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00:01 If any of you love fish then this is a program
00:03 that you don't want to miss.
00:05 I'm not talking about the kind of fish that
00:06 you catch out of a stream. Today we're gonna
00:09 make fish. Are you surprised? Me too,
00:12 I've never made fish. Stay with us
00:14 and we'll find out how to do it.
00:48 Hello friends, and welcome to another program
00:50 of Let's Cook Together.
00:51 I'm your host Jill Morikone and we have an exciting
00:54 program planned for you today.
00:56 And I'm real excited to learn how to make
00:58 that fish. But first I wanna introduce you to
01:01 my special guest here with me in this studio.
01:03 Her name is Ozella Head.
01:04 And she comes all the way from Atlanta, Georgia.
01:07 Welcome Ozella, we're so glad to have you.
01:09 I'm so happy to be here, thanks Jill. Now,
01:12 tell me just a little bit before we make
01:14 our fish, okay, about your ministries.
01:16 Okay, Made Whole Ministries, yes.
01:20 As you know we've talked about been made whole,
01:23 yeah absolutely. How long have you done it?
01:26 Oh! For over two years, okay. Okay but
01:31 now cooking, I can't even remember how long.
01:35 It's been such a long time, okay.
01:37 But one instant when we did a cooking class,
01:41 we went to a health expo and they had all type
01:44 of different presenters there, yes. And there's
01:48 one lady, she was not Adventist, okay.
01:50 She was a heavy meat eater too.
01:52 Oh! okay. And so there were some cooking
01:54 demonstrations there, yes. Now one of the things
01:57 that I did there was like a beef style gluten,
02:02 okay. And I sauteed, a beef style gluten?
02:05 Yes, okay. And I did it just like we would do
02:07 a normal steak or something. And the lady
02:10 she told me and she said I was so used to
02:12 eating meat, right. And she said once
02:14 she tasted the gluten she was like I got
02:17 to see you, I got to see you.
02:18 So she went over and she got a pen,
02:20 so she liked it. Oh! She loved it,
02:22 oh! That's awesome. But the good part about
02:25 it when she ate the food, then she went over
02:27 on the other side where they were taking out
02:29 blood pressure, yeah. And she got her
02:31 blood pressure take and it was like.
02:33 I heard the lady and you know just screaming
02:35 and she was like praise the Lord.
02:36 And I didn't know what was going on.
02:38 So she was like, you think what's wrong with that,
02:41 yeah. I was like Lord what's going on with
02:43 the lady, yes exactly? So she came back
02:44 she said I need to see you, okay.
02:46 What did I do? Yeah. And all of the sudden
02:49 she said your food, she said when I ate
02:52 your food, she said my blood pressure
02:54 didn't go up, she said praise the Lord.
02:56 She said every time I eat my blood pressure
02:59 go up. She said I want those recipes.
03:01 And you know Jill it just thrilled my heart
03:04 because God sent me there just especially
03:07 for that lady, that's right. And I said Lord
03:09 when we got home I thank God so much because
03:11 you know. I feel so good because
03:15 I was able to help someone, absolutely,
03:18 a heavy meat eater, but at the same time
03:20 she was eating healthy, that's right,
03:22 and her blood pressure didn't even go down,
03:24 that's right, praise God. What a God,
03:25 isn't that wonderful? Yes. So you go around
03:26 and you travel, yes we do, right and you do
03:28 cooking schools and demonstrations, exactly.
03:30 And help people just like her, yes.
03:33 Praise God. That's wonderful, yes.
03:36 Now, are you cooking in schools a long time
03:37 like a week long or how, what's your format?
03:40 No, we basically do like weekend, okay.
03:41 You know like basically on Sundays, okay.
03:44 Yeah, but now we have to travel,
03:46 we would have to go on a Friday,
03:47 something like that, right, you know.
