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00:01 There are only a few things in life you can't plan for,
00:04 like being born and it is especially difficult if no one
00:08 else is planning for you either.
00:10 No one that is, except for the God of the universe
00:14 who had a divine plan after all.
00:17 There is Life After Choice.
00:19 My name in Brian Hindman and this is my story.
00:40 There is a verse in the Bible that I've often wondered,
00:43 does it apply to me?
00:44 It's found in Jeremiah 1:5.
00:47 It says: "Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you."
00:51 Because of my experience and the circumstances surrounding
00:55 my birth,I have wondered, did God know me?
00:59 Me, before I was born and as my life has continued
01:05 and as I have grown, I believe that the answer is YES,
01:08 a resounding YES.
01:10 No matter who we are and no matter what the
01:12 circumstances are surrounding our beginnings,
01:15 that God knows us and has a specific plan and a purpose
01:19 for us. Well my story begins back with a young teenage girl
01:25 and a teenage boy who were together and had been dating
01:29 for a little while and as a result, there was an unexpected
01:34 or unplanned pregnancy.
01:35 As a result of this pregnancy of the lady that was my mother,
01:41 she was only 15 at the time, both her and my father
01:45 were sophomores in high school.
01:48 They were very scared about what had transpired
01:53 because of this pregnancy and so my mom, she was so afraid
02:00 as I have been told, that she kept this to herself
02:03 for a long time.
02:04 In fact she kept it to herself for over 8 months.
02:08 I was told this by her sister who actually shared a bedroom
02:13 with her, that she even kept it from her.
02:16 So private was she about this pregnancy.
02:18 Well it didn't take long as the pregnancy continued
02:24 though and got to that point, before she had to share or
02:29 tell her parents. My grandparents.
02:31 And they were faced with a difficult decision
02:34 and that difficult decision was, what should we do with him?
02:38 What should we do with this pregnancy?
02:40 Now it's interesting to me that I happened to born the same year
02:43 that abortion was legalized in 1973.
02:46 But I understand that abortion was never an option though
02:50 for my mother and so, they had another decision to make.
02:55 Would they keep me, because my mother was so young?
02:58 and she had a younger brother and a younger sister
03:03 one of which is only 9 years older than me and I could just
03:06 be raised with my aunts and uncles, but thinking they were
03:10 my brothers and sisters.
03:12 So they contemplated this for awhile and there was a strong
03:17 pull and desire to want to keep me and take care of me.
03:20 But I think God intervened and God saw that a day would come
03:27 when they would have to sit down and explain to me
03:29 that your brothers and sisters are really your
03:33 aunts and uncles and your mom and dad are really
03:38 your grandparents, grandma and grandpa and how that
03:41 would just be really confusing and devastating for me.
03:43 So the wise decision was made to put me up for adoption
03:46 and after seeking out some counsel, they wanted to
03:51 make sure I was adopted by a good family.
03:53 They found a person, a contact rather that knew of a family
03:58 that was in another state, that had been trying to plan
04:02 and start a family and they had been unsuccessful.
04:05 In fact this young family had had several miscarriages
04:11 and because of this, they thought they wouldn't be able
04:14 to have any children.
04:16 They decided they were going to seek out and try to find someone
04:19 to adopt and it just so happened that I came along at that time.
04:23 This young family out of state so my adoption as it was,
04:30 the way it turned out, it was supposed to be a
04:32 closed adoption.
04:33 That means that neither party would know about the other side.
04:36 They wouldn't understand or know the other names and the
04:40 other individuals involved.
04:41 But through some interesting circumstances, both parties
04:46 happened to find out the names of each other
04:48 relatively early on.
04:50 One of the things that happened was the hospital, when they
04:54 carried me to my adopted parents, the pastor rather
04:58 that carried me over, that was the go between,
05:01 they left the bracelet on my wrist...
05:03 It had my name on it and it also had my mother's name on it.
05:06 My adopted parents saved that for me and so we always knew
05:12 and I always had a name for my biological mother.
05:15 Well the family that adopted me, just so happened to be
05:19 a pastor, a young, just beginning the ministry,
05:24 Seventh-day Adventist pastor and his wife.
