--
13:24 And so it's high in protein, relatively low--
13:25 actually this is a defatted product so it's very low in fat.
13:29 And there's no salt in it, there's no sugar,
13:31 there's no colorings or flavorings
13:33 so you add your own.
13:34 So what we're gonna do with this Soy Add-ums
13:37 and if you don't know where to get Soy Add-ums
13:39 you can contact us,
13:41 we'll be happy to tell you where that is.
13:42 So what you're doing now?
13:43 Well, I am gonna put a little bit of olive oil in the pan,
13:46 and the garlic, and the onion, and get those simmering.
13:51 For those of you that don't like the onion and the garlic,
13:53 but even now, you don't have to.
13:55 And for the sake of time we have already--
13:59 Why don't you put the cover on that so you can talk over that.
14:02 I can't hear you. Okay.
14:04 You have already made up the rice.
14:06 Is that correct? Yes.
14:07 And your rice is yellow? Yes.
14:09 Okay, and why is it yellow?
14:11 I put in saffron that we've got over in Israel
14:15 about six or seven years ago.
14:17 Okay, if you don't have saffron, you can use turmeric.
14:19 Okay, and that's what we've done here.
14:21 And we've got some peppers to go in, let's do that.
14:25 Get this one-- smell that.
14:26 And then we've also taken the Soy Add-ums in dry form.
14:30 We have soaked it in a flavored broth,
14:32 this is a chicken flavored broth
14:34 and we've used Bill's best Chik'nish in this one
14:36 which you could use any type of a chicken type of broth,
14:40 vegetarian chicken broth.
14:42 This we enjoyed the summer because,
14:44 I am from the south basically.
14:45 Yes you are, definitely.
14:47 And southerners just love chicken and rice.
14:49 And so we are doing a vegetarian for the flexitarians.
14:53 That's right. That want to do an alternative.
14:57 Once you set all the rest of this.
14:58 Okay, that will go all the way in.
15:00 You have this one. Okay.
15:01 I'm not getting my hands in another bowl.
15:04 Okay, I'll be happy to do this.
15:05 That's fine. Let's put the rice in.
15:08 Okay, and then it's just dump and pour after the rice is done,
15:11 so you can use left over rice,
15:16 if you want or you can have some fresh rice
15:18 and also we have done this to where it's a one-pan dish.
15:23 You can just put the water, the rice, the chicky-chunks,
15:26 the veggies all together in one pan
15:29 and just let it bake or cook in like a fry pan.
15:35 So this works really well as a one-dish meal.
15:39 And then you serve this with a salad
15:41 or with some other vegetables
15:43 and it really makes for a nice dish.
15:45 Let's just let that simmer for a little bit.
15:46 We're done, that look great.
15:47 It's wonderful. Colorful.
15:49 Okay, we'll just simmer that down
15:51 and then we'll go right into our next recipe.
15:54 This is fun. We're having a good time.
15:55 Yes, we are. What do we have coming up next?
15:56 Next recipe, it's going to be on the screen.
15:59 And we're going to do a "Bar-B-Que Beaf" like product.
16:02 This is also using the Soy Add-ums.
16:25 Okay, this is one of your favorite dishes that you've made
16:28 and it's been the most popular of any of the dishes
16:31 that we've used with the Soy Add-ums.
16:32 We have to understand I'm a southern boy at heart
16:34 and also by birth and so barbeque is something
16:37 that we've had forever in our family.
16:40 Of course, it was usually pork or chicken or beef barbeque.
16:44 And so this is-- I tell you what?
16:45 This is realistic enough as far as my taste buds are concerned
16:48 to bring me right back home.
16:52 Okay, now you've already soaked the Soy Add-ums and--
16:55 What we did here, we took the dry product like that,
16:59 and of course we soaked it in a beef like broth,
17:01 and we didn't have an actual beef flavoring
17:04 so we've made our own.
17:05 We used a little bit of Bragg's liquid Aminos,
17:07 which has kind of a beefy flavor.
17:08 And I used cardamom, coriander, cumin, garlic and onion powder.
17:15 We kind of made our own.
17:17 We marinated it for 10 or 15 minutes.
17:20 It has changed color now quite a bit and now it's chewy,
17:25 just like meat and it has a texture of meat.
17:26 And that's the nice thing about the Soy Add-ums,
17:28 it does have that soft chewy texture of meat
17:30 for the flexitarians people
17:32 that want to have something different
17:33 besides their meat dish.
17:35 People have asked us many times
17:36 in our different schools some things,
17:38 "Why do we try to make things, taste them look like meat?"
