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00:01 Today we're gonna make a dinner that you can sit
00:03 down with your whole family at the table and enjoy.
00:05 Part of that dinner is gonna be a Quiche,
00:07 but this Quiche has no milk, no cheese and no eggs.
00:11 Do you want to know how to make it,
00:12 so do I, so stay with us and you'll find out.
00:47 Hello friends and welcome to another program of
00:50 Let's Cook Together program. I'm your host
00:52 Jill Morikone and we have an exciting dinner
00:54 program planned for you today with that Quiche.
00:57 I can't wait to figure out how to make it for myself
00:59 and for my family as well. First, I wanna introduce
01:02 you to our very special guest my friend here in
01:04 the studio with me, her name is Ozella Head
01:06 and she comes all the way from Atlanta, Georgia.
01:08 Welcome Ozella. Thank you Jill, I'm happy to be here.
01:11 We are so glad to have you here. Thank you.
01:13 Now, tell us a little bit before we get going with
01:15 our dinner. Okay. About your Made Whole Ministries.
01:19 Okay, Made Whole Ministry is a ministry that we
01:23 studied a lot about and I asked God, I said Lord
01:26 what shall we call the ministry? And you know
01:28 one morning I was studying and the Lord gave me
01:31 the name Made Whole Ministries. So I told
01:34 my husband, I said how does Made Whole Ministries
01:35 sound? He said, sounds great to me. So when I talk
01:38 to Carol about it, she said Ozella that's perfect,
01:41 because you know we have to be made whole.
01:44 Yeah. And who can make us whole Jill? Nobody but
01:47 God, Jesus, yes, that's right. So, he gave us
01:50 Made Whole Ministry and just cooking is not
01:53 the only thing that can make us whole, but it's
01:56 the whole practice with the Lord. That's right,
01:58 that's right. And so you know not just a health
02:01 message because you know the health message
02:02 is very important, but also the spiritual part.
02:06 That's right. So we want to be made whole in Jesus
02:08 all the way. That's right, that's right, amen.
02:10 And part of that is we wanna be Made Whole
02:12 with our families as well. Yes, exactly, sitting down
02:14 at the table. And you know you just made me think
02:17 about something because when we were growing up
02:19 my mom and dad. We came from a big family. Yeah,
02:23 so how many kids in your family? There are 13 of us.
02:27 Twelve besides you? Yes. That is a big family
02:30 you guys, that's amazing. They are a big family,
02:32 yeah, nine girls and four boys. And we were like
02:36 the last five of the younger ones. Okay.
02:38 But I remember all the times when my mom
02:40 would go in the kitchen and fix food. And we would
02:43 sit at the table, she will call on us. You know
02:45 we will come and sit at the table. My dad,
02:47 he would always sit at the head and he would say
02:49 grace. And you know when we sit around the table
02:52 we would talk. That's right. But we don't see
02:54 it anymore and you know some of these meals
02:56 that we're sharing today with our viewers.
02:59 They're from my childhood, you know,
03:01 yes. And you know, we just kind of this and
03:04 transition it. Yeah. Because you know we talk,
03:07 you talked a little bit about the Quiche. Yeah.
03:09 Where we don't use the dairy you know so. Yeah
03:11 that's what I'm saying and a Quiche is full of that.
03:13 Yes. The cheese and the eggs and all that kind of
03:15 stuff. Yeah and the cream and the milk. Yeah.
03:17 So we wanna teach the viewers that you can still
03:21 have your Quiche. Yeah. But at the same time,
03:24 be healthy about it. Yes, without all the,
03:26 you know dairy and all that. That's right,
03:28 that's right and you can feel good about eating it.
03:30 Yes. Like when you're eating, you can feel like
03:32 I'm making myself healthier. Well, I call it
03:34 comfort food. Yeah, there you go. Yeah.
03:36 With the whole family I like that. Exactly. Yeah
03:38 okay, well we're gonna make Streamed Cabbage
03:41 first, as a side dish to go with it right.
03:42 Yes. Okay, let's read our recipe.
03:45 For the Streamed Cabbage you need:
03:47 1 small cabbage, 2 tbsp. chicken style seasoning,
03:51 2 tbsp. oil, 1 Jalapeno diced,
03:56 ½ tsp. sea salt, ½ cup sliced red peppers.
