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00:01 My mother was pregnant.
00:03 She was living with an abusive husband,
00:05 and she was determined to have an abortion.
00:08 Suddenly,
00:09 the one thing she thought would buy her freedom
00:12 was stripped away from her.
00:14 How did she manage to survive?
00:16 Join us today on Life After Choice.
00:34 Hi, my name is Antionette Duck.
00:37 Welcome to Life After Choice.
00:40 When my mother first believe that she was pregnant,
00:43 she was living in an incredibly abusive marriage.
00:47 Her husband, my biological father
00:49 was addicted to drugs and alcohol,
00:52 and life could be extremely scary.
00:57 She decided she was going to have an abortion.
01:01 At that time, it was 1981,
01:03 and she was originally from California,
01:05 and abortions were free at that time in California.
01:10 So what she decided to do was
01:11 she was going to secretly put money aside.
01:16 And when she finally thought that she had enough money,
01:20 she was going to take that money.
01:22 She was going to go back to California,
01:24 have her abortion and be done with this relationship.
01:28 She began secretly giving money to a friend of hers
01:31 who she thought was trustworthy and dependable.
01:36 And when she finally thought that she had enough money,
01:40 she goes to this friend and says,
01:42 "I've got to get out of here.
01:43 It's time for me to go.
01:45 I need my money."
01:46 The friend turned to her and said, "What money?
01:50 I spent all of it."
01:54 Think of that, she was 20 something,
01:58 she was in an abusive relationship.
02:02 And she was entirely on her own.
02:05 There was nowhere that she could turn.
02:08 There was no one who she could turn to.
02:12 She had no way home, and she had no way out.
02:17 She had been experiencing morning sickness.
02:19 And so it was actually her husband
02:23 who knew that she was experiencing
02:25 this morning sickness.
02:26 He found an ad in the paper.
02:29 And the ad said, "Hey, I'm alive,
02:32 voice of the preborn, Columbus, Georgia."
02:34 Because she was in Georgia at that time.
02:37 And it was an advertisement for a crisis pregnancy center.
02:41 There was a church and they had started
02:43 a crisis pregnancy center out of their actual church.
02:49 So she calls, she makes an appointment.
02:52 And she goes in to see if she can get help
02:57 in some way.
02:59 When she goes in, they give her pregnancy tests,
03:02 they confirm that she is in fact pregnant.
03:03 And she said, "Will you please help me
03:06 have an abortion?"
03:07 And they said, "No, we won't help you
03:10 have an abortion.
03:11 But would you be willing to come back
03:13 for some counseling?"
03:15 She didn't know what else to do.
03:17 And so she agreed.
03:19 She said, "Okay, I will come back
03:21 for some counseling."
03:23 When she went in for her counseling session,
03:27 the counselor, the person who was seeking
03:30 to give her advice was speaking.
03:33 And she was halfway paying attention
03:35 to what was being said.
03:36 There was a magazine that was there in the office,
03:41 and it was a Life magazine.
03:44 Now, back in 1965,
03:46 Life magazine had done a photo spread of the unborn.
03:51 It showed the unborn in utero and it showed all of these
03:54 different stages of development.
03:56 It showed fingers, and toes, and arms, and legs,
03:59 all of this development
04:01 throughout the gestational period.
04:02 And as she sat there,
04:04 looking through the photos flipping page after page,
04:09 she was absolutely amazed.
04:11 When this issue came out in 1965,
04:14 it was the first time that the world had ever seen
04:17 the baby in utero.
04:18 And she herself, even though it was 1981,
04:21 she had never seen the child in utero.
04:23 She had literally been taught that the baby
04:25 was just a massive protoplasm.
04:28 So as she was looking at these pictures,
04:31 she was completely blown away.
04:34 And the Holy Spirit just fell on her truly,
04:39 truly moved her.
04:42 And she knew,
04:43 as she was looking at those pictures
04:46 that she saw arms and legs, that she saw hands and feet,
04:50 as she saw a face.
04:53 She knew, "Whatever happens,
04:57 I'm going to go through it with my baby."
05:03 Well, the baby that she saved was me.
05:07 And so here I sit over 35 years later,
05:12 because my mother chose life.
05:19 When I share this story,
05:20 what's important to understand
05:25 is that she chose life.
05:29 She loved me.
05:31 There was a purpose and a plan for me,
05:33 she knew it, and a purpose and a plan for her.
05:37 But our circumstances did not change.
05:44 Our household was still a scary place.
05:49 My father was very broken.
05:52 He was very wounded.
05:54 And he had suffered tremendous abuse
05:57 at the hands of people who should have loved him.
06:01 And because he had not found freedom, forgiveness,
06:06 healing at the cross,
06:08 through him the cycle continued.
06:13 So our circumstances did not change.
06:17 But you know what?
06:19 Neither did the faithfulness of our church.
06:23 When my mother needed a baby shower,
06:27 the church was there.
06:29 When my mother needed a job,
06:32 the church was there.
06:35 When we needed a safe place in the middle of the night,
06:41 the church was there.
06:44 They were with her.
06:46 They were with her in the midst of that crisis pregnancy.
06:51 And they were with her in the trenches of life.
06:57 It was absolutely incredible.
07:02 This is what we have the opportunity to do
07:05 as individuals.
07:07 This is what we have the opportunity
07:10 to do as a church.
07:14 These people who were willing to intercede for the value
07:18 of human life,
07:19 they didn't foresee what my life would be.