03:49 But basically we try to schedule for Sundays,
03:53 yes. And then you know we try to schedule
03:55 at a time when people are out of church,
03:57 yeah. Because you know a lot of people,
03:58 Sunday people, they go to church, absolutely.
04:00 So we wanted to open up to the public
04:02 and also I just work for this people I just,
04:05 I was in a personal care business, okay,
04:07 and I took care of this lady.
04:09 And I always minister with my cooking,
04:12 absolutely. So, I would always take food there
04:14 and the daughter and the mom.
04:16 The daughter was like Ozella,
04:18 whenever you have a cooking school please
04:20 call me and my daughter because we wanna come,
04:22 praise God. And I did Jill, I made collard greens
04:28 for her and I made mock fried chicken
04:33 and she was like. I could just stand in a
04:35 refrigerator and eat it Ozella, she said
04:37 it was so good I said thank you, that's right.
04:40 So, they were so happy, that's right.
04:42 Oh! Praise God. You know that's what it's all
04:43 about ministry, that's what Jesus did.
04:45 Oh! Most definitely, yeah, now today we're going
04:48 to make fish. Now, let me tell you a little bit
04:50 about this, I'm pretty excited.
04:51 Let's read our recipe first, then we'll hear
04:52 about it, oh! Yeah, that's right. Okay,
04:54 let's read that recipe.
04:55 For the Tofu Seaweed Fillet you need:
04:58 5 cups water. 1 tsp. kelp.
05:01 ½ tsp. sea salt. 1 tsp. seasoning salt.
05:06 1 tsp. dulse flakes optional.
05:10 2 lbs. extra firm tofu. 1½ cup seaweed.
05:16 Okay, I'm really excited making this fish.
05:19 Okay. But you were gonna say something,
05:20 so what were you gonna say first.
05:21 You know Jill I had such a struggle with fish,
05:26 okay, because you liked fish. Oh! I loved fish,
05:29 and you know if you haven't eaten something
05:32 you really don't know what it's like, absolutely.
05:34 But you know we got off all the meat
05:36 but the fish we held on to, right it's a hard one.
05:40 Yes, yeah. So my husband and I, now
05:42 let me tell you my husband got off the fish
05:44 before I did, okay. But I continued to still eat
05:46 the fish food why because I love the fish,
05:48 yes. The red snapper and all of that
05:50 I loved it, okay, okay. But you know the more
05:52 I started, the more the Holy Spirit was talking
05:55 to me and saying get away from there,
05:57 yes. God has a better point, yes.
05:59 So, I would go in the kitchen and I would just,
06:03 I said Lord help me because I don't,
06:04 you know I don't know what I am doing
06:05 but teach me how to put something together
06:07 that would taste like what I'm accustomed to eating,
06:09 absolutely. And so I did it,
06:11 and God is faithful, yes. But Jill, the first two
06:14 times it didn't get it. It did not taste good.
06:18 It did not at all, okay. But then I was
06:21 introduced to Seaweed, I said the Lord that's it,
06:24 that's it the Seaweed. So you know what,
06:27 and even though God gave me the Seaweed
06:30 but now I said Lord, now teach me because
06:33 I don't know what I'm doing, absolutely,
06:35 that's right. So, I said okay the Seaweed
06:37 was dry, I said okay, I'll put the water in the
06:41 pot but you know on the same time
06:42 it was not me and it's God, that's ailment
06:44 God is the one who gives the idea.
06:45 Exactly, that's right. So the Holy Spirit
06:46 had instructed me put the water in the pot
06:49 and put the Seaweed in. So it's started to gain
06:51 that fishy taste you know and that
06:53 fishy smell. And my husband came to me
06:55 one day he was like Ozella, what is that?
06:58 And I said I'm trying a new recipe,
07:00 that's right. But I put the Seaweed in
07:03 and then I put the dulse and the Terpineol
07:05 and I was like Lord this is it, yes praise God.