05:27 So I feel so fortunate and so blessed that even though my...
05:32 the beginnings of my life were really surrounded by
05:36 embarrassing circumstances, I was placed is a position
05:40 where I would have every opportunity to know God
05:44 and to learn about God and to find out His plan for my life.
05:48 So from the earliest days... My mother's a nurse
05:53 and although she had a rough childhood herself,
05:57 she was always very very loving.
05:59 One of the things that was so special was that we were born
06:03 on the same day, December 5.
06:06 So my mother would always tell me, you were my
06:10 birthday present, you were very special to me.
06:12 So I would always bask in her love and affection for me
06:16 and one of the wise things that my parents did for me
06:20 looking back now is... I was adopted when I was only
06:24 3 days old. But my parents, my adopted parents,
06:29 when they picked me up from the hospital and took me back
06:33 across the state line, back to where they were living,
06:36 they began telling me on the way home, Brian,
06:41 you are adopted and you are very special to us.
06:43 So they began to tell me this and they repeated that
06:47 every so often, every few weeks or so, my whole early life
06:50 so I can't ever remember not knowing what it was like
06:54 to not be adopted.
06:55 The way that they dealt with this situation in such an
06:59 open way, I think it really shows the importance
07:03 of being open with things that are difficult or hard.
07:07 I never had any stigma or any negative feelings
07:11 associated with being adopted.
07:13 In fact, I thought I was more special because I was adopted
07:17 rather than people that have their own children.
07:20 My parents came and picked me out, they came and got me.
07:23 So the Bible says in Proverbs 28:13, he that covereth his sin
07:29 shall not prosper: but whoso confesseth and
07:32 forsaketh them shall have mercy.
07:34 So I think that principle is so important, that we are open
07:37 with each other. We're open with God most importantly
07:40 because He already sees and knows everything,
07:42 so why would we want to be open with him so that we're not
07:45 covering and hiding from the mistakes that we've made
07:47 and we've all made mistakes but rather we're taking it
07:50 to Him and saying Lord, please I want you to
07:53 forgive me and to help me with whatever situation I've created
07:57 that is because of my poor choices.
08:00 Well, wouldn't you know it that my parents
08:02 who were not able to have kids, my adopted parents,
08:04 they got pregnant right after they adopted me and 11 months
08:09 after they adopted me, they gave birth to a girl.
08:13 So I have a sister named Kristen who is very close to me
08:17 in fact I find it very interesting that even though
08:20 we're not blood related, there's so many times
08:23 when we have met people and they have said
08:26 time and time again, you look just alike, you look so similar.
08:30 Same color hair, same color eyes and we'd been brought up
08:34 and been so close together that I would never even
08:36 consider that she's not really my sister, we're that close.
08:39 I don't think she would ever consider the same about me,
08:43 that I'm not really her brother.
08:44 Well one of the tremendous advantages that God gave me
08:48 through my parents, was the importance of
08:51 Adventist Christian education.
08:53 Placing me in elementary schools and high schools
08:56 that would give me the opportunity to learn
08:58 from a Bible perspective what God's will is for my life
09:02 and what His plans are for my life.
09:04 To realize that's the most important thing of all
09:07 is to find out what God's plans are and then to seek
09:11 to follow Him with His strength because He'll help us to do
09:14 His will. Right!
09:16 So going through Adventist schools and then later on
09:20 when I attended Southern Adventist University
09:22 for college, I decided to take Theology.
09:25 Because of my adoptive dad, because he was a pastor
09:29 and I looked up to him so much, I thought, I want to be
09:31 just like my dad. He was my dad in the highest sense
09:35 of the word. So I took Theology, but after several
09:39 years of taking Theology, I became scared of
09:43 public speaking and so I said this is too scary.
09:46 I began to ask for God to lead me an still guide me,
09:50 thinking this was too difficult, into a different direction.
09:53 So He led me into education and I had the privilege
09:57 after graduating from college of serving as a teacher
10:00 in high school for 18 years.