17:42 Well, why I do is because I came from a family of meat eaters,
17:46 most of my life, for 45 years I was a meat eater.
17:49 Add so I still frankly miss some of the textures.
17:53 And that's why-- and also for people
17:54 that are trying to make a bridge.
17:57 And that's what we are teaching is this bridge
18:00 and the bridge comes from crossing over
18:05 from the standard American diet to God's ultimate diet.
18:07 What did you just put it in?
18:09 I just put it in some of your famous barbeque sauce.
18:11 Now, we have a recipe for our famous
18:14 barbeque sauce in our cook book,
18:16 and we did not put it on the screen today,
18:18 because there is not just not enough time to do everything,
18:21 so for those of you that are wanting a barbeque sauce,
18:24 a really good one.
18:26 Contact us, and we'll be happy to get that recipe for you.
18:28 But what we did here, we just took a relatively
18:31 healthy commercial barbeque sauce
18:33 and added onions, and peppers, and some mushrooms to it.
18:38 And simmered it for an hour or two.
18:42 So you can use any kind of barbeque sauce
18:43 that you want and just let that go.
18:45 Boy, is that ever good, you can put it over rice or a bun.
18:48 I prefer to put it over a bun and just get sloppy with it.
18:52 All right, we've got one more recipe to do
18:54 and this is gonna be a cold dish.
18:57 Right, because this product is,
18:58 this Soy Add-ums product dos not have to be cooked.
19:02 It is virtually cooked in the processing.
19:05 So we're gonna do another dish that was a fun dish to make.
19:09 And this one is called our "Add-um's Chicky Salad."
19:38 Okay, this is a really super simple, easy,
19:41 quick recipe using the Soy Add-ums.
19:44 We're gonna use the food processor this time,
19:45 because--of course, like normal we took the dry chunks,
19:49 and we marinated and we soaked
19:50 them in the broth of chicken flavor,
19:52 like we did for the other chicken--chicken rice.
19:55 There's several different chicken's flavorings
19:57 and seasonings--
19:58 And you can make your own, you can buy a commercial one.
20:01 There's a lot of things in the market.
20:03 So this is what our finished product looks like.
20:04 Now, those chunks are kind of big for chicken salad so,
20:08 what I am gonna do and what we've learned
20:10 is kind of a neat little trick.
20:12 we gonna put 'em, it's one other step
20:13 that we gonna put 'em in the food processor.
20:15 Not necessary, but you can do that.
20:17 Now you can have it large chunks, it's fine.
20:19 Or you can chop it up in a chopper too,
20:21 if you don't have a food processor.
20:23 But we just happen to have a food processor.
20:25 Makes it quicker and easier.
20:26 And then we're gonna add all the other things.
20:27 What is this here?
20:29 Now, that's a chicken style seasoning
20:30 which you've already used.
20:32 Oh, I'm glad I didn't put that in there.
20:33 Okay, these obviously are onions diced up.
20:35 Which are optional for those that don't like onions.
20:37 The celery is what really helps to make it
20:40 flavor of the chicken salad.
20:42 Celery also has a high sodium content.
20:44 Now this is a like prawns pickle,
20:48 it's like a lemon flavored pickle.
20:49 Right, I'm not using any vinegar.
20:53 Okay, and then we're going to put
20:54 a little bit of vegenaise in.
20:56 Now the vegenaise is a non-animal product mayonnaise.
21:01 It's no eggs in there and it is a very tasty mayonnaise.
21:06 You don't need much, just enough to get it going.
21:10 I will put the top and you don't have to back off.
21:12 I'm just wondering what you're gonna do.
21:13 I saw you move.
21:15 Never know about you in the kitchen.
21:17 Well, you see, I didn't take the safety's off,
21:19 so this will not work.
21:21 Then we're just gonna pulse it until,
21:22 I think it's a chunk just small enough.
21:24 I don't want to make it into a paste.
21:26 Okay. Okay.
21:29 But I do want to make it a little bit smaller.
21:34 This we want to use it for sandwiches
21:36 or if you want to stuff a tomato with it
21:39 and put it on a bed of lettuce
21:40 that makes a really nice high-protein, low carb dish.
21:44 That looks really good.
21:46 And if you can take that out of the way,
21:48 we will just serve it up here.
22:00 This is a very versatile dish, and once you got it made up
22:04 you can stick it in the refrigerator
22:05 and let it melt of the flavors overnight
22:08 or within a few hours you can use it again.