07:08 But even though Jill, even that I said okay
07:10 I got the smell but how is the taste
07:13 yeah. So I said okay, I'm gonna do it just like
07:16 I would normally do fish. So once I put
07:20 everything in the pot, okay, okay.
07:22 And then you have to let the Seaweed
07:24 expand okay, alright. But at the same time
07:26 you wanna have your tofu and have to flavor
07:29 the tofu you see, okay. So once the tofu
07:32 was flavored I say okay God here is the taste,
07:36 yeah. I said well it taste like what
07:38 I'm accustomed to eating. So, I put the corn down
07:41 and I mixed it all up, a little seasoning in
07:43 and then I batter it in a fire.
07:46 So all of the sudden I cut a little piece
07:50 and I say Lord this is to your name,
07:52 honor and glory. Jill, it was just identical,
07:58 praise God. That's just what I said,
07:59 I said praise God. Like the lady who had her
08:01 blood pressure, yeah, praise Jesus.
08:03 And so I was so happy, I was so happy
08:06 with this recipe, good. Well, let's just try;
08:08 I shared with all my sisters, my friends
08:10 and everybody, that's awesome. Okay,
08:12 and now viewers I wanna share with you,
08:14 that's right. We're gonna learn how
08:15 to do it, alright, okay let's go.
08:16 Okay first of all our water is boiled,
08:18 good, okay. Now let's add our ingredients.
08:23 It doesn't matter which amount you'll added in.
08:26 We just put the salt in, okay.
08:28 If you would just pass them all down,
08:30 yeah here we go okay. Season salt,
08:35 okay and this is our kelp. Now, you can also
08:38 use kelp granulate or kelp powder,
08:40 this is granulate okay, okay. You can get that
08:43 in the regular grocery store, yes, yes, yes
08:46 okay good. Now, this is dulse,
08:48 I said dulse but it's dulse. Dulse,
08:50 dulse same, okay. All of these the kelp,
08:54 the dulse and the Seaweed will give that
08:56 fishy, fishy taste okay. Right okay so
08:59 we are gonna put that in there, okay.
09:01 Now okay, all the before you do that Jill,
09:04 okay, now we're gonna do this.
09:05 We're gonna slice the tofu, because remember
09:10 we are doing fillets, okay, absolutely, okay.
09:13 And we're gonna, now you've done something
09:14 to the outside of this tofu, pardon me.
09:16 You've done something to the outside of this tofu.
09:18 No, no this tofu here, this is a firmer type
09:23 of tofu, okay. You see, it's a firm.
09:25 Yeah, but it's just water packed firm tofu,
09:29 okay good. Okay, we're gonna add that.
09:31 Now, the water is boiling very good,
09:34 okay. So now we're just gonna add the Seaweed,
09:37 alright. And then you put the cup,
09:41 the lid on and how long does it cook for.
09:44 You know what, once you put the Seaweed in,
09:47 okay then the Seaweed begin to expand, yeah.
09:51 And Seaweed carries double in its weight.
09:54 Because once it's dry okay, it's very light.
09:58 But when you add it to water it absorbs the water
10:01 and expands. But also let me tell you something
10:04 about Seaweed. Seaweed is good for obesity,
10:07 alright. It's good for cancer and it has
10:10 B Vitamins in it. It has minerals, yes.
10:13 But it doesn't have the B12 okay.
10:16 But the Spirulina has to be B12.
10:21 But we're not putting Spirulina in that,
10:23 no we are not, this is just right okay,
10:24 right but now Spirulina is the Seaweed also,
10:26 it's from the sea. It's a type of Seaweed.
10:28 Okay but it's not the Seaweed but it's from
10:29 the sea, okay. And so if people needing B12
10:33 you can always pull the Spirulina, okay good.
10:36 But also the Seaweed, Seaweed it,
10:41 you can do like pill that comes in sheets also.
10:45 Oh! Yeah, that's right. I have Seaweed at home
10:47 in sheets. Okay, yeah. What do you do with that?
