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The Crucifixion, Pt. 2

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00:01 And we are back.
00:02 So Pilate wants to please the Jews,
00:04 so he tries to, he tries the Barabbas experiment
00:07 and they don't accept it.
00:09 And now he scourges Jesus
00:12 and it seems that they don't accept that.
00:14 As a matter of fact it says here in verse 6
00:16 that they were not sympathetic
00:18 at all but rather they said, "Crucify Him, crucify."
00:21 So they really want Him dead, there are no other options.
00:26 But, Pilate is implacable.
00:27 In verse 7 he says, "I find no basis for your charge."
00:32 You see, there is no basis for this thing.
00:36 So it's very clear that Pilate is holding firm.
00:43 He does not believe that Jesus should be released.
00:46 The Jews are holding firm, the leadership
00:48 there because they want Him dead,
00:51 so they had an impasse and Pilate said a delicate point
00:55 here because of his vulnerable ability,
00:58 he needs to resolve the situation in someway
01:01 and that's why he is indecisive.
01:04 He knows what the right thing
01:06 to do is and yet he cant quite bring himself to do it.
01:08 So both of them find things aren't working.
01:12 And again that's clear in verse 6 and it says that
01:14 "Therefore, when the chief priests
01:16 and officers saw Him, they cried out, saying,
01:18 'Crucify him, crucify Him.'
01:21 And Pilate said to them,
01:22 you take him, and crucify him.
01:24 I find no fault in Him."
01:26 You see, it's not working for either side.
01:30 The Pilate is not convincing the leadership
01:33 of that Jesus should be released even the sympathies,
01:38 you know, look at this poor guy.
01:40 What kind of threat is He?
01:42 Clearly, Jesus is not a threat to Rome.
01:44 But the Jews are not convincing Pilate that he is a threat.
01:48 He is innocent, he says,
01:50 "I find now basis for a charge against him."
01:52 So something has to change to get things off center
01:55 and that happens in verses 7 and 8.
01:58 The Jews answered him,
02:00 "We have a law, and according to our law he ought to die,
02:04 because he made himself the Son of God.
02:07 Therefore When Pilate heard that saying,
02:09 he was more afraid."
02:12 There you see what happened,
02:14 they turned it, they came with a civil charge.
02:18 He's a threat to Caesar.
02:20 They now realize there is no way Pilate's
02:22 ever going to be convinced to that.
02:25 He sees that Jesus is not a political threat to Rome.
02:28 So now they turn the charge,
02:31 they turn it to a religious thing,
02:32 the very thing they were afraid to do at first,
02:34 they say no, this is really about our law.
02:36 According to our law, He needs to die.
02:39 Now Pilate has been wrong about the law
02:43 over and over again, the Jewish law.
02:45 He had misunderstood, he had not listened to them.
02:50 He had done things that unnecessarily offended
02:53 the people and the leadership, so he is afraid now.
02:58 Oh, oh, I'm fallen into one of these again.
03:03 Now, what was he afraid of because it says
03:05 here he was more afraid, that mean he was already afraid.
03:09 Another thing is, it doesn't seem that--
03:11 correct me if I'm wrong, it doesn't seem
03:12 that the John inserts here the dream of his wife.
03:17 No, no, that's not here.
03:18 So do you think, does that say
03:20 that he was more afraid of the dream of his conviction
03:24 that indeed this was the Son of God
03:25 or what was he afraid of before?
03:27 I think his basic fear is related to all the mistakes
03:31 that he has made in the past in relation
03:33 at this particular group of leaders.
03:35 Anytime these leaders bring something to him,
03:39 it's a dicey thing for him.
03:41 It's a dangerous situation to be in.
03:44 So it's a vulnerable situation from the beginning
03:47 but he still wants to do the right thing.
03:49 Now, they realize the place to get Pilate
03:53 is on the religious grounds.
03:54 Because if he offends them religiously one more time,
03:58 Caesar might take his job away, so his job is at stake.
04:02 He is not really ultimately worried
04:05 about what happens to Jesus.
04:07 He wants to do the right thing because
04:09 that's what governors are supposed to do,
04:11 is what judges are supposed to do,
04:13 to judge the right thing.