04:03 Alright, okay good. Now, first of all Jill,
04:08 well we come from down in the south, yeah,
04:10 okay. People always cook collard greens or cabbage,
04:16 but I'm gonna show you a new method. Okay.
04:19 Now basically we would put this, fill the bowl
04:22 full of water okay and then we would take the
04:26 cabbage out of the water and just put it directly
04:29 in the pan, but to do I'm gonna do a step ahead
04:31 of this, okay. So, I'm just gonna put a little water
04:34 in the skillet okay, okay and your skillet's good
04:38 and hot. Yes. Okay, okay you want that.
04:40 You want it good and hot. Now sit that aside.
04:43 Now, imagine the bowl is full of water okay,
04:47 so we're gonna just take the cabbage now.
04:49 So it would normally be dripping with water.
04:51 Yes and you know what same method with
04:54 collard greens. Yes. Viewers, let me tell you
04:57 something, when you're cooking with collards
04:59 do the same method, take the collards out of
05:02 the water from the bowl put them in your pot.
05:06 You don't need anymore water, because you can
05:08 kill them. You know you kill them, yeah right,
05:10 right, so we want, add extra water. Yes, yes,
05:13 so we wanna keep, okay, all of the cabbage,
05:17 someone asked whether all this cabbage would
05:19 fit in here. They will fit in here and they will
05:22 shrink down. They shrink, that's right. Yeah.
05:24 They will shrink down. Now do you put any
05:26 seasoning with your cabbage or would you just
05:27 throw it in plain. We just throw it in plain
05:29 for right now. Okay. And once the cabbage
05:34 is cooked down, we're gonna, you remember
05:35 the red bell pepper, that's right. And we're
05:37 gonna spice it up a little bit with a jalapeno.
05:39 I saw that in there. That's right. So we're
05:43 just gonna let this cook down and we're gonna
05:45 cover it Jill. Okay, and we're just gonna let
05:47 it simmer. So far our friends at home they'd
05:50 have to make sure they would wanna cover it
05:51 for sure? Yes. Cover it, cover it and let it simmer,
05:55 now once this shrinks down you're ready to add
05:58 your seasoning, okay and then you're gonna pour
06:00 the jalapeno and the salted jalapeno. Yeah, okay.
06:06 With the red pepper, okay, pour it over the
06:08 cabbage and just led it simmer for maybe 10 to 15
06:11 minutes. Okay. And once you've let it simmer set it
06:15 aside and then do your Quiche okay. Okay,
06:18 okay so while you're cooking this then, you can
06:21 just, you can just cook Stream the cabbage
06:23 while you're making your Quiche. Right. Stream the
06:25 cabbage and then we're gonna go to the next recipe
06:28 which we'll show them how to do the Quiche okay.
06:30 That's right, okay. Alright, that sounds good.
06:31 Now let me just ask before we go to the Quiche,
06:33 how along would you normally stream the cabbage.
06:35 Okay remember the cabbage, we're gonna steam
06:37 the cabbage until it shrinks down, okay, okay
06:39 until it's tender. Okay. Alright. So stick a fork in
06:42 or something to figure out. Yes, so basically
06:45 once you stick the fork in it's ready, so then what
06:48 you do pour the sauteed peppers over it, yes, yes,
06:51 and just led it simmer for 15 more minutes. Okay,
06:54 Well, we'll show our friends how to do that.
06:55 Okay. We'll show you guys how to do that,
06:56 but right now we're gonna let this cabbage stream
06:58 and we're gonna make our Quiche. Alright, sounds
07:00 good. Okay. Let's read our recipe for our Quiche.
07:04 For the Chicken & Veggie Quiche. You need:
07:07 1 deep dish or 2 regular pie shells,
07:11 2 tbsp. olive oil, 1 chopped onion,
07:15 4 chopped garlic cloves, ½ cup diced red peppers,
07:21 ½ cup diced yellow peppers, 1 cup veggie
07:26 chicken strips, 1 cup streamed spinach,
07:30 2 cups shredded potatoes, 2 cups corn,
07:36 3 tbsp. chicken style seasoning,
07:40 1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper and 1 tsp. sea salt,
07:46 1 pound extra firm tofu, ½ cup plain soy milk,
07:52 3 tbsp. cornstarch, 2 tbsp. vegan Parmesan cheese,
07:58 ½ cup yellow soy cheese and 1 cup white soy cheese.