10:49 I would make like what we call it kimbap,
10:51 it's not a Korean thing but it's kind of like
10:53 sushi. Okay, but without the meat and so, okay.
10:55 Let met tell you a little secret, yeah.
10:57 Now, when your husband is out of town
10:59 or on a trip or whatever run you a tub of hot
11:02 water drop those leaves those whole leaves
11:05 of Seaweed in the tub, of Seaweed in the tub yes.
11:08 Now, this is the kelp type, the big the
11:10 wide ones, yeah. Put two of those in the tub
11:13 take you a Seaweed bath dear, I'm serious.
11:17 It's so relaxing, and you know what it pulls
11:20 toxins out of your body, oh! Very good.
11:22 And you know what, when you, a seaweed
11:23 bath I never heard of such a thing.
11:25 But let me tell you that, also when you take
11:29 the Seaweed bath, okay wrench all,
11:31 wrench everything off with a shower because
11:33 it be kind of slimy, yes, yes, very slimy,
11:36 but it's so good and you know what you'll get
11:39 a peaceful rest when I sleep. Okay,
11:41 enough about that, we got to get go.
11:42 How long does this cook for, okay let's see.
11:46 The seaweed has already expanded,
11:47 okay, okay. You see, oh yeah, I can see it,
11:52 alright, that's right. Now it's at the stage
11:55 where we want it, okay, you want this one here.
11:57 Yeah, let's show, okay. So, once it's cooked
12:01 it'll look like this, yes it expands okay.
12:04 Yeah, I can see that, alright.
12:05 And we're gonna put the skillet on there,
12:08 okay good. We're gonna switch this over,
12:10 good. Now this is how it looks once
12:13 it expands okay, yeah absolutely.
12:15 And the Seaweed itself, okay, yeah.
12:17 Now if you would, if you would pass me that
12:20 one on the end okay, and you want your
12:22 bread in stuff here, yes please, alright.
12:26 And we're just going, so this is just the tofu
12:29 with the Seaweeds, is that right?
12:30 Okay that's the step I need to show
12:32 the viewers, okay. Okay now viewers,
12:35 anytime you do the layer on the tofu,
12:39 you're just gonna lay out the tofu,
12:41 I mean lay out the Seaweed just like this.
12:43 Just on the top of the tofu, all over tofu
12:46 and you're gonna press it in the cornmeal,
12:50 make sure the batter is all over the.
12:53 Your batter's just cornmeal. You know I put
12:55 some season in it, I added like some what
12:58 you called it, sea salt, okay, stuff like that.
13:00 Now, you also can add some of the dulse
13:02 flakes or whatever in that you know,
13:04 whatever you would like to add, yes good.
13:05 Okay now at this particular point in turn,
13:09 the skillet is hot enough, okay. We just wanna,
13:13 we're gonna fry it. So just so I understand
13:15 this Ozella, you're taking tofu and just those
13:17 blocks of tofu then you take the seaweed
13:19 that we had just, yes, we take seaweed,
13:21 and you put it on the tofu, you pressed it
13:23 and then you just put the batter on it,
13:25 layer it right. Okay that's easy,
13:26 I think I got that. Okay, yeah very fun,
13:29 yes. And you know when you do the seaweed
13:34 now from the salt, now people are accustomed
13:37 eating fish, rice crackers, stuff like that
13:40 but we're not going to do the rice crackers today.
13:43 Okay, but we are gonna do, we're gonna show
13:45 what else you can serve with this.
13:47 Yeah, that's right, okay, good. And then we'll
13:49 show you at the end of the program
13:50 what it'll looks like all fried when it's
13:52 all done. Okay, yeah that sounds good.
13:54 Let's go to our next recipe,
13:55 okay, that we have.
13:58 For the Creamy Potatoes you need:
14:00 4 large potatoes, cooked and diced.
14:04 2 tbsp. Margarine, the non-hydrogenated variety.