07:23 They didn't foresee who or what I would become.
07:26 They didn't foresee what my mother would be
07:28 or what she would become.
07:30 They didn't foresee what my father would be
07:31 or what he would become.
07:33 They were standing on truth,
07:36 and they refused to be silent.
07:40 For our sakes,
07:42 they were willing to have a difficult conversation.
07:45 For our sakes,
07:47 they were willing to go to uncomfortable places.
07:51 They were willing to intercede,
07:53 to intervene in the life of a woman in Christ and say,
07:57 "There is a better way.
07:59 Please, choose life and praise the Lord."
08:04 She did.
08:07 That is our story.
08:10 But you know, there is story after story,
08:13 woman after woman, man after man,
08:17 who they haven't had that kind of intervention
08:21 because people have decided to remain silent.
08:25 They decided this is too much for us to handle.
08:29 It's too scary a conversation.
08:31 It's too uncomfortable.
08:33 And those people are living broken,
08:36 devastated completely under the condemnation,
08:40 accusation and shame of their enemy,
08:43 the enemy of their souls.
08:44 They haven't found freedom and forgiveness at the cross.
08:49 Can you imagine the difference that would have been made
08:54 in their lives?
08:56 There are approximately a million abortions
08:59 that take place in America every year.
09:02 Can you imagine the difference
09:06 if people were willing to say,
09:09 I love you.
09:10 If people, our churches were willing to say,
09:14 I will walk alongside you.
09:17 And no matter what,
09:19 I'm not going to stop loving you.
09:21 I'm not going to abandon you.
09:23 I'm not going to leave you.
09:25 We will walk alongside you in the difficulties of life,
09:29 not because we're celebrating sin,
09:32 but because we know who our God is.
09:35 We know the value that He's placed
09:38 in every single human being,
09:40 and we refuse to be silent.
09:43 Think of the difference that would be made,
09:48 imagine!
09:52 When I was 23 years old,
09:56 I was working with a particular ministry
10:00 that deals with talking about abortion
10:03 and the value of the human being.
10:06 And I was on a college campus and I was speaking
10:09 to another young woman, who was 23.
10:12 And while we were speaking,
10:14 she shared her story.
10:16 She had chosen to have an abortion.
10:19 And she had experienced a tremendous amount
10:23 of family pressure.
10:24 Her grandmother, in fact, drove her to the clinic.
10:28 It really was a non-negotiable that she go through with this
10:33 and have the abortion.
10:35 And as she shared her story,
10:37 my heart was just filled with compassion,
10:41 with empathy for this young woman.
10:43 We were the same age.
10:46 And I shared with her my story,
10:49 how my mother had chosen life,
10:51 how she had tried to give money to a friend,
10:54 the friend had spent all the money
10:55 and the Lord intervened and she chose life.
11:00 And when I shared that story with her,
11:01 the young woman,
11:03 she, her eyes filled with tears.
11:07 And she looked down and she said,
11:09 "That's wonderful.
11:11 That's really wonderful
11:12 that your mom made that decision."
11:17 And I reached across to her,
11:20 and I took hold of her hand.
11:23 And I said, "Yes!
11:24 It is wonderful that my mother made that decision."
11:29 Because you know what?
11:31 I am here to tell you today
11:35 that you are forgiven.
11:39 Think of that.
11:41 There I was someone who had been rescued
11:45 from the very thing that she had done
11:47 to her own child.
11:49 There I was rescued from the very thing
11:53 that threatened to burden her with a condemnation
11:59 that she would not be able to escape on her own.
12:03 She was a new Christian.
12:05 And she was desperate to believe
12:06 that the grace of the Lord really was sufficient for her.
12:11 And I was able to speak life into this woman,
12:17 into her existence, into her experience.
12:20 Think of that.
12:22 The Lord preserved me,
12:23 had preserved me over 23 years ago,
12:26 and brought me to that place, to that woman, to that story.
12:30 And He allowed me to speak life into the death
12:35 that had taken place.
12:37 When I said, "You are forgiven,
12:41 the Lord has forgiven you.
12:43 Walk in the freedom that is yours."
12:47 She literally looked up with different eyes,
12:53 eyes that were full of hope.
13:00 This is what we have the opportunity to do.
13:04 This is why the Savior came to speak hope to hopelessness,
13:09 to heal the brokenhearted,
13:11 to free people from their captivity.
13:16 The evil one,
13:18 the enemy of my soul fully intended,
13:22 that my voice would never speak,
13:25 that my eyes would never see,
13:27 that my hand would never write.
13:31 But my voice does speak, my eyes do see,
13:35 my hands do right,
13:38 because of those who are willing
13:40 to stand in the gap.
13:43 They stood in the gap for me.
13:46 They stood in the gap for my mother.
13:50 They stood in the gap as Christ stands
13:52 in the gap for us, not as the savior,
13:55 but as an intercessor, as a reconciler.
13:59 They literally pleaded
14:00 as though God were pleading through them
14:03 to be reconciled to life, to choose life
14:08 and they changed the course of history.
14:14 This is what we have the opportunity to do
14:18 as individuals.
14:19 This is what we have the opportunity to do
14:22 as the church.
14:24 We have the opportunity to stand in the gap.
14:30 And if we will do that,
14:32 if we will choose to stand in the gap,
14:36 we will watch as there is so much life
14:41 after choice.


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