08:06 Well, I'm real excited you guys to learn how to
08:09 make this vegan chicken and veggie Quiche. Yes.
08:12 Yes. Okay. That's a mouth full. Well, the first
08:19 12 ingredients dear. Yeah. Okay we're gonna
08:22 saute them in the skillet okay. Okay. Alright,
08:27 add our oil. Was that olive oil? Uh-uh. Okay,
08:30 alright and then we're gonna coat our pan again.
08:34 Yeah. Now, you like to use the olive oil in this
08:38 one for the flavor. As you use grape seed in
08:40 another one I know. Right. Okay. Alright now
08:43 we're gonna add onion and add garlic okay. Okay.
08:48 'Cause the recipe called for onion and garlic.
08:51 Okay, okay. Yeah I got that. Okay. Next we're
08:58 gonna add, it's on? It is on. Yeah okay. And take
09:02 just a second to heat up maybe. Okay, alright
09:05 we're go still add everything in there. Okay.
09:09 And we're gonna make this real colorful. Yeah.
09:13 Okay. I like that, there is your red and yellow
09:15 pepper. Okay, alright, now we hear the sizzle.
09:21 Now we hear the sizzle. That's right, I can start
09:22 to hear it. Okay also we gonna go ahead and
09:25 add our shredded potatoes. Okay. We want
09:29 this to be a complete meal. Okay. Alright.
09:32 So you're doing the vegetables and that's our
09:34 starch there right. Yes, also this is a veggie
09:38 chicken okay. Okay now where can our friends
09:41 find that, veggie chicken? Now, you can find it at
09:44 Krogers, Wal-Mart grocery store, all the
09:47 grocery stores. Okay. Major grocery stores
09:49 carry it. Okay. And this is good little tasty
09:55 chicken too. Yeah. And you know it really,
09:58 those of you that you know accustomed to
10:01 real chicken. Right. It tastes better. Oh! Does it
10:05 really. Better than real chicken. Wow! That's
10:07 amazing. I wouldn't know I never had meat. Okay,
10:10 well you don't miss anything. Yeah. Okay,
10:15 yeah. Well, that's really and if they couldn't find
10:18 that in the grocery store could you make your
10:20 veggie chicken? You can make it out of gluten okay.
10:23 Okay, so same type of it. Yeah, yes and not only
10:26 that if you wanna make it out of gluten add all
10:29 your chicken like seasonings. And like it's
10:32 the chicken flavor, that's right, yeah okay.
10:34 And then if you want a beef flavor you just add
10:37 the beef. You know the beef flavors. Okay.
10:40 Right okay. Without any animal, right, you can get,
10:44 you can buy your vegan. Yes, yes right. Okay next
10:47 we gonna add our seasonings. Good. Okay.
10:52 Now, that was our chicken seasoning, was that our
10:54 chicken. Now Jill, basically those are three
10:58 types of seasonings. That's my seasoning that
11:00 I made up. Okay. I put like nutritional yeast flakes.
11:05 Oh! Yeah. I will add the chicken style season
11:08 vegan type, yes, and then I will also add another
11:12 chicken flavor that you, look it's hard to find.
11:16 Okay. So you just do the chicken style seasoning
11:19 and the yeast flake. Yeast flake yes. Is it,
11:20 is it equal parts? Yes equal parts. Okay good,
11:23 so a half a cup of each or 1/4 cup of each, right.
11:26 exactly. Okay. Now at this point of time the way
11:29 it's sizzling, we're gonna add our spinach.
11:32 Okay, now this spinach is already cooked. Well,
11:35 yeah. Okay. But you know we just gonna saute
11:38 it and get the flavor, good, of everything
11:40 in there. Good, okay, very nice. And the collards.
11:46 Oh! Yeah that's right you can smell it.