14:08 1½ cup soy milk.
14:10 2 tbsp. chicken style seasoning.
14:13 1 tsp. sea salt or to taste.
14:16 And 1½ tsp. parsley.
14:22 Well, this is nice Ozella, because we're putting
14:24 potatoes with our fish, yes.
14:26 It's like a whole meal, okay. I like that.
14:28 You know what, when we finish it will be a
14:30 complete whole meal, okay, okay.
14:32 Remember I told you from the south now
14:34 we normally do like rice crackers and fries
14:38 and all that fatty stuff, oh yeah, absolutely.
14:40 You know but we're not going to do that today,
14:41 okay. We're going to do a healthy version
14:43 for our viewers, okay, fun. Alright, alright
14:46 I'm ready for this, that's good.
14:47 Now, we know that people say oh that's
14:49 basic cream potato, yes. But you know normally
14:52 Jill with your cream potatoes people use
14:55 a lot of water, a lot of milk, dairy there.
14:59 So you know we wanna stay away from stuff
15:01 like that and we want to use a healthy version
15:04 of homemade mashed potatoes, that's nice.
15:07 And you know what also those instant,
15:09 instant potatoes. My girlfriend tried
15:12 to fool me with instant stuff.
15:15 I said girl you can't fool me, this is instant
15:17 stuff is instant, and she's like,
15:19 girl I can't get nothing over on you when
15:21 it comes to cooking. Because you know
15:22 what we were raised on fresh vegetables
15:25 and stuff like that, that's right,
15:26 that's right. So it's high to really,
15:27 that's right. You know do without it.
15:30 Nothing tastes like real mashed potatoes.
15:32 My husband Greg loves mashed potatoes.
15:34 So does mine, mine also. Well this is for our
15:36 husbands and any of you that like mashed
15:38 potatoes too. Okay, okay. How are we making
15:40 this here, alright. First of all, you already
15:43 peeled them, yeah we already peeled them.
15:45 We already cut them, yeah diced them
15:47 and basically they're just about to ready
15:49 to pull up, pull the water out, okay.
15:51 We're gonna mash them. So I want to shut
15:53 this out, alright. Okay, if you would just pour
15:58 that out for me, okay I got it alright.
16:00 We'll just drain it in the sink, yes.
16:07 There we go, oh good and hot,
16:10 and we'll sled the bowl over, there we go okay.
16:12 Oh! Great, good, okay. There we go,
16:16 now, now we'll, while the steam is
16:19 coming up Jill. We'll just add everything,
16:22 well let's add the margarine first.
16:24 Okay, that sounds good, okay.
16:26 Add the margarine, of course this is the
16:29 non-hydrogenated margarine. We want to
16:32 stay away from hydrogenated oils,
16:35 margarines, whatever we wanna stay away
16:38 from because we know that stuff like that
16:40 is not good for our hearts. And you know
16:42 they are artery cloggers, absolutely, okay.
16:46 And this is chicken style seasoning,
16:50 okay, parsley oh yeah, and our salt okay,
16:55 okay. Now that looks good already,
16:57 okay. We are gonna start just mashing this,
17:00 mashing yeah. Now are you a no loss
17:04 or some loss. No loss, that's me.
17:08 What about you, I don't really care one way
17:10 or the other, any kind of potatoes,
17:11 yeah that's good. Okay now we're not going
17:14 to add all this milk at one time, okay right,
17:16 because you know potatoes is a funny
17:19 thing when you trying to, that's right.
17:22 You make mash potatoes, you keep adding this,
17:24 you know what I'm saying, yeah
17:25 that's better and it keeps absorbing it,
17:26 it does that's right, that's right.
