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00:01 Have you ever wanted to take a trip around the world,
00:03 I know I have wanted to go different countries and same
00:06 for the cuisine. Today we are gonna start out by
00:08 going to China. A guest we were gonna
00:11 go next you have to wait and find out.
00:46 Hello friends and welcome to another program of
00:49 Lets Cook Together. My name is Jill Morikone and I
00:52 will be your host today as we travel around the world
00:54 sampling delicious international cuisine.
00:57 I have a special guest with me here in the studio she
00:59 is my good friend Bev Cook and she comes all the
01:02 way from the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.
01:05 Welcome Bev. Thank you Jill it's really wonderful
01:07 to be back, it starting to feel like home here at 3ABN.
01:10 That's right it feels like home to us every time the
01:12 Bev comes here. You are director of New Life New
01:15 Health? Yes we are. And tell us a little bit about
01:18 your ministry. I know last time you came here you
01:20 having involved in doing Lifestyle Centers. Where
01:23 people would come but, what are you doing now?
01:25 Well managing Lifestyle Centers now instead of
01:28 running them on day to day basis. We have four centers
01:31 currently and we hoped to open a new one just after
01:33 the first of the year. That's exciting, really it.
01:36 Yeah I know you have the one in North Carolina,
01:39 yes, Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina then you
01:41 just open one in California. California North of
01:43 San Diego, okay, there is one in Kentucky and there
01:46 is one in Florida. Nee, and people are lining up to
01:50 go to them. Oh! Praise God where is the new one
01:52 opening? It's in Fallbrook California North of San Diego.
01:56 Its close to the ocean, okay, its very beautiful
01:59 the last week was the first week they open and they
02:02 good, okay, good showing. Oh! That's exacting then
02:05 you open you new one in few month's in the future
02:06 in New York right? We are planning on it.
02:08 Okay, and I don't know where from there, but the
02:10 Lord knows. That's right absolutely. You know I think
02:12 so many people need lifestyle centers. Oh!
02:15 They do, because you think what I'm not quite sure
02:17 how to cook this way and I'm not sure what to do.
02:20 And I know my health isn't good but what I'm supposed
02:22 to do about it. Right, so what's the good thing you
02:23 are doing, right, we appreciate and you are going
02:25 to Peru in a couple of weeks. Yes, well one of the
02:29 ladies that came through our lifestyle center
02:30 overcame multiple sclerosis on this lifestyle. Amen.
02:35 And she wants to us to come down there because
02:37 her church members are asking what did you do?
02:40 And she need someone to teach him step by step so
02:43 we are going down there and is about a 160 people
02:46 signed up to attend it that's far. Praise God that's oh!
02:48 That's wonderful, well let's get cooking I can't wait to
02:51 go around the world. Okay, we are going to China
02:53 first you guys, yes, and we making salad what kind
02:56 of salads? It's called Chinese broccoli and
02:58 almonds Wow lets read that recipe for
03:01 the Chinese Broccoli Salad. You will need.
03:04 3 c. broccoli tops, chopped
03:07 ½ c. toasted almonds, sliced
03:10 For the dressing you need.
03:11 1 jalapeno pepper 1 garlic clove
03:16 1/4 c. extra virgin olive oil 1 tbsp. sea salt
03:22 1/4 c. pine nuts ½ avocado
03:27 1 tbsp. fresh lemon juice. You know that sounds good.
03:32 It is very easy and very nutritious both,
03:35 it have a lot of fiber, yes, and all the nutrients or this
03:38 really peaking out. Yeah, so they are right to your
03:41 system. Absolutely let see how to make it?
03:44 Okay well I have already chopped up the broccoli,
03:46 I just took the tops put him in a food processor
03:49 and chopped them. You did the stocks as well or just
03:51 a tops. I just did the tops this recipe. Other
03:54 recipes we actually do use the stocks, okay.
03:57 So, we will put that in there and then in the food
04:00 processor I also did chop up the almonds then we
04:03 put them in a toaster oven just a make him little tasty
04:06 it does and has the taste. Absolutely, and
04:09 almonds are like the kind of the nut. I love almonds.