11:49 I'm smelling cabbage here, but I think I can
11:50 smell that too. Very nice yeah, vegetarian is the
11:57 way to go. That's right, absolutely, you can feel
12:00 good, yes, eating that way. Yes. Yeah okay, now
12:05 we're gonna add our corn. Alright. Put it almost.
12:11 And you can always use corn from the garden.
12:13 Yes. If you grow a garden, yes. Yeah I love
12:15 fresh vegetables. You know, there, there's an
12:20 old saying in our family. Yeah. We come from a
12:23 big family, we always socialize. We always had
12:26 big gathering. Oh! Yeah. So we don't know how to
12:28 fix small dishes. And we're very, very
12:33 heavy handed. Okay. Because, I mean,
12:36 what do you mean by that, I mean when my
12:39 husband say oh just put me one serve and a little.
12:42 I always. You give him five serves. Yeah or more.
12:45 Okay, I understand. So, yeah, that's right.
12:49 Okay now at this point Jill. So we got to make a
12:51 big amount there. Yes. That's right. Now feed all
12:54 your family and friends. Right. Now this is ready
12:57 and we're gonna sit this out okay. Okay,
13:00 we shut off the stove then. Yes. Put shut that off.
13:05 There you go. Okay. Okay now at this point,
13:07 this is ready. Okay. Okay we have always sauteed.
13:10 Okay. Now next step, remember the tofu. Yeah.
13:13 Okay, this is just a water packed tofu. Okay.
13:17 And it's extra firm water packed and we're gonna
13:21 just squish it all up. She washed her hands. Yes,
13:24 I did viewers, I washed my hands. I know. Okay,
13:28 good okay. You're just gonna squish it up. Yeah.
13:30 Get it all mixed up and this is the part that you
13:35 substitute for. That's what I was gonna ask you.
13:38 Okay for the, you know for the dairy. Okay.
13:40 Alright and this is a homemade cheese that I
13:43 made. Fine, very nice. Okay, we're gonna add that
13:45 in there. This is your yellow cheese. Yes,
13:48 yeah okay. Yellow, white and any kind works.
13:51 Yes. It's good. Okay because remember cheese
13:54 does have cheese. Absolutely, okay
13:57 that's right. Now we're gonna add cornstarch and.
14:01 Would that be in place of the eggs? Yes.
14:03 Two put together. Yes, combined. Okay, I'm just
14:04 trying to understand all the reasoning behind this.
14:06 Alright, no problem. And the tofu is in place
14:08 of the sour cream and also. Okay, good. Okay,
14:13 now this is our Parmesan cheese we're adding
14:16 vegan. Oh! Fun. Vegan, okay. Yes. Alright
14:19 we're gonna mix it all up. Can you get Parmesan
14:21 cheese in the regular grocery store or you would
14:23 have to go health food store to get them?
14:24 You know, I've seen that, where did I see that?
14:29 You've seen it in some grocery stores. Okay, good.
14:31 And not only that, viewers if you cannot
14:33 get it always ask the manager at the store,
14:38 can you order this particular product?
14:40 Absolutely, that's right. And you know what
14:42 you always wanna get things close to home.
14:44 That's right, that right. So you know your
14:46 grocery store there, get it. That's right.
14:48 Ask the manager can you get it. And the last thing
14:50 we're gonna add is our milk. Okay. This is your
14:53 soy milk. Hmm, this is our soy milk. Okay at this
14:57 particular point in time everything is ready to
15:02 incorporate. Yeah. Now we add the sauteed
15:05 vegetables in our mixture here. We're gonna add
15:08 this. Good, doesn't it look good? It smells good.
15:11 Yeah, that's right. Starting to look like Quiche
15:14 already. That's right and not only that Jill you
15:18 want, you know when you do a dish like this
15:20 you want it to be soul-filling. Yeah.
15:22 That's right. You know once you eat, you know
15:24 you're not hungry and you don't have to go back
15:27 for thirds and fourth and you know stuff like that.
15:29 That's right. So we're gonna mix all of these
15:32 together okay. Yeah that's right. And I know
15:35 on the recipe when you read it. It say one deep
15:39 pie shell, yes, or two. Yes, so we're gonna put
15:42 this now, the one that I made before. I made a
15:46 deep dish pie shell. Oh! Fine okay yeah.