17:28 But we wanna make sure we put enough
17:30 in to get a good creamy consistence,
17:34 that's important yeah. And you know like
17:37 if it's for a big group or something like
17:40 for a holiday cookout or something like that,
17:43 yes. You know once I mash them like this then
17:46 you take your mixture. Yeah, electric mixture,
17:51 that's what I do okay, yes, it seems like
17:53 so much easier, yeah, okay. And just whip
17:56 them up and make them more floppy
17:58 and more creamier, yes that's right.
18:00 Yeah, and flux it really well. And listen,
18:03 if you have left over potatoes yes,
18:05 okay. Let me tell you a good little thing to do,
18:08 what do you if you have left over mashed
18:09 potatoes, yes, yeah okay. Left over mash potatoes,
18:12 okay you take once they sit in the refrigerator
18:15 they're firm okay. So you take ice-cream scoops,
18:18 scoop them out and make a little round you know
18:20 like uniform stuff, oh yes. So you'll make
18:22 a little round pattern but make the pattern
18:24 large enough so you could oven it in the
18:27 middle little bit. Spoon out some homemade cheese,
18:30 or your favorite type of cheese, okay yeah.
18:33 Put it inside of that potato, close it back up
18:36 put it on a cooking sheet and bake it.
18:38 Okay, like 350 yeah, 350 and when you start
18:41 seeing the cheese oozing out of it you know
18:43 they're red and they're going to be golden brown,
18:45 oh that sounds good, yeah. That's a real good
18:47 way to use left over mash potatoes,
18:49 not only that, not only that you can serve it
18:52 with breakfast with grits and stuff like that.
18:54 Oh! Yeah that's good. Are you familiar
18:56 with grits, oh yeah? Okay, my husband is from
18:58 the south so, he really likes grits.
19:00 Okay, he loves grits. Yeah we all love grits,
19:03 yeah. Now, my friend she is more of a
19:06 Danish person. I don't care for the Danish,
19:09 I don't care for the Danish, but the grits.
19:12 But you do what ever you like.
19:13 Yeah you know whatever you're used to at home
19:15 you can try, exactly, that's right.
19:16 Now, now do you make gravy with your mashed
19:18 potatoes or just serve it like this.
19:19 You know, mashed potato would not be
19:22 mashed potatoes, especially at home,
19:24 I think so, because my husband love the mash
19:26 potatoes with the gravy poured over it,
19:28 that's right oh! Yeah, okay. So, but since
19:30 we are doing fish today we're not gonna
19:32 to do the gravy, right, okay,
19:33 but Jill the mashed potatoes and fish.
19:36 Oh! It tastes so good, oh I am sure,
19:38 it tastes so good. I can't wait to try that.
19:40 But also while we doing this, yeah,
19:42 we also want to have a healthy salad,
19:45 that's right, you know something colorful
19:46 not too busy just you know a little salad
19:50 on the side, that's right, because we have the
19:52 green seaweed also, yeah, that's right,
19:54 here we go. So okay, there you go.
19:55 Well let's read our salad recipe, okay.
19:58 For the Cucumber & Tomato salad you need,
20:01 ½ of cucumber. 1 small tomato.
20:05 1 tsp. olive oil and 1/4 tsp. sea salt.
20:12 Well, I like this salad Ozella because
20:13 it's different, yes; most salads are lettuce
20:15 and something, okay, but you are not using
20:17 lettuce, no, so that's pretty cool.
20:19 Not today, we do like I said you know put the
20:21 seaweed in everything we just need a little more
20:24 color with that food okay, that's right.
20:26 And so what's better than the tomato
20:29 and cucumber salad, yeah, okay, that sounds
20:31 really good, yeah, I love salads so.
20:33 Yes I do, I am a vegetable person,
20:34 oh all the way, all the way, yeah, yeah, okay.
20:37 Where how do we make it here, okay.