04:13 Could you roast them oven too or is a toaster oven
04:15 better? You could, an top the stove anywhere,
04:17 anywhere okay good. We will just put those in
04:20 there and then I usually mix this up we are
04:24 going to mix it up again later, let just thoroughly
04:26 mixed. And then we will make a little dressing
04:29 right here, yeah and put on top of it. Okay,
04:31 I can smell the almonds you guys smells really good
04:34 I like that. Yes, the roasting and of the mix
04:36 difference. Right they are high and calcium and protein
04:39 those things people are very concerned about.
04:42 Okay well let's just put all of our ingredients,
04:45 this is a little personal blender Jill, okay, and so
04:48 you don't have to have a big blender you can just
04:50 have a small one for this little bit, yeah. So, first
04:53 of all we will put in a fresh jalapeno pepper,
04:56 that's gonna give it a little bite, absolutely.
04:59 And I did seed it, okay, that will help.
05:02 That will get read of some of that bit alright.
05:04 And then I also have the one clove of raw garlic
05:08 and we did take the skin off, yes. You don't have to
05:10 mince it because is all going to blend together.
05:13 That's the easy part I like that. Right, and then
05:15 a 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil. Actually we don't
05:19 cook with olive oil so much any more, we just using
05:22 raw dishes, okay. I cook with coconut oil or I
05:25 cook with grape seed oil they hold their structure
05:28 better under heat. Now yeah I was just gonna ask
05:30 why cant you cook with the olive oil?
05:33 It actually alters and molecular structure of the
05:36 minerals and olive oil. And that causes damage to
05:38 body or... It could in the long run its not major
05:41 but we try to reach for the ideal.
05:44 Absolutely that's right, okay. And then we will
05:47 put a tbsp of sea salt, this a sun dried sea salt
05:50 also has a lots of minerals, yes that's good.
05:54 Table salt is striped of most nutrients, yes.
05:57 So, this you getting the minerals include right,
06:00 that's right and it's often built. Exactly that's
06:02 my preferred method, that's right, and then here
06:05 is a 1/4 c pine nuts right here, alright, put those in
06:09 first. And then the half of avocado and you
06:13 wanna make sure your avocado is ripe.
06:15 Yes, this one is very ripe, its very soft I can feel
06:17 that. So, we will cut this in half, okay, some times
06:21 only by avocados you don't know how good they
06:24 are till you open them, yes. So, we will find out here.
06:27 This one is green and soft, that's good. I think it
06:30 will work. That's looks good to be. So, we were gonna
06:33 scoop it out and put it in the blender also.
06:36 That was half then avocado? Yes I'm just gonna
06:38 use one half. And the avocado is good essential
06:43 fatty acids in them and it's a very rich ingredient,
06:48 yes, and some people are afraid they will put weight
06:51 on them but actually with live enzymes in there that's
06:54 not such a big fear, yes. And when you are
06:56 not eating all the cheese and the all the meat and
06:58 all the other side, exactly, we will need all the fats
07:01 so it's a good thing. You do for your skin and
07:03 hormones and right on down the line. Right and
07:05 then this is the one tbsp of fresh lemon juice,
07:09 okay, okay so we put all those together.
07:11 And then I'm going to screw the blade on here so.
07:15 I thought that was the lid, but that's the bottom,
07:16 right I like this. Just a little personal blender,
07:21 I think you can find it around, and can us if they
07:24 need one, okay, and you line you this little tap and
07:28 groove and just push down. One nice thing about this is
07:40 light weight, you can shake it up. Yes that's nice.
07:43 Because we want that jalapeno they blend it,
07:45 that's right I saw it was the top, it wasn't get there
07:47 very good, right. Also to be sure sometimes it's
07:57 so easy just to open it up so lightly.
08:00 And we will take this and just maybe one more
08:02 time okay, actually, it looks good, it looks good,
08:05 it looks very good. Yeah sometimes if you see a
08:08 big something in there, yes, you might want to
08:11 keep blending it. So, we just put this in here.