15:49 And I mixed it all up, all of this and I pressed it
15:53 down real good and once it baked? It was a very.
15:57 It held together. Yes, yes, so this is what you
16:00 want to do. Okay. Once we mix all of these goodies
16:04 together. Yeah, it looks good. It smells good.
16:07 That's right. It smells so good. Oh! Yeah I can
16:11 smell it. Okay. Standing over here I can't,
16:13 but over here yeah it smells very good.
16:16 Yeah, alright, very nice, you have to try this.
16:19 Yes, okay now could you pass all of the pie shells?
16:22 Absolutely, there you go. Okay, now we just wanna
16:26 want me to hold the bowl for you. Please. Okay.
16:28 Got it? Got it. Okay. We're gonna add
16:31 half of this one, okay. Add to this one, okay.
16:40 We may need to put a little more in that first one.
16:42 Okay. But I just want to make they have equal.
16:44 Absolutely, right, you don't want one stuffed
16:47 full and the other one skipped. Add some more
16:51 in the other one. Okay, good. So it perfectly
16:55 works out for two dishes, yes, I can see this.
16:57 Yeah, but I like to say again if you have the real
17:00 deep dish pie. Yes. You can always add, you know
17:05 make one big one. Yeah. And then you know just
17:08 my husband and I, you know I make a deep one
17:10 and I cut it in half and freeze half of it okay.
17:13 You want here or the other one. Well just put
17:15 it in here. I think this one's more. Okay.
17:18 Alright lets get all those wonderful. Yeah
17:21 that's right, get everything. Okay,
17:24 that's right great. Okay alright. Now,
17:27 at this point, so you could freeze this? Yes,
17:30 oh most definitely. Most definitely.
17:32 It just takes a lot of time. You go home from work
17:34 and who has time to spend a lot on cooking
17:36 stuff and so I like that. But you know always
17:38 remember this, put a lot of love in your food.
17:41 Yes. Okay, because you know even this is quick
17:45 and easy, but you know, you know you want your
17:48 family to know that you put a lot of love,
17:50 that's right, in each one of these recipes.
17:52 That's right. So viewers, this is something else
17:54 you can try and you will love it. That's right,
17:58 you know I love that Ozella because you can
18:00 slap the food on the table and tell your family
18:02 come eat, but if you don't care about them,
18:05 if you don't love them, you know, yes.
18:07 If you don't want to serve your husband and your
18:08 kids and your family and friends that makes such a
18:11 difference. Yes. And they can tell. Okay. You know
18:15 what that's what my mom always said. Family time
18:19 around the table is a special time. Oh! So
18:23 these all comfort foods that you know we want to
18:26 show the viewers, that's right, that you can sit at
18:28 the table and enjoy and not you know work yourself
18:31 to death preparing meal. Praise God. Okay.
18:33 I'm all for that. Alright. Now how long do we bake
18:36 these in the oven? Okay, let's see on here we bake
18:38 this for 375 for an hour and 15 minutes okay.
18:44 Okay good, alright and then you take them out
18:45 and you're ready to go. Oh! Yes and remember
18:48 those cabbage, those steamed cabbage. Yeah,
18:50 what are we gonna with our cabbage. Okay now
18:52 let's see how they're looking to you. Oh! okay,
18:56 Yeah, alright. It's really cooked out. Yes.
18:59 This is at the point now you wanna add the
19:01 Jalapeno and the red pepper. And the red
19:04 pepper okay, alright, let's do that. Okay.
19:06 Now you added the seasoning. Yes, I added
19:08 the seasoning already when they was cooking.
19:10 Okay we're just gonna add. Very nice, let's get
19:18 all of it at lower levels. Yeah. And this is like
19:22 your side vegetable with your Quiche. Yes, yes.
19:25 Perfect and it's so easy. Exactly. You know
19:28 there's no work really. I love it. The pot does
19:31 all the work here. Okay. Okay, alright, it looks
19:35 good. You want a paper towel there for you hand.
19:37 Yes. Yeah that's looks really good. And remember
19:40 you know I talked a little bit about the collards.
19:42 Yeah. Okay remember now once you take them out
19:45 of the water you don't add any more water because
19:47 the water comes off of them from the last washing.