20:41 First of all we're just gonna diced our
20:44 tomatoes, okay, just cut the little pretty wedges
20:48 just, oh yeah real pretty. Well I should
20:51 have cut the little the top off that,
20:56 if you grow your own tomato you can really
20:57 enjoy that, oh! Mostly I have, yeah, you know
20:59 Jill I do well my husband grow up in, yeah,
21:02 but I cut them, yes there you go it's a team
21:05 effort, you're right. He grows and I cut,
21:08 yes that's right, and by the way viewers
21:10 I did wash my hands again, that's right.
21:14 Okay, that's right oh! It's looks good,
21:15 alright. Now, I do have you know a lot of times
21:18 I have a little chop with the little wedges
21:22 and all, oh! Like when we're catering
21:24 or something like that you want to make
21:26 everything real pretty, that's right,
21:28 not that 3ABN is not important, it's very
21:30 important so, that's right, but we're only do
21:32 on a little small salad, that's right it's not
21:34 a real big one, right, we're not doing a
21:35 wedding or something, exactly, yeah. So,
21:38 and you know Jill this is very filling also,
21:41 oh yeah, cucumber salad, tomato and cucumber
21:44 salad, yeah that's right, and we just build
21:47 the little pretty salad and the salt is just for
21:51 pouring a little bit, the flavor out really,
21:54 yeah absolutely, and you know can pour some
21:58 olive oil, okay, we know that olive oil is very
22:00 good for the heart, yes yeah, okay,
22:02 so and we want to do everything in moderation,
22:05 yes, okay, that's right. So, you can't say well
22:08 olive oil is good for me I'm gonna drink
22:09 a gallon, no, not at all, that's right
22:12 that's right. It's like olive oil and walnuts
22:16 and flakes it's all good for our heart but
22:18 we still want to do in moderation, that's right,
22:20 okay. Now we want to add the little, yeah,
22:23 a little drizzle in that, yeah, oh! Yeah,
22:25 that will be real good it looks good, thank you,
22:28 yeah. Now if you would like to you can add
22:31 a little twist of lemon, okay, but I like it just
22:34 like that, yeah, but viewers if you feel like
22:36 you need to add a little lemon juice feel free
22:40 to do so, yeah there you go, and over the top
22:42 you can sprinkle a little parsley, yeah, that's
22:45 a little you know fresh or dried, that's right,
22:47 okay additional color, yes, yeah, now you have
22:50 a cookbook you have a cookbook?
22:51 Yeah, I do I have a cookbook, you have two
22:53 cookbooks, yes I do, tell us about that,
22:56 okay the first cookbook is Home Made Vegetarian
22:58 okay, it's a nice thing, alright and the second
23:00 one is Ozella's homemade vegetarian nutritious
23:04 and delicious. Now this, the second one is being
23:07 published right now, okay, yeah so,
23:10 it'll be hot off the press, yes, yeah,
23:12 so this will be something that you know people
23:15 can't contact 3ABN you know, that's right,
23:17 and then get a hold of you, yes,
23:18 that's right good. Now what kind of recipes
23:21 do you have in your cookbook there?
23:22 Okay in this, in that cookbook Jill,
23:24 I have something that you called I use a lot
23:29 of the soy whole soy, okay, soy beans I do
23:32 something like the five green soy and five green
23:35 burgers, oh! Fun, okay, okay yeah, I do like
23:39 soy and lentil loaves, oh fun, yeah but now
23:43 let me tell you, you know I think most people
23:44 do the lentil loaves they just add maybe the
23:47 rice and carrots or whatever, but in this loaf
23:51 we have light add a couple of soy beans
23:54 and then we do a little lentils and then
23:56 we ground out the soy beans, oh fun, okay
23:58 and three grains of like kamut. Okay, kamut okay,
24:04 so you're using the different grains,
24:06 you add it all the you putting all that fiber,
24:09 that sounds really good, okay, that sounds
24:10 really good, but once you mix it all up
24:13 and you bake it, you make a gravy over it,
24:15 oh! That sounds good, now I have a recipe,
24:18 yeah, that's from my childhood, it's called
24:21 the sweet potato cobbler, oh! What is sweet
24:24 potato pie but I am not sure the
24:25 sweet potato cobbler but okay, yeah,
24:27 well there was my friend Carol say, she said
24:28 I never had a sweet potatoes cobbler until
24:30 I met you all, but you know what you're gonna
24:32 see that later on the show one of the taping,
24:34 okay you will see that because that was my
24:36 childhood favorite my mom used to make
24:38 that on every Sunday and we enjoyed it
24:40 so much. So you have breakfast foods,
24:43 yes, you have Entrees, yes, you have desserts,
24:45 exactly salads, salads all dressings we just made
24:48 salad right, yep, cheese balls, oh! Cheese balls
24:52 oh! That's pretty awesome, yeah
24:54 and you know what we make it out of the
24:56 whole soy beans, okay, okay very fun.