08:15 Very nice. oh, looks good! It's green, yes,
08:19 you know I think the Lord is made so many green
08:21 things outside because he is trying to a get plan
08:24 get green into your body, yes, when I look at the
08:28 food value charts, green leaf is always seem to
08:31 rise to the top, okay. And all your highest food
08:35 nutrients. Green vitamins and minerals, green
08:36 antioxidants on the top as well okay.
08:38 Yes and unfortunately that's something that
08:40 Americans don't eat a lot off. You are right.
08:43 Greens, you are right, so with try heart it,
08:46 that's right. That's good so we would makes it would
08:48 you stick it in the fridge or? You can, in fact it
08:51 says to let it marinate for about 45 minutes and all
08:55 the different flavors can get in there together,
08:58 yes okay. And you can always put little more
09:01 avocado in there if you want. You can use the whole
09:05 avocado if you really want it too. Okay,
09:07 and lets just give a little bit of binding, that's right,
09:11 and taste. Oh yeah absolutely because we just
09:13 they broccoli wouldn't tasty, right, so you put that
09:16 dressing on it? Makes me want to eat.
09:19 Yes, what country are we going to next Bev?
09:23 Why don't we go to India Wow! That's all fun I
09:27 never been to India lets go to India. Okay.
09:29 You wanna read your recipe there for India.
09:31 Sure we will do the Curried Kale, okay good.
09:35 And it will have for the dressing.
09:37 10 cloves of garlic 3 tbsp. curry
09:42 1 tbsp. cumin 8 Madjool dates
09:47 1 ½ c. olive oil ½ c. lemon juice
09:53 2 tsp. sea salt 3 bunches kale.
09:57 That's sounds good, it is it's a easy also.
10:00 Absolutely and I really like kale. So, I'm excited
10:02 about this recipe. Good, we are going to start
10:04 by making the dressing, okay. And it calls for
10:06 10 cloves of garlic, but because my garlic cloves
10:09 are so big I'm just using 6, yes, we don't wanna
10:12 over power of anyone. Absolutely that's right.
10:15 And then we will use 3 tbsp curry and this will
10:19 turns this into in India yes. Lets this gonna say
10:22 that it makes it India dish right. You know was a
10:25 mild curry, okay, they are come in different
10:29 you know strengths. This is 1 tbsp of cumin, okay
10:35 in there. And then 8 Madjool dates, now I'm
10:38 found something call date paste. Alright what date
10:42 paste? And date paste is dates that as just been
10:45 pureed for you already, they will take in the pits out
10:47 pureed it, that's nice. And I've found if I do one
10:51 heaping teaspoon of the date paste that equals
10:54 one Madjool date. Okay and this is Madjool dates
10:57 in to the date paste. Right, okay can we get this
10:59 at the grocery store or it have to the health
11:01 food store? It's hard to find, I found it on the
11:03 internet. I don't know for a country life natural
11:06 foods, absolutely. Yes, and Patty is coming down
11:09 here in programs, oh good. Okay, so you got
11:12 up there? I did. Okay. That came right in UPS.
11:15 Okay so we put our dates in there, it can use
11:19 8 Madjool dates but you need to soft him them
11:21 lemon sunken water. Right, take the pits out.
11:24 The blender would be really working. Oh!
11:26 If that happen, okay next is the 1 ½ c. virgin
11:31 olive oil, yes now we are not we must not be
11:34 cooking this again I'm thinking for using olive oil
11:37 okay. That's correct, and then ½ c. lemon juice right
11:41 here, alright. Its nice you can find organic lemons
11:45 because they are bigger more juice, less seeds,
11:48 alright, that's really better, and 2 tsp. of the sea
11:52 salt. Our sea salt again yes its good. And then we
11:56 will just blend this up together, in the wider mix.
11:59 Yes I like the wider mix it's a good thing. I do too
12:02 you you have one Jill? I don't my poor blender grinds
12:05 and grinds, but still makes it. Well, put on your
12:08 wishes. That's right it is. Okay I'm gonna put this on
12:11 low which will still be very powerful. This is the
12:14 temper to put all those ingredients into the blades,
12:18 okay. Here goes. One nice thing about this is that
12:41 you don't have to let it blend as long because it's
12:43 more powerful. I was thinking that it makes really
12:45 short work of it, it does it through and quick.
