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00:01 Do you believe that you are fearfully and wonderfully made?
00:04 It's true friend. Join us today on Life After Choice
00:09 and take hold of all that the Lord has declared you to be.
00:31 Hi, my name is Antionette Duck,
00:33 Welcome to Life After Choice.
00:35 In this series we are going to be exploring story after story
00:39 related to crisis pregnancy and abortion and brokenness
00:44 and the most incredible redemption.
00:46 This issue is so important to me personally
00:50 because I myself was rescued from abortion
00:54 and it was because of those who were willing to lift up
00:58 voices to speak on behalf of those who could not speak
01:02 for themselves that I myself was saved
01:05 and my mother along with me.
01:08 I am a part of a ministry called MAFGIA Ministries.
01:13 When I came into the Seventh-day Adventist Church
01:21 after studying for a period of time.
01:24 I was raised a Christian and knew the Lord
01:28 but as I began studying the Seventh-day Adventist doctrines,
01:32 I saw a truth there that I had not known previously.
01:37 I absolutely fell in love with this church,
01:41 I fell in love with it's teaching,
01:43 I fell in love with their love for the Lord,
01:45 I fell in love the way that they really sought Him
01:50 and wanted to honor Him with their lives.
01:52 The more that I became familiar though
01:56 with church doctrine, I was saddened by a silence
02:02 that surrounded this issue of abortion.
02:06 The Seventh-day Adventist Church has been given so much truth,
02:10 so much light and to be the standard bearer in so many
02:17 areas and my heart was to see this church, our church
02:22 be the standard bearer in every way, especially on an issue
02:27 as critical as this one that speaks about us being made
02:32 in the image of the Lord
02:33 of us literally bearing His likeness.
02:39 When I came across this silence, I was moved to do something
02:47 about it. I had actually encountered a woman who
02:51 happened to have a very providential conversation
02:54 with her and she said you know what, you don't do nothing.
02:58 You join, you become a part of this and you seek to change it.
03:03 So in January around early 2011, the MAFGIA Ministries began.
03:11 MAFGIA is a Hebrew word for "intercessor,"
03:15 it comes from the verse Isaiah 59:16.
03:18 We are committed as a ministry to interceding for the value,
03:23 for the sanctity of human life from our very beginning,
03:27 from conception until natural death but we're also committed
03:32 to reconciliation and redemption for women and men who have
03:37 experienced the tragedy of an abortion.
03:39 It's not a ministry where it's only concern with the value
03:46 of the child or only concerned with the value of the mother
03:49 the Lord holds all of us equally valuable and He wants all of us
03:56 to esteem the other as being equally valuable.
04:00 So we are very much seeking to reach everyone involved in
04:06 this situation, especially in the midst of a crisis pregnancy.
04:10 In this series, you are going to hear the most incredible
04:15 testimonies, testimonies of pain, of shame, of brokenness,
04:22 of women hiding, hiding the crisis pregnancy,
04:29 of women needing to... experiencing all sorts of self
04:36 loathing and self-hatred as a result of their abortion
04:40 experiences.
04:41 You're going to hear from men, men who can tell you that
04:45 they experience shame, they experience self-hatred,
04:49 they experience suicidal thoughts over not being able
04:54 to stop the abortion that was taking place, you will hear
04:59 of their own struggle...
05:01 You will hear from parents, parents whose daughter
05:04 became pregnant and what do they do because they're in
05:08 pastoral ministry, how are they going to survive
05:11 in the situation that they're in? and they are so concerned
05:14 with what other people are thinking.
05:17 You're going to hear so many stories that are raw,
05:20 they are gritty, they're vulnerable
05:22 and they are so desperately needed to be told.
05:26 Because the reality is, we are made in the image of the Lord,
05:33 that is simply true.
05:36 You listening to me today, you were created with purpose,
05:42 you were created with destiny and it's a purpose and a destiny
05:48 that you alone can fill. You possess intrinsic value,
05:53 eternal significance. These things are so fundamental
05:58 to who you are that they cannot be diminished and they will
06:02 never be destroyed.
06:05 You are not valuable because of what you do,
06:08 or what you've achieved or what you possess...
06:10 You are not valuable because of how intelligent you are,
06:14 or how wealthy you are or the kind of influence you have.
06:18 You're valuable because you are made in the image of the Lord.
06:22 The Lord is asking us to live in that place.
06:28 He's asking us to live with that kind of humility.
06:31 To acknowledge the fact that we are valuable because of Him,
06:36 It's Him and Him alone who established our value
06:40 through creation, He established our value, He fortified it
06:44 forevermore at the cross and it's something that no one and
06:48 nothing will ever be able to take away.
06:51 Abortion is a thing that can not be undone,
06:58 that's simply true, you can't undue abortion.
07:04 You can't roll back the clock, you can't turn back the hands
07:09 of time and if we're not willing to speak light into
07:16 that darkness. Where are men and women who have experienced
07:21 the tragedy of abortion? Where are they going to go?