04:15 But, he realizes that he can't release
04:17 Jesus and save himself, that's the problem.
04:21 He is stuck in this thing.
04:23 He wants to preserve his job but he can't save Jesus
04:28 and do that if it's a religious charge.
04:30 And so he is got to go back and find out something,
04:33 so he goes back to Jesus.
04:36 Verses 9 and 10.
04:38 "And went again into the Praetorium,
04:40 and said to Jesus, Where are you from?
04:43 But Jesus gave him no answer.
04:45 Then Pilate said to him, are you not speaking to me?
04:49 Do you not know that that I have the power
04:51 to crucify you and the power to release you?"
04:54 Okay, so you see now he's worried,
04:56 he wants to find out about this religious thing.
04:59 Who is this guy that they are so worried about Him?
05:03 Pilate just doesn't get it.
05:05 Why would Jesus be a threat to anyone,
05:07 but somehow he is a threat to these religious leaders,
05:11 so he is trying to figure out where are you from?
05:13 Why are they so scared of you?
05:15 Why is there such an issue?
05:17 And Jesus is not interested anymore in speaking with him
05:23 because he has already attempted to clarify that with Pilate
05:27 and Pilate is not listening, so Jesus doesn't respond
05:32 and Pilate says look you got to understand.
05:35 I can free you, I can crucify you.
05:38 I have all the power and then comes
05:40 one of the most amazing statements
05:43 that Jesus makes in verse 11.
05:45 Yeah. Before I read that I want to just comment that.
05:47 I find it interesting that before the people,
05:50 he does not show any type of authority.
05:52 But then he takes Jesus by himself and he seems to show
05:56 that authority, don't you know
05:57 that I have the power and authority to let you go,
06:00 but he doesn't show it before the people.
06:01 Jesus is frustrating him.
06:03 He wants Jesus to give him something
06:06 that he can go back to the religious leaders
06:08 and resolve the problem.
06:09 He knows Jesus is innocent.
06:11 He wants to free Him, but he needs something
06:13 from Jesus and Jesus isn't helping him.
06:15 Right. So, he says
06:18 that's what cause him to say, look I can crucify you,
06:21 I can set you free, I have the power.
06:24 And then Jesus come back in verse 11.
06:26 Yeah. "Jesus answered,
06:28 You could have no power at all against me,
06:31 unless it had been given to you from above therefore
06:35 the one who delivered me to you has the greater sin."
06:40 I just find it beautiful here, in the midst of this trial,
06:44 Jesus is still not concerned about Himself.
06:46 He still holds out the olive branch to Pilate.
06:49 He says look, yes, I know you're in a difficult position.
06:52 You didn't choose to be here.
06:54 The one who handed you over has the greater sin.
06:56 He kind of lets him off the hook just a little bit
07:00 and Pilate sees what Jesus is doing.
07:02 And in verse 12 it says,
07:05 he tried to set Jesus free even more.
07:09 So doesn't work?
07:13 It's not working.
07:15 Pilate comes to realize
07:17 he either gives Jesus up or he gives himself up.
07:20 Yeah. Now, Dr. Paulien, here when Jesus says
07:24 that the one who has given to you--
07:27 who has delivered me to you has greater sin.
07:31 So it seems that Jesus is implying that Pilate
07:34 has sin or is guilty of something.
07:38 What is that sin that Pilate is guilty off?
07:42 Because Pilate is really putting himself ahead of Jesus.
07:45 If you know who Jesus is and that's what
07:47 this gospel is all about.
07:48 If you've read from the prologue on,
07:50 you realize that for Pilate,
07:52 this is the most awesome moment of his life.
07:55 He is with the King of the universe.
07:57 He is with the One who created everything, you see.
08:01 That's the moment of all moments to say,
08:04 I don't care if I'm governor, I don't care if I even live,
08:08 I got to do what God wants me to do.
08:10 That's the thing that truly matters
08:11 in the ultimate scheme of things.
08:13 And Pilate has some sense of that.
08:16 He realizes he is dealing with somebody special even thought
08:19 he doesn't get a message from his wife in this account.
08:21 You can see that Pilate definitely believes Jesus
08:25 is innocent and there's something about Jesus
08:27 that's really special.