12:48 Those are too big attributes. That's right, let me
12:50 just move this blender so you can get the other
12:52 one here. Okay and this is actually a food
12:58 and get you chopping, slicing, dicing it does a lot of
13:02 things for you. That's nice absolutely.
13:05 And I did buy some kale there its already chopped
13:08 that is not quite as fine is like it. Okay, so I'm going
13:11 to put some in here so the folks can get an idea
13:14 of just how wonderful a food processor it could be,
13:19 yes alright. Let put this in here. And I'm gonna use
13:23 the pulse feature to make this fine, if you just leave
13:25 it on it could almost go to a liquid state,
13:28 we don't want that you, no. Oh! Good yeah it's
13:36 much fine yeah see that absolutely. I usually just
13:40 I boil it know about how fine it is getting.
13:43 Yeah, let me do that one more time, alright,
13:47 get an idea, yeah that's good now kale good in?
13:50 Kale is one of those green leafy vegetables.
13:52 Yes it is kale is also high in calcium. And of course
13:58 fiber its got a good amount of chlorophyll
14:01 anything dark green does, okay. A lot of
14:03 fiber so it really moves things through the system
14:07 well neutralizes gives you rich blood. That's very key,
14:11 okay and being healthy. Yeah sounds good.
14:22 This is the great way to eat kale which is one
14:24 vegetable people don't eat much us.
14:26 Absolutely that's right. Yeah you see I don't
14:29 think I really kale. Well you know by itself a little
14:33 on the bitter size, yes absolutely, but when you
14:36 have it with all the other ingredients like curried
14:39 sauce. You can't even taste that kale.
14:42 Yeah, lets add this dressing here, I just looking at
14:44 the clock, yeah go right ahead. Can I pore him
14:46 dressing my I finish that. You may and then I
14:47 add this, if I can lid off, yeah here we go.
15:03 It look like a lot of kale that by the time we get
15:06 that dressing through it it's going to shrink in
15:08 size, yes, tremendously, okay there we go.
15:13 And normally you do quite bit a kale.
15:15 That three bunches, yes three bunches so this
15:17 might be little bit heavier, okay, then usual but
15:20 its very good. Oh! Yeah you may use your hand
15:22 alright we go ahead there we go. That's why she
15:26 is got the gloves along. Yes it tenderizes it and
15:29 now just let marinate for about two hours, okay,
15:32 so all those flavors will mixed together,
15:35 very nice yeah, and see how much which shrinks
15:38 them we have been able to use all the kale.
15:41 We had like three quartets of a bowl here, right,
15:43 that amazing, right, and then I just goes down
15:45 enough and really. Exactly so you've got concentrate
15:48 greens ready to eat and taste good. That's good,
15:50 this is a good way fro parents to get your kids to
15:53 eat vegetables right and to get your husband eat
15:56 vegetables right. Many ways, that right I like that.
16:00 What country we were going to next?
16:01 Lets go to the Mexico. Nice I love Mexican food.
16:06 Well let's read that recipe for our Mexicali
16:09 Corn Salad for that you need.
16:11 2 c. fresh raw corn kernels
16:15 3/4 c. red bell pepper, chopped
16:19 ½ c. scallion 1/4 c. cilantro, chopped
16:24 5 green olives, sliced 2 tbsp. lemon juice
16:30 2 tbsp. olive oil ½ tsp. ground cumin
16:36 You also need a pinch of cayenne to taste
16:39 And Celtic sea to taste.
16:42 For the dressing you need 1 c. vegenaise
16:46 1 tbsp. Mexican seasoning, 1/4 c. water
16:52 Alright I love Mexican food. Well you like this
16:55 one, this could a nice change from the typical
16:58 beans and tortillas which are good.
17:00 Oh yeah absolutely. But, this one is something
17:03 different. Yeah it got nice color I see. Oh yeah,
17:06 color is very key and health of your dish.