19:52 Okay yeah. Okay, but now we're also,
19:54 we're talking about the cabbage, but also the
19:56 same method for the collards. Okay good. Okay,
19:58 yes and so you led them simmer just 15 minutes,
20:02 yeah, and permeate the whole house.
20:04 That's right you can smell it. Okay. It smells
20:06 really good. And you got your meal. That's right,
20:09 and then we need a salad and salad dressing
20:11 to go with that. Let's read our recipe for that. Okay.
20:14 For the Cucumber Tofu Dressing you need:
20:17 ½ of a cucumber, ½ cup silken tofu,
20:22 1/4 cup raisins, 1 tsp. sea salt,
20:26 2 tbsp. nutritional yeast flakes,
20:29 2 tbsp. sunflower seeds and the juice of 1 lemon.
20:35 Well, we're here with our salad dressing and salad
20:38 we're gonna put to complete our whole
20:39 dinner meal. Yes, yeah. Okay. Show us how to
20:42 make it here? Very simple, good, and very easy.
20:46 Light but wholesome serve. Oh! I like that,
20:49 perfect. Okay, first of all lets put the silken tofu
20:53 here first okay. Now this is tofu that just
20:55 has silken? Yes. Okay good. And let's cut this
20:59 cucumber just a little bit. You're gonna put in the
21:01 skins too? Yes. Give it a nice green color.
21:04 Give it a nice green color and more flavor.
21:06 Yeah. That's true, that's right, okay. Yeah.
21:09 And then we're gonna add our sunflower seeds.
21:11 Okay. Good. Add fresh lemon juice, yes I like the
21:17 fresh so much better than the stuff in a bottle.
21:19 And Jill, not only that, the raisins, yeah.
21:23 The raisin gives us such a good flavor.
21:25 I love raisin in my salad. Yeah. So I say why not
21:27 we put raisins in the salad dressing, so you know
21:30 also it's good. You know I never thought about that.
21:31 Yeah, so this is a new thought for me. Okay.
21:33 Putting raisins in that and I like that, it's good.
21:35 Alright. Now we're gonna blend all of this. Good,
21:40 get all those raisins in there. We need them all.
21:42 Okay. Now we're gonna blend this until its cream.
21:47 We're gonna make some noise. Okay, let's see
21:50 here now. It's all low, I don't know if you want
21:53 it high enough. Well let's start it from low. Okay.
22:11 Okay, alright, how's it looking? Real creamy.
22:15 Whoa! Isn't that nice and creamy. Alright.
22:18 I like that Ozella. Okay let's just drizzle a
22:21 little bit over the salad. Yeah we have a cute
22:23 salad here. What you put in this salad?
22:24 That's cucumber and tomato salad with a little
22:29 sprigs of Alfalfa. Yeah, I like that and the rings
22:33 of the onion. Yes. That makes it all good.
22:35 And also don't forget the little cherry tomato.
22:38 That's right we can't forget. Okay let's drizzle
22:41 just a little bit over our salad. Okay.
22:45 Doesn't that look, it smells good. It smells
22:47 a little bit sweet. I can smell the raisins in it.
22:50 Okay. And the color is good. Do you know that?
22:55 Thank you, yes. How did you come up with the
22:56 recipe? Just something I just went around with.
23:00 That's amazing. Yeah, but it's a great salad recipe.
23:03 Yeah that's right I'm can't wait to try it.
23:06 And guess what? What? No fat. Isn't that amazing,
23:10 yeah great stuff. You know even when we use the
23:13 sunflower seeds, but the sunflower seeds are the
23:16 natural fats that our body recognize and needs.
23:19 Absolutely right. So we need think that it's a
23:22 winner. Oh! Absolutely, I think it's a winner too.
23:26 Now how do you come up with most of your,
23:27 your different recipes? Just trial and error in the
23:29 kitchen or I know you love to cook. I love to
23:32 cook, but you know what, a lot of times when I'm
23:34 talking about recipes and I said Lord you know
23:38 I don't know what I'm doing, so instruct me
23:40 in the kitchen, but remember, the Lord gave us
23:43 chances and the Spirit of Prophets tell us that
23:46 when we want council and when we want
23:49 knowledge we should ask of God. Amen. and,
23:52 the Bible says that too. Yes. From James,
23:54 any of you lack wisdom, lets ask of God. Exactly,
23:57 that's right. So what better person to go
24:00 to then the one that created us. Okay. He knows
24:04 about our taste buds, right. Exactly.