22:10 Put it on a bed of lettuce, serve it as a salad
22:13 or make sandwiches with it.
22:15 It's really a very tasty dish.
22:17 People that eat it, because of the chunks that's in it,
22:20 they don't realize it's not real meat.
22:23 So it's a good dish for a flexitarian
22:26 or someone that doesn't want to do the meat dish,
22:29 they want to do something different.
22:31 And find out that it's a whole lot healthier too.
22:34 That looks really nice.
22:36 Now, a variation to this, we have a very interesting
22:38 variation to this and it is to use,
22:41 we can make a tuna salad out of this.
22:43 Basically doing the same things except we add nori sheets
22:47 that have been crunched up
22:49 and that's basically just a seaweed.
22:50 Or some dulse and kelp.
22:52 Dulse or kelp or some other seaweed type flavoring
22:54 and it becomes, suddenly it becomes a tuna fish.
22:57 Now do you use the celery with the tuna fish?
23:00 Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't.
23:01 I guess you probably wouldn't, if you're gonna have tuna fish,
23:03 because you generally wouldn't have
23:05 celery in the tuna fish salad.
23:06 Okay. So...
23:08 We've done a lot of recipes today.
23:09 Boy, a lot.
23:10 And I feel like we've gone real quick,
23:12 but we wanted everyone to know that
23:14 there are so many alternatives out there
23:16 and not just using these two products,
23:18 there's a lot of other products.
23:19 These we found are easy they're quick, they're simple,
23:24 inexpensive and we're excited about
23:26 being able to share those with you.
23:29 If you're not familiar with
23:31 where you can get these products from,
23:33 then please contact us or 3ABN.
23:35 We're also going to put the recipes back on roll,
23:38 so that you can catch what you've missed
23:41 when we first went over them.
23:42 And if you don't get them the second time,
23:43 then you can contact us or 3ABN
23:46 and we'll be happy to get them for you.
23:48 It's been a lot of fun we've had,
23:50 some great time with the recipes--
23:52 And some messy times. And then definitely messy.
23:55 But we've given some protein alternatives today.
23:58 And using the standard American diet
24:01 we've still have alternatives
24:02 that you can make it home very easily.
24:05 And if you're wanting to exchange your family over
24:08 and just have a day in which you just don't do the meat products,
24:11 you have an alternative.
24:13 You could have a flexitarian day once a week.
24:18 Well, let's roll the recipes ]across the screen,
24:20 then we're gonna come back and show you all the recipes
24:23 as we have made them and prepared them,
24:25 ready to serve.
24:30 We hope you've enjoyed
24:31 let's cook with Jeff and Nancy Riedesel.
24:33 Now let's take a moment to review
24:34 our flexitarian day recipes.
26:21 If you would like more information
26:23 or if you would like to contact Jeff and Nancy Riedesel,
26:26 you may write to,
26:27 3ABN, PO Box 220, West Frankfort, Illinois, 62896
26:33 or call 1-800-752-3226.
26:38 Now back to the show.
26:44 Hi and welcome back to "Let's Cook."
26:46 I hope now you have a little better understanding
26:48 about this flexitarian thing.
26:50 And, Nancy, I'd like you to describe the food now--
26:53 Okay, we've made a lot of good stuff here.
26:56 First we made this Spaghetti 'n Meatballs,
26:58 using the Grillnz burger mix
27:00 and then from making the meatballs
27:03 we went to make this All-American hamburger.
27:06 Boy, does that ever look good.
27:08 Then we made an incredible meatloaf using the same product
27:12 and that looks for all the world
27:13 just like an All-American Meatloaf.
27:16 Then we also made the Chicky-Chunks
27:19 and rice using the Soy Add-ums
27:21 and yellow rice, that's a really pretty dish.
27:25 And we also used the chicken salad to make
27:29 the chicken salad sandwich ad bar-b-que sandwich
27:32 was also made with Soy Add-ums.
27:34 Doesn't that look tasty?
27:37 Oh, there's so many different ways of making
27:39 flexitarian have alternatives.
27:41 Yes, it is.
27:43 We have so many alternatives that look and taste
27:45 and act like the real thing.
27:46 There really shouldn't be any problems
27:48 for people wanting to do that once or twice a week.
27:50 That's right.
27:52 And we have shown you some alternatives
27:54 and we'll have some more on upcoming shows.
27:56 We hope that you'll join us.
27:57 Thank you so much for joining us for "Let's Cook Today"
28:01 and we hope that you'll have a blessed day
28:03 and enjoy good health.


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