17:09 I don't know if you heard that off course,
17:11 the more color the more balance, okay, the better.
17:14 Good. We wanna wide spectrum of nutrients.
17:16 Yes, alright let see how to make it. Okay we are
17:19 just going to toss all the ingredients together;
17:21 first is the two cups of fresh corn. Okay.
17:24 Now corn is not in seasons so I bought frozen.
17:27 Okay so you can do either if it's not a season
17:29 for you. Right and 3/4 c. of chopped red bell pepper,
17:34 that's very good and high and antioxidants,
17:36 yes and I had the pepper has more vitamin C
17:38 then in the organs is that correct. I've read that
17:41 too I also always use either, orange, yellow or
17:44 red bell peppers nut the green so much.
17:47 Yes, because the green nut fully ripe, yes okay.
17:49 And then a half cup of scallions, oh yes,
17:52 right is must in Mexican food. Oh yeah it gives a
17:55 nice zing. And then it calls for fourth cup of
17:58 chopped cilantro, we have cilantro here,
18:01 that's fresh, right all I had was dried so you can
18:04 you have dried you use a third less of what it
18:07 calls for a recipe calls for fresh. Okay.
18:11 And if your recipe calls for dried then multiple it
18:13 times 3 if you using fresh. Okay that makes sense.
18:17 Okay, so I'm just going to guess, that's right why
18:20 they don't cooks. Yeah, half a teaspoon, okay,
18:23 you can add more last to taste on that. Alright,
18:27 okay and then five green olives, sliced, okay, good.
18:33 And those who are not Spanish olives there a little
18:35 bit high in sodium, okay, the ones with the tomato
18:38 so I like these better. Just normal ingredients okay.
18:41 And then 2 table spoons of olive oil there we go.
18:45 There we go and we are not cooking this again
18:48 because we are using olive oil right. Right and
18:50 here is the 2 tbsp. lemon juice, alright. And then
18:54 ½ tsp. ground cumin, alright. Oh yeah that will
18:58 give a good flavor, yes you can see the Mexican
19:01 Humming, yeah I can. Pinch of cayenne be real
19:04 careful with that. It can be over power, okay.
19:08 Sea salt to taste in this recipe I use about a
19:11 half a tsp. Okay, well I can it's a good guess to
19:13 go by I like that, okay yeah. And Jill I would like
19:16 you to mix it up. I will mix it here. Or you work on
19:18 dressing there. Right, well juice mixing I'm going to
19:22 put just 3 simple ingredients in this recipe.
19:25 One is the vegenaise. This is the healthy manias and
19:29 it will not familiar with these, yes, it doesn't have
19:32 eggs in it or sugar. It's made with grape seed oil.
19:35 And there is a few other safe ingredients in it.
19:37 Yes and you can bye actually even in the grocery store.
19:41 Right. If your grocery store has like a health food
19:43 section or something you can pick it. Right and you
19:45 do need to look in the refrigeration section.
19:48 Okay, because its very I mean they can go bad
19:51 if you leave it out, like most manias. Absolutely!
19:55 So there is our one cup of vegenaise, and then also
19:59 here is our tablespoon of Mexican seasoning. Okay.
20:02 And that's usually got like red chilly pepper a little
20:05 cumin things that make it mix. Oh that's a good
20:09 Mexican seasoning. Yes may be little bit cilantro
20:12 and one cup of water. Alright. So I am going to
20:16 just blend this together and actually this salad
20:20 has plenty of water in it just from the natural
20:23 vegetables you could eat as is. Okay. I am ready too.
20:30 People like dressings on their salad, so we made
20:32 this up, and its very good. And once again you can
20:38 shake this. Yes. Okay, and that's it. Good.
20:51 Pour this in. Well that looks good. Oh that looks
20:57 good, you can add as much as this one you
20:58 want. Right, yeah you can save it if you have
21:01 extra for another dish. Yeah, very nice.
21:03 And I use like that flatted spoon with it. Yes.
21:06 Now we are going to Mediterranean next, alright.
21:09 Where are we going? We are going to Greece
21:11 this time, for the Greek-Style Veggie Kabobs.