10:03 I had the privilege of serving and sharing with young people
10:08 and encouraging them who are in the same age as my parents
10:12 when they had me and made a mistake.
10:14 To be able to reach out to them and encourage them
10:17 and try to nurture them and lead them to trust God
10:21 with their lives and to realize that He has a plan for them,
10:24 so that was always a tremendous privilege...
10:27 But God had another still further plan that was
10:31 unfolding in my life
10:32 Boy, His plans are amazing, His thoughts are not our thoughts
10:37 and His ways are not our ways and His plan began to grow
10:40 in my heart from a conviction that He really was calling me
10:44 to serve as a full time pastor, just like my adopted dad.
10:50 So I was at this time still teaching but as the month
10:57 began to go by, I thought you know what,
10:59 I've got to explore this, I've got to trust that God
11:03 is going to be calling me to do something that He
11:06 will equip me to do, even though I am afraid of
11:08 public speaking and I'm scared of getting in front of people
11:10 I'm going to trust that He is going to show me and help me
11:13 to be able to do that if that's what he is calling me to do.
11:15 So I quit my job as a teacher and I waited and searched for,
11:21 sent out my resume to different conferences and churches
11:25 and got no response.
11:26 In the meantime, I thought what can I do
11:30 because I still have this conviction that God wants me to
11:33 serve Him in such a precious important capacity
11:37 and so I decided to go to Amazing Facts Center of
11:41 Evangelism and learn on working practical evangelism
11:45 training skills.
11:46 So while I was at Amazing Facts in California,
11:49 I received a phone call from a church in Hendersonville,
11:53 North Carolina that said, we need an Associate Pastor
11:57 and we want to interview you, we think you would do
12:00 a great job.
12:02 So low and behold, I find myself being flown across
12:04 the country from California out to North Carolina
12:07 and interviewing for what I thought was from my earliest
12:12 days, when I was just a very young person, I always dreamed
12:15 of being a pastor and then low and behold I was
12:18 hired to be a pastor.
12:20 By the grace and privilege of God, the last three years
12:25 I have been serving now as a teacher and a preacher
12:29 and visiting and sharing and giving Bible Studies
12:33 in a wonderful church there in Hendersonville, North Carolina.
12:36 So God isn't finished with me yet, He has led me to a
12:39 wonderful woman that is such a, not only is she a
12:43 beautiful woman but she is also God fearing.
12:46 She is a tremendous compliment and support in my life
12:50 and we have one incredible son who is attending
12:53 Weimar Institute out in California and we are thankful
12:57 for the way the God is leading in his life.
12:58 One of the things that is so important that I have learned
13:03 is that God is inviting and calling all of us
13:06 to be part of His divine family.
13:09 As I mentioned at the beginning, heritage and ancestry
13:12 matters and God is calling us to be part of the greatest,
13:16 most wonderful family of all and we find this in the
13:20 scriptures in John 1:11-13.
13:25 Notice what the Bible says here in John 1:11-13
13:29 and this is the experience of Jesus. It says:
13:32 "He came unto His own, and His own received Him not."
13:35 Jesus knows what it is like to be rejected,
13:38 He knows what it is like to be separated from His family
13:40 and to be an outcast. Now verse 12.
13:44 "But as many as received Him, to them gave He power
13:48 to become the sons and daughters of God,"
13:52 The ability, the invitation and privilege to be His sons
13:58 and His daughters.
13:59 Notice what it says here right after that.
14:02 "Even to them that believe on His name."
14:04 If we receive Him and if we believe on His name
14:08 these are the prerequisites that are necessary
14:09 in order to be part of His family.
14:11 We can do that right now. The last verse says:
14:15 These who do this which were "born, not of blood,
14:19 nor the will of the flesh, nor the will of man,
14:22 but of God."
14:24 To be born of God, means to be part of His family
14:28 and to have the greatest privilege in the universe
14:31 to be His son or daughter.
14:33 So today I want to invite you to accept Jesus
14:36 and to believe on His name, because He has a plan
14:38 for your life, just as He had a plan for my life.
14:41 He will show you if you will just reach out and ask Him
14:45 to do so.


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