24:59 And, I think people will really enjoy it,
25:02 that's right, okay we had a good time to do
25:04 that didn't we, yes we do, it was real fun.
25:05 We hope you had as much fun too.
25:07 We'll be back in just a moment we want to show
25:09 that fish with all done all fancy and all the
25:13 other food that we made here today,
25:14 but first we want to give you contact information
25:16 where you can get a hold of us and then we will
25:18 get even touch with Ozella so that you can get
25:21 one of her cookbooks or just talk to her.
25:23 So here is the information that you need.
25:27 We hope you've enjoyed cooking with Ozella.
25:30 Now let's take a moment to review that
25:31 fish dinner recipes.
25:34 For the tofu Seaweed Fillet you will need,
25:36 5 cups. water. 1 tsp. of kelp.
25:40 ½ tsp. of sea salt. 1 tsp. seasoning salt.
25:44 1 tsp. dulse flakes (optional).
25:48 2 lbs. of extra firm tofu. 1½ cup of seaweed.
25:53 For our creamy potatoes you will need,
25:55 4 large potatoes. 2 tbsp. of margarine.
25:59 1½ cups soy milk.
26:02 2 tbsp. chicken style seasoning.
26:05 1 tsp. sea salt or to taste and 1½ tsp. parsley.
26:10 For our Cucumber and Tomato Salad you will need,
26:13 ½ of cucumber. 1 small tomato.
26:16 1 tsp. olive oil and 1/4 tsp. of sea salt.
26:21 If you would like more information
26:23 on how to contact Ozella or if you would
26:26 like to receive today's recipes please
26:29 write to 3ABN, PO Box 220,
26:32 West Frankfort, IL 62896 or you may call
26:38 us at 1-800-752-3226, that number again
26:44 is 1-800-752-3226. Now let's take a look
26:50 at our finished recipes with Ozella.
26:57 Welcome back friends, we're here with our
26:59 delicious dinner and that fish, okay.
27:02 I can't wait to try that, you know
27:04 we had fun today, we did, and I really enjoy
27:08 sharing what God has shared to me
27:11 to the viewers, that's right, that's right
27:13 lets look at what we made here,
27:15 okay alright, we started with that fish,
27:17 okay, our beautiful seaweed filler,
27:21 that's right it looks very good and then
27:22 we had our mashed potatoes, alright
27:23 and then our tomatoes and Cucumber Salad,
27:28 that's right, that's right, okay and addition
27:30 to that Jill we added some green beans
27:32 and what would be dinner without dessert,
27:36 banana bread, banana bread, that's right.
27:39 So, well thank you for coming and sharing
27:42 your heart with our friends at home,
27:43 it was a pleasure, and your talents.
27:45 Praise the Lord, it was fun, that's right,
27:46 praise the Lord. Well, friends, the time comes
27:48 and goes so fast especially when
27:50 we're having fun in the kitchen, yes,
27:51 but until we see you next time we ask that
27:53 you enjoy these recipes that you feed your family
27:56 and your friends and God bless you.
27:58 We will see you next time on Let's Cook Together.


Revised 2014-12-17