21:14 Want you to ready that recipe. Okay,
21:16 24 cherry tomatoes, 2 medium zucchini,
21:19 cut into one fourth inch piece, 2 large yellow
21:22 squash, cut into three quarter inch pieces,
21:25 2 red pepper, cut in pieces, 20 fresh mushrooms,
21:29 1 medium sweet onion, cut in quarters and pieces
21:32 separated, then for the marinade, you would put
21:37 in one fourth cup of extra virgin olive oil,
21:40 4 cloves of chopped garlic, one fourth cup fresh
21:43 lemon juice, 1 tablespoon grated lemon zest,
21:47 2 tablespoons fresh chopped oregano,
21:50 2 tablespoons chopped fresh mint,
21:52 ½ teaspoon sea salt, and 1/8 teaspoon cayenne.
21:58 Well this looks really good doesn't it Bev.
22:01 Yes it is good, not only looks good. I think its
22:04 going to be my favorite dish. It already has all the
22:06 colors there. Yes. And this has been marinating
22:09 the recipe sets for two hours, but the longer
22:11 it marinates the better it tastes. So I like this
22:15 marinate for about twelve hours now.
22:16 Oh good, now what are we going to do.
22:19 Now we are going to take a little skewer and let's
22:21 just take the different vegetables and the idea
22:24 is just to alternate colors. Okay. You really can't
22:28 mess this recipe up. Watch me on my daily tuner.
22:32 So I did the red tomato, and then if you
22:35 can get Vidalia onion, they are very sweet. Okay.
22:39 They don't offend anyone. You can now prick the
22:42 green and the yellow. Stick and nice close
22:45 together. Yeah, I do because they are going
22:47 to dry readily. Yes now we are putting them
22:50 in the hydrator. I see the hydrator next to you
22:52 there. Where can our friends can get one of these
22:55 hydrators? Well they can call me. Okay.
22:58 That's the best place because I get right out
23:00 to them. Okay. And the dehydrators come in four
23:03 tray, five tray or nine tray and the one I have
23:06 here is just a four tray, but they all work
23:08 wonderfully. You put it on a certain setting for
23:11 these would you? Yes I keep mine up between
23:14 95 and 100 to keep the enzymes live. Okay.
23:18 How long would it sit in the hydrator for. This recipe
23:22 says I believe four hours. Okay. And its not
23:26 actually going to dry it thoroughly it's just going
23:29 to warm it, but you will still have all your live
23:32 enzymes, so it's healthier for you that way.
23:34 That's right. You might even come up with some
23:39 other vegetables you want to put in here,
23:41 this just what was suggested. Tell me its okay.
23:45 It does. I pass the test. You pass the test.
23:47 You get mine stamp of approval. I will put one
23:50 over here, and then we just lay them right on
23:53 the tray, and then. Are they cute. Aren't they
23:57 cute, it would be great for like a picnic? Yes.
24:00 When other people are barbequing you can just
24:02 dry here veggie kabob. Yes. You just slide it
24:06 right in there. Okay. And then you put the
24:08 door on, like this, and once you plug it up it
24:12 turns it on. Yes. And here is the thermostat here
24:15 and I keep it right between 95 and 100 because
24:18 enzymes start to die at 107. Okay. So you are
24:22 trying to keep underneath that limit everything,
24:25 Right. Right, and people come to your lifestyle
24:26 center and they get work with the food too.
24:29 They do it's a real practical application where
24:33 they are in the kitchen doing what we are
24:34 doing here today. Yes I like that because
24:37 sometimes you can say well okay I see it in the
24:39 cook book or some think how I am suppose to
24:41 learn how to do this, so you are teaching people.
24:44 Right we gave them a evaluation at the end of the
24:46 program, and they say that the best component
24:48 was in the kitchen hands on. It takes a fear
24:51 out of it. That's fine, that's right, that's
24:53 exciting. Boy this look good I can't wait to try it.
24:56 Right. And they do a lot of different things
24:58 with dehydrator. Yes. Okay. We do paddies,
25:01 and we dry nuts and the kabobs in, lot of things.