24:05 He knows what food is good for our body. Yes.
24:08 That's right. And you know what most of all
24:11 when you eat it you feel good. Yeah that's right,
24:14 praise God for that. Oh! Yeah. Viewers,
24:17 I hope you'll try these recipes and enjoy
24:21 the time with your family. Amen. Because family
24:24 time is the time that everyone want to come
24:27 together. Amen. Okay. That's right we had a
24:29 good time. Yes, alright. Well, we hope you had a
24:32 good time too. In just a moment we will be back,
24:34 we wanna show you all the final dishes that we
24:36 made here today, but first we're gonna recap those
24:38 recipes if you didn't get them down in time, you
24:40 can rewrite them or fill in the missing blanks and
24:43 we'll be right back with all those finished products.
24:47 We hope you've enjoyed cooking with Ozella.
24:50 Now let's take a moment to review family dinner
24:52 recipes. For the Steamed Cabbage you will need:
24:55 1 small cabbage, 2 tbsp. of chicken style seasoning,
25:00 2 tbsp. of oil, 1 Jalapeno pepper diced,
25:04 ½ tsp. sea salt and ½ cup sliced red peppers.
25:09 For the Chicken & Veggie Quiche. You will need
25:12 1 deep dish pie shells, 2 tbsp. olive oil,
25:17 1 chopped onion, 4 chopped garlic cloves,
25:22 ½ cup diced red peppers, ½ cup diced yellow peppers,
25:28 1 cup veggie chicken strips, 1 cup streamed spinach,
25:33 2 cups shredded potatoes, 2 cups of corn,
25:37 3 tbsp. chicken style seasoning,
25:40 1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper and 1 tsp. sea salt,
25:45 1 pound extra firm tofu, ½ cup plain soy milk,
25:51 3 tbsp. cornstarch, 2 tbsp. vegan Parmesan cheese,
25:58 ½ cup yellow soy cheese and 1 cup white soy cheese.
26:05 For our Cucumber Tofu Dressing you will need:
26:08 ½ of a cucumber, ½ cup silken tofu,
26:12 1/4 cup of raisins, 1 tsp. of sea salt,
26:17 2 tbsp. nutritional yeast flakes,
26:20 2 tbsp. sunflower seeds and the juice of 1 lemon.
26:25 If you would like more information on how to
26:27 contact Ozella or if you would like to receive
26:30 today's recipes please write to 3ABN, PO Box 220,
26:36 West Frankfort, IL 62896 or you may call us
26:42 at 1-800-752-3226. That number again is
26:48 1-800-752-3226. Now let's take a
26:53 look at our finished recipes with Ozella.
26:57 Welcome back friends, we're here with the
26:59 delicious dinner aren't we? Alright yes.
27:01 That's right. Let's look what we made today.
27:03 Okay. First of all you know we did our
27:06 Steamed Cabbage with Jalapenos and red peppers.
27:11 That's right, it looks so good. Okay. And remember
27:13 our Quiche. That's right, doesn't that look good?
27:16 That's your deep dish? Yes. That's the deep dish
27:18 exactly. I like it, very nice and very good.
27:22 Thank you and also our Salad dressing.
27:25 That's right, all of our salads. Over our salads.
27:27 Yeah it looks so good. I can't wait to try these
27:30 try recipes. Alright. Yeah thank you for coming.
27:33 You know what I can't wait to try them myself.
27:36 That's right. And we hope you can't wait to try
27:38 them either. Exactly. Thank you for sharing
27:40 your talents with our friends at home
27:42 we had a good time. I'm so happy to be here.
27:43 That's right. Well, friends we hope that you
27:46 enjoyed this program. We hope that you take
27:47 these recipes to make your family, that you
27:51 serve them with love to your family and to your
27:53 friends. And until we see you next time may
27:55 God bless you and keep you and happy cooking.


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