07:26 One of the first times as a part of the MAFGIA Ministry
07:32 when I founded it in early 2011. I later met my partner
07:37 Diane Wagner who is now my partner in the MAFGIA Ministry
07:41 and she invited me to come and speak to various groups
07:45 of people and one of the first groups of women I ever spoke to,
07:49 there was a woman who confessed, in this group of people
07:55 who she knew, but none of them knew that she had
07:59 had an abortion. She confessed that the enemy of her soul,
08:04 the evil one. One of the things he attacks her with
08:07 is the reason your children don't believe in the Lord
08:12 is because YOU had an abortion.
08:14 Think of that, think of the weight of that condemnation
08:20 what is she going to do? She is not going to run to the Lord,
08:26 she's not going to run to the one she thinks condemns her.
08:28 So what does she do?
08:31 Well she tries to fill herself up, she tries to make it ok.
08:35 She pays penance in a hundred different ways seeking to right
08:39 a wrong that never can be righted outside of the cross.
08:44 If we are not speaking into that place,
08:49 if we are not speaking into that darkness, there is nowhere
08:54 that she has to go. Nowhere that's going to set her free,
08:59 nowhere that's going to be life giving and redemptive.
09:02 This is something the Lord has given us to do as individuals
09:08 has given us to do as believers.
09:12 We're not saved because we've never sinned.
09:16 We were not saved because we are always perfect.
09:20 We're not saved because we've never done anything wrong.
09:23 We are saved by faith in Christ alone, we're saved because
09:29 we're covered by the blood of the Lamb.
09:32 That is HOPE!
09:35 Abortion is a thing that cannot be undone,
09:39 but that is not the end of the story.
09:42 The end of the story is the cross if we will allow it to be.
09:47 The story of the cross is the story of redemption.
09:51 That is what we have the opportunity to give the world.
09:57 That's what we have the opportunity to give men and
10:01 women, young and old, pastors and lay people.
10:05 That's what we have a calling to do.
10:10 The question is, will we do it?
10:14 The stories that you are going to hear this week
10:17 are so incredibly critical because they prove this need.
10:24 They prove the way this issue has affected us as individuals,
10:30 the way it's affected us as a church, the way it's affected
10:33 us in society and in culture.
10:36 Women have been made to suffer in silence and so to have men,
10:43 and will we be a people who say, you know what?
10:47 Women deserve better than abortion, men deserve better
10:52 than abortion. The unborn deserves better than abortion.
10:58 We as individuals, we as a church will get into
11:03 the trenches with these people in Crisis Pregnancy.
11:06 We won't reject them, we won't throw them, toss them to the
11:11 side or toss them in a corner and say this is too shameful
11:15 to deal with. We will be willing to go to uncomfortable
11:19 places, to have uncomfortable conversations so that the
11:23 captive can be set free.
11:27 The Lord is calling us to worship Him.
11:34 There's a verse in Revelation that says "worship Him who made
11:38 earth and sun and sky" and I could say and you.
11:45 Worship the one who made you. Do you realize that you were
11:55 literally brought into existence by the hand of the Lord?
11:59 Do you realize that His finger literally brought you into
12:06 existence and crafted you and designed you?
12:09 There is nothing about you that is accidental.
12:12 You originated in the Lord's mind. As one author said,
12:18 You were His idea and He put you here at this time
12:24 in the earth's history. There is such incredible purpose
12:29 to you and it has existed from your beginning
12:34 from your very first moments when the Lord created you
12:39 and brought you into existence.
12:41 The purpose and destiny in your life was there.
12:45 Well, you know what, it was also there for every other
12:51 human being who has ever existed, it was there for the
12:56 unborn. The value that they possess, the purpose that
13:02 the Lord into and onto their life, it has existed from their
13:07 very beginning. Will we choose to worship the Lord
13:12 not only as our creator, but as the creator of every human being
13:19 whoever was and ever will be?
13:23 Will we choose to say yes to the Lord in this way?
13:29 There are countless men and women who are desperate
13:36 to believe that the grace of the Lord is sufficient for them
13:40 because they have abortion in their past.
13:43 There are countless men and women who are in the midst,
13:48 the crucible of the crisis pregnancy and they are
13:53 desperate to believe that the Lord is for them,
13:57 that He's not set against them, that they haven't failed
14:00 so completely in winding up in this situation that He's
14:05 rejected them. They are desperate to believe
14:08 what is true, but who is going to tell them.
14:14 That's you, that's me, that's us. Will we do it?
14:21 Will we take the hand of the Lord. Will we walk side by side
14:25 with divinity and say YES! I choose to believe what
14:30 you have said about my value. I choose to believe what you
14:33 have said about the redemption that is available for me
14:36 and I choose to believe in the value you have written into
14:39 every single human being. Say YES!


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