25:04 Yes, that's exciting, and that way you keep those
25:06 live enzymes too, that's the good thing I like that,
25:09 yeah that's good. Okay well friends in just a
25:12 moment we will be back to show you all the final
25:14 products, all these dishes that we made going all
25:16 the way around the world. Yes. That was exciting,
25:18 and I had a good time today, didn't you.
25:20 I did, it feels like we just got home.
25:22 That's right, but we will be back, but first we want
25:25 to give you the way you can contact us here at
25:27 3ABN and you can get all these recipes at Bev's
25:29 contact information for yourself.
25:35 We hope you enjoyed today's program with Bev
25:37 Cook. Now lets take a moment to review our
25:39 ethnic salad recipes. For the Chinese broccoli
25:42 with almonds, you will need three cups of
25:44 broccoli tops, chopped, one half cup toasted
25:47 sliced almonds, one jalapeno pepper or one fourth
25:49 teaspoon dry, one clove of garlic, one fourth
25:52 cup extra virgin olive oil, one teaspoon seas salt,
25:57 one fourth cup pine nuts, one half avocado,
26:00 and one tablespoon of fresh lemon juice.
26:02 For the curried kale, you will need ten cloves
26:04 of garlic, three tablespoons curry,
26:07 one tablespoon cumin, eight mature dates,
26:10 one and half cups olive oil, one half cup lemon
26:13 juice, two teaspoons sea salt, three bunches
26:16 of kale. For the Greek style veggie kabob,
26:19 you will need twenty four cherry tomatoes,
26:22 two medium zucchini, cut into one half fourth inch
26:24 pieces, two large yellow squash, cut into three
26:28 fourth inch pieces, two red pepper,
26:30 cut into pieces, twenty fresh mushrooms,
26:33 one medium sweet onion cut into quarters and
26:36 pieces separated. The marinate for kabob is one
26:40 fourth cup extra olive oil, four cloves of chopped
26:44 garlic, one fourth cup fresh lemon juice,
26:47 one tablespoon grated lemon zest,
26:50 two tablespoons fresh chopped oregano,
26:52 two tablespoons chopped fresh mint,
26:55 one and half teaspoons sea salt, one eighth
26:58 teaspoon of cayenne. For the Mexican corn salad,
27:01 you will need two cups of fresh raw corn kernels,
27:04 three fourth cup of chopped red bell pepper,
27:06 one half cup scallion, one fourth cup chopped
27:09 cilantro, five green olives, sliced, two tablespoons
27:12 lemon juice, two tablespoons olive oil,
27:15 one half teaspoon ground cumin, pinch cayenne
27:18 to taste, celtic sea salt to taste.
27:20 For the dressing you will need one cup veganaise,
27:23 one tablespoon Mexican seasoing and 1/4 cup. water.
27:26 If you like to contact Bev Cook, please call
27:28 3ABN at 1-800-752-3226 for more information.
27:34 Now lets a look at our finished recipes with Bev.
27:41 Welcome back friends, we are here with this
27:42 delicious spread up ethnic food, aren't we.
27:45 We are. We traveled all over the country, lets look
27:47 where we went today. Okay the first one is the
27:50 Chinese broccoli and almonds, and we toasted those
27:53 almonds, that's really enhances the whole dish.
27:56 Next we went to India. We did that's the Indian
27:59 curried kale. And then Mexico. Yes that the Mexican
28:05 corn salad. All those color really denote something.
28:09 Yes, and there is a little dressing you can put
28:10 it on too, and lastly we went to Greece.
28:13 Greece, yes this is the Greek style veggie kabobs.
28:17 Oh they look good, I can't wait to make them at
28:19 home and try them, and try them here too.
28:21 Good, I will send some to home with you.
28:23 Thanks for coming Bev. We have a good time today.
28:25 Thank you, we did, and its always good.
28:27 Absolutely, well friends we hope you had as much fun
28:29 today as we have cooking for you here on
28:32 Lets Cook Together. Until we see you next time,
28:34 enjoy these recipes, happy cooking and God bless you.


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