08:29 But he also realizes that the religious leadership
08:32 is not going to be moved and so now he is faced with a choice.
08:37 He can save Jesus or he can save himself, he can't do both.
08:43 And it is that decision that is his lesser sin in that sense.
08:47 He is not the one who wants Jesus dead,
08:49 but he is nevertheless willing for Jesus to die.
08:53 So he can stay as governor and continue
08:56 with his plush life and all of that.
08:59 So, Pilate makes the decision, he realizes that his indecision
09:04 is causing him trouble.
09:06 And so he says, "I'm going to become decisive now."
09:09 And he decides if he is going to give Jesus up,
09:12 he wants something in return.
09:14 And what he does in the next few verse,
09:16 we won't have time to read them.
09:18 But what he does is basically extract from them
09:21 the confession that Caesar is their king, not Jesus,
09:26 not God, not anyone else.
09:28 And the irony of this is amazing because Caiaphas
09:31 has said in Chapter 11 that "Preserving the nation
09:36 is the crucial thing one person should die
09:39 that the nation would be preserved".
09:42 Now, they are so against Jesus that they are willing
09:44 to sacrifice the nation in order to kill on man.
09:48 I mean the whole thing is turned on its head.
09:50 They are willing to say.
09:52 We have no king but Caesar.
09:56 And Pilate hears that he knows that he is one.
10:00 And then he has a placard put on there,
10:03 the king of the Jews you see.
10:06 I mean the humiliation of Israel,
10:08 he uses the cross to absolutely destroy
10:13 the standing of these religious leaders
10:15 in the eyes of the people and they realize
10:17 what he is doing and they protest.
10:19 Pilate is unmovable.
10:21 Once he is decided to give up Jesus,
10:25 he is confident, he is unmovable.
10:28 What I have written I have written.
10:31 So Pilate in putting Jesus on the cross finds himself,
10:37 that's the interesting thing.
10:39 The cross of Christ changes
10:41 people in the Gospel of John.
10:43 It changes Pilate too, he becomes
10:45 a different person after that.
10:47 He is confident he knows where he is going etcetera.
10:49 Obviously it's in rejection of Jesus,
10:53 it's a loss to him in the ultimate scheme of things,
10:56 but in condemning Jesus to the cross,
10:59 Pilate ironically finds himself.
11:03 The crucifixion story itself is almost totally unique to John.
11:08 He has a lot of stuff that the Matthew,
11:11 Mike and Luke don't have in.
11:12 Let me review those quickly before we draw to a close.
11:17 There's the controversy over the inscription,
11:19 you know, what he should write there.
11:21 The cross is a fulfillment of prophecy.
11:24 Pilate now is like Peter, you know.
11:28 He wants to be in control and he feels like
11:30 he's got in control of the situation.
11:32 But God is in control, Pilate is simply fulfilling prophecy.
11:37 Jesus' death is voluntary,
11:41 it's full of purpose and it's according to the Bible.
11:45 He sees Mary, His mother and He puts her in the hands
11:50 of John and takes care of her and then he says it is finished.
11:58 And then the reality of Jesus' death
12:00 is verified by experts, Roman soldiers.
12:05 So in concluding the story of the cross,
12:08 you want to ask the question what was finished at the cross.
12:10 Jesus says, "It is finished."
12:13 What was finished at the cross?
12:16 From John we get four answers.
12:19 Number one, Jesus and the Father are glorified.
12:23 God's character is revealed,
12:25 that revelation was complete at the cross.
12:29 Second, the prophecies related to the Messiah,
12:32 Isaiah 53 those are completed at the cross.
12:36 Number three, the ruler of the world has been defeated.
12:40 Satan is defeated at the cross, John 12:31.
12:43 And finally John 12:32, everyone will be drawn
12:49 to Jesus because of the cross, that's what was finished.
12:53 And, Dr. Paulien, you know as I think about this,
12:55 I try to apply it to my own life.
12:57 And I think we sometimes are in the position of Pilate
13:01 where we must decide either for Jesus or against Him.
13:05 We cannot be neutral just as Pilate was.
13:07 And so, friends, I also want to invite you
13:09 to invite Jesus Christ into your life.


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